30 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

No More- Professional Writer !!!

            203rd BLOG -->>

        I became a professional writer when I joined a job where a man used to provide me with some topics daily and I used to write on them and he was to pay me the salary next month. I was very happy. I was proud that now my writings and my blogs are recognized and everyone is going through it , finding me and offering me to write for them. I asked for the payment and he said that he will be paying me 4,500 a month for writing 10 articles maximum for him. I was very happy that my vacations are going on and I have a work which is my dream and I'll also get an income for it as I have never worked before for money and nor I am so passionate to earn money at this age. I want to study a lot and then experience a lot and then when the time comes I'll earn. So, as I was getting this bitty job, I was ready to do it. He gave me some articles to write on the first day, he loved them and published 2 from them on 104 websites. I went on every site and it was a great disappointment for me to see that all my articles are published with his name . It was the same case as of 3 Idiots that Amir Khan studies for four years and the degree goes to the another person. It was a big solace for me to see that my articles are not published with my name but I was still little happy with the income I was going to get. But when I wrote for 2 more days, I found that the company is incessantly offering me the same kind of topics. They aren't giving me new topics and the topics I was getting were very dull and lazy. 

             Would you like to know the title of the topics?? They are as follows- Online Homework Help, Assignment Help, Maths Help. I was repeatedly getting these topics everyday aur ek din to hadd ho gayi.. I got the topic Online Homework Help and he said me to write 5 articles in a day on it. Every article he demanded was to be of 500 words. I wrote all the 5 articles and at last he loved all of them but somewhere I knew that this is not my forte to write. I love writing on different topics and the topics related to teenagers and social and current issues. I like to give my views on certain activities or certain issues and news but this one was very different and plus it was the weirdiest. How can someone write daily on the same topics. Yesterday , I wrote 8 articles for him and my head started paining as it took me all 12 hours to think and write about them. Its very hard to write on the same topics again and again. Then today morning when I woke up, I saw that he had rejected 3 of them. Now this one evoked my taandav which I control for a long time till someone doesn't poke me with the pointest needle. I got frustrated in the morning and my head started paining. I vomited and then I went to sleep in the afternoon. It was a hard time. There was also a rule that the day I doesn't pass in submitting my articles before the deadline 10 PM , I'll be penalized 50 rs a day.. Now this one was again a tough rule. Because of today's uncertainties, I decided that I am not working more with this organization and left him today, didn't submitted any articles and didn't even informed him about this. 

               I was very happy 1 week ago when I was blessed with this job but today , I am happy that I'm not a professional writer. Being a professional writer will be a big and happy thing for me but when I'll be given freedom. I'll be given the topics of my interest. I want to write the articles on the issues I'll love to. And I will be happy to write for an organization who will fulfill this demand of mine but again I don't want to write on the same topics again and again even if they are of my interest. So , I am no more a professional writer, I am again a normal blogger and a writer. I have recently joined the group of writers of the online magazine- Reader's Quotient but I'll not talk about this today. Will be talking about it on 5th June when my first article will be published on their online magazine. But now, I am happy that there's no stress on me of any kind related to the writing work. I am all free and now I have time to read novels and write my novel and spend time doing my household's work, helping my mummy and going walk with her. I left going around with her for walking because of this useless job I was into. Mummy said me to keep doing this job. She said that you should try writing out of your comfort zone. Writing the blogs is a monopoly and a freedom to you but working with this company will make you more matured as a writer. I seriously felt that she had given me the best suggestion I would have got. But an another suggestion came yesterday which was also worthy and it was from my childhood friend - Abhinav(not my cousin) . He said that keep doing this till you don't get stressed. And today, as soon as I felt stressed I left the job. Thanks to my mother and Abhinav for giving me wonderful ideas because of which I have learnt something in my life..

               Hope, I'll get a new profession as a writer which will be according to what I have projected in my mind about my jobs related to the skills of writing. Lets See...Future isn't visible..It can just be predicted. Pray for me.

29 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My cousin-Abhinav shocked me !!!

            202ND BLOG -->>

        Today the CBSE results of 10th std was announced. I didn't had any idea that the results are going to be out today. I was sleeping and dreaming a sexy hot dream with a beautiful girl when my phone started singing the ringtone. I was in the way to Kiss the girl on her cheeks but as soon as my lips were near to her cheek's red colour skin, I woke up because of this call. Went and saw the phone screen and my Chacha's name was flashing. I never thought that Chacha will call at this moment in the morning and I didn't even dreamed him coming and meddling in my romantic dreams. But whatever he is my chacha and he has some approvals to interfere in my dreams. I picked the phone. To my surprise, It wasn't Chacha but Chachi. I welcomed,"Namastey Chachiji!!" 

    "Namastey Beta" 
    A pause in between which meant that she wasn't interesting in chatting more with me.
    "Chachiji wait , I'll give the phone to mummy"
   Handed it to my dear mother who was still asleep. Oh !!! This was the first time when I woke before her in this vacations.
    My mother started chatting and with some beautiful words I deciphered that my cousin brother- Abhinav who was in 10th have got his result today. I was then going mad to know his score..Mummy said to him,"Ye le Veeru Bhaiyya se bhi baat karle."

    I asked,"Aur bhaai kitney percentage aaye?"
   Abhinav replied," 84% "
   For some seconds, there was no words to speak, my heart stopped beating at a normal rate, my ears were to go deaf. Abhinav and 84%. Are my dreams switched over to the imaginary stories or something like that? Because Abhinav can't score so much.
   I replied,"Arre bhai, tune to hilaa diya..Maza aa gaya sun ke..Baakiyo ko bataya k nahi? Bahut se logo ki aadat hai na fudakkne ki, unko bata zara."
   My brother is not less naughty than me," Arre bhaiiyya , pehla call aap hi ko kiya hai..Abhi bata ke zara subka fudakna bund karte hain."
   I replied,"Very good. Tune toh subka mooh bund kar diya."
   He replied," Aapne kahaa tha na aapse jyaada laane k liye ..Sub bhaai behno se..Dekho main laya naa."
   I don't know why was he telling this? I scored just 61%. Till then I was the highest percenter in 10th among my brother and sisters..i.e. Cousins..And he had directly marked himself at 85%. He is far ahead than us..There's no chance that he was trying to take a lead from my score.
   I said,"Arre yaar, mere to bahut kamm they..Tune to dhamaal kar diya..Chal ab baad me baat karenge..Subko ye khush khabri de de."
           Abhinav Ruhela - He is my cousin, actually, My naughtiest cousin..He is uncontrollable when it comes to his naughtiness. He can irritate you a lot and you can't do anything except suffering him. Everybody kept thrashing him because he used to be friendly and mastikhor with everyone. He never studied well..And this is why every relative came and gave him big big lectures for not studying and everyone scolded him. Even he didn't used to keep quiet. Used to reply something weird so that the relatives go mad in fury and anger..Hahaha...He has failed once in his 9th Standard and his teachers and tutors of coaching class always complained about him that he never attends and so everyone thought that he is a dull boy and a useless fellow and is not going to perform all his life. All the relatives used to say,"Hamari to ye poori generation hi khraab ho gai hai." They used to say this as in logo ne bahut bada naam kamaya hai padh-likh ke..But chalo hum log sun lete they..Chchotey hone k naatey.. But now, Abhinav has shocked everyone with his score. He has proved everyone wrong..With a result , he had replied to every relatives who used to give him lectures on studies. He has made this generation of our clan feel Proud.
            I'm so proud of you Abhinav that It made me write this blog for you..You are great..You are unpredictable. Still, I have never written any blog for any of my relatives giving a single one so much priority but today you have pulled me to write about you.. You are the best Chchupa Rustom of this World. You look something else and you do something else. I am so proud that you have scored much more than me. I was just First class passed in my 10th standard but you are much ahead than Distinction. You have rocked the floors and I bless you to score a lot more in your future. Hope you select a good field and work a lot on it and keep progressing all your life in the same way. We all know we aren't financially so strong but I would like you to gift your parents a safe and healthy old age. I hope you will provide them with all the luxuries. I hope you become something and I am also trying to be a Writer here..Hope when the next time we will meet each other, both of us will be successful. I can imagine the happiness Chachaji and Chachiji would be going through. Its an emotional moment for everyone of us. Abhinav..I love you bro..Keep it up..

