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The Twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg (Book Review-4.25/5)!!!

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   Well, you can't help complimenting the week in which you get to read too many novels and actually when you get to read two heart-thrilling novels within two days of time without any disturbance and interruptions. It's a rare occasion in my life that I read a book that's almost 500 pages but when the book is about something that you always wanted to know or of the genre that you always wanted to read, it takes no time for you to go through all the pages in the least time possible. Yesterday I read Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian that totally surprised me with its perfectness and today I am done with "The Twelfth Imam" by none other than the International Bestseller- "Joel C. Rosenberg". Well, the cover says "The New York Times Bestseller". It is said that a novel shouldn't be judged by its cover page but I think my view about this novel right from when I got my hands on it has not been wrong. :-) The novel is as intense as its cover page. 

What if the Islamic Messiah Comes to Earth? What if The World Waits too long... and Iran Develops Nuclear Weapons? Tensions are rising in the Middle East. Irans president vows to annihilate the United States and Israel. Israels prime minister says someone must hit Irans nuclear sites before its too late. The American president warns against a preemptive strike on Irans nuclear facilities and says negotiations are the key to finding peace. And amid it all, rumors are swirling throughout the region of a mysterious religious cleric claiming to be the Islamic messiah known as the Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam. Word of his miracles, healings, signs and wonders is spreading like wildfire. CIA operative David Shirazi was born for this moment. He is recruited and sent into Tehran with one objective: use all means necessary to disrupt Irans nuclear weapons program, without leaving American fingerprints and without triggering an apocalyptic new war. But time is running out.The Twelfth Imam is the first novel in a new political thriller series by Joel C. Rosenberg, the New York Times bestselling author of the award-winning Last Jihad series. Rosenberg takes you inside a world few will ever enter, hold on to your seat - the twists and turns never stop coming.

About the Author:- 
Joel C. Rosenberg (born 1967) is an American communications strategist, author of the Last Jihad series, and founder of The Joshua Fund.[3] An Evangelical Christian, he has written five novels about terrorism and how he says it relates to Bible Prophecy, including Gold Medallion Book Award winner The Ezekiel Option,[4] along with two nonfiction books, Epicenter and Inside the Revolution, on the alleged resemblance of biblical prophecies and current events. He and his wife, Lynn, have four sons and reside near Washington, D.C.
     The book gives you enough goosebumps to understand why it has been written with such deep research and articulating it with current conditions of the countries it has talked about. Though the book is fictitious but somewhere its the truth in which we are living today. I am quite guilty when I say that I can't review all the things that I have read in 500 pages but I shall give you an overview of my feelings after reading this book. There are very less book that are written on terrorism which really enthralls you and fortunately, this is one of them. Actually, this is more than that. It is a book which can be like an autobiography for many living in the countries that are always at radar of the super-power countries. The communal mentality that has rotten everyone's soul is discussed terrifically in this book. Some incidents can make girls vomit because of the high violence that it describes. :-) Powerful hearts like me will enjoy such incidents as these are the souls of this book.

           Right from the first page, the tension between the parties, communities and segments were discussed which keeps the book focused on the topic at which it is purposely written. The book is divided into parts which makes it little easy to consume otherwise it could have been little hard to understand things. Well, I appreciate the writer's initiative to mention all the characters before starting the book which makes it easy for us to refer them if we are reading the book after taking certain gaps. I must say that pick this book only if you can digest it otherwise if you are possessive about your religion, better skip it. Well, still read it because the book is lot above that. I would give this book 4.25/5.


Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian (Book Review-Perfect Page-turner)!!!

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  If ever I will remember the day 30th October, 2013, I would say that it has been a complete day for me. Because generally what happens is- I spend all my day only in reading a novel if its 320 pages+ because I feel that I am wasting time if I am doing some other chores. But today, I did all my routine yet completed this book which is of 320 pages. The book is so interesting that even when I read it for only 5-6 hours, I managed to complete it because I was reading as speedily as possible because of the book being a perfect page-turner. It's none other than the latest book of Mr. Ravi Subramanian- "Bankerupt" which released a month ago on 20th September, 2013. The book's tagline screams three topics "Desire. Greed. Murder". And I am happy that unlike Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020 where all the three subjects that has been mentioned on the cover page is been left incomplete, this novel of Mr. Subramanian takes these topics seriously in his story and gives a finishing end to all of them. Well, I would also like to bring into notice of all that the author has moved from Rupa publications to the India's biggest, Penguin with this book. 

About the Book:-
 A university is an institution for higher education and research. It can also be a place where academic brilliance leads to overinflated egos, bitter politics and finally, murder. Cirisha Narayanan, a professor at MIT Boston, who has risen meteorically, stumbles upon a cryptic message. Aditya Raisinghania, her banker husband, sets up a highly innovative financial hoax. Her profiteering father harvests Australia's largest bird, the emu in India. The US elections are on and the debate on gun control has reached a fever pitch. Set in Mumbai, Coimbatore and Boston, Ravi Subramanian creates an impeccably researched world where everyone has a motive to kill. Nothing is as it seems in this cunningly vicious thriller where the plot turns on a dime.

About the Author:-
Ravi Subramanian an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline-pumping world of global banks in India. It is but natural that his stories are set against the backdrop of the financial services industry. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dharini and daughter Anusha. In 2008, he won the Golden Quill Readers Choice award for his debut novel, If God was a Banker. 
 Coming to the author, I would like to tell that I have only read his second last release before this i.e. Bankster. It was of 364 pages and I loved that tale too. It had many characters while this book manages to treat character better than Bankster. Even though few characters keep on coming unexpectedly in between but still you manage to remember who they were as the plot isn't much confusing. But the narration and writing style of the author is something that makes it easy for us to read the book in one go even when its quite long. The kind of name the author has, he can use difficult words from his great vocabulary and show how excellent he is in the language but still he keeps his language easy-going which makes it possible to keep us interested in it. For the whole period of time, I wanted the book to finish and the moment it finished, I wanted to read from the author on the same story itself. Haha!

