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400* BLOGS in 619 Days with 1650 Comments !!!

            400TH BLOG -->>

       When Sachin Tendulkar miss a century some people abuse and demur. While penning down this 4th Century of my Blog posts, I can wager that each century which is achieved is the rationale of dense effort and extreme pragmatic propensity.  The aggravation in number of Blogs has been an addiction to my Blogging career. Right now, I am writing my 400th BLOG which is a huge thing for me. Being a student of Graduation and dealing with all types of assignments and submissions, it is hard to maintain this Blog. I don't avoid writing blogs because it embellished my life and made my character adopt the attribute of confidence and self-belief. Today, I will surely Thank myself at the provenance of the post for this achievement of 400 Blogs because I know my sacrifices and the way I managed my time for continuing this part of my life. 

               Dreaming anything in life is not easy. Being a middle-class boy with limited amount of financial help, I just can't proclaim in front of my father that I want to become a Scientist, a model, a cricketer, an actor, a musician or a business tycoon. But still, I stuttered in front of my parent,"I want to become a Writer and write a book." My father was shocked to hear this but he kept his cool and told me to finish my studies first and then allude the dream of being a Writer in front of him. He told me to focus on the goal of being a good computer engineer and then think of Writing or Blogging. It was incredulous for me to digest this. When your parent doubt on your potential and they confine your skills, you go into the tumultuous emotions. I didn't took my father's words seriously and kept blogging. Now, I have accomplished 1 year and 9 months of blogging and wrote 400 Blogs with approximate 3,60,000 words which can be turned into 12 different novels. After writing so much, I have fledged an unique parlance. Now, I have little smugness towards myself. I have a troth on me. I can dare to show my audaciousness by contesting in any debatable issue. My Blog - ARB has blemished the trolls who incessantly pulled me for my insouciance tendency of selecting issues to write.

               Today, I have completed my 400 BLOGS in 619 DAYS with 1650 official comments. I cannot claim this as salubrious and healthy statistic because I have 219 Dot Days when I haven't penned down any post. At the provenance, I showed a dogmatism that I'll take the responsibility and onus of posting a post at every 24 hours but I have failed badly. I completed my 1st 100 blogs in 105 days, 2nd in 178 days, 3rd in 111 days and this 4th 100 blogs in 225 DAYS. This happened because I went into the state of melancholy in between. I was always agog for writing but I entered into the life like comatose. My dream of writing was still semantic but life was acting diabolic to me. There were many libels on me which was quite depressing and I was trapped into it as they were inextricable for me to qualify the riddle and moot over it. 

               After 300th BLOG, I tried to do versatile postings and check whether I am adroit as a Writer or no. I wrote on scams, CWG games, Daughter's Day, Ayodhya's case and verdict, Shivsena's attempt to ban Burqas, life of Chetan Bhagat, Bigg Boss's nonsensical dramas, Chacha Nehru's independence speech, RSS comment on Sonia Gandhi, Nitish's work in Bihar, 26/11, Aishwarya's act of smoking in Guzaarish, Tiger's issues and how can we donate for them, Egypt's eruption, Women Day, Euthanasia, Japan's calamity, Shahid Afridi's anti-Indian statement, Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement, Watson's 185*, Badminton's new order to women players, Raghu and Rajiv's issue of Pune, IPL-4 craziness and on many more serious issues. While World Cup, I epitomized several India's matches. I have written numbers of blog on Sachin Tendulkar- The best topic for Indian writers and editors. I also attempted Fiction stories keeping myself as the main character. The one which I wrote as the father of a commando whose son lost his life in 26/11 attacks and another one where I wrote how a boy did well when he failed to earn a job in placement after completing his engineering was appreciated and earned bizarre plaudits. I also wrote on my life's achievements and failures like the best presentation given by me and my group in college, my 21st birthday, my fasting for Sai baba, my crush on a girl, my meeting with the writer - Rashmi Bansal, benefits of being sibling-less, 22nd anniversary of my parent's wedding, end of 3rd semester, my resolution of 2011, my problem being a middle-class boy, the experience of 6th Feb - the worst day of my life, my performance in this year's College Fest, the loneliness on the day of Holi, my experience of 2 years in Mumbai, performance at 4th semester's practical exam and many many more. I also wrote on all the Festivals which came between the period of my 300th Blog and 399th Blog.

               I have tried my level best to entertain my readers and the surprising element for me has been the involvement and amenability of my reader friends. The semblance of my blog has changed because of the clamor of views of my readers on my blog page. Some of them combat with each other to prove their statement germane. Its incredulous to see their attitude of envisaging any circumstances. My readers have never done any invidiousness to me ever. The one reader I would like to allude is Harman mam. This lady has been very conducive to me. She is the best example of austerity as she has commented on every blog of mine after 300th. I just bow to you mam. Its hard to find a reader and appreciator like you.  I would also name a girl named Priya who keep commenting whenever possible for her. Thanks Priya.

               I never created the blog on Internet to keep it for display as epideictic materials. Many people complained for my blog being parade but I never found it such. Many inculpated it to be untimely and mostly nocturnal but still I continued it in night because it is hard to find time in evening after returning from tiresome college. Many of you have been nimble to assess my minute errors and help me out to make my blog more sobriety. Because of all of you, my blog attained such ubiquity that the legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Chetan Bhagat also read my blog including more than 10 published authors. This is the best I could have achieved with my blog. The support of yours has made my blog an example of sustenance effort and success. 

             From last three days, I'm writing 3 posts daily to achieve the target of penning 400th blog on 24th April. This day has turned out to be quite lucky for me. Its the 38th Birthday of my Idol - Sachin Tendulkar who is no less than GOD for many of us. Its also the Easter Day when Jesus resurrected after his crucifixion. This day is celebrated by arranging feasts and donating to poor. What can be a better day than this to write the 400th BLOG? In the morning, Sathya Sai Baba - a man who has 2.5 crore devotees worldwide got immortal (can't use EXPIRED word for him as he is GOD for many) at the age of 85. I didn't found any other day as lucky as this one to post my 400th BLOG on. 

              I still feel that I can do things better as I still get stuck with proclivity of skipping a day without posting because of dizziness. I am also happy with some readers who come just once on my blog and prove my thoughts as annulment because I get to see the support of my dear readers after that. They prove that one person as the victim of penury of humanness. ;-) I can just speak with a stuttering voice and Thank you all for whatever you all have given to me in these 1 year and 9 months that I have been successful in owning 1,00,000 Readers and uncountable love.I can just never give the love you all have showered on me because its insuperable and insurmountable. 

             Leaving you all with lots of love. I am taking a break from writing for sometime as I feel that last days have been a plethora of posts on my blog. I give you sometime to read all of them and state your view on them.

