7 January 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Different Beads Of The Same String by Sujay Malik (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

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I am not a great fan of anthologies hence I always feel doubtful about picking any book which has 10-12 short stories. But for a change, I thought of trying something from the new set of releases from an Indian author and thus landed upon Sujay Malik’s “Different Beads Of The Same String” which consists of 10 short stories. The book is published by Notion Press publication and is of only 120 pages which can be completed in a single sitting of 2 to 2.5 hours. 

The best part about the book is that the author has tried to keep the stories versatile where no two stories sound similarly. Sujay Malik has also taken care of the narration very well in the stories where he keeps changing his style as per the demand of the story. His command over the language is also skilful as he manages to create emotions, excitements, wonder etc. on his demand. The choice of stories is nicely edited and selected as it manages to strike the chord with the Indian readers. This book will basically be liked by the young or new readers as author has kept things straight and simple. 

The story also reflects the contemporary societal problems where a girl from North-eastern stretch is a victim of racism and physical violence. Another story talks about how two guys are being taught a small lesson so that they stop smoking. One story discusses about the personal awakening of a person. One story talks about the condition of the law and justice in our nation. All the stories have different parameters and thus, keeps the reader interested in the book. 

Talking about the drawbacks, the first thing I would point out is the number of the stories in the book and the length of each story. I don’t believe a young reader would purchases a novel worth Rs. 200/- for 10 short stories when there are bigger Whatsapp forwarded stories available for free. Secondly, author has kept the language and narration of the stories too simple which might not impress matured and avid readers as they would be expecting a level-up stuff. Otherwise, this book is a light read which is best to read while traveling alone. I give this book 3 stars out of 5. 



3 January 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Murderous Greed by Arun K Nair (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

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Reading crime novels by debut Indian authors is a great feeling considering all of them are inspired by the successful Western authors but yet try to carve their own path with a unique story. Arun K Nair has also entered the world of literature with a book based on crime thriller named "Murderous Greed" where a set of policemen are trying to figure out the murderers of the two cases that takes places within few minutes. The book is of about 200-pages which I feel is quite applaudable considering how few stories are written in such a stretched manner that the readers start skipping sentences between paragraphs. Author has kept the story to the point without wasting too much time in description. The cover page and the title are also catchy which interested me in picking this book for reading. 

Arun’s writing style is average and you won’t find anything to learn from it. This book will be more effective for the new readers trying to associate themselves with Indian novels and wish to start with crime genre. It is an easy crime thriller where you won’t have to remember multiple dates, locations, characters etc. Author has kept things simple for the reader to complete the book in one sitting. I completed this book within 2.5 hours and it’s a wonderful book to carry with you while traveling. 

The first half of the book is very interesting when the two unfortunate events take place. The entry of policemen in the story and the way they start attacking each suspect with their questions and interrogations is a nice read. The first half promises a better second half which is where the book couldn’t fully satisfy me. The revelation of the climax is too simple and does not come with a bang shocking the shit out of the reader. The book keeps discussing only one murder scene throughout and totally forgets the other one which makes the story sound half-baked. Author should have tried writing the interrogation for both the cases happening simultaneously. 

Overall, Murderous Greed stays true to its title and the story is written exactly aligned with it. The Author’s note in the end of the book states that there’s a sequel planned which is releasing this year itself. This came as a surprise and I am looking forward to it. Arun K Nair will have to write a better book than this one to impress his already created fan-base. I rate Murderous Greed with 2.5* out of 5 as it will intrigue the new readers but for the lovers of crime thrillers, this book is too simple to stand out amongst all. 



1 January 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Switching Gears for the New Year --> 2018

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Another year has passed by and so many emotions attached with it are just flash-backing somewhere behind in my subconscious mind. 2017 has been a very eventful year for me in terms of professional career. The branch of the big tree that I always wanted to climb and hold has finally managed to stay in my grip. Though with any added responsibility, comes lot of stress and time-constraint but life has to be fought against all these obstacles which come our way. If any of these would have come easy, everyone would have already been sitting on that branch and there would have been no place for me. As I have read it many a times in Robin Sharma’s books that for achieving what only 5% of population can, we will need to do things that only 5% of the population does. Now this sounds very easy but one has to put a lot in training oneself to achieve the excellence that makes one reach heights that no one in the vicinity could.

The major events for 2017 has been achieving some FIRSTS of my life professionally where I received my first appraisal and a great hike that I had not expected and also my first promotion where I moved from being a QA Engineer trainee to Business Analyst. For the second half of 2017, I have been performing my new role and I have tried to achieve many personal goals that I had set for myself. I still need help of the Product Owners who are my seniors some or the other time in taking decisions which I expect to learn as soon as possible in this year. The last week of 2017 has itself been very eventful where I learnt handling the most unfortunate event for a Business Analyst when you have to present the product to the client when it is not ready at all. It has been such a learning experience which will stay with me for life. Handling several projects, clients and internal teams has prepared me very well in the first six months itself of my new role. 

