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1300* BLOGS in 6 YEARS with Lakhs of You!!!

1300th BLOG POST -->>

1300th BLOG POST

        Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year- my blog have completed 6 years. I wrote my first post on 31st July, 2009. My Graduation college was about to get started after 3 days. Who knew that a small craze of writing blog would continue for so long. It has been 6 years since then. I have completed my Graduation. I have also completed my 3 years Post Graduation. A 12th Pass has become a Master of Computer Application. Now when I write my 1300th BLOG POST on the same day, 31st July but now, in 2015, I am about to start my job after 3 days. How time changes, how a person grows up, how a person sees different phases in life- This Blog has made me realize and experience it all. 

       I am scared as I'm not a student any more. I am about to be paid by an organization after few days for committing myself towards their projects. I do not know how I would make time to think about what I want to write, discuss on my blog and share with my readers. But I am glad that the journey till now has been one of the best experiences of my life and I hope I have touched heart of few of my readers. When I started, I didn't know where the blog would head towards. I just started writing because they say, writing makes a man stronger just as reading does. With writing, I started reading. And I find myself immensely stronger today. I do not need people around me. I find myself happy and peaceful between Books and  Blogs. This is my meditation. This is my yoga. This is my exercise. 

            I have managed to connect with my readers by writing a Blog Post every 1.69 days. This is known to be a good stat considering the rate at which Bloggers generally update their portal. Many of you might raise fingers on my posts. But I am okay with it. I know my intention towards every post I have written. It has not been to increment the counter but to really touch the nerves of the society I live in, to make a non-reader order his first book online or to make a debut author little known in my small social network by reviewing his book. I have also monetized this medium but the integrity still stays. I am still confident that no one can raise his finger and say that I have cheated anyone through this medium. I have never advocated anything that's wrong intentionally. I write because I believe in few things. I write to make others understand why I believe in those things. It's totally your choice to go with my opinion or reject it. That's the democratic way of doing things in public. Isn't it?

            This has been a great week for me considering which I scheduled my 1300th BLOG POST. The Blog completes its 6th year today as I mentioned above. I have become a Certified Professional Software Tester today itself. I got my passport 2 days back. On the same day, I got selected in an IT firm as a Software Tester. This is going to be my first-ever job in life. And who does not dream to be a part of IT industry? A dream has come true. Also, today is Guru Pournima and no day can ever be better than this to do a good work. I do not know how but this is a co-incidence that I started writing on the same day when a great legend writer named Shri Munshi Premchandji was born. 

            People often complain that I write my thoughts less but promote movies and books through my reviews in every other post that I update these days. I understand your frustration. But as I said, I have certain intentions which compel me to take this blog forward in a certain way. I do not have any mission or vision for this space. I just decide how I want my Blog to be featured in a particular time frame and I accordingly prepare myself for it. When I see that what I expect has started showing results, I continue it but if I feel that my thought of connecting with people through certain topics have failed, I change the template that I have been following. I find many non-readers telling me how they purchased their first book after reading a book review here. I find many movie-lovers saving their bucks through my movie reviews. And I am liking this. The moment I will realize that my posts aren't working in the stipulated direction through reviews, I will stop this immediately and may be I would start sharing yogasanas that has benefited me in recent weeks. Haha! As I said, I do not have any vision for this blog. I will write anything for a small period and switch over to the next. 

             Every person gets educated so that he can gain knowledge in a particular field and then impart and implement the same when he gets job. But the moment education ends, joblessness creates stress which leads to a whole personality issue. The small chances that one has of securing a job vacancy also disappears. In India, freshers are treated like a tissue. Use and throw them. But the condition is getting worst day by day. Now, they are treated like waste of a process which doesn't even deserves to be used. Somehow, I have secured a job and through this landmark post, I want wishes of everyone. I wish I do well in this part of life as well and grow well in my career. And it is not possible until I have the same readers who always prayed for me during my academic exams. :-) Though I have lost the tag of "jobless" very easily but I am very conscious about it. I may not be able to continue blogging with the same frequency but remember, whenever it will be possible, I will be back in the same way you like reading my words. Let's celebrate 13th Century of this medium along with a personal achievement of mine. My love for all of you who love reading my blog.



How I spent my hours with Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM!!!!

