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Review: Dhanak: Innocent, Pure & Loving!!! ***½

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DHANAK: 3.5/5

     I still remember when my friend had asked me to join him to theater for watching a movie named "Dor". I made faces but he was adamant that I should watch it with him otherwise his weekend would go waste. And that movie has still stayed with me after almost a decade. Nagesh Kukunoor released his latest movie just few weeks ago named "Dhanak". The location and the whole treatment of the movie is just like Dor which made me love Dhanak more. It's hard to keep a movie interesting if it's based in villages of Rajasthan but Kukunoor has managed to make you laugh a lot of time throughout this movie. It is another movie based on journey of character but this time there are two small children on a journey.    

             The movie is about a brother and sister. Sister loves her blind brother so much that she fails a class twice so that she can stay in the same class as her brother for support. She promises him that she will get his blindness treated by his 9th birthday. The hope becomes belief when she sees a poster of her idol, Shahrukh Khan, endorsing eye donation campaign. Luckily, he is even shooting at the other end of the state for his upcoming movie. She takes her brother on this road journey to meet Khan who she believes will help her brother get his eyesight back.

            The innocence and purity with which this movie is made can be felt in every scene. The way director and writer have ensured to not keep this movie serious by giving heavy dialogues to the characters but also adding many humorous scenes and dialogues makes this movie very interesting and watchable. The folk songs sung by the characters while on road trip keeps this journey more engrossing. The only problem with the movie is that not all the characters except brother-sister duo is given a strong backdrop because of which they are unable to impress you with their presence. 

            The performance of Hetal Gadda is so mature that you will be unable to not think about her helplessness every time she almost believes that she will not be able to reach SRK. Krrish Chhabria is just too perfect for this role. He has managed to converse with the audience which is a big task for a child actor to do. He becomes your favorite after his 2-3 scenes itself. Overall, the movie is a treat to watch and I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. One of the best works of Nagesh Kukunoor!



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