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Just Kidding... YOURS, DESTINY by Anirban Das (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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           I always love those books that I complete in one-sitting without getting more than 50% bored. :-) And it's amazing when I read such books by bunking college. I have just completed a 190-pages book named "Just Kidding... YOURS, DESTINY". It's published by Notion Press which is doing quite well and remarkable these days. The kind of books that its publishing these days catches my eye often. I loved the cover page. It has the same essence as that of Anything for you ma'am by Tushar Raheja. The bluish effect and the protagonist running away from his boss is a nice take. Book is written by a debutante writer- Anirban Das, who I think have written very well in his first attempt itself. A perfect book for taking with you while you are journeying somewhere. 


Anirban Das is making his book debut with Just Kidding Yours, Destiny. The implied essence of the story is about making choices, their consequences and the role of destiny. The plot is a simple story, revolving around the complicated life of Kunal Roy. Ambitious Kunal is living the great Indian dream, having purchased a house in Mumbai, driving an expensive car and striving to earn pots of money. Having slogged for donkeys years in the same company, Kunal believes that he is a star employee in his company. He is determined to reach the top with a simple mantra - hard work and dedication. Kunal's seemingly planned life and ambitions turn awry with the sudden acquisition of his company and an abrasive new boss who puts Kunal to the sword. Kunal's life is further turned upside down with the entry of a company rookie, Shristi, compelling him to change his world view and his life's priorities. Is Shristi for real or is she an illusion? And who is the real Kunal? Undergoing upheavals in both professional and personal life, Kunal looks to jettison his ambitions by embarking on a journey of self discovery in an attempt to regain his lost identity and a semblance of control. This book aspires to strike a chord with the readers, engage and entertain them. It has been written from the heart, in a manner, which is characteristic of the authors writing style. The story has been set in a typical Indian urban backdrop but the emotions enunciated, would transcend country barriers.
      Anirban Das has a wonderful easy-going way of writing and telling a story to his audience that the readers get attached to his book until they do not complete it in one go. I ended up reading this book in just 4 hours. Not because it's just of 190 pages but because I was so interested in his writing style that I wanted to experience it without interruption and distraction. Not even a single word in the book for which you'll run for dictionary and still a story fully explained is what I loved the author's debut work for. There are some occasions when his book reaches on its high but there are few pages where the story starts going in a direction where there's no laughter, no emotions and no story at all. This is something I didn't appreciate. He should have re-edited his book by eliminating those boring parts and adding up another interesting sequence as there are many in his book.

           I loved the first chapter of the book itself which is a Prologue-kind-of-thing. I liked the Flashback of protagonist's meet with first girl for his marriage. It is entertaining but ends up being a great story in itself. That's something which I liked the most in the book. Then his second story where he gets married and how it ends bitterly is also narrated very well in the book. I also loved the fact how author has described Mumbai, Panvel and Karjat specifically and truthfully without over-exaggerating or faking any details. Very rare is the case these days when an author struggles to keep the book as accurate as Wikipedia. :-) Also, I liked the second half of Kunal and Shrishti's tale when they got really closer. Towards anti-climax, when the protagonist and his college friend plays prank on his office's seniors, I find it quite amusing and funny. In the end, some twists and tales were good.

           Coming to the drawbacks:- As I have already said, some parts does not match to other wonderful bits of the book hence you find quite highs and lows in the story. I didn't enjoy a bit of the long narration of the Flashback to college days as there was nothing interesting about the whole Goa thing. I didn't enjoy the extra detailing of some Hindi words and trying-hard-to-be-funny notes in small fonts at the end of few pages which author has already warned about in the Introduction. It could have been written in short within a bracket wherever it was needed or a Glossary at the end of the book is better preferred. I didn't like how even Abhilasha is shown getting closer to Kunal in the end. That was almost the 4th girl in the book that was been discussed with Kunal and it started getting boring by then. Well. In all, I must say an entertaining and fun book. Do read it if you are interested in reading something light. Author has closed the book with a chance of it having a sequel. Let's see. I give the book 3.5/5. :-)
 Thanks a lot.

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What WINNING means to me!!!