           Thanks a lot. Lets celebrate the 400th BLOG of ARB. YOUR SUPPORT IS MY SUCCESS.

ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU - 400* like Brian Lara. ;-) And do tell me whether you liked this one or not.                 

"Only God between 100 of Dogs"

            399TH BLOG -->>

        Whenever you have to talk or write about Sachin Tendulkar, you start searching for some new words so that you can define this man justifiably. Today, Sachin Tendulkar is celebrating his 38th Birthday. A man who has lived 38 years on this Earth out of which he contributed 21 years to his passion - Cricket. Just think if Sachin Tendulkar would not have selected Cricket as his career, what a huge experience all the Indians would have missed. Sachin Tendulkar is the only sportsperson in India who have got such a respect from everyone in the World. He is not the only batsman available in the world but still his batting style is apologized everytime he is on the crease to bat. Every run he scores is like a Century for Indians. Every smile he gives on the field is like blessing for all the Indians. Every time he gets out on the duck, people take it positively and refer it as the coolness before a disaster by Sachin in the next match. 

              I have started writing this post after touching Sachin's feet on the television screen when he was giving interview before the toss between him and Sangakkara for today's IPL match. This is just the second time in his 20 years career of Cricket that he is going to play on his birthday. When he played for the last time, he scored 130+ runs. I hope today Mumbai Indians will score 130+ runs for him. ;-). Even if Sachin will not score better today, I am Okay with it and my heart will not be broken because he has already done so much in his Cricketing career that I hope nothing more from him. What I hope from him is to stay the same forever and never change himself because we are just growing by watching him and we are not ready to accept a new side of Sachin Tendulkar which can be dangerous. You may feel the last sentence annoying but I am saying this so because few months ago there was a news that Sachin is going to act in a Bollywood movie. Sachin reported that it is false and he is not acting anywhere. But if he would have acted, it would have been no less than Himesh's step of acting. I just don't want Sachin to accept any such glamorous option even for friendship. It is even hard to accept him in advertisements but now as its the culture, we are Okay. 

               Sachin has already refused to endorse a tobacco-based company which raised his character in the mind of people. Sachin is also engaged with AVIVA where he helps the uneducated people with literacy and helps to provide them old books so that they can study. The biggest issue in India is illiteracy and Sachin engaged in promoting education for poor children is awesome. Sachin is also engaged in lots of charity and its the sign of his good intention in life. He could have just played Cricket and gain respect from the world but he is involved in charity. This is what differs him from other cricketers and other well-renowned celebrities of India. Bollywood has been the best source of entertainment in India from many decades and people considered actors as God. Amitabh Bachchan was God for everyone till early 90s because he was an ultimate actor who never disappointed his followers. Whenever a film used to release where Amitabh Bachchan used to be the Lead actor, people used to rush towards theatre and the result would be the presence of police doing lathi-charge on the over-crowded audiences. When Sachin Tendulkar came to play Cricket in 90s when India had no hero (because the era of Amitabh Bachchan also landed then, Rajiv Gandhi - the awesome politician was no more and there was no one who was leading India), people made him the GOD and started following his play.

               Everyone knew that Sachin Tendulkar is disastrous but no one knew that he will play for Four decades. Yes, Four Decades. He played in 1980's(as he started playing from 89), 1990s, 2000s and he has entered into the 4th Decade- 2010s. This is why Indian team players call him Grandfather while teasing. Sachin Tendulkar is the most humble player I have seen in this era. He never talks about his performance and keeps praising the other boys from his team for their out-standings. Sachin Tendulkar lost his father when he was playing for the World Cup, he came back to India and because his mother said that his father would have wanted him to play, he returned back to London, played against Kenya and scored 130+ runs. Just imagine how difficult is this that you lose your father in the same week whom you loved and admired the most in the life and then coming to play leaving his broken mother alone in India. The only thought rotating and revolving in his mind would be of his Father's. Only his Father's face and the time spent with his father would be going in his mind, the tears of his mother would be the face in his mind which would have saddened his soul. But the greatness comes here that he scored Century in "SACH" a condition. He thrashed 6s and 4s even in "SACH" condition. This is the Greatness of this man for which he is called GOD. 

                People can crack joke on Rajnikanth whose banner and statues are washed with milk, Prime Minister can be questioned in our nation (as said by Siddhu) but no jokes can be cracked on Sachin and no one can even point a finger on Sachin. Once Sachin was blamed for ball tempering and the case was then and there closed because it was announced, "What Nelson Mandela is for politics, Sachin is for Cricket". Everyone wants to be like Sachin but one can be because such people come once in Century and this man is someone who will not be repeated by any mankind in the whole Millennium I think. 

                Every writer writes about Sachin in his style and with his observation and the miracle is that everyone of them is right. Now, I don't think that I should think about continuing this post even more because if I'll write little more now, a book will develop about Sachin Tendulkar named "Only God between 100 of Dogs". So let me leave you with an information that Sachin Tendulkar is playing the 7th over of the match with 27 runs in his account. He has got the hold on ORANGE CAP again on his birthday. Nothing can be better than this in the IPL tournament. I am still not expecting anything from Tendulkar because he will remain GOD in any condition for me, you and everyone. 

               Wishing The GOD a Very HAPPY 38th BIRTHDAY !!!

                Thanks. I hope my words has done justice to this GOD figure - SACHIN TENDULKAR.

Sorry If I haven't.

400TH BLOG is coming up in few hours.


MaLiNGa's Gr8NeSS & IPL-4 cRaZiNeSS !!!

           398TH BLOG -->>

       Lasith Malinga is playing a wonderful game in the fourth season of IPL. He started with a Five-Wicket haul against Delhi in the very first match of Mumbai Indians and since then he has managed to take 13 wickets which is the highest wicket taken by any bowler this season. He is the owner of Purple Cap. There are three bowlers who are at the second spot competing with him for the Purple Cap with 7 wickets each. Just see the difference between Malinga and other bowlers bowling in this season. It seems like a champion is playing with newcomers. You see the fight for Orange Cap to be the highest Run-Scorer in this season and you will find Ups and Downs in the spot. Sometimes its Kallis, then its Tendulkar and now its Valthaty. Even the batsmen who are at 4th, 5th and 6th spot aren't much behind. So you can't state that Valthaty is the leading batsman or Tendulkar or Kallis but seeing at the chart of bowling, MALINGA can be undoubtedly announced as the best bowler of this era in T20 cricket. 

