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Review: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: Bardasht Karna Hai Mushkil!!! *½

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When a movie is directed/produced by Karan Johar and has casting of great Superstars like Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Anushka Sharma along with special appearances of Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt with a title such as "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil", you can only expect it to be perfect or at least close to it. And then songs, back to back chartbusters kept on getting introduced each week since last one month. I seriously had very high expectations from the movie but unfortunately, I am so heartbroken after watching it that I do not even want to give it a bad review. 

The movie is totally clueless. That's all I can say. One day just because Karan Johar got a thought about the people who are living their whole life doing one-sided love, he ended up writing a script within 9 days. Yes, this is what he has himself told in an interview. And the result on the screen is quite evident that not much depth has been explored while giving a proper conclusion to the movie. Just because one-sided love is the theme you cannot end up showing each and every character being forever alone in the passion of doing one-sided love. Ranbir Kapoor never gets his love. Aishwarya never gets her love. Shahrukh Khan ends up getting divorced. Anushka Sharma doesn't get her love; even when she gets, she leaves him in between because of the man's characterless persona. Fawad Khan never gets his love. Too much of one-sided love ruins this movie like anything. 

After a point, writer/director should have gone ahead for a proper conclusion rather than several incomplete love stories. That would have given the audiences a good reason to leave theater with smile. Currently, it felt as if we are overloaded with a thought process and an average Indian can never relate with the story. Ranbir Kapoor gets into bed just in his first 2 meetings with both- Anushka and Aishwarya without any conversation/friendship etc. which is so weird to witness on screen. The first half is wasted in the scenes where both the main characters keep of visiting one bar/disco after another and dancing like crazy friends. The first half ends well when you actually expect that the film will get better with the 2nd half.

In the 2nd half, the entry of Aishwarya Rai keeps the movie magnetic and moving for 15 minutes or so but it again goes back to the square one where the characters start dying for the love which is not ready to come back to them again. And the same story continues till the climax. Literally, till the climax. And climax is stretched too much. Even though director is trying it hard to make you cry but you will only end up laughing on the stupidity playing on the screen.

Talking about the performances, there is no one whom I should blame for not doing well. It is only script that has dropped the performance of this movie. Ranbir Kapoor is doing the same stuff what he has been doing since his arrival in the industry- playing a confused lover and creating the same expressions. He is doing the same mistake that Saif Ali Khan has done of playing the same NRI character in each movie back to back. Anushka Sharma is the same from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Seems as if she is acting in the sequel of the Yash Chopra's last movie. Aishwarya Rai looks amazing and there is no complaints from her. In fact, she is the one who brings magic on screen with her beauty and dialogues.

The dialogues in the movie are powerful. Every dialogue is sensible and touches your heart. The songs are terrific. That's the best plus point of this movie. Arijit Singh has created magic in the title track and Channa Mereya. Bulleya is another amazing track which makes you feel like dancing and screaming by standing on your seat. The characterizations are also done nicely by the writer. Editor has done very bad job as this movie should have been cut down for at least 20 minutes in the first half and few minutes in climax as well. Rest, I will only blame the writer and director for the debacle of this movie. I give it just 1.5 stars out of 5.



23½ Ways to Make A Girl Fall For You by Cyrus Broacha (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

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Reading a humorous book is always a stress-buster and when it's written by someone witty like Cyrus Broacha or Twinkle Khanna, the excitement to read those witty lines make you turn page after page so quickly that you end up finishing the read within 3-4 hours. The same happened with me when I picked up Cyrus Broacha's latest release "23 & 1/2 Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You". Though this is not one of the best works of Cyrus but as he is known for being that agony uncle who gives advise to anyone who is not able to find love or date a girl, this book is a must-read. 

The book is full of letters that normal Indian guys have sent to Cyrus for asking a tip, suggestion or asking to motivate them about how to propose or approach a girl. Cyrus knows that it's hard to explain the Indian men that the girl will never say YES to them so rather than giving a challenging response, Cyrus starts sympathizing with the readers in his reply. And that's where the fun begins. Also when in few cases he gives advise and let the man know that he is not wrong on his part, that becomes more hilarious. The references that Cyrus gives in his reply of other topics and situations is damn hilarious and this is what makes this guy special. Right from his BAKRA days to now, the guy have not stopped impressing us.