1299th BLOG POST -->>

      This week was full of mixed emotions considering the two great stories running on our television screens. First- the good news of Yakub Menon being convicted and ordered to be hanged till death irrespective of the mercy petitions filed by many in his support. Second- a bad news regarding demise of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. I wouldn't like to talk about Yakub Menon when I have someone to talk about whom I personally respect and consider one of my idols- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He died a sudden death while delivering lecture to the students of IIM, Shillong where he used to regularly visit for teaching. Once in an interview, the great man had said that if ever I would die, I would love to have my last breathe among students while teaching them. God, up there in the sky, listens to the people who have pure and lovely soul. And that's exactly now Mr. Kalam left us.      

            It's not every time when someone who have been associated with politics die and we cry but the death of Dr. Kalam made many of us shed our tears. I have seen 100s in my Facebook wall, 50s in my Whatsapp Favorite list changing their profile picture and giving an honour to Dr. Kalam. We lovingly call him Missile Man because of couple of great successes he gave us in the field of rocketry and aeronautics. I never dreamed to meet him because I knew I would never get this great opportunity but because I was interested in knowing about him, I had read 3 of his books back to back and I have many more in my shelf. Unfortunately, I didn't read them while he was with us but I am going to read them soon. It would be a great moment to spend few more hours with him through his words that are inked in those pages that can change my/your vision towards my/your work and country.

             The reason I read and review books is THIS. I never met him but I know what he thought about his work in rocketry and missile creations, his tenure as President and his vision about India in 2020. This has been the best alternative to experience few hours with Dr. Kalam. I still remember how he wrote in his books about his approach of taking any decision fearlessly as he didn't belong to any political party and he didn't care who would appreciate his step and who won't. He also wrote about how he digitized all the files he needed as a President so that he could access them from anywhere in the world without delaying the process. He took some decisions through this method which led to many criticism but he didn't back off.

            He explained how he brought e-governance in Parliament and revolutionized everything. He even gave his take on Anna Hazare's movement and told how it's not the right method of improving the nation but also ended with the conclusion that the kind of work government is doing, this is the only method. Haha! I remember him describing about sudden death of any of his family members every time he came near to a big success in his life and therefore, couldn't celebrate the same. The struggle that he went through taught me a lot and made me understand that when you work, you shouldn't think about your home and family. He also shared his love for the Rashtrapati Bhavan immensely in his book. It showed how much he adored and enjoyed his tenure as President of India. This teaches us to appreciate all the privileges we get with our position. 

             Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have taught us so many things through his books, interviews, speeches and articles that we can transform ourselves and our nation with his ideas. If only we give importance to his real work rather than following some fake quotes being shared on several Social networking sites. I want every one reading this post to order any three of his books and read them daily until they do not finish them. You will find a change in your attitude right from the moment you would have ended reading the first page of the first book that you would have picked up. That's the magic in his story telling power. He could have stayed with us for more 25 years easily but God wanted him above to manage his own world. We will always miss you, sir. Thanks for leaving us with plethora of knowledge which will always keep you alive in our hearts. Respect! Salute! 


27 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Ajay Yadav: "I wanted to allot a new genre FICTION + NON FICTION but they didn't agree" (Interview)!!!

1298th BLOG POST -->>

Dr. Ajay Yadav is a recent debutante with his book "From Where I See". People are liking the views presented by the author on various issues. I asked many difficult questions to him but he still managed to answer everyone of them and clearing the air over many doubts I raised even my review of his book. Do experience the frankness of the author in the interview.

1. Hello Mr. Ajay Yadav, how does it feel after becoming a writer now?
It’s really great to see your book published and been liked by so many readers. For me it’s not only a book, it’s a dream for setting a utopian world. At least now I have a platform to spread my message.

2. Tell us something about your new book “From Where I See”.
I just won’t call it as book alone, it’s a revolution. It’s a journey towards an ideal world where we all dream to live in. It is my sincere effort to find out the root causes and probable remedies of intrapersonal, interpersonal, inter-social, inter-religious or inter-country conflicts. It is an exploration of hundreds of most controversial yet pertinent questions. And this all I have tried to achieve through a story background of murder mystery.

