31 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

4th Anniversary of My BLOG- "ARB"!!! It's OUR Achievement!!!

903rd BLOG POST -->>

For people with passion, there's nothing that can stop them
    11 days ago, I wrote my 900th BLOG POST and it gave me immense happiness. It's not that it was the first time that I wrote a flagship but because I had a target and dream which I achieved with it. I wanted to write at least 900 Blog Posts before completing 4 years of my Blogging career. And I achieved it 11 days before deadline. :-) On 31st July, 2009, I wrote my 1st Blog Post that was read only by me and another friend of mine who does not read my blog anymore after reading some of my initial shitty posts. Haha! Now, after 4 years, my blog- ARB is 900 Blog Posts old which is quite unbelievable to me because then, I took an oath that I would write many posts in my life but I never knew that I would really remain so committed to this thought of mine. Now as this target is achieved and I have written more than 13 lakh+ words on this medium that is definitely more than 20 average novels that we see in Indian market, I am rest assured for the next one year at least.

           No, this does not mean that I am lowering the amount of dedication or commitment that I have with this beautiful heavenly entity but I am just going to write few posts in comparison to how I have written in all these years. For 2013, I am here the way I have always been but from 2014, I may be very reserved. There's an ambitious project that I have always dreamed to live and haven't got time still because I devoted everything of mine in building this medium and strengthening its foundation. Now I think that people won't forget me even if I stop blogging because my regular readers have become a family and no one forgets the naughtiest member of family. Right? :-) But what I have always craved for is to see my name on the front cover page of a printed book. I have come in the pages of some authors' books, I have come on the back cover page of an anthology where even I contributed a story, I am on many book-related websites/blogs/advertisements but I am still not on the Front Cover Page. This is the next target after achieving another brilliant landmark of "1000 BLOG POSTS" which I am going to try hard to complete this year. 

            Blogging has been a journey that has been so personal to me yet public. I never knew that I would ever get to impress strangers because I wasn't much expressive even in my friend circle. Yes, I was fun to be with, I used to make people laugh, enact our teachers, uncles, parents etc, do crazy stuffs but never did I express what's in my heart to anyone except one friend. When i started blogging, I was very adamant that I will try to be expressive. Though I wrote very poorly in the beginning but every post of mine has what i actually used to think at that point of time. Though the process of thinking wasn't much dignitary but it was true. Because of being truthful on this portal, I had to delete 20 posts for which a girl complained in my college as it had matters related to her. It had hurt me so much that I made it sure I won't delete any posts once written about anyone. After that, I have written so much about varied personalities that their followers could have beaten me up anywhere in my city where such incidents are quite popular but never did I face such calamity. Again, I believe because I have been honest by heart and true by words. :-) I boast so much about myself, hai na? 

          Now that 4 years of my life has already been given to my passion, hobby, interest, vision, mission, goal, objective, target, dream etc., I feel as if i have lived all my life because there's not many who devote themselves in what they want to do. Half of them keep thinking as to what they are good in or what should they do or when should they do. I, I don't know how, got this guts to at least start this at the age of 19 when I didn't even know much about life and its scope and variety. Now, at the age of 23, I feel so confident just because of something of so respected field-Literature/writing/blogging/journalism standing so firmly on this ground of social/online media. Once upon a time, what's Internet was not even a question in my life and today I am making so much out of it that my whole life is dependent on what I do through it. Without Internet, I would become a stranger whom not even a neighbour knows. By the age of 60, when I would retire from my Software Engineering job, my experience in this field would be more than it, my marriage, my experience that as of a father, a husband, a boyfriend etc. This is how big these three words "A R B" will remain for me. Only with death will this get isolated from me. 

           I would like to thank all of you for staying with me up till now. I don't know if I'll be enough deserving in future to be read/followed/looked-forward-to but as of now, I bow to each one of you reading this. May God Bless all of you. Keep spreading the name of my blog. Hope some day even I would be honored with a respectable honor from my nation. :-) There's no problem in dreaming big because it is a reality-in-future if we are really applying right formulas to convert it into reality. :-) 



Amreekan desi by Atulya Mahajan (Book Review- 3.25)!!!

902nd BLOG POST -->>

 Not every book gets completed in the time span of 3 hours or a day. People ask me if I get Writer's Block but I can say that I have been into Reader's Block quite often. Since 11th July, I am trying to complete this book but it took almost more than half of the month to get completed. Now as I am done with it, I won't take time to review it in this month itself otherwise it would be more embarrassing to write about it in August. :-) The name of the book is "Amreekan desi" which also has the tagline "MASTERS OF AMERICA". It is published by Random House India which assures that 90% of the book that you pick are at least worth reading if not an epic material. :-) The 308-pages novel is written by the debutante- Atulya Mahajan. With this book, he has certainly made it sure that he can get much better with his next book and one will surely give a thought in reading him once again. The cover page of the book is exciting as well as rocking- the way two youngsters are shown making weird faces. :-) 

About the Book:

       "Akhil Arora, a young, dorky engineer in Delhi, can’t wait to get away from home and prove to his folks that he can be on his own. Meanwhile in a small town in Punjab, Jaspreet Singh, aka Jassi, is busy dreaming of a life straight out of American Pie. As fate would have it, they end up as roommates in Florida. But the two boys are poles apart in their perspectives and expectations of America. While Akhil is fiercely patriotic and hopes to come back to India in a few years, Jassi finds his Indian identity an uncomfortable burden and looks forward to finding an American girl with whom he can live happily ever after. 

    Laced with funny anecdotes and witty insights, Amreekandesi chronicles the quintessential immigrant experience, highlighting the clash of cultures, the search for identity, and the quest for survival in a foreign land."

  Coming to the author, as I have said above, I would definitely pick up his next book for some strange reasons. The way he has written this book makes you observe that he definitely has potential and skill to write a wonderful story with humor embedded in it every now and then. Secondly, while reading this book you realize that this is not the best by the author as you find some wonderful events partially and hence, you know that if he writes the whole book with best of his potentials, he can certainly surprise the readers with lot of ingredients worth reading and remembering. This book, currently, is only 60% of what author has in him. Writer has command over the language, his narration skills are fine, his story-telling style is simple, he isn't trying to copy anyone in the vicinity and he's not over-exaggerating his story in the back-cover synopsis. For all this reason, Atulya Mahajan stands high in my list of debutante whom I'll definitely pick for the 2nd time even when I didn't find their book an "excellent" read.

