30 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Parents angry as I sleep only for 2 hours !!

            166TH BLOG -->>

            Today morning, My parents shouted on me..REASON: I sleep only for 3 hours and sometimes even less than that. Parents say that a human being cannot give his 100% if he hasn't completed his sound sleep..and I say that human can't do anything if he sleeps like a normal average human being..Parents say that Sleep is everything..Work is next..I say Work is everything and sleep is nowhere in my dictionary..Parents say sleep is charging the body and I say sleep discharges the body..Parents say you are turning weaker and weaker because of sleeping less and I say I'm growing clever and clever because of sleeping less..So many uncommon factors between the point of view and perspective of both the parties that it is hard to live without argument on this topic..Parents say that they can't concentrate on their day's activities just because they know that their only child has gone to college after having the sleep of 2 hours only..They say we fear that your past can repeat again in this beautiful present of yours..They say you can be admitted again in the hospital if you go in this way..Parents points 100 demerits of not sleeping for 7 hours a day and I point out 1000 merits of not sleeping more than 3 hours...But somewhere my parents are right and true..I have lost 7 kgs of weight..This is not because I'm not eating..this is not because I'm travelling a lot..This is all because I don't sleep...

             Earlier, when I used to wake up for the whole night..Parents used to show me my black circles around me eyes and red eyes within the circle..Then they took me to psychiatrist and he gave me the medicine to sleep in the night and then gave me the medicine to swallow it in the morning to be awake and active for the whole day..Mistakenly I started taking it vice-versa and I used to be alert all night and sleepy all day...and as there was hectic schedule in the whole day...right from college to coaching class..I went weaker and weaker and finally the moment came when I used to fall while walking..I used to go unconscious at any time..I used to faint any time..Finally I was treated accordingly and then i was able to stand..But again now-a-days my parents can see the same symptoms in me..and hence they are feeling insecured...Not only my parents even my friends don't love this activity of mines..They respect for my dedication for my passion I have in my life but they say that you do whatever you have to after taking the sound sleep of 6 to 7 hours..Today itself I received SMS from one of my friend at 9 PM to sleep because they know that I hate sleeping..My parents too feel that I'm getting weaker and uglier day by day because of opening my eyes more than I should..

             Now when nobody is loving me..I think I should go to sleep..My parents read my yesterday's blog and said What was so miraculous in yesterday's blog that made you to wake up till 4 in the morning..I said nothing..And now I have been warned not to wake up after 2 AM...They were toh telling me to sleep before 12..But I have little right of speech too and utilizing it I extended my timing till 2 AM...So friends for today as I have been given warning to sleep before 1 AM..Im moving now..and plz pray that I can sleep much and perform my work too correspondingly without fail...And so sweet of everyone of you out there who care for me so much...Hope I'll be successful some day and then will be calling and thanking you for your immense contribution in my good-wills....Thanks a lot..and love you a lot...Going to sleep now and will have the sleep of 7 hours today after 1 year I think...A new experience..Hope I'll have a dream because I have seen no wonderful dream in 1 hour because even dream comes in the middle of the night when you are having the best sound sleep so as I didn't had..I haven't seen any powerful dream yet in 1 year..Hope I'll see it tonight..So with the hope Im leaving all of you..but still I'm not feeling sleepy..but the orders of the parents can't be neglected..

29 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Meeting With Umera-Yusuf-Vandana-Prema !!!

            165TH BLOG -->>

          I'm 24 hours late but then too I can't forget to share my experience with you all...On Saturday..I went to Vashi Hospital to visit Umera with three friends-Yusuf, Vandana and Prema..At 6 o clock in evening , we sat from Panvel and reached Vashi..I was shivering as my emotions were flowing in the hostile will of not meeting Umera as I was feeling very shy to meet her..Several interrogations were running in my mind..I was thinking of her condition..I was thinking what to ask..how to ask..when to ask..But I wanted to meet her..But then the audacious mind said Abhilash don't worry, meet the girl..She will only feel happy and blithe to see you with other 3..And I retaliated YES I WILL GO..and finally We all reached hospital and Guard stopped us...He allowed Yusuf and Vandana to go first..and I and Prema was asked to wait for next few minutes..Now we were waiting for this 2 people to return back..I kept Prema with myself because Yusuf and Vandana both can talk to Umera..and I don't talk to her and so was Prema with me as she talk much with Umera..So I thought that Prema will lurk me behind and I'll meet her safely without any scratches on our meet..Finally guard allowed both of us too...I stood infront of the door of the ward where Umera was lying all alone..She was lying as the world has left her..Everyone has mortified her..The surfeit emotions were running in my blood...Finally we went and sat near her bed..She smiled..But I  didn't found that attraction in it..That wasn't the smile of UMERA BEGUM..That wasn't the smile of the girl whom I loved..That was the smile of Umera Begum who is sick now..Who is patient now..It was taking me time to understand this..but the fact was I was hiding myself from my real emotions..Umera-the girl who ran much faster than any boy of our class..the girl who was so strong that no boy would win ever in running out from her hands when she used to run behind them...and today..with a low volume she whispered to Vandana and Prema..Pillow seedha kar do taaki main baith jaaun..The girl was unable to handle her pillow...When I saw Umera in this condition..My eyes were wet..My heart was filled with confused blood...Not happy..I was perusing Umera again and again..without really getting involved in the conversation with her..

            She was lying wearing the gown...a thin bed-sheet covered her body..What I can see from this was the slim and thin body of Umera...I wanted to cry..I wanted to talk to her..I wanted to give her strength..I wanted to share many facts with her..But the emotional Abhilash was not ready to utter a single word..I was just glaring her..searching for the beauty I was flat for..Searching for that cynosure-questing eyes which held and magnetized everyone close to her..but I wasn't successful in searching it..Her hands were weak...Her voice was weak...Her body was weak..and so was my Heart weak..Operated was she..Crying was me..Interminable sadness was lying in my eyes..I wanted to hold her hands and cry but I'm not allowed to do this..I'm confined to opine till certain limits..

            After sometime, Prema handed Naariyal Paani which we bought for her..Prema handed it to her on behalf of all of us who came to meet..The spark and shine in the Prema's eyes were like it was the paani from the naariyal of Rajnikaant's farmhouse..The Naariyal paani was given so much emphasis as it was the most powerful energy drink available in the whole galaxy of earth..It was treated as Naariyal was autographed by James Bond..and Paani was tasted by Anjelina Jolie..Prema was offering it to Umera as the Paani will make Umera run like a Cheetah in 6 seconds like a ENO cures stomach in the advertisements..Umera didn't even elucidated and glared Naariyal paani even once..She was treating it like a paani from gutter..But I hope that Paani would have turned Umera into P.T. Usha in few minutes after entering the nerves of her body...Hahaha...This was the time when my sadness gave a little time to the happiness to conquer my thoughts..Then we said to Umera..We are leaving you now..take care..and the way she said..Jaa rahe ho...was like she was saying us to be with her for all her life..She was alone..She wanted someone..and then having her classmates there...Sorry...beautiful classmates there was like a paani in the naariyal..but we had to leave..I wanted to stay but had to leave..and finally we left her...with the incomplete expression on her face...half smile like a half-moon on her lips..uncombed hair struggling on her head like an unemployed man struggling for the job..After we reached the door she moved her hands to call us back..Vandana went and she said to her to put the pillow again at the place so that she can lie down again..and Now..I again wanted to cry...Cry so much that another naariyal would be filled up with my tears..What have you made yourself, Umera? Where have you lost? Where are you? I want you back..Please come back to your in statu quo..Bas now I can't talk much about you...otherwise my tears have already made my trek pant wet..it will make my underwear wet too in some minutes by passing from my trek pant as it is very thin..Uff..Sorry... ;-)


