31 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Seventh Anniversary Of My Blog... NOT OUT!!!

1479th BLOG POST -->>

Sever years ago, on the very same day, I had written my first blog post without knowing what this medium is going to give me in future. I didn't even know if I would return back the next day and write my 2nd post. But as it is said that till God has control over your life, nothing that you think happens and what might happen the next moment shall always remain a challenge for you to predict. My life with this blog has been the same. I always knew that after 12th, I would do BCA then MCA then part-time MBA etc but I never knew how long will I take this Blog which I have created just because I want few things of mine to be shared with my friends. A journey that begun as a personal diary being shared with the world in the possibly worst grammar has been an example of how with continuous practice of something, development takes place. The grammar is still not in its right place but in next 7 years, I hope it will be 90% better, indeed. :-)

Many readers joined this journey 7 years ago but left in between while many joined in between and are still with me. Some readers with me since 5-6 years or so! I do not know what makes them continue reading this blog with so much of interest because I have almost changed the perspective with which I used to write earlier. Initially, it would be all about my personal life then I started writing about current affairs then I moved towards youth and then fiction stories; finally after which I am more into reviewing books and nowadays, movies. But still few readers have been regularly reading because they say that initial blogs when I talked about myself made them understand the kind of person I am. And they say that we are in relation with the writer and not the blog. While few believe that they are in relation with the blog and not the writer. Whatever the case may be, the relation persists.

With almost the average of 200+ blogs each year and thus about to reach 1500th Blog Post in next 3-4 weeks, I am glad that the regularity has stayed even after many writer's block and breaks due to examinations and other personal issues. Because there have been readers around, the passion to continue blogging has stayed with me even after so many years. I was just 19 years old when I started writing on this medium and sometimes when I return back to read the posts I had written then, it makes me feel embarrassed about how immature I was even in the last year of my teenage. Haha! But I am not ashamed of those Blog Posts because that tells the personality changes I had since then which has happened only for good. And the one who is ashamed of his past will always find his future moving towards darkness. Isn't it? :-)

This is the 100th Post of this calendar year. This is something to be happy about but what concerns me is the frequency. This should have happened in the first half of the year itself but I am still committed to complete 200th Blog Post of this year for sure. This July month has also become the month with most number of posts; this being the 40th Blog Post in July. The previous best was 37 in April, 2015. There's another good news to be shared with all of you (which has nothing to do with Blogging) that I have passed my first semester of Welingkar's Part-time MBA program with distinction marks. As I have always maintained in all my personal posts that education shouldn't stop no matter how busy the schedule gets. :-) 

Seven are the Wonders of the World. Seven are the colour in the rainbow. Seven are the steps that Indian couple takes during marriage. Seven are the birth that a human being takes according to Indian mythology. Seven are the Shakti's in our subtle energies. Seven are the forms in which Durga manifested herself. Seven sages in the Hindu mythology. Seven days in a week. Seven are the immortals in the Hindu mythology. Seven is such a prominent number and we are celebrating the SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY of this medium which is indeed special in some way which we as normal mortals can not understand. Only the almighty knows what's special with this one but I know that one constant specialty with all the anniversaries has been my blog's readers. Please do stand along with me in this journey. Your Support is My Success!!!



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