Your Elder Brother,

27 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Success of 200th / KITES !!!

        201st BLOG -->>

         Finally , as the law of the nature says that we should keep moving ahead in our life, I am leaving my 200th blog post behind and starting my journey again. It was a feel-like-heaven to witness the showers of the comments from all my friends and other bloggers. The way you all have responded back to my 200th blog post has made me pious for my blogs much more than what I was formerly. Many friends who commented on my blog were like apparition as they never commented before on my blogs. I was just going crazy and loopy watching the comments , moderating and approving them and at last replying them. You all made this 200th blog post the biggest blog of my career as I have received the highest number of comments on this one. Total comments I have received on my 200th blog post is "82". The last highest comment I received was on the 100th that was 65. This blog gave the lead by 17 comments which makes me erroneous for predicting that no blog in future will be capable of breaking the record of 100th blog's comment. But you all made the sentence true that if you are dreaming to fly, even the sky moves little upwards as it knows that your limit isn't to touch it but to go above it. Now, with the happiness and blithe , there is also nervousness and a fear for my future. 82 Comments..Its very very excellent but will my 300th blog or any blog will be successful in breaking this great record? I hope I'll get more readers till the time I reach my 300th blog. In the way comments were taking its place on my 200th blog post, I was feeling for a while that comments will touch 100 but the last two days has been little vertigo if talking about the flow of comments on my 200th..I want to bring a notice too that I used 60 difficult words in the 200th post which I think would have helped many of you to raise the level of your English..
                 I saw KITES in a cheap cinema this week. The name of the Cinema is RUPALI and it is in PANVEL where I'm living. This theatre is made for the purpose of serving rickshawwala , thelaa waala, paan waala and different low-grades people. They were coming to this theatre to watch with their items who were the black-beauty of New Mumbai. Even that girls were professional..Some of them were sabjiwaali , machchiwaali and even kachdaa and bhangaar waalis. I knew the theatre is of this category but I went to watch the film here because the Indian Reviews scared me by claiming KITES as horrible for the bollywood lovers. So, I thought , inspite of wasting 150 bucks on this movie lets get my work done in 50 rupees. The name of this screen was RUPALI MAGIC and I witnessed the magic for the 1st time in the theatre when I saw the marks of spits even on the screen where the movie was to be played. But one serious magic was also there..Mistakenly, there was Air Conditioners inspite of Exhaust fans which I expected was going to make me cool in this scorching heat. But I was surprised to figure out that how will the KITES be understood to these people who don't know any language except some abuses in Marathi and Bihari languages. Everyone maintained the pin-drop silence in the theatre as none of them understood what was going in the movie as the whole movie was speaking either in English or where they got chance they spoke in Spanish. The only thing they understood in the movie was the Hindi Songs on which they were screaming as their small brother is getting married and Baaraat is going to reach the bride's residence. 

             KITES didn't dissappointed me much as film was made in the Hollywood taste and I got it in the start itself. Something irritated me was No use of Hindi Language in the dialogues. Injustice with the very matured and good actress Kangana Ranaut, she don't even have the role of 5 minutes in the movie. Hrithik Roshan was again at his best.. Barbara Mori did her role as best as she could have done. Film was OK-OK as it wasn't lengthy ..It was just of 127 minutes. And everything is a rumour about the hot scenes of Hrithik n Barbara.. There wasn't any scenes as such..At last, Both Hrithik and Barbara dies but they have shown it as both of them meet in the water they jump into and it is shown in the same way as they show in the climax of Titanic movie that all the dead people are alive and welcoming the Actor or actress..I don't remember right now..SO it doesn't ends the movie at a sad note.. But none of the part of the movie touches your heart..Not even romantic scenes and not even sad and emotional scenes..Only thing which touches your heart is the music of Rajesh Roshan and the dance moves by Hrithik Roshan..I would say if you want to enjoy KITES ..go and watch it in theatre itself even if its like the RUPALI MAGIC where I saw it...and watch it once and watch it pragmatically and not according to the reviews you have read in the papers and heard on the news channels..Kindly ignore them and watch the movie wit a fresh and vacant mind and try to review it yourself.

           Thanks and a THANK more for making the 200th blog the biggest blog of ARB...

21 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

200* Blogs in 283 Days with 531 Comments !!!

      200TH BLOG -->>

           Again as I did in 100th Blog Post, I would like to Thank myself initially before starting to create 200th blog-post. I'm feeling so smug and lavishly happy to announce and rhapsodize that I have completed 200 blogs successfully without any woes and solace. This has been an amicable journey which I can never think of getting over and finished. I want this journey of blogging and writing to be interminable.Writing blogs has always given me a self-pleasure and a will to keep going. I didn't cared about the people who said me to scram out. I just believed and kept troth in me and today its so delighting to see that my blog is vociferating ,"I am 200 posts old today".

           I want to thank everyone .. everyone... Who came to my blog at least once..and said that they are venial for flinching back from my blogs in past..I want to thank everyone of you who never judged me and deciphered  discrepancies with other blogs, who said that they are happy to witness my witty cerebration, who appreciated me a lot by showing crikey towards my job, who blessed me with encomiums , who extolled me as they are getting something from my writings, who were always ready to accept my absence on blog because of some vicissitudes, who rather than wasting time in dally read my blogs one after another, who understood that I said dissentient topics with coquette and I wasn't assure of my words, who have always been concomitant when it came to my passion. I would like to thank every regular readers, every transient who have visited my blog only once, every users of Facebook and Orkut who are in my friend list and suffered all my status updates which flashed only about my latest blogs...All those who publicizes and spread the words of my blogs to their friends and relatives. Everyone of them who has the word in their mind somewhere that a Boy called Abhilash write blogs and we love him for this.

            The biggest happiness and a sense of zenith is felt when this words pop out for you- I AM PROUD OF YOU. Every time, whenever I heard this words from my dear readers and friends, I felt like I have pillaged. I never ever saw in my dreams that some people would be so much proud for me. I'm not maudlin, bathetic, drippy, hokey and kitschy whenever I hear this words for me, but I'm truly and veraciously emotional. Whenever someone is with me and they say this for my blogs- I try to hide my face as there are drops of water in my eyes because of the surfeit virtues and love I received, whenever these words are blessed on a phone call, I try to speak less after that as its limpid that I feel exorbitance and extravagant at that moment. I'm bowing in front of everyone who have showered this bizarreness on me and saved me from the insolence, opprobrium and infamy which would have also been the case if not respected.