3. What actually inspired you to write this book?
       Since my childhood I had been an analytical thinker. I observed that there are always two sides of the curtain; our fears, prejudices, fixed notions and attitude of accepting what’s served as platter does not let us peep on that side often letting the winners to manipulate the historical facts. Injustice, human exploitation, dishonesty and lawlessness had never been tolerable to me. Nothing has grieved me more than hatred towards each other. Why at every level, whether it’s intrapersonal, interpersonal, inter-social, inter-religious or inter-country we are conflicted? I started to think; finding the cause for these conflicts became my passion. I started to dream of a society free of these conflicts, an honest utopian society.

There are 2 types of people in this world. First, who are sensitive to their own needs and own desires; their life revolves around ‘me’ only.  Second, who are sensitive to the needs of others; their concern is ‘we’, we as a society, as a country, as a world and most importantly as humans. Unfortunately! I belong to the second category. This sensitivity, desire to show the other side of curtain and desire to change the world to establish utopian society were the motivating factors for me to take such a bold decision. There is no weapon stronger than a pen in brining revolution so I decided to pen down.

4. Weren’t you scared to pick up the topics that even politicians do not dare to speak these days?
       Politicians have an ulterior motive of not displeasing their vote banks. My motive is just to bring the change. If everyone takes a back seat then how will the change take place?

5. Why didn’t you choose a non-fictional way to speak your views rather than going fictionally? Like Chetan Bhagat did for “What Young India Wants”.
        This book deals with very complicated issues/conflicts of the society which without a story would have attracted only intellectuals and thinkers while understanding these issues is the requirement of the society as a whole. Therefore, to widen the base of the readers, I interwoven interesting fiction story of murder mystery.

6. Even though the book discusses various topics, its back cover claims it to be religious genre in fiction category. Why so?
       This book deals with so many issues that it was very difficult to define a genre for this book. You won’t believe Abhilash that for the very same reason it was delayed for 2 months. I was simply asking the concerned authorities to allot a new genre FICTION+NON FICTION but they didn’t agree. Then I asked them to allot fiction+ religion + politics +philosophy, for which they also didn’t agree. A book can’t have multiple genre was their explanation. In India, you know the change is so difficult that finally I have to settle with fiction/religion.

7. Whose idea was of cover page? It actually represents the idea on which the book is based.  
        It was from publisher side

8. What is the next book you are writing? Can we have an overview of it?
     Right now I am writing a medical book. After finishing this work I will focus on literature book but this time a much lighter one!!! (most probably a laughter one)

9. Where do you see yourself as a writer after 5 years?
        You never know. Fate on any artist is decided by the audience.

10. Any word for your readers who are picking your book and liking it.
      Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Just one request to the readers- if you have liked it and agree with me then please propagate because we all have to put a joint effort to build a road towards the utopian world.

25 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

From Where I See by Ajay Yadav (Book review-3.5*/5) !!!

1297th BLOG POST -->>

      I woke up last night completing my 38th book of 2015:- "From Where I See" written by the debutante, Mr. Ajay Yadav. The cover page of the book and the title itself confirms that it's about seeing the same thing two different perspective. After reading the foreword and author's note in the starting, it was clear that author is going to put forward his point of view. It needs a lot of guts to write a controversial and debatable book like this which picks up some topics that people don't really believe in writing until and unless they aren't a celebrity reporter with lots of support. Mr. Ajay Yadav should be complimented for speaking about diverse topics and allowing his readers to gain some knowledge out of this reading experience. For once it seemed as if I am reading few of those historical books which discusses about truth that are never discussed in their original forms.        

           Ajay Yadav's writing is very simple in spite of topic that he chose to write upon. He wanted people to look at the world from a perspective from which he looks and therefore, he kept everything easy for readers to grasp this book. Generally, when authors attempt such stuffs, they make it enough complicated that only people with great English prefer picking it up. But this book is written for all. Anyone from age 10 to 80 can read it. That's the specialty of the book. The research author have undergone to come up with this book is easily visible in each sentence that he have written. Few sentences are cheesier when the conversation between the protagonist and Shurti takes place. That's when I felt that author should have got the book edited and made few sentences crispier. 

                From Where I See discusses different parameters on each topic that author feels is the need to discuss in current society norms. The best effort can be seen in the topic of religion, India's and world's history and the blind following for certain leaders despite knowing their real truth. Some facts are really surprising and you will be blank after reading them. Initially, the point of views of author looked immature but as the book grows upon you, you start seeing things with an open mind without judging the author. Few points are definitely debatable and that's where the author wins. His purpose of making people debate regarding these topics becomes successful. 

