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Man vs Wife by Ashish Srivastava (Book Review- 3*/5) !!!

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I had recently reviewed “The End Of Romance” and I got so many mails for it asking me how I can mention a book like that which has so many elements about making fun of one gender against another. But I would still say that the time has come for raising voice and making the Indian believe that feminism is not about giving privileges to women but ensuring they get equal rights as men. I have ended up reading another book almost on the similar premise but in a fictional version named “Man vs Wife”. This book is written by, obviously, a man, Ashish Srivastava. I read the kindle version of it and every time I get to read an e-book, I am quite critical about the stuff because reading on a reading device is a pain in itself and then, if the book doesn’t come out to be good, it irritates the reader in me. Hence, I am very strict in reviewing when it comes to e-book I don’t know why.

Man vs Wife is a book which discusses the challenges a man goes through the moment he thinks about divorcing and leaving his wife. And this is about when it is actually because of the problems created by the wife herself and not because of some one-sided version of the story. A man has to prove himself so much that it becomes painful to live with his wife and more painful to go through the process of getting himself separated from her. The book discusses some facts which are actually the exact contemporary times we are going through. The financial, psychological, mental and social implications that the whole process brings in the life of a husband is discussed broadly.

The author has mentioned about the several laws and sections in our judiciary which makes it very difficult for a man to even consider giving divorce. How even the lawyers make money in this process by fooling the man by collaborating with wife’s lawyer is discussed which makes you sympathize with such husbands. Author has very nicely woven the 7 vows of marriage and discusses how each one of them is been broken. Another societal issue of love marriage getting painful after few years is nicely covered in the packaging of the fiction story which I liked reading when the protagonist goes into the flashback and tells about his past.

Talking about the drawbacks: - The book starts off very well but keeps on dwindling due to its confused sub-plots which always takes away the flow of the story. There are certain characters which are all of a sudden brought into the picture for a segment and then again forgotten only to give reference of what they are or were going through in their marriage. I also feel that a lot could have been done with the concept that author had chosen but due to some already decided segments that author had planned, the flow of the story and narration isn’t changed. Overall, this book has a very awesome first half but quite predictable and monotonous second half. I give this book 3 stars out of 5.



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Suvarna Mohur : India's Glorious History Illustrated through Rare Coins by Arun Ramamurthy (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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 I don’t think I have ever invested my time on any Coffee Table book except one before reading this latest book named “Suvarna Mohur” curated by Mr. Arun Ramamurthy. The cover page of the book is so colourful and bright that you would keep looking at it for some time before realizing that it also has great pages embedded within both the hard pages. I have been very bad in history since childhood and always avoided reading books having any kind of historical elements until it has not been represented in an easier manner. This book talks about history of 2500 years through the coins which were used during those contemporary times respectively which really made it very easy for me to digest the facts and years.

I liked the kind of details author has managed to collate together to make this book possible. It is not an easy task to get such minute details about each era and then their relation with the coins. Even researching about all the coins mentioned in the book must have been a herculean task for the author. Many kudos to him for managing the same. The book is printed on shiny pages which makes the images of coin and other arts, paintings and pictures look very aesthetic and beautiful. The author has discussed different eras in history when India has been ruled by certain dynasty or king. The main milestones of their era have been talked about summarily to give the readers essence of their time and understand how they conquered India or the certain parts by raising wars against whom and with what kind of morality.

I liked understanding how in a small piece of coin, the basis of their whole premise is depicted either in the form of an image, scripture or art crafted on it. Author has very nicely covered many kingdoms right from the Mauryan and Magadhan empire to Sangam era to Gupta era to Mughals to Rajput’s to Shivaji Maharaj’s arrival as a ruler to British India and finally the independent and Republic India. The author has done justice to every era described in different chapters ensuring that all the important facts are covered. Author has also written separate articles on some famous incidents from the respective eras too. The map is shared with each chapter to make it easier for the readers to understand which parts of India were covered during the respective reign.

This book feels as if you have entered in a very big museum where all the historical characters are alive and are passing on their ruling powers from one dynasty to the other in front of your eyes. Also, you can imagine all these coins in your hands as author has described right from their size to their dimensions to what has been carved or scripted on it. I am glad I have this book in my shelf. I shall ensure that I manage to go through it every now and then to ensure I know everything about India and its rulers right from the beginning. This book is special and distinct for sure. I liked how author ended the book telling the readers about how time has changed where coins are becoming irrelevant and digital transactions such as cashless arrangements and bitcoins are gaining the momentum. Author should be appreciated for making this non-fiction book bifurcated into different chapters sound like a continuous fictional story. I give this book 4.5* out of 5.



