31 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Biggest Match In Cricket's History !!!

            382ND BLOG -->>

        I am again writing about cricket and you may feel that I am overloading my blogs with the news and updates of World Cup but I don't think that there's any other topic going around in the world which I should celebrate on my Blog. Every newspaper is happy and proud to write about Team India on its 1st page. Today, India had its Semi-Final match with Pakistan in Mohali and our Team India did it once again by winning it. It was a terrific and electrifying match with so many nail-biting moments. Both the teams played enormously and it was hard to guess who is going to win today's match. Record said that all the World Cup matches played between both these teams have been won by India while an another record said that all the matches played in Mohali between both these teams have been won by Pakistan. Someone's record was to be broken tonight and India broke the record of Pakistan in Mohali.

             Everyone was opting for bowling first rather than batting but Dhoni choose to bat first. Sehwag gave an electrifying start to the team by thrashing Umar Gul for 5 Fours in a Single Over. Sehwag went off the field very early, Gambhir came but even he was unable to handle the pressure, Kohli felt it hard to stay on the field for a long time, Dhoni again showed his bad form of batting and Yuvraj was bowled out on the very first ball bowled to him. Only two batsmen proved themselves - Sachin Tendulkar and Suresh Raina. Sachin Tendulkar played a controversial inning where he was dropped by the Pakistani fielders for more than 5 times, Sachin didn't wasted the innings because of this and he profited the drops and scored 85 runs which gave his the crown of the Man Of The Match in the Most Pressurized and Most Important match of this World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar have played all the Five matches between India and Pakistan in World Cups and came back winning all the matches. Suresh Raina came off late in the field but didn't abused the players who got out cheaply, he did his job and made it possible for India to score 250+. 

              Pakistan's bowler - Riaz bowled perfectly and he made it hard for our Batsmen to survive. Today, it was the competition between the Batting power of India and Bowling power of Pakistan where Pakistan's bowling has been little up than India's batting. The excitement began when Pakistan started chasing India. They were very fast in the initial overs but their first wicket at 44 runs brought a halt for their team. After that, Indian bowlers dominated them in the same kind as they dominated us. Today, all the bowlers from India contributed to the match with Zaheer taking 2 wickets, Munaf taking 2, Nehra taking 2, Yuvraj taking 2 and Harbhajan taking 2. Everyone gave an all-round performance. For me, each and every player who played from India's side is the Man of the Match. We fielded like anything. Pakistan felt each and every run a dream to score against our fielding and bowling.

               While starting the Presentation ceremony, Shastri welcomed the viewers by saying that This is the biggest match in the history of cricket and I agree to him. I remember the excitement during the 2003 Finals but today's pressure and mental status was at some other level where it was hard to control the feelings. People were getting goosebumps from 48 hours before the match. People didn't wanted their nation to loose and therefore everyone was concerned for the team. I remember the scene before the 24 hours of the match, I found some Pakistanis talking evil and ill about Indian cricket team, I began the conversation of abuses with them. I used all the possible words because it was hard to accept anyone talking about Indian team, especially when they are no one to talk about us. This match was called as the Game for Peace. Before the match started, everyone was in a confusion about their team and everyone started behaving properly with the Pakistanis on their Social Networking account but as soon as India won, all the peace vanished somewhere and people started boasting about their team or started calculating their team's performance. 

                As the terrific match came to an end, now India is going to play their World Cup Finals for the 3rd time on Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. 1st time, India won, 2nd time, India lost and this is the 3rd Final India is attending and let's hope that this time, India repeat the legacy of our 1983 key players playing for India. I am seriously praying that we win the World Cup this time because it has been a long time since I'm listening about India's defeat in World Cup. After Ganguly, Dhoni was elected as India's Captain, Dhoni has proved himself by placing India team in Final just as Bengal Tiger - Dada did in 2003. Lets hope, its our World Cup this time. Now, let me move from here as I have to sleep.


25 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Tigers attacked Kangaroos !!!

            381ST BLOG -->>

            9 hours ago, everyone was praying the God for India to win. Everyone was expecting big knock from Indian players. Everyone was nervous and everyone was ready for an exciting match. People were tweeting that if you really claim to be World Champion, beat Australia and reach Semi-Finals. Many said that let's see whose the biggest player - Ponting or Tendulkar. Many were waiting to see whether Yuvraj will continue his mind-blowing game or will he quit the spirit today. Many were waiting for a FOUR again by Sehwag on the very first ball of the match as he own a record in this World Cup of hitting a boundary at the first ball of every match he played. Everyone in the World know about the excellence and brilliance of Australian team and therefore everyone was afraid whether India will do it or not. Pakistan applied the brake to the Australia's incessant 34 victory in the World Cup by beating them in the last League match. Now, it was a very big exam of India whether they will beat Australia like Pakistan did or they'll let the Australians win again. The whole world was supporting India as everyone wanted a new winner of this World Cup rather than the same champion- Australian picking the Cup and going to their home with their heads high. It was a very tough period before 9 hours.

             But now, after the 9 hours have passed away and India has won the match by a brilliant 5 wickets, many things has been proved right while many has been proved wrong. People were expecting Sehwag to kill the bowlers but he played an inappropriate cricket. As always, people were expecting Sachin to score a century but he ended his inning before 60 runs itself. Gambhir played a good cricket and scored his half-century but failed to show a brilliant batsman-ship by playing under the condition of pressure. He did several blunders and got Run-Out like a stupid batsman. Then came Virat Kohli and nobody understood why he gave that easy catch to the opponents. After him, came the Man of this World Cup - Yuvraj Singh and he stood on the field till the game ended. After Kohli, came Raina and he showed the hunger in him and proved the nickname gifted to him - Left-Handed Tendulkar. India were at 5 wickets when Raina entered and Yuvraj was trying to keep the match alive. A stable partnership was needed at that time because it has been a weakness of Indian team to stand with their heads high after their first 3 batsmen return to the pavilion. And Yuvraj and Raina built that partnership and gave the Indians the biggest treat. Sorry, I missed writing about Dhoni's entrance on the field as he missed to add runs in India's score.