          Initially, the book is comic and you get excited to go through this adventure where you'll die laughing. The parallel stories of two boys in India just gotten an opportunity to shift to America for studies is an awesome read. The comments on them by their relatives and familiar people for choosing America over the best institutes in India made me laugh. The reaction of parents is certified properly. The humor content in the first few pages of the book is so cherishing that I started expecting a lot which disappointed me later on. Akhil's story throughout is a wonderful tale. Even his father's 7 days in America is what I'll always remember this book for. His trauma every time he feels that he is doing wrong is nicely expressed. With Jassi's episode, initially its wonderful but later on there's not much character in his story. It is quite focused on his will to sleep with girls. Though writer has already declared in synopsis that he dreams to be a character of "American Pie" so it's my mistake that I tried to look beyond this. But everything gets compensated with Akhil's part.

           In all, the book is written wonderfully. It could have been a perfect read if it would not have exceeded 250 pages. You feel at parts that the book is being dragged even though there's not much in the story to speak about. I would give 3.25 out of 5 to this debut attempt of Mr. Atulya Mahajan. And I am definitely looking forward to his next work. 

30 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning of a New Series- 901st......

901st BLOG POST -->>

  Thanks to all of you for favoring me with lots of love once again. It has been always a tremendous response from my readers whenever I have touched a landmark such as of this. 9th Century over here has been a magnificent journey. The amount of growth that I have seen in me as a writer and blogger is vast. I am still enjoying this space because I know there's lots of improvement still left. The day I'll feel that I write perfect now and I can mold any feelings into words, I would come across with something special. Yes, Blog is in itself special for me but something more to this would be done. I am quite positive about my Blog because its not only my work anymore. With time, I have realized the amount of energy and passion some of you are putting into this. The way my 900th Blog's link has been shared on several individuals' profiles is surprising. I never knew that so many people wait for my work to come online. Hope I keep satisfying all of you.

           Last century has been more of Book reviews than what my blog is mostly read for. I still came up with few posts and I am happy that they created an effect which shall remain with some of you for your life and change you positively, if those posts are really written in a better manner. I'm little satisfied as I attempted a fiction blog post finally though it didn't click; but because it was a long time since I wrote anything of this sort, I am happy that I at last came up with something for which once my blog was known for. Actually it has been such a long journey till now that it has to be segmented in small parts and then I find that I have given so many flavors to this space just to keep my audience interested. Many have also left me in this journey but jaane waale ko kaun rok sakta hai.. :-) 

          Now that my Blog has become what I wanted to make it, I would like to give some more people chance to write on this medium and make themselves heard if they really want to or else, I am happy to be leading and following this space alone. :-) Because I always looked forward to having at least a decent number of readers for my writings and now when I feel that I have certain loyal readers, I want to give them a chance to read some other people too who do wonderful work in this field and also want these people to get yet another platform to show people how good they are. I hope what I am going to try will work. I am trying to give an opportunity to both the parties being a medium. Hope, I as medium, do well. From here, a new series of posts is starting which will take us to another landmark- 1000 BLOG POSTS, something that I have kept my eyes upon from last 4 years. I am really looking forward to it. Don't worry, there won't be much of book reviews this time.

 Thanks a lot.

20 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

900* BLOGS in 1450 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

900th BLOG POST -->>

            900th BLOG POST

Vidwaanon se milein.. milein hum pauraanikon se..
Jage hum raat bhar.. aur jeeye uplabdhi k tareekon mein..
Kehte toh aap hamein ek sakshiyat hain...
Gintey hum tab bhi they aur ab bhi hai.. khud ko aam insaano mein..


        Once again we are here in a coterie to celebrate the success of the portal that began as a work of individual and grown up into something that makes grown ups follow the didactic-ses being discussed here. This coterie makes me capricious but not my readers. :-) Thanks for not being a posse and always standing with me in this trudge. The churn of the whole life is due to the wrists of my audience. The alteration that the whole destiny has seen is also because of the way the people, belonging to this medium, has supported. The specialization that is under process is nothing until the degree would be given by the people who are the mere spectators of my work. The fermentation that I keep trying is not successful until I don't get accolades from the people who have seen this medium grow up from nothing to something. The existence is proved only when a message pops up in my mailbox, FB, Twitter connect or Blog's comment section. Though I have ceased posting every comment on my site due to its limitations- limitations of not handling huge traffics and posts but I read them all. I swear being a deponent. Believe me, the way all of you have ever done in every severe circumstance. 

             The 900 Blog posts on this portal gets completed in 1450 days at an average of one post coming in every 1.6 days while the last century has gotten completed in 144 days at an average of one post coming in every 1.4 days. The updates has been consistent because of the incessant love that I have always received from the well-wishers like each one of you. Never in this Blogging career has anyone of you put an allegation over me. My job of reviewing books has been seen as a very lucid phenomena without judging my credibility and rumoring around that I am biased or partial. Because of the liberty that has been given to me by the cast around me, I direct the posts accordingly. My Blog Posts are as good/bad as my readers. Now its upon you to decide how good or bad reader are you of my posts. :-) Actually, I am grateful and thankful that my readers haven't created an arsenal in the premises of my blog. This is kept clean. :-)

            The day this blog plunged, it was with a determination of writing it once in every 24 hours though I have failed immensely. But what was the intention of starting this? I was a boy who just shifted to Mumbai who spent all his childhood in an outskirts where there was not even a proper channelization of talent-instructors. I never knew what amount of ignition, fire or temerity I had in me. I decided that I would write about my life- a life of a middle-class, small-town, dreaming, weak, under-confident and common boy. In the process the blog started getting attention and that kept me in the flames of fire that asked me to keep burning rather than turning into ashes and just pass off the black smoke in the atmosphere. I just didn't want to be a waste once this medium caught its potential. I knew that there are certain impediments in my writings but I had a will to continue. With this resolution, 100, 200, 300.... 700, 800th blog posts started happening and the will kept getting stronger. The addiction and habituation of all of you towards my writing made another point of I not forgetting this work and getting submerged into my studies, academics, family, relatives, friends, enjoyment and personal life. All comes second. What comes first is the oath to serve my friends with the best that I can do being a servitor- Here the attendant are you and also the person for whom I'm serving. :-)

