31 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

One Month Completed Of Blogging

When I started with this Blog on 30th July,2009 I felt that this is very big task to do..Updating everyday and typing everyday...Will it be possible?
One more thought too came in my mind at that time was that What to write everyday but it is said naa ki after forwarding our first step we voluntarily come to know how our way gonna be.....Its all upon us to make our path easy or difficult...and I made my blogging activities as an ease part of my life...
      After starting Blog, I came to know that theres a lot of thing which goes through all over the day which we dont realize because we are busy finding stars and the moon is left invisible but after writing this blog I came to know that Theres a lot of useful activities we do all over the day and there are many things around us which we dont observe but when we have a task to list out them compulsorily we come to know that Uff...How behind we are.....Now after writing this blog I felt it...

         One more fear was also there in my mind...Will my friends be interested in reading about me but right from the first day the response I received for this is tremendous..thats what gave me motivation to perform Blogging....Every one of my good friends said that Its special...and Its all about you only....Thanks friend for loving my writing and my blog....and thanks for reading it.....Your support have made my blog tocontinue for 1 month and hopefully  if you will read it in the same way I'll continue it till my breathe lasts......

      This journey from 30th July to 31st August has been one of the biggest experience of my life........
30 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Belated Rohit Bhai's Birthday & Hirana Mam's Birthday!!!

On 22nd of this month, It was birthday of the biggest brother and cousin of our family of this generation..Rohit Bhaiyya...He is the biggest son of our family..He is 27 now and he is married...He hasbeen married last year and he is living Happy Married Life in London..Bhabhiji too is with him there...Im 7 years younger to me but our attachment and frankness is just like we are of same age group..either his heart is still childish or Im much more matured then I have to be...But both of us share a good and lovely relationship..I have met him only once in my life and that too for a short period of time which includes only few hours. I met him some 7 years back but that little hours were such a good quality time that we both are such in a touch that till today we are in contact..Unfortunately I wasnt there in his marriage...but that didnt make our relationship lack of love and well being...We both are brothers and we both share good piece of time through Chatting, video chat and phone calls..

He always teach me how to be a good person and what all Talents and quality I have in me...Whenever he is wrong he never feels small to say SORRY and Im his little bro..So i keep doing mistakes..Hahaha....Rohit Bhaai, Imstill waiting for November tocome wen I'll meet you again..and brother,now Im not that small child Now Im grown Up....Face still looks like a small baby but my size and bones have grown up..actually Im a bournvita Boy so..hahaha....I miss you whenever I hear the word BROTHER or COUSIN.....Hope we will be together in the future years......Love You brother....MuaaaHH....

Today on 30th August, My sweetest and favourite teacher, Hirana Mam took birth..in which year I dont know that because You all knowthat asking a lady her birth year or age is a crime....She was my favourite teacher of all time till my Academic years...I always used to wait for her period when I was in 5th..She came new in that year..After wards I went in Secondary section in std 6th and missed her period a lot...and I never had conversation in the next 6 years till my academic years as the building changed.......but I again met her on a Social Networking site where she made her account and I was the first person she searched and added and I went very happy to see her back...Then again the chats began and everything with my favourite teacher began...I received her wishes in my HSC exam.....and then I came in Mumbai and fortunately She too was living in Panvel...and I again went mad with happiness....Till now both of us havent met in panvel...but when the god has written my meeting with my favourite teacher ,We will meet.....But Mam,Im very much glad to have u back......with the same Nature and Attitude..You havent changed...

Happy Birthday To You !!!
Marry Soon!!!
28 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Papa's Birthday ! ! !

28th August-The day when my dad was born in the year 1960..I always keep waiting for this day right from 29th August -the very next day this day finishes.....This time my dad turned 49 years old..In this many year my dear Dad has seen many ups and downs but still he is so fresh and so courageous that he keeps finding new things to do and to take risk to grow up..I just love this attitude of his...He has always been my idol and the person whom I have always admired...