               Coming to the drawbacks of this book:- Book's back cover calls it a Fiction/Religious genre. I felt it's misleading. It's more non-fiction than fiction. The reader who must have picked it up considering fiction would have felt cheated. The suspense initially is interesting but in the end the way it ends isn't something for which author should have presented it in the form of thriller. He should have gone the non-fictional way and represented his thoughts in the form of chapters. As I said above, I found some sentences cheesier at times when the characters were talking with each other. 

           But in the end, I would say that I liked reading some great facts mentioned by  the author. I got to know what my history books and newspapers never discussed. Author have written his philosophies and conclusion in italic font which is good as whenever you want to go through the main points of the book, you can directly read the italics and skip the rest of the things. I give the book 3.5* out of 5. It could have been easily 4* if it was a non-fictional book. And thanks to Mr. Ajay Yadav for the knowledge. 



Shikha Kaul: "Refreshingly new story unlike the usual college romance stuff" (Interview) !!!

1296th BLOG POST -->>

 Shikha Kaul is a debutante who is winning hearts with her new book: "Hidden Husband". We got a great chance to talk with her and this is one of the best interviews we had. Do read to know what Shikha Kaul feels about her new writing career.

1. Hello Mrs. Shikha, how does it feel after finally becoming a writer? 
Hi Abhilash, I am yet to absorb the feeling that I am indeed an author now. It feels great. It was only a year back when I started penning down my first book ‘Hidden Husband’ and it feels proud to finally hold my book.

2. What changes do you feel in life since the release of your book?
I have changed as a person. Every author I suppose looks at things differently. Now, I think more, visualise more and somehow feel I can read people’s minds better.
And certainly I am loving the respect, recognition and love of my friends and readers, and this industry as a whole which is completely new to me. I really look forward to this new chapter of my life with full enthusiasm and devotion.

3. Tell us something about your first novel- Hidden Husband?
As the title suggests, I wish my readers to pick up the book and know what’s hidden there.
It’s a love story with a difference, which talks about the negativities of Indian society when it comes to differences in castes and religions. How Aisha and Raghav, the protagonists, struggle to keep their love alive through all challenges and how their lives eventually take a turn. It’s an amazing roller-coaster ride which will keep the readers hooked from the beginning till the end. 

4. How much time did it take you to write this book?
It took me 6 months to finish writing the entire manuscript and then the hunt for publishers began.

5. What inspired you to create the character of Aisha? Does it have any relation with anyone’s true story?
The character of Aisha is actually inspired by not just one but two people I have known in my life. And also the character’s thought processes resembles me. She is very much like me.

6. The final decision of your character in the book is quite practical than emotional or filmy. Weren‘t you afraid that love story lovers might write you off?
It’s actually the contrast. People are loving the book and I am getting excellent reviews. Readers are finding it as a refreshingly new story unlike the usual college romance stuff. This promises to touch everyone’s heart. 

It’s because of the practical nature of all characters that everyone would relate to this book somehow or the other. You just can’t keep the book down till you finish reading it till the end. And most of them who have read it already expect me to come up with a sequel, although I have no such plans.
I know the climax kept them desiring for more.

7. How has been your association with Gargi Publishers? How did you find them first of all?
I met Gargi Publishers for the first time in World Book Fair this year in February and then there was no looking back. I had just finished writing the manuscript then. It has been a wonderful experience so far with them and I look forward to working with them on my next book too which is still in the making.

8. What are you writing next? Can we get an overview of it?
My next book is a murder mystery. A billionaire from Mumbai and a simple girl from Thailand who claims to be his daughter. A year later, she is found killed. 
I would not like to reveal much about the story but it has all the aspects of being a bestseller covering many people and professions- media, police, CBI, politics, law, love, emotions and much more. It’s not inspired by anyone though. 
It is taking me longer to pen it down as involves lot of research and studying about various professions to ensure I bring about a piece closest to what prevails in reality.

9. Any words for your readers who are picking up your book and liking the same.
I feel honoured to know that my book is loved and appreciated by all ages. The sole purpose of this book is to let people understand that life should be lived as it comes. 
Live life like Aisha! 

Soumyadeep Koley: "Book involved several months of tireless research" (Interview) !!!

1295th BLOG POST -->>

Soumyadeep Koley's debut novel- Her Resurrection has not been released yet and we got a wonderful opportunity to interview him. He believes in giving short answers and therefore, you will like reading this interview. 

