26 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Diwali !!!

            476th BLOG -->>

       It's Diwali everywhere right now. Its 10 PM on the eve of Diwali and I am loving the environment all around. Enthusiasm running in everyone's approach towards the festival of lights and celebration is endless and ineffable. The liberty people get on the day of Diwali is incredible and people don't miss the opportunity to explore the naughtiness and childishness they have in them. All the uncles run behind crackers-Anaar and chakri like a 6 yrs old boy. The excitement in the eyes of a small baby who is still to start walking is interminable. The overloaded Golden colour all around adds to the beauty of metro cities like Mumbai in the evening. I, from my heart, wants to wish all of you prosperity, luck, growth, success, good health and satisfaction on this beautiful festival of Diwali. 

             Diwali is the biggest festival for Indians and Hindus. The shopkeepers wait for the people to attack on them for the Mega Shopping of the year. The three festivals which really moves the whole India are Diwali, Eid and Christmas. India has grown up quite fast in last few years and people have stopped discriminating each other on the basis of religions. Now, I can see all the religions coming together to celebrate each other's festival. On the occasion of Eid this year, I visited every Muslim friend's house and tried to contribute to their festival and share my part. On Diwali, I invite all the friends to my house to have snacks. This time I haven't invited anyone because we are keeping a light celebration as we lost a member of our family- my dear chachaji who was the youngest and the ambitious of all. 

             This time I am happy with Diwali. The people from my society celebrated Diwali with light crackers from 8 to 9.30 and all were back home after that. They didn't created any kind of nuisance. They didn't added any kind of danger to the already disturbed planet. Everyone is shouting to be eco-friendly while celebrating Diwali but these are the same people who are in the market to purchase crackers. But, at least, my society- my premises where I live participated to be eco-friendly and disciplined and I am too much happy with it. I have stopped celebrating Diwali from last 5 years with crackers from the time I came to know the drawbacks of bursting crackers. And let me tell you all, Diwali means "Row of Diyas" and not "Bursting of Crackers". So, lighten the planet as much as you can by putting up as much diyas as you can but don't burst crackers just to be ostentatious. I hope you are understanding what my concern is. 

            Thanks. in the end, Happy Diwali to all. May God bless you and your family. 

25 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Accidentally in Love with him?Again?!? by Nikita Singh !!!

           475th BLOG -->>
            I finished reading "Accidentally In Love" by one of the most favorite pulp-fiction writer of youth- Nikita Singh. I came to know about her first book through Facebook which is "Love @ Facebook". I saw the cover page and I read some reviews and I got to know that her first book is something very special. I never got to read it because I was busy in reading other books as I committed those writers that I'm reviewing them soon. Nikita Singh published her first book when she was just 17. This is something which attracted me towards her. The second thing which attracted was that she hails from Bihar- the place where girls don't even take education seriously, Nikita from there had written a book at the age of 17. Truly, an inspiration for all the girls residing in Bihar who thinks that they don't have any future and scope. She came up with "Accidentally In Love" in September this year and I luckily got this book to read. 

             Coming to the book, AIL is a story about two girls- Chhavi- the protagonist and Vatsala- friend of Chhavi. Chhavi is a model who gets small advertisements and she is happy with her looks as everyone keeps complimenting her for that. Vatsala is happy with her relation with Ankit. Suddenly, Chhavi meets this guy- Tushar who is a photographer and he is too in struggling phase. The first time she meets Tushar, she ends up sleeping with him as she was too drunk that night and in the morning, she was not even sure whether she had sex with him or not. Then both of them get committed in an open relationship where they decide that they have nothing to do with love and commitment, they will just have fun with each other's body. And with time and several meetings, Chhavi starts liking him and he likes her back. Both of them get into relation and then the real problem arises for both and the story takes a twist. While Vatsala is confused whether to get back to her first muse- Ronit or to stay with this guy- Ankit who loves her a lot and even she loves him. To know the end of the love story of Chhavi and Vatsala' go and buy this book.

               Here comes the Review: This is the 3rd female writer I have picked and I found Nikita Singh the most open writer who describes everything in detail- Either it is love or hatred or abusing scenarios or Sex. This will surely lead to other female writers to try their hand on sex after reading this. Book starts with the open relationship between the main character- Chhavi and her partner Tushar. Too much sex in the first half of the book pisses you off. Sex in book is good up to a level. Once you start talking only about it, it becomes boring. Everyone cannot be Durjoy Datta who knows how to keep story going with Sex at every 10 pages. He is good in doing that but that doesn't mean you will try it out too. Another drawback of the story is that that Chhavi is shown a struggling model in Mumbai. Having this concept in the book, she should have researched little more and worked on this thing better. She didn't disclosed any interesting fact about the struggle of a model. This is another thing which disappointed me. 

              One thing for which I'll really applause Nikita is for portraying the character of Vatsala in very sweet manner. Her love story is much interesting than Chhavi's love story. I wanted to know more about Vatsala than about Chhavi. Actually, Vatsala is the main character in her previous book- Love @ Facebook and hence, I think Nikita is still lost in her love story. Hahaha. And the relationship of Chhavi and Vatsala is also sweet and nourishing. Both are shown as totally opposite characters and their argument sections are very interesting to read. The best chapter of the book was 17th where Vatsala narrated her story. I just can't get over it till now. That chapter reflects the real skill of writing Nikita possess. She should use that kind of narration in her future book rather than this typical kind of Indian-pulp-fiction-writer's narration. The last 40% part of the book is something one should look forward to. There, the Sex gets lost somewhere and the story comes in front. Nikita should not have stretched Sex part so much. It was over and kind of boring to read it again and again. It seems like she wrote it for those people who haven't read books still and this will be their first book. Definitely, they will like to read such things and they will go for more novels but when it comes for avid readers like me, I search for story and I found it lacking here. She should write what she wants to rather than trying something which today's reader are enjoying. She has the capability but it didn't came out in her 2nd book. One more thing about Nikita- Boys, she is too beautiful. Even I fell for her once when I saw her pictures in her gallery on her website. :-) In the end, I rate this book 2.5 out of 5. Even if you miss it, you haven't lost anything.


24 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Dad, I Love Her. Are You Supporting Me?

