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             Rahul Tiwari has been one of my very good friend since I have started Blogging and Tweeting. Though he keeps unfollowing me on Twitter whenever he feels that I have gone over the top in irritating my Followers, I still respect him for being on of the very good friends on Social Networking sites. He is one guy with whom I can crack any kind of joke as he does not misapprehend any of my abuse-filled sentences. :-) I am quite blithe to announce that he has chosen my Blog Site to publish a very good story that he has scribbled himself. Now let's hear what he has to speak on writing on the medium with which we are connected with each other from last 3 years. :-)

           Its really a great feeling when nobody knows you and your story is published on a blog which is in eyes of several Lakhs of people, for that I'm grateful to Veeru. Social networking sometimes give you such people who become more closer than your own family and Abhilash is one such person for me, A friend, Mentor and an Energy injecter in my veins whenever I'm down.
          This story is 40% taken from one of my friend's real life and I've added 60% imagination. The way people let go their love and not try to get it as Once tried by lovers like Laila Majnu, Romeo Juliet etc is what I want to tell.

    Yes, I’ll let you go!!!

‘Yeah, I will call you, don’t worry dear I’m not going to forget my love’, I said in a low voice as guys do when they have to convince a girl. 
‘I hope you wont forget as all do, I’ve reached will talk you later, bye, love you’. The call ending tone followed her last words. I whispered ‘love you too’ in myself. I threw the cell on bed & climbed upstairs.

Hi I’m Vivek Mishra, a student of MBA last semester, I live here in Lucknow and the girl who was just talking to me is my Girlfriend who has gone back to her City Nainital. Though she is not the only girl I have affair with but don’t know why something inside me is not well after she has gone. 

It was my college friend Mohit’s sister’s birthday when I first saw her, Four months ago, an autumn evening. Ruchi, Sister Mohit introduced us. Her name is Riya Gupta, a student of fashion designing in Lucknow University; we could not chat enough because of the party. After 3 days accidently we met in Buddha Park and that was the day we exchanged contacts.

I already had three girlfriends, one in my home city, One in College and another one my neighbor’s daughter; I have had many in past so I have a good experience about girls. Probably it is because I relate from Shahjahanpur, the only Distt. Of UP which produces more girls than boys, so I Have a capability to handle many girls. Apart from the writer of the Story all of my friends have multiple GFs just he failed to have one ;-)

After about a month of regular phone calls and meetings I found interest in her, she is not the most beautiful girl of the globe but not so bad also and I have a motto that I never look at the beauty of a girl to affair with and she was most beautiful from inside. On 21st March when national New Year started, I proposed her.
She acted same as many other girls had acted before, ‘I have never think about it, we imaged us as very good friends, I never knew that you will ask me for this, etc.etc.’ but after 3 days of several swings she accepted. I am quite experienced of this kind of nature in girls, they maybe loving you but they make you walk 3 days before they accept.

Next day we met in Buddha Park our permanent meeting place but with a changed relationship now. She looked more beautiful than ever in that blue jeans and a white Top on which a guy was standing holding heart in his hand. Maybe it was the change of my view or she really turned beautiful in a single night after accepting me that I lost looking her until she asked why I was looking her like that.

We sat on a bench, she gave a hesitating smile looking in my eyes; her eyes were most innocent among all the girls I have been so far. I took her hand in mine and shifted myself close to her; she hesitated from the touch of my body, than co-operated. In front of almost 200 evening walkers we had our first kiss, though it was barely more than 2 seconds, she got up suddenly and stood away giving a shy smile. That day I took her out on a dinner and we were with each other till 10pm coz none of us had a family trouble.

 I was happy with her and I felt like I really love her from heart unlike I interact with others, though it didn’t shut down rest of my affairs but I begun ignoring others. We used to meet often in parks, restaurants, at my room and hers also. Three months passed happily when finally she told me about her departure from Lucknow. I had gone to her room, she had just got up from sleep, her roommate offered us coffee, then she left.

During the sips of coffee she asked me, ‘Will you forget me if I leave Lucknow?’
‘What kind of question is this?’ I looked up from the coffee Mug, Surprised.
‘Actually I forgot to tell you that my Fashion Designing course has been completed now and I have to go back home.’ She let out a fake smile.
‘So?’ I put the empty mug on the table ‘You will never return?’ 
‘Yeah, I will come sometimes but I wont live here anymore’, She gave a convincing look this time. Girls give such looks when someone dumb is asking useless questions to them like me.

‘Ohh, I’m going to miss you, how we will meat?’ now my brain was responding to the situation.
‘For that you will have to come to Nainital, if you get time from other girls.’ If you ask me what girls do best? I’ll simply reply, ‘Taunt’, that’s what she doing.
‘What kind of other girls?’ I was aware of the situation now.
‘The kind of one you are calling 20 times a day from last week’, she gave me a teasing smile. I was on blade age now.

Last week when I went home for two days, I got a missed call on my phone, when I called back some girl spoke but I couldn’t recognize the voice, She disconnected but since than in seek of another girl I dial that number at least 20 times a day but none picks, now matter to worry is how does she know it?

‘You know Vivek when I asked you to talk, you said you’re busy with family so I missed call you from my new number, you didn’t have time to talk me but for an unknown number  you had time to dial 20 times a day. She gave a disappointed look. I was freeze. I felt like if I could evaporate from there. I was just caught red handed.
I gave her a mild slap, smiled at her & kissed her cheek in response,’ so it was you crosschecking me? She smiled.

Either it was the effect of kiss or Gods grace or probably the feeling of going away that she didn’t stretch that matter. I was preparing a list of excuses in my mind but all went vein coz she didn’t talk anything about that.

Now I feel she had convinced herself that it doesn’t matter now to investigate me as she was leaving and this tale is not going to last for a long time. We didn’t meet for next seven days though both of us were at room due to vacation but we only talked at phone. Yesterday she told me that she is leaving today. I felt my heart coming out of my mouth. All the night I couldn’t sleep, kept thinking about us while my friends were busy playing cards, I lay under the sky, staring at the moon like it could help me not letting her go. I slept after 5am. 

I got up at 12pm, I saw my mobile screen it had 23 missed calls from her, I abused Sudhanshu for not waking me up. I ran in bathroom, almost jumped in bathtub, got ready as fast as I could. Her train had to depart at 7pm. When I reached her place, she was packing and her roommate was helping her, as soon I entered she hugged me, as tight as she could.

‘Where were you? Calling you since morning.’ She said in a very low voice. I felt love in the air but next moment I realized this air is going to Nainital’s atmosphere this evening, my throat chocked.