              While Malinga is giving a chilly treat to all the batsmen facing him, SriLankan Cricket Board was continuously troubling him to return to the nation to play the forthcoming test series against England. He reasoned them that he can't play the series because of the long standing degenerative knee injury but they still called him and asked him to go under rehabilitation and then play against England. He got frustrated and resigned from Test cricket at the energetic age of 27. Malinga is known as the fastest bowler ever produced by Sri Lanka. He is also called as yorker-on-demand after his performances in World Cup and the current performance in IPL-4. Many interrogate the style of Malinga's bowling but it is as unique as his hairstyle. This IPL is showing numerous incredulous performances.

              The new team of Kolkata is rocking at the No.2 Spot as compared to the old team which never qualified for the Semi-Finals in last 3 years. The cool team of Delhi is at the bottom of the table which is quite unbelievable. Sehwag is known as the hitter and perfect for the T20 format but he is not doing anything worthy. Paul Valthaty, a name which no one heard before his marvelous 100 in 52 balls is holding the ORANGE CAP and surprising everyone with his consistency. The leading wicket-taker of this World Cup - Zaheer Khan isn't proving worthy for his team. The Pathan brothers are competing among each other to prove who is more useless for their respective franchisee. Chris Gayle wasn't in anyone's eye at the time of auction as all the franchisee thought that he is not ready to play the T20 format, but as he returned back as a replacement, he scored Century and made his team win proving everyone wrong. Dhoni, recently placed in the list of 100 influential people in the world for his Captain-Cool image and known to be India's best captain ever cannot show the jalwa of his captaincy in this IPL and is in the bottom 4 teams of this IPL. 

              Sachin scoring his first IPL century in this season and Harbhajan returning to form with 4 wicket haul over Chennai is something which people didn't expected in this season. Today's match where Delhi scored a wonderful 231 runs - the highest total of this season and then Punjab chasing it and scoring 203 (forgot the accurate runs) - the second highest total of this season summing upto 400+ Runs in 40 0vers in a single match is much better than the opening ceremony of this IPL season. Punjab is at 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in this IPL to hit the highest totals in this IPL season.Marsh's 95 runs of 46 balls was a treat to watch. Even after losing, Marsh gained lot of respect. One of my friend told me an interesting fact that Marsh is the only batsman who play IPL with a pure form of batting with straight shots rather than sweeps and other types of fancy shots. This IPL is still buffering and there is lot more to come. I am expecting something very big from this season of IPL. Lets see what more is in the way to come.

              IPL ROCKS.




Never Compete with others, Look at your last Performance !!!

            397TH BLOG -->>

        Everyone have competitors in his/her life. I never understood what competitors are. For me, the people who aren't doing well than me are the people who are putting lots of effort to be better than me and the people who are ahead of me are the people whom I consider an inspiration to learn and do things as they do. I have no competitors in my life as such. If my friend does better than me, I feel happy that my company is good and if my friends aren't better than me, I am still OK as I have someone in this talented world who will listen to my advice and follow the same. You should never look at any person in your life as competitors. If you are sitting for a job interview and a candidate comes and grab the post and u miss it out, go to him and ask him what different did he did in the interview which you were unable to. If a person you think is deserving but lost and you won, go and give him a free advice what to do at the next interview to grab the post. You should act amicable with everyone you meet in your life rather than racing with him/her.

            If Sachin Tendulkar would have seen other batsmen as his competitors, he would not have been the biggest batsmen of the world, he would just have been someone whose runs would have been more than couple of players. He kept playing just looking at his score and his performance and became the biggest player of this world. Sincerely, if I would have been at the place of Sachin Tendulkar and if I would have seen that I am 1000 runs ahead of the 2nd highest run scorer, I would have started playing easily without any pressure in my head of making my team a winner. I would have been satisfied with my score because I would be competing with others and once I got more than everyone, I would have achieved everything what I wanted in my life. 

             In my class, all the classmates see each other as competitors and doesn't help each other during the exam time as they feel that this 10 marks can make this child ahead of me and my rank will drop down. They fight for the 1st rank. 1st rank in my class seems to be immunity for everyone. The range of the marks scored by the 1st Rankers of my class in last three semesters has been between 62% to 65% and they are proud of scoring these marks. They don't have any idea that the pupils who are our seniors have scored more than 75% marks in each exam. Just because they have achieved the 1st Rank they never think of scoring more than 70% or 80% and try to get the best out of them. Tomorrow when you will apply for a post, you will find those seniors sitting in the queue with you for their turn. When you'll go and show your 65% to the interviewer and tell him that you were the topper, he will not give even a chchota-sa-DAMN because a candidate from your college itself have scored 78% marks with the same portion and answered the same type of questions you have answered. My classmates can never think so because their attitude is to compete with these 30 students sitting under the same roof. They will never think of the world outside the four wall.

               Whenever I perform and I score 1st in any competition or even in academics, one thing I think is "Is this the best I can do or I have much potential to perform better than this?" On 14th February, my 3rd sem's result was out and I scored below-the-par. The next day we had Traditional Day which I desired to skip but my mother gave me confidence and sent me in a Bengali attire. I won the 1st position in the college even when I performed my worst because of sad mood and sorrowful heart. I was just thinking after the announcement of the winner that how much better I could have done to win the same position.I didn't even counted the number of boys who were standing with me in the queue to win the same position just because I wasn't competing with them, I was doing everything for me. Next day I lost Tie Day even when I was cheerful that day after winning Traditional Day, this happened because I took this competition as a competition. Last time I lost it with the best tie in the mob, so I wore the same Tie again and started comparing my tie with other ties wore by other students. Result: I Lost. 

               The only thing I want to speak from the medium of this post is: Stop competing with others as there are unlimited number of people in the world who are unlimited times better than you. Just focus on your attitude of doing things and try to raise your performance every time you stand up to do something. I have adopted this part in my life and I can see the benefits coming out of it. I am the happiest person in my world. My Group has all the 1st rankers of my class. If I'll start competing with them, I'll die because of depression or shame or inferiority complex or jealousy. But, I know I have many things in me which can turn out to be a good gamble for my life and I can turn into something big overnight. There is 99% chances of my confidence being a house of vacuum but this is how we should think of ourselves rather than competing with few people around us. I hope you get my words right.


23 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Did Raghu and Rajiv lost their respect?

            396TH BLOG -->>

        I read the Hindustan Times paper of Saturday and didn't found the news I wanted to read in detail. I turned on the news channel but still the news was no where on my TV Screen. At last I searched the Internet and found some articles related to it. I don't know how people ignore such great news which can give them numerous TRPs and bring them to the top. Everyone of us know about the television reality show - MTV Roadies on MTV. The show is doing a great job from last 8 years. The face of Roadies is Raghu Ram. A man with bald head, retro attitude, stylish beard, loud voice sit on a chair to take audition of youth struggling for fame and money in their life. The show came into light after its 5th version. Now, all the youth knew about Raghu, Rajiv, Rannvijay, Ashutosh, Sambhavi and many more small celebrities. The tag- Roadies became popular among youngsters and people started copying the show in their real life. For small reasons, they used to start arguing and fighting. The distance between boys and girls reduced and they started hanging out together. In precise, we can say that a modernization took place in the middle group age of India because of this show.

