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54 Reasons Why Parents Suck And Phew! by Swati Lodha/Swaraa Lodha (Book Review- 3.75*/5)!!!

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There are very less non-fiction books which are gutsy and picks up such topics that makes you uncomfortable in discussing it with people. I landed up picking up a book which had such a title that it made reading it in Mumbai Local Trains a moment of getting weird looks in return whosoever got a glance of its cover page: “54 Reasons Why Parents Suck and Phew!”. The people above the age of 40 years looked at me as if I am a criminal and I am the reason why our generation is not improving and doing everything against parent’s will. And the irony is that this book is written majorly by a mother- Dr. Swati Lodha about the emotions her 17-year-old daughter has about her parents named Swaraa Lodha. This book also shows that there are few parents who are willing to investigate the mindset of children and understand them and their expectations with parents.

Indian parents, in general, always have expectations from their children but they never think about certain expectations that even their children have from them. They believe themselves as demigod and thus believe that they never do any mistake in parenting. This book is for such parents who do not understand the perspective of their child and keep on continuing with their way of parenting irrespective of noticing that their child is gradually getting far away from them and in few cases, even started hating them. The authoress has written 54 chapters each detailing a reason why children are fed up of their parents. Each reason is justified so well that you will enjoy reading them as they are built up with all- seriousness, humour, fun, weirdness, discomfort, issues, sadness, maturity, immaturity and everything you know.

The book is written in a very interesting language which keeps the readers hooked up. Talking about the drawbacks of the book, I felt that in most of the chapters, author has spoken in the same tone itself which makes the reading very monotonous which might bore you after some time if you are completing the book in a one single-sitting itself. Secondly, in many of the chapters, author talks about similar point itself just giving it a different packaging, so it starts sounding repetitive. Thirdly, the book is too stretched. It could have easily been completed in 200 pages with everything which is already spoken in more than 250 pages. I rate this book 3.75* out of 5. Kudos to authors for such a unique and most-wanted topic.



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What happens when you start respecting yourself more than anything and everything of this world? A human being is full of ego even when he does not deserve a single right to have this big of an ego but he has. And the accumulation of this ego happens when you start respecting yourself a lot. This respect that comes for us is because of the life that we currently live. It is always a dream for anyone to be admitted at No.1 college of your city, to be the star performer of your organization, to have best looking person as your partner etc. And when a person finds himself either living this shit or almost near to this, he starts idolizing himself and does not find anyone even close to him. He is a legend in himself. He walks in style. He talks in style. He sleeps in style. He combs in style. He even wants to die in style because he believes he is a legendary stuff.

It becomes very scary when we reach such spot in our life where we become an admiring person in our own vision. This is the time when we should fuck up with our situation. There is always THAT ONE PERSON who can kill all the ego, respect and confidence that we have accommodated so safely in our personality. That one person can bring you back to your original aukaat and pull you so down that you can realize how vulnerable and risky your life and its successes are. If there is something today that makes you feel big, there is someone who can show you anytime in life how small and stupid you are. If you can stand in a conference room among the most inspiring and smart working team members and put a point that no one had thought about and feel yourself smarter, then this person can make you feel the weakest and dumbest person existing on this planet.

If this one had been a motivational post, my obvious suggestion would have been to ignore such person. But because this is a bloody emotional post, I declare that we should meet this one person and get screwed up and pulled down in life. This one person will never acknowledge your love, affection, emotions towards them. When you become enough stronger in yourself to never go back to this person to prove your feelings again, this person will come back to you. Rather than promising yourself thousands of times in all these days, months, years that you will never go back begging to this person ever to consider your emotions, as soon as you find them near yourself, you end up being a beggar again asking for acceptance. This time you are sure that you will be accepted as it is the person who has come up to you and not you. Also this time you are not that wrong decision-making failure young confused mind but a matured person altogether- personally and professionally. But what happens again takes away all the respect you have for yourself.

This person again rejects you asking to stay in your confines. It ends there. They warn you to not contact them again. Now you want to tell them that you are not that sucking teenager who wants that emo thing happening every morning and evening but you are that smart guy who is referred as the most sorted person among his friend circle and colleagues. But what’s the use when you have already shown this person how vulnerable you are. You have ended in that particular moment itself. And this part of being a human is worst that we want to go back time and again to THAT ONE PERSON to tell them about our current stature and again beg them to accept our emotions and feelings. But do we have any other option if not doing this? Our life will still stay unaccomplished even if we do not beg. It is anyway unaccomplished after begging.

But we still want to try THAT LAST TIME in hope of owning that person. We forget that money, stature and your respect in society can still not buy everything for you. Even after having everything of this world, you will still fall down because of THAT ONE PERSON. You can never avoid them. So it’s better to get yourself snubbed, humiliated and insulted by this person and get back to your old days when you were nothing but a lost soul without any ego, attitude and self-respect. Become that periodically to ensure that you do not lose the real person inside you which was the truest version of itself who never shied away from telling someone about their feeling and getting ignored and avoided for rest of their lives for this small disclosure. So in case you believe that you have come quite ahead in your life, go back to THAT ONE PERSON and start your journey again from the start. Let’s run a human race rather than trying to become God. There’s a daily revelation in being human than being GOD. Thanks to THAT ONE PERSON for reminding me who I am once again after years.

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Review: Veere Di Wedding: A timepass stuff & nothing more! **½

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From a long time, Veere Di Wedding has been in news because of its amazing starcast having Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor as its lead actors. I believed it to be a wonderful movie since beginning but only when I got to see its trailer that I realized it’s another movie trying to prove feminism in each and every scene. Since then my opinion about the movie changed but still after watching it now that it has been released in HD print, I must say the movie is an average attempt but enables you to pass your time. So in case you ever have two hours of leisure, just play this movie and enjoy the casualness of the characters and multiple problems they are facing in their respective lives but nothing affects their Friendship which is also the flavor of the movie.

Shashanka Ghosh has made a typical big-banner Bollywood movie based on youth, 21st century concepts, feminism and girls. It involves everything:- sex, abuses, drugs, smoking, laughter, cries, break-ups, hook-ups, one-night stand, gay couple, disagreeing parents, judgmental society etc. The story revolves around the four girl-friends who are together since their school times and meet each other after a long time for one of their friend’s marriage. Each one of them are going through their respective personal problems and the way they handle the same and how they break things among their three friends is what keeps the story of this movie moving.

Frankly speaking, there isn’t much substance in the movie rather than makers continuously focusing on that cliche concept of accepting whosoever the way they are. But saying this, the movie has some amazing dialogues and scenes which keeps you entertained. Talking about the performances, Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor plays their character with enough maturity which makes it relatable. Swara Bhaskar’s character is too loud but even she entertains with her annoying moodstyles in most sections of the conversational part. Shikha Talsania has also given her moderate character a better project with the help of her acting. Sumeet Vyas is okay in his role. Talking about songs, there isn’t any which you will remember after watching the movie except “Aa Jaao Na”. Overall, a fine movie which can be watched just to pass time. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5.