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  Winning for me is the ultimate relaxation after lots of hard work and passionate slogs. In a race that I am running, I know that each run counts. I am aware that each bite of junk food hurts. I will manage to do extra push-ups to prove myself that I am preparing hard to win. I will run a minute more over the treadmill to strengthen my calves. I show no mercies towards myself because I know that it's not only a game but it's about my life. The only purpose of my life is winning. Whenever I stand up for a competition, I am not there to laugh with my friends but to make sure that I beat them to prove myself a winner. If our freedom fighters would have fought against Britishers just because that's the only option, we would have still been under the clutches of the whites. Because they dared to go ahead with the sacrifice and strength for the ultimate goal of WINNING against them that we got what several others were striving for from last 250 years.

          My attitude is always of winning but I don't care about the match that I lose because I know it cannot be won again. I start focusing on the next challenge that I am going to accept and do the impossible. I love seeing my mind work better than before when I am about to fight in a mental competition along with other intellectuals. I am aggressive when it comes to pressing buzzer and answer my opinion. I do not care if I know the answer or not, I press the button before anybody else and then make my mind travel into past and remember the answer of the question rapidly asked. This irritates my opinion but I love it because I know the frown on their faces is bringing me close to the WINNING stand. When I am fighting for something that involves me physically, I make it sure that I warm up in the morning, have my food properly and my clothes are loose and weightless. I sweat for days to see myself performing at my best when the final whistle is been blown.

           If I am not playing for WINNING, I am not playing it. I find it cheating when I presume that I am about to lose the game of life. Similarly, I get inspired by myself when I find that every nerves and veins of my body are going to fight today for winning no matter what comes into the way. If I have gone for Driving Test, I assure that I won't get nervous when the RTO officer will sit besides me. If I go for the examination, I assure that I won't panic when I'll find that the compulsory question is out of my knowledge. If I go to the clinic, I know that when I'll take the first dose given by the doctor, I will be fine within an hour and would be back to routine. Winning is confidence, inspiration and a desperate requirement for me. Winning is an attitude that comprises of hard work, belief and compassion for me. Playing with an intention of winning is life else there's no purpose for living. 

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Some FRIENDS deserve DISTANCE!!!

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       How lonely we feel some days that we go into flashbacks when we had certain friends who used to be our lives. Unfortunately, those friends aren't part of our lives anymore. Either some of them have moved into some other city/state or got so busy in their lives that they don't have time even to say a Hii to us. But this is not what gives us pain in these lonely moments. What kills us is the remembrance of those friends who left us because of misunderstandings, communication gap or ego clashes. Those were the people we imagined our future life with. We decided that we will keep meeting life long lest how busy we are. But who knew that the relationship was destined to be short term and not something that we would cherish for a longer time? That's what life and friendship is.

          If we will come out of this little depressing lonely world of ours and try to be part of real world, we get face to face with many friends who used to be close but aren't. We feel extremely awkward to even ask them what are they doing these days. The only reason is that we fear they might revert back bluntly saying,"When you don't care then why are you pretending to show as if you care?". We end up shaking hands, passing awkward smile and that's all. A tale which used to be very exciting and cheerful is left with awkward smile and just greetings. Exactly what we do with a stranger on Facebook. Actually, that's better than this because we refer even a stranger as "Bro" these days. That is how life changes and becomes little low when it comes to some friends and friendship.

          But there's a logic to it. Sometimes, in life, we don't find the use of few people and hence, we stop caring what they think of us. We agree to everything they say for adjusting in friendship until we find that the person has no occupancy in our life. If I am stuck somewhere at 3 AM, I know that there are 25 friends who will come to help me. Some times, these 25 friends does not include those 4-5 with whom we spend our whole day with. Hence, after a time we start taking our stand over friendship and thus lose it gradually. We don't even regret it. And it's okay. Life is too vast and sometimes some people don't fit in ours and vice-versa. Today, when I see my old friends with their new circles, I don't even go to say a Hii to them because I know that they do not care about my Hii and Bye anymore. They have got a wonderful life and I am no one to enter it without their permission. 