In few letters, I did feel that the letters to Cyrus sounded really fake because of their length and the way the grown up guys showed innocence. Cyrus should have scripted those letters with little more reality than doing it just for humorous purpose. This is the only problem that I had from this book where the letters were as long as 2 and a half pages sometimes. It became exhaustive then to continue reading that letter as you already know the end result of it. Also, in some of the responses, Cyrus did sound as if he was trying to be humourous and it wasn't coming it to him naturally. Otherwise, this book should be read in breaks because the letters and the reply becomes monotonous for the readers after sometime and you will stop enjoying it in the middle of it. I give this book 3 stars out of 5. 


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The Talent Sutra by Devdutt Pattanaik (Book Review- 4.75*/5) !!!

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Devdutt Pattanaik is a legend. Period! I have read many books on mythology and several other books based on how the incidents mentioned in mythology can be referred for the challenges we face in modern times- either at personal front or professional life. But the kind of explanation that Pattanaik provides in simple words with the right incidents is unbelievable. The pictorial representation or summation of the whole chapter is so particularly designed that after seeing it, you won't ever forget what you read in that piece. I am just done reading his latest release "The Talent Sutra: An Indian Approach to Learning" and it is as perfect as his other books.

The book basically tells us about how we run behind Lakshmi forgetting that Saraswati is more important if we want Lakshmi to come itself towards our destiny. The book tells about how by self-realization, analysis and imagination, we can go on to build our talent, nurture relationships, run an organization by keeping everyone happy. Several exampls are given how a person thinks only about himself at a managerial post and faces chaos. But as soon as he starts giving important to his colleagues, sub-ordinates and employees, he starts getting the result that he always aimed for. The author also focuses on the power of being patient and understanding the human emotions even in a corporate world as a company/organization falls when the resources are considered just as machine and only work is expected out of them.

The book is definitely full of sutras and the 120 pages is full of such knowledge along with an example of the modern times that it makes it more relevant. In the end of the book, the words used in the book is explained which are of Sanskrit source so that the user can understand the purpose of usage of these words. The book is divided in 4 parts and each of them is treated very well and you can explain how each step of the process can be executed in our work life. Overall, this book will surely stand on top as one of the best books by the author. I rate it 4.75* out of 5.


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19th Akshauhini by Haribakth/Vaishnavi (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

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These days many writers are publishing books based on Gita or their own version of Gita. It is good to see such books doing good in Bestseller's List because this generation needs to know about the Indian mythology and there is no better way than reading such books which are written in simple and friendly language. The latest book that I have read based on Gita is "19th Akshauhini" which the author calls it as an explanation of algorithm of the Gita. The book is written by the father-daughter duo- Haribakth and Vaishnavi. The author have tried to answer many questions that he feels people want to know. 

The book is divided into three parts- The spiritual part, the mundane part and the last one is the pictorial presentation of dialogues through which a reader can easily understand the concepts. Author have tried to explain how Gita is relevant in today's world even after 5300 years. Many examples and situations are discussed through which Gita's credibility has been proved. Many myths have been busted by the author through explanation of difficult terms and breaking them down for a layman to understand how certain rules have been created. 

Author have also widely tried to prove how God have not been wrong in cases where we easily get off by giving the example of that one mistake committed by God. There are many perspectives of a scenario being discussed and also how there are alternatives to the primary one is told to the readers. I, personally, found the first and the last part of the book very reader-friendly and interesting. The middle section of the book becomes little boring. Also, I didn't find few topics relevant to be included in this book. 

The research behind writing this book is clearly visible in the way author have given the references and practical examples. I also liked the tabular representation in between of the chapters where the questions and their respective answers are shared with the readers. There are many questions that will get answered for you through this book so it's definitely one of the good books based on Gita and explanation of how it can be followed in our modern world. I have little complaint with the publisher for publishing this book in such a large size. It has made it so heavy that reader will find it hard to carry with him while traveling or reading while lying on the bed. Also, the price of the book is on the higher side. This might act as a blockage for this book towards its journey of becoming a Bestseller. I give this book 3.75* out of 5.