Hello Soumyadeep, how has been life after becoming a writer? What changes do you find around you?

Since my book hasn't yet released officially, the change is still subtle at this moment.

Tell us something about your debut novel, HER RESURRECTION.

The book is about a woman with a backbone of steel and heart of gold, forged from the flames of hell.

We have heard that you have been part of fighting for elimination of crime against women. Tell us something about that.

To be honest, as of yet, I have hardly done anything substantial to eliminate crime against women. But what I can share is I have counseled survivors from different parts of India and abroad, and put forward my efforts through unique mystical and metaphysical techniques to ease their pain and trauma.

Wasn’t it hard for you to write few scenes that are very violent and criminal?

I believe it's the duty of an author to portray life as realistically as possible. Else, literature becomes superfluous. Of course penning down some scenes was difficult and needed a whole lot of research and experience. But what’s more difficult was listening to the first-hand experiences of such viciousness from survivors themselves, and still maintaining a professional aura during counselling.

What research did you went through before writing a book on such a topic which needs thorough research and surveys?

Writing the book involved several months of tireless research. I traveled a lot for two years, read a lot, heard a lot of heartbreaking stories directly from survivors.

How has been your association with Gargi Publishers till now? How did you come to know about them?

I came to know about Gargi Publishers by virtue of their strong social presence in different platforms. Till now, experience with Gargi Publishers is wonderful. Mr. Pulkit Gupta is professional, and a very nice person to work with.

Tell us something about your next work. 

It’s still in the conceptualizing phase, and will go through many reincarnations, before I come up with something notable to share. Shedding some light on its theme, I can say it would be a serious and social one.

Where do you see yourself as a writer after 5 years from now?

I aspire to reach out to more and more readers to convey my messages, while entertaining them, and also enlightening them at the same time. Five years from now, I hope to count my success with the number of smiles I’d put on faces.

Any words for your readers who are reading and liking your book. 

First of all, it’s my great honour that you’ve chosen to read my book, because without you, an author is incomplete. 

How much the world might be wreathed in depravity, it’s  still a beautiful place to live in, because of people who love, who care. The world doesn’t need to be saved. It just needs to be loved. Be the one who loves, who cares.

24 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Her Resurrection by Soumyadeep Koley (Book Review-3.25*/5) !!!

1294th BLOG POST -->>

         I am just done reading 2nd book in continuity that's been released by Gargi Publication. I am happy to find that both of their new releases have been above average- something that you find less in books released by self-publishing mediums. Soumyadeep Koley, a debutante, have written a challenging book named "Her Resurrection" which carries the tagline- "A Survivor's journey of Emancipation, Reclamation and Redemption". It was very obvious by the cover page and synopsis that it's a tale of a girl who must have been raped and how she coped with it in her future life. It actually appeared to be the same what was predicted. But the way author have handled the whole story shows how clean his approach has been towards how women are treated in India and he makes sure that he chose right words to describe their plight. 
             Soumyadeep Koley's writing style is simple- neither very good nor bad. It's written so that people of any age can read it easily. The words that he chose to describe few scenes impressed me a lot. He didn't philosophized the situations as many authors tend to do when they speak about depressing story of victims. He just wanted to speak a story that looks real and practical but yet delivers a big message to all the girls who find themselves held by society's opinion of themselves. Any girl who must have gone through violence, rape or molestation will find a motivation through this tale. This book could have become boring considering its main plot but author have beautifully managed the interest of his readers even when it goes for almost 260 pages. Amazing!

            Her Resurrection is a typical victim's story in the beginning and the time until Maya is trapped in the brothel. Few scenes regarding initial eve-teasing, gang-rape and experience in brothel makes you enough angry to go and beat the shit out of boys making girls suffer almost daily in their lives. Those scenes are terrifically written and lets you understand the emotions of girls who are victim to these gender inequality issue happening in almost every country. Though I feel that the author could have undergone more research before writing this book but still as a debut work, it's quite insightful. 