Papa ne bachpann se hi mujhe ek atcha ladka banaane ki kosish ki hai aur maine hamesaa se hi doosre raah ko chunaa hai.....I have given him very much of pain but then too he had a hope from me that I'll come on my path once.....When I was all healthy and happy he used to scold me beat me because I was very naughty and in the complain box of school and society there were only my complains and in the infinity of numbers but when I returned from Pune and he saw me suffering from illness and depression he was totally changed...he started caring me..Loving me..and gave me all of the freedom so sudden that I went up in a shock mode that Is this my Papa who used to beat me with scissor,Hammer,Boots,Belts.......andnow he is like a delicate flower to me...Wow...that change in my papa changed me a lot..I became a good human being....My dad struggled a lot in his life but this last 3 years in his life has been the best in a professional way but his son thats me gave him the biggest of the biggest pain in this 3 years...The man whom I never saw crying cried just because of me....but thanks to Sai Baba as every thing is better then the best today....

Today I bought cakes and pastries for my father and he enjoyed a lot because doctor have told him to boycott sweets and as soon as he saw Sweet he went crazy.....and else nothing happened on his birthday .... Now Im waiting for his 50th birthday in the year 2010..Im excited for the 365th day from today....
27 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Sorry Friends !!!

Friends you all would have heard the word- TECHNICAL FAULT..this what happened with me and my dear internet service..I was with you all till 20th August but on the day of 21st when I tried to access Internet it said that your modem is not responding and when I checked it out I came to know that the tower through which my internet deals with is under maintenance because of which I have to be away from blogging for many days..I was very sad but Im again happy as you can see Im back with my new posts...Reason is not that ki I got bored with blogs Im very much fond of blogging so for that I post everyday without fail but plz forgive me for a week when I was far from all of you....

This one week has been an interesting one for me..I enjoyed a lot..and faced new things and activities...The biggest craze in Maharashtra- Ganesh Chaturthi began this month on 23rd and the new murtis of lord Ganesh everywhere in city made me so blessed and happy that I felt ki Im in heaven......the next day when I went to college and saw that big ganpati there I was just so much of happy that even my college is celebrating Ganesh chaturthi...

On the same day started the Paak Mahina of our Muslim brothers and sisters...In this month they keep fast which is named as ROZA in Quran and Islam..They keep it with all the love and respect for Allah and have their foods in the early morning before Sun rises and then they have their next food after Sun Sets between this they cant even drink Water...and now you will be thinking that who gives them power in the whole of the day to do their jobs and other well beings....thats the power of Allah my friends..........

Now in my college I feel very much comfortable.....now everyone knows who Abhilash is and everybody is happy with my sense of humour......I dont do all this for getting appreciation and all but I like cracking jokes and delivering my dialogues in such a way that the 2nd person who is in conversation with me go mad with laughter....and this what I am right from my childhood......

So now in my college Im friend with everyone.......and now I feel myself very comfortable........

So friends Happy Ganesh Chaturthi And Happy Paak Mahina to all of you.....
20 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

First Day Of College After Break Of Swine Flu ! ! !

Today the college started again after a long break which we got because of Swine Flu.And as you all
know that returning to college after a big break or interval is very hard.We feel lazy and boring to
attend the class again..to sit on the bench..tha same faces..the same boring lectures....Same was
the situation with me..Even I was feeling very tireful today to go to college again..The same local
train the same route..the same road to walk till the time I reach college..

After I reached college I felt little bit fresh to see my classmates again..Now my class has been
divided into two groups so today I felt a different environment in the class..Till now no child has
questioned me anything about joining their group...I think they know my nature that I talk with any1
and I need enjoyment....ab wo mujhe jo bhi dega uske side ho jaaaunga.....but permanently kisi ka
nahi hone waala...I have some principle of my own...
Today Sir gave us the first assignment of C Programming and I felt excited about this because it
gave me a feeling of a Graduation Studies...I also came to know that tomorrow Sir is going to take
us to lab for the first time and again it made me more excited.....
Today both of my favourite teacher passed great dialogues in the class...Abrol mam (English) said
that whatever Im teaching is not in your portion and if you dont want to do You are free Im not
going to stop you...because Ill keep getting my salary.....it made me feel little cheap but made me
Zaheer Sir ( C Programming) said that plz concentrate in my class and clear your doubts because
tomorrow the external teacher will ask you questions and when you will give silly answers they will
ask who is the teacher and you will take my name so plzzz......This childish statement too made me laugh.....
But at the end of the day I was very tired...
18 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

New Books Of BCA

Bagiyaa bagiya baalak bhaagey
Fir bhi titli haath na aaye
Is paggley ko kaun bataaye
Dhundh raha tu jo is jagg mein....
Koi jo khoye to hi paaye.....

