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You're the password to my life by Sudeep Nagarkar (Book Review-3.25*/5)!!!

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   Sudeep Nagarkar's latest book- the 5th in his name- You're the Password to My Life has been read by me. Once again I got an opportunity to read his book before the official release. It's always a pleasure to review the book of a popular author like Sudeep Nagarkar. His last book had impressed me a lot and therefore the expectation with this release was at it's zenith. I can't stop praising Sorry You're not my type. One of it's kind book. Talking about this book, it's another one based upon love and relationships, the genre in which Sudeep believes to write time and again. As always, his writing style remains to be simple. He uses easy language and dialogues to make it easy for his target audience of age:15-25 to understand the book without referring a dictionary. 

          The book begins with a prologue that assures a twist somewhere between the story. And then Sudeep narrates a scene through which we are introduced to a wonderful friendship between Virat and Kavya. Later on, Virat falls in love with Mehak. Kavya helps him get in touch with Mehak and engage in a relationship. Virat believes in sharing everything with his friend, Rohan, whom he meets through an online networking site. Aditya (Did the name click?) is a great friend of Rohan who also narrates story from his PoV whenever needed in between. All these characters go through personal experiences in love and friendship. The ties shown between them is wonderfully carried by the author. Once again, Sudeep Nagarkar gives us memorable characters in the form of Virat, Kavya and Rohan. I somewhere felt that Aditya and Mehak couldn't do the magic that was expected from them considering their role in the story.

      Overall, the book couldn't do the same magic as Sudeep's last book but it is surely better than his first 3. The story remains to be very normal in the first half and I wasn't impressed until the twist comes in the life of Kavya. Only after that, book picks up its pace and the story starts creating magic. If not for the climax, I would say Sudeep Nagarkar didn't touch my soul as he generally does with his books. Sudeep saves the book with the wonderful pre-climax and climax. After Kavya's tragedy, I wasn't expecting any other big twist in the book. But author does that and makes me happy. Whatever disappointment I had after first half gets balanced with the last twist in the book that was purely unexpected. I just wish he could have added some WOW moments in the first-half too. 

          I found many typing errors which disappointed me. Considering the writer and the name of the major publishing house associated with this book, a strict proofreading is expected. I also felt somewhere that the author have hurried in completing this book. Personal opinion. Also, the Hindi lyrics aren't an impressive idea to be inserted time and again. It's an English book and even the translation of Hindi songs can do the wonders. Author should work upon this idea next time. I feel that if the book could have been 20-30 pages more, author could have expressed a bit more than he was able to. 

          Summarily, I would say that a wonderful pre-climax and climax is what you should look forward in this new release. The character of Kavya is impressive and the decision taken by Rohan isn't predictable and therefore does not make this book boring and silly at one point of time. Considering how the story was going, I had planned 2.5 stars for it. But the way author takes the story to another level in the end, I would give this book 3.25 stars. Exactly what I gave to Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend. So if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy this too. :-)



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I don't want my CHILDHOOD back!!!

1174th BLOG POST -->>

        Recently, we celebrated Children's Day. Politically, it has been made a war between who owns Chaha Nehru but I am not interested either in Nehru or which party deserves him more. I was thinking only about children and cute little kids who bring smile on our faces every now and then through their gestures and playful nature. They laugh, cry, sleep, walk, wake, talk, jump, falls- all at the same time and that's the fun and chill they provide us. Seeing children and reading about how some people miss their childhood, I was thinking if I need my childhood back. Then I thought about the range of age in which a human being is considered to be a child. I did not get any perfect answer. 

           People say that we will miss our teenage a lot as soon as they cut their 20th birthday cake. How is it possible that you have grown enough mature just in a day that now you consider yourself a mature person to hold responsibilities than to be the one who tried almost everything he shouldn't have? We shouldn't be so reactive about how our personality would seem if we remain to be the same playful or immature person we were till now. I have seen few people in their 25th year smoking, drinking, riding bikes at 120 km/hr, having night-out with the same excitement and even having sex as if they have received Oscar for lifetime achievement. For them, the teenage is still on. There's no range of age for them. You must have heard people saying that certain elder uncle is still a child and therefore if he's not at party, party is not a fun anymore. If carrying the childhood till the last breathe would have been so foolish, the uncle wouldn't have been missed at the parties. Right?

          But considering my childhood, I feel good that it has been left behind. There used to be so much competition in the colonies that aunties would never let us roam on roads if we didn't score a decent marks or scored more than the average of my classmates living in that society. Our parents themselves were so passionate about our marks that for them, our life was nothing than a marks-scoring machine. That was a scary phase of my life because studies never excited me something as a full-time. I also needed a fun-time which my parents mostly neglected to grant me. That was painful and something that used to fill anguish in me. 

