31 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Afridi Bhaiyya ka Dil Bahut Bada Hai !!!

            406th BLOG -->>

        The latest news and the traffic on my twitter's timeline is the retirement of Pakistan's Cricketer - Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi has been more controversial than a die-hard cricketer. Already a retired Cricketer from Test Cricket also retired himself from One-Day Internationals. I think the reason would be his big heart which he informed us about after losing to Indian team in World Cup 2011 Semi-Final. He would be wanting some another Pakistani to play at his place rather than him wasting a space in the 11 player squad. Search about this man on Youtube and you will find him giving speeches on Islam in Islamic traditional dress. Do you really think he deserves to speak about the religion after what he spoke about Indians after returning to his nation? He says that I am hereby retiring because I can't play under this board which can't respect their own players. I am shocked that how these big heart Pakistanis can act like small heart Indians?

              I think the PCB refused to accept his proposal of giving a free English Speaking coaching classes to all the Pakistani cricketers and thus Shahid Afridi announed retirement because he is the Captain and he has to face the humiliation after each match. The cause of the retirement can be the death of Osama Bin Laden because after he left Al-Qaeda, these Pakistanis who treat him as God started leaving their fields and announcing retirements. Very soon, we will hear that Zardari and Gilani have resigned their positions from Pakistan's Government. Many Pakistanis can be expected of retiring from Twitter and deactivating their boring accounts. It is said that girls are crazy behind Shahid Afridi, this can be one of the reason as Afridi would have decided to treat those girls because of which he got some publicity in between when he was ranked as the Hottest Cricketer. I don't know who are the girls who voted for the man with big beard, swollen nose and punched face. Oh, they would be crazy behind his big heart. His big heart has accepted the whole India of 125 crore population after the Semi-Finals. 

               As no nation agrees to play on the land of Pakistan, Pakistani team get very few moments to play One-Day Internationals and therefore Shahid Afridi would have retired so that he can work annually as a coach for an IPL team like Wasim Akram or he can work as an assistant to Wasim Akram as he is also getting aged. So, in the next year's IPL, we can expect KKR to finally win as both the man with big heart will be with them. Shah Rukh Khan- the owner of KKR is the King of Big Heart association as he was the only Indian to take stand when no one wanted Pakistanis to play Cricket in India after that 26/11 attack where these Pakistanis played their national game in our Taj Hotel's compound. Shahid Afridi can also work in special telecasts of India TV where they show invisible bombs blasting and flying bombs which can help terrorists to blast any tall building. Oh Sorry, he also had problem with Indian media so working with the greatest channel of Indian media - INDIA TV is hardly possible. 

             TRUTH apart, I would like to list few of his best playing moments. Recently, in World Cup 2011, he took 5-wickets haul once and 4-wickets haul too. He was the leading wicket-taker with 21 wickets sharing the space with Zaheer Khan of India who also managed to grab 21 wickets. He still holds the record of the fastest hundred ever scored in International cricket where he scored a Century in just 37 Balls. He has also scored the 2nd Fastest 50 twice in just 17 balls and also scored 4th Fastest 50 in 19 balls. We can call him a Hitter, undoubtedly. He was a wonderful cricketer and the viewers always expected more matured performances by him in future but it is sad to hear that he will be seen no more on the ground of Cricket. I am happy that he announced retirement reasoning the PCB as it is important to bring such managements in front of the people (Like Laden, even he will be called Martyr by Pakistanis who retired for other countrymen who would be opting for playing Cricket for their country). He also stated that he has a Hate Club in Lahore against him. *Surprised* 

             Shahid Afridi, hope you will play cricket with some Pakistan's galli cricketers and hit some magnificent Sixes as you used to hit once. 



30 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Bal Thackeray!!!