Sapno se bhare naina...Toh neend hai naa Chainaaaa............

It was planned that today me and my friend (Classmate) Yusuf will be going to buy books of BCA.I was very much excited for this but the biggest excitement was that I'm going to Mumbai VT.

Many people come to Mumbai from whole of the nation to become actors , professionals etc and everyone haults on this platform of Mumbai VT station and whenever I go to Mumbai VT- The Heart Of Mumbai there are lots of dreams in my eyes.I never had a single dream, I always have many dreams to be.Im going to be a Computer Engineer in future as Im doing BCA right now but still there are many thoughts and dreams which are going through in my mind.

I want to be a Dancer, a Model, an Actor, Choreographer in short you can say that I want to be in camera.I just want to do something because of which I can be a part of the television.

I have always tried to be the part of reality shows but still I didnt got a chance but friends still many years are left to show the pages of my life and Surely, Im going to be a celebrity thats what confidence I have on myself.


Kuch Jyaada hi sapney ho gaye aur kaam ki baat to ki hi nahi...I bought 2 new books of my course - C Programming and Discrete Maths....But abhi bhi unhe padhne ki sochi nahi hai....But yaa my plan is to start studies from this Thursday.....Hope I'll get into the studies from this Thursday.

In the last half an hour of the day I watched Sach Ka Saamna which is my regular show and I really enjoyed the girl Zaara committing facts without nervousness.....Hope she will do good in tomorrow's episode as she is role over contestant.
17 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

The Day Of Praise !!!

As soon as I woke up,there was a knock ,opened the door and found a man Introducing the new look of Hindustan times, He said that this newspaper is going to start new offers will be cheaper then the offers of other newspaper supplies.I'm already subscribed with DNA newspaper and I'm satisfied with it coz Less Advertisements and More Matters so I'm not interested in this Hindustan Times.

Called College and came to know that I still have to wait till Wednesday coz my college will re-open on Thursday-Still my college is facing fear of Swine Flu...there's a statement in newspaper by Scientists that 1 Crore humans will test positive till this December.So I dont think that college should be kept close with this reason of Swine Flu.

One more reason made me happy today-I got one more new compliment from Mazida Didi for my Blog..She said that she is very happy to see me blogging and I felt very proud because of this statement from her.

I got one more compliment from Arushi didi but that was for my dance video in Youtube and Orkut.She told I look cool while dancing and my dance is awesome..This gave me motivation to dance more.

Wished my friend Ganesh the belated happy birthday and this is how this day completed with so much of praise and motivations and new contacts........
16 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

This Sunday Went Boring !!!

This Sunday started with a boring wake with a lots of hope that I'll enjoy today.As its my last holiday of this week as I got a week vacation because of this Swine Flu-an epidemic spreading all over.With family I took a sip of milk while they were busy with their gupshups but the difference was that they were sipping tea.Its a philosophy that when you drink tea there are lots of useless ideas which come to your mind and you share with the people who all are sitting with you ..Bass yahi ho raha tha aaj breakfast mein..HAHAHA....

Then the day started and the whole day went over in decorating my room and at last I was not satisfied because this type of interior decorating I have never have been with....

Today I managed to solve the biggest problem of Overtyping in my Microsoft Office which was harassing me and my father from many days and today as I have recovered it Im very happy with this achievement.

And now in evening after doing so many useless stuffs on net Im bored and this Sunday went ridiculous..

Hope Its my collge tomorrow and Im going to enjoy..So many days have went without having a jhalak of my Mumbai's friend....

Missing my classmates a lot.....

15 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Ye Azaadi Hai Kya?