            474th BLOG -->>

        So, I started loving this girl. I never knew that I will fall in love all over again even after my last love left me when I needed her the most in my life. Love can come in any form and in any shape. :-) Yes, you have meant right when you thought about the shape I am talking about. It was my first semester's first month and I already fell in love with this girl of my class. I was in doubt whether I should start an affair with her because the next 3 years we will have to stay together even if we will break up if our relationship fails. And above all, she was Muslim. Yes, Muslim. The way Hindu and Muslim see each other is very aggressive and hence loving a Muslim girl and then facing your Hindu community is like making Ajmal Kasab travel in Mumbai Local train. Just imagine what will happen with him. So, it was not a good thought of getting beaten by hockey sticks and all sorts of weapon if her Muslim brothers came to know about my proposal to her. I didn't had any problem in turning a Muslim girl into my wife but the approval of parent was desperately needed. Because, it is parent who hear all the taunts and sarcastic comments if you do a silly mistake or take a wrong decision in your life and for your life.

              I thought a lot about it and I talked with many friends but everyone asked me to stay away from the Muslim girl because it can be dangerous as I was new in Mumbai and her brothers would have hit me like Gayle plays in T20. At last, I gave a super thought and decided that I will talk with my father about this. Ohh Yes, I finally thought something which needed guts to do. It is not easy to talk with your dad about your liking for a girl when you failed 11th twice and passed 12th after slogging like a callgirl who gets fucked for the whole day for her monthly expenses. But still, I thought that if he will say Yes, everything would be fine but even if it is No, I'll try that girl and if something happens, I will say him that its you who didn't gave me a way to approach her and hence being in love, I had no idea how to approach her and expose the feeling of my bloody romantic heart. But, I almost got engaged with her when I finally talked to my father about her.

             We sat in my bedroom to talk about Internet plans and how I'll change my future with the course I have joined. Being a new admission in a Graduation college, it was obvious that a typical Indian father will question you as much as possible about your future as much as you feel frustrated about it. After talking about my course, college, teachers, new friends and whatever happened in past, I finally said,"Dad, I want to talk something very important with you." Dad said,"Speak up". 

     I started,"But please make sure that you are not going to talk anything regarding this to mummy".
     Dad said immediately,"I will never open my mouth. And you already know that your mother doesn't let me speak anything which she don't want to hear." We laughed.
     I said with a romantic expression on my face,"Dad, I am in love with a girl of my class".
     Dad said,"At last you have entered the path which I always tell you to ignore. hmm?"
     I had no words. I just kept seeing him and I said again,"I don't know dad but I am too serious about her".
     Dad: Still, one month of college has not yet passed and you are saying that you are serious about her. Are you dumb?"
     I said,"Leave that. Let me tell you who she is. Her name is Umera and.. "
     He stopped me in between and exclaimed,"Muslim?"
     I, with a sense of something bad coming up said,"Yes, Muslim but for me a very beautiful and talented girl".
     Dad: Yes, of course, she is talented. She has the talent of attracting boys towards her."
     I: Come on dad. Every girl is not same.
     Dad: But most of them are.
     I: Haven't you loved any in your college days."
     Dad: Whatever but I never thought of getting committed with someone. I was not characterless like you.
     I: Loving a girl makes someone characterless? How can you be so narrow-minded, papa?
     Dad: This you will understand when your son/daughter will confess about their love to you.
     I: I will go to their partner's parent and ask them to marry their child to my child.
     Dad: So you want me to go and beg that Muslim girl's parent to give their superbly talented daughter to my flirty boy who has done nothing better in life rather than flirting with different girls?
     I: Is this your final decision?
     Dad:What decision?
     I: That you are not going to support me in my journey of love.
     Dad: Give me your mobile.
     I: Why?
     Dad: Do what I said.
     I: Ok.
     I moved from my place to bring mobile and handover to him. I was shivering as he wasn't supporting me and he asked for mobile which had many secrets of whatever happened between both of us. Dad took mobile in his hands and started checking all the messages. Thank God he didn't asked me to read any one of them.
      Finally, he said,"So you both are going to kiss each other after Ramzaan will end?"
      I started smiling. 
      He started,"Now, when you have almost started everything with her, I just want to request you to take 3 spoons of Bournvita with your milk rather than 2 because your bones should be strong to bear those thrashes by the brothers of your girl."
      I was angry now. 
      I said,"Dad, I am telling you that I love her seriously. (I opened the laptop and showed him her photos) Now, what do you say?" 
      My father's eyes started twinkling. Finally, he moved his eyes from the laptop screen and said,"Girl looks awesome. And I think that God has done justice to you. You have got what you deserve. But, remember that life is beyond this girl. Kissing her, holding her hand, sleeping with her will make you nothing in life. Proving yourself to her parent will bring more effect than kissing her after Ramzaan. understood?"