         Yusuf horned..I ran down the stairs..sat down on his scooty and marched towards Panvel station to receive Prema and Vandana..They were coming to my house for completing our group project of Organizational Behaviour..We went there before time and were standing out of station and waiting for the girls as Aishwarya Rai is going to come and give us kisses infront of the media and the whole world..Uff...I don't know from where does this thought travels my brain..Sorry Prema and Vandana for this..Hahaha..Finally they came..and we reached my home..Now this was the first time for all the three friends to come to my house...They were feeling very shy to enter..Finally they came...and we started with the project work within a minute..This was the first time we were working so sincerely..One boy had Conflict within the internal members of our group and so we were not even missing him..There were 2 girls-2 boys..Why to have 3rd boy in between..Uff...Sorry Vandana and Prema once again.. ;-) ... Yusuf and Vandana were summarizing the topics and then Prema was dictating it to me and I was typing and making slides of them..This was the true group work...My Father came in between to give his suggestions again and again..But his every idea flopped like my real love-stories..We worked continuously..and we supported each other continuously..Everyone did their job exactly how they were expected to do..Had some snacks in between..and a lunch too..Thanks to my dear mummy..I think I should add her in Acknowledgement..But then the 3 will say add our mummies too as they allowed us to come on Saturday to your house..Then madam will say-I'll give the marks to your mummaas..You all go and have snacks and lunch only..So I think Acknowledgement isn't having my mummy's name now..Hahaha...

                  While we were making our presentation..My carpet exclaimed,"Abhilash". I whispered,"Say".. It replied," This is the first time Two young girls are sitting on me..Where were they before?".. I replied candidly," Keep your mouth shut..just enjoy and don't talk much otherwise from next time I'll only call Yusuf and you will have to suffer him." Carpet replied," Oh..Sorry..Sorry..I'm not interested in that pot..I'm happy with this light-weight flowers..You do your work..Im quiet.." ..Finally my carpet got what it wanted from 1 year..Young girls sitting on it..I'm happy for my carpet more than for the completion of my presentation..Vandana and Prema, Sorry once again..But this time it isn't my feeling..It is what my carpet said to me..

                Chalo friends..I'm leaving..One of the longest blog..Its 4 AM past now..Only 3 hours remaining and I should move now.. I should take I-pill..Oh sorry..Chill-pill and go to sleep..

27 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Umera - Get Well Soon !!!

            164TH BLOG -->>

              When you came..you were beautiful..When you came..you shined..when you came..your smile took the hearts of many..You had every quality to be the most interesting girl of the class..Everyone of us loved you..Every girl dreamed to be like you..Every boy wanted you to be his..You were somewhere in sky and everyone of us were somewhere lying on the earth and watching you and your wings flying in the air..You were the most active and spry girl of our class..I don't know how the time changed..How you changed..Your beauty turned into your ugliness..After some catalyst days your smile was lost somewhere..Your activeness turned into dizziness..Your wings refused to take you in the air and fly..and you came on earth in the much bad condition of others..I know you had some tension..You were in the stress..But I never knew that you were struggling with your body so much..You are fighting the diseases and illness which has entered you without your prior permission.The first time I noticed your pain when you had your last fit in the class and there was no one to help you to come out of it..I was sitting just a bench behind and witnessing your pain..I felt so sad for your health but I wasn't from a pharmacy or MBBS field that I could have helped you..And I was shocked to hear after some days that you aren't going to come college for next many weeks..

             I heard that you are going to be operated in the hospital..Finally today, the operation is held and your father has informed one of my friend that your operation was successful..But still you are in pain..You are fainting..You are sick..You are exhausted..Umera, take care of yourself..I know now our relationship isn't so commendable and pragmatical that I have the right to speak this but then too as a responsibility of your classmate I want to say this..I want you to shine again..I want you to float in the water again rather than sinking in it..I want you to spread your wings and fly again in the air and be concomitant with your apparition...We all are praying for you to get well soon..We don't want to miss a friend like you..We want you to be with us..We fought with you..We are Sorry..We aren't so bad...We did a mistake..We are committing and proclaiming..But you please don't take tension of this little and snifter cases in the class..You are different..You know this.. I know you had a quite worst past anyone could have but you have your present now which can be dissentious of sadness..Please augment the quality of your present..Brighten your present..Make the clouds clear and have the sunlight in your life..Dig the earth and have the minerals in your life..Pump the tube and have the best water in your life..GET WELL SOON, DEAR....

             We didn't understood what your importance was..But we misapprehended you...There were some mistakes from you too..But We have forgotten everything..Right now, contemporary we want you to be Healthy, stress-free and happy...We don't want the mark of absurd tension and pressure on your face..We don't want you to be in fit again..We don't want you to be giving evidence to someone because of your little mistake..We want you to participate..We want you to rock..We want you to be the same UMERA BEGUM we saw on 3rd August-2009... I hope you are feeling good after the operation..Don't let the tears drop from your eyes..Don't let the cries to scream from your heart..Don't let the lips to say something in sadness..Please don't..Boycott all this past of yours...Welcome the new life..Welcome the situations and live wholly..Laugh with all your beautiful-shaped teeth visible to us..Move your face such that your ear-rings dance..Move your hairs as the rainfall have turned their ways..See everyone of us as God has blessed us with the immense beauty...

             We want you..We are caring for you..Hope we will meet soon...Lots of love to you from me and my friends....

ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU with a sad expression on his face..
26 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

10 out of 10 Again !!!!

            163RD BLOG -->>

           Finally the suspense is over..the time of predictions are over...the time of suspecting the best or worst is over..The result is announced..The conclusion is derived..The wordings of teacher is announced..And again a success marked its presence at my fortune..I gave my first presentation of my life yesterday..It was so exciting to do it..I was nervous..I had confidence..I had belief in myself..But I also had a fear to lose the word..To go blank..to do worst ....But when there's support of god..Everything runs smoothly..Everything avoids the woes..Every hurdle is crossed easily and smoothly..When I woke up in the morning, I went toilet for 3 times because of nervousness..then without any bad news tears were rolling from my eyes..I received the SMS of Yusuf wishing me luck for my presentation ..This made me more emotional that my friend is so concerned for me..There's no jealousy..No feel of untouched..He is loving so much that he wants me to do the best...Tears started rolling...Then after some minutes the SMS of Prema came flying in my mobile..Even she wished luck..Now I was so nervous that smile avoided my face..I went to the college...Gave my presentation..and then that chattering of claps and plaudits filled the whole class..This was the time I felt like thanking everybody but I'm not Amitabh Bachchan that I'm allowed to do everything according to my wills..There are certains barricade which I know I should not cross...Madam too clapped after my presentation and this was the first time when madam clapped for someone..Then madam uttered the most beautiful words for me-YOU NATURALLY DESERVE TEN..Everyone started clapping again..Then madam asked me to answer two question and as I knew then quite perfectly , I explained it like Aamir Khan explains about the machine in 3 IDIOTS..Again everyone clapped after judging my knowledge and Yaa..Strict madam clapped again for me..So this was the first time when someone got 3 claps for his or her presentation..1st -After completing the perfect presentation..2nd- After scoring 10 out of 10..3rd- After I answered the two difficult question of the madam..

               I'm very happy...All the credits goes to my mother firstly.. For making me so good..The whole personality and character depends on how you are nourished..and I'm proud of my mother for developing me in this way that everyone loves me..Muaah to you my pyaari mummy...I love you a lot...lot..lot..lot.. I don't know how to thank you for all you have given me in this life..but I do know that I can't give even a bit of what you have given me..You are one of the best mothers of the world..And I would like to thank my three dear friends-Yusuf, Vandana and Prema..The way all these three friends have helped me and supported me no one would have done...The breeze of jealousy blows in our classroom and then getting this type of support from this 3 friends is unpredictable..How can I thank all three of you..I don't know..My job is writing and blogging..So just thanking all three of you and would like to say that I can't get so selfless friends ever in this 3 years of BCA...All three of you rocks...Love you all...Muaaah...Girls, take it as flying kiss if you have problem with this Online Kiss..Hahaha....and then I would like to thank everyone who were waiting for the presentation of Abhilash..who had faith and troth on me that I'll live upto your expectations..and Yaa I say this that a boy cannot do anything if there's no support of the environment around..So my whole credit goes to all of you..and specially would like to take a name here-Archana for messaging me at the last minute of my presentation to begin and wishing me luck..It mooted some more confidence and belief..And then I want to thank my Teacher-Mrs. Taruna Garg for loving me so much to shower 10 out ot 10 on me...Because before me only Vandana have scored this perfect marks..Thanks to all....Thanks a lot..