            I completed my first 100 blogs in 105 days with 250 comments(Excluding the comments on 100th) on them. It took me 178 days to complete next 100 blogs with 281 comments on them.I'm sorry for this intransigent large number of days I took to complete.Hope I don't take too much of time in future to complete next 100 blogs. But I'm happy that Comments has broken the previous record. I never plagiarized and I think that this has been the secret of success of my blogs. I never acted pretentious when it came to my blogs and I'm happy that everyone of you avoided malapropism, bicker, hem, plaint, pique, disparage and many otiose activities when it came to my blogs. Last time, when I wrote 100th blog, I mentioned that I have also completed 50 Tweets in Twitter.Today I'm happy to divulge that I have completed 3160 Tweets and I also touched 100 Followers today. The experience of tweeting is also pragmatical but Blogging is undoubtedly and ineffably the best.Nothing in my life touches or exceeds my interest towards blogging and writing.

            I don't want to sound proudy but still I want all of you to know what all have I achieved after matriculating myself in this world of blogging. I have been ranked 2nd by Bigadda.com, I have also indiranked 63 by Indiblogger.com, My article was published in DNA newspaper proving that Yaa, I do have capabilities to write, Teachers blessed me with internal marks just after having a look at my writing skill,  The no.1 Bestseller -Mandar Kokate personally praised me for my blogs and my article in DNA paper and recently an online magazine's CEO offered me an opportunity to be an author of their magazine. All this came after the blog. Today, its a great day as I have completed 200 blogs in 283 days with 531 comments approximately. There has been uncountable clicks on my blog page. I now have 1860 different visitors on my blog which are called as followers. The links of my blogs has been shared more than 10620 times on WWW. When searching on google-- Abhilash Ruhela ; it showers all the information about me and my blogs. It feels so mellifluous, dulcet, honeyed, mellisonant and sweet to the ears.

            There are thousands of blogs on internet with more numbers of followers I possess but still I can proudly say that I am no unfledged blogger. I have many friends and readers in vicinage who loves me a lot.Not only as a Blogger but as a good human being and a known person. I am happy that people atleast feel familiar to me just because of reading my blogs otherwise there are many bloggers who writes something weird from which you can't decipher that what kind of personality the blogger has.I feel very humble and blithe when people themselves tell about me before I tell them that I'm fine.This all is because of ARB. I'm happy that you all have accepted my blog as a part of your routine.When I write, you feel blessed, when I don't , you feel cursed.Thanks for getting so seriously involved with my blogs.

             Atlast, coming to an end, I would personally like to thank my parents for allowing me to write blogs , my classmates for reading and mooting up my standard just because I'm a blogger, to my childhood friends those who keep on pushing me to write a book, to my aparted friends who are only in touch through internet for claiming my blogs to be surrealism. I can never forget the immense love from all of you. The main motive of ARB has been to spread truth about me and my views and this truth has made me reach 200*. Sachin , See even I'm 200*..Hahaha..Now thats a different issue that the same figure is attached to different fields.Hahaha..Some of my naughty and nasty friends has also termed my blog as pulchritude which means a physical beauty of a women..Hahaha..Thanks for all this wonderful comments..And the most beautiful comment has been,"I'm Proud Of You."

            Thanks ... Thanks a Lot....

200*- ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU at 1.40 AM on 21st May,2010
20 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Sai Baba is Better than Shiva or Allah !!!

            199TH BLOG -->>

        Its Thursday and with this its Sai Baba's day today and hence Its my fasting today..The 3rd Fasting of this series..I read the Chalisa in the morning after bath and after that Mummy gave me a glass of milk and now I am here..Its so good to close your eyes and keep enchanting Om Sai Raam..Om Sai Raam..This is not done because Sai Baba will land on earth to bless us..Its because we love him a lot..and we want him to listen how much we love him..With this we also need his blessings..Not because we don't want any problem to enter our life..But because we want to solve the problems strongly and firmly without fear and shiverings..Sai Baba never asked me to pray and worship him..I myself do this..Why? Because I was at Nashik for 2 years..While I was living in Nashik..I saw many people going crazy for the worship of Sai Baba..I thought lets test if Sai Baba favors me too..I asked for an impossibility from him and surprisingly I got it in the time period of the month which I wasn't getting from last 2 to 3 years..I was astonished..I was moved..I was blessed too...And with this , I too started repeating only one name daily...Om Sai Raam...

             This is the only person who is prayed by everyone..By every caste..Why? Because the man didn't discriminated any caste..Like Ram and Lord Shiva has discriminated..They bless only Hindus..Allah too is the same..He blesses only Muslim and not gairs..But when it comes to Sai Baba..He gave an equivalent love to everyone...For him, there was only one prospect- Every human is a human who needs love..and if you are considering the God..Then there is only one God who exists for the whole clan of Human being...This Hindu Muslim and various castes are the foolishness formed by the humans which should be ignored and thrown away from our life...And Yaa..I love this message of Sai Baba..I have no problem in eating at a Muslim's or Christian's home..I have no problem in sharing my water bottle with Ms and Cs...If I'll count my enemies...The list will be having only and only Hindus...No Muslims and Christians..So this is not my greatness or something..This is the greatness of Sai Baba which I'm also following..I don't worship any Hindu Lord and Goddess because they bless only Hindus..and that is why I have no targets of following Islam after reading Quran too..No..Because the Allah too bless only Muslims..I love Sai Baba..He blesses All...Sai Baba is the greatest..I can say this vociferating because I'm ready to fall in any debate and polemic and controversy if this is talked upon that why do I prefer Sai Baba over Hindu's God and Muslim's God and other religion's God..

            Today, before starting any work, I take the name of Sai Baba once..Even if I lose after that..I don't blame and accuse Baba for it but I try to find my mistake and thank Sai Baba for giving me so much intellect that I'm at least trying to find out my mistakes rather than blaming others that because of them I failed and didn't tasted the essence of Success..Before starting my Senior College..I visited Sai temple in Panvel...Before going and performing in every rounds of Fresher competition..I took the name of Sai Baba...Before performing in my sem-1 , I took the name of Sai baba...Before participating on every fest days I took the name of Baba..now that's a different thing that I won only in one of them..And therefore, even today..when I'm reaching a big level in my blogging world..going to touch 200 blogs when the next time I'll write..Im taking only the name of Sai Baba in today's blog..because still I don't know that what am I going to write in my 200th..It will be all what Sai Baba will bless me with..Either the blog will be the most stupid one which I'll write..or the most interesting blog I ever wrote..No Idea..

              Last time when I wrote 100th Blog...and that too was a big level for me..I received 65 comments on it..which was unbelievable..It was like a feel of a famous writer in me..and then the journey kept on going and now...I'm on my 200th Blog...and its a big feeling..Will the 200th blog create a record? Will it gain more comments compared to the great 100th blog? I have no idea..but I have lots of expectations from my readers...I hope that tomorrow when I'll write 200th blog..All of you will enter as a King and bless me with the power so that I can write more..Hope that people will feel proud for me as they felt when Sachin touched 200* ...Hahaha..Yaa I want to be so special..And it depends all and all on the people like you all..who just keep me encouraging and appreciating..Only 1 or 2 foolish peoples are there who keeps on criticizing my blog and I want them to be far away from ARB..I don't want them to ruin their mind by reading the blog of the person they don't like..and I also want to be far away from their comments..Hope Sai Baba blesses me with all the peace..when I'll enter the world of 200th Blog.Double Century..Till then people wait for the 200th and hope that I'll entertain you a lot with that one..


