13 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: One Night Stand: An average attempt indeed!!! **

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     Watching Sunny Leone's Bollywood movie always makes me feel that I am somewhere deep in the world where no one is watching me and I can do anything I want. Haha! Even I have been unable to identify the reason but the storyline and the whole execution of each and every film is so focused on her real-life image that it always makes one feel that they are watching nothing but her porn and if anyone comes to know that you have watched her movie, your family might boycott you. In this series, I finally watched her latest movie which got released with very less promotions and marketing named "One Night Stand". The name itself gives you a boner but the movie does not have many steamy scenes as one starts imagining after reading out the title and knowing that Sunny is the leading lady.     

            Well, talking about the movie, I would say that the movie is nicely executed and the female filmmaker have kept her point well regarding the matters that have become a mindset of the society which is only devaluing females every day. A successful corporate guy who works in an event management company meets a girl in Phuket and sleeps with her for one night. When he wakes up in the morning, she is already gone but this casual sex does not let him sleep after that. He keeps remembering her every now and then and suddenly one day he finds her in his city, Pune. He starts stalking her and comes to know that even she is married like him. And from here starts the basic plot of the movie which is trying to tell us a lot of things.

            Director and writer have nicely tried to spread their concern through the movie. The dialogues are nice and they aren't cheesy and creepy except the ones in climax. The whole set-up and execution is performed with confidence which shows in each of the scenes. The songs are melodious and the locations add more beauty to the movie. Talking about the performances, Tanuj Virwani is the only saving grace of the movie otherwise Sunny Leone's dialogue execution and attempt of speaking in Hindi is a total failure even after doing so many movies. Nyra Banerjee, playing Tanuj's wife, is also a decent performance and she have also done a fine job. I would give this movie 2 stars out of 5. 



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