      I felt quite embarrassed. He asked me to look into his eyes. I saw and said,"Kiss is just an expression of love and nothing else papa." 
      Dad replied,"You love me?"
      I said,"Yes. Of course. This is why I am sharing this with you."
      Dad asked,"Then remember the last time you kissed me."
      I said with fucking face,"Dad, kissing you is different and kissing her is different."
      Dad replied,"Oh Yes. You are right. Kissing her will make your body become harder and touching girl always makes you energetic. But what's the advantage of kissing an old dad and expressing love and affection. Right?
      I: Now you are emotionally blackmailing me. Ok?
      Dad,"I have no problem with your relation with her but remember, if you will be beaten by her community, don't come to me and ask to lodge a complain against them. 2nd, I will never go to ask her parent for marriage, they should come to us to ask for you. Third, never ever go beyond touching her hands or whatever or kissing. I don't want to walk on road with a tag on my forehead that I am rapist's father."
      I: How come will you be called rapist's father? Am I a rapist? Did I say that I am physically attracted towards her?"
     Dad: I said that if you will go beyond all those things. Once, she will get pregnant, her parents can file a complain that you raped her. You don't know the cruel world. 
     I: Fine, I am not going to do anything with her. I will sit at a distance of 1 feet from her. I promise.
     Dad: That I know. You will be 1 feet inside her rather than being away from her.
     Both of us giggled. 
     I: Papa, I desperately want her with me. She is a super-girl. She is the best. She has scored 89% in her 12th std and she almost answers every question in class. She is very fast in learning things. She is the most beautiful girl of my class and I think, of college too. I am lucky that she came to me and asked for my phone number and all and I got committed. And if talking about her community, I don't have any problem in her belief in Allah. I will not convert myself into Islam, I promise that and I'll never force her to bow in front of the idols in our temples. When I am not following her God, I'll not even ask her to follow my culture."
       Dad: Is ko hi bolte hain Paagalpann. But don't worry. Live safely and I am there to give allowance to the marriage. And please be in control after Ramzaan as I have read that she is ready to be kissed by you after Ramzaan.
        I started looking at the tiles of my bedroom rather than looking my dad with the same confidence. And then, my father patted my back and said "Best of Luck" and left the room. After that I kissed her one day and I told my father the very next day that I did it in Ramzaan rather than waiting for Ramzaan to end and I am still promising that I'll not go beyond this. He smiled and said,"This is what she wanted to do. She judged you by the kiss and now, she will leave you very soon". I didn't gave a damn about this what dad said. After few days, she left me and I was all alone. I was crying in my bedroom. My father entered and asked me the reason. I told him about the break-up and he said,"Beta, this was my only fear. I didn't wanted to see 2 things to happen. First, to see tears in your eyes because of a girl and second, seeing your baby in the girl's womb before marriage. I am seeing the first thing happening in front of me. I hope the second one is not going to happen." I replied,"No dad, I didn't did anything with her. We always sat in public places, for your kind information." Dad replied,"Cool. Now, forget her. And remember, doing masti while being in relationship is good but loving a girl by being in a relation is very dangerous. Love a girl in your heart rather than getting committed to her and then loving her. I liked 2 girls in my life but I never opined my feelings and I am proud of it today. At least, I can be fearless while taking your mom outside for hang-outs, shopping and dinners. I don't have fear that I can bang into my college day's muse." 

           These words of father affected me a lot. After this, I decided that I'll never get committed to a girl until I'll find an appropriate one for myself. Now, I love the girl of my life in my heart. I never share the name of the girl with anyone and I have decided that I'll never open my heart to her too. I will love her in my heart for the whole life like a true and pure lover rather than kissing her and explaining it as an expression of love. Now, I realize how important it is to share everything with parents. It is not always that parents agree but they keep an eye on you and they bring you out of trouble even when they warned you before not to enter that path. Even my dad unsupported me in the beginning but later he was ready to do anything for me and her if I'll stay true to myself and him. Just because my father knew all that happened between me and her, he made me come out of the depression of that break-up within 1 week of it. So friends, please share everything with your parents- anyone of them(Mom or Dad) with whom you are comfortable. I was comfortable to talk with my dad about this thing and hence I did it. At last, he supported me. :-) 

            Today, I am single as I promised myself. And the day I'll think of proposing another girl and get seriously committed to her, I'll first go and ask my father what to do next. :-)


17 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

You Were My Crush ! ...till you said you love me! by DURJOY DATTA and ORVANA GHAI !!!

            473rd BLOG -->>

        What can be a better option for a Sunday evening than reading a cool book! I picked up Durjoy Datta's latest "You Were My Crush ! ..till you said you love me!" which is co-authored by Orvana Ghai. Durjoy Datta is an engineer from DCE college and he has completed his management this year itself. I have read all his previous books and I found all of them awesome except his 3rd book which is his solo performance. All other books written by him has been co-authored by some or the other beautiful girlfriend of his. Maanvi Ahuja and Neeti Rustagi has been his previous companions while the latest on the list is Orvana Ghai who has graduated this year itself and has won many awards in dancing. I don't know how Durjoy Datta manages to write in company of the girls. :-) I criticized Durjoy Datta after reading his 3rd book and picking up this one, I was sure that I'll be pissed off again as I knew that he would continue writing about Sex but I'm surprised to see the positive change. Actually, Durjoy Datta has completed his management so I think he has finally matured. :-) 

              Coming to the book, YWMC is a story about a boy named Benoy Roy who has big house, powerful dad, luxurious car and lots of money to spend. He doesn't have any control of parent as his mother lost life because of cancer and he blamed his father for his worst childhood period and the death of his mother. His father silently provided him with all the luxuries and never interfered in his matter. Benoy is a nerd and never studies seriously. Finally, he collides with Diya in his class and after a bad start, they end up being very good friends. He adds her on Facebook and finds that her sister is too beautiful and he should try his hand upon her. Finally, he meets her and falls in love. Luck plays its part and Shaina (Diya's sister) starts loving him too. At last, they share a kiss and Shaina feels it awkward and leaves him. And this is where the whole twist and the real fun of YWMC starts. 

             Coming to the review, I felt Durjoy Datta attempted a very new kind of story this time. Either he has matured himself or Orvana Ghai has turned out to be a revolutionary partner for him. In all his previous books, the only thing I remembered after completing them were the numerous love making scenes and sexual part of the story. But after completing this one, I remember all the sweet moments of the story. YWMC is not like Durjoy's previous works. It has no sex. It has only love and beautiful story. A very different kind attempted by Durjoy. This book got the most number of LIKES on Facebook pre-release and I'm happy that all those 30,000 people who liked it will not be disappointed. They would be too happy to trust a book like this. The protagonist is defined accurately. Both the sisters are defined as you already know them and you find them to be the sweetest girls of the world. Even, Deb And Avantika are added in the book which are Durjoy's trademark characters in most of his books. But I didn't liked their part as they are forcefully added and don't have an important role. I liked the climax. It was too beautiful and it made me smile with broad lips. I missed the kind of Durjoy's humour quotient. They were missing this time but still the book is full of many humour statements. But previous books had better. I didn't liked Author's note in the end of the book. Actually, I'm ignoring it as it's not part of the story. I have finished this book just now and I can read it once again now itself. It is one of the sweetest book I have read and Durjoy Datta's sweetest composition till now. Thanks Durjoy for giving us one of the best work of yours. I rate this book- 3.5 out of 5. Go, buy it, and gift it to your girlfriend. :-) She will surely hug you after reading this one. 


16 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Chand Sifarish Jo Karta Tumhari !!!