18 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Rude Reply to the Fiction-Bloggers !!!

            198TH BLOG -->>

        Oh !!! So fascinating it was right now while writing 198th blog..A big number..An unbelievable number..An Unexpected number...A level where I have reached is the level where I thought I may be but alone..I didn't knew that there will be great supporters like you all..I'm happy that Im reaching where many would have dreamed but would have left the way in the middle of the journey because it may have seemed very hard and tough..I continued and I have reached here..Many bloggers pointed out that are you interested in creating a hype of blogs..What do u do daily on your blogs? Why don't you write qualitative blogs rather than writing it in quantity this way? I would like to question you all..What do you all do in your blogs? In 365 days, the average blog you all have posted are 50 or something...and what are they? Short Fiction Stories in just 55 words which you all call as 55-er Fiction.. What do you all get by writing this? Is this what you call Qualitative Blog? If Yes then sorry, I'm not interested in distributing qualities on my blog..I'm happy distributing quantity..

              Writing a short 55 words fiction stories and thinking that you are a writer because you can create imaginary stories doesn't make you God of Writings and Blogs..Write something which touches the heart of readers and your friends..I love when people read my blog and they say that you are a good human being..They say that we love reading your blogs..your job is good..But when it comes to the writers like you, I have always seen that the comments you get are from the other writers who are also interested in writing fictions..Why don't you receive comments from your friends? You all are engaged in publicizing your blog..You accept awards and then keep on talking about them and distributing it to others..What is this? Is this the motive behind writing blogs? I want to sue these type of bloggers..Go to hell..Many are like me..Who write daily..They talk about themselves..Their success..Their failure..Their experience..Their dream..Everything..This is what Writer is..Not all of you..Writing a fiction in 55 words and then giving a moral to the story..We don't want social and moral messages..We have newspaper and magazines like India Today for all this..We want to know you and your experiences..Give this to us..Not the foolish imaginary stories..

             I'm not saying that Im the best blogger..Im saying that the genre in which Im writing is the best..and I love every writer of this genre..and so I love reading Big B's blog ..He talks about himself and his views..I love many other bloggers who talk about themself in their blog..On WWW...try creating a new atmosphere rather than the same social awareness and thoughts..Accepting and distributing awards isn't the job of writers...and bloggers...Their job is to keep writing till the extent their fingers gets affected with Cancer..Im kidding..but Keep writing valuable blogs rather than show-offs..I have less Followers comparing to the others who write because I dont distribute awards..I have less clicks on my blog because I dont publicize my blog..I dont get much comments because I don't call other bloggers to read my blog..I'm just happy with my genre and my style of writing..I don't want to change it..Many writers are interested in spreading their reviews about the books and movies..Yaa..Its good..I appreciate even that kind of work..But fictions and fictions and fictions..Go Idiots..Go and write a fiction novel then..Let me see your book vindicates in the bestseller or no..and Im sure it will be rejected by the audiences..

              Bloggers also say that I write lengthy blogs daily which can irritate readers..No..Nobody ever have said that your blogs are lengthy..Lengthy blogs aren't lengthy if they are interesting..But a short writing can be felt as lengthy if its boring..and your 55-er fiction is shit and pee and phart..I hate your genre of writing..Just to increase your marks you all keep doing chutiagiris on your WWW..Be satisfied with what you are..rather than doing materialistic jobs and getting popular..I'm happy Im not much popular but still Bigadda.com ranked me 2nd..Still Im indiranked as 63..Still a CEO of magazine has called me..Why? Because my writings has touched their soul..They came to know about a new person..A boy..A boy with lots of dream and passion..A boy who was a loser and who can be in future..They came to know about the boy who want to do many thing..The boy who doesn't run back from the efforts and hates the rest..But what do they come to know from your blogs? About that imaginary characters in the short stories..Hell...Bloggers ..Hell...Don't judge me..Augment yourself first rather than pulling and pushing me..Leave me in my world..and you all enjoy in your disastrous world..

            Thanks people for reading my replies to all the blogger who kept on thrashing me for my genre of blogs..They hated me because I wrote about me everyday..I shared my views on different topics everyday..But atlast..before my 200th blog..I gave them my reply...Hope they will love it a lot..



Absentee And Presentee !!!

           197TH BLOG -->>

        Where are you? I'm here my friends as always..Its not always so germane to write a blog when its all about your family...A trouble..A tension moving all around in your home..The continuous and endless calls gives a wierd stress to your mother..So at this time is it necessary and indispensible to write blogs or support your mother? Obviously, the second one..So , Im with my mother all this days..Recently, papa was here at the home so I took a breathe at this time after the darkness has ruled all over the earth..Many things happened these days..England won the World Cup, Delhi railway station was trapped into a mob running directionless...A leather factory in Mumbai getting burnt..Earthquake hitting internationally..and I was in all this struggling with my polemic life..Its not always easy to say that Chalo chchodo yaar, mujhe kya karna hai..Its very hard to let the situation move roughly parallel to you..Its natural that you will be affected...And thats the rationate of my absence on this world of blogging..

            Absence- Its the feel of waiting for someone...Its the charm and eagerness for the voice to be heard again in the same spirits..Its the emotional moment if you remember the most nourishing moment of the entity who is absent and is not with you..Absence of someone can lead depression to someone who is all tensed for the arrival of the absentee...Absence makes your mind move at the isolated place from the present and you move out in the past and keep wondering what will be the future like...Will the future change by what you wish and what you think?? Absolutely NO...You will get nothing..Just burn out the stress and try to purify and filter your brain by removing the factors which leads you into stress and depression because of the absence of someone..Absence of a phone call or SMS also affect many of us..Why? Does that phone call and SMS ameliorates something in your life? Are they productive? No.. So why wait for them? Leave them...Chill out...Dont wait for the absentee ever...Sometimes the absentee can be stuck somewhere in the traffic of the life..but why should you be moved because of his stuck vehicle of life? You toh move ahead..You toh create something which can lead you towards your destination without any traffic in your life..

             Try elucidating the entities which are present..Your mother is present..Respect her..love her..kiss her..hug her..help her..share with her...listen her pains..witness her presence all around you..I dont know how much you all would have observed but I have clearly observed that my mother's presence brings a positive atmosphere in my house..No one then complains..No one is then related with confusions and doubts..Everything is clear..If you will observe..Electricity burns out so much stress..Brings light in the darkness..brings cold in the hot..brings entertainment in the silence..So try grasping the energy from the entities surrounding you..Don't flinch from the life..Try finding something which has never been observed and marked by someone else..Try inventing..Try creating..Be productive and not consumer..Try to give and not take..Try to utilize and moot up your status and level..Respect the present thing around you..Concentrate on the people who are present near you..sharing happiness with you..trying you to be stress free..I respect every presentee of my life..My mom-dad, my best friend, my neighbours...everyone..This attitude came with the experience..Try profiting from my experiences...