            We shouldn't feel bad for such deteriorating friendship or already deteriorated. Understand that lives are different, choices are different and both of us don't deserve each other in this life at least. You know that the person is just like you and you had wonderful tuning with him/her but don't stick yourself to it. Move ahead. Understand that we keep meeting people at every juncture in life and in future, we are about to meet someone who is going to prove us that we were made for a better FRIEND-relation-SHIP. The situation that I am talking about does not state that any one of the two friends are wrong. There's no negativism in this. It's good for life. At least we are moving ahead in spite of staling life with the same sort of people who are of no help in turbulence and drastic circumstances. Never ever feel bad for the friends who are left behind for no reason. Don't repeat it in your mind that you liked his/her company. Let the person move away from you. Only then you will get closer to new people and better life. They didn't deserve to be part of your life and you in their. 



Valentine's Month shows that we have MATURED!!!

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   I didn't write anything on this Valentine's Day and people missed reading some aggressive and blunt content from me. :-) I refrained myself from writing this time because I can observe that boys and girls aren't as losers as they used to be. Now they have understood that there are better things in life to do than wasting it upon a person or two, at the same time or one-at-a-time, who are temporary in life and not permanent. I am also seeing that people are okay with having boyfriends and girlfriends but at the end of the day, they reach out to their parents and ask them if they have seen some one for them. If they find that parent's choice is better than his/her, they find nothing awkward in rejecting their choice and going for the parents'. That's how mature and business-minded youth have become today. :-)

          There will always be some exception but let's not talk about those losers today. Still, when I go to theater, I find couples climbing over each other to reach the depth of the throat or whatever. Still I see couples wasting time sitting in garden holding hands of each other and talking how he/she will keep the partner happy for the whole life without knowing what their own tomorrow is. In restaurants, I still find couples eating plethora of food and boy paying the bill generated for the refilling of girlfriend's stomach. But, these are those bunch of idiots who will remain to be the same in spite of hundred speeches by prominent people. I am still like them so why would they listen to me?

          But what I see nowadays in couples is that their target is earning money than going on dates. Their idea is to build something of their own than watching movies every weekend. Their concept is to save money and take policies that will help secure their not-yet-conceived child's future than trying several restaurants of their area. This has increased the amount of profitability from the age group which was known just for following fashion and purchasing bikes. I see people having extremely rich smartphones in their pocket but secretly, they send a mail to one of their client without anyone's notice. I see people surfing Facebook not for chatting but for taking surveys through interesting and hypnotizing chats with strangers. People have started launching the websites of their business plans with the hope that some day they would be entrepreneurs and rock the world than working for someone and listen boss's expletives daily. There is love but it's quite economical and planned today.

          On this Valentine's Day, I was quite happy to see no one's update in my FB Timeline that they enjoyed it with their partner. No one updated status regarding what to gift their partner on the World's Most Fake Day. No one was interested in anything regarding expenditures on this particular day. Instead everyone was attending their respective college, office and business. Amazing! It's good that our generation is getting ahead of the limitations they themselves created. I love when I see the understanding between couples when the boy says that he's going abroad for future studies and the partner happily says,"Go and show the world that my boyfriend is the best". She does not stop him from achieving and living his dreams. Similarly, if girl says that she wants to go against stereotype and do the job that's actually not seen as GIRL's JOB, boyfriend does not say that how can you risk yourself but says,"Oh Yes. Go ahead. It would be exciting to see my girlfriend breaking barriers for the gender". That's the attitude today. I hope this Valentine's month will raise our standard more and we will be more matured by next Valentine's Day. :-)



Almost Intrepid by Anjaly Thomas (Book Review-3.5*/5)!!!

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           I have not read much of traveling or adventurous books hence whenever I get one, I look forward to it. I have always lived in confinements hence as it is said that through a book a person gets to live many characters and visit many places, I always feel excited when I get a book related to traveling and exploring in my hands. I remember how lovingly I read Bear Grylls and Raghu Ram's autobiography because their book had enough of exploration that I can ever find in my life. One more book of the same kind that I am just done reading is "Almost Intrepid" written by Anjaly Thomas. It's about her evolution from a journalist into a traveler just because she was bored of journalism over the years. Reading her book was excitement because it's about how a lone Indian lady travels different country of world without worrying what the world thinks of her. Great! Respect!


