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LION - Most Wanted by Douglas Misquita (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

2026th BLOG POST

23rd Book of 2022!


When I return back to reading after a long gap, I generally prefer either light-reads or a terrific thriller which can keep me interested and ensure I complete another book within few hours. This made me pick up the latest book released by Douglas Misquita named “Lion Most Wanted” which is the 2nd book in “The Escape Series”. I remember reading another series by Misquita based on a protagonist named Luc Fortesque and I was mind blown with the capacity Douglas has to create a world which he owns like a powerhouse. Lion Most Wanted is another book which will be remembered as one of his best works even if he writes 20 books after this.


The story is about Aslan “The Lion” Terzi who has escaped the prison and now, 3-4 different groups are behind him. He has to stay 10 steps ahead from them to survive and be the best in the game. This is how the thriller aspect is carved from this simple plot. You just keep on turning page to know what would happen next. I like how author manages to give appropriate attention to all the characters and groups involved in the story because it’s really difficult to manage. As a reader, you won’t feel that you are being made to run here and there without giving proper detailing of the scene you are reading.


The book carries the list of all the characters in the beginning which is a great implementation that I have been complaining from authors who write story comprising of more than 5 important characters. This really helped to navigate through the book as there are chances that we get confused with the names and their relation with the other characters. I am glad Douglas gave immense importance to this. The book is of around 212 pages in spite of having multiple characters and layers to the story which is evidence of how fast-paced and crisp writing it must be. There is not a single weak moment in the book where you’ll find the scene not adding onto the story.


The research of the author can be sensed with all the insights he gives about the countries and their status quo. It is not that author has just added few locations to make the story sound complex but if you have been aware about the geo-political scenario, you will be able to relate with the characters used to define the aura of the place. In the end, author also accepts the same that few of his characters and set-up are influenced by some real news happening in the world.


The characters are also developed well. Even though I haven’t read the 1st book in the series, I didn’t feel that I am missing out something. I was able to understand the psyche of the characters which even helped me in predicting few twists. Haha! I must also agree that the prediction only got half-right almost all the times as Douglas doesn’t stop putting his creative forces to give story the unexpected turn at the juncture when you least expect it.


Overall, this is a short thriller with lots of layers, characters and flavors to it. It might be difficult for someone new in reading to go with the flow but the bibliophiles are going to like it. I give the book 4 stars out of 5.






30 September 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

Why do we need someone to feel Belonged in this world???

2025th BLOG POST

Every time I read “human beings are social animal”, I don’t know why but I just get too frustrated because this is one fact that I know is correct but I don’t want to accept and believe it. I want to create an alternate narrative that it’s not necessary to be with people and surviving with yourself with the same happiness and charm is possible. But Life makes you get closer to few people and gradually they become a habit. Their regular meetings or calls or messages or selfies become a routine and then you realize that you can’t live without their presence anymore. It definitely happens in love but apart from this, it can happen with any relationship you hold. It can be parents, siblings, best friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors etc. You just don’t understand when a certain conversation brings you closer with a person and then rolling back to your own space becomes difficult.


I have been an introvert for most part of my life. I say so because there has been phases when I have been a part of a confident group which made me an interactive person for a brief time but as and when I get back to myself, I find solace in silence. Now, when I look back and realize, I see that every now and then, I always had one or more people in life who have been regularly in touch with me. It has somewhere given me the comfort of living life lonely more easily. Why? Because I know for a matter of fact that I have someone with whom I can share whatever comes into my mind. I can share even an idiotic joke with them without worrying about being judged.


I also observe that none of these people but became permanent in life. All came for a specific period and them got lost in this busy life somewhere. But they must surely be part of someone else’s routine now. It’s not that people don’t have time to interact but it’s just that their journey in your life was for a limited number of chapters only. Why the hell does this happen? Why can’t we have a set of people who are always with us? And even after regular such experiences, now, in my early 30s, when I find a new person becoming the one who becomes the most important person to me, knowing that they are here for a brief period of time, I keep denying myself that this time it’s going to be untrue. Unfortunately, the same cycle repeats and I again find myself waking, living and working alone. I have only myself to talk to. Every organ in the body wishes to have a person but mind wants to deny the fact. Why accepting few facts aren’t easy?