            405th BLOG -->>

                After living in India for 21 years and knowing about it and its politics for last 10 years, I have learned one thing that our nation has a wondrous propensity to pull back the people who wants to achieve something in life or are already doing something great in their life. Recently, when Anna Hazare sat for Hunger strike to force government to pass the Anti-Draft bill and committee, very few people participated while others were busy in debating and proving themselves right that what can one man do against a corrupt government while others were busy in standing tall and announcing with wicked smile that Anna Hazare is doing this for money and the few left were happy in debating about will corruption stop in India after this? In spite of all these nonsensical approach, all the Indians should have stood together and supported the India Against Corruption campaign and tried to change the system of our Indian government.

              Chetan Bhagat, a man who released a new format of writing in India because of whom many youth who wanted to write gained confidence is thrashed by people on Social Networking sites. People laugh on his English and his sense of writing. My only question to such people is that if you believe that your writing capabilities are far better than a Small Chetan Bhagat, why don't you pen down a book and ask publishers to publish it. Then see, who is greater - You or Chetan Bhagat. A writer Animesh Verma published his book and after being in the Bestselling Author's list, he criticized Chetan Bhagat for writing an irresponsible books being an IITian. I happily read the whole interview of Animesh Verma because he is someone who did what Chetan Bhagat does and then pointed a view on him. Be Animesh Verma. Be like him.

             At the time of Extra Innings while the IPL was going on recently, I used to read several tweets making fun of Sidhu and tagging him as irritating. The man has talent to speak. The man has talent to form quotes spontaneously and speak confidently in front of as many people as possible. We have seen no one like him who could make quotes so rapidly and use them thoroughly. If asked to these Twitter users to form 2 quotes daily like Sidhu which can win the heart of listeners immediately as they listen to it, I don't think that even 2 people will agree to take the challenge but to tweet about the man like him, they are ready to create an account on twitter and make fun of this man.

             Recently, Bal Thackeray said that Sachin Tendulkar doesn't play for country but he play more MONEY. He also said that Sachin is no one to say that Mumbai belongs to whom (referring to the issue when Sachin said that Mumbai belongs to India) because this boy was not even born when I fought on the soils of this city. When told that Sachin can’t be accused of playing only for money, he retorted: “Don’t give so much of guarantee. If you need money for something, he will give you a bat. Then it gets auctioned and the money is deposited.” This Bal Thackeray(mainly known as Buddha Thackeray) is known as retard all over the world for his attitude towards Muslims and Islam followers. He is known to poke his nose where he is least required and hide somewhere in Maharashtra's unknown caves when his statements are eagerly awaited. He demands the Pakistan players to be banned in India because their country's people play with bombs in our country. So, why don't you do something so that Kasab is hanged till death and other terrorists are caught as soon as possible? Why do you want to take action against the players who have nothing to do with bombings and wars. Their players are already struggling with their rough image all over the world. 

              Once, when he used the word "Bhaiyya" for the North-Indians, an interviewer asked him that even Maharashtrians are known as "Ghati". This enraged him and he walked out of the interview after warning the reporter that he will take action against him. He just can't bear a word for any Marathi manoos. Recently, they warned the Comedy Circus's producers to cut off the gag where the legendary Lata Mangeshkar is imitated. Shiv Sena's spokesperson said that we are not against humour but we will not allow the legends to be insulted and made fun of on such television shows. 

               What is your Chief doing then? Isn't he insulting Sachin Tendulkar directly? And whats the logic behind doubting on Sachin's credentials? Isn't Sachin a Marathi Manoos? Isn't he promoting Maharashtra on the World level? I think Bal Thackeray is jealous of him because he is known and referred as God all over the world. He fought for Maharashtra and expected the world to call him as GOD but seeing someone else known as GOD made him feel humiliated and snubbed. Recently, Headley said that our target was Bal Thackeray and his son. Bal Thackeray (with high heartbeats) replied to this saying I don't fear these people like Headley (we know you shivered after listening to this). Why would you? You are already living the bonus years of your life. Giving pains to several people of Islam and North India and Pakistan, you are eligible to be killed in public and by public. 

