25 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Ishq Forever: A very poor movie!!! 0

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       As I said in my previous post, I had missed many movies that got released this Valentine's Day and one out of them is "Ishq Forever". The movie didn't promote and market itself well because of which many didn't get to know about it. It's production value has been one of the lowest because of which it didn't get the attention that every makers dream of getting. Well, talking about the movie, I would say that I feel sad for every couple who went to watch this movie thinking that they will find enough sensible romance in it so that they can savour the moment. It's all so dramatic and loud-y that you want to walk off after every scene.    

            This girl of minister stays away from her house because she loves freedom. Suddenly, her father wins the election and becomes India's Prime Minister. Now she is provided security as it comes under protocol. Lisa Ray and Javed Jaffery are meant to be with her 24*7 along with their team so that she is safe every second. The twist here is that these agents turn out to be separated couple and more than saving this girl, they are busy in patching up and renewing their relationship. The terrorists from Pakistan are just about to kidnap this girl when a boy on bike comes to save her. Suddenly, they start loving each other. And then more twists happen about which I am least interested in talking right now. I am just trying to breathe as much as possible because I feel I'll die because of the effect of the movie on me. 

             The performance of the actress is a big null. The actor is surely a fine actor who might achieve in bagging more roles in upcoming projects. Javed Jaffery is good with his humor and timing but still wasted. Lisa Ray is just for glamour purpose. Chetan Pandit is fine. The dialogues are very weak and poor. The screenplay is destructive. Even for its length of 120 minutes, this movie felt long. I give this 0 star out of 5. Even music could have saved it but except one song "Socha Na Tha", everything else sucks.



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