              Ponting is being challenged for his attitude and arrogance since the World Cup started. The man has been very irritating since the World Cup began and hence people wanted Australia to leave the tournament with a shame in their eyes. Ponting announced in the pre-match press conference that he will not allow Tendulkar to score his 100th Century against them in the Quarter-Finals. Haha. This is the most stupid challenge I have ever heard by a cricketer. If he would have challenged that we will send Tendulkar back to the pavilion in his single-digit of runs or before 20 runs, it would have been interesting but challenging for a century was damn funny. It is not very easy for Tendulkar to score century in each match he plays. Century is a big thing to come and it doesn't come regularly. It comes once in a bluemoon but Tendulkar has proved the World that 100 is an easy task for him but it is still hard to get it. And the challenge of Ponting was damn funny. Do you remember the challenges Shoaib Akhtar or Wasim Akram used to give to Tendulkar that we will send Tendulkar back to the pavilion in the 1st over itself. That's a real challenge a guy would take rather than this stupid one. So, Ponting failed here. This was the match where people love the competition between Tendulkar and Ponting. Ponting scored a brilliant century while Tendulkar ended at half-century itself, so here, Ponting won. 

               Then, Tendulkar completed his 18,000 runs of ODI career and managed to be on the TOP in the list of leading run-scorer in World Cup 2011 but Ponting failed to stop him after trying all the strategies and plans. Out of 48 centuries scored by Tendulkar, it has happened for just 13 times that India has lost the game, but still people say that whenever Sachin scores a 100, India loses so it can be said from now onwards that whenever Ponting scores a 100, Australia loses. 

               India has played 7 games in this World Cup till now where they have won 5 games, tied 1 and lost 1. Out of 5 victorious game, Yuvraj Singh has won the Man of the Match for 4 times. When the selectors selected Yuvraj in the team, the whole nation abused and criticized them but Yuvraj is proving the nation wrong by performing incredible in all the aspects of cricket - Bowling, Batting and Fielding. If India wins this World Cup, it will be dedicated to Yuvraj Singh first and then to Sachin Tendulkar because Sachin performed in just 1 aspect of Cricket while Yuvraj has performed in all the aspects. 

              Now, after Australia is being thrown out of the World Cup tournament, everyone is excited to know who will be the new one. It was interesting to see Ponting's face in the last overs. He was about to cry at any moment. He thought that its only Sachin who can beat them but he didn't knew that all the 11 men have polished themselves to beat him up. Just because you have a Champion tag, you are a wonderful record-holder, you have been Captain of World Cup winning team for twice, your team has the trademarked yellow jersey again, we will dither to see you all on the ground? No. Never. We are the team who is always unpredictable and incredible. 

              Now, the story of Australia is old and a new challenge is here - Pakistan in Semi-Finals. People in India are damn emotional and sentimental which can be seen from their request from the Men in Blue to win the Semi against Pakistan and we don't care if you lose the Finals. It has been the history that India has always beaten up Pakistan in World Cup but this time it seems to be hard. Pakistan is in a good form. They are the team who beat Australia and broke their record of 34 incessant win in World Cup. Shahid Afridi seems to be very poor in his batting performance but he is doing wonders with the ball. He has taken 21 wickets in this World Cup which is the highest by any Pakistani in World Cup matches. His best in this series has been 5 wickets by giving just 16 runs. Truly commendable. Their batting has been little weak but still they managed to perform well. Indian batsmen can face problem because our batting line-up after the top batsmen has been very devastating in this series. Indian batsmen will have to play a cool match if they want to face their bowlers and win the match again. They will have to continue great pertnerships to build pressure on the Pakistani bowlers. This is the only key to win against Pakistan because our bowling has been the weakest so its hard to expect anything from here except some outrageous performance by Yuvraj Singh again.

             Lets wait for the 30th March to arrive. Pakistan has just one religion - Muslims to pray for their victory while we have Hindus, Christians, Sikh and many other religions including the much more Muslim's population of India than Pakistan. When all the religions meet together, they do wonders. On 30th March, all the religions will be praying for India's victory together, so let's not worry as all the Gods are going to take side of India rather than Pakistan. If Pakistan wins, that means, there are many gaddaars in our country who were praying for them. Hahaha. 30th March is Wednesday and no one has an official holiday. Students will bunk the college, professionals will take the sick leave, teachers will give an excuse, all will stay at home and experience the Mother of all Games on 30th March. It will be a Bharat Bandh on 30th March, seriously. I'm still getting goose bumps by thinking about the Ind-Pak match. Let's not hope much but keep praying for the best. 

              I think I have written very much. It happened just because of the JOSH of the win and Home Return of Australia. I think they turned to be Home sick this time. Oh, I started talking again. Good-Bye for now and Sorry for the overdose of Cricket on my Blog. Till then, somebody please wipe Ponting's tears as it can result into a Tsunami in Australia.


22 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Are Sachin's Centuries A Waste For Our Cricket Team ?