‘I couldn’t sleep all night so....’ she interrupted in middle. ‘Why, what happened?’ 
‘Nothing was thinking about us.’ I said with my face looking downwards. She lifted my face by her fingers, Smiled and kissed my cheek, than again smiled. She looked more beautiful than ever.

I grabbed her again in my arms. I helped her in rest of her packing and then we went out for lunch as I was dying of hunger. We reached a nearby restaurant. I ordered full lunch while she resisted herself to a burger. We kept mostly silent there, just talked about her journey and future plans.

‘Why can’t you study further in Lucknow?’ I said.
‘Dad is not ready to let me out anymore, he wants me to get marry as soon as possible, also who knows where you’ll go after MBA or you got some missed call from somewhere.’ She winked, I looked down.

We went to our old meeting place Buddha Park. We sat on the bench, as close as two bodies can. I kissed her there, again in public. I clicked a few photos of her for memory. It was 5pm, we reached her place, picked her luggage, she and her roommate had a long crying session before I brought her out coz auto driver was going numb.

We reached station at 6:30pm, her train came in a while, I helped her in placing luggage inside, it was impossible for her to do it alone. I realized the luxury girls feel having a boyfriend coz he can turn into a driver, cook, coolie and much more according to the situation.

I sat next to her, looking in her eyes, making her face to be scanned by my eyes and printed in my brain.
‘Will you miss me?’ She asked. I nodded. She looked outside then at the floor then towards me.
‘I know its not going to last long but I really love you a lot’. She broke into tears. 
‘Who says so?’ I held her face in my palms. ‘It will last forever Jaan & you are in my heart, I love you too.’ I tried my best to console her but she didn’t stop crying until I joined. I literally cried. My heart melt and that converted into tears. 
‘Please, you don’t weep, I’m so bad, I made you cry.’ Interestingly she stopped crying when I started. Did she only want to see me moist? Girls are something impossible to predict.

Her fellow passenger who was also a girl entered, the train whistled. It was time to leave. She came with me till the door, we hugged, we kissed and the train began to move. I wanted to hold her as much as possible. She realized the train gaining speed and told me to rush out. I got down trembling from the train. She waved, I responded, until the X mark appeared I stood there and then took an auto back home.

Yeah, I know it’s not going to last long. She was right, I will go to meet her but sooner or later we will be apart. I don’t know where I will go after MBA; I don’t know how long she will take to marry. This tale is bound to be unsuccessful but all I know that today I love from the bottom of my heart and she does the same.


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6-Years' Experience on Social Networking made me write this!!!

672nd BLOG POST -->>

            On 28th August, 2006, I woke up at my friend's hostel. I myself lived in hostel then but went to his place to enjoy a night out. To clarify your doubts, we didn't do any of "those" kind of mischief for the whole night. After doing some gupshups, he and his friends started talking of going to the cyber cafe. I was surprised as to why are they all excited to land up to a cyber cafe-together and at the same time. Because I visited Cyber Cafe before that day just to check my Gmail a/c and chat with Sugla Brothers(the two friends of my childhood) if I got green dot with their names. Else, I never understood the purpose of surfing Internet. Yes, people are introduced to porns as they get introduced to Internet or you can say that they get introduced to porn initially, hence they get Internet connected at their place. :-) Throughout the walking period of 10 minutes from their hostel to cyber cafe I kept on hearing term "Orkut". For a moment I made a small celebration in my heart that I got introduced to a new abuse as I loved maintaining collection of abuses then. How silly! But surprisingly, I love adding abuses in my list even today. :-) Can you see the dedication towards a purpose? No? Ok.

            Finally, I got my Orkut a/c made. I got a small Demo by the friend as to how to search people, find interesting babes, send request and wait for it with one hand on mouse and another on penis that keep on standing and sitting in excitement of getting one more target to blow out. Ok sorry for the details. :-) And this is how I got acquainted to the world of Social networking sites 2200 days ago. You can see how date and time conscious I am. :-) And Orkut was fun then. It was an out-of-the-world feeling to get scraps added in our Orkut profile with testimonials, friends, hotness, sexiness and coolness. And the more addition you made in your profile, the more dude you were claimed in your friend circle. Then, I remember in 2009, I started hearing from some friends of mine who tried to add extra coolness in their real life profile, by claiming,"Yes, I don't get time to check your scraps because I don't access my Orkut a/c these days. I am on Facebook most of the times playing Farmville". Initially I thought they were arrogant but later on 23rd March, 2009, I joined this new social networking site too.

           Gradually, all the people from Orkut shifted to Facebook almost at the same time. If Facebook would have been owned by Raj Thackeray, I am sure that many of us-Orkutiyas would have been beaten like anything to get back to Orkut with all our shits on Facebook. And then, a new world of Social Networking site got introduced. I need not describe Facebook here. And after few days when I didn't find Facebook much intriguing, I joined Twitter on 4th October, 2009 co-incidentally on my birthday. Here the game is easy. Keep on posting as much shit as you can, if there are other shitty people like you, they'll start following you and if you find some shits like you, start following them. This is how, you end up all your day in reading and posting shits. But to be frank and biased, Twitter is better than both the experiences I had before it. 

           Social Networking sites are world in itself. Only the people who are gaining benefit from it can understand. Others will keep on blaming it for being a time-killer for school/college students and a medium through which one can spread rumour and make a part of statesmen to migrate back to their state by scaring them of getting beaten. But, these sites help one to talk to many people if he is basically of a very shy nature. I have seen many of my friends who aren't very talkative in real life but open their heart out to many on Chats. Thus, getting into a strong bond with respective people. If for these people, these sites didn't exist, they would have died being an introvert and reserved personalities. They got a medium to build relationship even when they lacked all the qualities of being a fun loving person. This is how Social networking has bought life to may life-less people. 

             But yes, these sites are useless if they are made an addiction. We should try to limit our time of being on these sites. Now-a-days, children have stopped playing on playgrounds in the evening as metro cities don't have any in the horizon because of several new construction, bridges, parking etc. Instead they spend their time on these sites considering that playing the games on Facebook and posting their scores will make them raise high in the approach that their friend have for them. No problem in this. In my times, I and my friends were allowed to play for 1.5-2 hours in the playground. We can still use the same amount of time on these sites but a minute more is hazardous and unwanted. It is as dangerous as falling into depression. After some days, we stop our concerns toward studies, parents, responsibilities in real life. The only concern that we start having is- Have my statuses got Likes, Comments? Ok, if they have got it, is it more than that of what my friends' statuses has got? Fine, but how many girls have liked it? And once you find that you got all that you wanted, you start feeling as if you have gained Success in life. Ultimately, a big foolishness to think as one stop giving priorities to the real life issues. Secondly, if one does not get the appropriate answers of above mentioned questions, one tends to fall in depression as he/she feels that people don't even like them on Social networking, leave in real life. 