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Review: TVF Tripling: Emotional, Nostalgic, Perfect!!! ****

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The Viral Fever is the first Youtube Channel I fell in love with. But it started with the one gag videos that they used to make imitating someone or making fun of current scenarios in India. And later, they started creating web-series in few episodes which I ignored currently as I wasn't used to watching such stuffs. But I started with Permanent Roommates and since then, I am unable to stop myself from watching web-series made by Indian creative teams. The latest web-series which I ended up watching in one-go is TVF Tripling which is based on the road trip of siblings including two brothers and a sister. 

The good thing about TVF web-series is that they don't only concentrate in being funny in each and every frame but ensures that they even touch your heart with it. This makes it special for the Indian audiences. TVF Tripling has many such moments. The elder brother has come back to India after divorcing directly to the club where his younger brother works as a DJ to earn little money and survive. As both the brothers have different lifestyles, there are many laughter moments whenever their conversations take place where they are arguing with each other on some topic. They march on the road trip to meet their married sister. And finally, all three of them are on the road trip in their TATA Tiago sharing their moments and reliving their younger days when they used to be together.

The series is very well scripted in terms of screen play and the episodes duration and content- everything is proper. The starcast is amazing. Everyone in their role have expressed very well on the screen. The conversation between the siblings speaks the truth about how the brothers and sisters talk with each other now-a-days. Even the elder brother gets surprised by the details of sex etc. that the younger brother asks to their sister. The last episode when the siblings reach their parent's home, the conversation that their father have with the boys is another special moment in the series. The another beautiful scene is when the siblings have some quality moments in the night around a bonfire. 

The production value of the series looks very expensive and that's obvious as TATA Tiago is the sponsor. And the money is utilized very properly with great scenes and decorations. Also, not too much time is spent on scenes inside the car. Talking about the drawbacks- the car stealing section was totally unwanted and wastes too much time in something which is not even funny. Except that, I didnt find anything purposefully inserted for stretching the series. I give this series 4 stars out of 5. I really enjoyed it and I am going to watch it many more times in future. 



It's All in the Planets by Preeti Shenoy (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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Preeti Shenoy is one of my favorite authors and I make sure that I have her book with me on the first day of its release itself; though I missed her last book which was her first attempt at non-fiction but I am sure that I'll read it soon enough. I am just done reading her latest release named "It's All in the Planets". By the cover page and the title of the book, I had wrongly assumed that it's another non-fiction by her but after I read the synopsis did I realize that yes, Ms. Shenoy is back with her forte- FICTION. The book is indeed a treat for her fans as it speaks of love, relationships, human emotions and several circumstances a human being goes through in this thing called LIFE. Through this book, she is also wanting us to believe in DESTINY and that everything is not in our hands. We should leave somethings to happen according to its own course.

The book is written in a very simple language. Yet again, Preeti have tried writing as first person for two different protagonists in alternate chapters which makes it more interesting reading the same story from two different perspectives. Though I felt that many scenes are repeated as both the characters narrate the same part in first 1-2 paragraphs. What I liked about this book is the way author have treated the same plot which every Indian romance-genre authors write in a very special manner making it look like something mature. If only every writer had this talent. 

The characters are very well described by the author and you can relate with each one of them. The character of Nidhi is so simple yet charming that you want to meet her. Aniket's desperation to impress his girlfriend so that she doesn't leave him is also handled well in first half. The relationship between Nidhi and her step-mom, Tara, is very well portrayed. The way how Aniket's orthodox father changes his mindset in the ending also looks genuine. The good thing about the book is that it breaks so many stereotypes in such a simple manner that never sounds preachy or forcible. 

Talking about the drawbacks, I didn't find story much based on the theme and title of the novel that all is in the planets. Initially, the horoscope that is shared before each chapter is written in the same language as they are printed in papers and magazines but in the second half, it is written in such a manner that it sounds fake because of it's direct reference to the character's circumstance. The climax isn't very movable though it does everything you wanted to happen in the end but still, it felt incomplete. But still, this book is a light read and makes you think in many scenes. I give this book 4 stars out of 5. 