I then try to go back and connect the dots and find if this cycle repeats only with me or almost everyone. Well, because I don’t know much about others, I definitely get into every such person who was once the most important one for me. I try to remember how the conversations started getting weaker and finally ending on a note where there’s just occasional greetings and nothing more than that. I still can’t fathom if I have been wrong or the person on the other side was. One thing I know is that I have always been available but because I give so much in a relationship, I also expect the same from the other side. When I find that I don’t get the same love and respect, I start getting into a shell and shut myself up completely. And as soon as I disappear, it seems that the person on the other side was just waiting for this to happen to get rid of me.


Now, I don’t know how can the same cycle repeat every time. Why don’t I just stop expecting? Why don’t I just confront and not keep things in heart? Why don’t I just complain rather than burying all those issues within and eventually making it a reason for killing the relationship? Who’s wrong- the other person or I? How to get to the root of everything and change myself? How do I ask the other person to understand me to understand what I don’t like rather than me having to tell it verbally? I don’t know but keeping a good relationship with anyone is so tough. And after all of this, I want to just get back to myself but then why the system wants to have a friend in life in any form? WHY? Why can’t things be simple? Why can’t I sit on an endless meditation and be with myself rather than disappointing myself with having another relationship end for me? Do you have the answers? Or you have the same questions like me?





28 September 2022 | By: Writing Buddha

Yoga for Super Immunity by Bijoylaxmi Hota (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

2024th BLOG POST

22nd Book of 2022

All of us want to get into yoga and yogic lifestyle but none of us know how to start. We are aware of its benefits but we aren’t aware of which yoga activity provides what exact benefits. Our middle-class mindset doesn’t even allow us to spend on a Yoga class, retreat and we don’t even trust every Yog guru we find around us. What is it that can then help us understand the same? Can there be anything for which Books can’t provide an answer? Definitely No! Here, I would like to talk about Bijoylaxmi Hota’s latest book named “Yoga for super immunity” which is a short book of around 140 pages which will help you as a beginner to start your journey with the last answer to everything – Yoga.


Author has divided the whole book into small chapters each concentrating on one subject problem and tried to provide the yogic answers for all of them. I liked how author explained us the concept of prana and how we need to maintain and increase it within our system to improve our overall health – mentally, spiritually and physically. I have read importance of prana with such conceptualization for the first time in my reading experience. Author has very intelligently covered not only yogasanas but explained many aspects and types of it. Similarly, she also gives importance to eating healthy and right food. Author starts the book mainly with the chapter which talks about cleansing our system something to which all of us give the least priority. She provides multiple solutions such as laghoo shankha prakshyalana, fasting, steaming, massage and also suggest some special foods for the same.


In the chapter - how we can increase our healing energies- we get to know that pranayama is not just one thing but it has multiple subtypes and how we can perform each of them. Then, author moves ahead and provide us simple all-round asanas which can be performed specifically for the improvement of the nervous system, spine, digestive system, intestine, heart, thyroid, adrenal gland, kidneys, pancreas and later makes it further easier by providing particular asana which benefits the overall health i.e. Surya Namaskar.


Bijoylaxmi also explains many mudras and bandhas which people generally don’t know about. I am glad that I did Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering which had already taught me Sambhavi Mudra the benefits of which I have already enjoyed. I really got very cheerful to find it’s mention in this book too. The book also covers the topics such as how we can perform meditation and what we can do to beat insomniac issues. The illustrations and images provided to explain every step involved in any technique is commendable and appreciable as it makes this book a practical guide to perform it without having any teacher around us. Author’s pure intention to make our lives better can be sensed in every written word.


Overall, this book is great if you are a beginner. I believe that the topics that author has covered could have been elaborated further to make it a bit more explainable to the readers. Similarly, I felt book quite basic in terms of the subjects covered in it. Some real-life claims also sounded unbelievable to me. Anyway, I give the book 3.5 stars out of 5 – extra 0.5 for its illustrations and images. Give it a try if you have only heard the word “Yoga” but never had any experience of doing it before.