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The Light Catcher by Sameer Chopra (Book Review- 4.25*/5) !!!

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Whenever a book crosses its thickness above 250 pages, it needs to be very engaging, riveting, appealing and interesting to keep the readers excited to turn every page until the story does not end. And when the book crosses the mark of 300-pages, then it absolutely brings with it lots of expectations and hope for the reader that at the end of the story, it shall definitely give something to the life of the reader too. Not many books are able to impress the reader but one book which has recently surprised me with the way it is written is “The Light Catcher” by the author, Sameer Chopra.

The cover page describes the whole essence of the book which shows a great city with skyscrapers staying awake all the night, the protagonist standing alone and observing the city with a camera in his hand in a hope to get famous and mark his existence in the maximum city. The tagline says “A vicious circle and a thrilling redemption”.

The narrative used by the author to tell the story is one of the bests I have experienced by a debutante. Not even once did I feel that the book is written by someone who has just come into the writing world. When I read the bio of author, I understood that most of the parts in the story must be inspired from his personal experience which is why you find the story realistic covering incidents which are full of failures, full of moments coming in the hands and slipping away, full of passion of going against the world to prove oneself, the love for mother like a middle-class boy, the frustration at office, the heartbreaks etc.

The characters are so nicely elaborated that you understand the pain and confusion of each one of them. Specially, the protagonist, Purab, becomes a part of yourself as the way his thoughts and approaches are discussed makes you relate yourself with him after every 2-5 pages. The way he faces rejection at office because of being straight-forward or the way he is ignored by Professional Photographers irrespective of the commitment he shows in photography makes us feel for him but I am glad author kept the whole thing crude and practical rather than showing unreal and overnight success kind of a fairy-tale. The characters of Trisha, Rati and Sneha fits so well in the story that you would love and hate them with times when they understand and misunderstand the protagonist respectively.

The way book displays the two world- one of corporate in the first half and then one of the art in the second half is done with such distinctness that you can feel you are at both the places with the character. The injustice one has to go through to finally land upon success is nicely portrayed for both the worlds and essence can be truly felt as a reader. I am myself been experiential of both of these worlds hence I could feel how perfectly author has woven the same in his book. The details of photography are also mentioned in a way that non-photographers will also enjoy how a photographer has to get into details before clicking a picture of yours. Talking about the climax, it is very well ended with such emotions that I wasn’t able to stop thinking about everything for at least 3 hours after finishing the book.

Talking about the drawbacks, I could feel that author ended up making the protagonist think about his 1st love quite sometimes even after he gets into a lot of things and people which makes it little cheesy at times. Also, at few places, the details of photography are explained too much that you would even want to skip it if not interested as it does not take the story forward. The success of Purab is nicely discussed but how he takes certain decisions as an entrepreneur should have been part of the story to make it more exciting. The book could have been kept little shorter if a crisp editing could have been done. Except these few points, this book is a wonderful experience to be read. I will give it 4.25* out of 5.



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Travelthon Tales by Tikku's Travelthon/Anuj Tikku (Book Review- 2.75*/5) !!!

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This is the 3rd book of Mr. Anuj Tikku which I have completed reading named “Travelthon Tales”. Anuj has published it under his publishing banner name “Tikku’s Travelthon”. To start with, I must say that the Cover Page of the book is very creative and beautiful which made me pick this e-book for reading. Anuj Tikku has shared his personal experiences of Traveling through this book which either consists of his personal account and other short stories which are based upon the people, locations and the conversation Tikku had with people he met while traveling. Some chapters are written as fiction stories which are also interesting to read.

After reading this 3rd book by Anuj Tikku, I am sure that he should move out of e-book now and start getting his thoughts published as paperback too because his books share the kind of experiences and tales I believe I have never found in the work of any other author. This book is of just 70-odd pages but at the end of it, you shall feel as if you have read a long autobiographical account of a traveller.

There are few important chapters/sections that I liked in this book such as the one where the monk and prostitute’s reference is nicely given. Another chapter is quite spiritual which is based on a popular monk and tells us about the power of within. It is very nicely conveyed. The climax of two chapters where sex gets attention is so nicely scripted that you want to learn what happened after that. Haha! The few chapters which are based on locations such as Kedarnath, Ganges, Kapil Muni Temple has done total justice to the background of the spots. Being a Mumbaikar, reading the chapter on Mumbai which is based in the old times was an interesting read. The last story which is based on thriller aspect is also interestingly crafted.