              One reason of taking Sachin's name would be that he is very humble and he never speaks about anyone directly or indirectly. So, this is a trial to provoke him to retaliate and then drag him into the dirty local politics. On the last Maharashtra Day, Shiv Sena invited Sachin to their function but he refused because he already accepted their rival- MNS's invitation. I think this is the deep root of speaking against Sachin. Bal Thackeray is a man who has never done anything by himself, always used poor Marathi people to fight for the state and whatever is suffered is by these people and not by Foolish old man. And lastly, I would like to demand Bal Thackeray to show all his achievements and compare them to Sachin's achievement in his field and then think properly whether his personality and aura has that power to speak against Sachin and brainwash the mob or to touch Sachin's feet and ask him how to be generous and humble. Balasaheb, you have lots of thing to learn from Sachin. At one place where you are spoiling the name of the country and your state, Sachin is making his countrymen proud of their nation. 

              Think upon this.


29 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Chennai in Yellow is not a Dirty Fellow !!!

            404th BLOG -->>

        Murali Vijay missing his century and scoring a wonderful 95 and helping Chennai by giving a Gayle-type-target to Bangalore helped Chennai set a target of 206 runs for Bangalore. It was a perfect FINALE of IPL 2011 from here. No team could have set such a big target on the day of Finale except Chennai or Bangalore. Once, it seemed like Chennai will touch 230+ but sudden comeback of Bangalore's bowlers and dropping some powerful batsmen helped them to keep the score little bit in their hands. Having Gayle with them had an advantage as he is the master of hitting SIXES. Even if he would have hit some 6 Sixes and left the ground after scoring some 40 to 50 odd runs, it would have helped other batsmen of Bangalore to chase those 206 Runs. Gayle came on strike and was caught by Dhoni behind stumps on the ball of Ashwin. More than Gayle, Ashwin was surprised that he managed to take the wicket of a Cricket Giant who is invincible and endless. No good bowler has still managed to stop Gayle at such an event. 

             At last, all the Bangalore batsmen lost their motivation and confidence with the departure of Gayle and the 20 overs ended with Bangalore making only 147-8. Murali Vijaya is awarded Man of the Match for this Finale Game and Ashwin is highly appreciated for taking that wicket of Gayle which assured the Trophy for the Chennai Super Kings. One thing which again came in limelight is Dhoni. Dhoni's captaincy is again in the news worldwide. Where the players like Sachin Tendulkar are accused of managing their team as worst as they can, Dhoni shows the ability of managing and handling even the worst 11 Cricket players of the world(if he is given). He is such a player that he can manage to bring out the best from all those 11 players and win the match with some exciting moments throughout. He knows when to change the batting line-up, when to change the fielding position and when to use the best bowler of his team. Chennai won the IPL last year too and they are the Champions again. Any word used to describe their excellence is far below par. Chennai won the last Champion League's too so lets expect them to beat this season too. 

             Now, as IPL has ended, Bollywood is ready to blast with READY itself on 3rd June. Many more exciting films coming in June and many Reality shows ready to be launched in next month or 2. All the Cricket fever has ended with World Cup 2011 and IPL 2011. Now the world is back to normalcy and the fans of Cricket has got the time to concentrate on their works rather than dying to know the scores. Some dickheads will not miss Chris Gayle's batting, Dhoni's captaincy, Malinga's bowling, Pollard's fielding but they will surely miss Shibani Dandekar's smile and Archana Vijaya's great figure. But I am sure that you will find these girls as Hosts and Anchors on the upcoming reality shows. I will really miss Navjot Singh Sidhu. His great dialogues and funny statements still makes me smile. His sentences like "Na tel na kadhai, banane chale mithai", "Dhool jo paani se mil jaaye kichad ban jaata hai par dhool jo hawa se mil jaaye aandhi le aata hai", "Naa Sarr pair aur haath aur lagaane chale  hain race ghodon ke saath" and many more one-liners. This man is a genius and his talent is unique. Learning and preparing something and then performing is easy but creating something spontaneously is awesome. I just respect this man. Yes, he speaks more than required but whatever, a good man is a good man. At least, he has a pure heart.