          The real fun in reading begins when the protagonist reaches Rajasthan. Author have given this story a different range since then. Though I felt that few co-incidences mentioned in the book about how she bangs into people she left behind all of a sudden are unimpressive and naive. The anti-climax is little dramatic which could have been avoided but still, the book holds emotional value and therefore, I give it 3.25* out of 5. Do gift it to someone whom you know have suffered something like this. And to author, my request would be to write a fun novel next time and show us another dimension to his writing. :-)


23 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Hidden Husband by Shikha Kaul (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

1293rd BLOG POST -->>

        I am done reading Gargi Publisher's one of the latest release- debutante Shikha Kaul's "Hidden Husband". The book also carries a tag line- "Some secrets never leave you". The cover page of the book is so beautifully made that it will tempt you to pick up the book. The same happened with me. I had very big expectations from the book considering its whole representation and synopsis but I found the book little above par. Shikha Kaul's writing style is simple and it will not make you reach out for your dictionary even once. Her characters are also memorable and you will find connecting with each of them very easily. Her approach of writing this book by keeping things simple and realistic can be easily deciphered but it also limited the author's imagination.     

           The book starts wonderfully and asks you to sit and dwell into the story. Few early pages are really page-turners and you want to read the story as fast as you can to know what will happen to the new developing love story. Suddenly, author takes you to a flashback and surprises you with facts about the protagonist which confuses you how can then a new love story is about to start in the present. When the author comes back to the present, it is again where the book flies high and your interest gets generated again. Author have written the initial part and anti-climax and climax very beautifully which shows her real talent. Unfortunately, the same flick couldn't be found in the 2nd part of the flashback that is the core part of the book. 

           Shikha Kaul's characters and their dilemma somewhere makes you remember Preeti Shenoy's characters. This impressed me a lot as you couldn't point any of the characters and claim that he/she is wrong or villain of the book. 

           Coming to the drawbacks:- I found the flashback stretched and felt that author could have easily cut it short by almost 30-40 pages. Yes, that's how much stretched I found it. Also, few things are repetitive which makes you lose your interest in the later stages. The over description of few things irritates the reader. Also, author discusses few current affairs and her take about it through the voice of her protagonist. As they had nothing to do with the plot of the story, I found it totally irrelevant. The book could have been easily wrapped up in 200 pages. Overall, I will give the book- 3.5* out of 5 and I am pretty sure that author is about to get better with each of her book as she has the quality that will make readers feel connected with her. 


21 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

The Unbreakable Law by Pragat Kasana (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

1292nd BLOG POST -->>

      I have read my first book published by PepperScript which is the debut work of Pragat Kasana. Unlike other authors, this author has little social media following already because of his interesting tweets and this ensures me that his book shall do well in coming future. The cover page of the book is beautiful and it will surely grasp eyes of few readers. Fortunately, the book is a perfect page-turner and a book that can be read in one go. I picked it up last evening and kept reading it till 4.30 AM in morning. It's just 200 pages thick but takes a lot of time for you to grasp as most of the names and places are named by the author himself; because the book belongs to the fantasy fiction genre.   

          Pragat Kasana's writing style is very fluid and he has good command over the language. He divides the chapters perfectly so that you do not get cluttered in the long fantasy story that it is. I liked the author's idea of mentioning main characters initially itself which many authors fail to do so. I made a hierarchy tree according to the description of the characters which helped me understand the story better. The characterizations are wonderfully created by the author and even after you complete the book, you will think about couple of them. Even the unusual animals and creatures that the author have described are powerfully portrayed and you can imagine them easily. As a debutante, I feel Pragat have hit at the right place.

           Author have tried to put in some philosophy intelligently without being preachy. He wittily tells how sadness, anger and stress of a person can benefit the people who are looking for their failures. He amazingly builds a great scenario and shows how a father cares for his son even when they do not meet each other since the child's birth. Author also manages to say how even good people go a wrong way to attain some power which can make them look stronger and right in society. Also he speaks about how historical facts are distorted according to who wins the war and future generations get to know only about how their forefathers were right and everyone were wrong. I liked how the book is ended with a cool climax. But I want author to write something else next time rather than writing sequel to this book. :-) I give 4 stars out of 5 to this book for its originality and creativity. 


19 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Body The Greatest Gadget/Mind Is Your Business by Sadhguru (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

1291st BLOG POST -->>

        I have always admired Jaico Publishing house because of their commitment towards publishing books that teaches more about life and its importance irrespective of what other publishers are publishing. They are never into race to earn more by releasing stupid pulp fictions and college campus stories. This time I got the opportunity to read Sadhguru's 2 books released in one package- Mind is your Business and Body The Greatest Gadget. I liked the concept of releasing two books in one binding as both are less than 100 pages each. I started with Mind is your business and hence I would review it first.