Now, talking about the drawbacks of the book, I must say that because the book has been projected to be based on traveling and because the author also owns a Youtube channel based on traveling, I had expected more about his personal experiences on traveling or the way he travels different cities differently considering the distinctness of each of them. The book is very short considering that and very less chapters express such detailing. Also, author, when, writes Hindi words and sentences in English generally does not write in the spelling which are popular in Hinglish which becomes hard to read and enjoy those sentences as they are not always translated in English by him. Except this, I must say this book is a light read between heavy literary books if you are on a reading marathon like me. I give this book 2.75 stars out of 5.



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The Break-Up Clinic by Dr. Govind Sharma (Book Review: 2.75*/5) !!!

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I shall always remember the author, Dr. Govind Sharma, for writing short books of less than 200 pages. “The Break-Up Clinic” is the 3rd book I have read written by him and like the last two books, this book is also a very short story which can be read and completed in a single sitting. This book comes with a tagline “You only live once, but if you do it right Once is Enough”. I didn’t understand why this quote has been given a place on its cover page considering the book is more about a dark topic based on certain situations few youths end up in rather than a motivational/inspirational book.

The book is based on few characters such as Ajay, Karan and Nisha where all of them have been ditched by someone in the love relationship some or the other way. All of them are either heartbroken or turned into an aggressive person or wishes to take revenge. The two doctors who play the important part in this book, Doctor Dev and Shweta, are the ones who apply different kinds of therapies on these characters and ensure that they come out of their current victimhood situation and get back to their life in a very powerful manner.

The book has discussed about the psychotherapy and behaviour therapy implementing which the people who have been affected by the end of their love relationship can be treated in a very safe and familiar way. Hence, you shall go through many related words such as psychoanalysis, cognitive behaviour therapy, Freud, Transactional analysis, Gestalt Psychology, Non-directive Therapy etc. The book definitely gives many information that I wasn’t aware before this. This book is an awareness for these kinds of therapies which can be used on depressed people who are impacted by their love relationships.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, the book is not written in a very exciting manner the way author has written his last two books. The book is quite straight where either the therapies are discussed or the case history of each of the characters are narrated rather than building a great plot keeping the whole play of story in the front with these elements of therapies in the background. Also I felt that author could have played wonderfully with the characters which he missed in his motive of writing this book. Overall, I shall give this book 2.75* out of 5 only for the awareness that it provides with its short read which can be finished within 2 hours.



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The End Of Romance by Amitabh Satyam (Book Review: 4.5*/5) !!!

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There are rarely books which hits you hard because of its gutsy representation of the issues it wants to discuss with its readers. One such book that I have just ended up reading is “The End Of Romance” written by the 2nd time author, Amitabh Satyam. The book also stages a tagline: - “Lessons in Patriarchy, Feminism, Rights and Privileges”. The cover-page of the book is all black with an image of a person having tears in eyes which essays that the book is on a very dark subject which might be depressing or discouraging for some. To protect you from not picking up this book in case you can’t handle it, author has very widely mentioned the segment of people for whom the book is written for.

As the title of the book says, this book can seriously lead to the end of many romances if things are actually thought the way author has discussed this debatable topic with such confidence and fearlessness. The book basically talks about the injustice and extreme take women have on men these days because of which they either start abusing them directly/indirectly, asks for certain privileges which is completely invalid considering society as one, blackmails men just because they know they have an upper hand considering the kind of laws implemented in India where the men are directly accused without any kind of witness or proof.

The accountability of feminism is questioned so severely that while reading the book, you would want to share every page with so-called feminists and tell them what exactly this wrong class is doing in the name of feminism rather than the things that should actually be done to embrace the right to equality. In the name of feminism, how women have forgotten that it’s about equality and not getting privileges just for the sake of what happened with women years and centuries back. Right from the 1st page author has started discussing incidents where men have been treated badly, violently or aggressively just because he did something which women thought is not as per their expectations.

Author starts the book very well describing how the two genders kept getting far from each other up to the mark where one of them have started hating the another up to such an extent that they are ready to kill and accuse even the gender lying in their direct relationship. Author has done an extensive research and mentioned many reasons why women turn abusive towards men. Author has also given examples of different types of abuses women does upon men. Author has also given references and statistics to prove his words. Even the privileges and entitlements are mentioned in one of the chapters while reading which I was completely shocked to know the kind of laws India have got submerged into that has made achieving this gender-equality almost an impossible thing.