Happy Independence Day ! ! !

Aaj azaadi ka din hai, in d whole day I didnt felt even a single flick of it.From many years I have always heard Deshbhakti songs and all but this time in Mumbai I didnt heard any of them..Either theres no patriotism in Mumbai or here the people are so much engaged in their own work that they dont have time for their country's well being.

My day started with an incoming call of my friend Abhijit who gave me a good news that he is coming to my house in few hours but he then gave Kallti, I was upset because I really love spending time with him as he has always been a good and caring friend.Then I called my Sister Nidhi Didi and she didnt received my call for the whole day, She was sleeping for the whole day then I attempted a last one in evening and she picked it up and she told me that Ill talk with you later as Im with my friends.I felt very bad because whenever I call her she is always busy either in somebody's else call or with somebody else Gupshups.....Either Im boring or she dont love my attitude but She loves me that I know very well..

Today I saw the excellent movie A WEDNESDAY for the 10th time but the thing which was special this time ws that ki I watched it with my father.Papa dont ahve any interest in movies and all but when his child is so much of Filmi how can he save himself from movies...hmm hmm?

This is the way my day of this Azaadi finished......
14 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Janmashtami Wasn't Special This Time !!!

The day began with the talk with customer care of Airtel and got the 12 rs back which they deducted from my father's mobile..Then me and my father approached towards Bank for new schemes and got the perfect one for us. Salona my friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday thanked me with bottom from her heart for the blog I wrote yesterday only for her as Yesterday my day was special only for her.I wanted to hear her voice yesterday but it went out as impossibility as she dont possess any mobile no..but hope next year Ill be with her on her birthday.

Today is Janmashtami (An excuse to make Noise pollution a legal)where the boys break the Handi which is tied up at a long height..they make pyramids and at last a small child break the handi and there is Dahi which pours out which everybody drinks as the blessing from Lord Krishna.Theres a ISKCON named club or group you can say which worship Lord Krishna with passion..They all were very bright and happy today with this special.The biggest Janmashtami was celebrated in Mumbai from all over the India..The costliest money prize for breaking handi was of 25 lakhs and it too was broken..

But this time I was unable to witness any Dahi Handi as I was busy in my works...

Tomorrow its Independence day..Hope something new will happen tomorrow.
13 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Salona's Birthday

Today the 5th Fast of my Dear Sai Baba began with this thursday of 13th August.Day started with a glass of milk with the praying to god to give me strength for the rest of the day.Its holiday to me as everybody knows that there is a big attack of Swine Flu in Mumbai.Yesterday my friends Zaheer Bhai's birthday was wished firstly by me in the night at 12 o clock itself and today the birthday of my friend Salona made me excited as she has been the closest friend of mines in this last few week.

She turned 18 on this very birthday and I was the second person to give her the best wishes for her birthday.She has really been an Angel to me in past few weeks.

She is the only person infornt of whom I have broke the seal of my whole life-

How my parents struggled?

How did I overcome with my struggles and pain?

And the other many things but this girl never laughed or made jokes on my pain.She always gave pains to her ears just to listen out my life beings and my autobiography this is why I respect her a lot.Whenever she has seen me cry she tried to change the topic and make me laugh.This is the only girl in my life I have seen to have such a great sense of Humour otherwise I feel girls as boring and I mostly avoid chatting with thems but this girl has really won my heart.

Trying to be modern and cool she has not wiped out the cultures which teaches us to respect the one who is conversing with us.Never have she ignored me on chats.She has always been with me whenever I needed her.Whenever I cried she have made me laugh like anything..

Salona I hope our friendship gets stronger ans stronger day by day and hope Ill meet you soon ansd see you soon because really you are an angel to my life and one of the best friend ever.

Happy Bithday to you..May U live a long long life and never forget me as Ill be always there to wish u the first on your birthday...
12 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Swine Flu's Fear !!!

In the morning I peeped into the newspaper and my brain got diverted towards this severe topic of Swine Flu..Our brothers and Sisters are dying because of this harmful communal disease which is getting spread bcoz of H1N1 virus. Its not easy to say that What can happen to me because I have seen many people in my area and in Local trains wearing mask to avoid this disease and this Virus to travel between human beings and diffuse them.

