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Whenever you are asked to be CHANGED.. THINK if the CHANGE is actually REQUIRED...

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Change is the only constant, they ask us to believe it, right? I also appreciate this but only when we are changing ourselves for the better. What happens is that we change ourselves more for alternatives and not for something that is for betterment of our personality or the kind of person we are. Suppose if I am an alcoholic, I, rather than boycotting it would become a smoker and say that I have changed myself. Similarly, if I am wasting money on useless shopping, I would stop doing that and begin spending money on useless possessions such as collection of 50 odd shoes. Now, in our head, we are like- I am changed now. I don’t do that anymore. I should feel appreciated. But is this the kind of change we should look forward in ourselves? I don’t think so.

The first question that arises here is we are changing for what. Is the change even required? Is what we originally are- is incorrect? Will the change take me miles ahead in whatsoever big or small goals I have? There should always be analysis on the same. This needs self-introspection, self-realization and self-improvement. But what happens is that we end up changing ourselves just because someone said us that we need it because of some of their perspective towards us. Now it is upon you to decide if you are here to impress him/her/everyone or to stay with the person God created in you on this planet. If you shall keep changing yourself for everyone who tries to project themselves as your well-wisher, in the end, you are going to be part of each of them but nothing of yours shall remain in you. Is that what you want to become?

People tell me to be more social and involved with the people around me. I say, why? Why do we need to socialize when it is actually not benefitting me? I just can’t waste an evening of my life fake laughing with people with none of my heart just for proving that I am one of the people to look forward to whenever there’s a plan. I am better the way I am. Reading books. Watching movies. Writing posts such as this one. Meditating. Watching spiritual Youtube channels. Living in the beautiful flashbacks of my life. I feel myself evolved after this process. But after socializing with people who are no substance in my life, I feel like I have lost a part of my life when I go to sleep because the important hours of my life have got wasted JUST LIKE THAT.

Your parents, family, relatives, siblings, partners, spouse, colleagues, neighbours etc. shall always blame you for something or the else which you weren’t able to suffice as per their expectation from you. There are 100 kinds of expectations that a single person itself can have from you. Are you here to fulfil all of them or to live your life as a protagonist of your own story? I don’t think that anybody would want to be a Supporting actor in the movie of their own life. At least, there we are the Hero and all others are playing characters around us. Why do we make someone else Lead and stay a pillion? Not needed if the change doesn’t have potential.

Just because someone wants you to be inactive on Social media accounts doesn’t mean you should stop uploading those Stories on which even if there are No Views, it gives you motivation to lead your day. Just because someone wants you to be grumpy towards people they hate doesn’t mean you need to change your body language whenever you talk with those people. You stay your way and build your relationships your way. Analyse the people your way and understand if they need to be in the 1st or 2nd or 3rd circle of your life. This is what I call changing for alternatives and not for betterment. 

You are just not doing this but doing that. It’s better you do This only but in a better way. This THIS is your own personality- your own texture- your own painting- your own calling. This THIS is YOU! Don’t change THIS completely until you know that it’s really something bad which is doing no good to you and your life. For e.g. smoking, excess drinking, wastage of time on Social media on chatting and liking others’ pictures, watching useless vlogs on Youtube which teaches you nothing, playing PUBG for hours, being short-tempered and causing harm to others with your attitude etc. These are the few things which pull you and your morale down without making you realize it. This makes you realize only after you have lost a lot in life. And then we blame him/her for changing us. No one should ever be blamed for changing us. We are the decision-makers if we deserve change or not.

Change yourself as per your requirement! You are the owner of your life. You are the rider of your vehicle. You are your source of energy. In the moments of loneliness, only your real self stays with you. Let’s not corrupt ourselves for petty requirements of people. Let’s keep ourselves the way we are assured that we shall lead the best possible life. That’s the only request.



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Love on the Everest: Love Conquers Everything by Deepthi Ayyagiri (Book Review: 2.5*/5) !!!

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Kindle Unlimited is a great opportunity to explore the short stories written by the Indian authors which are famous in its own digital space. This lead me to the short e-book of around 50 pages titled “Love on the Everest” written by Deepthi Ayyagiri, the authoress who has many other short e-books on Amazon platform. The book also highlights its tagline on its cover page- “Love Conquers Anything” which tells us two parts- 1. The book is about love and 2. The book is about protagonist who is passionate about conquering the Mt. Everest.