This is one of the most hard-hitting books I have ever read. There has been many articles, blogs and books about women suffering but there was none about men as per my limited knowledge. The new perspective that this book gives is a surprise and a new angle through which you can see the same scenario. The way the whole thought process and psychology of women are changing due to this thing called Feminism is only been touched upon from an Eagle’s height by these ladies is very well covered in this book. The good part about the book is the way author has written it:- Section-wise, chapter-wise, pointer-wise to make it more specific to prove his points.

After saying all the good things about the book, there are certain things I would like to talk as the drawback of the book: - The book obviously is quite biased as author never talks about the ill that some men also perform to make the resolve of women stronger of getting more emotionless towards men. After some point, it feels that author is cribbing against women way too much. Though the book is surely very well researched but at some places, author has for certainly made generic statements. And then there are certain crimes against women which has been justified which looks wrong if you read the book neutrally. The only biggest problem this book can cause is either making the men too hateful towards women or making women think that men actually don’t think good about them as it is already said everywhere.

Overall, this book will either be completely loved by the readers or completely thrashed. There is no middle-way as it has been written in such a challenging manner. This book is a great read post which you would enjoy debating on this topic as you get to learn a lot. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s recommended if you want to read something very different and straight-forward.



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Upside Down Fitness by Manisha Israni (Book Review: 4.75*/5) !!!

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The books on fitness are hit these days in the bookshelves because of new inclination towards health and lifestyle of the new generation. Since last ten years, I have come across many fitness books but not much of them have stayed in my mind for the sole reason that they suggested something following which is so difficult and impractical that you would want to live the way you are than making any changes to your daily routine. But surely there are few fitness books which makes things easy for you by giving you practical and simple solutions to be healthy, cutting your fats, getting rid of the unwanted belly etc. that you actually end up noting down and implementing it in your day-to-day life. One of such fitness books which has already taken place in my favorite shelf is first-time author, Manisha Israni’s “Upside Down Fitness”.  The greatest confidence shown by the author is that her name is not mentioned on the Cover page at all but completely focuses on the topic.

The cover page and the title of the book shall make you little resistance in picking it up as you might presume the book to be displaying the impossible postures as the way to be healthy but this is not the case at all. Authoress is just trying to tell us that her version is completely different from others which is practical, doable and manageable. Manisha Israni’s book is very interactive. You can easily complete this book within a single sitting because of the way it has been written where you feel someone has actually understood your nerves and telling you only things which are specifically meant and customized for you. Right from the 1st chapter to the last chapter, author has shown wonderful display of experiments, researches, knowledge and practices that she has herself gone through to understand the benefits of certain lifestyle and activities in our lives.

The book talks about how to create SMART goals with the same explanation of SMART as we are taught in our MBA books. In the very next chapter, she has introduced us with some interesting facts about how we can instantly replace certain unhealthy foods with the healthy foods without actually cutting down our appetite but enforcing ourselves in eating more healthy stuffs. Author then talks about how we should make our exercise routine interesting rather than making it a TASK for us. She has introduced some great exercising methods, meditation techniques etc. with tips on how to exercise in a shorter time to gain maximum effect rather than scheduling it for an hour and never ending up accomplishing it.

In one of the other chapters, she has given us the list of supplements that we should have as per our bodily needs. In yet another chapter, she has given list of multiple recipes for every type of people- vegans, vegetarians, non-vegetarians etc for all types of eating time- breakfast, lunch, dinner, tiffin, snacks etc. One of the chapters similarly comprises of the Workout Plans for the whole week again for different reasons for why you would like to exercise:- Losing fats, gaining weight, maintaining weight, want of flat tummy etc. My favorite chapter is the one which is written about redefining happiness. The wonderful tips given and explained in this chapter for always being happy assures me that author can end up writing another book only on happiness, self-help, motivational topics.

This book is one of the best books on fitness but let me also talk about certain things which did not go well with me:- In the chapter where author has explained Workout Plans, some jargons are used for the Workout activity which a general person would not understand and shall have to google which takes away the charm from the chapter. Similarly, in the chapter where smart meals are discussed, there are no images for the recipes discussed which makes it difficult for anyone to try preparing it without knowing how it should end up like. Author could have at least given some QR code or Youtube link where she could have shown the whole preparation method. Similarly, some ingredients are totally unheard of. Their Hindi names could have also been mentioned for ease of understanding. Other than these petty points, there is nothing else which stops this book from surprising you. I give this book 4.75* out of 5. Yes!