            472nd BLOG -->>

        We were a very happy family. Father worked at the best IT industry of the town. In 1980, IT wasn't one of the biggest sector of our nation but I was proud of my father that he was one of the very rare Computer Engineers of our country. He earned 25,000 rs a month which was quite enough to afford all the luxury I and my brother needed. Father was 6 feet 2 inch which added Godliness to his personality. I never found any father of my friends as smart as my father. I used to wait for the teacher to ask us to bring our parents to school for the meeting so that I can hold hand of my father and let all the students and teachers of the college know that I'm daughter of the world's smartest man. My brother was 2 years younger to me and he was very naughty. For the world he was very innocent but for me he was the naughtiest brother. He never let me sit quietly and he always disturbed me whenever he saw me studying seriously. I used to slap him a lot and then he used to sit quietly in anger after I used to scratch him with my long nails. For girls, long nails are not only a beauty quotient but also a safety weapon. It makes our hands look beautiful but it also makes boy's face look like a pig's if we scratch it with our nails. I used to apply this trick on my naughty brother who found pleasure in disturbing me. But still, I loved him a lot as he also bought chocolates for me. Impressing a girl takes only a chocolate. :-)  

            After the male candidates of the house, I loved my mother a lot. My mother had a small restaurant in our area as she was the best cook. For everyone in this world, their mother is the best cook but my mother was special as she was accepted by everyone in our town. Once a Bollywood celebrity while passing through our town, ceased his car and sat in my mother's restaurant. After eating, he gave a very big donation to the restaurant for making it more grand and luxurious just because he never ate such a food in his life. So, this certified my mother as the best. My mother always helped me in the extra-curricular activities and made me look the best among others. And it was my mother's genes which made me look the best in class. Ohh Yes, I was the smartest and the most fair and beautiful girl of my class. Even this was certified as I got many proposals during my college time. :-) Sorry for boasting about my beauty but that was in relation to my mother's greatness. :-) 

             Everything was fine in our family until an incident happened to my family. I was doing my assignments as no one was at home. Daddy was at office, mom was at restaurant and brother was at the playground as he thought himself as the next big Footballer of the world. Suddenly, 3 regular customers of my mother's restaurant came and started shouting my name. I opened the window and saw them. They asked me to come down soon. I was shocked to see the panic on their faces. I ran down fast. I didn't even locked the house. I asked them what happened but they asked me to sit in the auto. I sat and auto started running on the road which lead us to mother's restaurant. When half of the way passed, I realized that its my birthday and hence there can be a surprise for me. I took a big sigh of relief. In a short time, we reached the restaurant. As soon as I got down from the auto, I found many people standing near the restaurant. In fact, there was no restaurant. The only thing visible was ashes, smoke and lots of people. I started shivering. I reached near the mob and found my mother's dead body there. I don't want to tell anything about my reaction after seeing the world's most beautiful lady lying dead. That was the last birthday I celebrated. That was the last time I ate the world's most tasty dish. That was the last time I did something with the same enthusiasm. :(  

             After few days, my father got a heart-attack. It was just because of the mother's death that he started taking alcohol and ruined his health and body. He remained admitted in the hospital for next whole month and at the end even he lost his life. Now, I lost the world's most handsome man and my only inspiration. It was so proud of having a father in an IT sector when my friends' fathers used to work in mediocre civil fields, maintenance fields and account fields. After my parent's death, the only person who kept me alive was my brother. Ayush was a young boy now and he looked too smart to make any girl fall for him. Many girls of our society liked him and sent him love letters. At last he found a perfect girl for him. He married her in a temple and all three of us started living together. Everything was fine until one day, his wife asked him to ask me to leave the house and go because she felt that they lost their privacy and liberty because of me. I never dominated my brother and his wife but she didn't liked the affection my brother had for me. She always felt that the right which she deserved was stolen by me. At last, one day, my dear brother, who was life to me, unwillingly, in the pressure of wife, asked me to leave the house. I left the house with no destiny and no idea. 

             This was the day after which I learned that there is no one in life who is true and real. Everyone is a puppet who is being controlled by selfishness and cruelty. Sometimes God is cruel to you while sometimes your own blood is. I got to know that day that from here, I'll have to remain alone all my life and fight everything myself. Who would marry a girl with no parents? Who would marry a girl with no background? Who would marry a girl whose brother has thrown her out of the house? Who would marry a girl who lived in lodge after being thrown away from the house?    

              Yes, I booked a lodge and started living there. My father opened an account of my name and thus I had few money on which I could survive on. I spent those money in buying professional dresses and accessories for me. Till this day, I managed to get a MBA degree and thus like my father, I was also one of the rare who pursued MBA in those days. But, I wasn't searching jobs then because I found it good in maintaining house and helping my brother and bhabhi than going out to work. But who knew that I would be accused by them and hurled out of the house. So, now, it was the time to struggle and get a perfect life for myself. I started searching job. I started attending numerous interviews. Many men wanted to sleep with me and promised to help me get a job in return to that. It is when I realized how tough life was. My parents never let me knew what life really is because they provided me everything I needed in life to be happy and satisfied.

            At last I got a job in the same industry in which my dad worked as a Software Engineer. It was a responsibility to me to give my best and maintain the dignity of my father in this organization. I never talked to anyone in the office and only did my work because I wanted to excel in work and make my life smooth and smug. One day, I talked to this boy from Accounts department in relation to my salary because there was some error in the transactions. He was very handsome and his personality reminded me of my father. I became fond of him but I never tried to ask him what he felt about me. Actually, I didn't wanted to get committed to him because I got a perception that whomever I like gets away from me- Either by dying or by asking me to leave them forever. So, I didn't wanted to get close to anyone again in life. 

            But, as said, destiny has some other plans for us. Suddenly, recession came in scene. Our salaries were cut off. We were not even paid salary from last 3 months. Unfortunately, few days back I booked a 2BHK flat for 20 Lakhs which was quite costly for me. I took a loan from my organization and also from the bank. It became hard for me to survive now. All the money I got from that policy my father opened for me was spent in paying the initial amounts for that flat. This recession made it hard for me to survive. Once again, I went to this boy of Accounts department and asked him to help me if he can pay me some if not whole salary of last 3 months but he told that its not possible. I started weeping in front of him as I was in tension. I was almost depressed. Already life played a bad game with me in past and running short of money while achieving my goals was a hit of a hard rock on my head. He saw me crying and asked me for an outing. I don't know how I nodded and in few minutes we were at Cafe Coffee Day.