    On this 31st July, I'll be completing 4 years of this odyssey. In these 4 years, I have been getting numerous mails, messages, smses and requests. I have been getting letters where good 35 years old man asks whether they should leave their current profession and go with a new opportunity, a 50 years old uncle asks how can he control his son who isn't listening to him, a 25 years old girl asks me how can she confess about her depressing incidents to her newly married husband etc. Considering me enough intellectual and referring me as a noetic is the most that you can trust me up to. I don't deserve such accordance of rights in your life. Please don't burden me up with such responsibility. Like I said above, I projected this blog just to share my experiences, thoughts as a commoner, do not make me a celebrity. The day you shall declare this as a Celebrity Blog or me as a phenomenon, the blog will lose its purpose. I may not be able to write the way I write today. There will come an ego, a vision in a very selfishly-managed mindset and a will to divert the crowd from its original way. Even being called a Book-reviewer makes me uncomfortable and sometimes debilitates me. I am not enough certified to be termed among the individuals who do this with confidence and potency. I am just a reader and talk about books. Not more than that.

             Coming to the end, I would like to make a promise and forebode that I shall be trying my utterly best to post another 100 in coming 162 days and complete my 1000 BLOG POSTS in 2013 itself. With this, a great dream of possessing the landmark would come to an end and a new generation of hard-work and ideas will emerge. An emergence where I would be finally start working on the major dream of my life- to write my most ambitious novel in the first attempt itself. I am very scared and affright because all of you have termed me as someone who can never do wrong when it comes to this whereas the case is that I am still not able to garner the confidence to write the first word of what my mind generates and formulates. Just wish me luck that another 100 posts go well simultaneously with my 3rd Semester of Post-Graduation which is as challenging as voting for Congress in 2014 elections. :-) I am no Virat Kohli nor Farhan Akhtar to build mountains in a young age but I am definitely, myself, Abhilash Ruhela, who wants to live life as generously as he always wanted to, since childhood. I want my name to be in the clouds. I want it to be immortalized. But its only possible when you are conducive to this small entity surviving in this race of bests. Thanks for the 1450 days of love all of you have showered on me. It's enough to encourage me every time I am down in life. I bow. And now I go. :-)



Record The Best Moments of your Life!!!

899th BLOG POST -->>

    Right now, I watched the interview of Rishi Kapoor on the most renowned show, The Newshour, on Times Now, with The Great Arnab Goswami. I never knew that Rishi Kapoor is such a loud personality but I loved the interview more than anything else that was coming on the television channels at the same time. He was not ready to hear any false appreciation or unsaid facts like he is still a superstar. He was very adamant that his era has gone and now what he is doing is to keep the actor alive in him because the days of Stardom has gone long back. Arnab asked him at what age did he start accepting Father's role etc and he says,"48" to which Arnab replied,"And do you know what today's actors at the age of 48 are pulling off?" Rishi Kapoor clearly said that he wanted to move out of the stardom era himself rather than audiences dragging him out of it and giving a reality check. In all, one of the best interviews I have seen of the actors who are of the gone-generation. And yes, he didn't let Arnab dominate him. Respect!

            But as all of you would have known by now that whenever I watch/read something, I does not describe it in the first paragraph to tell how good I report events but because I get an extract for the blog from that stuff. :-) Once again while watching this interview, something impressed and urged me to share with all of you. While Arnab was asking questions to Rishi Kapoor and discussing movies and some events, Rishi Kapoor used to tell him the year when it happened. For Bobby, he told him that it was 1972. The time when he decided to do father's role, it was 1998. The moment he feels that he started trying new adventures in acting in his 2nd innings, he said its 4 years back by correcting Arnab when he said 5. Rishi Kapoor is accurate with all the years that has come over in his life and he says that he respects his life and is grateful that he is still getting job. Even though he is born with a silver spoon, he still loves the development of his life otherwise people take it for granted. 

            In the similar way, the gemologist in whom I believe, remembers the name of every person who shows his/her palm to him. I asked him once that how does he remember all the name and he said that he loves changing lives of people and hence he has started loving human beings passionately. He says that he sees humans differently and not like all of us. Hence, he says that he adores remembering name of every human being who comes to him in the times of turbulence and pain. He says that he keeps recalling the hands of all the people continuously which helps him to even remember the palms of people with their names and if he sees someone's hand even once, he can, for next 5 years, tell over phone to the person what he told about him/her. Incredible! 

            This is what even I love doing in my life. There are certain turns in our life that changes it completely and give us a totally new perspective towards living. Some times, its just a moment or a day. I always remember such moments and dates. I love associating my life with the great moment that once happened with me and thus I never feel bad about my present. Because I know that exactly an year ago certain good things were happening with me which made me say continuously that never in future will I cry for anything that'll happen to me. And that automatically makes thing easier for me today. Like, I remember the day when I got my 10th, 12th, Graduation's each semester's results, CET results, the day I started attending Graduation's and Post-graduation's classes, the days when I posted my last 8 centurion blog posts etc. This makes me feel good about my life. Even now, I know that on 21st July(that's coming tomorrow), 4 years ago, I went to Pune to get admission in Graduation. This keeps my spirit high. :-)

            And this happens only when we record things in a diary or a book or in our phone's reminder or its Note section. And mind you, you will never record any of the depressing days or moments in it. Because we have to leave the bad past behind and only take the good moments further. I don't remember the dates when I was being thrashed and brutalized once in life or the day when I was being punished by the Librarian of the college which fainted me and changed my perspective towards the whole caste and religion system of the world. I seriously don't remember them and I, actually, don't want to. Because if those days will come again in life, I'll beg God to liberalize me from such clutches and now when I am off from such traps, why should I remember the periods when I was a victim of it? Isn't it? Hence, even if you have missed some good dates or years of your life till now, no problem, you can start noting down from today. And only note days of those events where the conclusion is permanent. :-) Baat gehri hai, samajhiye khud hi. Sub kuch main hi samjha dunga toh aap log sote hi reh jayenge. :-) 


19 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

If you have gone wrong in public, follow Narendra Modi :-)

898th BLOG POST -->>

    Narendra Modi- this one name is ruling almost all the newspapers, news channels, politics lovers' discussions etc as 2014 Elections are coming close. What's so special about this man who once used to sell chai and is now the most preferred candidate for the post of Prime Minister? I don't have much knowledge about politics but I know the effect that this man has brought in the state he's ruling. I recently went to Gujarat and within 3 days I heard so much about him that I wanted to shift to Gujarat to actually see what he has done. But what I like about him is the way he has handled the whole scenario in which he was being caught. Everyone started seeing Modi as a rioter, terrorist and the worst man in the game called politics some 11 years ago. Anyone, in place of Modi, would have gone out of race or could have never built his name the way Modi has made. Modi just changed his whole agenda in the eyes of people from Hindutva to development, education, industrialization, youth power etc. This helped him move out from the image of Muslim-haters and build one of the developer of our nation.

