15 March 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Open-Eyed Meditations by Shubha Vilas (Book Review-4*/5)!!!

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If a book has the word “Meditation” in its title, that’s enough for me to pick it up. And what can be more exciting than picking up a book titled “OPEN-EYED MEDITATIONS”. The cover page of the book is another impactful factor for having this book in your hands written by Shubha Vilas, who is very well known for his “Ramayana- the Game of Life” series. The book is exactly what it claims to be- it provides practical wisdom for everyday life. Shubha Vilas has this amazing hone of writing the complex topics in such simple words that even a na├»ve knowing nothing about it will grasp the whole thing as he wants to convey through his writings.

After reading two fiction books written by him, this was a very different experience and in the spread of 64 chapters, the way author has been able to cover so many diverse topics is commendable. The small chapters make it easy for reading this book section by section on daily basis. The way author has explained the topic with the mix of mythology, religion, spiritualism and practicality is what makes this book a Win-Win situation. The book discusses about many day to day problems that we deal with which can be easily solved by applying various tools and methodology. The secrets are explored in this book that will surprise you about the easy solutions that the author provides.

Author has talked on almost all the prominent issues like right decisions in life, relationships, love, self-control, the Ravana in us, needs, wants, our opinions and decisions, being offline, horoscopes and its belief, leadership, innovation, dealing with provocations, personality traits, jealousy, Communication sutras, mistakes, assumptions, success, thoughts, friendships etc. The suggestion or advice that the author shares in the box at the end of each chapter sums up the whole learning from it which you can remember for life and apply whenever you are in the said situation. This is one book that needs to be in your shelf and at the top-most position so that you can pick it up any time as it has repeat value. I give this book 4 star out of 5.

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2 March 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Why controlling THOUGHTS should be the FIRST PRIORITY..

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There are many books that are written on the power of thinking. We can never feel it because of the chaos and hurries in our life that we never sit back down and see the whole day again before sleeping or judging our previous day the next morning before starting anything. But the moment we start doing it, we get to know the best and the worst of our lives is because of the thoughts that keeps going on in our minds. When we talk about cleanliness, it’s not only about your surroundings and your external body. It is also about your mind and the thoughts that you allow to breed in it.

Now that I have decided how to take my personal life ahead after solving lots of riddles and puzzles, I can feel how I have kept allowing my mind to clutter itself with everything it should not have. Yes, I have been very motivating always and I never feel less energized but since my professional life begun, I started feeling the blunt of all the imperfections an organization has. But after working for 1.5 years and realizing that I am a bonded labour for 2 years as per the commitment with the organization, I understood that I do not have any way out from this whole functioning of the management and process. It is only then that I learnt what exactly is meditation and sorting our lives.

Every one of us have heard this somewhere: Thoughts leads to Action. Action leads to Results. Results lead to Mastery and Perfection. It all begins from what we are thinking. And the problem is that we spend most of our times in thinking about what we do not want in and from life. And this leads to all the nuisance and complications that we face throughout our lives. The more we concentrate on the things that we are trying to ignore from life, the more these things get attracted towards us. This is what the famous “Law of Attraction” also talks about. I have noticed the same with my life. Whenever I concentrated on certain things to not happen with me, they have happened in such a way that it has completely broken me from within. I still remember and regret making those things come to me in most unexpected ways just because I was always thinking about it.

If we start concentrating only on things that we want in our life to happen, our mind will start giving us ways and reasons towards getting closer to them. And when we reach little closer to them, we automatically understand the way to permanently create a bond between us and the desired entity. And once we find that desired thing as a secure part of our life, we start thinking about evolution through it and take it to the next level which helps us attain leadership and liberation from the traps of mind. We just need to focus on the things that will actually take us to the level of life where our past will seem unremarkable to us. If there’s anything very notifying and remarkable about you in past which does not have any reflection in your present, you are wasting the life of human granted to you to do something different in the world.

So why not just think about only what we want and need in life rather than concentrating on all those unimportant things that keep our mind busy always? Let’s start revolutionizing our mindsets and grasp the power of our mind and seeing its effect in our external world. Let’s start making our mind a reason for some unbelievable changes in our life styles and of others as well. As it is said that charity begins from home, similarly, revolution and change begins from our thoughts. One thought can change the world. That’s too big to digest, right? So let’s accept that one thought can change our life for good. Now, this sound easy and tempting too, isn’t it?  So let’s start working towards it.


1 March 2017 | By: Writing Buddha

Dvarca by Madhav Mathur (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

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FingerPrint publication is one of those in the industry that never talks much but keeps on doing their job perfectly by releasing one great book after another. This time I picked up one of their recent releases,”Dvarca” written by Madhav Mathur, whom I have never read before. I had read many people comparing this book with the classic “1984” and now that I am done reading this book, I can say that this one of the rarest books that you will get to read by an Indian author. This is not a simple and straightforward book written like an essay with personal opinions of authors spread across a book making it sound more preachy and cheesy. This one is thought-provoking and intelligent.

Author has built up his characters very well and the way he portrays different scenarios through them does the wonder a reader expects in a book. Author talks about our past, present and future in such a manner that you can actually relate with few of the things. The book talks about all the problems that we are facing in our country and how a great leader can change all of it. The discussion of mythology and how it is related with this fast-paced story is commendable. I liked the mythology part the most. The book is written as if it is a poetry which does not make you in slowing down your reading pace. 

It is one of the few books which manage to talk substance, seriousness along with the pinch of humour and satire. The satirical takes are so mature that I believed the writer is a full-time editor for a National daily. The only drawback is that the initial pages are very tough to understand because of the unnatural way of writing but once the characters are built up completely, you start enjoying the backdrop of the novel. I give this book 3.75* out of 5. I am waiting for 2nd part now.