           While reading the book, at many places I wanted the video of the story to be with me so that I can fast-forward the CD and see what's going to happen after 5 minutes from the scene because I lost my patience at many places to know as to what exactly happened after this particular incident. :-) There are many scenarios which can give you goosebumps, heart-attack, panic-attack and I don't know what-what. This has been my first such experience where I found a book so interesting even when its written on an off-topic. Amazing! The great thing about the book is that even after the death of many characters one after another, story still keeps them alive and it seems as if they are not dead in the book still as they play the equivalent part in the story. As the whole story is written in chain with all the chapters connected to the previous ones, I can't share my favorite parts as it might act as spoilers. But I must say that a movie can't handle the kind of long and perfect story this is, a series like "24" should be made on this book and it should continue for a quarter of year. Wow! 

             You can not believe while reading that how a parallel scam of Aditya gets into the way of his wife who is into a different country all together. The Dharawi of Mumbai is connected to the Boston which is connected to gun laws which is again associated with Coimbatore. I was like "How can Mr. Ravi Subramanian create such a plot and that too in such a short period of time while other authors take 2-3 years to come up with something like this!" The research work of the author is completely visible and also his knowledge in miscellaneous fields is evidently pellucid. The certain investigation that keeps on taking place and the kind of facts that keeps on coming out thrills out almost every astonishment you have in you as a reader. The very first WOW moment for me in the book was when Cirisha sees the tag of Snuggles in Dharawi. And since then, the book has over-served me. :-) If someone from Wall Street Journal can call him "The John Grisham of banking", I, as a small portal can undoubtedly call Mr. Ravi Subramanian, "The Abbas-Mustan of Banking Thrillers". Please don't miss it if you have been excited for reading books that keeps on giving you surprises on every alternate page. :-) Looking forward to reading all the previous works of The Ravi Subramanian because missing them is as foolish as choosing Pizza over Chchole-batoore. :-)


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My comments on the cover page of "Life and Promises"!!!

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          I read a manuscript of aspiring authors- Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg. The manuscript got selected and both of them are debuting with their co-authored work "Life and Promises". Although both of them work with many published and bestseller authors, they chose my comments to be printed on the Cover Page of their novel which released just 2 days ago. I am quite jubilant while sharing the cover page of this book. I am sure all of you will support it as it has given me an immense pleasure to be a part of it in such a unique way. What an Honor!!! May God bless you, Pulkit Gupta!



Chapter Eleven by Amit Shankar (Book Review- 4 out of 5)!!!

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 The second last book that I read and reviewed recently was Amit Shankar's Love is Vodka. I quite liked it and I knew that he is one of the writers who can never disappoint me with the plot of his story. I also liked his writing style. Just after posting his reviews, I got to know a comment that he made for Book Reviewers where he said after the 4 lines of jingle, "Can't write to save your life? Become a Book Reviewer." This shows the disrespect and its evident that the author sees Book reviewer as an inferior class against his position of being an author. Well this is a harsh truth for some of the book reviewers but being an author, he should respect Book Reviewers because the 60% of visibility and popularity that such not-so-popular authors get is because of the book reviewers. My only request to him is that now he's an Author and he should think 100 times before saying or posting something in public. He has to be responsible, no matter what!

          Well, now coming to his 2nd work that I have read out of three that he has written, "Chapter 11" which also has the tagline "Kissa Corporate Bankruptcy Ka". The 353-pages story is published by his home publisher- Vitasta. As I showed my doubt regarding the publisher last time if it's good or not, after reading these 2 books of Amit Shankar, I am sure that they are one of the capable publishers in our literary world. The cover page of this novel is yet made exactly according to how story is. The whole process of how Amit Shankar takes the story ahead is what I like about him. There's a certain confidence that can be made out through the narration skill he has. He knows that every sentence that he is writing is required in the story and he makes it sure that he isn't over-exaggerating anything. A wonderful writer to be followed in future. :-) 

Feeling suffocated within the confines of Udaipur, his past and inconsequential job, Virendra Vikram Singh aspires to be a part ofan MNC. However, with dreams having a nasty habit of going haywire, the day he joins his dream company, it files for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy. First of its kind, Chapter Eleven is a bold and honest portrayal of corporate sleaze, dejection, love and self-discovery.

His debut novel Flight of the Hilsa was received exceptionally well by the readers and critics alike. No wonder, in no time it went on to become a national best-seller. Amit Shankar, an advertising professional, has worked with some of the biggest advertising agencies, spearheading the communication for global brands. As a Copywriter and Creative Director, he has bagged some of the biggest advertising awards.

             As I have already said that there's a certain confidence in author that makes him write a story that he himself has faith on and makes readers feel that they are reading something that comes once in a time. I am fan of his narration now. I also loved a new thing that I found about him- the great sense of humor that plays a big part in this book. If you take away the humor from this funny book, there's nothing much left to be read. And that's the USP of Chapter Eleven. Whenever a book is based on Corporate life, there comes a feeling that it might bore us but there are very few books that stands out differently, this is one among them. The protagonist VVS is someone whom I would love to see again in the sequel to this novel or in some other work. His background, his current scenario and his dreams, all are managed so properly that you can actually imagine VVS accurately. :-)

            The starting of the book is itself interesting as it shows how VVS gets his dream job and after joining the office, his wide expressions after seeing all the corporate arrangements is a wonderful thing to read. Then the moment he enters the company, company gets into a situation where they start throwing employees out of the organization, his fear from then onward is what the whole book is all about. His equation with his wife is depicted nicely. His religion- Rajput is shown in a good light with humorous touch- this is something for which I should accolade the author. Then the relation of VVS with Ambica is also narrated beautifully because I thought that it would be too sensuous to handle but author kept it very light and real. Though something related to Ambica became quite obvious at a point of time hence the story became predictable for me since then. It is only then that I got disappointed. Else, the book is a wonderful book in this section of Popular Fiction and I would recommend it to all. I give it 4 out of 5.