          This is the best example for me whenever I find myself complicated and stuck in a situation where I feel that I am being dishonored in public or a group of people whom I consider to be deserving does not see me as contender as a person. I immediately get the power of facing them again with new parameters and ideologies. Though I don't leave my take because of which I got eliminated from their list of favorites but I make it sure that my new ideas will make them like me. I remember a time when I had to attend Mr. Fresher competition in Graduation and I had no friends because all left me due to a major misunderstanding. I didn't beg anyone to be with me. But when I left home for college, throughout the journey of half an hour, I kept thinking of how to change the whole scenario in the evening itself. Even then I had this man in my mind as an example. That evening I performed and let everyone know that I am not what they think me as, but I am someone whom they like to be with. And since then I only got friends in Graduation. 

          The example of this man shows that even if the whole world neglects us and even if there's proof that we have been a criminal, betrayal or not a nice person, we have a chance to be in the public again. I am saying this not in regards of your relation with a person or two but when the whole society boycotts you. It is then that life turns nothing less than hell. I have seen many bloggers who always asked me about what tips should they follow to be in this game of blogging, quitting the hobby and going back to live their previous life. The biggest problem with them has been the defame that they went through which made them feel that they can never again stand back on their legs and write a new post. They just stopped writing their thoughts and left the person like me to lead without any colleagues. This is bad. I know a writer who wrote a gay love story. He was of a very small town and hence his village didn't accept the book. Because of fear of not getting accepted again, he quit writing and is back to his job. So sad! Even I am being thrashed 1000 of times but I have always been able to stand up again because I have the courage to face the dissatisfied and irritated crowd.

           I am not saying that Modi is an innocent person nor am I showing support for him and his party. I just wanted to tell the amount of modification he bought in his conduct that even at the national level, he has been able to manipulate the mind of people who clearly remembers the whole crisis in which Gujarat went through after all that happened in Godhra riots. This is how even we can stand up again on stage and face the same crowd which threw rotten eggs and tomatoes on us for speaking something that they didn't believe in. It's just the talent that we will have to skill ourselves in. And once when we become perfect in this game of Modi-ism, there will never come a moment when we will be scared in facing the crowd, public or audience. We will always have the confidence that even if we end up doing something wrong today, we have the chance to build our image tomorrow. For this, Narendra Modi will always be my example and this is the only reason why I watch him speaking in rallies and meetings. :-) Do try to know the whole issue from your father, he'll tell you and then you will also pass on his example in your circle. :-)


17 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Sympathize For Problems... But Empathize!!!

897th BLOG POST -->>

    In life, either you are friends with good people or you are friends with loneliness. And who in life prefers loneliness? No one. The one who does are the soul who are actually either too meditative, genius and the one who have found the best partner in themselves. Rest those who prefer it are either depressed or have lost faith in humanity for something brutal that has happened with them. What any of these people have undergone through can not be judged by us who have lived a smooth life. We get frustrated because of very minute or common problems that challenges us. If once we will think about such people who have given their soul to the problems which has become a Nation's problem or black experience, we will find that still we are in a safer and manageable zone. We should never compare our success with those who are more successful than us but we should always compare our problems with those who are in bigger problems than us. It is only then that we feel good and motivating about the rest of the life that we have in our hands. Isn't it? Ok, try this once and then answer to this.

            I remember the state of my mind when I was in problem, few years ago. My psychiatrist suggested me a book. I wasn't able to get that book at that point of time but I searched for it on Internet. I got its summary and the moment I started reading it, I felt as if I am still living a better life even though I was in very depressing condition. It had examples of many such Indians who have faced problems of such kinds that broke them drastically in that moment but later on, it made them so courageous, rebellious and proud that any problem that surfaced them, they brushed it off like anything. Many of them went through such problems that Prime Minister or President of that contemporary time decided to meet them. What are our problems in comparison to them? It's just that we over-react and consider a minute event of life as a problem. Some people speak of committing suicide and even attempt it out of cowardliness but this is not how we should look at life. The coming days, weeks, months, years and life has many things to give us. Did we know 5 years back that we would be standing here at this position and spot? In the same way, we don't know what surprise is next 5 years going to give us. :-)

           Friendship with good people help us to eliminate our problems and lessen the burdens of our mind. But only when the person sitting with us is more experienced in such state. If he/she is not, he/she will definitely ask you to execute something that's very senseless but because our mind isn't in the state to analyze what has been taught to us, we go and execute it. Later on, the same small problem becomes a big mountain that almost kills all the hopes that we have with life. Hence, I always ask people to not discuss their problems with someone whom they feel are of their types or levels. I always guide to go to someone who's really experienced and will understand the problem, take some time and then guide. And I also suggest to follow such person blindly because he/she has been victim of the similar event, they know the pain and hence they never want anyone else to go through the same. Even their foe. Yes, its true. That's one of the very few good qualities of human being. :-) 

            And suppose if you are someone who has been asked to resolve the problem of someone or your friends, then never take a minute or 2 in giving them the solution because it might be proper for you to say re-actively but ask the person for some time- a day or two. Whenever any of my friend comes to me with a problem, I, rather than sympathizing, empathize with him. This helps me get into the character of the person and think the problem as if its mine. There has been times when I have been unable to write a post, concentrate in lectures, smile, think creatively, sleep, eat etc. in disturbance of someone's problem because I start reacting to it as if its mine. There's also a case when I got admitted in hospital not because there was something that was killing me from inside, but it was a problem of someone who came up to me for a perfect solution. At this level, I submerge myself to take someone out of his/her problem. I have shivered in public, sweated and cried thinking about someone's condition because at that moment, it was totally mine.