             Even the people watching the show on their television sets started fearing the man - Raghu. Raghu always thrashed the contestant with abuses for their obscene thoughts and useless attitudes. He abused those who abused the girls. He brought down the level of boys who thought that girls are meant for sex and nothing else. Raghu became an inspiration for other channels and and all the channels came up with some or the other shows with a weird guy sitting for thrashing youths with abuses and sometimes even beat them. Now, in today's date, you will find such shows on every channel. 

              I always thought one thing whenever I used to see Raghu and Rajiv thrashing the boys with huge bodies and tough attitude that why don't these guys beat them back after they abuse them in the show? Why is Raghu never attacked on the road when he is without his MTV security or in a mall where there's no one who is caring about Raghu's safety. Finally, yesterday, I got to know that Raghu, Rajiv and Rannvijay were caught by a group of people who belonged to a political party and their faces was blackened. Actually, we can't say that the faces of the trio was blackened, these activists of Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad(ABVP) just flied some ink on them. They came in a group of 15 including 5 girls. They chased the vehicle of the trio on which they were in Pune for a promotional event. They hurled them out of Pune and warned them not to enter again in this cultural city.

              Now, this news has not gained the momentum still but I am sure that we will get to hear mix responses. Many will say that the ABVP were genuine and this was awaited from a long time while others will say that the trio suffered without any reason. Even I'm riddling whether this was a right thing to do or not. I sincerely believe that if you don't like anything just don't follow it. I never watch Splitsvilla because I can't bear it. I watch Bigg Boss and I never complain about the format of the show and any content they show on the television. If these activists have problem with the show and they felt the presence of these celebrities in Pune as a black spot on their cultural city, they should ban MTV every time this show is telecommuted. Why should you perform such activity which is a sort of violence. Recently Anna Hazare showed us the effect of non-violence and this party showed us the exact opposite side of Hazare. You could have done this with a silent process to prove that the strategy of your party is unique.

               Raghu reacted after the incident that I would have reacted if the fight would have been 1-to-1 but they came in mob to achieve some kind of publicity and they got it too as Roadies have already become a big name to give anyone a huge publicity. Rajiv said that I and Raghu were joking about the incident after returning back. He also said that I and Raghu have seen much worst time than this so it doesn't effect us. I believe in what this twin brothers said. When I publish a controversial blog against a political party, my friends fear that something may take place in my life which shouldn't. So, if someone is speaking something on National television, they would have seen bad experiences in their life that they are ready for more. A show like Roadies cannot be initiated if there's lack of guts and courage to deal with today's youngsters and nation's politics. 

             Raghu also said that I don't understand their problem as there's no abuse on the show. What's their problem - a BEEP sound? He is exactly right. Whenever I turn on my television to see Roadies, my mother complains to my father that this show contains bad words and abuses but this boy loves watching it. I defend myself by saying "Dad, if you'll hear even a single bad word today, I am ready to lock this channel from my Television set." My mother gets frustrated after this because she know that there is not even a single abuse which can be heard. 

               I would have declared this party as a winner if Raghu and Rajiv's attitude would have been effected but currently it can be seen that Raghu and Rajiv are talking about this issue with their head high in public and even I feel that no harm has been done on the characters and image of these guys. Tomorrow, if I'll walk on the road after being successful and some group comes and thrash me, it will not be said that I'm thrashed but if a single boy comes and hit me for the statement I said in past and I don't react to it, it can be called my cowardliness. But for now, Raghu, Rajiv and Rannvijay are the winners as they have taken this positively and the second reason because the approach of the party members was the same as the other local parties who are being criticized every time they adopt this way of protest and revolution.



Worst Groupism in College !!!

            395TH BLOG -->>

        Yesterday, I told you about my group and friend circle in Nashik. I told you how they gave me a golden period there. The characteristics of all the three groups was that they accepted each other with an open heart without showing a sign of unhappiness that they are interfering in our group. This is what made my period in Nashik wonderful because I was free to roam with any group and share my time equally with each of the groups. After I left Nashik, I came to Mumbai in 2009. I never talked to anyone in my society as I felt new and it was hard for me to mix up with those people who are living together from last 15 years. They are the childhood friends while I have shown them my face after being 19 years old. There is always a difference between a normal childhood friend and current best friend. Your heart will always pull you towards the childhood friend because that face is part of your life from last 20+ years. 

             Now, the only sign of having a group circle was to attend my new college. On the first day of college, I was damn disappointed to see my new classmates with whom I had to spend 3 most important years of my life. Some of them were stupid while some of them were very quiet while some of them were boring while some of them were over-talkative while some of them were exposing themselves a lot. I wanted people with moderate behaviour having all types of qualities rather than a single one. Anything in excess is harmful. This implies with the attitude and nature of the human being too. Finally, the first person I met was Yusuf. This guy was damn conservative then and therefore I never got a chance to meet other classmates of mine as I used to be engaged with him all the time. After 1 or 2 weeks, I got a group which consisted of Arya, Richa and Umera. Arya and I, both were secretly behind Umera but we never shared with each other. Arya told about his crush to Richa and she was helping him to achieve Umera. I played a silent game and got Umera. This made me and Arya strangers for some weeks.

              After 3 weeks, I broke up with Umera and I didn't talked to anyone after that. Then, I, Yusuf and Arya became close friends and started spending time together. Arya and Yusuf used to taunt each other while I used to enjoy. All three of us belonged to Panvel so it came easy for us to be together all the time. Now, Arya used to flirt with Umera as I broke up with her. So it used to be a fun to listen to his chats with her. While the friendship of our threesome was rocking, Arya backed up from us and we got two new friends - Vandana and Prema. I never thought before joining the college that I'll talk to girls because I had no confidence in myself and I always used to feel that I am the most bad-looking person on the Earth so I always felt shy while approaching any girl. After Vandana and Prema became friend of me and Yusuf, the conservativeness of Yusuf started disappearing and a new boy came out of him.