It's a great co-incident that on this Women’s day, I have ended up reading a book by a female author and giving one of the highest ratings. Waiting for 2nd book by Manisha Israni now.



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The Code by Mukta Mahajani (Book Review: 4.75*/5) !!!

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The 3rd book of the year which I picked up to read was again from my favorite publication house, Jaico, named “The Code” written by one of the prominent authors, Mukta Mahajani. The book also has the tagline of “Awake the hidden wisdom of your heart”. I have always hated reading any kind of short stories- either fictional or non-fictional. It has been on very rare occasions when I have liked a book consisting of short stories. This book gets into this rare shelf of my book consisting of my favorite books featuring short stories. Authoress has divided the book into few prime parts such as Conquering the Ego, Controlling Over-competitiveness, Mastering Overexpectations, Overcoming Jealousy, Curbing Overambition, Taming Anger and Beating Procrastination.

Each of these parts have several stories proving us why we need to follow a certain pattern in our life which can awaken the hidden wisdom of our heart. After every story, authoress has shared a paragraph referring it as “THE CODE” which is such a gem that I wanted to click each one of them and get it framed. Before this, it has only been in the case of Robin Sharma’s books and few other couple of authors where I have found every chapter or paragraph as gem. The questions on which authoress wants us to contemplate has been shared after each chapter which is such an introspective session that you would find it very hard to answer those questions and the moment you find an answer for that, you would understand the power of the story and “the code” shared just before those questions.

The book provides wonderful insight on the personal and professional life. What I liked about the stories shared by the authoress is that all of them are so unique and distinct that you will never get bored of reading them even in one single sitting. I took 5 stories each day and I must say many of those have got ingrained in my mind and personality. Another good thing that I need to mention is the quotes that authoress has mentioned before beginning of every story. How wonderful those quotes are that I just want to remember all of them and keep them with myself just like “the codes”. Overall, this is one of the rare books where I liked almost all the chapters. I would rate this book 4.75* out of 5. Highly recommended! Mukta, I am fan from today onwards.



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Kumar Mangalam Birla by Drimi Chaudhuri (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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What I like about books from Jaico is that their focus is so passionate on the self-improvement that even if you are not liking any of their books still at the end of it you would find some motivation and inspiration through it. One of their best series is where they publish short biographies on India’s great personalities for us to know about them and learn from their experiences and lifestyle. The latest such book I ended up reading recently from Jaico is on the life of Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla written by Drimi Chaudhuri. The book discusses 10 secrets of Success from the life of Mr. Birla such as Dreaming Big, Aiming High, Learning from the Past, Building and then Expanding, Evolving with the World, Building a World-class Team, Keeping our Cool, Being Humble, Keep Learning and Being Prepared to Succeed.

Drimi has very well discussed the life of Mr. Birla on how he takes on from his previous generation from Birla dynasty and rather than falling on his knees, brought more name to the empire and made it grow like never before. The values and principles that he followed in his life is discussed which makes evident a lot of things about what such personalities live by to ensure they succeed at the end of all. It is nicely discussed how he enabled so many verticals and succeeded in almost all of them. And even in those he could not perform as well as others, he either ended up them successfully by merging together with another entity or selling it off keeping the sanctity of the institution alive.

The book is divided in ten chapters where each of them talks about one of the secrets of Success that the author has extracted out of Birla’s life. The decision-making techniques and transformation by Kumar Mangalam Birla is nicely appreciated in the book- the one which impressed me is the way he allowed non-vegetarian food in the office campus which was a strict NO before him as the whole Birla family had been strictly pure vegetarian. The words by the previous generations as quoted in the book tells how relevant Birla’s style of working has been that despite making some big changes in the existing culture, the earlier generation still adored his workstyle.

Overall, the book is a nice short read. I give it 3.5* out of 5.



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Ballad of a Belle by Rahul Tushar (Book Review: 3.75*/5) !!!

1743rd BLOG POST -->>

There are few books you pick for their title, some for their cover page, some for their synopsis, some for their overall presentation in case when you are not aware about the Author. This book that I have just ended up reading has a title quite difficult considering the average readers in India which most of them won’t understand. What impressed me to pick this book up was the synopsis which arose quite a curiosity within me to read about this protagonist- Aarti who is basically from Kashmir and another girl, Priya, who is there to teach her about life against envy, jealousy, greed and treachery. The name of the book is “Ballad of a Belle” which basically means a slow romantic/sentimental song of a beautiful girl/woman (if I go through the dictionary meaning).