On the personal front, I have seen a tremendous change in my attitude and personality because of my alignment towards spirituality and religiosity. Learning to remain ecstatic in the loneliness and to be able to experience the feelings without having those parameters resulting to those feelings is what I have been able to achieve up to some level. I would like to thank Sadhguru for letting me understand the concepts through his books and videos. Now I have learnt to speak less and concentrate more on the tasks in hand than anything else that is not a priority at this moment. I had been questing to achieve this stage from a long time and I can’t tell you how much pleased I am after reaching this stage in the last one year. 

Another feat that I had targeted was to reduce my tummy fat and lose some inches around my abdomen so that I do not look bulky, tired and under-confident. I had never imagined myself staying on healthy diet for 10 long months without once falling in the trap of aroma and delicacies that the Indian foods and road-side stalls bring with them. The physical transformation has been wonderful and everyone around me is noticing the same and getting motivated by it. What more can you bring as an impact through your daily rituals than changing the lifestyles of people around you by being the doer and not just talker? Now I am able to wear those T-shirts and jeans that I had rejected 2 years back. What an amazing experience this has been!

Talking about the academics, I have finally completed my part-time MBA course that I had started since I had joined my first job. If I pass, I will finally be getting my degree in the 1st month of this New Year. The course has taught me so much that now when my company’s founder says something, I understand the origin of that thought and thus, I am able to fulfil his requirements more than before and anyone else at my position. MBA has been a wonderful journey and nothing could have given me the kind of accomplishment in life as achieving this degree has. Just after my graduation, I had wanted to do MBA but because of insistence from my parents, I did MCA for 3 years and waited each year for it to finish so that I can begin with this. And finally, even this has come to an end and I am done with all the professional degrees I wanted to do. Now, only short-term professional courses would be sufficient for life to continue till death. Haha!

Another small targets and memories that I had been able to accomplish that made 2017 more special and complete are: I have managed to watch a season of an English series and more than 5 Hollywood movies as I had committed myself last year. I have managed to write 1600th Blog Post this year even though the year has been my worst in terms of Blogging as I have managed to write only 92 blog posts whereas my target is always to write at least 200 posts. Like every year, I maintained my ritual of visiting Shirdi Sai Baba 2 months back. Another wonderful event has been witnessing and meeting my idol, Amitabh Bachchan, in September, on the sets of KBC and also accomplishing my mother’s childhood dream. I also completed reading 52 books this year too and completed my Reading challenge of Goodreads. I also had my first long car-drive experience when I visited Daman and Silvassa with my parents for 4- days trip. And then, I have also saved more money than all the previous years which is most important thing in life at my age at least. Haha!

Talking about 2018, the year that is standing in front of us all ready to accept us, I am very much nervous because I also have multiple expectations from it. My life is going to change drastically this year- personally as well as professionally. There are few targets that I have set for myself yet again like every year irrespective of just one resolution which most probably fails in the 1st month itself. Let’s mention some of them so that we have something to talk about on this Blog for the whole year:

  • Professional: Switching job for testing myself in a new environment. There’s a fear that’s haunting me that I cannot survive anywhere else than the present organization which is also my first. This fear should be fought as soon as possible before it becomes a reason for depression.
  • Professional: Learning new tools related to Business Analyst field so that I can provide better documentations and understanding to my teams henceforth rather than just textual representation of functional requirements of Software.
  • Achieving 1700th and 1750th Blog Post landmark. 
  • Reading 52 books this year too. 
  • Maintaining the streak of walking/jogging/running 3,00,000 steps each month for at least 9 months of the year. 
  • Converting my whatever left-belly fat into flat stomach.
  • A meditation course has to be done. Also, meditation has to be made a part of daily ritual. My life should be identified with Spirituality if not with anything else.
  • Becoming a member of 5-AM club. It’s time now to stop slogging, sleeping on time to wake up at 5 AM and run life as per my wish than waking in a messy position where everyone has already started life and I need to find space to accommodate myself in it.
  • Learn to swim
  • Watching all the seasons of two English series.
  • Visiting in the greenery farm-like area every once in a month to stay close to nature as its nature that defines us so the better we understand it, the better we understand life.
  • Meeting my friends more often and building new relationships as the academic pressure is off post-MBA so it’s time to give time to others. Also, a trip with friends for more than a day either in Mumbai or better, outside city.
  • A visit to Shirdi
  • Reading Bhagwad Geeta every day and implementing its principle in my life and sharing it with people around me. 

Blah! Blah! Blah!

2018 is going to be the year when my relationship status might change from single to married. 2018 is going to be the year when I would be making my first job switch. 2018 is going to be the year which will make me more peaceful with spiritual lifestyle. 2018 is going to be the year when I would also get physically transformed with a healthier lifestyle. This year again has lots of promises and I am sure that I will be able to execute it at the best of my potentials and make it a better year than all the previous ones I have lived. 

I would also like to wish all of you a happy new year and I am sure you must also be ready with your To-do lists to keep the Year realized in your mind rather than missing it in the fast-streaming flow of life. If you end up living even this year like all the previous ones, remember, you do not add a year of experience in your life. The experience only comes when you live each year differently and that really counts. Let’s consider life as the single best reason of gratitude and submit ourselves to God and perform our best without expecting any fruits. And you will see the results you have never seen before. It’s Tried-and-Tested so pull your socks, on your mark, get set and GO!!!!

2018, Here I Come!