          I was very dumb kind of a child or you can say, introvert basically when I just entered my school. The nature remained the same until I completed my 5th std. I was very boring and therefore my friends never took me in their teams whenever we played Cricket, Kabaddi or any game. No one partnered me whenever there were games in our club. It was quite a humiliation daily. I used to plead at home to send me out for playing. But when I was sent, there was no one who was interested in playing with me. Suddenly, I realized and found myself in loneliness. I observed that I had great sense of humour whenever I talked with myself about anything. I just needed guts to crack the same jokes in public so that the boys of my age group shall realize my importance too. That worked. I became a talking topic in the colony.

         With this new found attention of my friends and everyone around me, I left everything behind including studies and all my time started getting invested in creating jokes and cracking them. Even when I used to sit on my study table in the evening, I used to think about how I have to make my friends laugh next morning in the school bus. I used to create funny shayaris, non-veg songs etc. This took me down from 97% to 89% to 80% to 75% to 67% to 60.80% in SSC examination. I was shocked and realized how I had wasted everything I had as the power of having a genius brain. As a child, I didn't get my priority right as the toppers of my class used to plan. I was always known as brilliant child even when I was going down day by day because of the initial respect and rapport I had built with my extra-ordinary percentages. Therefore, I never felt that I should get on the right track again. Because of wrong influences, I grew a new tendency that I would show the world that greatness can be achieved even without studying and having great knowledge. Huh!

          Also in my childhood, I felt myself very lonely because of being a single-child. With time, I saw my parents distancing from me. My father worked for 70-80 hours at a stretch and didn't have good time to spend with me. My mother was herself a working lady hence she would be busy meeting her deadlines and maintaining public relationship for the growth of her business. I found myself alone at home almost every time. Even when my parents were home, because of sheer pressure of society on a child's result, they would lock the door of bedroom to make me sit inside and study. Sometimes, I wanted to talk with them but because I was also beaten twice a week at an average, I never had the confidence of speaking my mind to my parents. This took away all the emotions from me which has somewhere affected my personality till today. 

          Now, I can say "I love you, papa" seeing into his eyes without any shyness. Now I can tell my mother how I am feeling about my life and future etc. I talk with my parents at stretch today. They are my friends now. They discuss everything with me even if it's about money. I missed the same involvement and companionship from them in my childhood. I always thought that considering I don't have any sibling, they should love me a bit more than they believe they should but Alas, I was alone. Yes, I was! Hence, I totally hate my childhood. It was divided in two parts. Initial years in begging everyone to accept me, associate with me and feel my existence and latter years in ruining my potentials because I got the most awaited attention from the same people who never looked at me in primary school. For me, Children's day is less about fun but more about the scary days that still haunts me. I don't want my childhood back like you. :-) 



Hum Saath Saath Hain!!! Okay, sorry!!!

1173rd BLOG POST -->>

      A group is formed when certain people meet together and find commonalities between them. They start sharing their previous experiences. With it, they also start planning how they are going to enjoy certain moments together. Memories keep getting added and the love happens. A group is formation of pure love is what I personally feel. If there is no love from either of the two sides or many sides that a group has, the relationship in the group does not sustain for a long time. It is said that every relation comes with an expiry date and it is 99.99% true and I totally believe in it. Therefore even if I am in love with someone and I know that I see my life with her, I am always prepared for that moment when I'll realize the separation is near. it pains less. It hurts less. Don't expect and you are always on the right and happy path. Expect and you will find hurdles all along your life till the end. 

          A group should understand that in success of each other is the ultimate success of the group. If we start pulling each other down by passing comments, hurling taunts and underestimating the potentials, we are weakening our own resources. In childhood, it used to be fun. My friend knew badminton hence he taught me that. I knew little bit about books so I helped them with that. Another was expert in abusing hence he ruined us all. Haha! That is how a group used to work. By empowering each other. But does the same love, determination, purity, positivism and "WE" attitude stays in the competitive world today? Definitely NOT! 

         When I came to Mumbai and I saw certain groups of boys and girls roaming and hanging out together, I used to feel that even I need such a group even if it comprises only boys. But I need one. I used to watch movies alone in multiplexes and I missed a big group around me. Finally, I got one in BCA and once all of us got separated because of getting admitted in different colleges, I got a new one in MCA after almost an academic year. I have always been very proud of my group and I want everyone to succeed in their own way. I never feel that I should be the only achiever so that the grooup keeps on talking about me. I should be the only hot trending topic in group each and every time. No! I want everyone to have that moment so that a group remains to be a group. It's not necessary to have a leader but at any point of time, you need anyone who excels in something that the group is talking about currently. 