14 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

90th Blog of this Year-2010 vs 88 of Last Year

            196TH BLOG -->>

        Sorry my dear friends..Im really apologizing in a shameful manner..I promised to write two more blogs today but it is said naa that there is no fixed plan of future..Life and routines play its part unpredictability..And this is what happened today..While I was planning to write the 3rd blog, Mummy vociferated that I have to move towards Nerul-My Mausaji's house..And just after I reached here...She too came behind me.Again an unpredictibility.. So right now, Im sitting at my Mausaji's house but again a dedication is showing its part and Im writing this 3rd blog today..Even this is a record for me..And Im happy...Yaa I failed to give 4 blogs in a day in the time span of 24 hours...But I think the way you all are supporting me , One day I'll surely be successful in doing this impossibility..Lets see...I dont want to create a big hype of promises and a nonentity of fulfilling them..So its good to stay away from the promises and giving emphasize on the verbs...

             Im happy to announce one more good news...This is my 90th Blog of 2010...Last year in 2009, I have published 88 blogs, But this year I have completed 88 blogs in this month itself..I am very happy..I hope that I will complete 200 blogs this year itself..I'm very happy with my performance on ARB...ANd Im also happy with my readers as the comments have also started raining on my blog..I accept everyone and I still have a request..There are many from you who comment as Anonymous..So plz write your name after the comments so that I can know who are you and what exactly do you want..So please fulfil my request...

             I have got an offer to write for the children in a magazine..Im very happy that I got an opportunity to participate in teh noble cause for chilren..Hope I get a chance to publish my Writings and Articles in the Magazine which is named as Reader's Quotient..Hope Everyone love me there too...I get the same love as I get for my blogs..Im also happy that now there are more appreciators than criticizers..Im very happy...Happy happy happy...Friends, Sorry for the spelling mistakes..I have no time to edit them as Im not in my house...So please co-operate...



Shameless Cricket Team and Great Vishwanathan Anand !!!

           195TH BLOG -->>

             I saw the news today morning..Heard about the dispute our Indian cricket players had with some of the Indian fans of cricket in a pub of West Indies..Moving towards the topic , I want to bring into notice of all of you that this all happened in Pub..What was Indian team doing in Pub? They loosed the match yesterday...They are thrown out of World Cup badly...Still they have no shame about what are they doing for India, Indians and Cricket fans..They have no responsibility..I hope you all would have heard Dhoni speaking in Press Conference after the match..And he blamed IPL and IPL Parties but he refused to accept his and his team's fault..When it was all about Chennai where he was payed lot of amount , He gave a responsible and outstanding Captaincy but when It came to prove his captaincy skills when it came for the country-India..He showed his worst part of cricket...Is this for which we leave all our work and keep glancing television and praying god that please let our players win..Otherwise it will be very sad for us to see them losing..But they have no sense of sympathy and love for their countrymen and their fans..What are they interested in is parties and traveling and hanging around beaches....After this incident..I have decided that I'll see the India's match always with a feel of entertainment rather than being serious and beeping into the match so much that when they lose Heart starts crying..Go to Hell..You Players...Dont ever show us your face..We hate you..

        Lets not talk about this 11 Idiots more..These 11 Idiots arent funny and interesting like that 3 who blocked all the charts with their movie ruling Box Office..But these 11 Idiots are irritating like the local parties here in Maharashtra- MNS and Shivsena..Lets talk about the man who made us feel proud of being Indian again..Vishwanathan Anand-The God Of Chess !!!... He won the World Championship Title for the 4th Time..A great and genius person..Only one Chess-Player from India who had marked himself at the International level..I remember that I always read his name in books when I was a child..I always heard about his wins and his genius minds that helps him finish off the match in few seconds..This can be done by some extra-ordinary person..And V.Anand is one of them..At one place when Indian Cricket Team dissappointed, V.Anand made our day and made us feel proud...Keep going the same way Mr.Anand..Want you to create the record of grasping World Championship for the most number of times...We are Proud of you..

            This is my 2nd blog of today..This is the first Time I have written two blogs back to back...Im in a plan to create a record by writing four blogs today..Im not going to write the 3rd one right now..But Im leaving you all with this 2nd blog of today...



I visited Nashik for 2 Days after 1 Year !!!

            194TH BLOG -->>

         For two days, I went to Nashik...The city where I have completed my 11th and 12th..the toughest time of my life..The time when I was struggling with my psycho-attitudes..the time when I was giving sleepless nights to my parents..the time when I was committing the biggest crime of my life..The time when I was trying to suicide..The time when I was least interested in living..The time when I used to sit at the Nashik Railway Station and write poems on Suicide and Loneliness...It was really a struggling period..I completed my 11th from Bytco college..where I failed with just 8% in Science Subjects..It was a devastating time for me..After that I wasn't admitted on the regular basis in the college even after we were ready to pay the amount for donation..At last, I was externally admitted and I had no right to sit in the lectures and laboratories...I was admitted in the Chate classes as it was a rumour that Chate makes an incomplete boy into a whole and perfect figure...I also had a hope that they will teach in a simple way that I 'll understand everything and I'll do something great in the 12th std...

             It was the period when I used to attend Chate classes for 5 hours and attend Cyber cafe with my friends for next 8 hours..Which made my life enjoyable that time but later I felt that I throwed my parent's effort in some wrong place..I should have avoided it..I felt so bad that I felt like crying sometimes but I was so addicted that it was very hard to ignore this routine of my life..This was the time when I had many friends who are still in contact with me and we have very good bonding..I stayed at the home of two good friends..Enjoyed a lot..The worst part of the Nashik city for me was the absence of friendship with any girl..I missed this very much..Here , I proposed two girls but both of them refused me as I was very thin then with a bony figure as I was sick and was going through treatment..One of the girl was proposed at the entrance of the college where she refused to talk and I kicked her cycle and the cycle fell down and I ran from there in the speed of Pulsor-220 CC... And the second was in the Muktidham Mandir..where I called a girl alone and she came with 3 other friends..It was the worst part to deal with her infront of three friends who were staring at every part of my body..Yaa..Every part means every part..So at last, The life was cool with friends but stuck when it came to my health, affairs and relationship with parents...

             Finally I gave my 12th exam there..and after that I moved from this shrine of Sai baba towards Mumbai on 15th April,2009...So it has been some 1 year.I have left this place..but even after such a long time I visited it..I felt everything very fresh..I remembered each and every moment I shared with my friends here and with one of my facet of my life here..I really got to know a Real me here in this city..I talked with myself here because I always felt that there was a same me always standing besides me as they show in the programmes on Television..I remembered every appointment with psychiatrist here..Every appointment with gemologist here..Every appointment with dating girls here who refused to be my partners..I remembered every time I walked towards cyber-cafe..Also remembered the time I spent in Cyber-cafe with my friends and cyber-wallaah..Really it was a wonderful time..Which I can never forget in my life..Nashik..I love you a lot..

Thanks ....

13 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Oh Shit , Not Again by Mandar Kokate !!!

           193RD BLOG -->>

    Dear Mandar Sir,
              Right now its 12.30 AM of 13th May,2010. I have just completed your book- Oh Shit Not Gain !!! And there is tears in my eyes..I started reading your book 3 days ago..You started your book with a good start..Everything was good..The way you narrated the scenario when you got introduced to your new group of friends..You kept using funny dialogues in all the places where it was required..But I would like to say that the statement you made in the start that Beware before you read..You may die laughing..It wasn't so much funny but I would say it was interesting..But I would also like to say that at many places it was successful in making me laugh loudly after reading your funny innovative sentences..Every incident you described when Sam ruined your moments of love was funny and also irritateful..Sam was really a weird character but Im happy too that at last he saved you from that murder case where you would have been caught very badly..Your every moment with Arti is also funny..She was a good girl..A girl who know what really love is as she never allowed you to kiss her oftenly..Hahaha...Bad Luck Boss...