             After 6 years of Social Networking experience, I have no interest in these idiotic competitions. I don't even add friends, generally. Even after joining the new college, I have seen my classmates adding each other and spending all their evenings with each other by commenting on each others' posts and days in the same classroom under the same roof. I don't know what sense does this make but whatever this is, we will have to get rid of this else the real CV of our life will have nothing but these virtual profiles will have many elements embedded into it but that will bring no benefits in life. Be Socially active on these sites, but in a time limit. And once you log off, don't think about the activities that you have left behind on it. Even I am trying this. :-)



My Life by Brett Lee!!!

671st BLOG POST -->>

           The only thing for which I, as an emotional Indian remember about Brett Lee is how he blocked Sachin Tendulkar in his way in the last Test series we had with Australia when Sachin was running between the wickets and got run out. Once again the dream got shattered- A dream to see Sachin scoring 100th 100 in the then match. All Indians abused Brett Lee on Social Networking sites and said that he did it intentionally. In an interview, Lee made it evident that it was a mistake that happened unintentionally. And what I have said above is too injustice to do with a player like Brett Lee. I also remember him for many balls that he has bowled with a speed that is unbeatable. The only person who has been able to give tough competition to him has been Shoaib Akhtar- who surpassed 161 Km/hr speed which still remains unconquerable for Brett Lee. You would be thinking as of why am I talking about Brett Lee in a specially dedicated post even when there's no match going around that would have made him an inspiration of mine. :-) Actually, I am done reading his Autobiography- "My Life" that is released by Random House in India.

             Now, as I have completed reading this 405 pages autobiography, I must say that the book is not really inspirational or motivational but just an experience- Experience of living a life of a fast bowler in the game of Cricket during the beautiful tenure of reading this book. Every time we read and focus only about batsmen but very few of us really concentrate on the life of a bowler except Ashish Nehra. Bwahahaha. :-) But reading Brett Lee's autobiography has been a wonderful odyssey as he has been one bowler who has stunned everyone with his express speed of bowling. There has been few fast bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, Dale Steyn, Zaheer Khan who we have seen recently but Brett Lee is quite different from them. Yes, he is. Not just because I have read his autobiography and turned into a fan. :-)

              Book starts with the foreword by Allan Border that is a very light read. Then, the first chapter about how a photographer tried to climb the building through balcony in Brett Lee's room just for an interview/click is interesting to read. Through the very first chapter, Brett Lee tells how he still feels unbelievable that he is one of the celebrities. After the story of a cricketer begins, the injuries that are told about in the initial chapters frustrates you; and imagining the condition of the cricketer who has potential but still can't play because of an injury is too disheartening and a feeling of helplessness. First tryst with Steve Waugh is an amazing read as Lee tells how he didn't give his T-shirt to him just because he challenged Lee to play nicely and be a part of the team to win it himself. WOW. Sachin Tendulkar's detailed mention as one of the two batsmen including Brian Lara bought smile on my face. Aapla Sachin!!! :-) 

              A Cricketer is being seen as a role model by many youths and children. Lee clarifies in a part of the book about his strong and weak points to make it clear about why he can be seen as a role model and why he can't be. The sledging that he makes against batsmen is the most interesting chapters throughout the book. Haha. His initial perception about Graeme Smith is another funny part to read as he has openly told how much he hated him. :-) A match where Shane Warne got out at 99 is another humor-filled chapter when it should have been a depressing one. The way Lee celebrated as he's charging a machine is also described by Lee as to how it happened. Steve Waugh scoring century when critics targeted him is described very emotionally in the book. The description of India and why Brett Lee loved the country so much in many pages exactly in the middle of the book was another proud moment for me to read, being an Indian. :-) I respect Lee for giving the only country- India such a description in his autobiography. He has not even done this for Australia in the book. :-) The letter of a girl in the end of the description made me cry. The controversy of Harbhajan-Symond is talked very sensibly and maturely in the book as it's not easy to vindicate such an event in writing form. 

             The entrance of IPL in the international Cricket is also described by Lee in the book in a very detailed manner. I liked reading it. His break up with his wife is another emotional read in the book while his love for his son-Preston is also clearly visible from the kind of sentences he has formed to dictate it. :-) The reason why he retired from Test is also written in a detailed emotional form. I didn't like what happened with him. All the moments when he didn't like Ricky Ponting has also been narrated. This actually surprised me. It's not an easy thing to do. And the best part of the book is when he tells how he was waiting for Sourav Ganguly to declare the match but later he thought the captain is waiting for Sachin to touch 250 but when he saw that the match is being declared before him scoring 250, he saw that his bowling figures has crossed 200, hence, embarrassing him. Hahaha. If not for anything, read the book for this part. :-) Else, there are many other events that I can't subject here in the review as 

              Else, the book is 50% interesting and 50% stretched. I personally feel that this autobiography could have been completed in just 200-250 pages. 405 pages is too much. Plus, Random House selling it for Rs. 500 is another drawback. They should come down by 50% at least. PLEASE. Otherwise, this autobiography will go unnoticed. I would recommend this book to all just for a reason that you shall come to know about the perspective with which a Fast bowler plays on the field as all of us know what a batsman feel. 

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A man who never let me do anything unethical... My Father!!!

670th BLOG POST -->>

            A man who never makes me feel that I am the weakest thread of our family even when I am. A man who never makes me feel that I am the one who needs to perform because he invests so much in me. A man who kept just a single child because he didn't want his children to crave for things and still can't possess them. A man who wants his child to step into every field just because he wants his son to have experience in every damn activity of this world. A man who has never forced me to learn bike-riding even when he has to get all the external works done because he fears that just because of an accident, he might have to lose his only son. A man who never says NO whenever I ask him for purchasing a book that is of any amount and in any quantity; because he wants his son to have better English than him and anyone and also because he don't want any interruption in his son's hobby. A man who is desperately waiting to see his son turn into a published author but yet very content with the fact that his son is being read by masses through a BLOG that he writes regularly. A very happy birthday to my dad- Mr. HARESH RUHELA. On his 52nd birthday, I promise myself that I will try to achieve every dream that he has seen for me before my death(I somewhere feel that I am going to touch heaven before him).

