3 September 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

The Hungry Cow by Sandeep Kumar Rana (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

1870th BLOG POST

29th Book of 2020!

There are times when you want to read a short book in between of your long reads for refreshment and you just expect a short good story from this book and not some kind of “Moral of the Story” as generally, authors write short books just for telling the story without any mission behind it. But the one I picked up last evening surprised me with its content- The book is named “The Hungry Cow” and is written by Sandeep Kumar Rana. Sandeep has written this book based on the Haryana Police’s initiative called “Mission Stray Cattle”. The book can be a very great influencer as it talks about how we, as human beings, treat animals with no empathy and just to ensure that we get as much benefits out of them without worrying about their emotional and health conditions.

The book is of around 1.5-2 hours read which is written in a very simple language with an equally easy narration. The great part about the book is that it can be read even by an eight years old kid or someone who is aged as well - as it speaks about the concern that has resonated all of us once in our life – how badly we treat animals. When I was a kid, I had no empathy towards animal until I saw a kid loving and caressing a puppy after it got hurt by some vehicle. It changed my mindset completely towards animal and since then I have never thrown stones towards them or kicked them out of frustration. In fact, I have started thinking as to how I shouldn’t end up causing them any kind of trouble. This book just brings the same emotions to you right from its first chapter.

I was amazed as to how even in such a small story, author has been able to add multiple characters such as the protagonist – 11-year-old Raju, his father – Gopal, Qasim – Raju’s friend, Rehman – Qasim’s father and the veterinary doctor along with many other policemen and people with authority. The USP of the book is the character of Gaura Maan – who is a cow domesticated by Gopal with a unique quality of talking like us. This makes us understand how a Cow sees human beings and why they are being referred as “Mother” by Hindus. She is capable of telling stories and discussing life with Raju as he loves her like a real mother unlike his father who just wants milk from her for selling and doing business without even worrying about how she will eat and have proper diet required for an animal.

The book portrays how human being has classified itself as a superior creature and all the other beings into a classification of “Animals” who are only supposed to provide human beings comfort without human beings doing anything for them. How we let cows and other animals eat stray and garbage which leads into hurting them as they end up eating sharp items like blades etc. and we don’t even blink an eye towards them. How important a Cow is for the religious people following Hinduism is also portrayed in one of the chapters. How cow vigilantes are only behind creating ruckus but aren’t actually caring for the cows is also portrayed in one of the chapters which discusses the current scenario of cow lynching. How a Muslim family supports a Hindu family in ensuring the cow can be saved tells us that at the end we are brethren and there is nothing to fight about it. The book makes you emotional at many occurrences and through cow, it lets you understand the plight of all the animals around us.

Now, talking about the drawbacks – the only complaint I have is that the book is very short which is actually good as many children will end up reading it and getting influenced for good but this story had potential for more considering the cow being a character who can talk which could have conveyed a lot many things about religion, spirituality and human’s attitude towards cows and how they think about us in any scenario. I wish if this could have been a full-fledged novel.

Overall, this is a great book for kids and youngsters and gives a strong and essential message. I give the book 4 stars out of 5.



26 August 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Radha Ashtami - It's significance and why we should know about this festival..

1869th BLOG POST

The day has been a bad one. Woke up with a feverish feeling – had a paracetamol and then I was all ready for attending my work from home but again it impacted my health in afternoon with severe headache and vomiting sensation which didn’t allow me to concentrate well on work hence I thought of going through few spiritual articles. Surprisingly, I got to know that the festival of Radha Ashtami is being celebrated today across the people of my Dharm. I thought of reading and knowing about it. So I went through some sources on which I believe as the concerns these days is that every person believes more on what Godmen says than what is written in the scriptures. There are only few people left who believe in directly learning from our scriptures. I have luckily found few such people and try knowing the relevancy of such festivals I am not aware about from them.

Radha Ashtami is basically celebrated for Radha Rani – so as all of us know that mostly while remembering Lord Krishna – we end up saying or chanting “Radhey-Krishna” – so the “Radhey” we refer in this is Radha – who is popularly known as the most beloved of Lord Krishna. And as in our Dharm, women have always been given more respect than men, her name is taken before Lord Krishna. It is said that even if you don’t take the name of Krishna and just keep on chanting “Radhey Radhey”, she refers her best bhaktas to the Lord and all your miseries shall end gradually as you become favorite of both- Radhey and Krishna. How magical, isn’t it? If you must have seen Vishnu Purana which got telecast recently, it is very clearly shown how when Goddess Lakshmi asks Lord Vishnu to help one of her devotees, he never denied and personally checked on what is happening with the devotee. And Radha Rani is known to be avatar of Goddess Lakshmi itself.