The book is almost 300 pages published by Addyyan Publication written by the debutant, Rahul Tushar. Talking about the writing style, I must say from nowhere it can be said about the author being a debutante with the way he carries the story from one plot to another without any of them sounding less interesting than the others. With each page, the story only keeps getting better as the protagonist of the book finds herself in new relationship and challenges of life with one constant always- Priya Majoomdar, her friend. The narration is very well handled which manages reader to stick with the book until its finished. I read this book while traveling to my office in Mumbai Local and I must say, it really became hard to keep the book in bag without completing it as the excitement after each page has always been high to know what happens next.

The characterization is handled very insightfully as each and every character in the book seems to be having their own story in the back-end which is also given importance along with the tale of the protagonist- Aarti. The characters of Aarti, Priya, Sanjive, Dilip, Arun, Stan and Sheetal remains ingrained in your mind even after hours of finishing the book which says a lot about the skills of the author. Another great thing that has been handled is the way author discusses about the Kashmir’s fact in the initial phase of the book then to the Corporate politics and in the end about the politics involved in mega-projects handled by big businessmen in India. All these social phenomenon is very nicely discussed in the book. The equation of Aarti and Priya is the USP of the book out of many colors and themes that the Author have tried touching.

Spoilers Ahead…….

Now talking about the drawbacks of the book: - The cover page is kept quite dark matching with the story of the book but I would have suggested author to add little more colors to it as the book is not only about darkness in the protagonist’s life. Secondly, there are too many deaths in the book which becomes irritating and unjustified after a point of time. It seems author is doing it only to add more darkness in the protagonist’s character. Thirdly, the way protagonist gets into each relationship so easily without giving 2nd thought to her already hell of a past is quite surprising. Fourth, the ending could have been positive after all that the protagonist had suffered in her life. Fifth and the last, the book is priced quite high.

Overall, the book is a quite nice read and I have big expectations from the author’s 2nd book “The Sinful Oracle” which has been introduced at the end of this book. I give “Ballad of a Belle” 3.75* out of 5.



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The Experience of Meeting The Man Who Changed My Life- ROBIN SHARMA!!!

1742nd BLOG POST -->>

Sometimes few people or books or things change your life at the most unexpected time and your life doesn’t remain same after that. I was in 12th standard and had no goals or objectives in life. The only thing I loved was to be on text messages with my loved ones and spend as much time as possible over it. Similarly, cyber cafes in India was a new thing then and I loved surfing Internet and exploring new websites every now and then without even realizing the amount of money, time and energy I was wasting in it. One day, someone asked me to read this book by an author called Robin Sharma named “Who Will Cry When You Die?”. I liked the book’s title like anything as I was having suicidal tendency then and I thought it is something which I would like to read and know.

The very next day I went to the railway station’s Wheeler Book Store and asked for this book. I saw that the book has 100 chapters of a page each which seemed easy to finish. I finished that book within a night and when I turned its last page, I was a self-realized and self-evaluated person already. I had got changed for life. I understood how important this small thing called Life is and how big we can transform it into with just few basic manipulations in our daily routine. I went to the Railway station again on the next day and bought “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”- the most popular book of Robin Sharma. After reading this one, I just couldn’t sleep for some days in frustration and irritation of how much I have already ended up wasting myself.

Few days after this, the first Big Bazaar got opened in our city and I went with my mother for some shopping. There was a small book section there which luckily had only Robin Sharma’s books and one copy each of only those books which I had not read till then. I went to my Mother and requested her if she can buy all of them for me. They were quite sum of amount considering the middle-class budget. My mother rather than giving silly excuses of buying and finishing one and then going on for purchasing the next book, in a hope that at least her only son is thinking of reading something allowed me to put all the books in the cart. After some days we went for vacation to our native town which has 36 hours of railway journey. I carried all these dozen books of Mr. Robin and finished all of them in the journey and at my native town under open environment in my maternal grandfather’s farmhouse.

After reading all his books which were published then in 2010, I was someone with whom even I started enjoying the company. I had become so positive and wilful. I never said NO to any challenge post then and did some tasks I believed earlier I would have never been able to even discuss them leave picking them up and actually executing them. A boy who was failure at everything started getting better. The one who failed twice in his Junior College passed his High-school, bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degree without failing in any subject even once. Even with Blog that I created myself, I have been able to take it up to a certain level all by myself just with the belief, confidence, inspiration, energy, motivation and will this man called Robin Sharma has charged into me.

