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When you have already been at the lowest point in your life..

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There was a time in life when I had lost everything. I can’t say that someone else had looted or betrayed me but life took such turns that I landed up in a situation from where coming out seemed to be an impossible task. At that point of time, I wasn’t studying at all. I wasn’t meeting anyone. I wasn’t socializing. I wasn’t talking with anyone through my mobile phone. I was just an isolated soul always thinking about what has just happened with me. I never thought about the future- what it would be. I never thought about past- about what things led me to the place I have got trapped in. I was just clueless- living in the moment with no vision, mission, goal, target, ambition- or whatever you call it.

I just had one basic requirement and that was- I am unable to study and I don’t want to study. Just imagine how scary and horrible those days must be! Today, when I look back to that person in his late teens struggling to make decisions and take ones which would take myself ahead- I feel so vulnerable thinking about it even now- when I believe that I am in my best frame of mind. There is always comparison with myself so I always know where I am standing and is this enough to lead or say, in the worst scenario, survive. If I feel I can, I just take everything at ease and do the things required to do to ensure that I am not regretful later on that if I could have or I should have done that then the things would have been better today. I just don’t want to question my decisions anymore.

I only know that my vulnerable self those 12-14 years back was the state where I had nothing more to lose. I have carried myself from there and did 8 years of education after that which can be easily termed as above average student life considering my extra-curricular activities and achievements outside of college through this medium of Blog too. What a motivating phase that was! A person who was been isolated was rubbing his shoulders with the celebrities whom he watched on television, movies etc. and idolized. Wow! And now when someone tries to pull me down, I don’t care at all. For me relationships matter but not as much as I give value to myself. I know, people will change once they are on their ego trip or I am not at the status I am.

God forbids, but suppose if I am unemployed for 6 months, will the people around me see me with the same respect or excitement they show today while meeting me or when my name pops up in any of their discussions? Not at all! I would be given as an example of how useless or foolish a person can be to take such decisions in life which transformed successful factors into the failure one. Today, I know that you can’t pull me down at the lowest because I have already seen that. Now, the strings are in my control. I know when to pull them, relax them, stretch them or cut all ties with them. I have become a person who just doesn’t get betrayed by anyone. I am the one who is betraying myself day in and day out. That’s another tale. Let’s not touch it today.

All I want to say is that when you have seen your lowest, just ensure that things are now being decided by you for your life and no one else. You know how weak you were in those situations when you felt nothing good happened with you – just don’t let that phase revisit you again. No one can take decisions on your behalf. No one can make you fall down. It should always be your call. Take your calls and be proud of them. Never abuse yourself for being wrong. Remember – too many wrongs make you understand what actual Right is. Be proud of making mistakes. You are doing it to yourself- at least that’s great. If someone else does and goes away, that is too frustrating. Love life and lead your life.



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Movie Review: Dabangg 3: Salman Khan seems to be himself bored of doing the same thing! *

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Salman Khan’s string of flops ended with the movie- Wanted which was directed by Prabhudeva and people got to see a new version of Salman in a new kind of cinema which had fast action and portrayed our favorite hero of 90s in an extremely macho avatar. I, unfortunately, couldn’t watch that movie in theatre but I ensured I watch Mr. Khan in his next movie- Dabangg which got released in 2010. It was Eid and only I know how hard it was for me to get the movie ticket for myself and my parents. Instantly, I liked the movie and enjoyed the character of Chulbul Pandey like anything and wished to see Salman Khan back in the same avatar in the franchisee. Dabangg 2 came just after 2 years in 2012 and I saw it with my friends and got so bored that I really wanted to meet Arbaaz Khan and rebuke him for his direction skills.

And now in 2019 came the part 3 of the franchisee after 7 years and this time, if there wasn’t any involvement of Arbaaz Khan in the making of the film, it had Salman Khan himself writing the script of the movie. Now, we know what happens when Salman Khan writes a movie- we get Tumko Na Bhool Payenge, Veer etc. This movie is a tragedy for people who love Chulbul Pandey because Salman Khan himself couldn’t do justice to him and made the memorable character’s mockery in this 3rd instalment. The movie has no smooth screenplay to follow and you will find the switch between scenes so abrupt that it becomes hard to ignore after sometime. The songs come when least expected. The action scenes begin when you want to hear some dialogues. Even D2 had dialogues If not as amazing as D1 but D3 lacks any such thing which could make audience whistle or clap.

Even the songs and hook-steps done by Salman Khan in those songs shows how tired he is himself to do it again and again. I don’t know if the makers felt it or not, but our favorite actor has started looking aged and it’s time for him to realize that he can’t romance an actress of 22 years old in any movie such as Saiee Manjrekar in this movie. Sonakshi Sinha does the same thing she has done in the 1st two movies hence not much complaints with her- she also has very less screen share in this movie.