            Mind is your Business is basically about how we have cluttered our mind ourselves and made a mess of it but still complain that we are in stress and ache every day. Sadhguru very nicely makes us clear what we have actually done to make a mess of our mind. While reading the chapters, you will realize that we have ourselves sucked away the peace from our mind and added useless stuffs in it. Sadhguru is basically making a point that we have attached ourselves with so many identities today because of which we start considering ourselves with something and not with something with which we do not find ourselves attached. This leads to several opinions and therefore, we are always disturbed. In the end, Sadhguru shares with us few tips on how we can still our minds and bring it in our control rather than being in its control. 

           The second book, Body The Greatest Gadget, is better than the first, according to my view. I did find few things in MIYB above the thinking process of a layman because of which I found hard to understand few concepts. But in this particular book, Sadhguru have so practically explained everything that I could imagine myself doing all the suggested tips and finding myself in a better spot. This book tells you about how you can be healthy always plus how fighting illness is easy. The importance of yoga is wonderfully described in both the books. Sadhguru have also tried telling how to eat and what to eat to stay away from illness. He has supported his take without being religious but being scientific and practical. 

              Though I wished Sadhguru to have written this book with more examples so that a layman like me could have understood the concepts right from the core. Just like Eknath writes who's also been published by Jaico continuously. Rest, I liked the points made by Sadhguru and it's a book that I would always like to pick up whenever I would start following yoga and meditation as routine. I give this book 3.75* out of 5. 


17 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Exit Interview by Amrita Mukherjee (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

1290th BLOG POST -->>

      Though I have not read many books published by Rupa Publications but I always stay curious for their new work and keep myself updated to it. I had Amrita Mukherjee's debut book "Exit Interview" in my hands since long but had to wait because of my Internship and final examinations. It is the first book that I have read completely after my examination and I must say, what a start to my vacations. :-) Seeing the cover page of the book, I was not quite impressed as I found it quite girlish and therefore thought it might be a boring stuff. But it is rightly said,"Never judge a book by its cover". But kya karein, bikta toh sub packaging se hi hai :-) After completing this book, I am happy that I read it as it's among one of the best debut work by a female author in pulp fiction genre. 

            Amrita Mukherjee's language is very fluid because of which this book serves as a wonderful read and you will be unable to keep it aside once you pick it up. So beware, do not read it while traveling as you might not prefer getting at your stop because it will pause your reading experience. :-) The characterizations of Amrita are powerful which makes them stay in your mind even after the book is over. Rasha is carved so beautifully that you fall in love even before Arun does. Haha! The flashback story in college is also nicely set which makes the book little more better than it is. The thrilling kind of feel given by the author in the second half through the prologue is also a nice turn given to this story. 

             Through this book, Amrita have tried to reveal many facts but made sure that it isn't preachy at all. She discusses about the challenges in journalism field and how bosses enjoy all the success while the real journalist behind the stories slog for a simple appraisal every day. She also tells about exploitation in the field. She discusses Kolkata and Dubai in detail and makes sure she does not insult her country even if comparing it with a developed one. 

            I liked the book since arrival of Ankita in the company in the midst of cold war between Sabrina and Rasha. That whole part is so well-managed by the authoress that "Exit Interview" gets into my favorite list. I just felt that the book could have been little shorter as I felt author over-describing even small scenes which weren't much relevant with the real plot. 270 pages could have been enough. The first trip to Egypt with Arun is stretched like anything which urges you with every sentence to skip few pages. Similarly, the climax is also stretched even though I liked how she have set her plot in a real world situation. Over all, Exit Interview is an amazing read and considering it as a work of a debutante, it is gold. I give it 4.25* out of 5. 



Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Strong, Emotional, Bhai's best! ****

1289th BLOG POST -->>


       I am back after watching Salman Khan's latest and most-awaited movie- Bajrangi Bhaijaan. If there would have been 1000 people with me in my screen watching the movie, 990 of them were boys. Even in the queue, they were shouting and hooting as if Salman Khan had given an unexpected entry and surprised all his fans. That's the popularity of this Superstar. Every time I go to watch his movie, I come back disappointed because I do not go to see his face and scream unlike his die-hard fans who even went at Galaxy Apartments when he was announced as guilty. I need at least a basic content in a movie which could keep me intrigued but unfortunately, Salman's movies never provide me. Considering this, I am about to rate Bajrangi Bhaijaan very highly because of its content.