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Diwali Safai & Nostalgia!!!

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This post does not have any specification as such because it's just that I wanted to talk about something in which I'm currently drowned in- Diwali cleaning. "Diwali safai" is one word that excites me. Now, my home is almost set and therefore it remains the way it is otherwise the time I used to live in colony, I and my mother would plan just before Diwali as to how can we set our house in a new way that can keep us afresh for a long period of time. I would suggest the location of the cupboard, my study table, her sewing machine, television, DVD etc. And then after mutual decision, we would take a final agreement and start shifting the things from here and there. The power was such that even when I was in school and my mother a young lady, we would shift the whole cupboard full of clothes, bed full of suitcases ourselves. We never took support of my father because he wasn't much interested in household chores. This power was because we wanted the excitement in house.

            On the day of Diwali when we used to decorate our houses with diyas, new bed sheets, sofa covers and table covers, it used to shine. I and my mother used to see each other and smile every now and then like small kids as if a new toy has come into the house. Well, Diwali shopping has never been lucky to be part of my family. Hahaha. Because always a month ago, my birthday was celebrated and all the shopping of Diwali used to be done in the September end or October first week itself. We never got an opportunity to do anything specifically during the time of Diwali when others use to go to shops, markets, cities to purchase new cloths and showpieces for their homes. Well, we were also happy about this because where we lived was an outskirt region somewhere in the backdrop of Mumbai. Hence, a very limited stock of unique things used to be available there. As we used to market in September/October, we used to get all the things that we wanted without any rush or crowd. That was another favorable moment for us during Diwalis.

             One thing that still makes me excited for safai is the archaeological digging into those areas of house that we touch only once in a year. I always get something from these areas that does not stop me from remembering my childhood and those childhood days when I used to create things and toys on my own and keep them safely with the purpose of showing it to my kids as to what their father used to do in his childhood. Haha! That is how silly we are in childhood times. The albums or those photographs that we never try to find gets into our hands while filtering a box or two and we get so rolled up that it takes half an hour in listening to the whole story behind the photograph and the contemporary situation of our family by our parents. I always get excited to see my childhood pictures as they speak a lot about me. Almost everything. I still find myself to be the same. The same boy thinking deeply whenever he sees something new. The same boy who is still that silent and lonely but keeps a smile ahead whenever he is in public. Somewhere I feel that I am the same that I was when I was newly born or just entered the school. Well, let's stop this sorrowful talks here itself. Kabhi aur! :-) 

               Even now, as I am engaged in Diwali cleansing, I love to see my study table and its drawer away from any kind of useless thing or material that's not of much use. There are also some deary things of childhood that we have to throw because mothers scold that they are just eating space in the house and are not going to be in use ever. That still makes our heart cries. :-) I recently cleaned all my novels and checked them one by one. As the major part of my life since my childhood has been only about books, I get nostalgic whenever I open the box that has all my favorite books in it. The shelf that carries books that I have recently reviewed on my blog from last 3 years. The Chandamama, Wisdom, Champak, Reader's Digest- I had subscription of all in childhood and seeing them now brings so much cheer in life. I was always thrown away from the group of children because I was quiet boring in childhood, may be I am still. :-) I used to come back to home and these books used to be my friends that accepted me without judging who actually is reading them. Life!

              Then seeing the Robin Sharma's whole set of books bring that time of life as flashback in front of eyes that tells how depressed and really lonely I was when someone suggested me a book of his and the motivation that it gave me made me purchase all his books, read them and understand what exactly can be done with life. It was then that I became serious about anything but my future. The whole lot changed for me. Diwali Safai, hence shall always remain to be an integral and kind of personal thing for me. It brings so much out that is been covered with so much of packages never to be seen again for next 365 days. The Rakhis from my sisters are kept with utmost care still in order to remember the beautiful times I had with them. Though I am away from all those Moh-maaya but it gets revoked during this time of Diwali. May be festival asks me to get back to all of them, the people whom I have left behind or they have left me, but then some thing- a conscious within stops and says- Burdening yourself with past will never allow you to speed up on the road that takes you to a light future that's ideal for everyone. :-) 



Ladies and Stars!!!

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      Evening has been lovely. The occasion of Hoi Ashtami where mothers fast for their sons and break it only after seeing the stars in the sky. Well, stars toh sky mein hi dekhte hain na, main bhi! :| In the cities like Mumbai, we don't often get to see the stars in the sky the way we get in the villages. I don't know how and why but this is true. Once upon a time, my friend Rishab Dahiya shared a post on my blog where he spoke the same how he missed the stars after shifting to Delhi. This is one truth that every one of us who have witnessed the night life at village misses in the cities. Why has God not blessed cities with stars? May be because people here do not have time to cherish them and give them the importance that's needed. People keep on working till 2 AM-3 AM and by then, they are enough tired to do anything else than sleep. In villages, people wind up by 10 PM or most by 11 and hence, they get enough time to have a good interaction with stars. Also they are the ones who get to see sun rising in the morning as the people here in cities can not imagine themselves waking up at 5 AM. Both the lives has their respective excitements and thus, a person like me can adapt to both the situations having his native in village. And I have no disregard for it. I am totally proud of being a part of villages that comprises 90% of India.

           Talking about the Hoi Ashtami, its a festival that often comes just after Karwachauth. In our India, this is the reason that we love and respect ladies more than anything else. Even when a lady gets old, she is been respected in the same way as she was when she held the whole responsibility of handling the house. Her sacrifices and personal commitment for the family always stays above anything. A financial contribution from man is always seen secondary in comparison to what woman does for the house. It is she who makes house into a home. And a home into a palace. It is she who fulfills the requirement of the atmosphere that's needed in a house to make it smell like heaven. The day I don't find my mother at home after getting back from college, I feel as if leaving the house myself. The karwachauth and hoi ashtami's fasting that these ladies keep out of faith or superstition, whatever it is, is pure and hence no one questions that.