              For a while, I also got a new group where Arya, Sameer, Vishal, Arun and Manoj were the members. We used to hang-out at Inorbit mall, Vashi for 3 times a week. This was the first time in my life when I got addicted to malls and the Italian foods. We used to bunk numerous lectures and visit Inorbit mall. During this period itself, we had a party at Vishal's house where Vishal made chicken for all of us and I bought rotis from my house which my mother made for us. I had superb fun in this group itself but I left it because of some unmatched thoughts. You can never enjoy in the group where nobody is ready to share the money and everyone wants a single person to spend for the expenditure of the whole group. This made me little uncomfortable and I had to cut off myself from the group. I kept talking to them still but they stopped talking to me after ignoring me and making me realize this. For a short time in between, I formed a group with Saquib, Prashant and Arya and I started hanging at Inorbit mall with them. But this series of Inorbit Mall visit ended after I saw that people weren't interested in going there again and again except me.

             After this, many groups formed and many broke, many members were added and many were signed off. All this happened just because people were not interested in forming groups but in breaking other's group. Every group was jealous about others group. It was hard to survive in any group because everyone wanted to overcome the achievements of another group and then boast about it. Currently, I am a part of a very big group of my class where I, Yusuf, Sohail Mulani, Sohail Shaikh, Saquib, Tushar, Gaurav, Prasad, Siddhesh, Samadhan, Vandana, Prema and Sulkshana are the members. All the names taken here have understood that groupism is a disease in our class and we will have to vaccinate ourselves to fight against it. Now, we share our time together and there is no back-bitching, just lots of laughter takes place. I am happy with this group I am currently into and I hope this group doesn't divide because it is hard to deal with my classmates with the groupism everywhere in the air.

              Thanks to all my friends who have made my life happy by breaking the groupism system and being together.

22 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

"1,00,000" Readers of ARB !!!

            394TH BLOG -->>

         On 21st April, 2011, my blog surpassed the readership of 1,00,000 members. I am just flying in air since then that 1 LAKH people have visited my blog and read it. I always liked to give my views on several topics even when people didn't supported me. If I am sitting in a group where 10 members are saying that they didn't liked Dabangg or Sachin plays for Record, I don't fear to stand up and be the 11th and the only person to say that I liked Dabangg very much and Sachin plays for the country and not for himself. So, when I found the medium of blogging to speak up, I knew somewhere in my heart that people will like my blogs. I have never been a big fan of literature so I knew in the beginning that my grammar is annoying but still I stood up and started publishing my thoughts. I wanted people to know what I think about different issues and what is going up in my life rather than showing them that my English is very powerful. I never wanted to do any thing with the language, what I wanted to do was with the thoughts and the time they are spoken about.

              When I started writing against MNS and Shivsena, many friends and well-wishers asked me to boycott writing about them. This was a big time for me to think whether to continue the protest of these local parties or to sit quietly and watch them thrash people and snub leaders in the parliament box. I went into the environment when I thought of creating a blog on Internet and started penning my thoughts, I realized that I opened this blog to let people know what I think of various issues which are controversial and interesting. So, I decided that night that I will not discontinue writing about these people and give a loud knock to the people reading my blogs and let them know that these guys aren't doing a right thing to our country and our people.

              My people who knew me were too happy to see my stand on these issues. They got to know a daring and audacious side of me which surprised them. People always knew me as the person who keeps cracking jokes but never speaks at the time of anyone's fight as he wants to be at the safer side. When we used to play Cricket in our colony and there used to be a fight on a Run-Out, even when I used to know the decision, I never used to speak in spite of several abuses hurled on me. So it was a shock and a surprise for my childhood friends to see a new form of me. Today, when I have achieved the love of 1 lakh people from all over the world with America being the 2nd highest readers of my blog after India, I can just say that it is my friends who have made me reach here where 1,00,000 people are reading me. I would have lost my confidence 5 years back when some uncertain incidents happened with me at the time when I had to perform the best, but it is the expectations and care of my friends which compelled me to stand up again and give a start to a new life. 

               I never knew in the start that my Blog will get such accolades but when it started coming, I just kept thanking each and everyone in personal. Sometimes you get so upset with your life that you need people to bring you out from the state of solace. The medium of blog acted as a U-Turn of my life which augmented me from a depressed boy to an ambitious boy. Now, I want to be everything in life. A scholar which I can never be, a cricketer which I can not dream even in my next life, an actor which doesn't suits me because of my bad looks, a writer which I am trying to be and everything possible. I don't want to tell all I want to be because it will be a lot to digest for all of you. This blog has taught me one thing that its not you who do better in your life, its the people around you who push you to do the best. When I stand on the stage and start giving a performance, I always believe that its not me who is going to do the best now but its the people sitting in the audience who will clap and shout which will push me to do something elegant which I have never done before. 

              On this successful journey of my Blogging career, I thank all the 1,00,000 people who dared to type the link of my blog in their address bar and then managed to read the whole post. I want to thank few of them who follow my blog regularly. And going little deeper, all of them who keep commenting on every post of mine, a deepest thanks from my heart to all of you. You are the people who have improved me. This 390+ blog post would not have been possible if all of you would not have commented on my posts.



Funny Scenario of Today's Practical Exam !!!

            393RD BLOG -->>

        Today, I gave my Practical exam of Semester 4. In my childhood, my teachers never taught me that Time travels very fast instead they taught me that Light travels very fast. On 17th January, 2011, our college was reopened. I got my result on 14th February. After getting ****ed up in the Semester 3's result, I promised myself that I'll do my best in Semester 4 so that I can bring my percentage back in the form. When Sachin slows down the run-rate, Sehwag beats the ball and augments the run-rate. When Gambhir waste the ball, Sachin hit boundaries and manage the run-rate. So, I thought that my average percentage has been dropped down, so I should start studying from February itself so that I can perform in the exam going to be held in May. But, in India we say that kuttey ki pooch kabhi seedhi nahi hoti and hence I remained the same as I was in the Semester 3. I had my exam today and last night, I didn't even know how to start writing a Visual Basic program. All this happened not because the subject is hard or the coding is difficult, this happened just because I never concentrated in the laboratory and even in classroom, I keep dreaming about something else and flow in the world of Writer's Dream.

             Yesterday i.e. on Wednesday, Yusuf came to my house at 8 AM as promised. We promised our conscious and heart that we will not divert our mind anywhere and we will just try all the programs so that we can run all the programs in the exam easily. I didn't had VB and ORACLE's software in my PC kyuki poorey semester mein kabhi bhi jaroorat mehsoos hi nahi hui program run karne ki. ;-). At 9 AM, we understood that these softwares can't be installed on my computer because of the Anti-virus program or compatibility issues. Yusuf wanted to see ROBOT and hence we became the follower of #RajniIsGod for 3 hours. ROBOT ended at 12 PM and Yusuf realized that we have our exam tomorrow. We went to college at 2 PM to get a new Set Up file from our friend Prasad who had original files. Yusuf went to his house and I don't know what took more than 2 hours to get the file copied into his pendrive that he returned back after 5 PM. Ultimately, we lost the whole day. Yusuf told me to come to his house after the Mumbai Indians match because his PC already had VB installed. 