            380TH BLOG -->>

       Cricket is not less than a religion in India. People are so dug up inside it that they know each and every detail about the game. And when we talk about the World Cup matches, people talk as it is the deciding event of their own life and career. Many would not be knowing each and every marks they have scored in their last exam in each subject but they know each and every score made by a batsman in each of the matches in Cricket. This is the power of Cricket which stands tall in our country. Whenever a big tournament takes place in our homeland, all the leading brands gets associated with it. The biggest sector where the highest revenue is invested for marketing and promotion. Every Indian has his/her own view and ideology about what should be done and what shouldn't be to win the next cricket match. One name which makes every Indian proud, smile, happy and enthusiastic is Sachin Tendulkar.

            Sachin Tendulkar has been acclaimed for his consistency and endlessness. But even after contributing his 21 years of life in Cricket and pushing himself at the place where he is called the Biggest Cricketer of all time and even nicknamed as THE GOD OF CRICKET, some people upbraid upon him. People still criticize him for such things which he is not responsible of. When a match starts and India bats first, what do you expect from Sachin Tendulkar? A Century? Right? Ok. When Sachin hits a century, all the other batsmen falls like cards. Is it the mistake of the Master Blaster or the batsmen who are psychologically dependent on a 36 year old man? Or in the second case when India is chasing a target, what do you expect from Sachin? We expect him to stay on the crease for a longer time so that we have a support and faith that the match is on our side. Sachin stays for a long but finally leaves the field after hitting a century, now the team needs 60 runs from 45 balls with 6 wickets remaining. But India loses the match because our batsmen can't handle the pressure and our bowler has no relation with the bat. Should Sachin Tendulkar be blamed for this too?

              All the Indians know that its a dream of Sachin Tendulkar to bring the World Cup in India. Is it not the dream of all the players playing in the team? Is it not the dream of the coach who is polishing the team under his aegis? Is it not the dream of many Indians who waste their time by watching every ball of 100 overs in a day? Then why is only Sachin Tendulkar being plaint of owing a fake dream? In this World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar has hit 2 Centuries but one of those matches tied because of the shitty bowling by Piyush Chawla against England and the second was lost against South Africa because of the shitty last over by Nehra and wrong decision by Dhoni. Still people say that whenever Sachin Tendulkar scores a Century, Indiam team loses the match. What an inexperienced and funny statement this is.

             Till now, in ODI cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has managed to hit 48 CENTURIES which is the highest number of centuries hit by any cricketer. Out of 48 Centuries, only 13 Centuries has not helped India to win the match and 2 Centuries generated no results including the recent match against England in World Cup 2011. This means that 33 Centuries has worked phenomenally awesome for our Indian Cricket Team. Now, can the people who think that Sachin's century in unlucky for the Indian team justify their statement? Now, what when the Master Blaster has scored a Half-century? Out of 93 Half-centuries he has scored, 56 of them made us the Winner, 35 of them didn't worked for the team while 2 produced No results. So, even here, the maximum number of Half-centuries are listed in the Winning side of the team. 

              The next question that will come up on people's mind is "Who has scored the maximum number of tons in winning causes for their respective teams?" Once again, Tendulkar's critics will have their mouths tightly shut because the master tops the chart with most number of tons resulting in a team's win. He also has stayed unbeaten the most number of times while leading a team's win. This is the contribution of Master for the Indian Cricket Team but still people want him to prove more. I'm happy that Tendulkar don't respond to these people otherwise it would have been wonderful to see this people getting snubbed in public. 

             A man with the highest runs in World Cups, being Highest Run-scorer in 2 World Cups, being the player to hit highest number of centuries in World Cup, being the player to hit highest number of Half-centuries in World Cups, being the player to hit highest numbers of 4s in World Cups and being the person to maintain the record partnership at 3rd and 4th position with Ganguly and Dravid respectively is still tested, accused, doubted and insulted. Its a good news that Sachin is still standing like THE HIMALAYAS against all these storms, floods and volcanoes.

              Now, India team have entered the Quarter Finals of World Cup 2011. They'll meet against Australia, the country which has bagged the last 3 World Cups and won 34 matches incessantly since 1999. They have recently lost against Pakistan, the same country they lost before this 34 winning matches record. Even after losing, Australia stands tall. People are scared whenever the picture of the QF match comes into their mind but the only hope they have is the destitute performance from Tendulkar against Ponting, the man who is chasing all his records. Suppose Tendulkar gives his best and scores his 100th 100 against Australia and India loses, people will blame him and even if he gets Out before 2-digit number like his inning against West Indies on Sunday where he scored 2 runs, people will blame him for being irresponsible and unfledged at the times of pressure. Indians are already losers in every field in the eye of the World. Sachin Tendulkar has wiped this image from the prospective of Cricket and showed the world that all the core records of Cricket is in the bag of India. People in the World call him the Master Blaster and the Biggest Cricketer of all time but we Indians are still unsatisfied with him. Just measure the size of sarcastic-ism in the hearts and minds of Indians that they can't even leave Tendulkar from blaming and targeting. 

               I hope that with time and upcoming matches, Indian viewers of Cricket grows up and start respecting Tendulkar as Australia respect their Sir Don Bradman. 


20 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Holi Is Colourless For Me !!!

            379th BLOG -->>

        Once again, the festival of Holi is on the plot and everyone is celebrating it right now. People are ready with the colors and waiting for their friends to arrive so that they can play the festival of colors with them. Many are very happy because it is their favorite festival. I can see small children from my window playing with small pichkaaris, throwing balloons of water on the uncle-aunty they know, flushing water on their childhood friends and wishing each other. My father and mother are also not in home. They are out on the ground to celebrate the festival with the people in colony. I am just happy to see everyone playing. But what is up with my life? Where am I? Why am I so alone on the day of Holi? Why am I sad? Why there is no one to call me, wish me and make me smile on the day of festival?