         But there is no stoppage to the ego issues that comes in the way. If I say something, someone would be there to tell why he shouldn't worry about future because he knows he is exceptional. Similarly if someone tries telling that no one in group is secured, I shouldn't jump and say,"hey, didn't you see I have a great back-up in the form of my parent's savings?" No. This is just not acceptable. People start competing within the group and then starts a phase where everyone wants to push and kick each other behind to cross the winning mark alone by a hefty margin. But is that how one can win? Never. A group's support is always essential. Either Virat Kohli's century or Rohit Sharma's double-century, there is always a big team behind which claps passionately without any competitive and egoistic attitude hidden. 

            I have seen groups getting formed, broken and even if they continue to be together, it's out of formality or peer pressure that because everyone's group is still intact, we shouldn't stay in college alone without our group. My BCA group separated because one was too egoistic and stubborn to hear anyone else. Another wanted to follow his own set of weird values and proceedings even when in a group. Another wanted to fight and shout at anyone for any kind of silly reason. And I wanted everyone to say YES to the things I liked because I felt I am always right. The group never met again as a group after BCA ended. Similarly, the MCA group is almost done with each other. If this would have been Bigg Boss House, I would have already become a Gautam Gulati whom everyone would have hated for considering himself as hero and ever right. 

           Anyways, my point is:- A group should never feel competitive among themselves. There should be an attitude among friends that anyone winning among us will be my own success. In someone's success, one should see himself achieving a landmark. One shouldn't be too self-centered or over-confident about himself while planning and debating. If one finds that another is weak in this zone, he should forward his helping hands before the person asks for the help. After helping, one shouldn't repeat it again and again or ask anything in return for it. Because then that would be barter system or retailing. Helping is always selfless and one-sided. One shouldn't consider others weak because you might be Zero in what someone else might turn out to be Hero tomorrow. When argument becomes serious sometimes without any personal issues, one should have that courtesy and consciousness alive to go and sort it out later. That's what I feel how group of friends can stay together forever if few things are kept in mind and ego issues does not come in between.


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An Interview with author, Vikas Singal!!!

1172nd BLOG POST -->>

     As I wrote few days back in one of my reviews that I read an e-book for the first time. It was "And... They Fell in Love" by Vikas Singal. Fortunately, I got an opportunity to interview him and ask few questions I had in mind. It's all here for everyone of you to read and hear what the author has to say about his e-book and future plans.

1. Hello Vikas! We would like to know something about your childhood and background before knowing about how you turned into an author. 

Well, I am brought up in a small town Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan. I have spent my childhood as one of the most adored child of my family. My parents are quite traditional but they have installed some really good self belief in me. And that have helped me a lot.

2. What triggered you that you suddenly thought of writing these stories and releasing them for all the readers?

It was just another day of my simple life when something happened. I wanted to remember it for life time, so I wrote that incident in a short story format. One of my roommate read it and found it fabulous. That’s how it all started.

3. How did the idea of publishing only the e-Book version of And… They Fell in Love come into your mind? Why didn’t you go for paperback version?

To be honest, I contacted few publishers but the material was not long enough. And the cost of paper version was coming way too high. So I just keep it as an E-Book for now.

4. What exactly did you want to convey through the three stories that you have sincerely written in this book?

If I talk to the point, my answer would be “ Love still exists and few couple are really made for each other”.

5. Are you planning to write any full-fledged novel? Or longer forms of short stories?

Yes, it’s in pipeline. 

6. Why don’t you participate in various Anthology competitions if you are interested in writing Short stories? They can give you better exposure. 

Yes, soon you would see me in one of those anthologies! I am game for it.

7. By when are you publishing your next work? Any idea on what it would be based upon?

I am working on my second book but I am not position to say a definite time line for it. Yes, it would be based on relationships.

8. If you win a major award for your stories, what would you say in the speech? 

Hard one!! I have to prepare it first. But it would end something like this:

Honesty still is the best policy.
Hard work still pays. 
And the Good Guy still gets the best Girl!

The Symbol by Varun Gautam (Book Review 3.75*/5)!!!

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    Finishing a novel in one sitting is always an amazing experience. And if the novel turns out to be interesting and compelling,that's cherry on the cake. I picked up Varun Gautam's The Symbol with not much expectations because the cover page and synopsis didn't synchronize well. Also, the name of publisher- Authors Press didn't excite me. But after completing this book, I am mind-blown. As a debut, Varun Gautam has surely hit a boundary on the first ball. I just wish this book is promoted well so that it gets what it deserves- A Bestseller Tag. 