           My father has bad stars when job is concerned. Result is that he has worked in more than 18 industries till date. His inner self always give a shout out to him to leave the work and sit at home but he has kept himself dedicated till date, for the only reason that he has a son who has big dreams and that can be fulfilled only if he has a father who is financially stable and strong. We still belong in the middle-class category but we don't cry for things. If we need, we have enough to purchase. If we want, we control ourselves because there's a thin difference between the "need" and "want". My father believes in securing the future as his experience says that a man should be ready to stand on his legs in any condition that might come at any point of time. He believes in spending his own money in the expensive moment of life than by asking for loans to several friends in the vicinity. He has always given me the instruction of never eating anything for free. If one does, he will have to suffer the consequences when the same person would blackmail later. If one resists, he will always live with head high in pride and satisfaction. 

           Sometimes when my father is angry, he speaks that one does not want to hear. But a man who hears so much from his Boss just for me and my mother, has full authority to speak whatever he wants, when in anger. Ab yahi bolna padega aur kya. :-) Whenever it has been that I have done any mistake, he has told me those worst traits of mine that don't even exists, but as an obedient and sanskarik son, I have to bear those false accusations. :-) And this is the true fun of having a father. A father who never scolds his son is living a waste life. Haha. Ab aur kya bol sakta hun. :-) A man is successful if he provides a permanent roof, proper clothing and three times meal to his family and I am very proud to say that my father is successful according to these terms. If one will ask me to mention a trait that I dislike in my father, and I would be having no other option than speaking it, I would say,"I hate the long lectures and advises that even he knows that I am never going to implement in life". Else, I love my papa. That's a different thing that I don't know how to express it to him. I opine it by abusing Team Anna in front of him as he is a staunch supporter, by talking about my Blog and literature world as he gets irritated after listening for a while, by talking about some useless expenditure as that's the most irritating thing for my father and by telling him how useless and dumb-ass his brothers and relatives are. Hahaha. 

             Dad, you have turned your under-rated(Readers, sorry for irritating:-)) son into a Graduate and have already admitted him into a college to moot him to a new level- Post-Graduate, what can be a better achievement than this for you? You are already 52, the only achievement that is left is- to fix the most beautiful girl of the city as your son's wife, start working on this project now. And this is an order. Haha. A very happy Birthday to you on the behalf of my readers too, I know they want to wish you too. Aap na hotey toh inka Favorite Blogger na hota. Ok Sorry, yet again. I think I should leave before all of you start hitting me with the help of my dad. :-)

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The Average Indian Male by Cyrus Broacha!!!

669th BLOG POST -->>

             Completed reading the first Non-fictional book by Random House publication. And it is- "The Average Indian Male" by Cyrus Broacha. I am still in surprise as to what did I expect from the book before thinking of reading it. All of us have seen this guy entertaining us as VJ many a times on several music channels. His "Bakra" show has been one of the most popular comical shows. Then we also saw this guy in Jhalak Dikhlaja where he danced less but made us laugh more with the spontaneous humor-filled sentences and PJs. When I came to know that he is up with a book, I was surprised. Seeing the cover page of the book, I was sure that this guy has tried something very comical and laughable.. and after completing this book, I can say that yes, the book had sequences where it bought smile on my face but there wasn't many Laugh out loud moments, which I was expecting. 

             The 75% of the book(which Cyrus has named as Book 1) consists of several letters that he claims to have received it from some victims of average Indian males, to which Cyrus has answered in his own style. Reading these questions and answers are a fun part. While reading the question itself you start smiling by imagining the answer that Cyrus would give. And once you start reading his reply to the question, the fun goes to a new level in the same way as rocket goes after the launch. You find yourself in a different world of humour and PJs while reading the answer and as soon as it ends and a new question is introduced, you come back to earth to get ready for another ride. But after a point, these question and answer session becomes monotonous thus, boring. And it is the right time at which the Book 2 has been introduced in the last 25% that has kept me intrigued till the end. 

             Book 2 is quite different from the Book 1. It has some general topics on which Cyrus has penned down his strange views. And by "strange" you can imagine what kind of views. :-) The book is written in a South Mumbai students' accent or you can say, Delhi's elite university student's accent. Thus, there are few sentences that has gone over my head. Also some jokes seemed to be funny but I didn't understand them because of less general knowledge than Cyrus. For enjoying this book to the fullest, you need to understand many terms and who's who before reading, and that is obviously impossible. "Dhoom 4" is the first chapter that came after a long time in the book that finally made me laugh as I wanted to or expected to after knowing that the book is penned by Cyrus. 106th page is too sensible where Cyrus tells why Indian males stand so close to a stranger. I found his explanation too genuine. Being an Indian, I felt proud while reading "Aap aise queue ho". Else, book proves that Cyrus has neatly observed all the Indian males, residing in all the zones of India. :-) I will rate this attempt of Cyrus, 3/5. An average.



That's the way we met by Sudeep Nagarkar!!!

668th BLOG POST -->>

            As per my short term memory, what I remember is that I have read just one book by Random House Publication before the one that I have completed just now. The first one being Preeti Shenoy's "Tea for two and a piece of cake" and the second one that I have completed just now is Sudeep Nagarkar's "That's the way we met". Co-incidentally both the authors got their first book published by Srishti Publication while they moved to Random House for their 2nd book after getting merited as Bestsellers for their First fiction attempt. It is indeed a pleasure to read someone's book whom you know personally. But it is also a disappointment when their work does not touch the mark that you expected them to. Sudeep Nagarkar got fame through his first book that turned out to be a Bestseller- "Few Things Left Unsaid". It is a simple love story. Then, after 10 months of the book release, he released the sequel of the book- "That's the way we met" with a tagline- "...kya life hogi set?" 

             TTWWM is the story of Aditya and Riya- the same protagonist of FTLU. Their story heads ahead with more love and passion than before. The scuffle that they went through and the break up that both of them struggled with, gave them an insight of how much they need each other and how endless their love for each other is. Aditya's friend- Mohit falls in love with Sonam, who turns out to be a good friend of Riya. And from here, the two couples start roaming and hanging-out together. They go on for a trip to Delhi, Manali and other regions in North India. These people based in Mumbai finds peace in that space of India as they are out from the rush for which Mumbai is known for. But after coming back from the trip, lots of change and twists take place in the love drama of Aditya and Riya. To know the dramatics that took place in their affair, Go Get the Book.