              After Rohit Sharma hit that Six on the last ball and made my favorite team win, I marched towards Yusuf's home. After going there, we started studying seriously. I was thinking about VIVA again and again and I used to lose focus from what Yusuf was teaching me. I sat with him from 8 PM to 2 AM. In this 6 hours, I understood only one thing and that is "Computers" is a wrong field I have selected for myself. Whenever Yusuf used to feel little confident about himself, I used to make him remember that we have two thick books to read for VIVA tomorrow and he used to lose his focus too. We were also talking to students from our class and everyone was at someone else's house for practicing the codes but none of them were working. Everyone was busy in chit-chatting. It has been my childhood problem to chat with a friend when no one's around. I am too naughty and raunchy so I keep on talking weird things which excites my friends. Hahaha. Even if someone don't want to concentrate on girls, my talks can make him imagine that his bed is flying in the air and his girlfriend is sleeping with him on the bed. But I am not that fool too. Once the person is lost into sweet dreams, I make them remember about the exams and they get confused whether to concentrate on studies or complete the half-done job with his girlfriend on the bed of dreams.

               At last, we sat in the exam hall at 10 AM today. I slept for just 1.5 hours in the morning - 5.30 to 7 AM. I saw the question paper and said to myself - lag gayi beta. Suddenly, I remembered some codings of some programs which Yusuf taught me and I started doing them. I was successful in doing 2 programs of Oracle correctly but I got choked up when VB came at the front. I did 1 program using my fundas which madam rejected but still gave me few marks for it. The 4th program of VB was very hard which I unfortunately had to skip. I remembered the coding so I wrote it in the answer paper without performing the practical. 

                When the VIVA section began, all the classmates started shivering and I was confident about my prediction that someone will surely faint in a minute or two but my friends were mentally prepared for the F***ing session. No one fainted. Finally, my turn came. The external faculty was taking the VIVA of 3 students together. I went up there and sat in between of Siddhesh and Tushar. I answered the very first question as Sehwag hits the boundary on the very first ball of the inning. But the session after the first ball didn't acted as a good inning for me. Like a bad day of Sehwag, I got out at every question asked to me after it. In all, 10 questions were asked to us, out of which we gave answers of 2 questions. 1 was given by me and another was given by Tushar. I didn't had any idea about the answer given by Tushar about whether it was right or wrong but still when madam asked me "Is he right?", I confidently said, "NO". So, out of 10 questions, my group gave answer of just 1 question. At least I can feel proud for giving that 1 master stroke when my team lost by more than 200 runs. 

                This is how the practical exam ended. All the students of my classmates are thrashed today. No one performed brilliantly. Everyone cursed themselves for chit chatting with their friends the last night rather than running the programs. Now, my exams are starting from 29th April, 2011. I am just praying God and asking just one favour from him - My books have proposed me, I just don't love it and I don't want to accept its proposal but still I don't any other option so do something so that I can start loving my books and accept the proposal and start an affair with them. I hope God is working on my Lokpal Bill otherwise I'll have to start fasting and sit on Anshan. 

                 I hope external faculty would have given me Maximum Sixes award for that master stroke on the very first question. 



I Miss Rockstars of Nashik !!!

            392ND BLOG -->>

        Every person wants some lovely people around him with whom he can share everything we wants. I was in search for such a group from last so many years. Whenever I got any group, I changed my city because of my father's unstable job. He just keep moving here and there in search of a good salary. Even when he gets the best job, my pocket money remains the same. Leave this. Its a controversial issue for which I am going to merge with Shiv Sena to fight against it. Lets come back to the topic. In Nashik, I got a group of Arun and Manish. We used to hang out every time at restaurants. Manish's father had a factory and a shop. He used to visit the shop every morning and steal 500 or 1000 bucks and come to my area. Then, he used to take me and Arun to a theatre and we used to watch movie. Sometimes we saw a single movie for 3 times in a day. After theatre, we used to go to a restaurant and he used to give us an open invitation to order anything. We used to eat Tandoori chicken daily or a Chicken Handi. This group was wonderful. I enjoyed a lot here. 

              I also had another group in Nashik where my group partners were Mahesh, Bezaad and Salman. Here, the financier was Bezaad. Bezaad's father was a manager of a society where the bungalows were given on rental basis to rich society people. His father used to get lots of commission for it. Bezaad's parent used to give lots of money to him without asking where he spends them. We used to go to Chate coaching classes regularly. After the classes used to end, we used to go to Cyber cafe and book a PC per person. No one used to share PCs. I and Bezaad used to download computer's softwares. After sitting for 3 to 4 hours at Prashant Cyber cafe, we used to go to small thelaas or small dhaba type hotels and eat Dosas or Chinese or Pav Bhajis. After having a light food, we used to go to a Soda shop. This was the first time when I drank soda with these guys. Before this, I used to think that Soda is a alcohol but Bezaad told me that soda isn't an alcohol and its very tasty. We used to order Jeera Soda or Goti soda and have delightful drinks. After this, Bezaad used to take an auto and march towards his home which was some 5 kms away. I and Mahesh used to ride on Mahesh's bike, up on flyovers, behind colleges, near girl's hostel and at last used to pass his girlfriend's home. It used to be a total fun every evening. 

              I had one more group in Nashik where Abhijeet and Pranil were the members. I know you may be thinking k sirf group me hi ghusta rehta tha ye aur koi kaam nahi tha isey but I don't know how every group used to involve me into them and I used to be happy with each group as there was no politics between the groups. Whenever all the groups used to unite, we used to have 100 times better fun. Here, in this group, there was no financier. Everyone used to pay their parts and have fun. All three of us used to sit on the College katta or somewhere near to my house and crack jokes. All three of us had good sense of humour and a unique one too. So it was a fun to sit together and talk about our friends and imitate them and laugh madly. Pranil used to have a good sense of predicting future of everyone's life which used to make us laugh. Abhijeet had a good style of mimicry which used to be damn perfect. He used to imitate teachers and friend's parents. I had the capability of creating new abuses which used to be funny. This used to make both of them crazy. I still own this art. ;-) So, this group was damn funny and crazy. Whenever I used to sit with them after college, after reaching home, my jaws and stomach used to pain because of excessive laughter.