            We started talking and I don't know what made me tell him about all that happened to me in past many years. I told him how I completed studies even when the faces of my parents revolved around my mind and eyes. I told him how I devoted all my life to my brother and bhabhi and how they made me homeless in a minute. I told him how I lived in that lodge where almost every room was filled up with low-class men having sex with call-girls. I told him how lusty world demanded my body in return for a job. I told him how this recession has affected my life and how my dream of living in my own house was going to be shattered in few days. He was almost in tears and he was unable to speak anything. He took my hands in his hands and asked me to feel better because I had tears in my eyes already. I felt awkward in seeing both my hands in someone's hands at a public place but seeing his face with full of affection and sympathy, I asked my mind to trust him and I held his hand back tightly and started crying more. 

             After this, we started meeting daily. We grew into very close friends. I started sharing everything with him. I started preparing lunch tiffin for him too as he lived in the town alone and hence ate in hotels everyday. He asked me one day if I'll be Okay if he pays some installments of my house. I didn't felt it right and hence I asked him to stay away from my problems but he insisted upon and he paid it. It was a great favour to me. I told him about this. He scolded me back and said that he will never talk to me again if I'll again use such kind of word. I never said anything after that. I don't know what made me say one day to him that if he finds Okay he can live with me in my flat which will help him save his monthly rent too. He agreed and shifted to my house. It was obvious that we fell in love with each other and finally at 2 AM one night, after making love with me, he asked whether I would love to marry him or not and I said yes. Next month, we got married. 

            After losing the world's most handsome man- My Father, world's most beautiful lady and cook- My Mother and world's most sweet boy- My Brother, I finally got world's most best person- My Husband. He saved my house from getting mortgaged. He transferred all the money he had in my account and turned it into Joint account. He took me for a Tour of 5 countries after 2 months of marriage as a honeymoon and made me realize that world is not what I saw in that small town of my childhood. He took me for almost every movie I talked about. He always gave me time and never let me feel alone after he came into my life. Once again, I got a meaning to live. I got to know that when every door of life closes, there is always something big waiting for us to break all the doors and make all the way accessible to us. I got to know that there are some beautiful people in the world too apart from the family. I got to know that there is someone who can give you all the love of the family alone. Today is my first Karwachauth after marriage and I am happy to fast for the longevity of the world's most wonderful person and husband. I am not only praying for his long life but also for a good relation between us till we are alive because I have seen that long life doesn't guarantee that the closest person of your life will remain with you till your last breath. I am waiting for the moon to come so that I can break the first fast of my life after being fed with the hands of my dear husband, my dear Ayush. Ayush, even moon is saying that you look better than him. :-) I love you and I owe all my life to you. Every second and every breathe is devoted to you. Thanks for accepting me when everyone rejected me. Even God. :( 

P.S.: I wrote this Blog after knowing the importance of husband for many ladies in this world. There are many ladies who are rejected from everyone but a good man comes in their life and changes everything for them. They let them realize that there is a life even when everything seems to be dull and dark. Happy Karwachauth to all. Actually this post was meant to be published 24 hours ago but due to lack of electricity, I was unable to connect Internet and write the whole post. I hope you like it.


14 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha


        471st BLOG -->>


              At last, I finished reading Mr. Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020. Being his fan, I have read his last four books with quite interest and passion. There's nothing which can touch Five Point Someone. Reading it, many youth started scripting a book and they are successful writers today but still, no one has been able to write a better story than Five Point Someone. After that, CB's One Night @ The Call Center came in the market and people rejected its climax. His 3rd book- The Three Mistakes Of My Life was quite interesting and he wrote it with wit and knowledge. It was not just a fiction book but it gave a true image how people think about rival religion in small village and how some chaps from village can dream big and make it turn true. Then came his 2 STATES which brought Chetan Bhagat back in form and people started loving him again. 2 STATES was loved by almost every age group audience and CB got a new group of fans. Chetan Bhagat almost became star with 3 Idiots release and 2 STATES success. He released his latest venture- Revolution 2020 on 7th October this year and 5,00,000 copies are already been sold. Congratulations, CB.

             Coming to Revolution 2020, CB promoted it as a Love Story rather than a story about Corruption and Ambition. yes, they are the subheading of the book but still, he focused much on the Love Story while promotion rather than the other two topics. So, let me talk about the Love Story first. Its about Gopal who is in love with his childhood friend- Arti. Arti sees him just as a friend. Like any other girl. :-) Gopal goes to Kota for his IIT preparation as he fails once. In the absence of her best friend Gopal, Arti falls in love with Raghav. Raghav got admitted passed JEE exam the time Gopal failed in it. Gopal started feeling inferiority complex because of Raghav and he became jealous of him. From here, the story takes lots of twist and turn. For that, pick up the book. Coming to the corruption, it is shown quite nicely as Gopal chooses the way to meet his ambition of being very rich. Raghav is shown as ambitious person for bringing Revolution in India. Gopal keeps playing game with him as he always wanted to fail him but he couldn't do it in school days.

              Giving up my review, I am sad to say that I didn't found Revolution 2020 any special. it is just another book for me. Yes, the CB readers who have only read CB will like it because they haven't seen other talents of India. I have found better story than R2020 in other books. When you attempt Fiction, it should be at the level where the reader starts jumping while reading the book. Five Point Someone had that effect but R2020 lacks. The love story is also boring because you never find anything cool happening except Gopal trying for Arti and Arti ignoring him for Raghav. Yes, the story takes turn after 180 page and this is when you start loving it. Coming to the Corruption part, CB started it quite nicely but he didn't show a way to deal with it or any kind of exposure to what really is happening in real India. Ambition part is the best part of the book where Gopal is shown striving to pass in his JEE tests but fails every time while Raghav does it. Then, Gopal become ambitious for being rich while Raghav becomes ambitious for bringing revolution in the country. 

              R2020 is good in parts but talking on the whole, it is not something special which I would recommend everyone to read. I don't know how some people are rating it as the best by Chetan Bhagat but I would still go for his 1st and 4th book. After seeing CB growing in last 2 years, you expect something larger-than-book from his book but it turned out to be just-another-fictional-attempt. I also felt the lack of sense of humour where Chetan Bhagat is the master. The book doesn't make you laugh out loudly like his other books does. Hence, I didn't found any kind of Chetan Bhagat effect in the book. And, the title of the book is shown as the failure which pisses one off at the end. The one who is corrupted still remains rich in the end. The one who tries to bring Revolution is forced to shut up and sit. Is this what you expect from a book which is named "Revolution 2020" and written by India's most successful author. Sorry to all the CB's fans for breaking your heart. I am also one of them and thus I can't talk good about him even when he hasn't done anything good to be spoken about. I will rate this book 3 out of 5. 