             Sudeep Nagarkar has surely improved in the language and narration. I did find lots of difference in his writing when compared to his first novel. He has matured as a writer. But there's still lots of room for the improvement. But I don't even criticize him for this. Because as he has dedicated both his book to his true love whom he has lost and still searching for, he has written both the manuscripts just for her. It is just by chance that he turned into a bestseller as love story readers accepted him. According to this, Sudeep N has written something of which his lost love will be very proud of if she'll find Sudeep's book in the bookstores. :-)

           Coming to the story of the book, it is very simple. After Few Things Left Unsaid, I was expecting a lot from the sequel but it turned out to be similar to the first one. The only change that I have found is- this time the author has tried to explore the different regions of India rather than keeping the base of the story in a city. Firstly, reading about the different areas of Mumbai gave me many nostalgic feeling as I am residing here from last 3 years. Secondly, mentions of Delhi's landmarks, areas and metro train can make a Mumbaikar head towards Railway station and book a Tatkal ticket for Delhi and Manali. :-) Else, the plot of the story is too simple for tharkis like me. :-) The love-making and romantic sequences are narrated in the same manner as other writers writing love stories(pulp fiction) in India does. The climax of the book is quite different else the whole book can only make you imagine more of Delhi, Manali and its environment than the love story and the chemistry between Aditya and Riya. I gave 3/5 to FTLU. To this, I would give 2.5 as this is not as good as FTLU is. Else, the Chapter names are interesting and cover page is exciting. Mr. Sudeep, please come up with something different than a Love story in your 3rd attempt.


26 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Criticism from a Wrong Person is _________-Appreciation!!!

667th BLOG POST -->>

            I have seen many people running away from their usual life just because some people don't like seeing them in that particular manner. Criticism take its toll on them. They get so much affected by anti-appreciation statements that they stop doing what they like. We have already read it many a times that Criticism should be taken as a Challenge and not as a discouraging factor. But still some people think that these words are just meant to be read and forgotten. No. These words have lots of content and material in them that can change our course of life. We can get our lives totally changed if we take these words just not as words but as a gem of knowledge that we were searching for since our birth. In childhood, all of us love doing what people don't want us to do. People ask us not to play in rains, we used to play only in rains. :-) People asked us not to eat chocolates as its dangerous for our teeth, and we used to eat chocolates as much as possible. This is how we were, then. But suddenly some unwanted things got added up in our personality, thought and approach that we started giving utmost importance to criticism. Why? 

           With age, maturity proliferates. With maturity comes responsibility. With responsibility, you start becoming conscious of every activity that you do. Before smiling, you think if you look good while smiling or not. Before cracking joke, you think-Will people would laugh on it or I'll get rejected? Before going to gym, you start thinking if people in gym will accept your lame body in their vicinity. Before approaching a stranger, you fear if he would reply with the same zeal as of your's or will he turn out to be rude. Such doubts kill THAT brave, audacious and fighting spirit of ours. We should think about the people who are commenting on us. If they deserve to be given attention, we should hear once what they want to say about us. We should even ask them how we can improve ourselves. But if there is someone who has himself done nothing in life except Facebook-ing, why do we feel shy in performing in front of him? Why? 

               If body-building is our passion and a friend says,"Tujhse nahi ho payega yaar. Tere body mein wo baat nahi", we tend to under-estimate ourselves and leave the visits to gym right from the next day. Instead, if it would have been Salman Khan at his place and he would have said,"It's impossible for your body to get into the shape you are dreaming it to be", then there's a point of thinking about the comment for umpteenth times. Because he is someone who is Master in the field. He has done something in his life that is concerned with healthy body. But that friend? He is himself a Loser and he tries to tell you that you are on a losing end because you are working out which will never show its effect, how silly and stupid is that. Isn't it? If Hrithik will tell me that you don't dance well, I will think upon it and ask him where do I need improvement in but if someone who don't has guts himself to stand up on stage tells me that your dancing skills are irritating, I would love to ignore him in the best way I can. If published authors would tell me that my Blogging isn't good, I will have to give a second thought to it but if someone who has himself never tried to write a poem will comment on my work, I will just take it as a BARK of a random dog.

               Criticism from a right person is acceptable. But from a combo of a stupid and discouraging person is a complete shit that needs to be flushed and flowed. Never keep criticism from such people in heart and memory. Neither feel bad about it nor demotivating. Rather feel proud of it that someone who is an idiot feels jealous about you, your performance and your will to be better than others and get vindicated into the category of "Extra-ordinaries". I am not any Robin Sharma to give lectures on such topics but what I experience, I try to let others know too. So that they don't repeat the same eventual activities that I did because of some criticism that had no worth which I realized later. :-) Now, I never ask anyone about my performances in any area of my life. Instead I ask a judge that lies within me which is an expert while judging others. I ask it to judge me. And fortunately, it is too blunt and straight-forward. It tells me how shitty I am when I do something that's terrible. And it also tells me how wonderful I am when I do something perfectly that isn't the cup of my tea. :-) 

              Ending this blog with the few lines that I read on Amitabh Bachchan's Blog written by the Star of the Millennium himself-

"When the work that you do increases, so does your capacity to give it your best. If your best is measured by others, it no longer remains the best. The best of you is the best that you measure. Gauged by others, is gauged without distinction or merit. Masters of all that pervades your life shall eternally be the ones that shall decipher your worth. My worth when declared to me personally by another, is an embarrassment for me. Acknowledging it would be the epitome of arrogance ; showing acceptance, rudeness. Pretense of humility shall ever be caught in its moment. Trouble me not with such occurrence. I am capable enough of recognizing it. Challenge me then with truth and sincerity ! How would I imagine in deciphering it ? Simple ! I read a face with certain dexterity and design. I know not how, but I know !"


24 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ignited Minds by APJ Abdul Kalam!!!

666th BLOG POST -->>

             We always see India through the eyes of media channels, newspapers and other such mediums. But there are very few people who give us the real image of what our India is. I am talking about the people who have contributed to the nation. The person who has done something for the country is capable of speaking about the country. You and me, have done nothing but like commenting on each and every thing. One such person, who is unlike us, have bought the change in the country is APJ Abdul Kalam, our former President. The questions that we ask to our current Prime Minister, never gets answered as our PM loves to keep his lips sealed rather than moving them for speaking something. But, I am too pleased and happy that a person like APJ Abdul Kalam keeps on answering all those questions through his books which gets published time to time whenever the youth starts getting impatient about their concern for the nation. I have read one such book that Abdul Kalam published in 2002- "Ignited Minds". The book also has a tagline- "unleashing the power within India". 