             I don't know what's up with me that in every festival I am alone and lonely. I just feel like crying and crying and crying. I have no one to call and wish and I have no one who call me and wish. For the whole day, my parent's mobile keeps ringing several times, I hear their happy voice wishing their friends and the same kind of enthusiasm can be heard from the other side too. But why is my life so damn nervous and blind on the day? Why don't I have any plans on the festivals? Why do I feel like cutting off myself from the world everytime a festival arrives? Either its Holi or Diwali, my condition is the same. I am always trapped inside my bedroom, lying on my bed, staring the ceiling and ceasing my tears from rolling down my cheeks. I don't remember any person nor do I remember my past, then what is it which makes me depressed and make me cry? What do I miss?

              I have been very social and conversational every time. I have number of friends at various places like Roha-my childhood place, Nashik, Aurangabad, Pune and Mumbai but still on the day of festival there is no one who remember me and wish me. The general SMSes are the common things happening to everyone in the country but there is no special treatment to me. The worst thing is that even parent goes on the ground to celebrate the festival and I remain alone in the house. I have no siblings therefore I have no one to accompany me in the house. Parent keep their mobiles in the house while going to celebrate the festival to protect it from colors and water. Every time their phone rings, I feel like killing myself. I never feel so lonely but at this moment of time, I feel like quitting everything in life.

               Right now, I am sitting alone in my bedroom, staring at the dumb desktop of my laptop, thinking of someone to ping me on chat but there is no one interested in wishing me a very happy Holi. I have no friends in the society so its worthless to expect anyone coming to my house to call me for celebrating the festival with him/her. The college friends are still so far away from the internal connection that they don't feel any importance of calling and wishing me. I am just stopping my tears to flow as I don't want to cry. It has been 2 years since I have cried and the pain is still resting in my heart. My heart is full of unsaid emotions and sentiments. I have no girlfriend. I have no one who likes me. I have no one who has an urge to meet me on the day and celebrate the festival with me. 

              Festival is the time when you want to celebrate with your best of best friends. In my general days and regimen, I have uncountable friends. There are so many people who want me to stay with them. The reason is my sense of humour and my approach of talking. I don't feel it worthy to sit quietly between the bunch of friends. I love making people laugh. I love to see people smile on my words. I love to see people calling me to make their day wonderful. Then why do these people don't remember me on the day of festival? Why don't they consider me as a very important friend to be contacted on festival and met. I am always ignored by these people on the festivals. On the next day, after the festival is over, they are again friendly and amicable to me but on the day they don't prefer me. What is wrong with me? Am I so boring? Or my sense of humour doesn't work every time? 

              I don't have the habit of being alone and single. So when I stay at my home on the festival listening to the hullabaloo of the people celebrating on the roads and grounds, I remember all my broken relationships in the past 5 years. I don't know how does those people come into my mind but they effect me a lot. It makes me observe all the mistakes I have committed in my past. Why was I unable to hold all those relationships? If I feel that I am so good in maintaining the relations then why did I flopped in those relationships which were too beautiful in my life. I hear my friends talking about their lovers and the moment they enjoyed with them and then I think about all my affairs in the past and the reasons why I was unable to maintain the girls I loved at different times. ( Yaa. The concept of One Love in One Lifetime doesn't work with me. I love different beauties at different times.) I also count all the friends who are not in talking terms with me now and I think what went wrong. After all this, I realize that its festival today and I shouldn't be so sad and I shouldn't think all this, then I give a fake smile to myself.

              Right now, my mother is back after playing holi. She is happy as expected. She is unaware of the pain her child is bearing. She don't know that I am sad or you can say I am a good actor that I don't let her know this. Where everyone is busy in loving colors and playing with it, I am running away from colors. This is my life. It is colourless and it needs someone to fill colour into it but whose that one, when will it come is a mystery. With this unsolved mysteries of my life, I am ceasing to write now. Till then, A very Happy Holi to all of you. Hope you enjoyed with your friends and you have planned for a dinner at a renowned restaurant in your area. Celebrate. My love to all.


17 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

You Left Me Alone !!! I Can't Live Anymore !!!

            378th BLOG -->>

        I recently found the profile of a girl with whom I was into a relationship when I was in 11th std. At that time, I was living in the hostel in Pune and I found the girl through Orkut. Like many scraps, one scrap was posted on her scrapbook too saying that I LOVE YOU. I don't know how my luck worked here and she replied pragmatically. She asked for my mobile number and I handed it to her. I didn't had mobile so I passed the number of the boy who used to sleep below my Upper bed. She called him for 4 days incessantly but I was unavailable every time she called because my first home in Pune used to be Cyber Cafe. On the 4th day, she insisted my roommate that plz keep him in the room for tomorrow as I am seriously in love with him. On the 5th day, finally, I had a talk with her. The call lasted for 1 minute 54 seconds. That was my first opportunity to have a girl friend and the first attempt to chat with a girl on mobile. After the call, everyone in my room was dancing as no one ever expected that the boy like me can ever have a girlfriend in Pune. The girls living in metro cities are highly developed and modish. A boy from a middle-class family with limited pocket money can never afford such girls. For them, these girls are same as the Hollywood actresses on the Silver screen. You can just see them from far away and dream that you will meet the goddess one day.