I marched towards my college for the daily routine of getting bored in lectures and in the way I got some notifications that today Ill get a leave because of this deadly disease.

In the way I called my childhood friend-Rohit and the one with whom I shared the most of my secrets.On 11th August he turned 20.He has always been with me. just a one miscall far he is and then he is with me.At my one saying me diverts his plan towards that side...Last few years have been a tough time for him but surely he will recover if he changes his Friends company in Pune.But his life is his life.But he has always been kind to me and has always respected my emotions and sentiments.

Then now after this I reached My college and Yes the students of BCA 3rd year boycotted and I came to know that Its really a holiday today.Then happily we came out of college and started our Gupshups..

My new friend Arya and the monitor of the class were both trying to flirt with a girl Umera in our class at last Arya won to take her in the Inorbit mall but unluckily Sameer - the monitor reached there and saw him with her sitting and enjoying the eatables.After that Arya got tensed and called me and I told him not to get tensed as I m always with him as he is a good boy and I know that I have the ability of Leadership and I can march friends against any one so if Sameer shows his Mardaangi type of thing Ill show him what the world is ........

Swine Flu Precautions ! ! !

Precautions to be taken to avoid Swine Flu…………

The deadly Swine Flu has reached the Indian shores following the global outbreak and now, claimed one life. However, Swine Flu is certainly one of those diseased where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are ten tips for you to keep away from the pandemic.

1. Wash your hands frequently Use the antibacterial soaps to cleanse your hands. Wash them often, at least 15 seconds and rinse with running water.

2. Get enough sleep Try to get 8 hours of good sleep every night to keep your immune system in top flu-fighting shape.

3. Drink sufficient water Drink 8 to10 glasses of water each day to flush toxins from your system and maintain good moisture and mucous production in your sinuses.

4. Boost your immune system Keeping your body strong, nourished, and ready to fight infection is important in flu prevention. So stick with whole grains, colorful vegetables, and vitamin-rich fruits.

5. Keep informed The government is taking necessary steps to prevent the pandemic and periodically release guidelines to keep the pandemic away. Please make sure to keep up to date on the information and act in a calm manner.

6. Avoid alcohol Apart from being a mood depressant, alcohol is an immune suppressant that can actually decrease your resistance to viral infections like swine flu. So stay away from alcoholic drinks so that your immune system may be strong.

7. Be physically active Moderate exercise can support the immune system by increasing circulation and oxygenating the body. For example brisk walking for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week will significantly perk up your immunity.

8. Keep away from sick people Flu virus spreads when particles dispersed into the air through a cough or sneeze reach someone elseĆ¢€™s nose. So if you have to be around someone who is sick, try to stay a few feet away from them and especially, avoid physical contact.

9. Know when to get help Consult your doctor if you have a cough and fever and follow their instructions, including taking medicine as prescribed.

10. Avoid crowded areas Try to avoid unnecessary trips outside.
10 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

1st Day Of The 2nd Week Of The College and Suresh's Birthday !

My bro-like friend Suresh and friend Rahul had their birthdays today...I was very much excited for Suresh's Birthday as I really love him from the bottom of my heart...he has always been like a big brother and a caring one for me...always taken care of my studies and health...the only friend I felt who cares about my career...thanx Suresh for being with me always and loving me so much in your this busy life.....You ahve turned out 20 years today....Happy Birthday to you..!!!


New week of the college began with many of the new hopes..
A struggling student will always hope a new week of the college to be the best and compatible for himself..and Yes my today's day was the happiest day in all this 6 days of the college which has been completed.

As now I have a pass of local train I didnt went and stood in a queue which was my daily routine everyday so this was the biggest load which went away now Im free till 4 months of my life as I have 4 months pass.....

I went college and there were news that we are privileged with holiday bcoz of deadly Swine Flu travelling from one person to another in the city......