               This is the first time I'm writing the blog in the morning after waking up..But this experience is so boring that I'm feeling like shaving the hairs of my chest..Uff...Just see my feelings..I love blogging in night..at 3 AM - 4 AM..and I think I should continue publishing at this time itself..And friends a GOOD NEWS...I got my PANCARD...The first govt's ID proof..and I'm very happy to have this...Thanks...

25 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Presentation of My Life !!!

            162ND BLOG -->>

               Finally the days are over and tomorrow I'll have to give and present the first presentation of my life..I thought so much about what will I post a day before on my blog about the excitement of the presentation but right now I have no thoughts rather than my shivering fingers and shivering thoughts..I'm just thinking of finishing my presentation rather than doing very best in it..There's a will to do the best but I know there's no scope to do something where the claps will fill its chatter in the classroom..My colleagues can throw empty refills and their smelly socks on my face if they didn't loved my presentation..Going for the first experience of my life..and experiencing something for the first time comes only once in the life..So as this is very special day for me, I would like to give my best..Do my best..and Score best..Else everything is related to my performance and teacher's mood..Because presenter can do the worst and can ruin and sabotage teacher's mood and score less mark and even presenter have the quality to hold every one in the audience and make them pleased by your interacting and speaking power that their heart say ki KEEP GOING ON , DON'T STOP...Else lets see...Only 9 hours are remaining for the presentation..I have efforted a lot for making the slides but I haven't prepared for explaining and elaborating my topic and making it easy for my classmates to understand it..But I hope to manipulate madam's mind and score well..My good friends like Yusuf,Vandana and Prema have scored 9, 10 and 9 out of 10 respectively..I shouldn't get less than them otherwise they will look at me like a Bhojpuri-speaking boy came in a high-class party where there are American English's accent rich people..My sixth sense is saying that I'll score 8 out of 10 but lets see what the sun of tomorrow bring for me..

               I'm very sad that my concentration and dedication for studies is so much reduced that I have started hating my course's book and notes..I don't feel like touching them..and then on top of that there are some friends showing attitude..I don't care much for them but the anger on their sick behaviour rises so high that I feel like leaving everything and go somewhere far away in the world of peace..And that is nowhere except Heaven..Waiting for the death now to come naturally and show me the peaceful world so that I can breathe properly..Whenever someone ignore me, I love that person for doing this because I know he is hating the most lovable person...I'm loved by all for my sweetness and frankness..I share everything and so everyone know what Our Abhilash is...They don't want any proof about what kind of personality I am..If I say something everyone believes me just because I have the least propensity of malaising someone..But I love maintaining enemity with someone for a long time to show him/her that How much was I loyal as a friend and how much were you..I spoke truth..You spoke lie...and many facotrs in it..Don't want to discuss them in detail as slumberness is all around in the environment of my bedroom..

             My childhood's best friend-Gaurav is sleeping on my bed without wearing shirt..This is the time for me to check whether I am a gay or straight..and Yaa I tested myself..He is sleeping on my bed and I'm working on my lappie sitting on the floor..so this is the biggest proof of my straightness with respect to type of sex..otherwise I would be with him right now on the bed..without shirt..and my hands on him and my head on his chest..Uff...Lets leave the topic otherwise you will ask me how come do you know so much about the feelings of gay..

              Tomorrow the first presentation is going to be given by Manoj, then by me, Prasad and at last Arya will end the series of 4th presentation..Best of lick to everyone as we will all try to make 25th March the best day of the presentation..I'm very much excited for my first presentation but I still have a fear about my hands and legs shivering infront of the class thinking about my performance..And then some faces in the class which will boycott me to think about my presentation and I'll be more interested in getting disturbed by their unusual expressions..And then at last I want all of you(my classmates) to support me and help me while presentation..and friends No questions allowed if you want to ask me any doubt..Ask me personally after the presentation..Don't try to be professional otherwise I'll put your formal dress on fire..Try to co-operate rather than pushing me into woe..

              Thanks and Friends, please pray for my performance to be Ok..Ok...I can always do something only when you all pray for me otherwise I lose...Please Help Me..Thanks..

22 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

About Last Blog / New week ahead / Kites !!!

           161TH BLOG -->>

        Right now my tauji was calling at my father's mobile which he has left while leaving for my buaaji's house...I felt like spitting on the mobile screen when I saw his name on it but controlled myself because my father's mobile isn't water-resistant...My hatred for my dear relatives will always fly in the air around me...

            Yesterday's blog was loved by many of you..I can say 99.99% of you loved it..But the most what I liked was the personal SMS from my friends that Who's that next door girl? Everyone of you know that I never hide anything on my blog..This is an open book of my life..Agar mujhe naam bataana hota toh main SHE ke jagah us ladki ka naam nahi likh deta kyaa?..Try using thoda-sa common sense..People objected the physical thoughts I published yesterday when I was confessing my love..I just want to ask that decent group of people , what for do you love a girl..for sharing some touchy moments with her..Now many will say that when I love a girl with all my heart and if my love is true..I never look like you at the breast when she takes breathe..So not even I glare there my friends..Just to write and just to create some romantic environment I used it..And then go and read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet..Its a love story definitely but more than that it is the feeling of sex from both the partners..When Mahesh Bhatt launched the trailor of his movie Tumsa Nahi Dekha which telecasted how Emraan Hashmi goes crazy at the very first look of Dia Mirza ..comes out of his car and takes a smooch without her intimation and without any introduction and then there is a caption after that scene- Where every love story ends..They begins there..What was the meaning of that? Why in every novel and every movie , a writer writes sex part with a girl in the story and a scene is filmed where actor and actress share many physical experiences with each other respectively..These all shows that Love is done like this..What do you expect? Proposing a girl..Getting a Yes..and then talking to her without touching her..Everyone is precarious...Hope all of that group of decent people understood what my blog said yesterday..

              Tomorrow, again a start of a new week..Everytime a weekend ends..I feel a sense of confidence in me..I feel to perform something better than what I did last week...This week is going to be special for me..As I will be giving my first slide presentation in my life..That will be a good experience to explain the topic to my friends with whom I laugh and share my experiences..Then I'll be tring to have some pupils of my class to be more close to me and would like to ditch some friends..Then after the presentation on Thursday, I'll be preparing slides for my group for another subject as I have taken responsibility for developing slides for my group...I have many innovative ideas to do in that slide as its a team work but want co-operation from Arya, Prema, Vandana and Yusuf..These 4 personalities are different and varying but I adjust very easily with all of them..and having every one of them in my group is like loving myself to be in company of the congeners..

             The first song of KITES has been released and divulged..Superb song...Good lyrics..Good music by Rajesh Roshan..Barbara Morie is showering her presence as a good actress..and talking about Hrithik..I would say man needs no explanation..The greek god..Wow...His presence in a film adds the most in the success of the film..The way he talk, the way he walks , the way he dance..Everything is dreamt by every boy..Many of you will disparage the film and Hrithik's skills..but I dont care when I trust and troth Hrithik Roshan..I'm going to watch this movie as soon as I can after it releases..Hrithik has no barricades..The man is Mr.Passionate of bollywood..Many records are made and broked by him..The man is coming after almost 2 1/2 year on the big screen as a lead actor..Im just sitting with my finger crossed for Kites..Hope any politician doesn't grisly the film and the actor..

