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Review: "A.I.SHA - My Virtual Girlfriend" Web-Series!!! ***½

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     Since Raghu Ram had announced that he is not going to be part of Roadies series anymore, his fans have been waiting to see him on-screen. He did few shows in between- Masterchef and Comedy Nights Bachao but people wanted to see him working as full-time on something. Suddenly, we got to know about a new web-series launching on "Arre" Youtube channel named "A.I.SHA" which is written by Raghu Ram himself along with Harman Singha (younger brother of Rannvijay Singha). The both of them are also playing boss and sub-ordinate respectively in the show. They first season of the series was of only 7 episodes of 15-20 minutes average length of each episode. The character of Aisha is played by Nimisha Mehta who looks like Kriti Sanon for most of the times. Didn't you feel so? Ok!       

            The first two episodes show how Raghu as boss keeps ruining the life of this geeky developer played by Harman. But after office time when Harman is at home, he is busy developing an Artificial Intelligence software which leads to this virtual girlfriend named Aisha that he creates on his computer. She is someone with whom he can talk and interact. She just keeps getting better after each effort of her creator, Harman, and a time comes when she becomes dangerous for himself and life starts shattering for this innocent boy as he loses the peace and happiness in his life because of something that he created out of ambition and emotion. Rest of all the 5 episodes are based on the protagonist's life which is nothing sort of hell because of Aisha.

           The writing of the show is crisp and pacy which doesn't let be bore of it even for a second throughout the season. After every episode ends, you want to see the next as soon as possible. The actors have also done well, especially Singha and Raghu. Raghu plays his part with the same ease with which he used to audition candidates in Roadies. Nimisha Mehta as Aisha is very beautiful and someone whom you cannot take away from your mind even after hours of watching the episodes. The only disappointment of the show is its finale where the story doesn't end completely but writers have left more to continue in the 2nd season. That's not how you should end the first season of a completely new show on the Youtube Channel where you already have challenge with 50-60 web-series already attracting the viewers. I give this web-series 3.5 stars out of 5. 



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