Witty, humorous, self-deprecating, and sometimes bumbling and incoherent, Almost Intrepid takes you on a ride through the mind of a first-time female traveler with a dream, a backpack, and very little else and whose only reason to start was to beat a ‘quarter life crisis’. But, what begins as an awkward attempt to flee the mundane life of a journalist turns into a globe-trotting mission-from climbing mountains in Tanzania, jungle treks in Papua New Guinea, Komodo chasing in Indonesia, to ill-fated sea rides in Cambodia with episodes of shoe-flinging at determined touts in the bazaars of Egypt and nearly getting hitched with a tattooed African man. The lawyer-turned journalist turned writer befriends every stranger she meets, finds joy in cheap B&BS, and shares in toxicants (of all kinds) with strangers and dreams of scaling the Everest someday.

About the Author:-

Anjaly Thomas qualified as a lawyer, but picked up the journalistic pen as her mythical sword soon after. When that failed to inspire, she exchanged journalistic monotony for the beauty of open spaces.
Today, she manages to balance what she calls the “Business of Passion”—writing and travelling. She lives in the UAE, is also a Lonely Planet writer, and writes for various newspapers and magazines, apart from holding a regular day job for that extra something to help aid her impulsive travels. Almost Intrepid is her first book in which she chronicles her life’s journeys, reminisces on lessons learnt and accepts the wisdom of prejudices shed along the (oft) un-travelled path! She doesn’t claim to be an expert on traditions, cultures, history or geography of the places she travels to, and hates being asked the best thing about them, because the way she sees it, every little experience makes her journeys special.

            Because Anjaly Thomas is a debutante and its her first travel book, she didn't manage to write it as best as other traveling books are but still, the way she has conveyed her message and philosophy through her words is encouraging and something that you can not ignore one started. Her writing style is easy-going with not so explosive words in spite that the title of her book has a word "intrepid" which is not so common. Haha! It is also guts that she has her own picture sitting on the globe on the front cover page which gives an outlook that the book is about her and her experiences on the planet. :-) I will call this book special because it's not always that you get an Indian woman writing about her traveling experiences and that too the ones she has done it all alone. 

           I loved the way book started with insight in Anjaly's previous life before turning into a traveler. The way the word and object "backpack" is given so much focus is excellent. You will start using it whenever you would be talking about traveling with your friends after reading this book. Such is the effect. :-) Her humorous takes on several proceedings makes it a wonderful reading experience. The way she states important points in bullets after every short and long while is what was very needful in this book to keep it specific and not a direction-less autobiography. I enjoyed reading her experiences with men- starting from Mike to the one who asks her for marriage and several others in the journey. I love the frank display of events by Anjaly without thinking that she needs to be conventional while writing a book. She has written all- her experience of kiss, sex, drinking, being bra-less etc during her journeys. 

             Coming to some drawbacks- I was expecting a lot when she comes to telling us about her experience of climbing mountain for the first time. She started it well but she finished it within few pages itself. I wanted that to be something extravagant and over-expressed but.. Actually, the whole book seems to be going in a hurry without describing anything descriptively. Author asks us to enter a room and as soon as we reach the lobby, she asks us to return back and move to some other room. Next time when the author writes, I want her to state her focus on one thing at a time without thinking that her audience will get bored of reading about only a place or event. No! We won't because all that you have experienced, we can never hence the only thing that can bring us close to it is your book. :-) In all, I would give this book- 3.5 out of 5. It's recommended to all the Indian girls who think that its impossible to achieve something that's not meant for girls.

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GUNDAY- It's more about Senseless Aashiqui!!!

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     Gunday star cast did an extensive promotions almost everywhere on the television and big cities. Movie created a good buzz which gave it 55 crore in just 6 days of its release and got termed as HIT. Now, the producers and fans are waiting for the SUPERHIT tag. As always, film got mixed reviews but most of them are positive which led me to theater watching the movie with my friends. Actually the main reason of watching this movie in theater is my love, Priyanka Chopra. :-) I am her fan from a long period of time and it excites me to see her acting every time I see a trailer having her. I went to Ram-Leela mainly because she was a part of it. :-) You can call me one of those crazy fans going to movies just because of their favorite stars. That's how industry is working, isn't it? :-)

            Gunday is a 2014 Indian action crime thriller film written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra. The film featured Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra as the lead roles and Irrfan Khan playing the villain. The film starts off in the 1970s, with a young Bikram and Bala, who become gun carriers and coal bandits. They ultimately grow up to become the most powerful goons of Calcutta. I won't say that it's a director's movie because there's nothing that makes you go WOW about it. It's one of those movies that are made for the audiences to watch and entertain themselves rather than go into detailing of each plot and sub-plot. It's all about performances, action, background music and lovely songs.