        Varun Gautam's story makes sure that by the time it's half way done, you already start feeling motivated. You will link the events with few unsuccessful times you had. Though the book makes you hate Arjun since his introduction but later on, the way you keep cheering him page by page is what describes the efficiency with which Varun has scripted this story. You want Arjun to succeed. You start seeing yourself in him. You start feeling every emotion that he feels. That's the power of this book- The Symbol.

        Varun's writing style is very simple and his command on language is also commendable. With well-crafted sentences, he manages to make you feel every emotion that he wants to convey through his story. His intention of changing the mindset of people will surely be successful as story leaves its impression on you even after hours you are done reading it. The concept of The Symbol is also managed very well. The author hasn't overdone it. I was quite doubtful about the superstition this book might promote but it is given a new angle by the end of the tale. 
       The quality of publishing is also up to the mark for which I would like to applaud Authors Press. There's one problem- THE MRP OF THE BOOK. Rs. 350 is too much for a pop fiction. It should be brought down to Rs. 150 at most. I also have problem with the cover page. People might restrict themselves from picking this book assuming it to be sci-fi, superstitious or fantasy work. Until the packaging isn't according to the product, the product won't get its due properly. This should be corrected while re-printing the next impression.

           Arjun's character is wonderfully described by the protagonist Dhruv throughout the book. Creating a selfless protagonist like Dhruv who speaks less about himself and more about Arjun is a different angle I have found after a long time. The way love stories are treated satisfies because author does not waste pages in narrating how the love was made and sex was accomplished. Kudos! The character of Arjun's father is something that will surely make you laugh as you might find a friend's father in him. Haha! Rest, all the characters and scenes are treated well. The book should be surely in your shelf if you are feeling down or you think you cannot achieve something just because you failed once. I recommend this book to all the youngsters undoubtedly. I give it 3.75*/5. Amazing stuff!


13 November 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Strings of Friendship by Mehul Kaku (Book Review- 2*/5)!!!

1170th BLOG POST -->>

      Picked up another book and completed reading in a single sitting. Mehul Kaku's 184-pages novel "Strings of Friendship". I should compliment and pat the author for challenging himself and not only have he written this book but also published and now marketing it. It need guts to singlehandedly make your book reach in the hands of customer. The cover page of the book is surely compelling and you will pick it up to read the story of 4 boys shown jumping in front of a sunset scenario. The publishing quality of the book is also fine. I just wonder why Mehul didn't care to introduce himself in the book. 

         Mehul's writing style is very simple which will be helpful for starters to pick this book and get into reading. I found the writing very normal because of which I also felt that the story-telling lacked that finesse which I usually search in a book. His characterization is wonderful and I should applaud him for making it clear in the mind of readers what his characters are like. I can easily find the characters in the people around me which also shows how this book is inspired hugely by the people around the author. 

         Story starts with a prologue where you find tension bursting between a couple. Later on, the story goes into a flashback where the protagonist remembers his 4 friends from school with whom he learnt having alcohols, caught by a garden-owner, enjoyed sunsets etc. The story starts well but it loses the track after a point of time. Author just told different scenarios of friends but never connected in together in a single plot which could make it easier for you to understand what he is trying to tell you. Just describing the relationship among friends isn't something that can make a story strong and memorable. There should have been some twists and tales.

         Therefore, I again got intrigued in the book when Ali starts telling his whole story. In that particular sub-plot, you will find many different cases which makes you happy that finally this novel is giving you a feel of story-telling. Therefore, I would like to declare that Ali's part is the best in the book and if not for anything, read this book for that particular narration. Later on, Robin's narration of his tale also sounds so mechanical that you could not enjoy it. Why would a friend explain his peers how he built a car? He can simply tell about few challenges. Still, the reaction from his friends after he finishes telling his journey could have stolen the show. But there's no reaction and next chapter begins. 

          Such mistakes in story-telling dissatisfies and you feel the loopholes very obviously. As this is the first attempt of the author, it is understandable and I would like to suggest him to read few books in the genre before scribbling his next one so that he can get an idea on how to embrace few scenes and make them special for readers. Currently, I would like to go with 2 stars out of 5. But starters, good book to start your journey with reading.


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And.. They Fell in Love! by Vikas Singal (e-Book Review)!!!