             And then, what my mind speaks for myself that could take me out of such problem if I would have been in the person, I convey the same to him/her. And not till date has someone who came to me went away without feeling happy about his/her life after implementing the idea. And thus I have such people in life who have promised that they aren't going to leave and forget me in life. That's an honour. And thus, I always ask all of you that never sympathize with someone's problem because that makes it big. Always empathize, wear his/her shoes and walk for a few miles in his footwear and you will get a good solution. Because you are not the real victim, its him. Hence your capability of thinking on the problem and solving it is 100x more than his. In the same way when you are in problem, go to a better experienced person and not to your best friend if he's not experienced or learned. Even if you find a 50 years old uncle as someone who has experienced your problem, go and discuss with him in privacy. He will surely help without letting your parents know. Yes, I have experienced this. :-) "Big Minds Are Rarely Polluted With Small Concerns- Robin Sharma"


16 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

One Year Passes Away in the Blink of an Eye!!!

896th BLOG POST -->>

    Many of you have been happy while some of you irritated because of numerous book reviews that came back to back in last 2 months. Even I don't want to make this platform monotonous but sometimes, it is what time demands. I wasn't reading books due to college from a long time and as soon as my vacation started from 21st May, 2013, I promised myself that I would be reading 50 books and posting 75 Blog Posts at least. I have failed tremendously. I have been able to update just 58 Blog Posts in 56 Days and have been able to read/review just 30 books in all. But I am sure that in next vacation, I will achieve what I aimed this time. And coming to the fiction post that I recently wrote, many of you didn't like its climax because you feel that its totally opposite to what I normally speak. Don't worry, it was just a fiction. Take it easy. :-)

          Coming to the day.... I am back after my First day of college of 2nd year of MCA. As I was scared that I would get bored or feel tired because of keeping my spine straight for straight 8 hours after 2 months, there was nothing that happened of this sort. In fact, the day was very bright and I enjoyed it thoroughly. At a point of time when I came to know that we are going to be left after Lunch break as its just the first day, I felt bad. Oh Yes! I didn't say this to any of my batch-mates otherwise I would have been abused and beaten like anything. :-) Some expressions are meant only to be shared with my readers on this platform. There are some newcomers and I have liked 1 or 2 of them. I was quite silent for the whole day because of some personal trauma but still the day wasn't that bad for me. But every classmate of mine looked beautiful as I was seeing them after a long time. That's what vacations do to us. :-)

           Co-incidentally, on 16th July itself, last year I took admission in this college for Master's and I can't believe that one year has passed so soon. I didn't even realize and time has flown like a UFO which comes to spy on Earth. Many times in books, I have read that we shouldn't take time lightly as once it passes away, we keep regretting for not respecting it when it was in our hands. I feel that I have not done much in last one year in terms of my experience in college. I have just passed my time. Even the moments with friends have not been very good. Yes, last semester was indeed a very beautiful and positive days of my life but the effect that its bringing now is quite questionable. If one has to pay for the good times, then, I think that getting burnt in hell should be the first priority. But still, I have 2 years in my hands. I hope that I get support of all the people I want in the journey so that I can always call it the best moments for all my life. 

           Last year, when I was back home after getting admission, I remember how much I cried. I cried because I realized that I will have no friends with me now and the journey will again start from 0. I, in fact, was messaging to my 3 friends continuously about how unhappy I am with this whole process of life that I had to leave them even when I consider them a part of my life. I got the college I dreamed about, I got the infrastructure that I loved- I actually got my dream turn into reality but still there was a void in heart. But later on when my best friend also got admission in my college, it was then that the smile came back on my face. New classmates kept seeing us and speculated that there's something between us but we never paid heed to what people were talking about us. What mattered the most then was the company of each other. And with her, the moments have been very wonderful and epic till now. Period!

           Two more years are left of this amazing college life. A moment will come once again when everyone will have to leave each other for upcoming events of life that are going to be as effective as these degrees in the journey. I am continuously begging God to keep all the facts as intact as they have been till now, I hope he believes and trusts in me and give me what I am demanding for. Till now, my result has been very satisfying. I admit that I may not get a fruitful result for the 2nd Semester that I gave in May but still, I am sure that I will keep standing and running ahead. There are some emotional stuffs that are blocking the way but I think they will also be resolved soon. Hey Sai Baba, all in your hands, do bless me. It's quite a traumatic days now but I hope you will handle everything.


15 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag- Movie full of goosebumps, inspiration & tears!

895th BLOG POST -->>

     I still remember that I was in school and I and my father were watching Aaj Tak where Milkha Singh was giving interview to one of its eminent reporter. That's the only interview till then which gave me goosebumps and I said to my father after that,"What if I go to Olympics?" unaware of the hugeness of the event. Milkha Singh was talking about how he created a record in Olympics which no Indian has been able to cross. And he was complaining that there's no seriousness among new athletes that can bless them with records, medals and respect. Even today, after almost 15+ years, I remember the face, voice and the whole interview. It made some effect. Some months ago, when I read in a newspaper that Milkha Singh is writing an autobiography, I was all set to purchase it but the book is still in Pre-order section. And by then, the news was also making round that Farhan Akhtar is portraying Milkha Singh in the biopic being made. And I have finally watched it today. "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag". And there's no words to define the greatness of the movie. I am just mind blown and dissolved in the excellence with which the movie is being made. 

              Before this, I have never seen people clapping in the movie the way they clapped today. I never saw half of the theater standing up during a race in the pre-climax. People were actually shouting,"Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" out of respect when a challenge was being given to him in Asian Games to defeat Pakistan's Abdul Qadir. What an environment it was. Though these days are one of the lowest of my life but still while watching the movie, I got a spirit and will to live- live for success, respect and immortality. The best part about the movie is that not for the once do you feel that it's Farhan Akhtar. The kind of make-up, the kind of attitude that he carries, the face-cutting, the aura- Everything makes us feel that its real Milkha Singh running in front of us on the big screen and hence, there's always respect for the actor whenever he's the part of the screen space.