The 1st half of the movie is very silly with Salman trying to make unwanted expressions between action and fighting sequences. The movie only gets little better in the 2nd half when the revenge saga begins. Still, it is so traditional that we saw this happening in the movies made in 80s and 90s. In 2019 and 2020, making something like this is very shameful. I liked some writing of the movie how the prequel is tried to be justified with few sensible scenarios but still it doesn’t impress enough.

Overall, this movie is below average and completely avoidable. Even Sudeep as villain couldn’t do much. Sonu Sood in 1st installment was rock-solid and no one has been able to overtake him yet. It’s time for Salman Khan to re-invent himself or else, the end is already here. One thing I liked in the movie is the song in the voice of Salman Ali- the Indian Idol 10 winner whom I rooted for.

I give this movie 1 star out of 5. Avoid! I watched it on Amazon Prime. Thanks for saving my money, OTTs. I am glad people made Good Newwz hit and not this movie as both released on the same time.



Thursday, 13 February 2020 | By: Writing Buddha

Love is an Art which has no Artist... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Quest! What a word, isn’t it? Love! Another word that brings sensation to anyone’s mind if one has ever fallen in true love with someone. What when both these words come together. Questing for love is such a painful journey that it makes you very lonely and each day you lose your self-respect. Valentine’s Day is known to be the day of love but I don’t think that many of us actually feel happy about this day. The people who are committed surely go out for a date whereas few have to go because of the social pressure that your partner would think you didn’t do enough for him/her. But for people who aren’t committed or dating someone are made to feel as if they are no worth living on this day.

I must say that celebrating love is completely acceptable but if you are not in relationship, just to ensure that you are also celebrating this day no matter what - is an unnecessary challenge given to people who are single. Such relationships should happen dynamically out of sudden emotions or gradual process and not done purposely. This makes people go ahead and approach someone just for the sake of Valentine’s Day. This, either if someone was not so serious till date, ends up being serious about the person he or she approached and starts ruining his/her life which was still happier with its singlehood before the proposal was made.

It is very necessary to understand that love is an art which has no artist. Sometimes after staying with someone for 10 years as just friends one starts feeling something special which was never felt in a decade. Sometimes someone you just hated all life starts seeming out to be bearable and all lovely. Sometimes you just see someone for the first time like many others but this one person becomes your eye’s candy whom you want to just keep looking at and you know you shall never be able to get rid of this habit. This is how the emotion- feeling -sensation – whatever love is- happens. Without any control of yours, the magic starts happening and you don’t have any practical answer for it to explain to others.

All of this is natural and should stay natural. And this is why feeling loved and making someone else feel loved is such a joyful, blissful, peaceful and out-of-the-world experience. If you have been with someone special, you must have experienced that even though two people are part of this process but you still feel that it’s your own journey. Why? Because all the vibrations that you feel for a person is because of the eruptions within you that happens just with a thought of the special one you are in love with. It is all being contributed from your end. Even if the other person stops loving you or say, doesn’t love you, still you feel the same. That is the power of love which is undefinable. No one knows how it is such an involuntary activity that it just happens without your choice.

You can never choose a person out of the crowd and say – He/She is whom I shall love from here on wards. It just doesn’t happen like that. If it was so easy, you could have bribed anyone in loving you back, got married with the person and stayed happily ever after. But Love causes more pain than pleasure. Most of the people only have tears or bad memories attached with it because it just happened without their control and the person for which it got generated didn’t and couldn’t feel the same about you even after your multiple attempts of ensuring that you don’t lose him/her.

Hence, the people who are lucky where the Love happened – co-incidentally, luckily, magically between the two people and if you are together – celebrate this Valentine’s Day like every other day of yours because I am sure when you are in a Love Relationship, you can’t live any day without being in 100% love. Hence, on this day, you can’t do anything different than what you usually do except gifting your partner with some materialistic thing which I believe isn’t the right way of displaying love just for the sake of it. Secondly, the people who had been waiting for proposing their friend on this particular day itself even after knowing that they also felt the same for them, Best of Luck! It is a nice way to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for yourself.

But in case, you are single and you don’t feel love for someone or you are sure that the person you love doesn’t feel the same about you, please be cautious and don’t do anything in hurry and jest. After that moment of proposal, you shall feel guilty about yourself and your immaturity for all your life which I must tell you is not a good feeling at all. You will start hating love which is the most unfortunate thing to happen with anyone. Because when you start hating this thing called Love itself, there is nothing left in you which shall make you feel ecstatic when you think about connecting with people intimately. Understand, social media is just a show-off. People are showing off their love. Displaying it as a commodity for others to judge and comment is such a cheap thing to do. But what can we say- except ensuring that we are conscious about how controlled we are from taking a wrong step this Valentine’s.

That is all I wanted to say today on the day which seems to be a great opportunity but is not always the way we pretend it to be. For the people in love, a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you..