             Her mother used to work in BSNL office and thus she had a land-line in her house which was free of cost. She started calling me daily and we had chats for 10 to 12 hours a day. I forgot everything - right from studying to eating. I always had her name in my mind and pleasure in my soul. I always smiled. Even when I used to walk alone, roam alone, sit alone, I used to smile thinking about her voice. One day, we decided to meet each other and decide whether we are really happy with the looks too or its just a fantasy because of the sweet voices we had. The very next day, I borrowed all the branded cloths from my Dubai-returned roommates and went to meet her. When I met her, I found her little below than the expectations I had. But she said that considering your voice, I used to think that you look like Vivek Oberoi but now facing you infront of me, I am sure that you look somewhat like Shahid. I turned around and checked whether anyone is listening to what she is saying because I and Shahid getting associated together in respect of any similarities is the matter of impossibility.

               After meeting, we decided that we will give our final decision in the evening after getting back to home. After I reached my home, the mobile rung and I picked it up. It was her bhabhi and sister from other side blaming me for everything happened with their sister. I didn't understood what happened and I ignored it. Finally, I lost her and I understood that our relationship has been called off. I was sick for 2 to 3 days because of the incident and then I came back to the normal life. This is what I want to point out from the whole story. In 2 to 3 days, I came back to my life of normalcy rather than falling prey to depression and sorrow. Now-a-days, boys and girls get so attached with their partners that even when they hear the word - BREAK-UP from the controversial mouth of their partner, they start shivering and panicking. And in our own country- India, there are so many cases about youngsters committing suicide because the lover broke the promise of marrying after the affair of 5 years/6 years or whatever. Even when a boy sees that his girl friend is roaming with some other boy in the market on fellow's bike, he hangs himself to death just because his girl friend profiled herself as the pillion to the boy for some minutes.

               We have got a very big heart. We should never give any person the big part of our heart because when the part is vacationed, your heart flows get affected and you can't bear the loneliness of loneliness (LOL). You should always try to love or attach to a person at some extent where you can bear the losses and separations. I, once, fell prey to this and I never did this again. If, today, I see a very beautiful girl talking to me or I feel that I can impress this girl, I control myself because I know the value of my life rather than committing suicide just to waste my life, my parent's life and the lives of people who know me.

               From last 2 days, a girl from my class is crying incessantly. The reason is the same - She asked for the break up from the boy friend on a hot argument, he agreed and walked off from the garden area unwilling to bear any more attitudinal behavior from the girl. The boy is as normal as he was during relation and even before relation but the girl is crying so much that its hard to cease her tears. You give any types of lecture in any language and in any style, she just don't want to hear anything. What she knows is that my heart is broken because of this boy and why did this happened only to me. The same question asked by various teenagers to self-motivational guiders and personality experts. If her father would have been angry on her from last 4 months and would not have talked to her, she would have been fine but when this boy of 4 month relationship left her, she is crying. Isn't it a JOKE or DUMBNESS or FOOLISHNESS? 

              I hope all the boys and girls get to know that life is too big to handle and there's a very big mountain coming in your way ahead in your life where you will have to fight against many odds and cons. If you will break yourself at such incidents which has no value in your life, you will surely quit while climbing the mountain. I hope all the lovers are getting this.


15 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

God Is Punishing Japan For Human's Sin !!!

            377th BLOG -->>

        India lost its 2nd last match against South Africa and made it hard for itself to enter the Quarter Finals. The people all around India abused Dhoni and Nehra for their wonderful decision of the last over. But some witty twitteratti analyzed something which seems to be very semantic. India beat Bangladesh, Bangladesh beat Ireland, Ireland beat England, England beat South Africa and finally, South Africa beat India. So its the justification of the saying : What goes, come back.

             Once again, a song is picked up from the former era of Bollywood and experimented. Dev Anand disliked it and he thrashed the producers and said that the treatment to the song - Dum Maaro Dum is invidious. Personally, I have problem with both the versions of the songs as the name of God is enchanted in the lyrics but the girls are semi-nude and they are trying to magnetize the boys near them. This is totally an indecent act.

             Priyanka Chopra is being accused of breaking the airline's norms while her last trip to India. A man who knew Dilip Kumar asked her to switch off her mobile as the plane was about to start but she ignored him. As per the resources, both of them inculpated it each other and fell into verbal fight. This sick incident became the Headlines of newspaper which is pathetic and even the content of my blog. Amazing ;-)

               When we were interested in all these news, Japan was envisaging and fighting against the several natural calamities and the mistreat of the God. First, they faced the biggest Earthquake which wasn't experienced in the last 150 years. It measured 8.9 on the Richter Scale. Then, water paraded on the land of Japan causing one of the biggest Tsunami ever. The height of water went upto 33 feet. More than two floors of the buildings disappeared into the water. Roads were invisible, people were sinking into the river-like water, vehicles were floating, houses build up of woods left their foundation and moved with the pressure. Many cities of Japan submerged into the water. The visuals on the television were dangerous. No Hollywood film has ever shown such graphics for destruction which the Real world showed us. In this flood of water, many places started burning and fire started spreading everywhere. It became more difficult for the people to survive. All the headlines of News Channels vociferated only about the fight of Japan with vibrations of Earth, flow of Water and heat of Fire. 

                The whole world knows that Japan handles Nuclear plant and missiles. The hotness and coldness of the Nuclear plants and its systems are based below the Earth surface. Because of the Earthquake, cooling system under the Earth lost its grip and the maintenance and handling of Nuclear plant failed. The harmful nuclear molecules blasted and the radiations started spreading in the air. People were advised to cover their whole body with cloths and face with towels or scarfs. The people of Japan are well-mannered and systematic. They followed the advise and tried to save themselves from the radiation. Even during their darkest hours when the water was killing everyone, they didn't broke a single signal to meet their family in hurry. They followed all the Road's and Railway's rule and accordingly tried to reach to their family and home. Just after the nuclear radiations started traveling their land, Earthquake again shook them at 4.9 Richter Scale.