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The Girl of my Dreams by Durjoy Datta (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

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I love the timing of Durjoy Datta's books' releases. As soon as you start feeling that it has been a long time since you read his last book, you come to know that next one is about to be released. And Durjoy Datta's novels have that feeling which makes you nostalgic about your days when you started reading Indian authors initially and liked reading love stories which seemed realistic. Not many authors have come out of that zone of writing the typical love stories except few and Durjoy is definitely one out of them. He has grown as an author immensely in his last 3-4 books and now in his latest one named "The Girl of my Dreams", Durjoy Datta have tried thriller and let me tell you, he has passed with good marks. 

The Girl of my Dreams is about the protagonist Daman who is facing challenges in his life after surviving a deadly car accident. His girlfriend, Shreyasi, was with him in the car and he feels that because he was driving that day, he is guilty of her death. Now he has a new girlfriend, Avni, who is not very happy in a relationship because Daman is a writer and he names his virtual girlfriend as Shreyasi even after Avni asking him to use her name several times. The whole thing becomes chaotic and difficult for all the characters in the book when Shreyasi comes back in the story. Everyone is confused that she was dead then how could she return back in flesh and blood. And from here onwards, the curiosity of the reader starts growing with each page.

The characterization of Durjoy has always been mind-blowing and even in this book, each and every character is so well developed and defined and you can actually imagine them. Right from Daman’s confused character, Sumit’s helpful one, Shreyasi’s destructive nature to Avni’s composed one- every character has been given justice. Even Jayanti’s and Karthik’s character is beautiful portrayed and not treated as side characters in the book. The first half is exciting as you want to know what thrilling events are about to happen in the story and as Shreyasi’s character enters once, the book takes a different turn altogether. The 2nd half is well-written describing the struggle of Daman and Avni against the evil play of Shreyasi. As a reader, even you are in panic while turning each page. The segment where the car is been burned is one of the most terrific parts of this story.

The climax is also nicely closed and does not let you feel that in the name of thriller, you have been given a plain story to read. It feels as if a good romantic thriller has been gifted to you after a long time by an Indian author. I got a feel while reading this book as if I am reading a Novoneel Chakraborty’s book. Talking about the drawbacks, I felt that climax could have been little more hot and spicy as not much happens in the end. Also, not much is explained in the end about behavior of Daman at different point of time throughout the story. There were many things that were not justified in the climax which makes you feel little incomplete. Except that, The Girl Of My Dreams is a treat for Durjoy Datta’s fans. I give this book 3.75* out of 5. 



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Review: AIB's Honest Bars and Restaurants: Full of laughter moments!!! ***½

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After The Viral Fever Youtube channel, if there is another channel that is close to it in terms of popularity among masses, it is AIB: All India Bhakchod team. I completed watching their 3 part web series named "Honest Bars and Restaurants". I was unable to understand by the title what exactly AIB would have done to make it comical but after watching all the three parts, I found it one of the most intriguing series on the Indian web channel. AIB is the team of hardworking and creative guys who assure that whenever they come out with a video, you have few moments of laughter indeed. 

The first episode of HBAR is about how when you ask your friends what they need from the restaurant they end up saying "Nothing" but after the restaurant picks up your call, all the friends start adding their dishes to the order placed initially by you after which it becomes so confusing that neither you know what all have been ordered nor the guy on the other side on call. A nice rap has been played while the order was been given by Tanmay Bhatt who is also the one who is leading this series. The second part in the first episode is how the guy who is leaving the college has come to the small dhaba-type corner outlet to settle his bills. That's the best part in this series and it made me laugh so much at the over-exaggeration of the scenario. And the Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham's background music just adds the amazement to it.

The second episode shows how a middle-class family orders in a restaurant and the interaction between the family and the waiter does it for you this time. The hilarious moment is when the family orders Butter Chicken and the waiter says something like ""hum baaki kuch rakhte hi kyon hai menu mein". The great part about the whole series is that its based so much upon reality that you can relate with it very easily. The third episode is all about how some friends are shouting and troubling all the other customers sitting on nearby tables. Also it shows how it is pre-assumed by everyone in the group that the boy who has a girl with him will pay the bill for all. 