             In this book, Kalam has kept on focusing on the bestial power that we have within India. He tells us how there are several people in our country itself who can bring a lot of change to the nation but they'll have to get ignited. Ignited for the benefit of the nation. Ignited for the improvement of not their own self, but for the whole group they are working with. Ignited to prove the world that we are competitive. Ignited for working with the people who are ambitious like them. Ignited for working with the people from different field, because then a new creativity is launched which bring changes. Similarly, Abdul Kalam has told us how we can ignite our minds as it's already ignited, we just need to start doing for the nation now rather than for ourselves. :-)

              Initially in the book, the way Abdul Kalam has started giving the speech on values and motivation generates interest of turning pages as fast as we can. :-) Interaction with different students from different colleges, regions and religions is indeed a special part of the book as Kalam has mentioned some of the unique questions asked by them and also the answers that he gave. The chapter on who our Role model should be can make our stupid youths realize that it's not Salman Khan who need to be modeled but some great visionaries. "Visionary Teachers and Scientists" chapter gives a brief note of how some teachers of Kalam made him learn good morals and values that has helped him reach to where he is. And the works of scientists who were his colleagues is described wonderfully to make us understand how they strove for bringing some positive change in country's situation. The messages that Kalam's teachers and scientists gave him can change the whole perspective of our own life. Those messages should be compacted as quotes and released separately, seriously. 

              Kalam has made it sure that we also understand the power of meeting different people of different kind from different regions through traveling can make us realize how small we are, and how more do we need to moot ourselves up. In the same context, the spiritual messages that he mentioned in the book that were given to him by different spiritual leaders and saints are again another masterpieces of this book. How God and Spirit is being ignored in today's institute is discussed. "Patriotism beyond Politics and Religions"- the name of the chapter itself says how necessary this talk is. So let's not speak about this. :-) The secrets to success that Azim Premji, Narayan Murthy, Amul's founder and other entrepreneurs gave is a solid reason why one should read this book, bot once but again and again. The example of true events and personal experiences of Kalam in the book gives a special effect while reading as we keep on imagining Kalam visiting people and thus, inspiring them. The summary after every chapter is also a good idea to give the whole context of the chapter in few lines. The last two chapters including Epilogue is enormously beautiful. The book ends on a very motivational and intellectual note. 

             I would still rate Kalam's "Wings of Fire" and "Turning Points" above this- "Ignited Minds" but still this book is no less. Please get this one too. APJ Abdul Kalam is the writer, what more review do you need to get it confirmed that you are spending money on the right product? :-) And thanks to Yusuf who gave this book to me for reading even when I didn't have any idea that he has a book by Kalam with him. :-)


23 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Our Inner Self rate our Relationships, Not We!!!

665th BLOG POST -->>

            As always, Abhilashnand baba will speak about the topic that people easily relate themselves to- Relationships, the topic on which I have posted the most number of my blogs. Obviously, after book reviews. :-) Relationship with anyone is the toughest thing to maintain in life. Not always do we get a partner who compromises to each and everything of ours. When we get one of a kind who is too adjusting, almost 75% of our life becomes positive and productive. But, once we get someone who loves creating problem for each and every misunderstanding, 100% of our life becomes destructive. Being too practical is good for nothing most of the times, in such cases. Being emotional is obviously, too hazardous to handle. But in any kind of relationship, either good or bad, your life flows with it. It does not care about what attitude do we have. Life always flow according to the relationship we carry with us in our life.

             Relationship with anyone cannot be said to be strong and audacious until and unless you don't promote the person a level up than what he/she was in initial days of it. And you do not need to promote, the person automatically gets promoted in your mind, heart and soul if he/she deserves. Take an example. If your sister would be walking on road where you would be eating pani-puri with your friends, will you refer her as you refer every other girl by saying,"Abe wo ladki dekh jo wahaan jaa rahi hai"? No, you'll not. You'll kindly say,"Wo jo ladki jaa rahi hai wo meri BEHEN hai". We don't use the word "Girl" for our sister. Because for us, she is not a GIRL but a SISTER. For us, our MOTHER is not a LADY but MOTHER. We will always refer her as MOTHER and will never use the word LADY in any case. Similarly, when we really love our partner, we always use GIRLFRIEND while introducing her to any of our friend, chahe saamne ya peeth peechey, but we never use the word- GIRL. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say *like a teacher* :-)

              Today, when I stand with my male friends and a female friend of mine crosses, many of them pass comments. When I don't join them as I normally do (:-)), they ask me,"Kuch bola nahi be. Sudhar gaya hai kya?". And I answer,"Meri DOST hai woh". Now, she is as much GIRL as others are on whom I pass comments among my friends (Kindly note that those comments are healthy, not cheap. No? Ok sorry. :-)), but for me she is not a GIRL but a FRIEND. My mind, heart and soul has promoted the person from GIRL to a FRIEND. Now I can never use the word- GIRL for all such friends who have been promoted by my inner soul. Even when some of the people fail in a relationship, but if their ex-partner crosses the way, they don't miss referring them as "Mera ex-boyfriend hai woh". They don't use such sentences like "Mere pehle waale college mein ye ladka mere class mein tha". Because their inner self has promoted LADKA to EX-BOYFRIEND. They can just never forget those moments they had with the particular boy, sorry ex-boyfriend. That is how each person gets promoted or demoted in our inner soul's relationship meter. 

             Some times, the relationship meter shows some insignificant results too. The one who was a FRIEND for someone or you can say got promoted to the word FRIEND suddenly gets demoted and gets referred as,"Uska naam mat le be, insaan nahi hai saala woh, kutta hai woh". :-) And if such people tend to remain closer in our life, like if they are our classmate, neighbour or always bump us through mutual friends, our life becomes uneasy and frustrating. This is how the course of relationship takes it toll on us. We get affected by it, deeply. None of us can handle the pressure of relationship if it does not get promoted by our inner soul. And practically, we have no control on the decisions that our inner soul takes. Spiritually, we can control our inner self according to our thoughts. Sometimes we can, but in relationship, many a times we can't because of some idiots who get demoted in the court of our inner self/soul. Thankfully, my inner soul has promoted many people quite higher in its hierarchical tree and the one who were meant to be demoted in the tree got their branch cut by the roots. :-) 

            Now, it's your time to talk to your inner soul and analyze who is ranked where in its hierarchical structure. :-) 

P.S.: Last year, in 2011, I posted 155 posts only. In 2012, this is my 156th Post. Aap sabhi ko is time pass uplabdhi ki badhaiyaan. Ok Bye. :-)


20 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

30 Days of Sacredness ENDS, EID MUBARAK!!!

664th BLOG POST -->>

            The moon finally gave its bestial view again, in evening. With this, the Muslims among themselves hugged each other and wished- EID MUBARAK. From me and my family's behalf, EID MUBARAK to all my readers and friends. Yes, even friends too as DoT has limited SMS capacity to just 5 per day. Huh!!! Our democratic country don't even let us celebrate a festival like EID by wishing each other through the most easy mode of communication- SMS. :-) How autocratic!!! I personally think that Hitler's soul has entered into Manmohan Singh's body after haunting a lot in all the countries of the world. Ok, sorry for the PJ. I apologize. Masjid being in my neighbourhood, I will get to see a real festive environment around my house. Several men in white kurta-pyjama, white cap, new mojdi will read the final Namaaz of the EID, come out of the Masjid, hug each other and wish Eid Mubarak. Then, they'll cut the goats and distribute it among the poor those who sit near Masjid as they know that they'll get ample amount of meat on the pretext of Eid. :-)