He is the only writer in whose work I find every sentence a motivational quote. He just does not know how to write a normal sentence. Every sentence he writes is like those great carvings on Taj Mahal. It seems he has taken a lifetime to craft each sentence. Every sentence is legendary and special and impactful and what not. His words are epitome of energy and there can be nothing over that which you can point at and say makes you feel limitless as human being. I had wanted so much to meet him since I finished completing just his first book which had changed my thought process for the very 1st time but I knew it was nearly impossible considering he stays in USA and comes India very rarely. But fortunately, with an event being arranged by Jaico Publication and Crossword Book Store, I booked my tickets for this special workshop which was to be conducted by the man himself on the principles he has discussed in his latest book named “The 5 AM Club”.

I had gone with so much of emotions that I am going to experience a person live who has changed my life that I was uncertain how I would react on seeing him in flesh and blood infront of me. And how should I express my feeling of seeing him speak in front of me and providing so much of motivation, inspiration with his great insights on life. He is a man with such positive vibes that the moment I saw him in front of me and till now after 9 hours of it, I can still feel the vibrations and energy within me. And this is not a normal excited feeling which shall go away after some time. It has 100x impact than what his book has had over me. Now I am beginning to look at my life ahead with more excitement and energy. The handshake opportunity that I had with him shall stay with me all my life to pull me up whenever I fall down in life.

It has been such a Dream Come True moment for me. 16th February has become an immortal date for me now which shall be celebrated each day in the memory of this special day which has surely transformed my life little more the impact of which shall be visible sooner and stay for the longest possible time. I thank the organizers for making it possible and also would like to appreciate Tisca Chopra for conducting such a beautiful session for a short period when she was on stage with him.

Thank You God and Universe for Providing Me This Opportunity.

Some pictures from the event:- 


Wednesday, 13 February 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

Love kills us or do we kill love?

1741st BLOG POST -->>

Today’s the day of Valentine's when most of us celebrate relationships. There’s always lot of jokes going around about the pros and cons of being single or committed but as it said, how much you enjoy your singlehood, you want to end up getting committed once with the person you find yourself getting compatible with without thinking about what the future of this relationship would be. In the beginning of every relationship, it is felt as if this is going to be an endless odyssey which both of us shall walk together until one of us shall leave our mortal body but the realization dawns after few weeks when the affair of love gets little old.

No one wants to initially think about the limitations a love relationship comes with. Everyone believes and wants to believe that this is an endless saga that shall stay with us in every moment when we feel weaker at times. It is only when one realizes that most of the weakest moments of life are those which are caused because of this relationship itself, isn’t it? Loving someone is inevitable. You do not have control over it. Expressing your love is one hell of a task which not many can do. But these days because both the genders are associated since childhood very closely, love happens and it is expressed after an incidental kiss or physical intimacy already takes place. Holding each other’s hand itself clarifies both the person that something has been brewing in our hearts and it is only after some time that the final claim of love takes place until then it is all unsaid and adventurous.

A relationship takes away a lot of energy from you. A relationship needs a lot of involvement. Though everyone of us feel like it should keep walking in background along with our daily chores but it does not. It stops the moment you stop giving it the demanding attention. You have to slog very hard in a relationship. But the coolest part is that this slogging looks beautiful. No one complains about this until some day it all comes down to your ego, space, trust issues, time issues, commitment issues, loyalty issues, self-respect and personal life. It is only when you start losing the already set world of yours because of this new addition in your life do you start feeling the burden of this relationship or this relationship as a burden.

Love is beautiful and magic for sure. But remember, this love is never in the person you love, but within you. With time, we start considering love to be the person we are romantically involved in. We should be consciously aware of it in every moment that this love resides within us. That person has just been the trigger for it to be expressed and displayed. Otherwise, you are full of love already and you actually do not need anyone to feel you are in love. But then, God has created the two genders for some reason, right? So let’s not take away that from the creator. What I mean to say by saying that do not consider love to be in the person you are with is to ensure that your sanctity and your consciousness for yourself stays as it is irrespective of howsoever supportive and amicable your partner is.

The whole goof-up begins when you start expecting and dominating. You are then treated like a dog. Your self-respect is then tarnished every now and then. You become a slave of someone’s ego. You have to bear the mood swings of another person and think if you have done something wrong which made them react so unevenly. This is all very gross. The relationship if is named “Love”, then it should always display love. If a person makes mistake, it should be acceptable by them within minutes after committing. Judging your partner’s patience in relationship will only kill the feeling slowly. If that is what you are waiting for, continue disrespecting the relationship by keeping yourself and your mood above the person and relationship. But if anyway this matters to you then remember, the person with you is expecting love every moment. Even when there’s disagreement, arguments, unwanted discussions, just after the end of it, love is still expected immediately. If it does not come along with all of these, then the relationship is killing both the people or say, both the people are killing the relationship.