Over all, the series is one of the best medicines for people missing laughter in their life. Kudos to the AIB team and I give this series 3/5 stars out of 5. I will never forget that scene of boy settling the bills and those emotional dialogues which makes them cry but made me laugh. :-)



Review: Baar Baar Dekho: Kabhi Mat Dekho!!! *

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After YJHD, I had begun trusting in Dharma Productions' movies. I was sure that they will give us many more such movies that will become a close part of our lives. But the magic of YJHD have not been regenerated again through any movie. When the posters of Baar Baar Dekho was out, I had huge expectations from it because of the casting of the pair- Katrina and Siddharth who have never worked together before and then the different story line that it was trying to present. But it seems as if director and writer got worked up and made the movie so foolish that they themselves couldn't identify how to take it ahead and they completed it however it got made. 

Just to make the concept of living the present moment with your loved ones rather than running behind success and time, making a movie like Baar Baar Dekho with the concept of moving back and forth in time isn't a great idea. the movie shows how the male protagonist reaches years ahead only to find that his marriage has broken off with the girl he married and again he is taken back to the original time to fix the things that he didn't do earlier. It is totally unimpressive and becomes annoying after a point of time seeing Siddharth sleep and wake up in some other timezone itself. Also he has been unable to carry the whole movie on his shoulders. He looks quite newbie while playing this character even when it didn't have such complicated shades. 

Talking about the performances, Siddharth have already been discussed above. To Katrina, I would say that no doubt that you are very beautiful but it would be great to see you acting the same way. How is it even possible that an actress acts so badly after 15 years of experience in the industry and that too, in uncountable movies. Rest, everyone in the movie doesn't have much part to play. Sarika is okay. I give this just 1 star out of 5. 



Review: Pink: A movie made with grace!!! ****

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PINK: 4/5

Very rarely do you witness a movie that is based upon something that has to be preached to the society urgently and still it doesn't sound that preachy. And this can happen only if the script is very powerfully edited and refined to make sure that the scenes speak in itself rather than the repetitive dialogues about how a certain section of society is suffering. Pink is made in such a great manner that it keeps you engrossed throughout even when you know about what it is going to deliver in the second half. A film becomes much more interesting when you know the end but director has written the screenplay in such a great way that you are still committed to see what different might happen at any point of time. 

PINK is one of the best movies made recently and it tells us about how women are looked in the society in a very effective way through some normal and courtroom scenes. We get to know in the beginning of the movie that the three girls have run away from a place after one of them have hit a guy on head with a vase because of which he have gone through stitches. Now the boys are behind them and doesn't want these girls to stay in peace. After this, the trouble begins in the life of girls after which the retired lawyer, played by Amitabh Bachchan, decides to fight for these girls and show the society how the girls are been dominated for no wrong of theirs. And since then, the movie just keeps getting better with each scene. 

The dialogues are very effective. The way the character of Amitabh Bachchan comes to an aggressive and dominating state from a hopeless and tired one is a great thing to experience. The movie shows how there are two types of male in the society- the ones who are trying to pull her down while the others like Amitabh Bachchan and the landlord who is not throwing them out of his house even after listening bad things about them. Such small things have made this movie such a divine release in last few months. The role of all the three girls, specially, Tapsee Pannu, is perfect and powerful. All the other castings are also genuine and fine. Pink is a movie which has to be watched by everyone with their family. It has taught us many facts about ourselves. The only drawback I found in the movie was the time spent in showing the angle of Amitabh's sick wife. It only bored  and distracted us from the main topic. 


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Review: Akira: Script fails the movie!!! **½

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AKIRA: 2.5/5

A R Murugadoss has made two Bollywood movies before the recently released, Akira- Ghajini and Holiday. I have liked both of those movies and I can watch them as many time as possible. Both the films were little dark but yet interesting and entertaining. Both of them also carried a little seriousness with them. The same has been tried with Akira but the movie couldn't match up with the excellence of the first two movies by the director. Akira is the movie basically about the women empowerment where Sonakshi Sinhas character Akira is more interested in Karathe than dancing since 11 years of age. 

She sees a man throwing acid on the face of a girl which enforces her to take revenge and she throws acid on the face of that man. As an audience, the scene really makes you clap. But the very next moment, she is been sent to remand for next 3 years. After she returns back, she tries not to get into the matters which might turn her violent again. This triggers the nastiness of a group in her college. They start bullying her until one day she finally hits them and they realize what a girl she is. She becomes popular in her college. On the other hand, a cop played by Anurag Kashyap is doing everything that a policeman shouldn't. He is the bad guy in the movie. And one day, both the characters cross each other's way and the movie begins.