        Lets move off now...Its already 3.15 AM..I have slept only for two hours tomorrow after writing my 160th blog and today too I'll not sleep more than 3 hours..My body sometimes say NO to my activities because of lack of sleep..So friends I'm not editing sentences today and correcting grammar errors and spelling mistake..Try to cope up with my ruined English...

Yours chchota sa - pyaara sa - nanha sa,

21 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Heart Says....

            160TH BLOG -->>

           When she smile , I smile .. When she laugh , I laugh .. When she speak, I listen .. When she listen , I speak ..When she calls me , I speak less n listen more.. I call her, she speak less and I say more. When she clap..I clap.. When she sing..I go into her feelings.. When I sing, she goes into mines.. When she rub her eyes.. I glare them..and sing - 
Koi fariyaad tere dil mein dabii ho jaise,         
Koi fariyaad tere dil mein dabii ho jaise,   
Tune aankho se koi baat kahii ho jaise..
Jaagte jaagte ek umar katii ho jaise..
Jaan baaki hai magar saans ruki ho jaise....When she adjust her hairs...I look at them and think of playing with them..When she holds my hand..I glare her long nails covered by pink nail-paint with blue-outlines on it..When she pat my cheeks, I see the world in her eyes..and when I catch her hand she gives me the most powerful smile of this world..When she comes with the perfume, I keep my nose near to her neck for smelling her body..When I spray the perfume, she keeps her head near to my chest and heart so that she can smell the fragrance of my body..She is so beautiful...so charming..so loving..so close..but still not mines..with every sentence I can never use this one- When she says I love you, I too say I love you..No ..I can't say this because still the feelings of love and passionate emotions not unbosomed..Still the drops of rain haven't shown any romance on us..The cool atmosphere when sun is covered by clouds haven't dropped the best loving kiss of her on my cheek...Still the most child day of the winter haven't bought any moment of both of us sleeping in a single blanket..Still many things are awaiting to happen..

           Still the world is left to be more beautiful for me because they are far away as nobody of us dare to say and opine aur feeling for each other..I can see her twinkling eyes saying only my name...and she can observe my eyes in love with her..I know this because whenever I look her with all the love in my eyes..She feels shy and then doesn't face me for next many seconds as she isn't comfortable to me still as a fear lies within her feelings..Either they are parents, brother or past relationships..I don't care..When she haven't asked about any girl in the contact list of my mobile phone, Why should I enquire about every boy who sends her SMS and she keeps them safely as they are the one she will live with all her life..When her lips move to speak something to me, My eyes moves with them to love them without any touch..When she eats something and then use her tongue to wipe the remaining part with her tongue on her lips..I feel the color of pink as the most romantic color..Her tongue is so pink..so attractive..I want to keep this memory in my heart forever..When she laughs on my jokes..it is the time when my heart goes Hmmm..Hmmm..Hmmm...

          The excitement for her move of bodies still lies in me..With her every breathe..Her breast moves and with that she grows more sexier..whenever she adjust her T-shirt , the move of her flexible waist clots my sight..The exorbitant feel for her manumits my will to go ahead and dance with her..with one hand on that fair waist with the most sweet navel on her abdomen..and the second at her shoulder which moves whenever she is confused with her hands..The dream girl is just with me and I can't speak anything to her..The fear of hearing NO..the fear of losing this face-to-face conversation..The fear of the love getting squalor between our eyes..Nothing is permanent..Not even her smile..When she cries..Her each droplets makes me so sad and schmaltz that only thing remains in the life after that is LAST BREATH...I want to die in your arm baby..I want to have the sweetest lip-lock with you..the most passionate smooch with you..and the most pleasurous s*x with you..Live the whole life with you...change the huggies for our children just for you..cook food for you when you will se sick..give surprise on your birthday with the most romantic balloons and flowers in our bedroom at the first visibility after you open your eyes in the morning..at our every marriage anniversary I want to go for a long ride with you at 11 in night with less people around and with a romantic tune in our car with a romantic and sensuous smell of air freshner..and then going to one of the expensive restaurant at night 3 ..eat there...and then return to home again at 5 in the morning..change our clothes and then go to terrace and watch the sun rise together..and after it rises..both of us go to sleep then after making some love..and wake up in afternoon and then receive friends's call for the wishes of anniversary and share it with each other with our hand and finger locked with each other..and then at the eve of our anniversary go to the multiplex for the most romantic film and see each other rather than the movie and feel the love between the distance of her eyes..

          This all starts with only three letters - I LOVE YOU.. Please do say this because my lips suffer thunder when you are infront of my eyes..Please do opine your feeling if it is more me, only for me...but please think before because I don't want to leave you then because now I'm really broken with my unsuccessful past relations..I just want to keep you with me for the whole lifetime..I said naa I want to die in your beautiful arms..and plz dont put your beautiful little finger on my lips the time when I'll gain the confidence to speak up my feelings to you as you always do when I describe why I wrote the particular thing in my blog..and please read this lines before speaking about your love to me -
Chahey jo tumhe poorey dil se..
Milta hai wo mushkil se..
Aisa jo koi kahiin hai..
Bas wohi subse haseen hai..
Us hath ko tum thaam lo..
Wo meherbaan Kal Ho Naa Ho..

          Just see the tears in my eyes and understand my love for you..I don't have money but I promise we will be wealthy when I'll earn..I don't have beauty but I promise that I'll develop it with the growing age..I dont have success but I promise that I'll be successful when you will hold my hand..At this time of the night at 3.30 AM..I'm thinking of no one except you and having tears in my eyes..Isn't this called LOVE? If Yes then do come to me and if No..then I'm sick..don't love me but hate me so much that ultimately- KILL ME because I can't live more with this illness....

          Bye Baby...

Yours lovingly,
20 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Haters Reading too / Don't be Proudy !!!

            159TH BLOG -->>

 I always thought that my blog is read only by the people who love me and like me but today when I received a sms from a girl in my class stating that I shouldn't use her name in my blog henceforth.This alerted me that even your enemies are reading you.Of course the girl was NOT Prema. She was someone else.But I don't care much.Because when I write , I write wit hall the patience and with all the propensity towards my feeling rather than what other feel.The motive behind starting blog was to express myself in public.Now that is on the people to take me as a Hero or a Villain. If I'll commit a crime, I'll write here..because that will be my truth..now its upon you to love me or hate me for that..but the motive behind the blogs will not be changed..The day I started writing my blogs..I committed myself and even wrote in my personal diary that what are the reasons of writing the blogs so that after sometime when I'll start rambling, I can read it and control myself.

            Yesterday when I wrote in Prema's words..Many readers didn't deciphered that it was me..they thought that it was written by Prema herself..No my friends..I was with her in every moment of her worst day so I thought that if I would be at the place of that girl what I would have felt at the situations and the troubles which came incessantly on our path..So I wrote it in a way that Prema was describing the incident..and when you all misapprehended the right writer..I'm blithe..Now I'm feeling that I'm successful..

             Wilshire said today that he can't see Real Abhilash in the blogs now..He feels that I have changed my modus operandi and I'm diverting my styles of writing exuberantly..Wilshire and everyone of you who feel this, Sorry that I can't keep you happy but after I got the ranking...I have started reading other blogs too from other writers..and I feel that everyone of them use different forms of writings..So I feel that even I should step in different and various forms..because of this you all may be feeling that you aren't getting the same Abhilash who used to hold you on his blog..and you were unable to move without reading..For aggravating my rank, I'll have to try different forms of writing then only I'll be moved up in the list of top bloggers..Even this 158th BLOG which was in Prema's fragrance was a try and I got a good response...So friends help me in trying to be a writer of various forms of writing..

