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Review: Ghoul:- Beautiful blend of Horror and Psychological thriller! ***½

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Netflix released its first horror-based content in India with a 3-episodes series based on the Arabian folklore named “Ghoul”. The series is a wonderful blend of both- horror and terrorist-based plot. In the first episode, the curiosity is very well built up where the viewer is unable to comprehend what is the exact topic of the show- is it just a normal terrorism related stuff or has something related to ghosts etc. But as we step into the episode 2 and the way story takes its pace ahead, it is surprising to find the number of elements covered in the small segment of time.

The writing is powerful and crisp without dragging any segment of the show for unwanted minutes. The direction is also worth-applauding as things are kept straight. Mostly, the way last episode has been executed is mind-boggling and keeps you at edge for the whole 45-50 minutes until the show ends. And the last scene of the series is a show in itself where you are given an indication of part 2 as you find Radhika Apte’s character dying to use her powers. I am personally not very fond of horror genre but this one has completely won me over with its unique and believable content. After the show, I spent two days reading several articles on the concept and belief of Ghoul.

Talking about the performances, Radhika Apte has once again awed the viewers with her same accent that we find in all her short movies. Haha! Manav Kaul has done a tremendous job and he looks very convincing in every scene where he is on the screen. Ratnabali Bhattacharjee and Mahesh Balraj has also done a terrific job as villains. Before ending the review, I must also mention the chilling background music which has surely increased the impact of every scene. Overall, Ghoul is a good content to watch but it had more potential considering its unique concept because many scenes are just about characters being confused in their own questions. I give this one 3.5* out of 5.


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Review: Shahid:- One of the powerful script-based movies! ****

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Shahid is one of the movies that made Rajkumar Rao’s talent stamped for most of the movie buffs. I had not watched the movie till date considering it to be more of the documentary types than being an entertaining movie or even a serious movie which can keep you intrigued. I watched it recently on one of the web channels and the way movie has impacted upon me is indescribable. Shahid is a biopic based upon Shahid Azmi who fought cases in favour of the people being charged for serious crimes as terrorist attacks, murders etc. People always referred him with names, but he did not stop fighting cases for such clients because he had a belief that not every person charged as guilty is really guilty and the case needs to be fought being neutral and unbiased owing to his own experiences.

The film shows his whole timeline of life very clearly without confusing audiences with unwanted to and fro in the timespan. Hansal Mehta must be credited for this. How the character’s life gets impacted after the bomb blast of 1992 because of which he goes on for militant training but leaves it as soon as he realizes that it is all a brainwashing activity and nothing else. Then he comes back but gets arrested by the police in false cases and remains in jail for next 7 years. He is finally out after which he begins his law practices. The court scenes are realistically filmed as in most of the movies these days where the lawyers are shown cutting each other in between to prove their points and not letting the other person speak. Even in such scenes, the way Shahid fights the cases with as much modesty and professionalism is nicely portrayed.

Talking about the dialogues, they are powerful. Some great dialogues and scenes are between Shahid and his elder brother. Other small integrity shown is in the relationship of Shahid and his wife before and after marriage. The background music is soothing. The climax is nicely ended giving you a feeling of having watched a complete movie rather than such serious movies ending in an incomplete way for you to decide what could be the ending according to you. Overall, Shahid is a delight to watch and a very powerful movie. When you say a script needs to be perfect, you should always point your finger towards this movie for giving an example. I give the movie 4 stars out of 5.


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Review: Love Per Square Foot: As Amazing as its name! ***½

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Netflix is releasing one Indian stuff at a time and assuring that it gets full attention of the audiences awaiting some online stuff to watch without the guilt of not watching it on 70mm screen. This February, they released their first digitally released full movie named “Love per Square Foot”. It stars one of the best actors’ industry has found out- Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar of Bang Baaja Baaraat fame. The movie is very well made with realistic scenes and dialogues. The characters are also kept quite locale and with which you can relate very easily. Vicky Kaushal plays a corporate slave and does significantly perfect in his role. Angira Dhar also works in his office and plays her part of a Bandra girl who is not so rich perfectly. Raghubir Yadav, Ratna Pathak Shah, Supriya Pathak, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Gajraj Rao and Brijendra Kala plays a wonderful supporting cast with each one of them having distinct characters but still relatable as you have found someone like them around you in Mumbai.

The film is about the dream of both the main characters dreaming of their own individual homes and for this specific reason, they come together and fake their marriage so that they can book a lucky draw flat which is applicable only for couples. And while walking on this path of their personal goal, they fall in love and after a time gets confused if they are more passionate about each other or their personal goal of having their own home. Anand Tiwari has directed this movie very well which intrigues you for two hours completely.

Love per Square Foot is a feel-good movie which you will recommend everyone after watching it. It is one of those romantic movies which is not cheesy, and you can publicly claim that it’s your favorite. There are many beautiful scenes between different characters which makes the movie worth watching. Also, film has done full justice with the city of Mumbai where nothing has been overdone or ignored.

Talking about the drawbacks, the songs in the movie isn’t something you were looking out for with the kind of settling it has. The boss-employee lust thing is given too much screen time in the movie whereas more focus should have been given to the chemistry of the two main characters. Overall, Love per Square Foot is a movie you should watch and yes, re-watch again whenever you feel upset in this city which keeps running without stopping for anyone. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.


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