              Andy and Seema weren't given so much importance as the character in the story and that what I liked because it was worthless giving them much importance otherwise I think the book would have been little boring in between because readers are interested in knowing the writer's life and expressions rather than his friend's reaction in the story.And the way you started about the Sejal's journey in the book..In the initial stage, it came out as Sejal was a lady who was unhappy with his husband and haven't got any sexual pleasure all in her life..But when the story started turning into a twist..Sejal was the most suffering character in the story..More than the author..Raj..But at last why did you killed her in the story? What was the need of that? You should have shown that her husband returned or any of her college time's boyfriend met her and now she married to him..But killing her in the last was really very sad and not a happy ending..It made me cry what I have said in the beginning of this letter. The whole book is such a delightful and happy story but in the end it turns into an emotional one..Please don't do this again in any of yours novel..Always end with a happy moment..

               Reason for saying this is because readers get attached to every character of the book and they start treating the characters as their relatives..A good character is appreciated by them while a negative shade character becomes the enemy of the reader..So when you end with a sad note like this that Sejal committed suicide even with her daughter..It made me so emotional that I'm in a fear to move from my bed..Im feeling that I'll fall down if I'll stand on my legs..So please take care of this..I'm happy that atlast, you have said that you married Arti otherwise if she would have been isolated from your love life then it would have been the most disastrous end I have ever read..Please take care of this as one of the opinions of a reader...And after reading your book and after getting the whole knowledge about your writing and thinking skills, Now I came to know that how was it possible for you to beat the record-breaking success of 2 STATES..This is what shows that you are best author right now..Mandar Sir, Best of luck for your future..And I m really hoping every friend of mine to read this book..And Im eagerly waiting for your next launch..And hoping to publish a novel with your publication..Hope you will like my story..

Thanks..and Regards...

Yours sincere reader,
9 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny - MOTHER's DAY- A Must Read !!!

           192ND BLOG -->>

       On this Mother's Day, I promise everyone of you that I'll introduce you with the most beautiful mother of this world..She will be the mother of my own children..But it will take 7 to 8 years from now to introduce her..Till then..Plz keep deciding what will be my children's name..Uff..Useless talks apart..Happy Mother's Day to every mother of this world who love their children without any desire of getting some aspects in return..They haven't decided any assets to retaliate for the good deeds she is passing on to her son or daughter or both..I still remember when I was in 11th, a dissentient teacher..who had big moustache..big beard..big eyes..big stomach..big bums..Everything was big..asked me What is Mother? ..I replied A WORD..Everyone was stunned to hear such a stupid answer..Now that big man turned into a big round of fire who was just planning to Fire me..He again asked,"What is Mother?" .. I again replied,"Noun." ..Now he was ardent to hit me..and I gave the answers coquettely...I wanted little fun to rathe..Again he asked,"Who is Mother?" Now I changed my answer a little and replied," A word which is full of emotions, love, affection and greatness..A word which can bring smile as early as possible and Tears as well..A word which can make any person to go till any level and a word which can also make a person to go loopy for stupid things..A word which can be used to blackmail anyone and a word to be utilized by anyone to motivate someone..A word which is impossible for any dictionary to define and a word which is easy to describe if you dont have its existence in your life..A word which can be violent if used as an abuse to someone and a word which can be used to turn violence into non-violence..

           Mother is Muslim's Allah, Hindu's Ishwar, Christian's Christ and Human's Creator. A mother is the creator of this world..A mother is the production house of this world..This word helps all of us to land on Earth and enjoy the pleasures of this unmeasured Earth..A mother for me is reason to live..A mother for me is reason to be here..A reason to study..A reason to make someone happy..A reason to make someone's life proud for my activities..A mother for me is my smile..my happiness and my satisfaction..Thats all , Sir..Should I continue or Should I be ready to be hit by you..or should I keep standing to receive your comment on my answer." After this, there was brightness in everyone's eyes..And there was Claps and plaudits for me..Sir responded back,"Whats your name?" I replied," Abhilash Ruhela but my mother calls me Veeru." He said,"If what you said is really coming out from your heart then you are the best child of this world.I have never found someone who have such good thoughts and ...such an immediate response for any question have never been experienced by me in my whole career of Teaching..I can easily predict that You are going to be poet in future." Sir, I dont know whether you remember or not, but see Im a Blogger and a Writer today..somewhat close to what you said..But I still thank god that I wasn't hit by you bcoz of the answers I gave earlier..

             Actually I did it purposely..I wanted him to be furious and when he will loose his patience..I will come out with a good one so that everyone gets shocked and moved by the sudden whim of me..That was the 3rd Day of the college..and a image build up so early made me little respectable in the class..I really feel bad for the people who replies on the question of mother that She had expired..Such a big remark is to say that Im a child with no mother around..Very sad..Hope God gives them someone who can treat them like a Mother..Today, I feel no hesitation in announcing infront of the whole world that after my mother if I had seen a mother's heart in someone in respect to me is my friend's Rohit's Mummy..After my mother, I consider her as my mother..She had done a lot for me..She always blessed me and prayed the best for me..For my good news, she had always been happy..For my sad news, she has always been in a state of sorrowness..A women who always treated me like her son..I saw her right from my childhood..and thus I never felt ashamed of sharing any kind of weird experiences with her..I have never ever said infront of everyone that She has been like a mother to me..But today..Claim has been done...Maybe surprise for many..but Its truth for me..

              Coming to my mother, I have said it all in the 173rd ARB.. Go through it..The most hard-working and a big-hearted lady I have seen..A multi-talented lady almost knowing every kind of house-hold jobs with perfection..She need not be respected for all this but she keeps doing and sharing good deeds..Friend of everyone..Old..Mediocre..Children..Everyone..My friends share everything with her as they know she is trustworthy , sweet and understandable..Very nice..Im proud of her..like every child is for their mother..Nothing big when I say this..So its nothing big if I talk about my mother..But It will be big if I'll talk about my children's mother who is still not present as my children are still to come..I'll feel very bad to romance with someone's mother..But what can I do beta..She is mother for you but a princess for me..Plz forgive me..Even you will get your princess one day, then you are not going to think that she is someone's daughter..Even she has mother ..How will her mother feel when she will see her daughter being romanced by you..So , Im not Sorry to you..Kindly think about this after you are born..Thanks..

8 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Teachers Who Contributed for my 1st Year Graduation !!!

             191ST BLOG -->>
        So my dear readers and friends, Thanks for loving my blogs..At last 189th reached 21 comments and became the second highest comment-scorer blog..Thanks for giving so much of love and apreciation to that blog..A bow to everyone who read it.Finally, I have reached 90s..and again Im going to complete century of blogs..Waiting for the moment..I have described all the pleasures given to me from my classmates and seniors..But A college life is incomplete without a group of certain people..Guess? Obviously..Teachers...Without teachers, there is no meaning to a college life..Some good teacher, some strict teacher, some funny teachers...They are the part of our conversation for more than 90% of times..It is said that School or College is our Second home..And teachers are our Second Parents...It is also said that once a very witty and intelligent, knowledgeable saint was said to bow infront of anyone..Teacher or God...The saint said undoubtedly, Im touching the feets of my teacher..because whatever knowledge I have and whatever I am today is just because of my teacher..God was just a medium to let both of us meet here on the earth..But whatever I have today in me..Knowledge..Language..Speech..All is given to me through my auspicious teacher..So teacher owes such an importance in our life..