             So, at last, congratulations to all the Indians as a Indian Captain won the IPL and sone-pe-suhaaga -Our Indian Captain won. All the fans of Chennai who kept their loyalty with their team, a salute to all of you for showing this. And in the end, best wishes to me that I will be able to manage a ticket to watch Sachin Tendulkar's match in next IPL season. 


28 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Gayle - Sachin - Dhoni -Super Heroes !!!

            403rd BLOG -->>

        Back after watching the last qualifier match where Bangalore thrashed Mumbai and kicked them out of the IPL 2011 tournament. Bangalore is the most deserving team of this IPL season. After the arrival of Gayle, Bangalore's outcome changed drastically. They lost 3 matches consecutively before Gayle arrived. When Gayle arrived, he scored a century in the first match itself and after that Bangalore won 6 matches incessantly. Every team which fielded while Gayle was on the crease got a wonderful time for resting because Gayle never touched the ball and ran for runs. He always hit the ball and ball landed somewhere in the upper stands of the stadium and for twice or thrice it even crossed the stadium. Gayle played just 9 innings in the comparison of other batsmen who played 14 innings and still grabbed Orange Cap successfully and respectfully. He didn't tried any crazy and immature shots like sweeps and other chakma-dene-wala shot. He always thrashed the ball straight and it used to cross the stadium with a wonderful height. He is the man who has hit more than 40 Sixes in this tournament and he is at the top spot in the list of most sixes by a batsman. 

              Talking about Chennai, this team wasn't doing something incredible initially but as soon as the journey of IPL reached few miles ahead, Captain Dhoni started using all his players such that the strength of each can be made visible on the field and the ability can be seen in the result of the matches. With an all-round performance, Chennai won everyone's heart. Captain Dhoni was named into 100 influential people of the world for his coolness as a Captain he shows on the field and his continuous efforts and skills can be seen in his performance. He has won last IPL too, this World Cup too, first T20 World Cup too, Champion League's too, Asia Cup too and now he is about to win this IPL also. I don't know from where he has developed his brain even when he hasn't studied above 12th standard. Here, in India, people take Management courses like MBA and think that they will learn all the skills of an analyst, team leader and manager but Dhoni has proved this wrong that you need a management course to learn how to manage and lead a team. He has shown that a brain used in your unique style can bring effects to your performance and your team's performance. 

                Sachin Tendulkar is a legend and will always remain one. He ended up on the 2nd spot in the list of the highest run-scorer in this tournament. In spite of numbers of young players and other legendary batsmen, Tendulkar out-numbered all of them and showed them his power for which he is known as Run-Machine. Virat Kohli can drag him to 3rd spot in the Finals tomorrow but still it is a matter of appraisal for the Little Master, Sorry - Master's Master. Dhoni's control on his captaincy is equal to Sachin's control on his bat while batting. The power of this man is invincible in the field of Cricket. He is also holding the 1st place in the list of the batsmen who have knocked the highest numbers of FOURs in the IPL. It is somewhat near 60 FOURs. You can never raise your finger on his capability of batting. Whenever you think that the era of this man is over and now he should go and sit, he comes up with a performance that you can never forget all your life. He also scored his maiden century in International Cricket and proved that in any format of cricket, he can manage to score Century in spite of an age where people keep recommending the players to quit playing. His captaincy has raised a lots of big questions and even I am upset about it. He should work more on it and become an all-rounder. 

                These are some people whom I liked a lot in the end of the IPL. There are many more players who have shown their power in this tournament about whom I'll talk later tomorrow or day after tomorrow. There are many more things to talk about and I know you all are always available to hear my stupid talks. Love you all and keep reading my blog as I am always happy to see the comments you post.