             After watching Dance India Dance, I felt so proud of these superstars-Jeetendra and Mithun Da..They are so normal calm and down-to-earth even after unlimited success they have achieved..They appreciated this contestant who are nothing..Just a struggler..and these superstars are achievers..they have already achieved every milestone which a human wants to cross in his life..We should learn from this..Let us be how tall we are but we should know to respect and admire the one who are still shorter than us..We shouldn't be so much proud of ourself that we forget to be human and we start acting like god..No ..dont do that..Even after achieving every success and excellence..Be a learner rather than a teacher..Don't start teaching people about what you are..Start learning from the people so that you can grow more..Try to erudite something rather than being ostentatious...Otherwise you will surely annihilate..Geeta Kapoor -one of the masters of Dance India Dance started being proud of herself..She started over-acting..She had over-confidence on herself about the contestants she got..Mostly because of Dharmesh Sir as he is a flawless performer..He was getting the highest numbers of votes continuously from last 3 weeks and because of the presence of Geeta Kapoor on the screen, people started hating her team and the result is that this week's highest voted performer is Shakti from Terence's group..So you can see the alacrity in the result of being proud of yourself..Be normal even after achieving your biggest goal or turning your dream into a reality...Hope you got what stuck to me which made this 159th blog..

              Thanks..and please share how was today's blog in normal default font and colour? Was it special or what I did till today with colours were special...

19 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny - Prema's WORDS !!!

            158TH BLOG -->>

        Oh Kay !!! After thinking so much, mind said You have the topic.Go for 158th..No comments on yesterday's blog,This is how readers show you that you can even disappoint them and the writer comes to know that he has climbed the first step of irresponsibility. I don't want to be special.I just want to be loved.When my classmates started loving me as a friend, as an entertainer, as a classmate I was very happy till then.But suddenly when I felt like they are unbosoming me as someone special,I started to feel shy.I don't want my friends to expect from me.What I can give, What I can perform, I'll surely will but if you will confine me or stretch me according to your necessity, I'll fall down.I don't have the capability to stand robustly on your claims and orders.I do have the capability to do what is unexpected by you all but I can't do what you all expect from me.Today was the 3rd presentation in our class and again no one fragiled the record of Vandana's 10 / 10. There are many people who mark their footsteps at 9 / 10 but no one has still reached the Vandana's result.Now next Thursday, I'll be giving the first presentation of the day and friends have already started predicting that I'll be the one scoring 10 / 10. I'll definitely try for it.Everyone Does.But success doesn't reaches till everyone.It only meddle in the smoothness of a hard-working person.Luck matters...Vandana voiced well but her slides wasn't 10 / 10 but her voice, confidence level, topic-savviness overcomed her slides and she got the best result. 

               I have started making slides but the confusion has made the process of slide-making erratical.I'm embroiled because of so many features MS-Powerpoint is providing me with.I just keep on swapping and changing my themes of slides incessantly without thinking that I should believe myself and with that troth on myself I should start adding elements to my slides to make it beautiful and bizarre. Friends are expecting 10 / 10. I'm just thinking that if I'll be 9, everyone will look me as a boy came in saaree and danced on the road for money and he got nothing even after many item numbers by him.Today Prema had her presentation and I think the girl had her bad luck today.Right from the morning she was in trouble and woe..I asked her what was your experience regarding your today's presentation and she said-

             " Right from yesterday's eve, I was mugging up and understanding every topic so I can give my best and overcome the results of some fatty stuff in my class.I made my slide once, a week ago,my brethren formatted the drive and I lost the whole slide.I made it again.Then today in the morning I came up with two sources of my presentation. 1. CD-ROM, 2. PENDRIVE. I gave it to Veeru and as soon as he connected the pendrive and clicked on my ppt file-the malaise computer said that my format isn't understood by him.I then watched Abhilash with the worst expression I could make.He was smiling with a sad expression.I didn't understood he was happy or sad.Only 10 minutes were remaining for the presentation to begin and the worst was happening to me.I'm so sweet , so calm then why do all this happening to me? What have I done so wrong? All these questions started eating my brain. Then, Abhilash said lets go to cyber or lab for converting your 2007 ppt version into 2003 version which is compatible on our college's outdated computer.We ran.Unfortunately, as I was unlucky today, Cyber walla went to his sister's marriage and cyber wasn't open at all. Cyber waala ,just remember now I have stopped loving you as a businessman. Get lost.Go to hell and I'll wave my hand to you from heaven.Again I ran with Veeru..please understand haan..Abhilash and Veeru both are the same boy.We ran towards lab.There we requested Gokhila mam-the same mam because of whom I was unable to converse with my ex-bf and that was the only moment I tried to revamp with him..That day she was my bad luck but today she turned out to be Good luck.She allowed us in her lab.We went and converted it.Wow.We were so happy..But still we didn't had an idea...Oh sorry !!! I forgot one thing to tell..Before moving out of the class..We got a good news that my presentation will be at 11.30 and not in the next ten minutes which gave us this time to prepare my slide.

               Then we went back in the class..Snehal madam thrashed Abhilash for his beard as soon as he entered classroom..Now Abhilash was helpful to me not to her..Why should she speak positive for him..He broke the college law and he should be ruffled for that..Then madam left the classroom before 5 minutes..Abhilash again inserted my pen-drive which now had 2003 version of ppt..As soon as he clicked on my ppt file, the computer screen started showing some woes..I felt like crying again as I did in the morning when I wasn't allowed by that fatty to handle the computer and check my slide when Arun said that I'll break everything ..Before I do that Abhilash please Moti ko samjha de ki ijjat me Prema ko karne de..Abhilash doesn't have guts to have a face-off with that Moti and thus he was quiet like a newly wed bride on her first night..He was useless this time..Arun helped at this moment..But the tears rolled down..With the 2003 version, we even brought viruses in the pen-drive..Now from 40 slides only 1 slide was present in my ppt file-that was the slide which had my name on it..My name value is of 0 marks.I'll get nothing to show my name on ppt..because my name PREMA isn't so dashing that it can penetrate to the way of scoring marks..

               Then again we ran..and now we met our mam at the ladders..She told us to go in the staff-room and convert it from her PC..There we met our English mam..SHe formatted the pendrive..and our work was unsuccessful there too...Abhilash was doing nothing except glaring the fair complexion of the madam..This boy weakness is the girl's fair colour and their smile..Now I pinched him-What's next? I was in tense mood as the presentation started in the class and I was still struggling with Abhilash for making my ppt compatible on the outdated PC of my college..Then we started searching some super-seniors with their expensive Laptops so that they can help us..Finally we met one..He was smarter or not..I dont know that because this was the first time when I didn't concentrated on the boy's physical appearance..I just wanted my work to be done..Finally , he did our work..and Abhilash and me came running in the classroom with the stupid smile on our face..But struggle wasn't over still.As soon as My name was announced for the presentation..I came on the floor to give my final performance now..Abhilash inserted the pen drive..clicked the ppt file and it said - It is unable to open this file. Now - I wanted to cry..I wanted to go bald..I wanted to stand upside down..and most of all these,  I wanted to kill Abhilash..What was he doing with me from the morning..But then Madam gave an idea and Abhilash did the same and the slide started..Oh now..I didn't wanted to kill Abhilash..Abhilash, you are so sweet...Thanks for helping me..But the boy didn't wanted my words I think ..He wanted his name in the ACKNOWLEDGMENT SECTION..No chance my dear friend..No chance..

              Then I started presenting with the shivering organs of my body..I didn't looked Veeru's face even once while presenting because I would have cried or laughed..and both were sabotaging for my internal marks.I once saw him finally just because he didn't changed the slide and What I saw was Azeeb..He was sleeping with his eyes open..This was the first time I came to know about his this talent..I ended the presentation finally and then madam started with the negative points incessantly as she was naming every sponsors in my grand marriage ceremony.Madam..I hated you today..Then finally I scored 9 / 10..Madam I love you now.. I'm so perfect naa..I'm good at everything..But How can I forget the little help Abhilash did for me..What can I do for him?..I don't have a blog like him to thank him publicly in the divulge manner..H mm..Lets offer him a chocolate..Sorry, 2 chocolates..If he will accept both..I'll kill him for accepting second chocolate as I have already planned with Vandana that as soon as he will return the 2nd one , we will eat it as soon as we can..So this was my whole scenario of presenting my topic today...The unique one..The most unlucky day of my life.Hope nothing happens of this type at the final ceremony of my marriage at the mandap..otherwise my groom will get up and throw his shoes on my face with the gobar stuck on his shoes..Thanks for hearing me for so long.."