            Everyone knows the basic premises on which the movie is based as trailer has already spoken a lot about it. As a director, Kabir Khan wanted to speak various things but it could not have been possible in a single movie with a single plot. And therefore, the writer managed to somehow intersect different premises and create a basic plot for Kabir Khan to showcase all that he wanted to through Bajrangi Bhaijaan. BB is very entertaining and you would love watching it because you know there's something substantial about to happen. Things does not get easily done after Salman Khan punches a villain but he has to struggle to make his way to get this mute girl sent back to her home in Pakistan. He has to fight with common people like a commoner because that's what he is- an innocent Bajrangbali bhakt.

           There are little flaws in few scenes but they are purely avoidable considering the beautiful story that is been told to us. At one point, you will feel that it's an adaptation of some bestseller book written ages ago. Such is a conviction of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the movie. I will only point one scene here where writer and director thought that audiences would blindly believe them:- Salman Khan is allowed to cross the border without passport and visa finally because the Pakistan security chief feels that the man is innocent. Now such big things happen easily in 2-3 scenes but Saat Khoon Maaf for delivering a message and story so beautifully throughout the movie and even in the end.

           Climax is quite stretched but even then you won't want to leave the theater and leave. You want to watch each and every second of it because each frame is full of emotions and sentiments. The same crowd which was hooting, whistling and screaming since the start were totally silent in the climax because almost everyone were choked or had tears in their eyes. This is definitely not among the movies where you'll find Salman Khan taking off his shirts and delivering few punches here and there and getting his job done for the movie. He is in character and you'll find it little different because it's happening long after Dabangg. :-) 

          The little girl, Harshaali Malhotra, deserves equal praise for this movie. Without her, this movie would have been incomplete. Her angelic face and sweet smile gives a performance that you'll remember for a long time. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is just crazy like every time. Haha! 2nd half becomes much better because of his presence too. Talking about Kareena Kapoor Khan, you wish to see more of her as she was back in her same avatar that we loved during 3 Idiots' times. Considering a scale that I use only to rate Salman Khan's movies, this is 4.5 stars. Yes! Overall, it is still 4 stars for me. Do not miss. Watch it as soon as possible. 


15 July 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Chanakya in You by Radhakrishnan Pillai (Book Review- 3*/5) !!!

1288th BLOG POST -->>

      I have all the three books of Radhakrishnan Pillai in my shelf but never got time to read any of them even when I wanted to read them desperately. Finally, I have started reading from the latest book he have written named "Chanakya in You". The book 's tagline says that it carries adventures of a modern kingmaker. I was very excited for the book as I love reading management and leadership related books but after reading the book, I am quite disappointed as it has turned out to be an average and mediocre stuff. I had assumed it would carry many learning of Chanakya and how it's relevant and applicable in today's world but what author presented is how one can apply it in his life by changing his lifestyle.      

              The writing style of the bestseller author is very easy which can be read by anyone who knows how to read English. It's that simple. The intention of author is very pure and conventional that he wants to spread his knowledge among everyone whoever has access to buying books and reading them. He wants everyone to be proud of being Indian as it's in our country where spirituality can be attained in its purest form. He wants everyone to seek the wisdom of Arthashastra and that's what he keeps reminding in almost every page. Book starts with a wonderful tone and you wish if it carried something like The Monk who sold his Ferrari where the plot waits at a particular location and the knowledge is given in abundant. But the fictional representation of the story made Mr. Pillai move from one plot to another so fast that you are unable to find yourself in the book or Chanakya in you. 

            Yes, there are indeed few learning in the book but that's the problem. A book of almost 250-pages shouldn't have had only few learning but something out of which I could have made notes for my future reference. Author only manages to tell why to study Arthashastra whereas a reader's expectation is to know about how it could have been applied in today's world of corporate and leadership. There is no doubt that author has abundant knowledge about the same but may be he couldn't present it properly. He ended up writing few things about his own life and what he wishes his own life to be. The book is filled only with positivism rather than explaining how to fight when a man gets trapped in trouble. In all, Chanakya in You is a mediocre book to which I'll give 3 stars out of 5.