                When I left Nashik in 2009, I was feeling very bad because these friends were awesome and I never wanted to leave them at any cost. I never imagined before that that I would be the part of 3 different groups where I will be always loved and cared. One group where I got to watch movies and eat non-veg foods at the best restaurants of the area. Second group where I got to sit at Cyber cafe and get the rides of the whole city. Third group where I got the reason to laugh as I was going through the bad phase of my life during those period. I always heard that Mumbai is crazy and the youngster can drive anyone mad here but I had less confidence because I didn't imagined myself matching up with the Mumbai's youngsters.

                It took a time period of 2 years for me in Mumbai to get a perfect group in my class where I can laugh, enjoy, celebrate, share secrets an Yes, Abuse too. Here, the only problem is that there are various groups in my class but there's jealousy and politics creeping among each other. No one is happy to see a person from different group laughing and enjoying. I don't know how this grew but I really miss Nashik after all this. I'll talk about my Mumbai's groups and groupism tomorrow. 

                This is the first time when I thought that I should write about my friends from Nashik who gave me a wonderful life in that city. I want to be back there and tonight I am missing Nashik very much. I love you all, my friends !!!



21 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Badminton Girl with Open Legs ;-)

            391TH BLOG -->>

Saina Nehwal
        I'm an Indian. I know that there are some faults in me which I also know is known to everyone but I have an Indian sentiments because of which I feel bad when those things are spoken in public about me. Every Indian have the same problem of hiding some things just because they are not proper according to our previous generation which may speak in our protest. If a friend asks all his girl friends to wear one piece and come to the party, majority of girl will try to show that it is not their style of dressing and according to them, wearing such cloths is very obscene and impermissible. But you go to their Facebook profile and you will find 200 pictures in their album containing all the pictures in one-piece where legs are in display and the darkness of cleavage is visible. 

              Today, I heard that Badminton fraternity has passed a dress code for all the girls playing Badminton to wear mini-skirts. According to media, the fraternity wants to add the flavor of glamor. Mostly, women play badminton and other court games in shorts or tight dresses. This news became a topic of debate on all the news channels and a part of the editor page of all the newspapers. When a law is passed in a certain region that the Burqas will be banned, Muslim extremists over-reacts. Even the Indian Imams starts speaking about the rules and regulations of Islam. They have nothing to do with the region but just because they are of the same religion, they try to show that the Muslim women are disrespected. They just can't keep control on the Muslim girls of India but they have the whole list prepared for talking on the Burqa ban in Japan or France. When our neighbour country Pakistan has Veena Malik who exposes herself at the set of Bigg Boss surrounded by 85 cameras located in Pune, these Muslims advocators can't even ask the girl to stop but they have a big deal with the burqa ban at a place which is 1000s of kilometers away from them. 

                I remember when Sania Mirza was sent a notice by a Muslim group for violating the regulations of Islams by wearing short skirts in court while playing tennis. Sania Mirza didn't even gave a damn to the notice and she continued playing and became a role model for many girls looking sports as their future and passion. In today's world, you take the name of sports and relate it with the girls, the first name which will creep your mind is Sania Mirza. I feel that this is truly a proud moment for all the Muslims to have a World Champion Tennis player from their religion but they feel that she should travel her journey to success without violating the laws of religion. They may be right but Sania Mirza's stardom has washed everyone's doubt.

Ashwini Ponappa
               Now, as badminton women players are asked to wear short skirts, Indians have started over-reacting to it. They have started boasting about their culture and tradition. Now, they don't remember that even Kamasutra is a part of Indian culture. If Kamasutra can be accepted so widely, what's a big deal if your girls are wearing short skirts. Go on the streets where youngsters roam and hangout and check out the dresses of the girls. You will be shocked to see that 95% of the girls are either showing their upper arms through that sleeveless tops and others showing their legs through that short pants or one-piece. If your Indian culture is so pure and soulful, how are these girls roaming freely on the streets with their skins in display? All the Indians are interested in following western culture but nobody wants to talk about it in public. Nobody dare to speak in public that they are the one who love to practice western culture over Indian culture. 

               News channels showed that people have problem with the new rule of badminton where the girls will have to wear shorts compulsorily. Now, everyone of us know about Saina Nehwal - The Number. 1 Badminton player of this era. Saina Nehwal says that she has no problem with the rule as she is used to play in shorts. Ashwini Ponappa - the girl who rocked the court in Commonwealth games also says that she don't have any problem as she is comfortable in playing with shorts. Another Indian badminton star - Jwala Gutta says that the girls who don't feel comfortable in shorts may face problem but I don't have any. Even, Deepika Padukone has been a state-level badminton champion and I think she would have agreed to play even in bikini. Now, the conclusion is that girls don't have any problems in playing badminton without covering their legs but the people of India who don't even watch their matches have so much problem as the girls are asked for a nude fashion show. 

Jwala Gutta
                Indians should learn to be broad-minded and live over-their-fake-culture-prioritization. If I would have had sister and she would have been a national-level badminton champion and if she would have been playing for the country, I would have allowed her to grow her passion rather than asking her to sit at home just because the rule has passed that the legs will be shown. In Delhi, girls wear Kurta-salwaar at home and after reaching the college, they change their attire into sleeveless pellucid top and short pants or jeans. In Mumbai, girls wear Burqas while leaving their home and after reaching the garden, they take off their burqas and get intimate with their lovers. So, the clothes never matters. What matters is the attitude of girl. Veena Malik's attitude was wrong so she is abused and people are pissed of her. Sania Mirza's attitude has been respective and therefore people respect her for her achievements and many people dreamed of getting married to her. Even I don't have any problem with my Indian girls playing badminton or any game in short cloths till their attitude is right.

               This is all I wanted to speak on this issue.


19 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

My Best Performance After 15 Years ;-)

            390TH BLOG -->>

        After my 6th std, I didn't performed well in my academics and not even in the extra-curriculum activities. My father always wanted me to go on stage and perform something so that my confidence level will boost up but I never concentrated on what he said as I always had the same thinking that my father expects everything from me and I am not capable of giving him everything what a child can do. I tried to study but I never gave an outstanding performance because of which my intelligence would have been proved or my father would have been satisfied with his only son. He bought mouth-organ for me so that I can learn an instrument and entertain people on stage, he bought skates for me so that I can dance like those Western skate-dancers who does some spectacular act on wood stage, he bought games related to English language so that m English can improve and I can speak fluently which he can not. He did many things so that I can become an All-Rounder child but he never got any pragmatic response from my side.

             When I was in my Pre-Primary section and Primary section, I was an All-Rounder child. In my 1st std, I won an All-Rounder award for which audience clapped like a thunderstorm for me. I still remember the day. It was mind-blowing. I was quite small so I didn't understood much but I knew that I have done something great which has made me above the other students of my school. I was feeling very proud and thankful to God. I was thinking that I'll do this every year and I'll take this Award every year. That year i went up on stage for 5 times for 5 different awards. One snap is shown below where I am carrying my All Rounder award on the stage. 