              Thanks. Now waiting for the 6th book. :-) 

11 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Rishtey Mein Toh Hum Tumharey Baap Hotey Hain !!!

            470th BLOG -->>

        It was May 2009 when I recharged for my GPRS pack for the first time. Before this, I always heard people talking about using GPRS for free on their cellphones because of some technical failures. I connected my mobile to my PC and started surfing Orkut. Yes, those were the days when I used to fantasize Orkut. Even when other websites have f*cked Orkut badly, I still believe that excitement of logging into Orkut between 2006-09 was the best than checking Comments on Facebook's status and new Tweets on Twitter's Timeline. After one week of Orkutting, I felt like logging into some other sites and explore some new world rather than wasting time in chatting and stalking beautiful girls on Internet. Yes, I was that silly. And still, I am. :-) Suddenly, I remembered that Amitabh Bachchan writes Blog which turns out to be controversial many-a-times because he speaks out his mind and heart. I thought of checking it. I searched on Google and landed on "bigb.bigadda.com".

               After reading his 300th and something blog post, I didn't understood anything because of the incredible words he used. I read some more blogs from him and I started following it. After some days, I felt that even I should start writing daily on a medium like this and let my friends know about me regularly. I didn't knew then that I am not that interesting to be checked everyday on a site. :-) I created my blog in that vacation itself. On 31st July, 2009, I had my own blog page where I posted a very stupid post just to check how do my name looks on Internet. After that I started writing Blogs regularly and in few months, it turned into passion. Now, blog became something for which I stopped sleeping on time, stopped watching television and even stopped chatting with those girls whose online presence caused sensation to me. With time, my writings started improving and I started getting confidence of speaking up in public. I started getting new thoughts as I gave an area where I would be putting all my thoughts and ideas. The journey began and it is endless today. Today, Blogging is the identity to me. People only converse about blog and writing to me. They are not interested about my academics, looks, clothes, hairstyles and anything, but they are interested in knowing the next topic I am going to write on. 

               So, this is how Amitabh Bachchan accidentally created a Blogger. I don't know whether I am capable of being called good or best or with any complimenting words but I can surely be called a Blogger with immense passion to write. This is how, Amitabh Bachchan has created many actors in industry. Many youth saw him kicking villains, romancing divas, respecting elders and saving an elder's and good person's life on big screen and they migrated to Mumbai to do what Bachchan did. Many failed while many succeeded. Amitabh Bachchan's talent is endless. You start talking about him and you will never stop again. Amitabh Bachchan acts well, sings well, writes well, talks well, behaves well, respects well etc etc etc. Amitabh Bachchan promised his fans that he will meet them everyday on his Blog and since August, 2008, he has never missed a single day when he hasn't posted a blog. He came on Twitter on 18th May, 2010 and since then, he has tweeted everyday. He is available on Video Blog too. After Coolie's attack, when he saw the love of people towards him, he decided to meet them and give the love back. Since 1982, he has never missed a single Sunday when he hasn't come out of his house- Prateeksha in Mumbai and waved his fans. This teaches us to be punctual and above it, being Honest to ourselves. Even I thought like him and took an oath in October 2009 that I will write a Blog post daily, that month I wrote 34 posts but after that what happened is visible to all. :( 

               This is my 470th Blog Post and fortunately, even Amitabh Bachchan steps into 70th year of his life. I pray for him that he lives a long life from here and keep teaching us many small aspects of life which plays the most essential part in our daily routine. It would be a moment of pride for me if I would be working in 69th year of my life. Mr. Bachchan, keep on doing KBC till your body allows you because we love watching you everyday on our TV Screen. :-) 

               Wishing Amitabh Bachchan a very very Happy Birthday. May you live longer and keep teaching aimless kids like me the value of being honest, punctual and DIVINE.

               Thanks. In the end, I would also like to give my sad condolences to the Ghazal King of the world- Jagjit Singh. I almost play Koi Fariyaad, Hosh waalon ko khabar kya, Kahin Door Jab Din dhal jaaye, Chitthi na koi sandesh and many more songs of him every week. His songs already used to make me cry and now when he is no more between us, it makes me more sorrowful remembering him and his live concerts. We also lost Steve Jobs some days back, one of the finest innovator and visionary we had. My piece of heart goes to him too. May their Soul Rest In Peace. 

7 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Birthday Is Meant To Be Celebrated !!!

            469th BLOG -->>

Gift by friends to me
        Celebrating Birthday in a busy life is like experiencing New York in Patna. Thank God, I'm not Chetan Bhagat otherwise last sentence would have landed me into a controversy. :-) The people from Bihar would have burnt my effigies for this. Even Nitish Kumar would have given a statement. Sometimes its better not to be a celebrity. And we should be happy that we are common people who can speak any nonsense and stay safe from abuses and objections of others. Sorry, distracted from the topic. So, this birthday passed without celebrations but still I am happy about it. I am not from that class of people who say that "I don't celebrate Birthdays because I am grown up now" or "I am an adult now and it doesn't look cool celebrating birthdays every year with mob of friends at a restaurant or hall". I believe that life is beautiful and we should celebrate it every day. As each day is filled with lots of tasks to do and lots of target to be accomplished, we don't get time to celebrate it, so, at least we should celebrate on the day when our arrival in this world bought smile to the most beautiful woman of this world- Our Mothers and pride on the face of the world's most hard-working person- Our Fathers. 

             I attended college on my Birthday. I had a presentation and it went awesome. The lost confidence of many months was regained back. Distributed my favourite- Dairy Milk among my classmates. Being back at home, I kept attending all the calls from beautiful people who kept trying to talk to me all day when I was sitting in class with my phone at vibrating mode. I don't know how it happened this time but I am still amazed at the excitement and love people have shown for me on this birthday. In 1 hour i.e. 12 AM to 1 AM on 4th October, I almost received 50 SMS, 10 calls, 120 Twitter messages and 50+ Facebook messages. After the whole day ended, I almost had more than 600 wishes in every form with me. The kind of love this 600 people have shown for me has motivated my conscious and sub-conscious mind a lot. As I said in my last post, being celebrity on my birthday is what I like. But who knew that people will make me feel the kind of ABHILASH RUHELA I have always wanted to be like. I wanted to be loved by people and I am happy to see that people love me. Today, everyone in world needs love. No one wants fake respect, loyalty and trust, but people are ready to have fake love. This is the power of LOVE that people are thrusting for.