            Finally , I, Abhilash Ruhela is back..Prema gave me chocolates..I accepted one...and thank god that I rejected the second one otherwise she would have murdered me..Right, Prema? But I felt very bad to accept the chocolate..A girl struggled so much for 2 hours..I helped her..Because she is a good friend..I didn't wanted anything back..but she thought of paying me for my little support in her presentation..I really felt ashamed when I ate the chocolate..Prema , Sorry that I accepted the chocolate..My intention was just to help you..I didn't wanted anything back..I accepted it..just pardon me..Actually , I said you NO but I didn't said it again and again because there was a fear that you'll feel bad..But chalo moving out of these..Finally our effort was fruitful..You deserved 10...I even shouted but madam didn't agreed..Everything isn't in my lucky hands naa?hmm? haha...Atlast you got a new experience today ...A good struggle..Your experience gave me my 158th blog...And so It gave me a smiling face after I read your words above..COngrats for scoring atleast equivalent to your fatty stuff..Hmm...

             Thanks for reading this....

18 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Mumbai Indian Wins !!!

            157TH BLOG -->>

        Finally , The attack of Mumbai Indians on Delhi Daredevils proved to be successful..Mumbai won by 98 runs..Shortly, I won against my relatives as my relatives resides in Delhi and I'm the only one who lives so far in Mumbai.I just don't want Delhi to win..Let anyone win the IPL but not Delhi..One of my cousin has done a good prediction, I know that everyone of you will dissentient because its a kind of illusion..He says,"Bhaiyya, In the IPL-1 , Rajasthan had Blue Jersey they won..In the IPL-2 , Hyderabad had Blue Jersey and they won the season, and this time in IPL-3 , Kolkata is wearing blue Jersey and I\'m sure that they will win the IPL-3 ..You can even get it with their first two wins..Dont you?" I was surprised to hear this non-observed fact..He was very right..But then I have an example,"I was in class 6th, In the first Unit Test, I scored 11 Rank, in the next test I scored 10th Rank.Then in the 3rd test I scored 9th Rank.Now I was confident that in the annuals , as I'm consistently proliferating up with 1 rank I'll surely score 8th Rank.But I scored 18th just the double of 9th rank which I scored in the last exam." So we can't plaudit these types of predictions because we dont know when can vicissitude take place.But IPl is good to watch.Batsmen never waits for a good ball..He only knows the dialogue of Shahrukh in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gamm - Aankh band karo Maa baap ka naam lo aur bas maar daalo..Hrithik did the same in the first shot of the movie - His team needed 6 in 1 ball and he scored it in the last ball..The same happens here in IPL..Sach mein Its Ek Desh Ek Junoon !!!

               Read an e-mail which says and shows how the animals are ill-treated so that they can have big livers and big parts of their body so that customers can enjoy their flesh in the restaurant..And it was about the non-vegs supplied at KFC RESTAURANT and McDONALDS..It feels so bad that for our tongue to be happy, we carelessly thrash a poor animal who don't have anyone who can listen to them..I'm very sad to see this..My salute to all the Vegetaranians of this world..Waise toh if you will talk scientifically, even plants and trees are living beings then why do we cut them down and eat them or use for other activities..Even they can experience pains while they are separated from its root..

                Today, I read an article where it says that couple having twins has more chances to isolate and separate..But the people like Chetan Bhagat denies the reports of this study as he has twin children and he has no problem with his wife..I think the analyst went to Plandora for the research because I don't think that parents of twins will try to ignore each other and leave the bonding..

                Sorry friends, want to write but feeling sleeepy........Let me move and get out from here...

17 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Ranked 61 in TOP 100 BLOGS of INDIA !!!

            156TH BLOG -->>


              When the people refused, when the people said NO..when the people abused, when the people neglected my passion, I refused to look at them because I had a big dream in my mind for which I was striving..When I started blog , many elder people said that your activity is quietus..You will gain nothing by writing something daily..Try to write once in a week, once in 15 days, once in 1 month..I didn't cared for any suggestion..Because I knew what I wanted..I knew what I'm made for..I knew what I have to...I kept Blogging with no readers..Whoever touched my blog, said I felt nothing..Your blog is similar to a dead body..I just said OK...Kept improving..Kept creating..Kept writing..Kept publishing..and finally I was noticed...Wrote the 100th blog, received 64 comments..That was the moment I felt I'm standing at the tallest building of my city of dreams-MUMBAI and shouting DO YOU ALL KNOW ME? and the people are replying in enthusiasm and smile vociferating YES..and today when I participated in the BIGGEST BLOG COMPETITION which is held all over India..I'm ranked 61 in the list of TOP 100 BLOGS of India..Initially, when I participated in this competition , I wasn't given any rank..I felt very dull that time ki I want to be a writer and I write my blogs with all my patience and heart and I'm failed in the competition..But today when I have RANKED 61th..I just want to say myself- "Veeru, Keep on writing..I just love you.." As soon as I got my result..I saw it online..I kissed my finger..because if this will not move..It will be impossible for me to write and update daily..

                There are very less bloggers who update daily..They have a fear that readers will miss some of their lovely topics and contents..I never thought this because it is pellucid that if people love your writing, they will read it..if Not on the day of publishing the blog..But later on..I used to write Personal Diary before I was heuristic with the BLOG...I had a habit of writing every incident so lengthy and fictitious that I always felt ki if everyone could read what I write..even they can know my feelings and even they can enjoy my mischievious activities...then one day , while I was reading Amitabh Bachchan's blog , this idea struck me that even I can write blogs..This day changed my life..the way I used to live, the way I used to talk..The way I used to pass my days..The way I used to waste my time..I added a new period in my daily routine and that was BLOG..Just from then I didn't stopped and kept writing...

                 Now Im going to say something, You may not believe it but it is true.When I started writing, I had a target of 10 readers..I thought that 10 of my friends will read my blogs..and even more than half of them will miss most of my blogs..But today after so many of you read my blogs..Expect good from me..Expect entertainment from me..I feel so happy and gay that I want to thank all of you personally but as it is impossible because I know that someone will be left and so as I don't want to do injustice with anyone..I'm just thanking all of you here with a single matriculation that Im slave of yours..You all are my masters..because the way you all participated in my blog is ineffable..The way you all appreciate, the way you all upbraid my blog has changed the way I used to think..The way I used to write..You all have bought SUCCESS in my life..Now when someone in my friends gives lecture or try to show some jabardasti ka knowledge, I just say to myself ki I can speak better than him/her, lets show this in tonight's blog..This isn't over-confidence..This is a will to write..Write better than what others speaks..what others thinks..what others writes...

                After the readers , I thank my parents because of whom I'm able to write blogs, publish them, let them break the barricades and reach all over the horizons..They never shout or pique when I wake up @ nights for writing blogs..Still they don't know that I have been ranked as a Blogger as both of them have slept..They will get this good news tomorrow morning..and I'll be going to Sai Baba's temple to offer some devotions to him after this good news..The way my blogs has turned into surrealism because of the love and response you gave to it..can never be defined in any language..Just keep rocking the same way you all do @ ARB...

              Thanks a lot...


Dear Abhilash Ruhela,
The new rank for your blog ARB- Abhilash Ruhela Blog - Read It Out Fast is now 61.

What does IndiRank mean?It's like runs in a game of cricket - the higher the score, the better your ranking. Blogs are evaluated on a scale of 1-100, and the top ranks are in the range of 80-90. Several blogs may share the same rank.
Keep blogging!
The IndiBlogger Team

16 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Saurabh's BLOG-I Loved it so published it here !!!