            The child characters in the beginning makes the movie look extremely good and interesting. Each and every dialogue delivered by them wants you to see them for whole of the movie but then comes Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Ranveer Singh manages to entertain you with every scene that he carries on his own shoulders. Arjun Kapoor has equally contributed in the movie and I would say, after Ishaqzaade, if he has done something really worth noticing and complimenting, it's in Gunday. The chemistry between the two actors makes you laugh and enjoy. The way the action scenes and immediate changes of frames in the beginning just after the two actors are introduced is shown, you want it to go on till the end as actors give their best shot in it. Coming to Priyanka Chopra, she looks extremely beautiful in every minuscule second that she is on the screen. If anyone is really beautiful in Bollywood's current slot of actresses, its Priyanka undoubtedly. But the problem is that she gets so much into the shell of an actress that she does acting in the acting which looks like an overacting on screen even when it isn't. Even the role that she got was of a cabaret dancer who is being flirted by two friends throughout the movie. But still, a little control in the acting is needed when you have the capability.

             I also liked the scene when Irfan Khan enters into the office of Vikram and Bala for the first time and the whole scenario after that. Even the touch of partition is wonderfully embedded into the script. All the scenes on train related to the business of coal is beautifully shot. When Priyanka Chopra shouts at Arjun Kapoor after being kidnapped by him is the best part of the movie. That scene shows the potential she has when she acts at her best. Also the dialogue delivery of Ranveer Singh when Satish Kaushik comes to the hospital after knowing that he is been sent by Arjun Kapoor is his delivery at his best. Another scene when Irrfan Khan burns all the files is extra-ordinary. A scene when Ranveer Singh sits in his car with the gun and finds Irrfan Khan sitting in the next seat is iconic. These are few scenes that I enjoyed. 
            There are few drawbacks too- Two guys loving the same girl- a sub plot that starts with a fun element in the movie turns out to be the main plot is something I couldn't agree with. Also, a serious movie turns into a nonsense suddenly after the two boy finds a girl to woo at and looses its purpose. Vikram and Bala aren't shown after the first 20 minutes working over their business but only fighting after Nandita, their muse. Some scenes are quite predictable which led to fury as story gets weak because of such thoughtless insertion in the movie. Climax is too stretched. After a while, you feel like leaving the theater without watching what happened to the two friends. Climax is itself of half an hour. Period. 

           Coming to the music, background score throughout the movie is amazing. It bounces you off your seat. All the songs are wonderfully shot and choreographed. Songs are the main reason why the movie is doing wonderfully well in its first week itself without having any big name in it except Priyanka Chopra's. In all, Gunday is a watch-able movie- a fine attempt but nothing that will be counted in loss if missed. 



The Exiled Prince by Ravi (Book Review-3.9*/5)!!!

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       I am done reading another book under the epic fantasy or mythological fiction genre. Reading such books take you eon years back and you witness a truly different world in your imagination reading such books. Sitting in a local train and reading such book can surely take away all the stress of being in a crowded train or between intoxicating smell of people sweat all around. :-) Reading love stories and campus tales of 3 friends, I thought that Indian writers can not think any thing except these stories but from last one month, the kind of book that I am reading under this genre makes me happy that authors are exploring a genre which will make the readers feel interested in myths and religious books that will encourage young generation to read Ramayana and Mahabharata. I am just done reading "The Exiled Prince" by Ravi V. A fine 250-pages book that is written so specifically that you can complete it in one sitting. 


Legend has it that there exists a supreme Crystal of Creation, with part of the souls of Lord Shiva and Narayana suspended within it. This single most powerful weapon with the power to construct, annihilate and recreate the universe, remained hidden somewhere deep within the Himalayan ranges for millennia until now. And now it has gone missing.