              I am thankful that Sonam Kapoor wasn't given a second more in the movie because for whatever 15-20 minutes she was, she showed that she is still to improve a lot. I don't even know if calling her the actress of the movie would be justice because Divya Dutta took everyone's heart away. Every time she entered the screen to act, she made the audience cry. What a powerful actress she is! It was a treat to watch her perform. Master Jabtej Singh, who has played young Milkha is as terrific as Farhan Akhtar. Very few of the child actors who can make the viewers cry. He should get the attention he deserves after this movie. Pawan Malhotra touched heart as personal coach of Milkha Singh in Army while Yograj Singh has done a marvelous job in being his coach at the International level. Prakash Raj, thanks for acting differently in this movie otherwise I thought you just know how to play the same-kind-of-a-villain. 

             The very first scene of the movie is good in itself where Farhan Akhtar enters and stands in middle of the stadium and the camera circles around him. :-) The scene when he is being thrashed and physically abused for trying the blazer of one of the champions is terrifying. The moment the young Milkha gets engaged with the goons, there's a beautiful background score that we get to witness. The moment after partition when the young Milkha searches for his family and then meets his elder sister, Isri, is very emotional and heart-wrenching scene. Another scene when he goes to his home after the attacks during Partition and falls in the blood and then on the dead bodies of his family and neighbors is another scene that troubled an Indian within me. It tells the pain that Sikhs and all the victims went through because of partition. The very first race that's shown during the development of Milkha where he falls just before the Finish Line due to a stone made me feel so pity about him. When Milkha Singh returns back his sister her gold rings is the scene that will remain with me for a long time.

                As soon as Milkha's 2nd inning begins where he starts winning matches after losing 1956's Olympics is from where the real movie starts for me. The number of goosebumps and tears that I have gone through is countless. Any time, you ask me, and I am ready to watch this movie's 2nd half because it is then that we realize how hard-working, determinant and professional Milkha Singh was. The body and physique that Farhan Akhtar has built is the pure example of hard work. The way he runs seems as if why doesn't he participate in next Olympics. :-) There's one more scene when Farhan Akhtar slaps himself in front of mirror after losing a race. That is what even I do every night when I don't complete all the tasks in my To-Do list. Hope I'll achieve just a bit of what Mr. Milkha Singh has. 

            In the end, I would like to thank Mr. Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra for making this movie with true loyalty and respect for the legend. The movie is being made in the same way as Rang De Basanti was made and hence, it justifies the 3 hours of time for which the movie runs on the screen. Not for a second did I feel that I am getting bored or why isn't movie ending. I just want to watch this again and again. Friends, don't miss this piece of excellence. You are not going to get it for a long time in Bollywood now. Book your tickets right now. And please, Farhan Akhtar hasn't paid me for writing this. :-)



Jitna Mila Kaafi Hai.. Zinda Hoon Yaar, Kaafi Hai (Fiction Story)!!!

894th BLOG POST -->>

 "Office was always beautiful. My parents kept saying me that no one among their contacts have as beautiful job as mine. They knew my hard work that I was putting in my job to get to the highest position that was always my dream since childhood- To be at the top when I would be working in some organization. I never wanted lots of money but I was passionate about a status, position and respect. Today when I move out of my office, and the way my colleagues and employees stand up to pay respect, I feel proud of what I have achieved. Now, when I read in newspapers that my organization is the least affected one even in recession and the reason is I, I kiss the newspaper. People sometimes see me doing that but I don't shy. I want them to believe that I am as much a person as them. I am not a celebrity nor am I some God's person that I have been blessed with multiple talents and skills. All is by hard-work which is possible even by them. It has been 5 years in this organization while I have lived for just 29 years on this planet. And I am already a CEO. :-)"

           This was my diary entry some years ago. Now I would like to tell you what happened after it. Suddenly the newspaper had its headline that the youngest CEO of India is in love with a junior employee of his organization. Initially, I was angry and I wanted to sue the journalist for writing without any proof. But then I thought,"Is this news fake? Am I not in love with her? Have not we spend some moments that could be said as one of those which states that we are in relationship?" And answers to all of them have been a strict YES. But why was I hiding it from the media? The media knew that I always supported couples in my organization. Whenever any of the 2 partners used to meet me and ask to keep them in the same department or branch, I used to do it. Whenever a new employee was recruited and he/she used to recommend their partners and if they were of potential, I made them a part of my team. But then why was I hiding this?

           Because Arti never wanted my name to get spoiled in the world that saw me as their inspiration. A magazine quoted that after Ratan Tata, people admire me the most when it comes to business and success-story. A huge responsibility on the shoulders. I never saw her as the junior employee of the organization, I always saw her as someone whom I love, someone for whom I could fight against world, someone who comes in my mind every time I see a historic place, a monument, a World Tour advertisement and a new movie trailer. I already plan the whole scenario of what it would be if both of us will spend some times together experiencing them. But she says No each time I ask her to comply with me and participate in love. She says that she isn't this deserving. I hate her for saying it but she never stops doing this. 

            Finally, one day, I insisted a lot and she got ready to marry. I was so scared about her decision getting changed that then and there, I drove for 5 minutes, reached the Lord Shiva temple near our place and got married. After the marriage, I bought her home and told my mother about the whole case. She was angry at first but within 8 hours she accepted her daughter-in-law and gave her all the jewelries that she kept designing and composing for her bahu. She also placed numerous sarees in front of her and said that she is accepted in the family. I called the media and in a press conference, I spoke proudly about my sudden marriage and my wife. Media for the first time behaved properly and respected my love and didn't bring useless factors in between while discussing our marriage. Later on, each and every employee of my organization was invited to the city's best restaurant and it is said to be the Grandest Wedding Treat in the history of the city. 

             After some days, after a very cozy moment, she started apologizing. I asked her not to but she kept crying. I asked her and she told me about the affair she had with one of her college mate and the extent to which both of them were into. I wasn't surprised as she always discussed about this with me even when I was the CEO of the company. And these were some of the reasons why I started falling for her. I loved the way she conducted herself in life. Though she was affected with so many things around, she knew that she had to perform good at work and at home, for her family. But even after I accepted her past, she kept crying. And then she said,"I still love him. I got a call yesterday and I want to go back to him." It was then that the earth shattered for me. I asked her why didn't she say it earlier. And she replied with a very calm tone,"I always said that I didn't deserve you. I didn't even say that I love you. It was you who kept insisting me to love you. May be you didn't know that one cannot enforce someone for love, only win someone."