                Japan is suffering a lot. The first helping hand is approached by India. India has donated 22 lakh blankets to Japan as the weather is very cool in Japan. According to the survey and geographers, the earthquake has moved Japan by 8 feet from its place. 8 feet is equal to a bedroom in Mumbai. And more to this, Earth's axis is moved by 10 cms. It is the first time when any Earthquake has affected the Earth's movement on its Axis in this way. The speed of Earth's movement also increased. This is a serious intimation of God. When everyone heard about the predictions of Mayan Calender and many different sources which proclaimed that Earth will devastate in 2012, we laughed at them and said that its just a foolish prediction and nothing else but what has happened in Japan is seriously a topic to be thought and studied about. 

               God has been very kind and sweet to us but now he has started modifying his personality and thoughts. He sent us on the Earth in the form of monkeys and chimpanzees. He gave us Rivers, Rocks, Mountains, Trees and different elements. We thought and thought, used our brain, put our effort and changed the whole outlook of the Earth. We have tall buildings now. We have huge parks now. We have several flyovers overlapping each other. We have big machines and vehicles like airplanes now. We have big palaces and big temples now. We started with Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red Fort and we have ended at Burj Khalifa and various Sea Links. God should be proud of us. God should appreciate our work. But it seems that God is unimpressed by the activities of Human beings. He wants to diminish and annihilate all the efforts of human being and bring the Earth back into the same position it was into. 

                 Whatever is happening at Japan is the impression of human beings in the mind of God. Let's pray God and ask him to forgive us and let us enjoy the planet. Let us tell him that we are guilty of the sins we have committed in recent years. Lets ask God to save all the Human beings dying in Japan. Lets ask God to cancel all his future plans of killing the human being and destroying the Planet Earth. Lets be together now so that God can hear our chorus voices.

                I have nothing more to say except some chants of praying for well-being of the people suffering in Japan.


9 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Its My Right To Die, Mind You, Indian Government !!!

            376TH BLOG -->>

        Supreme court, finally, delivered their final decision on the life of Aruna Shanbhag. She was suffering Euthanasia from last many years. She was given as the best example of living a life in a miser situation. She was fed up with her life and demanded a Mercy Killing from the Indian government but government rejected her plea and refused to kill her in any type of situation. All the nurses and all the doctors of KEM hospital who saw her from last two decades burst out in anger and and told government to live in her situation just for one week. Today, people are busy in watching matches are predicting what type of shot Tendulkar could have played at his 38th Run so that he would not have been dismissed. This is the main concern and topic in the life of Indians and no one has any type of heuristic-ness for the case of Aruna Shanbhag. A lady who is fighting from last two decades and the government ignoring her pleas and issues is unknown and unfamiliar to many. When Sanjay Leela Bhansali made a movie on the same topic and issue, people rejected it and the public figure like Salman Khan made fun of the movie rather than focusing on the subject of the movie. His own BlockBuster- Dabangg was so much hyped just for having useless masala in the movie which made people laugh that he didn't found Guzaarish to be sensible.

              Aruna Shanbhag is a nurse from Haldipur, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka in India. In 1973, while working at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, she was sexually assaulted by Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki, a ward boy at the hospital.Walmiki was motivated partly by resentment for being ordered about and castigated by Shanbaug.

              As the sources says, On the night of 27 November 1973 Walmiki attacked her while she was changing clothes in the hospital basement. He choked her with a dog chain and sodomized her. The asphyxiation cut off oxygen supply to her brain resulting in brain stem contusion injury and cervical cord injury apart from leaving her cortically blind.

               The police case was registered as a case of robbery and attempted murder on account of the concealment of anal rape by the doctors under the instructions of the Dean of KEM, the late Dr. Deshpande perhaps to avoid the social rejection of the victim. Walmiki was caught and convicted, and he served a seven-year concurrent sentence for assault and robbery. Not for rape or sexual molestation, nor for the "unnatural sexual offence" (which could have got him a ten-year sentence by itself). The man who made her life miser escaped the jail after 7-year-of-imprisonment. This is our Indian Law. We should feel ashamed of this rather than being excited for our Indian team walking every time on the Cricket ground to earn money and help the channels to gain TRPs and marketeers to market their products during advertisements.

                Since the assault, she has been in a vegetative state. On 24th January 2011, the Supreme Court of India responded to the plea for Euthanasia filed by Aruna's friend journalist Pinki Virani, by setting up a medical panel to examine her.. However, it turned down the mercy killing petition on 07th March, 2011. The court, in its landmark judgement, however allowed Passive Euthanasia in India.

                 Following the attack, Indian nurses in Mumbai went on strike demanding improved conditions for Shanbaug and better working conditions for themselves. In the 1980s the BMC made two attempts to shift Shanbaug outside the KEM Hospital to free the bed she has been occupying for seven years. KEM nurses launched a protest, and the BMC shelved the plan. It is again a matter of shame that the hospital feels it a burden to serve the lady who is suffering with Euthanasia. Her family and relatives left visiting her after sometime and since then the nurses from the KEM hospital are cleaning her loos from the bed and helping her with every type of support and condusive-ness stipulated. 

                 Now, as Supreme Court ordered the consent for Passive Euthanasia and Aruna Shanbhag was told about this, she just muttered, " Eeeehhmmm". This is the case of the women where she can feel no excitement or happiness or sadness or querulousness. Her response has not even been tumultuous. As this case has turned out to be optimistic and pragmatic, lets hope that every patient suffering with Euthanasia don't live a long life of misery. On their choice, they are given an approval for Active Euthanasia or Passive Euthanasia. No patient lives in the vegetative state of life.