              The best part of this birthday has been the moment when my parent wished me. It happens very rare that my father is at home on my birthday because he lives 60 km away for work. This time he was with me at home and this was also the first time when he managed to wish me before mom. Actually, he benefited from the fact that mom was busy in Navratri fest celebrations going on in society while he was at home with me. :-) Nahi to aaj kal ladke kahaan jeet paa rahe hain ladkiyon se. :-) After that mom came and wished me. It was quite emotional as she started crying. This has been her bad responsibility of crying since last 4 years as she know my struggle in life. She remembers it and then starts crying that her baby would not have been alive today if he would not have dared to fight against himself. This makes her shiver even today and it is what makes her cry. I pleaded her for stopping the flow of tears as everything is as best as it can be and she agreed as sweetly as me. :-)

               The second best moment was when my best friends gifted me the best that came in their dull and lazy minds. :-) Sorry friends but I can only judge your brains as I do mine. :-) Yusuf, my college friend, gifted me a Harley Davidson pen which is quite unique and stylish. For a writer, what can be better than a pen? Vandana, Arya and Prema gifted me a beautiful momento which had "Happy Birthday. May the pleasure of this day always remind you of every GOODNESS and Joy that's wished for you." inscribed on it. It has two beautiful flowers carved on it and a butterfly. I think Vandana and Prema are those 2 flowers on it while Arya is the butterfly who keeps flying away from me periodically. :-) Sorry Arya. :-) And last but one of the best, Abhinav- my childhood friend gifted me a book by Sidin named DORK. Being an avid reader, I am always in hunger and thirst of a good book and I am happy that Abhinav selected a gift like book to handover to me on my birthday. I would like to thank all these 5 friends who made me feel special on my 22nd birthday and made me realize that I do have good friends in my life who will remain life long with me- Either physically or through the gift.  My Mausaji also gifted me a cool T-shirt. My love to him and his family.

               Jaatey Jaatey, I want to thank everyone who gave pain to their fingers and sent me those text messages. I want to thank every on Twitter who felt that I am so important to be particularly mentioned in a tweet and be wished on the birthday. Nahi to Strangers ko kya matlab kisi ko wish karne se? I would also like to thank those friends on Facebook who never remembered my birthday but Facebook pushed them to write on my wall and make me feel happy. :-) I would like to thank a special friend on Twitter- Rahul Tiwari who sent a poem to me-
"A wish for your day, a wish foryour night....
  A wish for your may, a wish for your might...
  A wish for your wrong, a wish for your right...
  A wish for your walk a wish for your flight..
  A wish for your name, a wish for your fame..
  A wish for you say..a wish for your way...
  Finally I wish you a rocking birthday..."

              And one more friend- Vickas Tomar who sent me an another poem in 140 characters- "ABHILASH ki ABHILASHA, Ek BLOGGER aur khubsurat si bhasha, khwab sapne bade uske aur insaan pyara, kabool karo ye tohfa hamara!" 

             I have no words to thank everyone of you who loved me beyond words. I am happy that you have kept me somewhere in the corner of your heart. Keep showering love on me and I'll keep entertaining all of you through blogs and tweets. I am not capable of doing anything better than this. This is the level till where I have explored myself. :-) And from here, the 23rd year of my life begins and I am expecting many more blogs and tweets from me and love from you.


3 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Birthday to Me- I am 22 now :-)

           468th BLOG -->>

       Once again people will bless me with all the love and affection. Once again everyone will let me know how special I am for them. Once again, the friends who never get a chance to call me or meet me will remember me through calls and SMS. Once again, the beautiful girls whom I dream to talk with will approach me to offer a hand-shake and wish me for achieving one more milestone of years. Once again, I will feel like a celebrity and I'll keep on blushing every time while thanking everyone for remembering me on the most special day of my life. I don't know why Birthday is so over-rated but I know that I love being Celebrity on my birthday. Otherwise, in today's ambitious and busy life, who has time to contact friends and relatives? But Birthday makes everyone divert towards you and approach you without any jealousy and selfishness. I love being Birthday Boy every year. In fact, I want Birthday to come every month. :-)

            Starting with, I would like to Kiss myself for being the Birthday Boy. :-) Many Many Happy Returns of the day to me. Hope I live a short and very happy and successful Life. May my dear Sai Baba, Lord Shiva, Allah, Jesus, Waheguru (in any form) bless me with all the happiness of this world. Once I wanted to be only successful but today I want to be more happier than being more successful. Success can give you immense pleasure to be the best among others but Happiness gives you the reason to laugh, smile and live. Some years of my life has been the worst I would have ever thought of but today, I don't think I need anything more from my life. (Bas koi Project banwa do yaar). Today, I love my life and the people I have in my life. You cannot make your life special by yourself, you always need beautiful people with you who pushes your life towards happiness and excitement. 

              My parents have been the wonderful companions in all these 22 years. Oh Yes, I have turned 22 today. I was born in 1989, yes, the year when Salman Khan debuted in Bollywood. :-) Sorry, I am not the fan. I just wanted to connect this year with something successful. :-) My parents have never dominated me whenever it came to my desire and dreams. If I ask them for 1, they give me 10. Sorry, this is not the case when it comes to wife and mobile. :-) Your life can be miserable if your parents doesn't share good relationship among themselves. You cannot smile if you'll see that your parents want to leave each other. So, having matured and understanding parents is the biggest gift I have been given by God and my parents. The atmosphere of home plays a big part in your life and career. My parents have provided me the calmest and the sweetest atmosphere and home. Every time, I walk a step towards the destiny and goal of my life, I touch their feet for the next step. Their blessings have always taught me big lessons at every step. This is the power of having good parents in your life.

