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Review: Great Grand Masti: Speechless!!! 0

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       I am done watching "Great Grand Masti" on my PC as I got the censor copy through online. Earlier, we used to check Torrentz on the day of the movie release but now the copies are available almost 2-3 weeks before the release itself. Though it causes a big loss to the Producer but it's always a win-win situation for the audience. People might send me messages of how I must feel ashamed of watching the leaked movie rather than spending money to watch one. But my only revert on this would be to make those directors/producers answer who keeps copying from Hollywood, Chinese and South India movies continuously and showing us plagiarized cinema. So, let's move ahead with the review now. 
              Great Grand Masti is a suicidal movie. Yes! If you want to kill yourself with extreme pain, you should watch this movie anyhow- even by pirated means. I was self-motivated before watching it but after the movie ended, I felt lost in this world and couldn't understand what am I doing here and what's the purpose of this thing called LIFE. This is effect of this great movie which calls itself a sex-comedy. The irony is such that the movie does not have a single kissing scene leave sex. And talking about comedy- well, if you find humor even in a single dialogue or scene, do let me know. I would leave reviewing Bollywood movies then. The story of the movie is such that all the three friends are unable to have sex with their wife because of respective issues. At home of one of those friends, a new maid joins in who is quite sexy. The friends decide to move to the village from where she comes in expectation of finding many such beauties there. After they land there, they find Urvashi Rautela who's a ghost and get entangled in this scenario. That's all!

             Talking about the performances, none of the three male actors seems to be interested in displaying any sort of timing or acting. They are just finishing off their tasks and leaving- That's what you'll feel in each and every scene. Talking about the ladies in the movie, Urvashi Rautela looks very sexy and desirable. She is someone to watch out for after her screen presence in both- Sanam Re and this movie. Next, Puja Banerjee also looks very beautiful in every scene though acting is bit an issue. Rest, everyone in this movie seems to be interested only in the cheque and not in delivering the performance as they already knew that this movie has no future. I give this movie 0 star out of 5. There's nothing spectacular about it except Urvashi's cleavage and Puja's beauty. 



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