           In that moment, I realized that I was a loser. For the world, I was No.2 CEO in the current India that was falling apart. For the youth of my country, I was an inspiration. For the aspirants, I was a success story. For my mother, I was the perfect son. For my father, I was the most suitable successor he could have got. For my friends, I was the most respected person. But in my own world, for the person I love, I was just a stalker in the disguise of a gentleman. I can assure that she never did this to me for money or property that I owned. But it was actually me who kept insisting her to love. I asked her if she needed a divorce. I had no other option. She said,"Only if you promise that you won't hurt yourself." Even I wasn't aware of what the coming days had in destiny for me but I assured her. The next day, I took an immediate leave from the work and went on for the journey to leave her with the person she loved.

            I saw them hugging each other. I saw the boy laughing at me. While I was leaving, she didn't even look back at me while her complete man called me by my first name and said,"Next time when you are in love, wait. Wait for the person to love you. Don't try to dominate the mind of the person. Because you can always dominate the mind but never the heart." This wasn't said in sympathy or as a friend but in a very demeaning gesture and accent full of sarcasm. I had nothing to say. It's obvious that he can never know but I knew that I had no strength and will to love anyone else again. He didn't know that the girl who had him in her heart is the one who'll always remain in my heart. He didn't know that he can never love her the way I do. He didn't know that all the moment he had with her can never match with what I would have given her. And she... She didn't know that my last breathe would be for her no matter how much my life would have been progressed by then.

           It is 10 years since I saw her for the last time. Today, I opened my diary after seeing the news channels. Now they don't have me anymore in their headlines because I am no more the CEO of my company. I have no more targets to achieve in life. Because after achieving everything, I lost that one person misapprehending that I have won her. I have either lost a match or won it, but I have never lost anything after winning it. She was the only one. And as I lost her, I lost the life that I won in just 29 years of age. In the news, the headlines screamed,"The divorced wife of CEO Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan has filed a complaint against her present husband for physical abuse and violence". This is what she chose for herself. With it, she also chose the life that I had to live after her. I have nothing worst to see in life now. My parents are no more. I have no family as I never married. I could have never done justice with the girl whom i would have married again hence I took an oath of not marrying ever. I have no targets left to achieve as I have already won everything and lost in the race of life. Today, I quit. I quit with an expectation that in the heaven, I shall meet her once again. And if I am God's child as media and people kept saying some years ago, she would be mine in that parallel beautiful world. 

*And he jumps off from his own Duplex that was his dream to own since he graduated. It stands at 61st Floor- the top floor of the tallest building of the city*

P.S.: It's a complete work of Fiction. A sad story indeed. But a good news too. Today, in the heaven, Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan and his love is together while her 2nd husband is burning in hell. :-)


14 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Whose Happiness to be Prioritized? Mine or Parents'??

893rd BLOG POST -->>

 I am standing on the stage and watching people waiting for me to come up and give them a glance. I am unable to understand as to what are they waiting so much for. I don't have a shining face. My smile can not kill someone from the opposite sex. My voice does not echo like Amitabh Bachchan's. My personality is yet not the same. Then what is it that makes them so mad and crazy for me. I also came to know that people from different city comes to witness me. One day, I shall surely ask one from this mob as to what made him/her come just to see me for a minute and go with lots of memories and pleasure. But for now, what I know is that people want to see me. People want to have me near them. People are passionate and desperate for me. God does not bless everyone with this par-excellence destiny and fate but I am among few. As soon as I was about to walk towards stage crossing the partition that separated me from the visibility of the crowd, the reverie(day-dreaming) ended and I realized I am still to face this dream-kind-of-a-situation. :-)

            But still the questions and answers that I keep facing throughout the day after every incident that I remember or any situation that I create caught me again. I started visualizing the life that I currently have. Is it any less than what I was dreaming? Yes it is but in terms of what I was and what I have become, the life I am living is what I never dreamed that I would be. I knew that I am special like every human being but I didn't know special in what sense. Now I know and I am making most out of it. But whom should I give credit of this that I am. Is all that I am just because of me? Or is it because of a force or a source of inspiration? All that I am belongs to the hard work and out-of-the-box effort of my parents. If they would have not been so passionate about me and my appearances, I would have been just like any other youngster standing in the Mumbai Local train and listening a huge playlist of songs one after another and is ready to kick the ass out of anyone who even tries to be aggressive and attacking. But I am the calmest guy I have ever met. No I am not boasting but I am defining my character periodically in the post. :)

            If today I stand in front of the crowd to tell everyone what I am and what my job is, it is because my parents have made me capable of the job and the position I am in. Otherwise tell me why is not every guy in IIT or IIM? Even with all the talent and capabilities, he/she isn't even able to think up to that level. Because their parents have not imbibed the spirit of dreaming and being what no one around is. My parents always made it sure that whenever I introduce myself to anyone it shouldn't be the usual stuff but something different. Now that's a very different story that I have taught myself to not even tell anyone anything except my academics that what I am primarily doing, rest all is a trial and process which may/may not be what I think it as. 

          My mother is from Hindi medium. Yet to make me fluent in the superior language, English, she purchased a Repidex. She used to read it herself all afternoon. The book had English sentences and then in the Hindi script they taught how it is to be pronounced. My mother used to dictate me the textbooks in the evening and correct my spelling mistakes. She made me learn new words daily and asked me to use it while writing essays. And who asked her to do this? My father. It was his dream too. Both of them wanted their son to be fluent in English but they never thought more than this. Thinking or even imagining that their son would be an author some day was as impossible as Manmohan Singh speaking on any serious issues these days. :-) But now when I have carved a path on my own, shouldn't I give its credit to them? I will definitely have to give all that I'll achieve to them without even being selfish for a single penny that I would be earning through my efforts. 

             My father dreamed to see me as an Engineer, musician and skater. My mother dreamed of seeing me as someone from the highest position of a Corporate House. I have not been able to fulfill any of these dreams but I have particularly carved my own way and have achieved something that's totally different. And even today, 80% of what I have really dreamed about myself is yet to be accomplished. Do I want my parents to interfere in it? No, I don't want to. Because as of now, I am already in a very parallel track than what they dreamed for me. Their interference will take away even my own dreams from my life. Now, at this stage, I have experienced almost everything about life. Now I don't trust people and when I do, I don't let them go easily. Though that's another fact that no one stays with me for a long time. About this, I'll be talking very soon in an upcoming post. I, after achieving my dream, will only thank my parents for what I would be. Not even myself. Because even if its 3 AM and I am working with the tube-light on in my bedroom, its because they have provided me all the resources. 