Being a girl, writing a book on climbing mountain and that too from a boy’s perspective is surely a difficult job which Deepthi has done very beautifully as nowhere did I feel that the emotions of the boy was missing in the narration of the story. Keeping the size of the book in the mind, the narration is very fast-paced and I must say, authoress tried very well by still assuring that protagonist’s background is described briefly to ensure readers are able to connect with him. The story is not only about its romance genre but it also talks about the life at such mountains for the people who are wanting to explore it and the ones who help these explorers to achieve their life goals.

There are few knowledge points in the book which helps you to understand the environs and modus operandi of the climbers. The way story is treated makes you imagine it like the Music Singles which comes out on Youtube with a short story involving just two characters in the main story with an ending which makes you smile even after having tears in your eyes. The climax is treated beautifully rather than giving it the unrealistic ending even though there are parts in the book which sounds quite filmy and not very realistic.

Talking about the drawbacks now- I felt that author, having short story in her mind, didn’t extend few sections which weakened the emotional quotient of the book due to which you don’t feel the characters’ pain or delight most of the times even after you are aware what they are going through. Similarly, I feel that author completely skipped the training part of the climbers which could have made this book sound more researched and exploratory. Through the story, somewhere there should have been a thought triggered in the mind regarding going for mountaineering which I didn’t feel.

Overall, the book is a light read which you can go through in order if you are looking for a short story in the form of an e-book. I am sure authoress can do well with the long format stories as she shall get the opportunity of adding the segments descriptively along with taking care of the emotional quotient. I must end this review by saying that even after being a self-published e-book, it is very well-edited which is rare case these days. I give this book 2.5 stars out of 5.



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The Insider by Bharat Choudary (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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If you must have gone through the post regarding the last book I completed reading, you must be aware that it was in Hindi language which took around 18 days for me to finish. Hence, the next book that I wanted to read after that had to be a great motivator to ensure I carry on the last phase of my reading marathon this year with great energy. Hence, I decided to pick up a short thriller book written by a new Indian author named Bharat Choudary. The book that I am talking about is of around 150 odd pages and titled “The Insider”. The title of the book is very attractive along with its cover page with does its job perfectly for you to pick it up and read its synopsis; after that there is no chance that you would not give this book a try.

Bharat’s writing is very simple which makes it easy for any beginner to go through the book with very ease. The book is written in a thriller genre hence the expectations from the pre-climax or climax of the book is always very high due to several popular Indian authors. I must say that author tried very well and the way the whole story is executed says a lot about his skills as a story-teller. I liked the characterizations made by the author which makes it easy for us to understand the mindset of each and every character involved in the story. I liked the plot of the story of how a writer’s life is projected with so many layers to it that after a point of time, it becomes difficult to figure out what would happen next with protagonist and other characters involved in the story.

The first half of the book is more about the development of the story and most parts of it is about the story that author has written influenced by a real-life half-solved mystery. Post this, author wishes to give it his own ending but then in the real life, some developments take place which ends up ruining the plan of the writer’s thought behind what to do with the climax of his story. And from here meets this aspiration of the author with a wanted criminal.

The 2nd half of the book consists of lot of actions and written with ultimate passion. You can actually visualize the whole thing with big action Bollywood actors. The pre-climax and climax is how the Race series in Bollywood is written where you find someone dead in this moment and then alive in the next and again dead and then again alive which keeps on going which keeps you on your toes. I had not assumed such twists in the story hence I had to re-read few parts in the end twice after making the notes in my journal hence I recommend everyone to keep on noting down the character’s relationship with each other in order to enjoy the climax.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, I must say that author could have easily played with the story right from the first page if there would have been little twists done with the timelines of the story which could have given more opportunity to explore. Also, I feel that the conversational part between characters aren’t very appealing which sounds artificial on which author should work in his upcoming books. Similarly, the way climax is written is very confusing which could have been written in a bit easier manner. I feel that more genuine characters should have been added in the story to make it based in a larger world as currently, it involves only few characters and only moves around them.

Overall, this book is a light thriller which you can complete within 3 hours of time. I give this attempt 3.5 stars out of 5.