            Otherwise, I am a person who always loves debating on what I feel illogical. I questioned my mother yesterday itself that if she gets sick because of fasting and all as I was concerned about her low blood pressure problem, she can refrain from keeping it. She replied saying that it's necessary as its for long life of son and husband. I asked her then wasn't my chachiji doing it with seriousness that chachaji expired at such a young age and my mother was blank. She smiled at me and said that she do not like thinking about all this when it comes to her husband and son. Now that's what every lady is. Hence, whenever there's a crime against a girl/woman, everyone stands out in support without judging the victim because they remember just one thing- the love that our mothers, sisters and wives have been providing us with time. A boy will never think of taking home something for parents after a trip or something but a girl always have in mind that she has to take a shirt for her father, purse for her mother and sunglasses for her brother. This is what the enigma of dear girls/ladies are.

               People dream and read about Super Heroes but actually these ladies who gives so much inputs in the family are the ones because of which whatever little bit of peace we have in houses today otherwise everyone would have lost their controls and made this planet a planet of violence as they show in Hollywood movies. Osho has rightly said that women is to be loved, not to be understood. We can never understand them because we aren't so pure and committed for our family and others the way they are. And you'll find our society and you yourself disrespecting the women around you who isn't concerned about anyone else than her own self. The only reason is that we have started assuming women as the ones who are strongest and extra-ordinary and hence if we find any woman being mediocre or below par, we feel low and pity about them. On this Karwachauth and Hoi Ashtami, I salute all those women who sacrifices so much for their families yet do not repeat the deeds that they perform for our well beings and safety. :-) 


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Love is Vodka by Amit Shankar (Book Review- 3.5/5)!!!

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    Touched a fiction book after a long time and I was skeptic if I would finish it in 3-4 hours as I used to do it earlier but fortunately, I am done. Somewhere, even God wants me to keep talking about books on my Blogs and various portals. :-) Though I have never read Vitasta Publication ever but this time, I tried somehow with my mind prepared to curse it later on but again, fortunately, I am surprised after completing this book. I just enjoyed my first experience of them. I am done reading "Love is Vodka" which also has the tagline "A shot ain't enough". The 203-pages novel is been written by Amit Shankar. 

About the Author :
With his earlier two titles, Flight of the Hilsa and Chapter 11, he has already captured a million minds and hearts. His writing questions the norms, seeks and explores some discomforting answers. If not a writer, he would have been a musician. He loves his space and coffee. 

His passion includes music, cooking and biking and list of Gods; Clapton, Slash, Blackmore, Santana, Satriani, Vie and Stevie Ray Vaughan.


If love is all about freedom and honest expression then how can one associate it with loyalty?
Being a love child; Moon, the protagonist is anything but a conventional teen. With a leading TV news anchor as her mother, an aspiring entrepreneur as her boy friend, the word LOVE baffles her. The whole idea of having one partner and love being eternal is beyond her comprehension. 
Life turns upside down when she falls for the CEO, who happens to be her mother's boyfriend too. Destiny further complicates things by blessing her with a big time modelling assignment and she becomes famous and popular overnight.
A war starts waging between her head & heart on a lot of issues exposing her to various forms of love online & offline. 

Will she decipher the true meaning of love? Embark on an exhilarating rendezvous with Moon and discover love like never before.

           Coming to the author, I would say that reading the story, throughout, I was assured that I am reading Durjoy Datta. :-) Yes! The feel is exactly the same. The kind of plot it is, the kind of female protagonist that the story has, the way boyfriends and relationships are discussed, it is a real treat for everyone who wait for Durjoy Datta's novels. I loved the narration. I loved the way story is been created to make it look more realistic. At some points, I felt as if it was spoken on so and so journalist that I know but taking anyone's name is not right here. :-) The cover page of the book is well done and after reading the story I understand as to what it depicts. :-) Well done with the concept. The story isn't stretched out and wrapped in just 203 pages which I would applaud. 

             The initial description of protagonist is wonderfully done and it was the moment that I felt it's Durjoy Datta's material. :-) Several boyfriends and their characterizations does not bore you because it's handled well by the author. In the party where she gets to know about Aditya is a wonderful scene and I loved reading that shocking element in the girl's life. When she gets her first success in the modeling and the way it has been showcased is done perfectly and also the tragedy that strikes just after it is a nice twist to the story. Also the description of Devil makes me feel to be like him. :-) Sensuous scenes are well handled otherwise a little here and there could make it look like a vulgar or silly thing. The question that the protagonist asks her friend after seeing a large crowd coming out for corruption is something that made me laugh. And the part where the chapter ends with Riya turning rebel against her mother when she tries to stop her for something is another favorite part of mine.

             Talking about the drawbacks, the book seemed to be predictable at times. The kind of characters that author chose could have been utilized much powerfully than the way they are been done. The climax could have been more interesting than the predictable end. Some scenes could have been extended more as they played a prominent part in the story but they were kept short. The character of Nikhil has no serious inputs. Also the friend circle of the protagonist could have been used later in the story. Such few mistakes makes this book little farther than being perfect. But still I would give this book 3.5/5.




मैं आया नहीं, बुलाया गया हूँ by Sanjeet Pathak (Poem)!!!