This Valentine’s Day, promise yourself that love is meant to be dived into without thinking about yourself, your breathe, your body, your existence. In that moment of diving, you only want to dive and swim and experience the new life. Always remember the moment when you were diving into this. Now that you have experienced and realized that there’s equal amount of challenges in the relationships as the excitement and fun, don’t forget the initial feeling you had. But if the relationship is not adding value to your life and is only giving you stress, then remember, it’s better staying single on such Valentine’s Day because as said, love is already there within you, you need not search it in someone who does not have respect for your existence in their life. This day is for feeling the presence of love within you first and then in the person you are with and celebrating this together. This is all I had to say on this beautiful day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. Go and express your love like never before. Or else, sit silently with eyes closed and feel it within you.

P.S:- I apologize to all the readers who have been posting comments and mailing about my disappearance. I hope I shall be more active from now on. 



Thursday, 3 January 2019 | By: Writing Buddha

Seizing Small Moments of Life

1740th BLOG POST -->>

How many moments do you remember from 2018 which does not involve the major events of your life? Are you thinking? Ok, Think. Did you remember some moments? One? Ok, think more. Two. It’s taking time? Fine. No problem. This is what is happening with most of us in this life which is so fast paced that we do not even give two cents of interest or time to the small moments that are filled with so much of love and happiness but keep on striving for that major event to happen and we believe that the whole essence of life shall come as an accumulation in that particular moment itself. Well, I believed the same till 2017 but had given myself a major goal to experience the small moments that come at regular intervals in life which provides enough satisfaction to you to move ahead in better speed and motivation towards your bigger goals.

The major part of getting this enlightening thought has been the benefit of meditation and reading about similar stuffs which made me realize the power of each moment we live in this life that we get in this body. Tomorrow we shall be part of some other body and the life of that body shall have its own limitations and liberties. But that is to witness, enjoy and struggle some other day. For now, we are in this body of human being known with a name that people call us with. It is time to reflect upon the moments that are just passing like that every day even without your notice in the life of a human being who is a divine soul in himself. Leave the hard or casual approach towards achieving the goals of your life that you are carrying with you. I hope you must have heard the esteemed judges’ comments in the reality shows when they say to a contestant that they need to practice more but they are being selected just because they were enjoying their own performance while performing. Hence, instead of just slogging or sleeping, whatever motivation you keep in your life, start living each moment and enjoying them to actually experience the LIFE that you are.

When I go back to 2018 and remember my moments, I realize the blissfulness of beautiful moments I have had alone and with people. Those solo walks in the nature while the sun rose in front of me. Those moments when I saw myself completing 10,000 steps daily for almost 21 days in streak. Those moments when I closed my eyes and after some time felt a natural peacefulness and joy of being just myself without much thoughts and stress. Those moments when a team mate in office came to me to celebrate an issue that he/she were able to solve after slogging for hours. Those moments when I was stuck in something very tiny but getting over it and feeling better about focusing on bigger things now than the minuscule stuff I was caught up in. Those moments when I received inspiration from the people I adore or personal appreciation from them. Those moments when I saw love in the eyes of people for me when I did something really touchy for them. Those moments when I reached the destination after long car drive and felt ecstatic about the fact that I was able to drive on new road and place without getting stuck somewhere.

These are small moments which I never noticed or gave any weight-age before 2018 but it made me such a machine that I only concentrated on achieving the targets in my personal and professional life without actually enjoying this amazing thing called LIFE which is the reason you and I are here and talking with each other. Now when I have celebrated these small events, I feel 2018 a sweet year per se among all the previous years I believed were my bests considering my personal achievements. I realized last year that life is not only about slogging but also about living. If you are not living and giving these moments a chance to leave its impact upon you, you shall not be able to enjoy even that bigger event you are waiting for. Even that shall pass just like that and you would start victimizing yourself for not being able to live life for decades. So, make yourself enough able to see yourself as a third person and realize the joy these small events bring with themselves. I am sure you will find a different pleasure in living this New Year which is wanting you to experience life better for next 360 days. Please do share your experiences when you felt the same about enjoying the small events of life.