              This one year I had many teachers to teach me..I would like to talk personally about them whom I liked very much..In the first semester..Zaheer sir was my class-teacher..The most gentle teacher I would say in Bharati Vidyapeeth...well-dressed, well-mannered..He was knowledgeable and was good at teaching..He taught us C Programming..and just because of his conduct of teaching the subject, it was possible for me to excel in the programs and coding..I gained 71 marks in his subject..Highest in the class..Credit goes to him first and then to me..The only drawback in my favourite teacher of 1st semester was Partiality..Then I would like to talk about Divya Mam-the most beautiful teacher of our college..She taught us English and the way she used to speak was so soft and melodious that I felt sometimes she was a teacher form of Lata Mangeshkar..The way she used to say,"Abhilash beta, aisa nahi hota hai..Aap galat kar rahe ho." Wow..Very nice..She was the mixture of Wisdom and Beauty..She kept herself upgraded with the new trends and gens..and above everything..She used to teach us English, my favourite subject...

                This semester I had Taruna madam...The teacher who impressed me the most in the whole academic year..She had degrees of all the three streams- Arts, Science , commerce and even Medical..Wow..Wonderful..As I love multi-talented people..I saw madam carefully..She was different..This madam has given me the biggest success of my 1st academic year..Till the time , I gave my presentation only a girl in my class scored 10 out of 10 in it..I was the second..Madam clapped for me after my presentation..Before this madam had not clapped for anyone else..Then she asked me two questions..I answered them confidently..She again clapped..And with it she proudly gave me 10 out of 10..Then talking about assignment..The only child who gained 10 out of 10 in assignments is me..Just because of madam..And she divulged and appreciated me infront of the whole class...When I gave the audition for the dance on fest..She was the judge..and so beautifully she commented..She said that Abhilash you have beautiful eyes..Try keeping them open all in the performance except in the wordings where sad expressions is needed..Your eyes are beautiful and it should be noticed while you dance..Wow..A very nice compliment..Thank you mam..

                 Now, talking about Snehal madam who taught Organizational Behaviour..This was the only lecture I used to wait impatiently..I liked reacting and debating and arguing with the mam..Actually mam had little ego problems bcoz of which she always criticized students..I think I was the only student she had appreciated mostly..She is the only madam who gave so much weightage to my blogs..She used to talk about my blogs daily and read it too..Thank you mam..For my article in DNA..when Taruna mam gifted 1 mark of internal for that..This madam gifted 10 marks to me for that article..Thanks a lot madam for motivating me this way..Hope to see you in next semester too..

               Last but not the least, I would like to talk about Gajanan Sir..Who taught us IT in 1st semester and Data Structure in the 2nd sem..The Sir who is the friend of everyone..The Sir who is loved by every student of the college..When it is talked about that Iss college ka toh system hi khraab hai..then people add to it..Sirf ek Gajanan Sir hi atcha hai..He thinks from the desire point of view of students..Bless every student with good internals without any much assignments..Bless students with notes and every easy resource..Gajanan Sir is great..Very weak by personality but very strong by heart..God bless you Sir....

             At last, I would like to thank all my good and great teachers for giving me so much priority all the year..I will never forget the time you all have devoted for us..I remember every word you said for me and to me..I remember every judgmental statements of yours which you made for me..Im utilizing it even today and will keep focusing on them all my life to aggrevate myself..I will not let you down..I will make you feel proud that Abhilash Ruhela was the boy who was taught by you..Just be the same you are..Don't change..Keep smiling and spreading the knowledge selflessly..I owe my all the success to all of you..Thanks...

    ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU....at 12.45 AM..

7 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Seniors of My College - Made the 1st Year of Graduation Special !!!

            190TH BLOG -->>

         My heartiest thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog..This blog received 19 comments which makes 189th blog the second highest comment-scorer blog..Highest I have received when I completed my 100th Blog..I received 64 comments..After that I received 19 Comments when I won Mr. Fresher.. But this time again its 19..Thanks people for loving my blog so much..And above every thing..Its the feedbacks with which you bless me..A comment really made me laugh when I read it..A childhood friend wrote it to me ...

veeru kab writer ban gaya re tu

pehle kya tha aur ab kya ho gaya hai tu 
           Its so good to hear that people believe you are changed..You are improved..You have motivated yourself and have upgraded your level of living life..Living normally is very easy..But breaking out your comfort zone and then doing something which should be appreciated..Little proud of myself that I'm trying..Believing and noticing that I'm doing is all upon you and my dear friends..Now, as I said yesterday on my facebook's status..I am moving towards that topic..

           Yesterday, I shared with all of you how my 1st year of graduation was..I thanked all my classmates...They deserved it..And I gave them their prize..Everyone of them is great..but today I'm not going to talk about them again..Today, Im going to share about my seniors..Its not only your classmates who can lighten your life and make you feel proud of yourself..A big support is required by your elders..At this level of age when the maturity is all over in your attitude...You don't consider the advise given by your parents because we feel they are out-dated..Yes they are..Sometimes they suggest something very weird..So at this time you move towards the suggestion of the friends who are elder than you..Your elder brother or sister..or your seniors in the college..I don't have any elder friend near to me..Nor I have any brother and sister..And I dont even want this bloody part in my life..Bro n Sis..Yeaakk...Thoo!!! .. But I had seniors in my college..Some smart..Tidy ..Gentle..while some idiots..Over acting creatures..Stupid and irritating..But everyone gave an experience..Those who were at the good part gave an example of a good college-student while those who were proud of their stupidity gave us an intimation that don't be like us people will consider you as a psycho or a Ajeeb-o-gareeb personality..

             I had no connections with my senior till 18th September..But 19th September brought a huge success to me with the glory of the title Mr.Fresher..With this I was a renowned face in my college..Now people knew me ...They started recognizing me and shaking hands with me..They deciphered that this one is not a normal boy just going to program the codes but he is the one who is going to entertain us in future...So they got a good image of mine..Hey readers..Im saying this according to my point of you..Any one of the seniors can say that I never thought of you this way..OK.Now getting back..After 19th September..Once I got a scrap of Rishab Dahiya..3rd year BBA..He told me that he loved my blog..And will love to read it..He said let our site be completed then we will make a website for you..I was very happy with this new response and an opportunity..After Freshers, Sharon-2nd year BCA started with a good and immediate relationship with me..Started talking little-bit everytime he saw me..Manisha Kanwat-2nd year BBA became my online friend..Never chatted with her in college because there was a fear to be termed as Chipku..After some days there was a controversy over my blogs..Sharon helped me..Rishab bhaai helped me..And everyone gave a big support..Even said that if something happens call us..Wow..I'm happy..After some days...Nitin Goyal-3rd year..finally decided to give me a website and then he wasted a whole night for my blog site..and at last www.bloggerabhilash.info this domain is provided to me by him otherwise formerly it was known as www.abhilashruhela.blogspot.com ...Eeeeehhh!! 