   This blog is written by one of my friend- Sanjeet Pathak who recently posted a Hindi translation of my 892nd Blog Post. He wanted to introduce himself here so here it is and then his poem below the introduction-

जन्म से शिक्षार्थी, शौक से इथिकल हैकर और पेशे से वेब डिज़ाइनर. कुछ ऐसे हीं संजीत खुद को परिभाषित करते हैं. रांची विश्वविद्यालय से BCA और नेशनल एंटी हैकिंग ग्रुप से इथिकल हैकिंग कर चुके संजीत को कंप्यूटर में असीम रूचि है. संजीत के अनुसार, उन्होंने आज-तक लिखने और पढने के अलावा और कोई तीसरा काम नहीं किया. पढ़ते हैं सब कुछ जो भी पढने को मिल जाए, और लिखते है, जिसे आज तक किसी ने नहीं पढ़ा. संजीत के लिखे ये शब्द, ARB पर आपके लिए :

मैं आया नहीं, बुलाया गया हूँ.
इन्कलाब नहीं हूँ, जलाया गया हूँ.
यूँ ही नहीं बैठा इस मरघट में....
हजारों दफा दफनाया गया हूँ.

झुलाया गया हूँ, झुकाया गया हूँ.
नहीं थी जरुरत, तो मिटाया गया हूँ.
हुआ फक्र मुझ पर तो महफ़िल में परोसा,
जो आई हया तो छुपाया गया हूँ.

जो चाहा सिमटना साए में खुद के,
तो उसी के पीछे दौड़ाया गया हूँ.
कभी था चाहा सिसक कर जो रोना,
तभी गुदगुदा कर हँसाया गया हूँ.

गर माँगा हिसाब कभी मेरी खता का,
हजारों हीलों से बरगलाया गया हूँ.
जिनको कभी था पलकों पर रखा,
उन्ही द्वारा शूलों पर बिठाया गया हूँ.

मैं मूरत के मंदिर में बंधी हुई घंटी,
हर-एक हाथो से बजाया गया हूँ.
मेरे बजने से ये पत्थर हैं रीझते,
यही बोल कर मैं रिझाया गया हूँ.

Thanks. Sanjeet!

Computer Graphics & Animations by Trivedi (Book Review- 3.5/5)!!!

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   I have a subject in my MCA Semester 3 named Computer Graphics of which I understand nothing. Our teacher tries hard to make us understand but fails because of not being a great teacher. :-) A tutor tries but still half of the topics go above head. I referred many books but all were technically strong and thus I failed in understanding them as I wanted a book that can teach me at least the basics of what I am trying to learn. I remember when I got less marks in Mathematics last semester, my father bought a book in Hindi in which almost all the topics of the subject were included and asked me if I am comfortable if he reads the book in Hindi and then explains me in the easiest language possible. That is how a student has to be taught the subject that's really hard and something that requires time to understand. I issued several books from my library but didn't get the solution. Finally, I breathe a sigh of relief when I got my hands on "Computer Graphics & Animation". 

Computer Graphics & Animation provides an introduction to the subject with detailed coverage of all topics, from basic principles to practical applications, and is suitable for a one-semester course. The book will also be suitable for a project-based introductory course on Computer Graphics.

Key Features
— Provides detailed discussion of 2-D and 3-D concepts and techniques.
— Separate chapters on Multimedia and Animation have been included.
— A separate chapter has been added on Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). 
— Summary and review questions have been included at the end of each chapter for better understanding of the concepts. 

            "Computer Graphics & Animation" is written by four teachers collectively-
Munesh Chandra Trivedi is presently Assistant Professor in the 
Department of Computer Science, Institute of Management Studies, 
Ghaziabad. Earlier he was a faculty member of Krishna Institute of 
Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad and IEC College of Engineering 
& Technology, Greater Noida, U.P. He is a merit holder (MCA) from 
U.P. Technical University, Lucknow. He is an active member of 
International Association of Engineers and International Association of 
Information Technology Trainers. He has written many books and has 
published a number of papers in national and international journals.
            N. N. Jani is Professor & Director, Kadi Sarva University, Gandhi Nagar. He is member of Board of Studies. Kamaljit Lakhtaria is Lecturer in Atmiya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajkot. Gopal Dave is Lecturer in T.N. Rao College of I.T., Rajkot. All of the three have written many books and published a number of papers in national and international journals. 

             Book starts with an overview of Computer Graphics which can give even a non-technical person an idea of what the subject is actually about. I liked the tables along many pages in the 2nd chapter which gives the functions through which we can handle many graphical schemes. What I found as another benefit of going through this book were the diagrams given before every algorithm. Even the algorithm is stated in a very easy language and after that, its implementation in C++ language fulfilled all my requirements as its the same language in which I have to do practicals in my college for the subject. The summary after every chapter is a nice concept as this book is made according to the one semester course and also the review questions after that. This assures that if I answer all the review questions and even if I am unable to, and if I'll go through the chapter once again and get the answer, I'll actually pass this subject without fail. The last part of the book does not have numericals and programs which irked me. Also the initial chapters doesn't have. Also a little technicalities was needed which could have helped in developing the subject more. In all, I would rate this attempt a 3.5 out of 5.


24 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Sai Baba of Shirdi by M.V. Kamath and V.B. Kher (Book Review)!!!

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         Some books are not meant to be finished in a go or in a day. They are meant to be experienced, to be consumed gradually. Like an ayurvedic medicine works slowly hence they are consumed little every day for a long period of time, same applies to some books that are meant to stay in our life, memory and soul for a long period of time. And hence this book that I am reviewing today took me 4 months to complete. Yes, I know many of you would be astonished to know this if you are acquainted with my reading speed. But this is truth. I have always been an admirer and staunch follower of Sai Baba and hence I always wanted to read about him. Fortunately, S.P. Ruhela, a prominent writer on Sri Sathya Sai Baba is my grandfather's brother. But as I am not a follower of Sathya Sai Baba but Sai Baba, I wanted to read a book that is written with utmost care and responsibility without giving any false information of Sai Baba.

            I ended up picking "Sai Baba of Shirdi" written by M.V. Kamath and V.B. Kher. The book also has the tagline: A Unique Saint. The 320 pages book is as serious as a devotee like me. It does not guarantee entertainment because the life of Baba wasn't entertaining but inspiring and devotional. I am also happy with the way book has unfolded because writers didn't discuss fictitious facts of Baba that our news channels keep on flashing just to gain TRPs. Book is written as if its about a leader who had a life that was scrutinized by everyone. And that's the specialty of this book. As we know that there has been no full details regarding Sai Baba, writers have made it possible with the help of their extreme research and analysis to let people know almost 80% of Baba's life. 