In normal state (Without Euthanasia)
In the Euthanasia state

               And lets not forget the struggle and pain Aruna Shanbhag faced in her life. And let be aware of such cruelty shown by our Indian law where the culprit escapes the jail after 7 years of imprisonment. 

              Lets hope for the betterment.


8 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Women Makes Men but Men Kills Women !!!

             375TH BLOG -->>

        I have a problem in my eyes from last 2 days. Tears keep rolling on and I keep pressing and rubbing my eyes. It is soaring and its hurting. I was cursing it until my mother came and applied some DadiMa ke nuskhe on it and it worked after some hours. She went to the medical and bought an eye drop and from last 50 hours, she is continuously serving my eyes at periodic hours so that the pain doesn't increase and the soar in the eyes gets lost. How can you think of your life without Mother? Even, recently, there was a marriage in my family. I and my father returned in night but my mother stayed at the place for the next whole day for other rituals and customs. Both of us, I and my father were sitting idle for the whole day. We had no work, no talk and nothing else to do except glaring at the clock and calculating our best to see how many hours has been passed since the main member of the house is not with us. As soon as my mother came at 7.30 PM in the evening, both I and my father started complaining her about her being late and being careless about us. Actually, that wasn't the complain concerning her carelessness, it was an indirect message that we missed you a lot and we feel that you didn't missed us because you were happy in the marriage ceremony without us. This is the importance of a mother in our life.

              A boy comes home with a disgraceful mood from college and directly enters his bedroom. He don't want to share anything with his parents because they are a generation older and the boy has no chance of getting a positive reply from them. He is waiting and waiting for someone. He has messaged someone in a big big hurry. Reply has been received and he is just ready to response to the door bell. Soon the door bell clamored and the boy ran towards the door. He opened the door and finds his sister standing with an exclamatory expression in her eyes. He signalize her to come to the bedroom. As soon as she came in the bedroom after getting fresh and meeting the parents, he hugged her and started weeping. He told sister how he proposed the girl he liked in his college and got a rejection. Sister hugged her, gave him her shoulder to cry and convinced him for a happy life by telling him how bad girls are and how bad they think and even tell him that I am a girl but still I am against these attitude of girls. Boy starts smiling and promises his sister that he will never cry for the same girl again. What if the sister would not have been present that day? Where this boy would have gone? He would have red-carpeted himself into a ball of depression. This is the power of a women who can stop the men from entering the depression and the life of comatose.

              We have women in the form of Mother, Grandmother, Sisters, Wife, Daughters and Friends. Each form of women is so pure and enriching that they become need of your life. Mother for love, Sister for care, Grandmother for decisions, Wife for support, Daughters for scolding you on your bad habits and Friends for enjoyment. Even if a single form of women is blanked from your life, you go into a mode of hibernation. Women is present everywhere in this world. On the reception of offices, you will find girls, while travelling in the flight, you will find women in the form of Air-Hostess, in the college, you will find women in the form of teacher. There used to be a time when the world was called as the Male-dominated one but today, even male feel a hem and hesitation while clamoring that its their world and they are leading. No man can undoubtedly and confidently say that They are better than today's girls and women. Women have shown their wide range of talent and potential in few years and proved everyone wrong that they are just meant to smell gas in kitchen, wipe off germs in house with a broom and sweepers, blow the dust away from the show-pieces kept in the house just for decoration and negotiate with the vendor for the price of vegetables. 

              Today is International Women's Day. Still there are many families and many traditional followers who don't let the girls and women of their family to step out of the house and explore the talent and capabilities they have in them. They keep the girls locked inside the room so that they don't surpass and transcend the males of the family. For them, its insult if the girl wins over them. Recently, a man refused to travel on a flight just because he got to know that the flight will be flied by a women pilot. People laugh at the girls when they see them as Traffic constable or Bus conductor. Boys taunt the girls on the road by speeding their bikes and overtaking the girls on Scooties. Boys laugh on the girls who take admission in Engineering because it is already projected that the life of a girl is nothing except a Four-walled Kitchen. Today, we are proud of Sachin Tendulkar but we forget to go into depth and see that he would not have grown as a legend if his mother would not have taken care of his life and passion. He would not have grown even over that if his wife would not have been conducive. There are so many factors behind a man which are a proof that Women makes men. My mother is not amicable with English language but still I give all the credits to her whatever I achieve in my Writing Field. THIS is the power of women.

              So, A very Happy Women's Day to all the women and I hope you will keep proving that you are better than us.


6 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Indians, Stop Being Animal to Poor And Needy !!!

            374TH BLOG -->>

        I remember the era of Mother Teresa. Every poor knew her. Every rich knew her. Why? Because she was a lady who sacrificed all the pleasures of life and dedicated herself towards serving the poor and needy. Many people insulted and snubbed her when she used to clean the bodies of decayed patient. Many used to spit on her hand when she used to ask for some help on the door of people. Many used to abuse her when she used to show her concern for such people. Mother Teresa set an example in the world about how deep and far a person can go if he/she thinks and decide to owe his/her full life in the service of the poor people and needy people. Now-a-days, even in the country like India we have many NGOs and association working for the benefit of poor people. But the question which arises is that are all these people immaculate and clean in their thoughts and propensity like her? 

             Recently, four girls who were dumb and deaf were raped in the premises of the building in which they were kept and nourished. After the incident, all the 19 girls who were living in the same building in Panvel under that NGO were sent away from the place. This act is an awkward news for all the Indians and for all the humans. The girl who aren't capable of enjoying the freedom of shouting and listening are sent into a comatose. They were already living a short part of insuperable life and after the incident they would be thinking of killing their lives and go to hell. This is a shameful act and government should punish all the four people accused in this case. They shouldn't be entertained and its my humble request to the President of India that its not necessary to show the powerful law of India in every case filed in the Indian Government. You should hang some people without much delay and break the rule of your bloody law which allows the culprit to enjoy the life in jail with some fellow jailer who came behind the bars for a same kind of reason.