But nopes there was college but when it started with the first lecture of EVS the whole period went in my day dreaming then came C Programming lecture and I was successful in writing algorithm and program for each and every program Sir gave in class....then there was a break and I had sip of cold drink and Samosa Pav which is a new version of Vada pav now a days.....then came the lecture of Fundamental of IT and the whole period I was out of the class busy in filling up my exam form for 1st sem of BCA and hence I was the first child of my class to fill up that.....then came English lecture and having a sight of my English Teacher for the first time made me happy as she was a perfect teacher .. She is very stylish and her fluency and English is really a godliness.....Thanx Mam for being such a nice teacher to us...

Then in evening i returned home......
8 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

First Holiday After College Began !

Today was my first holiday after my senior college began and I was very happy because as I lost the habit of thr routine of going to college I used to feel very tired after returning from the college but cant help it as its the path towards my destination and thats what you can say is my karma bhumi so I'll have to do it but I was waiting for this Saturday and Im very happy that its my holiday today.

I woke up very late as I wanted to rest and after that began my day.My bedroom was scattered and was looking even worst then Vegetable Market, first I bought it into its original position and made it look like my bedroom which has always been beautiful and attractive right from my childhood. I always had a will to decorate and keep my bedroom beautiful.

Then I started Ironing my clothes and this lazy act made me to watch Love Aaj Kal with it but because I wanted to spend some family time I stopped the movie at its 50th minute and I found Saif ali khan's acting perfect and matured but the way Deepika Padukone was delivering her dialogues were not appreciable but yes Im not dissapointed from her as its the beginning of her career and she will be a perfect actress in coming years.there were 2 lip kisses in movie till the part I saw it and they were extreme passionate.

Then at 9 PM I watched Dus Ka Dum - Todays player were Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff - It was an average episode today but yes I enjoyed the episode and then I continued watching with Dekh India Dekh and the joke in which the man says a woman that lets go to garden and the woman replies that Battameez aurto se aisi baatein karta hai garden leke chalu , Yahaan koi bedroom nahi hai kyaa? this made me go roll and roll with laughter and with this beautiful smile my first holiday ended.

Hope tomorrow's day will be as good as todays.
7 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

One Week Handled Safely !!!

One week of my college has successfully been finished but theres still many doubt which are left uncleared and the rim of my mind is just revolving in its axis that whats going to be next in my college life. Im not much interested in my classmates as I didnt found any one of my type. My type includes the boys possessing good sense of humour and the style of mimicre but here there is nobody upto my expectation and Im very sad that I didnt got my ideal classmates with whom I have to be for three years till my graduation gets over.

I got the best of the colleges but the management isnt concentrating on us and still I didnt got my course books and theres exam after 2 months..

Hey God Just Save Me !!!

Rakshabandhan - Dedicated To Nidhi Didi

Yesterday all over India Rakshabandhan the festival of the love between bro and sis was celebrated delightfully and charmly. In this occasion Sisters tie rakhi to her brothers requesting them to take care of them for the whole of life , then see touches the feet of her brother and feed their brother with sweets then in the form of love brother give their sister a gift-it can be anything such as Jewellery clothes cosmetic anything or 101 1001 rs acc to our myth which are considered as good wills.

I have three sisters , this rakshabandhan for me was special for some one else till last time it occured but this time my all the love and excitement was for my sister Nidhi didi.
She has been the only sister who have tied me Rakhi or you can say that she got a chance to tie my rakhi else no one of my sister got the chance. I have no sister of my own - two are my cousins Swati and Tannu but Nidhi didi is some one special as she is not in my blood relation but she is in my heart and the best and the caring sister ever.

I never promise anybody about the future because except god nobody knows what kind of future you may see further but I wished and blessed my self that to keep care of my sister Nidhi didi for the whole of my life.

I tied her Rakhi in the early morning because she made the rakhi by her hands and didnt used the readymade ones which are sold out in moneys at the shops thats called the sister's love for brother and I tied rest of my Sister's rakhi in evening and this is how my festival ended with the love for my sister Nidhi didi.

Abhilash Veeru - Ruhela
3 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

FiRsT DaY oF SeNioR CoLLeGe !