           With Sai Baba, you also come to know about different saints that left their mark on this land of India because as I said, this book is written in a historical manner, authors have discussed everything about India in that contemporary period. Authors have specifically spoken about how India was pre-independence and arrival of Sai Baba bought what changes among people and their mentality. After almost 80-100 pages, writers start talking only about Sai Baba which starts interesting us. And then starts some unbelievable facts about Baba's doing and lifestyle. The book costs 295 but its totally worth it. Even if it would have been of 500 bucks, I would have recommended it to you. I am not asking everyone to read it to turn into Baba's follower but just to know about this saint who changed mindset of many and went without asking for anything. Right from the cover page of the book to everything, this book touches the soul of reader. I am in awe of this book and thus I recommend to all. At least, Baba's devotees should have this in their shelf. :-)


MCA 1st Year Accomplished!!!

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   My latest Facebook update is,"I was scheduled to be born on 22nd October, 1989 but I got delivered on 4th October, 1989 itself. Haha! That was the curiosity I had to see the world. But 22nd October had to be special. Yesterday, on 22nd October, 2013, I got my result of MCA 1st year and I have cleared it successfully with First Class marks. Thanks to everyone who pray for my success! Special thanks to Rahul Gupta, you have been a wonderful teacher!". No, Rahul Gupta isn't my teacher or a tutor but he's my classmate. For the Mathematics paper, I asked him to teach me the subject as I was knowing nothing even before the 3 days of examination. He took his time but as soon as he came, he devoted everything of his to make it sure that he teaches the whole subject to me. Even the questions that I asked him to leave as I won't understand them because they are too hard for my IQ, he purposefully forced me to read them and understand. The subject in which almost half of our class failed, even both of us did- Yes, both Teacher and Student. Haha! Then we gave it for re-evaluation and the result came yesterday and both of us passed with the same marks. This shows that how he made me as capable as himself in the subject. :-) My respect goes for him.

           As I have passed MCA 1st year without any black spot, I can say that I am quite happy about the proceedings. I am quite motivated and excited for the future journey. Yesterday itself, my classes for MCA 3rd Semester ended and with it, I am almost done with half of this course. More 1.5 years to go and I am very sure that I will surpass all the obstacles and achieve what I want to in life. Yes, problem comes in everyone's life but that does not mean one should stop or cry over that. One has to face the uncertainties of life and yet, simultaneously, indulge themselves in what they have planned for their future. Studying a course like MCA needs commitment. Yet after giving all the commitments, I find myself trapped in the results in one or the other subjects. I know the same will repeat in future semesters too but I am going to give my best to this journey as it's been selected by me. There has been no insistence from parents or I am not doing this to fulfill my father's or mother's dream. It was my dream to be a BCA+MCA and hence I admire my life every second. Whatever I wanted to be, I am living it. I don't need to dream anymore regarding my dreams. I am already into it. It's the reality of my life now. :-)

           As my 3rd Semester has ended just now, I would like to share some exciting moments I had which I think has played a role in developing a bit of my personality. I got a chance to anchor Fresher Party which I loved doing because I had my best friend, Vandana as co-anchor. We did everything the way we were asked to. They asked me to be humorous while I ended being a tragic host. Haha! Seeing the tragedy I created, they again appointed me a Host in Teacher's Day event. Again I had my partner, Vandana with me. And even this went well. Then there was a skit in college about Manager and his role. I wrote the script and also played the role of Manager which was a totally new experience. I was having a feel of being an actor. Haha! After 1.5 years or something, I got chance to give a presentation recently and I tried my best to be best. Only the sleeping classmates in their desks can tell what was better- their day dreams or my presentation. :-) Rest, everything has been happening and wonderful. Now, its time to prepare for the examinations and I am sure that it shall be different this time. Till now I was indulged in Group Study but now I have decided that it's going to be the lonely affair. I want to see what I, individually, can achieve. Let's see. 

  Thanks to everyone who has been with me throughout. All of you shall always remain special to me.

23 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

10 years of Experience can also be of just 1 year!!

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    It feels so proud to write in our CV that "My Experience is 15 years". But have any of us thought about the reliability of us as an employee in the organization that we are trying for? Yes, its true that we need a job and hence we go up to any extent for grabbing any position that we get. Everyone of us are accustomed to the fact that it takes 7-10 years and finally, we get the kind of payment and responsibilities that we always dreamed of having. Hence, everyone as a Fresher, fills up their CV with as many fictitious qualifications and eligibility that they can think of. I have found some guys who downloads CVs from Internet, read them and then adds even their new points in their bio-data to make their bio-data look extremely special than others. But this is not how the work happens and progresses. It's about the proportion of knowledge that your experience really gave you. 

            It is so easy for any one who has done MCA or MBA to say that I have 17 years of experience in studying but does this qualify a person as an intellect and knowledgeable? No. Even the throughout Rank 1 does not qualify the same. You are only considerable and deserving if you have learnt new things on daily basis. If you have remained to be the same that you were on the first day of your job, you are likely to be called as the one having experience of just a day. Greg Chappell said it recently regarding Cricketers that 10 years of experience does not mean 10 years of experience, it can also mean that you have experience of just a year. And it's so true. Recently, when Ishant Sharma conceded 30 runs in an over and India lost match because of him, MS Dhoni said it in conference that bowlers with experience at International level of Cricket can not be spoon fed. This is what happens when you don't learn things with time.