1169th BLOG POST -->>

       I have never tried reading an e-book still as I find it hard to get along this new technology through which you can not feel the essence of the book but yet, the story is being told. As a reader, one explores any channel through which one can get to read something that he likes. I have not been a great fan of anthologies as I find them quite boring after a time. The only recent anthology that found me interested was Amit Shankar's Cafe Latte. I got to know about this new e-book "And.. They Fell in Love" which comprises of three short stories written by the author, Vikas Singal. The book was available for free download for a day on Amazon which led me towards it. I finished this small and sweet e-book in 30 minutes.


         Considering the cover page and book title, I thought it is going to be another boring romantic attempt by an author who is trying his luck in this world but after reading all the three stories, I can say that this is one of the sober, sweet and nice work I have read in this genre by an Indian. Also, idea of publishing these stories as an e-book is a work of genius because the growing segment of published anthologies is only causing damage to the authors contributing in it. No one is ready to buy those books more than 500 copies. But an e-book is going to be considered if kept at comfortable pricing keeping the target readers in mind.

         The first story named Mr. Right is an amazing start to the book. A very sweet tale of how a girl and a boy meets for the first time for the purpose of marriage. The nervousness between both the protagonists while conversing with each other is wonderfully depicted. You smile throughout the story because of the innocence and sweetness in each and every sentence. The second story names Tanya basically narrates how a girl is been molested by a man and later on saved by a boy who starts adoring her. Their conversation happens and it is also ended happily. A very nice approach to the stories with which writers would have generally played and ended up it with a tragic or horrifying situation. The last story "The Capri Girl" is different from the first two stories as it is based on a train journey. Some notorious while some obvious situations makes it again a wonderful read. I found it at par with the first story. 

          Vikas has surely woven his characters wonderfully after observing few couples or feelings of newly engaged partners. It can be easily noticed from the way stories are narrated. There are few drawbacks that I would like to mention:- Author has kept his stories too short. It's almost equal to a small blog post. I would have loved if each of his story would have been of 5000-words each. He has not been able to present his capability of story telling in the few words that he has chosen to publish. Also it would be a nice challenge for him to see if he can work successfully on little longer stories. As the stories are simple, I missed a sort of drama, masala, romantic conversations, twists, turns, emotions etc which are must in a love story. Summarily, I would say, for Vikas Singal, simplicity is the key of story-telling. 


11 November 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Ek Chutki STRESS ki Keemat!!! :-)

1168th BLOG POST -->>

    Some days should be exciting. Anyhow, but they should be. I was expecting a lot of fun today considering that the last practical examination of my life got over. I tried to make it a day I would always remember as delightful and extremely bizarre. Even when I wasn't very well prepared for my practical exams, I have finished them with more than expected performance and I am also wishing for a favorable result. Not excellent but something that would at least not make me weep. I planned a lunch with my friends and all went exceptionally wonderful. But during lunch, I said something to my friend for which I wanted a good response but what I got was a reaction. Do I have problem with reactions? No. But when you always help anyone with pure selflessness and you wish that person to become self-dependent, you tend to get stricter sometimes. But well, not everyone understands that. 

        Being disowned for my standing there, I returned home thinking that I would try to forget the grief. What happens at home with mom after that is more depressing. For a joke I got a reply,"Aren't you crossing your limits these days by answering me back?" For a little matter, I got to hear something like this. Later on, because my mother was asking me for something, I said,"I always provide this to you. Even I expect it sometimes from you." And she tags me as someone who counts the number of good deeds he does for his mother. THIS! What can be more worst to hear? I didn't clarify myself because I got pissed off for the 2nd time in day. And this time by a big margin. I came in my bedroom without saying anything, turned on the laptop and thought of checking my accounts for all the updates I missed last week because of my practical exams.

         A writer comes online and directly starts telling me how I didn't turn up after talking with him on something regarding his book. Because I had already seen a bad day and aggressive Bigg Boss episode, anger and misbehavior found its way in the chatbox of that author. I have never spoken rudely with any author even if they are first-timer with a small publishing house because I know how hard it is to write and survive. I did it today. I felt bad after speaking with him in that manner. Though he was no less in pissing me off with his attitude. Never an author have pointed a finger at me while he was trying to portray me as a criminal for a service that I promised and didn't provide him. Whatever!

          Now when all of this has happened, I thought of writing this Blog Post and lighten myself so that I can also deliver service to the author by tomorrow morning and if my heart permits, clarify with my mother what my point was and also let my friend know what I expect. This day was meant to become special but it has turned out to be the worst day of this year. Never felt so stressed for things that could have been easily avoided. I somewhere felt that watching Bigg Boss made me react to the statement of author aggressively. Because generally I do not take up fights. I politely tell my situation and make the 2nd person understand my problem. But what I did today made me realize somewhere in the subconscious mind, my body tried to be one of the characters of Bigg Boss. I can not afford this. Hence, also a decision has been taken today. I have generally stopped watching this show from last 3 years but somehow I am watching it daily this season because my dinner time clashes with it. But now, no more BIGG BOSS for me except few episodes in which Salman Khan features. 