                Thanks. Dad gave an upsetting news that tomorrow there's a function in the evening because of which I'll have to miss the IPL Finals. I am damn upset right now. I am trying to find out a way through which I can skip the event but I don't think any of the ways is going to work out successfully. And all the best to CHENNAI and BANGALORE for tomorrow's FINAL MATCH.

20 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Woh 18 Din !!!

            402nd BLOG -->>

        Finally, my Semester-4 exams are over. I am free from college. Free from college but not free from mental pressure. There is a sort of pressure in mind always because of the result. As always, this exam has been not as I wanted it to be and therefore a fear that I may fail or I may score very less percentage is there in the heart. I am satisfied with my effort but not with the performance I gave in all those 3 hours whenever I sat to write paper. The culture of the exam conducted by my college is that 90% of the questions are repeated from the previous year's question papers. But this time they broke the culture and 90% questions came what we never saw in previous question papers of our college. I was surprised when I saw the question paper of Software Engineering - the first examination I gave. The whole format of the question paper was changed. The easy questions which used to be for 10 marks were of 12 and the difficult questions which used to be of 15 marks were of 16. But however, this paper is the best paper I gave in this Semester and this is the only subject which I knew nicely.

             After that, I got slapped in every paper except Marketing Management. Actually this is my intuition that I am not slapped in this paper because it is theoretical. Once, the examiner will turn stringent and start checking each point written by me, I will get a tight slap in this paper too. The only thing I used to do in the examination hall was to look at what my classmates are doing. As soon as I used to see someone writing, all my confidence used to shatter and if I used to find someone who would be sitting like me (idle) and thinking about what should have done before the exam to prevent this situation we are facing, I would get little happy. 

              The average time I slept during these 18 days was just 2 hours/day. I always believe in one thing that try to put as much effort as you can and then let the result be as terrible as it can be. While once I used to believe that without putting up the effort I can get a satisfied result but with time I got to learn that until the effort is not inputted, your life cannot give you an expected output. When the exam came on the head, I started reading and understanding all the important concepts. Before a night of exam, I used to get riddled between which concept to read and which one to be skipped because of lack of time. It was very hard to judge the weightage of the importance of a concept but still I predicted. Whenever the question paper was handed to me in the hall, I used to read all the questions one by one and would ask my self whether I know little bit about it or not. Once the mind would answer that yes you read about it and you know a point or 2 about it, I used to mark it and start writing. Being into practice or writing from last 2 years on this Blog space, I have got that potential to convert 2 sentences into 25 sentences. Haha. This is how all the exam papers ended.

              I can get between 1 to 4 KTs out of 6 subjects but I don't want to be depressed about this. What god would have decided right for me will happen and I have no complains with God. He has already pushed up my life to a level where I can proudly say that Yes I am living and not surviving. There was a time period when I used to survive every moment of life. Even a smile would make me feel that its too heavy to bring it on the face. But now, everything is cool and smooth. I know how to handle life and life knows how to be friendly and amicable with me. There have been many instances when I tried to play up with life after getting to normal but life warned me before taking those steps and helped me to live a wonderful life. Today, I know the importance of body, world, nature, parent, close ones and the most God. So, I know that even when I'll choose a wrong option, life will not allow me to do it. So I am least worried about my results and my future. And Yes, I have completed 2 years of Graduation. What can be better than this? Hmm?

              Now, my vacations have started. There are lots of plan which I don't want to reveal it now because whenever you declare things before executing them, they are left incomplete. So let me complete them and then I'll write a post on what kind of activities I did in my vacation period. Till then a lovely Summer Vacations to all of you and hope the results of everyone reading this post will be as good as your best result ever. And Yes, I am going to be regular on blog because it has been a long time since I have been regular. 2011 has been a terrible year for my Blogging career.


5 May 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

EVIL GOD of TERRORISM - Osama Bin Laden is DEAD !!!