           Let's write this paragraph for my Non-Muslim friends who only know that Eid is meant for going to a Muslim friend's house for having Biryani. :-) On Eid, it is forbidden to fast. Hence, a Muslim wakes up before sunrise and pray, then as usual, brush their teeth with a toothbrush- that is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, take a shower before prayers, put on new clothes- if they can't have new because of economical conditions, they can put the best they have and apply perfume. In breakfast, they generally have sweet or date fruit. Before performing the Eid prayer, act of charity is done. Money is paid to the poor and the needy. On the day of Eid, the main motives are to show happiness, give as much charity as possible, pray Fajr in the local Masjid, go early for Eid praying, read the takbirat in an open field, go to Eid prayer on foot etc. In the praying, Muslims asks for God's forgiveness, peace, mercy and blessings. 

            After this, all the Muslims wish their relatives and friends. Now-a-days as many Muslims can't be together because of personal commitments, meet up on Skype and other online conferencing and wish each other. And as it can be said now, after wishing each other, all the Muslim head towards theater for watching Salman Khan's Eid's exclusive film. Hahaha. This year, Ek Tha Tiger it is. :-) With this, even Salman Khan film will enter into 100 Crore club today as it has already collected 90 crore. Sub Allah ki maya hai. :-) For me, Eid has been quite special since childhood. I always had an invitation to my childhood friend- Danish's house where I got to eat South Indian delicacies and to my first crush's house. :-) Let's not mention about her. Bazaar waise hi bahot garam rehta hai aajkal controversies ka. :-) And from last three years, I am visiting my friend- Saquib's house in Mumbai. For every Eid and Bakri-Eid, I do mark my presence at his home. And eating unlimited Biryani at his home is a new fun that I'm introduced to. Yusuf, my local Muslim friend make it sure that he comes with a delicacy at my home as he runs away somewhere in Mumbai CST to celebrate EID with his relatives. As every year, I will be heading to Saquib's house today with my college friends, as they are being invited too. Bwahaha!!!

             Last few days has been very tough for Muslims. First, they are subjected to attacks in Assam and Burma. Then, few of them protested against the riot by getting violent in Azad Maidan, Mumbai because of which others who weren't involved had to face side-effects of regionalism. Latest- North-Eastern in Hyderabad and other Indian states were sent bulk SMS/MMS scaring/rumoring that they might get beaten up by Muslims. Hence, many North-East Indians are back to their state. Recent reports has said that the SMSes were being sent by some Pakistanis. Inki maa ki aankh. So, all the Indian Muslims, if not to anyone else, at least wish North-eastern Eid Mubarak as they might get assured that Muslims aren't enemy with them. Let's expect that EID will bring end to this saddening and depressing news of our democratic India. Allah, please give the love back to all the humans of the last 30 sacred days by forgiving us and giving an end to this shit. Sorry for being selfish but being a CREATOR yourself you know, HUMANS are SELFISH, no matter what. 

     EID MUBARAK to all.


19 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


663rd BLOG POST -->>

            Do you remember the epic scene from the movie NAYAK where Amrish Puri asks Anil Kapoor-the reporter to be Chief Minister of the state for a day? The wicked smile on Amrish Puri's face, the profuse amount of sweat accumulating on Anil Kapoor's forehead, the thunderous reaction of the audience... Everything of that scene is epic and it goes a level higher as soon as Anil Kapoor agrees to his challenge. The scene swap the emotions. Anil Kapoor starts smiling, nefariously. Amrish Puri starts sweating, profusely. And audience starts clapping and rejoicing, excitingly. And the rest movie shows how Anil Kapoor lived life of a Chief Minister for 24 hours, successfully. Similarly, today for 7 hours, I lived life of President of India. Yes!!! Through APJ KALAM AZAD's "Turning Points". :-) The book is written in such a sweet and simple manner, yet inspiring and encouraging that you feel as if you are sitting in the seat of President of India and performing each and every activity. Reading this book is an extra-ordinary experience. Unforgettable!!! 

             "Turning Points" is sequel to APJ Kalam Azad's autobiography- "Wings of Fire". Wings of Fire was about his journey as a scientist while Turning Points is his journey from the day he swore in as President till May 2012. This book has a tagline "A Journey Through Challenges- The inspiring sequel to Wings of Fire". But the way Mr. Kalam has described each and every scenario that came in his path never let me believe that any of those things were challenges for him. He has stated very appropriately that he never feared while announcing or claiming any thing as he wasn't a politician. He never was concerned about which party is in Parliament. His motive was development, improvement, Vision 2020. And hence reading Kalam's journey as a President is interesting and one of its experience as there's no talk of politics in it. Just the welfare of nation, state and Parliament. 

             Every page makes you feel that you are yourself A President and it's you who is ordering and suggesting others in place of Mr. Kalam. In the first half of the book, how Kalam as President tried to make use of Internet in Parliament and Governance is the best part. How he started getting all his files in Digital format to get the access even when he would be traveling was interesting to read. How he tried to execute E-Governance is another exciting thing to read. The chapter where 7 Turning Points in Kalam's life are stated is another interesting read. "Learning from Others" chapter is the most fruitful chapter in terms of human values and learning. The PURA mission for villages and villagers is the best execution by Kalam during his Presidency. Video-conferencing initiation is another big revolution that took place because of Kalam's lead and power. Love for his Presidential residency- Rashtrapati Bhavan can be clearly seen in his writing. The way he tried to proliferate the essence and serenity of the Bhavan is too nostalgic. The schedule of his life in May 2012, that is mentioned in one of the End Chapters says so much. He is no more a President but still his involvement in inspiring the nation is no less, even at the dithering age. The controversial decisions that he used to take as a President is something that I got most excited while reading the book. Even I am still thinking of why no Governmental party came forward to take the Parliament for those 3 days. :-) The interview in the end of the book is another masterpiece from the book which shows how visioned Mr. Kalam was/is. 