           It's time to bring peace back in life. Somewhat 50 days are remaining for 2014 to end. I have liked living this year. It is said that living the same year for 75 times and calling it LIFE is nonsense and stupid. In that context, I have faced some new challenges this year. I have taken some very tough decisions. Achieved few things. Repeated few good things I do each year. Because this day has turned out to be unexpected, I have gone off-track and thinking only negative things since then. This Blog Post was necessary as talking with my friends here and getting their feedback in email energizes me and make me believe that I can be what I have always been. Satisfied and Happy! Also I have returned to blogging after a long time. May be these incidents were necessary to make me realize that I can not remain at peace without scribbling few words here. :-)


3 November 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

झारखण्ड: एक स्थायी सरकार की जरुरत by Sanjeet Pathak (Guest Post)!!!

Member's BLOG POST -->>

झारखण्ड: एक स्थायी सरकार की जरुरत

और फिर से एक बार झारखण्ड विधानसभा चुनाव की अधिसूचना जारी हो चुकी है, संभावनाओ का चुनाव... असंभावनाओ का चुनाव... अपेक्षाओं का चुनाव... आश्वासनों का चुनाव... लेकिन इन सब के बीच जो सबसे बड़ा प्रश्न है वह ये है की क्या इस बार भी झारखण्ड को एक स्थिर सरकार मिल पायेगा??

झारखण्ड, प्राकृतिक संपदाओं से सम्पन्न एवं देश के कुल खनिज का 40% भाग अकेले रखने वाला राज्य है. संभवतः भारत का सबसे ज्यादा राजनैतिक उथल-उथल पुथल वाला राज्य. जहाँ अब तक राज्य के गठन के 14 साल बाद भी अब तक एक भी स्थिर सरकार नहीं बन पाई है. अब जब राज्य अपने पन्द्रहवें साल में प्रवेश कर चूका है और ऐसे समय में जब चुनावी अधिसूचना जारी हुई है तो न सिर्फ पार्टी, बल्कि मतदाताओं ने भी अपने भविष्य के बारे सोचना शुरू कर दिया है. साल 2014 मतदाता जागरूकता का साल साबित हुआ है और जाहिर है, इसका प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष प्रभाव झारखण्ड की राजनीती पर पड़ना है.

81 विधानसभा सीट वाले झारखण्ड में अब तक 14 साल में 9 बार सरकार बन चुकी है. जिनमे 5 अलग-अलग मुख्यमंत्री बने हैं. श्री बाबूलाल मरांडी, अर्जुन मुंडा, शिबू सोरेन, मधु कोड़ा और शिबू सोरेन पुत्र श्री हेमंत सोरेन. सबसे लम्बी कार्यावधि सितम्बर 2010 में गठित हुई अर्जुन मुंडा सरकार की थी जिसने 860 दिनों तक सत्ता संभाला. सबसे छोटी कार्यावधि मार्च 2005 में गठित शिबू सरकार की थी जो महज़ 10 दिन ही टिक पाई. राज्य में अब तक 3 बार कुल 621 दिन तक राष्ट्रपति शासन भी लग चूका है. ऐसे में एक स्थिर सरकार न सिर्फ वक़्त की मांग है, बल्कि सर्वजन की जरुरत है. क्यूँ की, 9 बार सरकार बनने के बाद भी राज्य अपने बदहाली के चरम पर है. बात चाहे नक्सली समस्या की हो, चिकित्सा की हो, शिक्षा की हो, सड़क की हो या फिर रोटी की, हर मुद्दे पर राजनीती होने के बाद भी हर मुद्दे पर सरकार विफल ही रही है. 