              2 months ago, we also heard about the beggar girl who was raped in East India. No severe action was implied on the culprits and everything is still normal. Yesterday, fire broke down in the slums of Bandra after which government announced 1000 Rs compensation to everyone who incurred the loss in this incident. But will this money reach the hands of this people without any ill activities? Its impossible in India for a middleman in any task to complete the same without thinking of his profit or his share. The same happened with the Adarsh Society case where the flats were allotted to the wives and relatives of the soldiers who lost their life while saving our Mother India from the weapons of Pakistan. All the flats assigned for these people went into the custody of ministers. Ashok Chavan is still safe and has full hope that he will be safe till the end. 

              In India, people have proved that even animal can be faithful but not an Indian. Even for the poor and disable, people are damn selfish. I'm not trying to be querulous but still I want people to act little responsibly. Now, the rape of 4 girls in an NGO is a big big slap on the character of Indians. If this will be the case of all the NGOs, just imagine that how many girls will be raped. If Mother Teresa is the example, let her be alive in our thoughts and our activities. Lets not think of our profit, lets not think of our pleasure with Sex, lets not think of our house when you are in a service to poor and needy people. Lets be genuine and lets be clear-conscious and clean-character. Keep your values and morals high or if you face difficulty in following any of the two mentioned above, you can stop thinking of poor people and needy and do your work and try to earn on your basis rather than calculating the profit share from the fund provided.

              Let's pray for all the people who have lost their property in the Bandra fire and for the girls who are fighting with their soul and trying to recover. Let's also hope that we Indians never do any such activity again.


3 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Cricket, Politics and My Life !!!

            373rd BLOG -->>

        So much is happening in the world except I and my progress. I am sitting on the same seat with the same proportions of movement in my emotions, sentiments and excitements but some happenings in the world are exciting me too much. Today, Ireland won against England. It wasn't a win-win match for Ireland but they showed the world that rather than being pretentious and ostentatious, start putting on effort and turn the world upside down with the power you have never ever tried to bring on into movement and existence. Kevin O Brien, a batsman from Ireland played divinely and created a record of scoring the fastest century in the history of World Cup by completing the same in 50 balls. Move few days back and remember the match between India and England. Everything related to the match started trending on Twitter a day before the match itself. On the day of the play, Sachin scored 120 off 115 balls and showed his power of excellence to the world in an austere approach but Andrew Strauss didn't fragile to see the score and knocked more than 150 runs himself and his team of boys dared to Tie the match. This match is the Top match where the highest runs are scored in a day in the history of World Cup. With the last century, Sachin became the man with the highest number of centuries in World Cup.

              So much in the world of Cricket is happening. Many semantic or you can say poppycock things are happening in the politics of India and the new announcements made into it. Recently, Mamata Banerjee announced the Railway budget and it totally sucked. All the previous promises are yet to be completed and there are few dummy promises kept before the sentimental public of India again. I hope Mamata Banerjee knows that Ye Public Hai Sub Jaanti Hai. All the work and beautiful announcements are made just for her territory - West Bengal and very few are meant for the other states. No safety measures have been announced for Mumbai Local which was a main concern and which can't be ignored in this budget. But I liked 1 thing that she didn't raised the prices of tickets of Mumbai Local. It's a dream price to pay just 15 rs to travel CST from Panvel. I just can't imagine anything so economic and balanced according to the pockets of poor. 

              Pranab Mukherjee also came up with new budget of 2011. Many insouciant prices have been passed which pellucid-ly shows that people are not taken into priority while forming the budget. These politicians always think about their pocket and surrounding involved near them which pushes the money into their pockets. Their parlance almost indicates that there's a huge number of diabolism in their attitude and mindset for people. Indian people can't take steps like Egyptians and Libyans. We are the people who can just watch the show going on with an incredulous story which revolves around the main character who is eating people like Dinosaurs and sucking their blood like Draculas and biting them like dogs. We, the people, are getting trapped into it and being the victim each time the devils come out from their resting caves.

               Something is happening in my life too. I have already told you about my Win in Traditional Day and My class's cricket team being 2nd in Finals. After that, we had Volleyball match and I was selected as Captain. We played a good game in the first round and thus entered Finals but due to the lack of practice, lost the Final game but still we are Runner-Up team and the Trophy will come to my house as I was the Captain who lead the team. ;-). The next day, I had Carrom Doubles where Siddhesh accompanied me. We played 3 Rounds back to back and came into Finals. A great strokes by the fingers of Siddhesh was shown in the Finals and we won the Carrom Doubles. So, I'll be getting the certificate for being the winner in Carrom Doubles too. This year's College Fest Days has been wonderful for me. Unfortunately, I also participated in Singing Competition and I did a great comedy show. I sung in the style of Himesh using my nasal strength and moved my hands as he moves while singing. Students enjoyed and so did I. So, over-all I think I am the only child in my class who participated in the highest number of contests. Thanks to the Almighty and my Mother for encouraging me and letting me perform in each and everything possible. 

               I know I'm irregular on blog still even after promising a lot but I can't do anything as lot of hurdles are coming in the way which are not letting me to maintain the velocity flow in consistency. Tomorrow I have lot of assignments to complete and then I have my Unit Test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with 2 papers each day. So, I still can't commit about blogging but I'll surely try to connect with all of you.