            401st BLOG -->>

        Yesterday when I was preparing for the toughest paper of this Semester, my first home - Twitter made me know that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by America. I was damn shocked about how can this happen suddenly and I am so aware about the news and things going around me and the world but still I didn't knew that there's an operation under execution to kill and slaughter Osama Bin Laden (OBL). But then in few other tweets, I got to know that this was a secret mission which took 40 minutes to kill the World's most wanted terrorist - OBL (but 3 Idiots showed us that Phunshuk Waangdu is the most wanted man of many countries). After that I was totally confused and excited and the proof of my excitement will come up as the result of my 2nd exam paper. Even while writing paper, my mind was talking with the hearts of many Americans and the Khiladian heart of Laden.

             George Bush lost his position just because he kept promising that he will grab the Osama Bin Laden by his collars and bring him in front of Americans for his crucifixion (Just as Amitabh Bachchan promises that his son will deliver a hit some day). But an another man with the almost same type of name - OBAMA came and held Bush to his collars and threw him out of Government (Same what Hrithik did to Abhishek). When 9/11 happened, people were not shocked to see the visuals of the tall towers crashing down, people were shocked to see that someone has attacked America with the head high and raped them in front of the world. Americans are very egoistic and they can never digest their loss. They felt raped and in the amidst of that, they started chasing the God of Terrorism - Laden. They got to know that he is living somewhere in the cave of Afghanistan mountains. After this, America started playing Diwali on the lands of Afghanistan. They killed so many innocent people. Actually they had only one thing in their mind - When our 3000 innocent people are killed and our most important building is crashed down without our mistakes, the land where Laden is living now will have to experience the same. The whole Afghanistan suffered the consequences of 9/11. 

              Laden became the hero of the world. The whole world started talking about him. He became the face of terrorism. Islamic people suffered tortures in America. Islamic people felt bad about it but few Islamic supported American security and accepted that after 9/11, they want peace in America and they are ready to help them. I liked their statement because when you know that you are not the one they are searching for, you should follow all the formalities with high confidence and self-esteem. We all saw My Name Is Khan and shed our tears to see what happened to Shah Rukh Khan when he enchanted some holy words of Islam. This happens when a man from a community commits a crime. All the Maharashtrians think that the people from UP don't have brains. All the UPians think that Maharashtrians run away from their job and don't want to work and earn in their life and instead get all the pleasures by sitting at home. Just because of one or two people the whole community becomes the target. But I really blame those Islamic people who over-reacted to this and started praising to what Laden did. I have myself heard some Islamic people talking against France some months ago when the Burqa was banned there. They said that the same should happen with France what happened with America. When Japan sabotaged in the Tsunami and Earthquake's attack on them few months ago, I saw Islamic people forwarding the messages amongst themselves that Japan was the first country to talk against Islam, the first to ban Burqa and other anti-Islamic movement and therefore they have to bear the consequences. They didn't felt bad for the innocent people dying and struggling with the calamities but they were happy that the nation who pointed on their religion is struggling and weeping.

             I am already a victim of Islam Extremists and I know what happens when you belong to the community which has done something bad to another one. I am Hindu and I am from the community who damaged their Babri Masjid 2 decades ago so I will have to bear the consequences if I'll enter the territory of Islamic people. Now, Obama has proved that he has been the best President of America ever. This is exactly how Dhoni is named over Sourav Ganguly even when the contribution of Sourav has been higher than Dhoni's. This is exactly how Obama becomes the best president of America. Many people doubted that he is also a Muslim but now they will believe that if he would have been, he would not have killed his brethren. Obama clearly stated in his pro-Laden death that We are not against Islam. Why he should be when he has already killed the wicked Islamic on 1st May? For me, Islamic people has always been a huge devotee of their religion unlike any other religion. They have been high on their values and morals. They have been loyal to their religion. They have always kept their religion forward than any other entity. 