           Let me tell my own case of Graduation. The day I entered BCA( Bachelors of Computer Applications), I was a confident person and had a will to conquer the academics. But with time, my focus withdrew from studies and I started enjoying the journey of Blogging, meeting authors, discussing the fields with them, writing etc. I made this as my personal ambition while I treated academics as part-time. It resulted in depreciation in my score. Leave this but let me tell you frankly, if anyone from Computer fields used to come at my home and my father used to ask me to talk to them, I used to ignore the moment. Only for the sole reason that I knew nothing in Computers. I was learning nothing new in Graduation. And I didn't realize this until I reached 6th Semester. In 6th Semester, I assured my self that I am not going to bring any low marks now. I studied a lot and brought more than enough marks to be satisfied though target was much higher.

            And the moment I got admission in MCA in the college that I always wanted to be in, I decided that I will not repeat what I did in Graduation. Right from the first day, I was committed to MCA. For the first month, I wasted time in meeting old friends of BCA who joined different colleges for MCA but as soon as I realized that I am still walking on the old track and not learning something new, I changed my course of action and devoted all my time into studies or planning for it. Even if you spend 70% of your time in planning, there's no issue because if you implement it, you can do 100 hours of work in just 30 and meet the results still before time. And that's what is happening with me in MCA. I am doing very well. I am too satisfied with my performance in every area of college- my class performance, my results, my participation in extra-curricular activities, my conduct with classmates and teachers, my rapport with juniors and seniors etc. 

           The sole purpose of I being satisfied with my work is my daily establishment. I go to college every day for learning something new. And I have this reason quite embedded and fresh in my mind for the whole day. Hence, I make it sure that I answer questions of teachers every time possible. I make it sure that I at least concentrate in one lecture if not possible in all because I need to do something that can keep teaching me something new in this Master's course. And now I am quite confident. I don't shy away anymore if I get someone from my field. I discuss things. After I'll get the degree, I can say it to anyone with confidence that "I have experience of 3 years in learning Computers" though my real experience is 6 years including Graduation. Hence, rather than flaunting on the number of years you have been in something, take the job seriously and try to learn something or the other every time. Even after coming at home in the evening, believe that you are still at job and study books that teaches implementation of ideas in your work area. That's all for today. :)



Karwa Chauth!!! Is not keeping it a sin?

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   Oh well. So did any of you make noises like "awwwww" seeing my post after a long time? I know your answers. :-) Well, many husbands are making these sounds today seeing their wives fasting the whole day for them and their longevity. Karvachauth has been ended with the arrival of beautiful moon in the sky. In Mumbai, Karvachauth means media trying all their ways out to get the sight of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's terrace. Crazy media and crazy audiences. Loving the stars is another thing and following them like a bullshit is totally different. Our Indian tradition allows us to pay respect to almost everyone in our family. Sometimes, its our mother fasting for our father, then mothers fasting for their sons on Hoi Ashtami, fathers touching feet on their daughters on the occasion of any puja or havan. Sisters tying rakhi to their brothers and brothers presenting them with gifts etc. The list will go on but our festivals won't end. There's even a festival where we pay respect to those who are not with us known as Pitarpaksh. And that's what makes me proud of being an Indian and not ashamed because of what my government is doing with its citizen. There are enough reasons to enjoy the tag of Indian than being disappointed of what we are. 

           In our modern world where there's less commitment and more ostentatious activities, we find such people fasting on the occasion of KC that it astonishes me and I feel like washing my face to get the facts clear. Its an old story where we find husbands fasting for their wives and trying to show them that they love and care for their wives as much as they do for them. This impresses some wives and they become quite darling types on the day of KC and remains to be the same for a week or so and suddenly gets back to their same format of being Master and treating men like slaves. Haha! No offense meant. And it's good to do such things until and unless it brings happiness and prosperity in house. Sometimes, it becomes a superstition that the day I started doing it so and so things started happening with me that changed my life for good. And we shouldn't be judgmental to these decisions of people. Life is big and people need different motivating criteria to remain in the flow that takes them further towards achievement.

            I have always believed in one thing that if the environment at home isn't favorable and peaceful, any member of the house cannot do things that they are supposed to do with ease and speed. And therefore I respect my parents a lot for giving me the conditions that has allowed me to pay attention on all the multiple works that I do throughout the day and in every hour. These days even girlfriends keep fast for their boyfriends. Now this is what KRK calls as 2 rs activity. Don't do things until and unless you are sure about your future. If my girlfriend would ask me about keeping fast on KC, I would say a straight NO because that's not what states the dignity of relationship. But if she keeps, it will be a cute thing but still, that's not what can give me the real pleasure in comparison to what her way of living life will give me. 

             There are many wives who do not keep KC. Well, there's nothing called sin in it. It's totally an individual's wish if one should follow an event or not. But I must say while talking about this that one should follow traditions and culture that comes under our religion. Well, let there be no logic or science behind keeping fast once in a year for your better half but still you should keep. There shouldn't be 2nd question to that. My chachiji kept for my chachaji since her marriage from last 10 years but still chachaji expired at the age of 35. Now this does not mean that my chachiji didn't keep all those vrats seriously. She did. And this also does not make the concept of Karvachauth nonsense. Everything is still legit and a purpose of life. The ones not keeping fasts may be 100 times a better wife than those keeping fast with all the determination of world but still, on such a cool occasion which reflects only the purity of us, we should treat it as compulsion than a formality. A very happy married life to all the married couples on this occasion of Karvacauth on my behalf.

 Thanks a lot.

17 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Festivals are not only about spending money!!!

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     Dussehra, Navratri and Eid, all ended today. With it, almost 90% of the festive season is gone. What an entertaining days these are! We wait for the second half of the year to begin so that we can enjoy the get-together, music and celebrations. Today itself, I might a friend after 2 months when he came to house with mutton on the occasion of Eid. This is what festival does to us. I met another friend after 3 months. Life has been so busy for everyone that each one of us finds our bedroom more comfortable than anything after we return back in the evening. And this has made us so lonely and self-dependable that we have lost the meaning of building relationships to advocate our life further. But even after these festivals end, we can keep celebrating them all our lives. How? Through the message that it gives us on the basis of why they are being celebrated.