Akira is the movie which shows you its big wings initially and in between of the movie. But every time the character is about to fly, the script cuts the wing and Sonakshi Sinha again becomes helpless. This is the biggest disappointment because of which you wont say its one of the movies that can make you feel strong or motivated which director wants you to feel. Sonakshi Sinha have given a good performance but the script haven't done justice with her. Anurag Kashyap is the surprise package in the movie who doesn't disappoint you even in a single scene. The movie is not wholly action-based but whatever action has been included is nicely projected on the screen and looks real. I will give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.



Review: M S Dhoni The Untold Story: Inspirational!!! ***½

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M S DHONI The Untold Story: 3.5/5

India is crazy about Cricket and when it comes to certain heroic superstars in this game, Indians can spend anything of their life in meeting them or feeling to be closer to them. When it was announced that M S Dhoni is himself interested in closely working with the makers who are making a movie on his own life, it came as a surprise and the movie has been awaited since then. I saw it the first thing after getting the leave from office and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie. I understand that covering almost every essential fact about a renowned personality in 3 hours is difficult but whatever has been shown creates impact. Few scenes are not that effective but still, M S Dhoni is the movie for which you should take out your 3 hours from the busy schedule and watch how a normal boy from Ranchi makes it big internationally and still stays as natural as possible.

Neeraj Pandey is one of the most trusted directors in Bollywood today. And he has implemented 80% of his best in this movie. For the rest 20% which he missed of what I think his overall potential is, I am sure he is going to make it 120% in his next venture. Right from the first scene, the movie keeps you interested and doesnt let you feel that its 3 hours 10 minutes long one. All the characters are used in balance and the casting is also perfect- Right from Dhoni's father to his sister to his coaches to Yuvraj Singh's younger version etc. 

The efforts of the technical and VFX team is also visible in the scenes which is picked straight from the real videos and Dhoni's face is replaced with Sushant's. The best part of the movie is that it doesn't appreciate Dhoni blindly. Everything is kept toned down accordingly without making him look like God in disguise of a human being. The love angles are also shown in a very decent manner but it has been an interruption in the flow of movie but even that was an untold story which was must for the makers to show on the screen. 

Talking about the performances in the movie, Sushant Singh Rajput as M S Dhoni did a phenomenal job that you cant list any other actor who could have done perfect job as him. Every emotion, body language, walking style, talking style etc makes us believe that we are watching none other than Dhoni. Good thing has been that he is not mimicking him but playing him which is very difficult for any actor in a biopic. Talking about the actresses, both Disha Patani and Kiara Advani did a wonderful job but Disha Patani almost overshadows Kiara. Anupam Kher and all the other supporting actors have also done a great job including the actor who plays the younger version of Yuvraj Singh. 

The drawbacks of the movie are that we are just shown M S Dhoni's life from an upper perspective rather than going inside his heart and knowing what exactly he felt during the moments we want to know what the legend was thinking. His tactics on field is also not discussed at all about how he keeps his calm and still manages to come out with a solution. What made him think of going to the bat up in the list in the World Cup final. How the captaincy was given to him. How was his first meeting with his idol, Sachin Tendulkar etc. These things make M S Dhoni's fans little disappointed as 95% of what is shown in the movie is already known to them. Rest, I would say this has to be watched irrespective of whatever lacking it has. I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.


5 October 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

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CHETAN BHAGAT- A name that urged Indians to read more than a decade ago. I started reading novels after knowing about the humorous contents his books has. And after that I make sure that I read his books the first day after its release before someone else starts giving the review. Generally people believe in giving negative reviews to his book to prove themselves intellectual, literati or whatever! The last book that made me feel that it's the Chetan Bhagat I know was 2 States. Revolution 20-20 and Half Girlfriend couldn't impress me because I felt that I was reading a movie script than a fiction novel. This time he has come up with a book in female voice named "One Indian Girl". I was doubtful about this one too as I believed that it would be too feminist to digest. But fortunately, I am enough impressed with the story and felt that I read a book written by one of my favorite authors.