           155TH BLOG-->>

An Extract from http://stuffilearnttoday.blogspot.com/2010/03/daya-darwaza.html


Daya darwaza...

Recently I’ve been getting these crazy SMSs related to CID the supposedly thrilling crime series which plays on Sony. I dunno whats with the Sony guys coz whenever I see the Program schedule on my Tata Sky (btw Tata Sky is awesome and I hope they send me some money for this), most of the slots are filled with CID! It plays right from 2 pm to 7 pm only to give way to a different program called CID Classics which goes on for an hour kinda.

I mean I know that Sony is a very popular channel and CID may have been its most successful running series in the history of the channel, but OMG more than 6 hours of daily constant interrogating would even make ACP Pradyuman weak!

I’ve never been a fan of CID much. But now I watch it just to make comments on every aspect. Its so much fun! I even have friends who would let go of a free drinking session if it came in the CID time slot! Lately I’ve been learning that the makers of CID are being inspired by Sooraj Barjatiya coz they are trying to insert every possible genre into the series. Crime, Thriller is okay… But now you got Sci-Fi, Romance, Mythology and everything else under the sun! Its even got a facebook page named “Daya Darwaza tod do”

Coming back to the post, I must confess that I’ve been watching CID recently just to get hold of some of the silly shayaris that are sent to me. I may even invent some of my own but I fear Daya will Tod my Darwaza and the ACP will grill me!

Here are some-

  • Mere ghar ke peechhe se beheta ek naala hai, ABHIJEET daal mein jaroor kuch kaala hai!
  • Thande Thande paani se nahana chahiye… DAYA hame us jagah par aur ek baar jaana chahiye
  • 5 Rs. Ka ek samosa, 10 Rs. Ke do, ACP kehte hai DAYA Darwaza to do.
  • Ye haseen vadiyaan ye khula aakaash… OH MY GOD ABHIJEET ek aur laash!
  • Gaay ko angrezi mein kehte hai cow, Kuch to baat hai DAYA pata lagao
  • Aasman mein chamakte Chand taaron… Daya saari Mumbai Chhaan maro!
  • Mehnat ka paseena sir se na pocho… ACP kehte hai Socho DAYA socho.
  • Aaj kal CID ki shayari ka keher hai, Salunkhe says "Maut ka karan zeher hai."
  • Shaam ho gayi, Suraj Dhal gaya.... Daya, Quatil ka pata chal gaya!
  • Kaamgaar  pathhar jor jor so phodta hai... Khooni kitna bhi chalakh ho, Surag jaroor chodta hai!
  • Paisa jiska hai, item uski hai... Salunkhe pata lagao ye fingerprint kiski hai.

Okay I agree that some of these are pretty lame but you have to admit that the fan following of CID is absolutely crazy! Reader are invited to post more of these kinda shayaris in the comments (only CID related)

And if anyone knows someone who works on the CID crew, please keep me anonymous otherwise the next episode will be “Case of the missing Blogger”

My Sincere apologies to ACP and DAYA (Just in case they follow this blog secretly). I must say you guys are doing a great job!

PS: I can’t go on bashing CID just for the sake of it. There are some points which are commendable too. E.g. the story of the episode ends with the episode. Therez no ‘to be continued’ I simply hate those who keep a crime series going on just because they want the viewers to come back.
CID rocks coz the CID ppl know that no matter what, people are gonna come back for more and more and more!
15 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha


            154TH BLOG -->>

         Where are your new blogs? This is the question asked to me many a times in this two days.Mind cerebrates only when it is happy..The sadness and stress never let your brain do what you want it to do..It focuses on that little part which you dont want to think about.The same happened with me for the two days.In this days, I thought of analysing myself rather than writing blogs.I know I can't live without blogs but sometimes you want to be alone..The reason is just because there's a fear in your heart that the truth and your anxiety for a particular situation and condition will be revealed and divulged if you will speak much in the situation of stress..Because of this same fear , I didn't came online for writing blogs. And this lead to deduction in 500 Clicks on my blogs.You can see it in the analysis above my blogs. Life shows you new chapters..And you are the main character of all the storylines in the chapters.If the main character fears..and doesnt turns the page for the next chapter , the whole story ends then and there..I didn't wanted to do this, So I'm back again..I just wanted to give some time to myself so that I can recover from some pains and unusuality..I just salute my life because it is really so interesting that I feel like keep writing about it but then I think its my life- Why will others read it..Before doing anything these types of ceasing questions takes birth in my brain which leads to limits on the content of the blog.

            Today, I was watching Dance India Dance(Repeat telecast)..There's a contestant named Shakti.Her face resembles with a girl in my class. Shakti's smile and her smile is exactly the same..While I was watching her dance and speak, I was thinking of my classmate because she is one of the good friend and the face like hers was infront of my eyes..So forgive me my dear friend..If you got some hichkis and all becaue I was remembering you..

            I was reading a trade results of the bollywood films which are highest grossers in UK.Recently, My Name Is Khan has surpassed the record of UK collection of Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham which was standing at the top position from last 9 years..And I viewed the whole list and what I saw was surprising..Among the Top 10 films, 9 are the films in which Shahrukh Khan has acted..It is a record..The only one film which has marked its presence in the Top 10 List is 3 IDIOTS which is at No.5. I never knew that Shahrukh is so liked by the foreigners..What do they like so much in him that they dont run behind other bollywood actors? Why cant they notice Perfections of Aamir, Dance of Hrithik, Comedy of Akshay. Either they are blind or our bollywood films aren't distributed there properly.Whatever Shahrukh Khan is KING at UK...and we should salute him for this remarkable achievement..

           Today Aamir Khan had his 45th Birthday. The man of Perfection also called as ACE KHAN.Its really great if someone calls you MR. PERFECTIONIST and Aamir Khan is called this by all the people of this world.. After Amitabh Bachchan he is the only actor who has gained such respect in the people's heart that as soon as the name of the man is announced, People stand in respect..It is said that no human can touch Amitabh Bachchan..In the same way it is said that no one can touch the excellence of Aamir Khan..And it is true..You can see from his collection of his last 3 films- 3 Idiots, Ghajini and Taare Zameen Par.. The man has collected more than 1000 Crores from his last 5 films which is a record in India..No actor has earned so much incessantly in a series..This man promises audience to entertain them and not to win award..and Yes..even we dont experience pain when he is not given Filmfare even after nominations..Because he is very high from all the comtemporary actors..This is my thought on Amir..Yours can differ..

           Yesterday , Yusuf Pathan completed his fastest century in IPL in just 37 Balls..People asked What breakfast did you had in the morning? and the answer from him was the He had no breakfast in the morning..Then rockstar from where did you gained this power to make this kind of physical record? We have read in science in our school days about The energy our body gains from the food we eat..Now when you didn't had breakfast, from where did you got energy? Are you Jadoo from Koi Mil Gaya who gets his energy from Sun...You are really one from the best we can find..Whenever you stick to your performance on the field...You make people have their mouth wide open in extol..Hands in the air invertebrately..And no blinking of the eyes...When I heard of your record..I was feeling Why not Sachin this time? because now I have a habit of listening records only of Sachin's...Now Im happy that one more Indian has performed and made his position high...We Indians don't need much motivation..We just need faith..and see this is what we do..

           I have added a new element to my blog at the top right corner where you can enter your email address and can receive my blog's posts whenever I write daily in your Inbox..So you just have to enter your email address..Type the letters as shown in the figure..and then click on a link sent in your mailbox...Just a little process and it will be easy for you to read my blogs daily...Else if you want to come to my Blog page daily then you all are always welcome..You can come here daily rather than calling my blogs at your email address..Agar thak gaya toh fir aap logo ko pareshaani ho jaayegi..Right??