             Then , second session started..Fest was announced after 2 months..The way seniors requested me to perform bcoz they loved me on the Freshers when I danced..At last just for them and some of my classmates I performed..And the way they clapped for me in the auditions still brings a positive and a motivating energy in me..Again a will to perform and rock gets boosted up..After the dance, the way they appreciated open-heartedly is still alive and at the top of my conscious..Everyone of them had been special..There was a problem in the song..Punit Desai helped me to mix and remove the unwanted section..Nitish Jadhav..Didn't connected with this guy much but love his attitude and also remember the moment when the Fresher's competition was going on..He came in between and whispered me in my ears that You will have to win this one..And then after that I performed and every senior shouted for me ONCE MORE ONCE MORE after my dance..Thanks to all of them...All of them...Richa Mandhyan-3rd year BCA provided me with the notes..which she had prepared wasting her nights..putting all her efforts into it and she gave it to me without any Hichki and Dichki..The girl also gave me an option to dance on Fest otherwise I was hiding myself in the competition..Thanks a ton to her...Abrar-2nd year BBA..The boy who always respected me and my talent..He was the host of our fest..never ever have I seen a host like him..He interacted only with me in the batch of freshers..and that too with a respect..Thank you..Mr. Abrar.

            Every senior has been special..I'm sorry if someone is left..But I want to thank all of you collectively here..You all have been special..I would like to say some of them that plzz try to be humans..You are senior that doesn't mean you are our BAAPS...if you think this, then let me tell you, you all are the PAAPS..Try to improve and behave right after reading this blog otherwise this fake attitude will turn into your real personality and you will face a lot in future in the organization and many more places where your interaction power will be judged..And for the one who are kind and gentle and amicable..Ohh..Be like this..We will always salute you and you are the ones who will be remembered by us always..even after our college..I have tried taking every name I felt was Kind to me..And now a message to my classmates , if you loved and want to appreciate the senior who had been kind to you..Can write their name in the comment's section..


Mr.Fresher - 2009 
6 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

1 Year of 1st-Year Graduation- 3rd Aug,09 to 5th May,10 !!!

            189TH BLOG -->>

        Today, I gave the last exam of my second sem and with that I have completed my 1 year in BCA..It has been a wonderful life in the college in this 1 year...I never expected that My life will change this way in one year just by joining a college for the sake of studies..Studies went good..The chase to learn computers also was quick...But with that many other acitivities which enthralled the mind and made me so happy that I can claim this one year has been the best year of my life and this has been my GOLDEN MOMENT...I have literally experienced a Heaven all this year..Each day has given me something...Each moment has given me something..Each step has given me something and not easy to believe but every person of this college has given me something....I still remember the first day when I landed in the college and I wasn't having any idea what is this college going to give me? Will I have friends? Will there be some special friends who will upgrade my life with more happiness? Will girls will even look at me? Will the seniors be my friends? Everything was just a question and a bang to the mind to demand it whether it is going to interfere the chats with everyone as a positive catalyst and not a negative one..

            But today, 3rd August,2009 has gone a long way back..Its 5th May,2010 today..The last day of the first year of my college..And Now Again I have several questions...Where is that first group I was into with whom I enjoyed? How many groups has been formed in class of which I had been a member? Will it be possible for me to handle all these relationships all my life? Will it be easy for me to fulfil the expectation of everyone in the college who hope for something good from me? Will I be able to keep the same respectful name Im having? Many questions are in a line to be answered..But as the brain works slowly, everything is unanswered..This first year would not have been wonderful if I wouldn't have got such classmates..In the initial stage, Yaa, I had worst image..Nobody loved me because I was into a romance and love story..Everyone hated me ..But as soon as the days passed...I made my space in everyone's heart..And after that , In every activity of mine , my classmates are the first one who encourages and motivates me to go ahead and show whatever I have in me..My classmates has done what any of my school mate havent...Yaa there has been fights with them many a times..But still the scope of understanding and apologizing is so strong and big that everything is fine today on the last day of the college..Had a misunderstanding with a good friend today itself..I don't want to part my ways from her but something wasn't as planned by us today which has made me loose my patience..Its very hard for me to accept some facts...Some realities..For that I need time..Till then, I have to keep my friendship at hold..What wrong have I done? We had a mutual understanding and agreement of helping each other in the exams..I did whatever was possible from my side but when it came for her to help on the most important day ... She backed off.. She didn't even tried to recognize me in the exam hall..Im not angry..But Im frustrated....I may fail in this exam..and If I do...I can never forgive her...Friendship will remain forever and ever till she wants..Because today last SMS sent by her was an indication that even she is angry because I refused to reply..What can I do? Its better to be quiet at the time of anger and fury rather than speaking out something weird and unacceptable...I didn't wanted to fight because I really respect the girl..She has always been nice and sweet..Yaa...One Mistake..A Big Mistake has ridden my mind somewhere else but still the affection remains the same..

             One year has been successful...College has given me an excuse to laugh and given me a confidence to speak out in public that Im successful..Has given me the scope of performing..Has given me a chance to interact with several people..Has given me an opportunity to meet so many personalities..Has given me lots of love so that even I can share it with others..Has given me many reasons to turn-on..I love when I see people living their passion..Saw Prasad's painting and it touched my heart.Prashant's photography was unbelievable...Heard that Vrushali won Rangoli competition, it won my heart..Saw Sohail Mulani dancing wonderfully, I started respecting him..Talented person is always respected and I have many in my class..One blogger is sitting infront of you..My classmates are the variety of personalities and thoughts..Many are so cool while many are so irritateful..Many of them share happiness while many of them shares bad words and bad atmosphere..But still they add a fragrance to the classroom..

             This one year of college has made me a human being who wants to go to NLG-Next level of Greatness..It made me Mr.Fresher... It made me a Dancer twice.. It made me a Creative person designing an ad..It made me a witty person who answers the question in a minute spontaneously..It made me a person who breaks the record..It made me a person of perfection by giving me Full marks twice in a Semester..Nobody in my class has done this still..It has given me a level where people call me Scholar which I am Not and will Never be..Because I know nothing..My college also made me a Boyfriend of someone..Haha...It made me a thief too sometimes..Dont want to reveal this...So atlast I want to thank everyone from the faculty, staff and the people who bought sense in my college's life - 

Yusuf- For always been supportive...
Tushar and Prasad - For always been kind...
Arya, Sameer, Vishal, Arun, Manoj - For always been a good pals to hang out with(Remember each day of Vashi Inorbit Mall)..
Saquib- for the wonderful SMSes....Hahaha...
Sohail Mulani and Siddhesh for the dance you gave us and raised my confidence..
Umera for giving that 15 days of love..
Prema and Vandana for that beautiful comments you always passed..
Sulkshana- for passing times when its hard to bear..hahaha..
Vrushali, Swati and Archana for showing the example of sincerity in the classroom
Richa for supporting me in the period when I was all alone..
Gaurav for showing me the level where defaulter can reach.haahaha.
Vivek for being kind and wonderful as a group partner..
Prashant - He is different a photographer...Chchupa rustom..
Sohail S and Samadhan- Thanks for being the classmate..Hahaha..Havent interacted with both of you much..

Thanks a lot to everyone..Hope everyone of you read this one and comment..

Mr. Fresher-