The story is about a girl who is quite feminist and does not believe in getting pulled down by her parents or anyone just because she is a girl. She makes it sure that she does things which she feels is right without worrying about anyone else. She also have to hear about how she is doing things which are okay with boys but she shouldn't do it being a girl. But she is what not many girls in India are. She has a great job out of India. She earns what 10 average men cannot earn collectively in India. She has more than one relationship which is not digestible in Indian culture. And story of such courageous and successful Indian girl makes this book a phenomenal read. 

Chetan Bhagat have not tried to preach much feminism which is the plus point of the book. The story is very well handled right from the prologue. As is the case with many stories, even this one gets better when the story goes back in flashback. The characterization by CB is spot-on once again. The character of Radhika is very well crafted and the writing style of CB does not allow you to think that its not been written by a girl. Yes, I agree that few sentences are provocative as they are kind of general statements which not many girls would think while being intimate with someone or dressing themselves for a party. And I am pretty sure that CB-haters are going to pick up these sentences against him to pull this book down which has already broken Pre-ordering record on Amazon.

The book has not been stretched anywhere. The second flashback is not as good as the first one and it has a reason because the affair is with a person of another class itself. The climax is little filmy but has an appropriate ending. I was little unsure about what decision will the girl take in the end but the feminist point is well handled in the end and the final decision of the girl only makes you smile in the end of the book. Talking about the drawbacks I would say that too much insight of the protagonist's job has been discussed which becomes irritating after a point of time. As I said above, at few places, CB has not justified a girl's point of view correctly which looks quite fake and attention-seeking. Also, the humour is again missing just like the last two books for which CB has become popular. Overall, I give this book 3.75* out of 5. It can surely be read once. 


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Happy 27th Birthday to me!! Really?

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Celebrating birthday with my parents
27th Birthday- or u can say the Late-20s era where you are troubled or questioned about marriage from every other person you know or meet. I have been very happy since last 5-6 years and each birthday has been celebrated remembering the achievements that I have won in the past one year. This time there has been nothing as such because of which it has been mostly like just another day even when I tried to feel good by reminding myself every hour that it's my birthday which comes once in an year. When you start doing job, you just want excuses to feel better about the day because there's nothing really that can make you feel great about your days; even if it's your birthday and you receive 1000s of messages and 30-40 calls. Now, I know that many people will jump in saying the same cliche caption "Do what you like so that your hobby becomes your profession". But the truth remains the same that only 0.000001% find job in their own profession. Am I not right?

I am in that phase of my life on my 27th birthday when almost everything seems to be imperfect to me. The way I am performing professionally. They way I am handling my personal life. The way I am managing my blog that not even a single post has been updated in the month of September. The way I am behaving with my family is also not the way I generally do by cutting myself off from the conversations and replying only when I feel that it's needful. I am not THIS! It's not that bad phases have not come in my life in the last half-decade but there has been one thing out of these many which was always conducted rightfully by me which motivated me to manage the other things which weren't doing good. This time almost all of them seems to be drowning and I am unable to save even a single piece of my life. 

I have always believed in God and I have left everything upon him now. If God is throwing challenges upon me, then as said in M S Dhoni movie, I will duck at every bouncer rather than trying to play each one of them and end up making a big mistake which sends me back to the pavilion. And I believe that life should sometimes come at this stage so that we come to know how strong and weak we are. I am identifying how weak a person I am these days. The things that used to make me laugh and smile are unable to ripple any effect upon me. The things that used to panic me have broken me into many pieces; at last. And all of these pieces are scattered and out of my reach. I can only see them broken but can't do anything about it. The days of depression are back after a lot of years and I hope I come out of it fighting back like I did earlier when the condition was worst than now. 

I didn't know that I would be writing my 1501st Blog Post on the day of my birthday but I think what's written is written. What has to happen happens on its correct date and time. Similarly, I feel that whenever these broken pieces of my life will have to be fixed will get fixed. I should not put much effort and go with the flow of life. The only thing that mooted me from all of these was reading books which I have stopped. I have just begun reading back and I hope some or the other sentence from one of the novels will change my life once again like a book of Robin Sharma did the last time when I was struggling with my life. On this 27th Birthday, I pray and wish that I become more stronger professionally and personally so that I do not have to see such days for the same reason again. 

Sorry for the sad post but reality cannot be ignored. 

Thanks for suffering this post.