असल में झारखण्ड झारखण्ड की राजनीती में एक गज़ब का गुण है. सरकार बनाने का. एक तरफ तो पूरे झारखण्ड में क्षेत्रवाद की राजनीती चलती है. जिसका परिणाम यह हुआ है की अब तक हुए एक भी चुनाव में किसी पार्टी विशेष को बहुमत नहीं मिला. यहाँ दो बड़ी पार्टियाँ भारतीय जनता पार्टी और झारखण्ड मुक्ति मोर्चा हैं जो सरकार बनाने की क्षमता रखते हैं. इसके अलावा आजसू हर बार किंग-मेकर की भूमिका निभाता रहा है. सरकार गठन के लिए निर्दलिय विधायक बाकायदा ख़रीदे एवं बेचे जाते हैं (ज्ञात हो की कई बार स्थानीय मीडिया इस विषय में आलेख प्रकाशित कर चूका है). असल में यहाँ कोई भी पार्टी किसी का विरोधी नहीं, क्यूँ की जनादेश के बाद किसे किसकी जरुरत पड़ जाए, किसी को नहीं पता. सबसे मज़ेदार बात यह है की पिछले 14 सालों में किसी भी दल ने स्वच्छ विपक्षी की भी भूमिका नहीं निभाई. अब तक ये काम प्रिंट मीडिया करता आ रहा है. सरकार बनाने के लिए आश्वासन, वादे तो बहुत छोटे चीज़ हैं, यहाँ अपने मूल्य और नैतिकता तक बेचे जाते हैं. जाहिर है, इस तरह से बनी सरकार का भविष्य क्या होगा? सबको साथ लेकर चलने में विकास की अवधारणा मीलों पीछे छुट चुकी होती है.

इस साल के दिल्ली एवं केंद्र के सत्ता परिवर्तन से कहीं न कहीं मतदातों में जागरूकता बढ़ी है. उन्हें अपने वोट का कीमत का पता चला है. खास कर जब उनके पास ‘राईट तो रिजेक्ट’ आ गया है. हालाँकि झारखण्ड में अब तक भारतीय जनता पार्टी सबसे बड़ी पार्टी साबित हुई है, और जबकि पार्टी ने एलान किया है चुनाव मोदी जी के मार्गदर्शन में लड़ा जाएगा, इसका सीधा सा मतलब है भाजपा मोदी लहर को भुनाने की पूरी तैयारी में लगा है. जनता दल (यु) के जाने से भी भाजपा को कोई घाटा होते नहीं दिख रहा, उल्टा जनता दल (यु) अपने वजूद की लड़ाई लड़ते दिख रहा है. उसके पास कांग्रेस एवं घटक दल से साझा के अलावा कोई भी विकल्प नहीं दिख रहा. और कांग्रेस के साथ समझौते के परिणाम को बाबूलाल मरांडी से बेहतर और कौन समझ सकता है? हाँ, झारखण्ड मुक्ति मोर्चा पिछले चुनाव में 18 सीटें ला कर भाजपा के बराबरी पर था. शिबू झारखण्ड में कद्दावर हैं, और इसलिए झामुमो के लिए संभावनाएं बनती है. स्पष्ट बहुमत मिलने के परिस्थिति में आजसू का भूमिका मायने नहीं रखेगा. हाँ, देखने वाली बात ये होगी की निर्दलीय विधायक जो अब तक जन भावनाओं से खेलते आये है, उनका क्या होने वाला है...

खैर, परिस्थितियां जो भी हों... आशा है अपने 15 वें साल में बदहाली से व्यथित इस राज्य को एक स्थिर सरकार मिले. और ये तभी संभव होगा जब हम सोच समझ के अपने मताधिकार का प्रयोग करें. 



2 November 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Interview with the authoress, Reenita Malhotra Hora!!!

1167th BLOG POST -->>

      I read a book some weeks ago named Operation Mom. I enjoyed it enough and also recommended it to some. I got a wonderful opportunity to talk with its authoress, Reenita Malhotra Hora. Now it's your turn to read what she has to say about her latest book. 

1. Hello Reenita mam, before starting, we would like to know when did you realize that you want to be a writer and since when did you take this path of creativity?

I'm not exactly how how to answer that. On one hand I could say that I have always relished the art of story-telling. From the time I was a child, age ten or so, I would write stories and poetry, some of which were published in children's magazines.  I remember making profound statements like “one day I will write books” but to be honest, once life set it, those proclamations fell by the wayside. Or at least for a long long time. It wasn't until I was well into my thirties and running an Ayurvedic business in San Francisco that I  was seized by a desire to write a book on Ayurveda.

2. What has been the reaction of your family after knowing that you wish to be an author and they saw your first book in the bookshelves with your name on the cover page?

I think the person who took the greatest joy in seeing my first ever book, 'Inner Beauty,' was my late grandmother, Pushpa Vij.  Part of this was perhaps because I had dedicated the book to her but more so because she was the link to my by then very late grandfather, Gopal Krishan Vij with whom I had a series of conversations with during my youth – many pertaining to literature and the importance of my writing books. He was my strongest family influence, the reason that I actually took to the pen (yes back then it was a pen, we didn't have computers!) My grandmother was witness to all of this which is why when my first book came out, it struck her more deeply than anyone else.