           Parents are above anyone else. But still the relationship of parents-children is complicated at times. They think according to their fear for us and we think according to our confidence over our plans. The differentiation arises because of the generation gap but the target of both is one- Our success. My job is to be successful. Successful in terms of what my parents think about me and not what society sees me as. If I would be an actor, society will admire/adore me like anything but may be my mother will never like me as an actor and smooching girls after girls in back to back movies. :-) In that case, I would be successful, in my eyes and society's but in the eyes of my parents, I won't be the one that they thought me to grow up as. For that, I'll need to be a businessman aside to give them a satisfaction that their child is a businessman who deals in crore and have all the luxuries of world. 

          I have decided that in my life I will always do things for my inner happiness first and then I'll check if my parents are happy with me or not. If they aren't, I am not going to dissolve my happiness but I am going to create a road in parallel that they want me to walk on and I'll be walking even on it. In this way, I would always be giving them the happiness what they expected of after seeing me for the first time soon after my birth and still, being happy from within all my life. Balancing this would be difficult but then, that's the fun in living life- a complicated one. :-)


13 July 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

LOVE! Something Above It- That's MY FEELING!!!

892nd BLOG POST -->>       

  Love is an eternal feeling, I know. All of us fall in love at least once in our life. Even the Burkha-clad girls who are kept all their life in a bedroom knows what love is and prays God that their Prince Charming will come the day they'll be ready for marriage. Even a child before his birth starts loving his mother. Well, I am not talking about the love and devotion that the parent-child share. I am talking about the one that all of us crave for. Does the wait for love ever ends? Yes, it ends. Not with the person whom we want but with the person who's suitable for us. They may be the same person but generally they aren't. I have always talked against love because it gives pain, either regularly, occasionally or all at once, in the end. 99% of the love stories have sad-ending. I don't want any more stories in my life that ends with tears and regrets hence I always prefer to be away from what we often call- Love.

             But what when you get into a relationship with someone that's above Love. I don't have the word for it. The person with whom I have this feeling for asked me,"You always said that you don't love me then why often do you keep saying that you love me". Because no writer, no creator, no grammar naazi, no literature master ever went into the intensity of this feeling to which he could have named something. There's friendship. There's love. There's admiration. There's respect. There's devotion. But there's no name given to this what I am fallen into. I, if some day, will get enough talented and learned, I would give this feeling a word. A word that will let us know what was Sudama's approach for Krishna, Meera's approach for Krishna and Mohammed's approach for Allah. I hope my feeling will have a name. 

            People call it a love affair while other call it a relationship with benefits while some may call it Many-Nights-Stand. But will I ever be able to clarify what my heart has named the relationship as? No. Will I ever go to defend myself? No. This feeling shall remain in heart forever. Only with the last breathe, when my soul will leave the body will this feeling go away from me. But till I am alive and a part of this world, this shall stay with me. I never say that love happens with just a person. It can happen with two at a time while with many at different times in our life but whenever it is, it gives a meaning to life. Some die for it, some cry for it and some like me, try for it. Some gets successful, some fails, some gets defamed while some become Shah Jahaan.. A person like me never gets accolade but live all his life in loving an eternal person with a beautiful body and a confused mind.

            No. Saying it in front of the world is not easy. Love in my nation, my country, my society and my Ayodhya is not so easy. Love here is a taboo and will remain to be. Only if I could have owned the person and the person would have had the same feeling for me, everything would have been easy. Really? No. Then there comes a segment where the partner is being judged with qualifications, beauty, money, past etc. You are hurled with questions and you get tired of answering. I will not but I will never be able to break the heart of those who are my creators. But I can fight till late. I can fight till I have inner power and belief and hope. I will not run away from society to conquer what is mine but I will invite society in the soul-meeting ceremony. I am not the one who'll hide his angel from the world. For me, it is beautiful. For me, its divine. For me, its mine. :-) 

            May be this birth is not meant for me to love and conquer the person. May be this birth is meant for me to shed tears and wait for the results to come as the mind processes. May be this birth will remain unsuccessful throughout. But the power of my heart which tells me to keep devoting myself to the one who gives me energy, life, smile, substance, meaning, improvement, commitment, company etc, will always stay strong and the same. I have always tried loving many. I have also been able to come close to many. But did I ever had this feeling for anyone? No. This divine feeling is what I think with meditation will make me a bit of what Gautam Buddha is. It will make me a revolutionist if I start telling people what I think of it. But will I ever do this? No. Already the heart beats every minute for the one, already every breathe tells me that all has been achieved, life is in flow, just a leg of the stool is missing, go get that one which is yours but still not with you, and live life with all that you dream to be yours. 

           I always asked people in long distance relationship that how they survive. They gave me many reasons but I never understood them. Today when I find the person near me but yet too far away from me, I realize why being physically away and mentally together is more of a spiritual love than being in each other's arm but yet not together. When I shall look into the eyes, it should reflect me. When I shall hold the hand, it should grab me with more tighter grip. When I shall kiss, I must find myself being the slave and not the master in this act of love. I want the attention. I want the preference. I want the presence of God near me. I find the one as an angel in life and as angels are sent by God, the person is no less than God for me. I don't mind the rumors, I don't mind the rejection, I don't mind the abuses of society and elders. I mind my life and its desires. And the greatest desire is always unaccomplished. The job is to complete the imperfection and get the life that's mine. 

          I don't love the person. My feeling is yet undefined. But I understand it. May be this can keep me away from a permanent partner for a long period of time. I am ready to stay alone. Let this thing make people call me someone who's not lovable. I am ready to be known as loser. But whenever I would get, I will get the one I have the feeling for or someone exactly like the person I have feeling for. Though the latter looks impossible but the former is possible. It's difficult. You can't control the feelings and mindset of another but you can make the one part of your meditation. I hope my concentration will magnetize the whole environment towards me and the person will automatically find only me around the body that is permanent. I don't know whether this feeling will be understood by the one and the people but it shall always remain with me.. Till I live.. Till I die. And Till I Come Back With a Re-Birth. :-)