             But, still, some of them act too weird and they are the rationale why Islam has to bear the pain again and again of the accuses and plaints. Now, some of the Imam sahibs has stood to speak against the burial of Laden's body in sea. Now, do you still think that he was the member of Islam? He has broken the biggest rule of Islam by creating violence and being a jihadist, still you want all the Islamic treatment to the man. According to America, they have thrown his body from the airplane in the sea. Some Islamic people even think that he was the defender of Islam and Islam people. Now, if he would have been, the bomb blasting in Mariot Hotel where many Pakistanis were killed would not have been the job of Al-Qaeda. He even killed Muslims so his "Defender" tag for Islam has already violated all the rules and terms. Many Muslims also believed that there is no man existing in this world named Laden. Why do these Muslim people try to prove that the terrorist is not from their religion. If he is, then he is. That doesn't cause a difference towards the respect of your religion by non-Muslims. 

              Osama was found in a 4.3 crore mansion near to the military area of Abbottabad in Pakistan. This mansion was covered by 12 to 15 feet wall all around it. It had 2 gates. No man except a courier inhaled or exhaled from that mansion. The people of that area had no idea about who lived in that place. This mansion is just 800 metres from military stand of Pakistan and few miles away from the capital of Pakistan - Islamabad. Osama was living in this mansion from last 5 years and America kept a track of this from last August. Pakistan had already declared that Osama is not residing on their soil. Did they checked all the houses and mansions of their country that they claimed this? But they said. This is a prove that they wanted Osama to be safe. But then one more point of view - The world believes that Pakistan provides soil and resource to the terrorists on their soil. But if the government of Pakistan would have been in touch with Osama, there would have been incidents when Osama would have departed from that mansion to meet the ministers or ministers would have entered that mansion. But there aren't any from August 2010 as America kept an eye. There was no Internet connection or telephone connection and therefore no communication mode. But that courier would have been the communication mode between them. But everything is just a speculation right now. 

                According to me, Obama has tried his level best to catch the Laden because it is not an easy task to enter an another country without letting anyone know about the mission and catching the biggest terrorist who was about to flee away after getting the intimation of America's mission against him. Now, I have full faith that Dawoon Ibrahim is nowhere except Pakistan. Like the village named Abbotabad which no one ever heard, there would be one more village where Dawood Ibrahim is living. If I would have been the OBAMA, I would have captured the whole Pakistan and started ruling the land. After capturing, all the arms and ammunition found in the country should be discarded and every man with whom these destructive weapons are found should be hanged till death. I just don't like interrogating to such people who are already caught with red hands. America took 10 years to kill Osama after killing lakhs of Afghans and damaging their property of Lakhs and spending infinite amount of money to kill the man. When the most powerful country can show such ignorance, India seems to be intelligent than them that we have just spent 50 to 70 crore on Kasab and he is alive from last 2 years. We will hand him till death before he completes his 10 years of life in jail. 

               At last, America has won their World Cup and Obama proved himself. The biggest face of terrorism is off the world and people are still doubting that Osama is alive because America didn't showed us any footage of the mission and Osama's dead body. I don't understand why people want everything to be shown as Royal Wedding? Why they want everything to be telecasted like Bigg Boss and Big Brother? People say that the face of Osama after killing him is morphed and not real. Did your father went there and checked it? I don't understand why do people always think negative? Why do people always search for pointing their fingers on the powerful associations and questioning their credentials? For me Osama Bin Laden is dead. Even if he is not, I am happy because wherever he is, he is quiet. I loved the celebration of Americans after the news of their biggest enemy being lost. That is the semantic reason of moving down to the streets at the late night and celebrate the success of the nation. 

              Lets hope that all the terrorists are killed in the same way one by one and people in the World may feel safe and secure. Happy Laden's exit from this world to everyone. The God of Terrorism is immortal for his followers. For us, the black spot on the Earth is no where visible.


P.S.: I have written this blog urgently after hearing the biggest news of the World otherwise I would not have entered on my Blog at the wrong time. I wrote this post on 2nd May but because of exams, publishing it now.