Radha Ashtami is celebrated around 15 days after Janmashtami – the day when she was found for the first time on a lotus flower from which she emerged. She didn’t open her eyes until Lord Krishna appeared in front of her. It is also believed that Radha and Krishna are one energy itself in two different bodies. She is referred to as spiritual energy of him. And that is what is being described when the relationship of Radha and Krishna are spoken – which people take in different sense altogether as a love story. When spirituality runs so much towards God, God starts considering this spiritual form as his closest.

The word “Dhara” means the flow of water from higher level towards lower level – which is how all energy flows. The word “Dhara” is just opposite of the above word which obviously means that the energy flows from the lower level towards higher level – which is a significance of Spiritual energy which flows from low to high. Hence, Radha Rani is one of the prominent figures in our religion and that is this 8th day of the Shukla paksh in Bhadrapada month when her emergence is celebrated. It is mainly celebrated by the Vaishnavs – the believers of Lord Vishnu such as ISKCON members.

I am very sad that I didn’t know about this beautiful day until yet. Due to my sickness, I couldn’t celebrate it today by praying Radha-Krishna the way I wish I could have but no issues- it shall happen from next year onwards for sure. May God bless me and my health and remove all the obstacles that my life is crunched in currently. Wishing all the people who believe in God a very Happy Radha Ashtami today. May all of you be blessed by Radha Rani.



25 August 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Lost a close family friend to Corona today.. Please take this seriously..

1868th BLOG POST

Well, today shall never be forgotten and the date shall become memorable in life – and not for any good reasons but something that came as a shock and pain just after I woke up in morning. We are all going through the notices and circulars that the Government and Municipal Corporations of our area are releasing which describes how many Corona cases have been added, recovered and number of deaths occurred due to the same in our area. This gives us some hope, or it adds to our worry. But generally, it is later skipped because we are still safe from it. Until now, I had the same attitude but there was always a small worry for my parents specially my mother as they are already suffering with certain diseases hence the infection might cause them much harm than me. I, anyway, don’t care much about life and death.

But today morning when I woke up, I got to know about death of one of our family friends and the aunty couldn’t fight against this disease because she was very weak. She was admitted since last 3 days near my home but none of us could go there to meet her or even my friend and his wife who were waiting outside the hospital whole day in expectation of some great news. We couldn’t even serve both of them lunch or dinner or even a cup of tea as they themselves advised us to not take things emotionally but practically and be at home. It was quite mature of them but then this news – it has surely affected them as every phone call they made to my mother post that were with cries or fit of weeps. Uncle, himself, is still admitted in the hospital hence this couple, who are even younger than me, handled all the death rituals and its arrangements all by themselves in such state of mind. The funeral only had both of them and a cousin who flew from Kolkata after knowing their parent’s covid infection.

The Covid infection is risky for sure. We do pretend to show that we don’t care about it as the death rate is very low in percentage but friends, just imagine, if anyone from our family ends up being in that percentage, it shall be very impactful for us – though everyone else reading the notice of that evening shall claim at their home that things are fine as only 1 or 2 deaths happening in their area, but for us, everything must have been lost. I just can’t imagine this virus taking away my family members just like that. No, it shouldn’t. I have been missing my jogging park and area around me but still it has been only 3-4 times that I have stepped out of my home for some very essential activities otherwise I haven’t since March 2020 even before it began in India.

Today, seeing my childhood friend lose his mother whom he loved immensely as I have seen him in hospitals since all these years every time auntiji got admitted – his concern and worries were always genuine and doing every thing worthwhile for her was always from heart. He never made faces about how much trouble he must take month after month due to deterioration in his mother’s health. And currently, his father is still at an Isolation centre fighting the battle separately. Imagine the pain, friends. It is happening with people like you and me.

I have written this post in order to request all of you to please take care and don’t move out of your house until and unless it is as urgent as the biggest emergency of your life. Things can surely wait. And in case you also don’t fear death like me, understand, may be your immunity shall be wonderful, you shall not face anything but in case, you end up becoming carrier and it spreads to your family members and someone becomes really serious – you shall never be able to forgive yourself. And then even you shall start fearing death because who wants to face one of their closest people up there answering why they did this to them. Let life and death be a sudden affair for us rather than planning to take things in our hands for someone else. If you have Work from Home capabilities, make good use of it. We have ample options of getting entertained in our home with so many digital things in place. Buy a carrom, ludo or chess if there are times when you feel you don’t have much options to feel happy and celebrated at home.

Please go and watch Mr. Ashish Chanchlani, a very famous Youtuber’s video on his channel. His parents, uncle-aunt and a kid from their family are in isolation after getting infected and the fear of this is very much visible on the face of Ashish and his sister who are on camera helping us understand what they had to go through. If my Blog didn’t work for you, at least that video shall. Even if nothing works, understand, it’s a PANDEMIC and not just regular cold and cough – the way many people are downgrading Covid-19’s impact just to show their fearless attitude. Don’t get influenced by them. You are a well-educated person yourself if you can read this post so please take responsibility of saving our families from this.

Thanks. Om Shanti for auntiji who have seen me since my childhood till now.