All Rounder Award in 1st standard
         You can see the glow and a desired spirit in my eyes. The confidence in my standing posture and a pride which kept my head high and a will to do it again and again. But after this performance, I never got any special awards in my life. Being an All-Rounder is a big thing but at least winning an award for any activity in school would have made me smug and my family satisfied but the only thing I used to do in school was to enjoy and ruin my life. After some years, I understood that its not possible for me to get any felicitation in public because i am someone who's talent has died and which can't get a rebirth.

             But after I came to BCA in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai, I had one thing in mind, let the students from this college be smarter and more confident than me, but I'll still perform in all the activities. Let the people laugh on me but I'll still do everything I haven't done in my life. This resulted into a fruitful result for me. My academics has been better than the those of last 5 years. My impression in the minds of teachers, students and friends is of a performer. When I don't perform, everyone shouts at me. What can be better than this for me. After the quotient of 1st std where I won 5 prizes and gave my parents a satisfied heart and a glittering eyes with lots of hope, this year I have again won 4 Certificates and 2 Trophies. I don't know how this miracle happened with me but the one thing I know is that I dared to enter all the zones which I never accessed before this in my life. I was never sporty but I still participated in sports. Friends laughed at me but I continued to strike the cords of my will and desire. I participated in all the DAYS function of college, won in a single one but still did a wonderful job what I feel about me. 

             I would like to share all those moments with all of you where I ran up till stage and took my certificates with lots of joy and pleasure. Please see all the images below :-

This is the 1st award I got that night. Being 1st in Traditional Day

Being 1st in Carrom Doubles. That's Siddhesh-my partner standing behind.

Receiving the Certificates for Being Captain of Runner-Up Volleyball team

Our cricket team receiving Certificates for being 2nd

With my trophy at home - The 2nd day

On Traditional Day, Answering to Teacher's riddling questions in 2nd Round

Standing at the right end of boys queue

Standing at the 2nd from left

Its me in Orange T-shirt walking from the middle of winning team after my team lost

We are sad to see our batsmen falling 1 after another

My class's cricket team. I am sitting in Orange Tshirt at the extreme left.

              Today, I am very happy to share these pictures with all of you. I need everyone's praying so that I can keep performing in this way for the rest of my life. God bless to all of them who pray for my well beings.


17 April 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I am 2 years old as a Mumbaikar !!!

             389TH BLOG -->>

         Let an Indian live in Bangalore - a high-class city, Jaipur - a Pink City with lots of talent, Shimla - a city with nice scenery, Pune - a city with numbers of students or Kolkata - a city of Joy but everyone wants to visit Mumbai - the city of dreams once. The mindset of people living out of Mumbai with respect to Mumbai has been like the attitude of Indians towards foreign countries. In my childhood, I used to live in Sukeli village which is 100 Km away from Mumbai city. In those days, a bus used to go to Mumbai once in 6 months so that the people from our colony can visit Mumbai and do some special shopping. My father never booked the ticket of those buses because he felt that we would shop much and his middle-class budget will be drastically effected. I always saw my friends returning with big bags and packets full of new clothes and toys. Since then, I always dreamed to visit Mumbai.

               Whenever the guests from Mumbai used to come to my house to stay, they used to boast about the houses of various celebrities near to their area. They used to lie that they met several superstars and actors and I used to feel depressed. I always asked them to call me whenever they meet Salman Khan(my favorite actor then) so that I can touch his muscles and feel its hugeness. Mumbai is always a dream city for everyone. Everyone want to visit it once so that they can share their experiences with their relatives who haven't still seen Mumbai. In my childhood, I saw the tallest building with 4 floors without parking space but whenever I saw TV programmes and movies, I used to see tall buildings in Mumbai with lifts and different types of cars. All these were just dream for me. I had my Mausaji living in Nerul. I asked my father in 5th class if we can visit there once again as I don't remember the last trip to his house because I was damn chchota bachcha then and the memory has faded. He planned the trip to his house and those moments of 3 days are still alive in my mind. That craziness and that excitement to see new new things in Mumbai was a very positive feeling in the mind of a 12 years boy. That was the first time I used Lift to reach the 4th floor of a building. That was the first time I saw swimming pool. That was the first time I saw girls with white skin who looks like foreigners. That was the first time I saw groups of young boys and girls roaming around. That was the first time I saw showrooms of branded products. That was the first time of many incredible experiences.

               Till 10th, I lived in Sukeli village itself. In 11th std, I visited Pune and Aurangabad. I repeated my 11th again and completed my 12th in Nashik itself. After completing 12th, I had an option to manipulate my parents and migrate towards Mumbai for my further education. I succeeded in convincing my parents and my father arranged an accommodation in Panvel which lies in Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai is the posh part of Mumbai as there's no high density of population, there is no clusters of colleges, there is no dirtiness around as everything is planned and accordingly executed. After reaching Panvel, I messaged all my friends who resided in Mumbai that Now, Even I'm a Mumbaikar and even I'll travel by Local trains. I always wanted to be a regular Local train traveler. I always heard about Local trains whenever a news of Mumbai used to flash on Aaj Tak or Star News. I heard people talking about the overcrowding of local trains. My friends who visited Mumbai used to tell me that Local train starts with 3 accelerators and then runs on a same fast speed. On the very first day, I traveled by local train and went to my mausaji's house in Nerul.

              One thing I always liked about Mumbai was the tall buildings with artistic architecture. While traveling by local trains, I always watch these buildings and dream of buying a flat on the top floor of any such towers. I want the lightning of whole city to be visible from the balcony of my bedroom. After coming to Mumbai, I just don't miss Pune, Nashik,Aurangabad and any other metro cities like Delhi I have visited. Now, being a Mumbaikar, I feel a positiveness in me and around me. I feel the whole aura of Mumbai as a spirit of achieving something. Sachin Tendulkar belong from this land. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsale belong from this land. Amitabh Bachchan has achieved everything after shifting to this land. There are many more people who have gained big achievements in their life after stepping into Mumbai. I have seen a lot of positive changes in my life too after I have made Mumbai my permanent location to live in. Even if my parents would want to shift to their native place after their retirement, I am not going to leave Mumbai and I'm sure that I'll have my parents with me in Mumbai all my life. 

               On 15th April, 2009, I came to Mumbai and its 15th April, 2011 tonight. I have ompleted 2 years in Mumbai and I am proud of being a resident of this city where even nights are productive, where even a slumboy carries a talent, where even an old man jogs in early morning. 



P.S.:- I forgot to publish this blog post on 15th so its published after 2 days. I haven't edited this blog post so you'll have to deal with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.