           Every Indian knows that Dussehra is about good winning over evil. It signifies and tells all mankind to stop indulging into bad activities as the survival of them is not possible on this planet. It tells us that one day a good shall come and kill the evils in a stroke. But we don't take it seriously and a day comes when we get the result of all our Karma and then we start thinking as to why didn't we end all our bad deeds on time. My only job on each festival is to search about it on Google and know its origin, purpose and the process of celebration. And this has also helped me achieve a good rapport with the people of other religions as they feel good talking to me because I know much about them and their religion. They find a common topic soon. I also have habit of asking many questions. This helps in aggravation of knowledge and also the person who feels that a person sitting opposite to him is interested in his proceedings, he loves to answer each and every question. Festivals are always like a task for me to know as much as possible about other religions and castes because this is the only way how we can come closer to other human beings. 

           When I get to know that even Eid is about forgiving your enemies and getting friends with almost everyone you know, I feel good about the religions that are being made though I am against them. At least they convey good message for humanity. If everyone would start following only the good things that festival teaches us, I assure you that there would be no fights and physical aggression among people. It's only because people take festivals as a motive to purchase new clothes and products, that it all ends up in loss than win. Festivals are never meant for wasting money on show pieces and being proud about it. It always mean that your soul must get cleaner than yesterday. It asks us to remove all the negatives that we have let ourselves soak in in last 365 days. It asks us to produce a new person within us which is all about being good, a better human being and the one who can be said as a contributor to the society.

            There are many bad traits in everyone of us. If we don't work in eliminating them and developing good ones, there will come a time when only bad things will happen to us. Hence, do celebrate the festivals but try to know from your elders about their origins and note everything that they tell. Though you might feel that some stories behind these festivals are purely fictitious but still, consider them as a true event and pick up good events out of them. Try to embed them in yourself and you will surely feel better about everything that surrounds you. The attitude of complaining is really sick. Until and unless you will not stop complaining about things that you don't like, you will never find peace in life and goodness among people who are wanting to have you in their lives. There are still many festivals to come- Diwali, Christmas, New Year etc. Make sure that you don't let them pass just like that. :-) That's all I wanted to speak today.


13 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

And MR. SACHIN TENDULKAR departs :-(

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    A dusk that will never be a predecessor to a dawn. An evening which will always remain to be dark and assures that there will be so sunlight ever on the planet. A failure that tells that success has diminished for ever. A last child on Earth which clarifies that there are no more generations to come. An unfortunate moment that everyone knew would lead us to pain but still there were question as to when is it going to happen. Every parent know that their girl will get married and leave them forever but still the questions keep coming,"Shaadi kab karegi?" The such was our own question to which we got the answer in headlines- "Sachin Tendulkar announces Retirement from Cricket after his 200th Test". Suddenly, the happiness that people had for the win of Mumbai Indians in Champions Trophy doomed. The whole nation came to a still. Everyone knew this can happen anytime and people also wanted Master Blaster to leave the field now as he has also lost his form a bit but still when the announcement came, it broke heart of many. I started shivering for 5 minutes but then I realized that all happens for good.

            24 years of Cricket experience and it all ends up in such a shaky way that we, the fans of Tendulkar, are not as happy as we should have been. We wanted him to keep scoring centuries till the end of his career but we saw our Master Blaster struggling to score even 30 runs in some of the last matches that he played. From last 2 years, we are seeing a man who started off as a tsunami and kept destroying the opposition till the 22nd year of his career but suddenly, the age started showing its effect. Not every player plays till the 40th age but he dared to play. Once when asked in the interview as to why he didn't leave Cricket just after winning World Cup which was his only dream and was scoring very well to which he said that doing this is so selfish i.e. when someone is at his career best, he should retire just because people will say for all the life that the person kept hitting runs even when he played the last match of his life. This is his greatness. He does not want to be known as Perfectionist but only as a Cricketer who kept playing no matter what.

          There are many examples that Sachin has left for us to get motivated whenever we feel that we are on the verge of losing or are already a loser. His story as to how he scored 140* in 101 balls in the very next match that he played just after his father's demise tells how one has to keep working in life in any tragic situation. His slog of 2 years to get his 100th 100 tells how to keep going even when Critics are making sure to utilize each seconds of their in scrutinizing and then speaking against you. The humility that he showed off-ground is what makes him the man he is. He never spoke against anyone. He never got into any controversy. He only talked about Cricketer and never gave comments on anyone who's not related with his career. He only spoke good about people whenever he talked about someone. His body language whenever he was with his family showed how good a family man he still is even after getting himself known all over the world. That's Sachin Tendulkar for me.

           His records are well known but well, I don't judge his persona only through his records because there's lot more in Sachin Tendulkar than the runs that he has produced from his bat. For me, he would remain the only pure, clean and character Cricketer. Well I am not saying this in emotions but there is a reason to it. After Sachin, I have started loving Virat Kohli as a Cricketer but I find him abusing, shouting, screaming and over-reacting. This is how I never saw Sachin Tendulkar as. I always found him reserved and in his own world. Shahid Kapoor recently told an incident in his interview that how he met Sachin Tendulkar in a lift one day. They were staying in the same restaurant and there was a Test match going on. Sachin, in helmet, pads and all his dresses on was standing in lift besides him. Shahid says that he was in his own world before batting and hence didn't even see that he was standing besides him. Later on, when Sachin moved out of lift, his bodyguard told him that Shahid is in lift and then he turned around and said,"Hi Shahid". Shahid like a small kid said,"Hello Sachin. I am your great fan". Sachin smiled, thanked him and went. This is the demeanor of this man. And now that he has retired, every time I would be sitting in front of television to watch India's match, for once eyes will go through the list of Scoreboard to search his name. And that would be a very emotional moment. Thank you Sachin Tendulkar for being an institution to us. :-)