Today , I woke up and instead of beeing happy that im turning towards Senior college from Junior I was scared.
Jaise hi Panvel station pahuncha...Aankho ne kahaa ki itni lambi line gawaraah na degi tere is shareer ko tu coupon le aur tezi me apni nayi zindagi ki ore bhaag le...widout compromising with the situation I managed for d coupon and caught the first local towards my college - the process which will continue for the next three years.As I was in the way from Belapur Station till my college Bharati Vidyapeeth-One of the Leading University Of India , I was feeling my self as a big professional in my college dress which is Sky Blue full sleeves shirt And a good quality Navy blue coloured- trouser..
Many Girls and aunties peeped towards me twice and that gave me a confidence ki Yes Im looking smart.

Then my first lecture began ..EVS...boring teacher...claiming to be PhD but the way of speaking like a 6th class girl....bored the students for 1.5 hours...
Then came our Class representative in simple language Class teacher Mr.Zaheer Sir...Wow..wat a personality wat a first look image he gave..His qualification is MCA..and yes dis man was looking d same he claimed...He took C Programming lecture and yes I understood each and every word of him what he spoke..

Then there was a break and then next lecture od Ghajanan sir....he too was like the 1st lecturer claiming to be MCA but teaching style like beggar...

But one thing which made me feel scared and feared was the Danger of Ragging in the college...
Hey God Just save me from this ! ! !
2 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

FrienDShiP DaY - A CraZe !

Today its Friendship Day on 2nd August, yesterday in my blog i shared with you all that how crazy this august month is and you can see it right from today from the second day of this month.
HaPPy FrienDShiP DaY To All Of My Friend Of Jindal - Pune - Aurangabad - Nashik - Mumbai.

In India we can see a big craze of this day , i dont know what makes this day so special? Yes, its Ok its a day of friends and we pass on all our life with our friend but it doesnt mean ki you showing so much of eagerness only on this day. what makes u so excited in this?
Remember one thing when you will be all alone in your life and when you would really need sumone in your life to help you and to co operate you you will find your every friend running from you giving you such an excuses that you cant even stop them.And that moment of the life you will feel that friends are the worst experience of the life and that time you will realise that parents are the only one who are always with you in every circumstances of your life.So friends stop wasting your time with such friends and start living your life.The way in which you are celebrating friendship day by buying bands and all save this money and save money and on the Mother's day and Father's day, gift sumthing to your parents..then see the smile on their face.
Then you will realise what the real happiness is and who really are your good and best friends in your life..
The best friend of the whole life is no one else then your mother.
And one bitter Truth

Anybody who is your friend either good or best is with you only because he has sum profit and advantage from you and else theres no reason of the friendship..

but leave all this
Happy Friendship To All Of You.

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa - VeeRu
1 August 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

1st DaY oF ThE 8tH MoNTH oF ThE YeaR

Today is the first day of the eighth month of the year-2009 i.e. August.

Khush hu main kyuki aaj pehli taareekh hai..Dairy milk advertisement have already hit the screens and radio station with this Slogan...

and today is the 1st day of the month.

Everybody plans some frame for the new month..even i have planned..but theres difference between me and other teenagers...i try to complete it but others just frame the task and wipe the plans as they meet their buddies..

August this month is very lucky for me as my father's bday on this month makes me very excited..
secondly my best frnd Rohit's bday too is in this lovely month.

my friend Suresh too rocks in this month with his bday..he is lyk my brother..always taken my care....

and many festival rocks in this month..Rakshabandhan-d day for the love of bro and sis...i luv my sister Swati who now have left me but once we both used to share a beautiful relationship...
My another sister Nidhi is also a great human being and d love and frankness between us makes our relationship of a long term and unbreakable...recently i met her for the first time in d last month on 19th...So this rakshabandhan is special for me just for her..
then cums janmashtami wich rocks....
and d last festival of the month Ganesh chaturthi wich is a big craze in maharashtra and even for me....

And d craziest day of tihs month for every younster is FRIENDSHIP DAY wich is just tomorrow.....

and d biggest thing for our country too cums in this very month....dats INDEPENDENCE DAY....

so dear friend enjoy this month of August happily and heartly...


Abhilash Ruhela - Veeru