            Today , I read in the newspaper that a Blogger has turned into a Writer...And he says that he got the chance of getting his book published just because he used to write blogs..Now this has mooted a high spirit of confidence in me..Hope that your Blogger Abhilash too gets a chance to publish his book...Theres a lot of different in blogs and books..Blogs is a immediate conversation with your readers..You can say its an Unstructured Writing..But writing book needs a continuity in the story..It isn't self-imposed topics as in the blogs...But it is a perfect title and all about it after that..So as it is a Structured Writing..The responsibility while writing book is much much more than writing the blog..Blog helps me to notice what people like and what not ..Which helps me in deciding the contents of the book and the novel which is my dream to write...

               Today on 15th March, its Birthday of my Tauji- Mr. Shailendra Rohela..A caring man...He isn't from the relatives whom I sued that day on my blog..He is one from the good ones...So on his birthday I just want to wish him luck and success...A long and happy life..And a good physical body all his life till the d_ _ _ _ .So Tauji..Many many happy returns of the day..May you live a long long life...Happy Birthday to you...

                Chalo friends bahut baatein ho gayi aaj...Now let me move..Its already 2.55 AM..and I have to wake up at 7 tomorrow..Its really hard to have less sleep but its always entertaining to be awake for a long time...Extending the hours of waking up is a new talent...Hahaha...And Im the Indian Idol of this talent....Chalo Bye and wish you a good new weekend...

12 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Ashamed Of Myself !!!

           153TH BLOG -->>

        I entered my classroom yesterday, On the first bench- Two girls were sitting and arguing with each other..and one of them was standing there to support one of them..and everyone from our class were standing there as some magic is being shown..Suddenly the things went bad and rather than the problem getting solved , it became worst..Everyone was clapping on the dialogues of that girl who had a girl with her in her support..and that girl who was the opponent was left all alone..All the 24 children of the class were at one side and that 1 girl was all alone...I felt so sad for her at that very moment ki I felt like meddling in their conversation and ceasing all that nuisance in one flick..But I dont know which power stopped me..I just hate that power...I just hate myself to be coward..I just hate myself to see that unwanted scenario..I just hate myself to be so bad human being according to what I did at that very moment..

             Why do we realize some facts after the time is passed away? Why dont we get the beautiful ideas when the time is there to react and balance the dithering situation? Why doesnt our brain works when It can really bring some revolution? I dont know the answers but I do know this ki We are the one who set this limits on our brain to work only till certain extent..Why dont we cross boundary and behave extra-ordinarily? Why do we behave like same selfish human beings? Why do we think about our smile, happiness and peace? Why dont we help others for their happiness and peace? This is when we should go and stand infront of the mirror and ask several questionss to ourselves that What have I done after taking the birth on this earth so that I can feel proud on myself? And then you will realize What a bad person you are..who haven't helped anyone without demanding anything back either directly or indirectly...My best days goes in satisfaction when I help a stranger..Either by telling them the right road so that they can reach where they want to..or by helping a man to catch the local train so that he / she can reach their spot at the time..Once a balloon of a small child went in the middle of the highway and he started crying..and everyone there were waiting for that balloon to be bursted beneath the tyre of any vehicle..I was sitting on the backseat of the bike and I asked my father to stop the bike, he stopped and I crossed the highway..Picked the balloon and gave it to that poor child whose mother can't afford second balloon for him and that was the day when I felt like I have achieved the greatest success of that year.. And yesterday when all this happened I was quiet...The stones were thrown on that girl , everyone was clapping at every hur she was getting and I was standing and watching...I'm ashamed of myself..

                Yesterday, when I returned home after this incident , I felt like killing myself...I was just thinking about what that girl would be feeling at that time in her home..She would be feeling very lonely..She would be needing someone's support..And there is no one to hold her hand and tap her shoulders ..I have faced the loneliness very closely in my life and so I can understand her feelings..and as I was her boy-friends once so I can feel her pain more evidently..I just want to say SORRY to her with whatever punishment she will give to me..and I want to say Sorry to Sai Baba for watching a girl being insulted and doing nothing against it...PLEASE FORGIVE ME

10 March 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Wilshire's Comment / Oscars / Pancard !!!

            152ND BLOG -->>

         Wilshire's comment on 151st blog - >
                well coming to think of it, why a separate day for women if they say they're at par with men? Why special reservations for jobs? Why the need for them to be spoon-fed, and call them the fairer sex? This is so contradictory. I could understand if there was a Man's day as well. That way I'd understand that every type of person is getting his day. Like Children's day, Father's day, Mother's day, Teacher's day, etc. Maybe soon we'll have Bajaj Pulsar day, or College Bunk day as well! Not many people see that these days are just an excuse for the marketing industry. On Valentines day roses are pricey. Not only roses, even ice cream is costly! The kulfi which costs Rs. 10 was being sold for Rs. 25. So I asked the guy, "bhaiya, main toh akela hu, toh mujhe kyu loot rahe ho?!" To which he replies "arre 'vaylentine' hai na, isliye!" People really know how to push my buttons!
Well my point here is people need to understand the sentiments of such celebrations and not just be commercially exploited. If I had to celebrate Women's day (sorry i didn't celebrate women's day!) I would first of all, organise driving lessons and road manners for all women who ride two wheelers and cars! Hehe! Initially, i used to think women do drive well and people say women cant drive for the sake of fun. But i recently learnt that there are many women who ride around as if they're flying! I'm not saying women cant drive. I'm saying there is a small section of them who aren't able to. But I should also point out that there is a sizeable amount of men who cant drive too. They drive around rashly with little consideration of other people around them. But picture this. If an equally rash man and a lady crash into each other, who will the people blame? The Guy obviously. So please girls, save us rash riders by learning to ride well and dodge us when we blaze across you on our powerful bikes and smoke you on your dainty scooty! Hahaha!
But on a serious note we need to respect women. By 'we', I mean the idiots who are bound by senseless traditions where women are treated as property. There's nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman. That song is playing in my head now. *lala strength of a woman...* God first created man, then a woman. He first create a rough copy before working on the masterpeice.
I hope i lied enough to keep the ladies happy! 

                  Last year in 2009 was the first time when I saw two Hollywood movies in the multiplexes..2012 and Avatar in 3D..Saw 2012 in English version and Avatar 3D in Hindi version..I saw these movies just because I felt that these two films will be the rockers in the Oscars and I was very dissapointed to see the results of Oscar that my money got wasted on this films..100 on 2012 and 130 on Avatar 3D..2012 didn't got even a single nomination..I don't understand what attracted me towards this movie.I just loved 2012 but it seems to be like my favourites and likings are in the section of minorities that very less people love it..And talking about Avatar..Yes it is the biggest grosser ever in the history of Hollywood...but in the Oscar it has bagged only 3 awards out of 8..I am speechless with the results..Now after this I have decided that I was better as a boy from U.P. who loved Hindi movies...Kindly note- Hindi not Bhojpuri..Now I'll never watch an English movie and a Hollywood movie in the theatre..So insulting is it for me that I have seen two movies in my life in the theatre and both of them has done nothing great in the Oscars...

             Today someone has stolen my dear pen- Cello Gripper..Thats a different thin g that it costs just 10 INR but it was so dear to me that I'm feeling like crying after it is lost..Its so painful when your favourite objects are lost..and you feel so angry when you even know that some one has used his/her trick to disappear it from your pocket...

              Today I have filled up the form for PAN CARD..I have no Identity proof with me..I have jsut taken birth on this earth and just from that day I have started runnig on the earth without any proof about Who am I..I want to go abroad..I don't know when I'll get chance but I do know that I'll surely get once..But whenever I go to any agent for my passport formulation, he or she always reject me for the lack of stipulated documents and proofs with me..Everytime being desperate I return back..But then I decided that I'll get my PANCARD anyway..So finally I have applied for it and now the officer says that I'll get it in 15 days..PANCARD will reach at my home through mail..I dont think so that government will personally send it to me on time..It will atleast take 1 months and more..Just hoping to get it soon...

             Thanks..theres no special in today's blog..Just read it..as I have time to write and you all have time to read..so I wanted to give you something to read..so Enjoy this blog even if you didn't liked this..