              After parents, I would like to thank all my classmates of BCA. These are the best you can get at the strangest place you have ever been. When the teachers suck your brain with the most flexible straw, these friends are there to pump energy and life in you at 5 PM when the college ends. They have always been supportive in anything I do. Whenever I have stood for giving presentations, I found them with excited faces and clapping hands. Whenever I tell them about my dreams, they are there to take it seriously and help me rather than making fun of it. They have been awesome and if I turn out to be a good professional person in future, the credit will go to them. But till now, credit of making me unprofessional goes to them. :-)

               At last, I want to thank all the readers of my blog. Nothing can ever equal the support you give to me. I would also thank all the beautiful people I have in the form of followers on Twitter. It feels so bad to call you Followers but this is what Twitter has named you. But I would like to name you all- My Motivators. If your tweets would not have welcomed me daily, I would not have tweeted and I would have quit this site long back. But being there is so much fun. Talking with all of you makes me so happy and blithe that I forget doing assignments and mugging up my books. I want to wish you all a better future and better luck in your life. And thanks for all the love you have been delivering me from a long time. Thanks. 

             Jaatey jaatey, Janamdin ki haardik subhkamnayein mujhko. 


2 October 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Woh Ek October Ka Din !!!

            467th BLOG -->>

        As you all know that I have been away from writing any post from last 1 week, I would not take time to tell the reason. Actually, after reading Tera Tha Hi Kya Jo Kho Gaya, I felt that I cannot do the same kind of justice with my readers like I did in that post. So I took time so that my readers can forget that one. :-) Yes, I am this crazy. For this, you can kill me in the comment section too. I know you will not kill me because my birthday is too near. You may do it after that. :-) Its 1st October and I remembered the October of 2009 when I wrote 34 posts. I almost wrote a post everyday without missing a day or being lazy. But, last month i.e. September, I have posted just 13 Blog Posts. This is too disappointing for me and I want to abuse myself. Ok, I'll do it. I don't want you to do it for me. :-) But one fact which makes me smile after going through all the posts of September is that- I have posted some of the best posts of my whole blogging career. People have rated almost all the Blog as the best by me. For that, I want to kiss you all just like Kamaal R Khan kisses Asin every day on Twitter. :-) Sorry, I am little less cheaper than him. 

              As I was thinking of this month, I remembered an incident which happened with me on the same day in 2009- 1st October. My college began on 3rd August, 2009. It was the first day of college and I was waiting to see the most beautiful girl of my class. Almost 7 to 8 girls were sitting in the class in the first lecture and I didn't found any one of them so interesting that I may see a girlfriend in any one of them. This is how I analyze girls. :-). After 20 minutes, this girl entered the class in white frock-kind-of-top and tight pyjama. All the boys of my class started staring at her like hungry wolves. Some of them even made sounds like wolves after seeing her. Some started fantasizing her with their eyes. I felt awkward because I already saw a girlfriend in her and I was jealous of other boys that even they got a chance to see my girlfriend. Almost, every boys' eyes had lust in them. But my eyes had one more thing- Love. Yes, that was Love @ First Sight which you almost do every time you see a beautiful girl passing by your side. 

               It took 2 weeks for me to start talking to her. When I started, I found that she can't speak properly because she is a South-Indian and she is not comfortable with Hindi. I started ceasing her at every error in her pronunciation and this is how I started attracting her towards me. This is my style. I never show my crush that I am attracted towards her. I always try to make them get attracted towards me. Chalo chchodo ye sub. At last, we both got committed on 28th August,2009 after one week of friendship. Yes, for some, Success comes too fast. I started sitting with her in Garden like the lovers of 90's and we talked almost everything. She told me about her life in Tamil Nadu and I told her about my life. She liked almost everything I uttered and it was the same from my side too. I always felt that I never deserved her but I was as lucky as Dhoni's Captaincy that I got her. All the boys of my class were in race but winner has to be one and being that one is always special and awesome. :-) We went to Inorbit Vashi and Vashi Mini Seashore for dates. Both the dates were awesome. 

              I almost started falling madly for her when she suddenly stopped talking to me and broke off. I was about to land into depression when an anger within me asked me to do better than her in life and show her whom she ditched. People still laugh on me that I fell for a girl who had many more boyfriends at the same time and after the break-up too but I never comment on it because I liked her and it will remain a fact. While we were in relation, I used to write Blogs on our relationship and kept it updated because then, my blog was just a personal diary for me and nothing else. She knew about this and it made her insecure and she complained about this to our class teacher in my absence. I got a call where I was given a DAMN DHAMKI that tomorrow you are going to sued because of your blog. I was astonished that my blog has been read by the students of my class because I never told anyone about my blog then. I always recorded all the phone calls and saved all the mobile messages in my computer. I never found its advantage from last 2 years but I don't know what kept me doing it then. This is what helped me that night. 

             I started searching for all the talks I had with her on my mobile phone and all the SMS chats I had with her. Fortunately, I found them all and I transferred them to my portable hard drive. I deleted all the 20 blog posts I wrote about her. At every click, my angst for her kept growing. Deleting 20 blog posts was such a pain for me. That night she became the biggest enemy of my life. 
              Next morning, I tried to reach college to ask all the children what happened last day in college that dragged her to go to class teacher and lodge my complain. I came to know that all the losers who were in the race supported her and this made me stand in Danger Zone. I tried to talk to all of them but the blindfold of her on their eyes was too strong. I gathered all the other children on my side and told them about the data I bought with me which will play against her. Someone from them passed this message to her and she decided to end the whole matter in the class itself rather than taking it to the class teacher. That day, she had to confess in front of everyone that she had an affair with me as she told everyone that Abhilash has misunderstood my over-friendliness as an affair. This made all those boys hide their face in shame. 

             This day was 1st October, 2009 when it changed the environment of whole class. Everyone boycotted her and stopped interacting with her. She remained all alone after that. She started under performing academically and socially too. I felt bad about her but I didn't wanted to support her anymore. I tryst with reality and I wanted her to face all the bad consequences of playing game against me. I wanted her to cry. I wanted her to bear. I wanted her to suffer. I wanted her to break down. I turned into evil for her. This was the day when I decided not to fall in love ever again until I'll know the girl properly. This Love @ First Sight is the foolish thing to do. Its better to know the girl first and then decide whether to be in relationship with her or not. I have been Single after that. I haven't tried to get involved in any kind of relationship after that. I have fallen in love for once or twice after that but I have decided to be Single rather than being in relationship with such kind of girls. 

             Friends, pray for me that I get a good babe very soon. :-) Hahaha.