            The book is written in a very simple English. I didn't get a feeling that it's the best President of India who has written the book. Because one assumes that a persona like Mr. Kalam shall always use a high level language to describe and mention each and every thing. The best thing is- Mr. Kalam has not let any secret or security rationale to come out through this book that was accessible only to him as PoI. He has very cleverly recorded each and every thing keeping in mind what to speak and not to. He has also mentioned how Anna Hazare's movement is not very good but also right according to the performance of the Parliament. And many more might arise. Haha. Every factor and point that Kalam has mentioned in the book for improvement in any sector of India is so valid and knowledgeable. The way Kalam tried to implement his ideas in every sector of India during his tenure tells how versatile this man is in knowledge and wit. I would just ask all of you to get this book. It is very different from Wings of Fire. In this, Kalam sir has tried to let us know what really he is. In Wings of Fire, he has just made us feel that every other person in his life was better than him. But in this, he lets us know why is he THE ABDUL KALAM. :-) Please read this book. PLEASE. 


17 August 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I am MEANT for this CLASSROOM, Not YOU!!!

662nd BLOG POST -->>

            Interacting with few friends some years ago, I often heard from them,"No buddy. I am not enjoying. I am just not capable of understanding these theories while others in my class does every problem before me". And I used to think "What a Loser". I always believed that with hard work and perseverance, one can always stay shoulders with others in the same classroom as all are born in the same year and have the same IQ level. Hence the logic of being a lackadaisical in any part of the academics in comparison to others was too illogical for me. But today I feel so sympathized with those who said this to me and still says to me. Our education system is really something that needs too much improvisation and revolution.  Yesterday reading a book on India and its system, I did read something that was too sensible. The author said,"The best institutes of India are the same from last many decades. There has been rise in number of students, colleges, courses but the BRAND COLLEGES are still those which were in our parent's time". Such a brutal truth this is! And this is not a very good news. We should have had some better institutes till today. Education is so important for the growth of nation. And this part remains to be one of the worst features of India. Shame!!! 

              Coming back on the topic!!! I remember when I took admission for 11th std in a college in Pune. The college name was unknown to everyone in my town. The name with which they identified the college is "Scholar Batch". And everyone in my town used to study hard for cracking its entrance exam and getting into the brand- SCHOLAR BATCH. For that, one needs to score 85% or more in 10th Board examinations. Then, you'll have to be in top candidates in their entrance exam that focuses only on Deep Science and Mathematics. Once you are done with it, you get admission in the Scholar Batch at the fees of 12,000 per year i.e. 24,000 Rs for 11th and 12th(And they keep on giving scholarship of 1000 rs/month to every student for 2 years. That means, all the fees you paid gets refunded. Cool, isn't it?). They also get your CET, AIEEE and other well-known Engineering entrance examination's preparation done. Every student who passes out from this Scholar Batch scores 80%+ easily in 12th and they also get admitted in a good engineering college. Such is the teaching and guiding quality provided to these serious students a.k.a scholars.

              I scored a poor 61% in my 10th board. My parents wanted me to get vindicated in this SB(Scholar Batch). The gap between my score and the eligible score to get into SB was 24%. My parents almost lost all the hopes from me. I never had any with myself. :-) Still, the very next day my father took me with him to Pune. After seeing the college campus, my father's inner soul screamed aloud,"Idhar aake mera beta Engineer jaroor ban hi jayega". My father bought 60,000 rs cash with him as someone told him that they admit students into Scholar batch if you pay 50,000+. And for a child's education, parents are always ready to give their heart and kidneys. At last the institute asked my father to stop insisting them for admitting his mediocre son into a batch that is meant for only those who can devote each part of their heart into studies. I was definitely not meant for this extra-ordinary group of people.

              Then someone told my father that a General Batch is being introduced this year in the same institute for the children those have bought less than 85% in 10th std board. They told us that if the student performs almost equally good as the SB students will, in the 11th std's Unit Tests, he/she will get transferred to the SB. After I started attending the college, I saw a big difference between both the groups regarding studies. SB students always talked about studies while GB students always talked about movies. But I felt comfortable among GB students as they were of the same IQ as I was. Teachers gave individual attention in our class because they know we were weak. While in SB class, teachers just had to clear the concept, students were too studious to do everything themselves at library and home. I liked the concept of separating the students in different batches according to the Intelligence level. 

              Now, I am in Masters of Computer Applications-MCA i.e. Post Graduation. I was too enthusiastic and excited before joining the institute. After 18 days of college, now, I want to take away my name from the course and get prepared first, then join again. I feel left out in the class. I feel ashamed of what I am. I feel frustrated each second when I am in classroom. I have graduated in BCA(that is the basic of MCA, obviously) from a DEEMED UNIVERSITY, that had its own fucking basic syllabus. The syllabus of MCA(Mumbai University) is 10 times vast than our BCA's. Seeing it, I feel tormented. The 95% students in my class has completed their Graduation in BSc.IT under Mumbai University. They had the same syllabus even then. They sit in classroom as if they are here just for revision. While I sit and glare their faces. I feel cheated. MCA is basically for BCA's student. Teacher should concentrate on us, first. These BScIT students are meant for MScIT- which is a real challenge for them. but they opted for an easier path. Thus making it difficult for BCA students like me. We don't have a single logic clear while these students don't let us get it cleared. Before teacher starts teaching, they are done with the solution of the problem. Even after being 100% pragmatic, I keep assuring myself that I will get red mark in 2-3 subjects definitely. 

            Same is the case with the BBA students who enter MBA with enthusiasm. Their main target is to get more knowledge about their subjects against all the students of their kind- belonging from BBA who read just basics about the subject. But they fall into depression after seeing this High IQ people from Engineering in their MBA classroom. These Engineering students see a tough life for 4 years academically. Hence, they get more knowledge about each and every subject. In class, they start performing right from the first day. And the BBA students feel left out among them. The course that is meant for them, basically is being joined by some Intellectuals who didn't take challenge of getting into M.Tech and a level higher, the course that is meant for them. They chose a shortcut- MBA as it is too easier in comparison to M.Tech. Thus, BBA students fall prey to this injustice too. 

             As MCA is open for all the students from any Graduation with Mathematics as a subject in any of the semester, my accusation or concern will get negligence support. But, institutes should think upon this. Either keep extra classes for those who are from the backgrounds that were not as vast the portion that you are teaching today or separate the classrooms accordingly. No need to make 60 students sit under the same roof. Divide the students according to their knowledge in the subject in two divisions of 30-30 each or 40-20 each. Where the latter 20 belong to the not-so-intellectual background. This is something that should be done very soon, very very soon. Else, students like me who were fine in studies in Graduation and came with a will to get the concepts clear this time in Post Graduation will end up being Failure because everyone in classroom already has their concept clear, thus not letting teacher elaborate the respective topic. :-(

   Enough said.