3. Do tell us something about your latest book “Operation Mom”. It seems to be something different than what is usually published in India’s pulp fiction genre.

Operation Mom explores the story of a Mumbai teen's quest to get her single mother dating again, that too through the online world of wild and wanton weirdoes!
The premise is a little out-of-the-box, I mean typically we have mothers setting up the daughters and not the other way around. And typically the idea of setting up your family member is underscored by the ulterior motive of marriage. This is certainly not the case in Operation Mom.
It is a humorous book. My party line is that appeals to mothers of daughters, daughters of mothers, and anybody who loves humor of dysfunctional family situations.  And all who love Mumbai which is the setting for my young adult world! The story is replete with lots of familiar elements – uniquely Mumbai scenes and setting, outlandish characters  and contemporary Indian young adult life.

4. What has been your intention behind writing this book?

Simply speaking to get people out of their Type A existence and have a laugh or two.  I think that many of us Indians take ourselves too seriously and really need a whack of our funny bone from time to time.
I grew up reading very serious novels, most of them Classic British literature. It wasn't until I moved to the United States many years later that I discovered the American sense of humor – so basic, so subtle and so able to lighten your mood on any given day. And in terms of context, I had the material right here in my life!
And then there is that whole element of predictability and safety in India. Like I said, you don't find stories where the daughter is setting the mother up – usually it happens the other way around. You don't find stories which expose you to a variety of ethnic situations strewn around Mumbai – all ripe for comedic interpretation. That's what I wanted to do. As a Mumbaikar I feel like I have many affinities – to the Punjabi way of life, to the Parsi community, to places like Swati Snacks and Worli Seaface...all these are part of my ordinary world. The great thing about writing fiction is that through it, you can make the ordinary,extraordinary! 

5. How did your relationship with your mother make your work easier while writing this book?

My relationship with my mother is fairly laid back. She definitely played her role of 'Classic Punjabi Mother' during my younger years but as any Punjabi will tell you, the moment you enter into the institution of marriage, the Punjabi mother becomes completely hands-off. My book actually has nothing to do with my own mother but the Punju characteristics definitely carry through, and for anyone familiar with the quirks of this particular community, the anecdotes will resonate.

6. What makes you write chick-lit books without getting skeptical of how will your readers react?

I don't write chick-lit books in particular, or limit my writing to potential reader reactions. Were that the case then all I should be writing are airport bookstore self-help books! I write for the opportunity to share with readers that which currently informs my mood. Sometimes that's humor, sometimes fantasy fiction, sometimes an exploration into battles of good versus evil and other times health, finance, and the eternal question for creating abundance.

7. Have you been obsessive about any pop-star or actor the way your protagonist is mad about Ali Zafar? Till what extent did you go to express your love for your heartthrob star?

Yes! George Michael – the lead singer of Wham! Okay that completely gives away my age :) I was one of many teenage girls in the eighties who was completely obsessed with George Michael to the extent that f ever someone said he was gay, I took it as a personal affront! Determined to meet him in person, I went through lengths to stalk him one summer holiday in England. It took practically all summer for me to track him down and remember this was long before the age of internet or social media, so I really take great pride in my grass roots research skills! I made my way to his father's restaurant and then followed his cat to his house where I had a long chat with his mother who finally pointed me to his management office where I eventually met him. I was 16 or 17 then, obsessive to say the least...or perhaps I should say 'determined,' but this was the one event in my life that propelled me to teenage stardom in itself...as pathetic as that sounds! The anecdote has been cut from my life and pasted in Operation Mom, almost verbatim!

8. Suppose “Operation Mom” gets selected by a leading director of Bollywood for adapting it into a movie, whom do you see as the star casts? 

Ooh this is a fun one. Let's see....
Mom – Either Madhuri Dixit or Kajol or Vidya Balan
Ila – Alya Bhatt
Aunty Maleeka – Bipasha Basu
Deepali – Athia Shetty
Pops – Farhan Akhtar or Shahid Kapoor
Dev – Sooraj Pancholi
Minor characters
George Michael as himself
Ali Zafar as himself
Fizz – Boman Irani
Savvy Merchant – Sabira Merchant
Nani – Kirron Kher

            Of course this is practically an all-star cast!

9. If you win a major award for your book someday, what speech would you give? 

Oh my gosh – I can't write out an award acceptance speech here or I might put nazar on my ability to ever win it!  Let's just say that if I do win major award, you will be the first to know and I will make sure to send you photos, speech and all....!