Rama, the hero of the ages, must embark upon a perilous journey to find the Crystal of Creation before someone else, someone with an insatiable lust for power, discovers it and the reign of the entire cosmos falls into his hands. And thus begins an epic adventure that will take Rama beyond the kingdom of Ayodhya into lands where he will have to battle the fiercest of demons that have colonized the earth and in the course, change the destiny of human lives forever. This tale will also seek to answer a question that has never been asked: Who was Rama really? What was his real purpose? Is he the real immortal? As powers greater than the universe itself come together only to erupt into chaos and intrigue, discover a tale set in a time before time, where the immortal Rama will come to life and reveal his mysterious world through his eyes as he begins his true purpose the quest for the Crystal of Creation.

About the Author:-

Ravi V is an entrepreneur and innovator in the IT sector in the USA where he has been living since the late 1990s. Though trained as an engineer, Ravi has a keen interest in ancient Indian history and mythology and his first literary venture, The Crystal Guardian Series, is a testimony to this deep abiding passion. Apart from his academic and literary pursuits, Ravi also loves exploring such varied topics as futuristic science, human evolution and cosmology. A globetrotter in the truest sense, he enjoys hiking and snorkelling in different corners of the world and uses these experiences to connect better with the natural world. Of the firm belief that our myths are linked to our evolution as a species, Ravi took about three years to do extensive research on the legends and myths that surround the figure of Rama in order to write this book where he seeks to create a larger than life image of this ancient Indian superhero. This book is a testament to his faith and his life. He takes inspiration from J. K. Rowling, Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown. Ravi is also a fan of Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku and Carl Sagan.

         Coming to the author, I must say that a wonderful job has been done in writing a tale as easily and clearly as possible. It's very hard to make a story look straight when there's lot of complications involved as the twists and tales of a plot. If an author manages to make his readers understand the story even when readers aren't a serious intriguing one, the author tends to have the loyalty of that particular reader. :-) Ravi V is surely going to be make his mark in this genre with his The Crystal Guardian Series of which this book was the first part. Right from the cover page to the first chapter till the climax and that italic chapter in the end, this book makes the reader look forward to next chapter and in the end, towards the next book in the series. 

           I loved the way author describes the birth of Rama and his brothers descriptively in the beginning. I also liked the first chapter when it rains and the Englishman fears of the village getting drowned due to the rain and storm but... :-) After that, on the whole, I loved the way story is described from Lord Rama's point of view. Rama's doubt of him being a human with eternal power is quite valid as he does not feel any specialty in his body and living. Kaikeyi's role is wonderfully described as a warrior in the beginning and then a doubtful character in the end. Vishwamitra's narration of his story- his obsession towards a cow, his tryst with Menaka and how he gets betrayed is very well written. According to me, that's the BEST PART in this book. I also liked how Lord Rama stops seeing into the past as soon as he sees Kaikeyi demanding something from his father which he feels inappropriate to see at the moment. I loved the philosophy that's showered upon us when Rama and Lakshman goes with Vishwamitra for lesson and killing demons. 

              There are many such parts in the book which excited me as a reader which are not easy to mention in a review but there are few drawbacks too. Let's come to them. I didn't like extensive description of each fight in the book. It became irritating after a while. Though characters are well defined in the book, I felt that Lakshman is quite ignored some times when it was necessary to state even his mind. If the book is written with the intention of describing Ramayana as it is with little changes, then it's fine. I also feel that the book is little slow because of which I feel that Part 1 has very short story. I would love author to accelerate the speed of the story in the future parts. In all, I would say a very good attempt and everyone who wants to know about Ramayana and mythology, please pick up this book. I would give The Exiled Prince 3.9 out of 5. Waiting for the second part.

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Rearview My Roadies Journey by Raghu Ram (Book Review-3.9*/5)!!!

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         Roadies is one show in India that people criticize a lot and still wait for its next season. I have found my parents scolding me for watching Roadies because of abuses and fighting but in the end, even they sit besides me and watch the auditions where a contestant is fiercely grilled by this bald, energetic, vibrant, abusive, rude and cool man called RAGHU. Everyone wants to know why he is abusive and aggressive. What was he before Roadies? What was he doing in one of the auditions of Indian Idol? What was his childhood with Rajiv, his twin brother, was like? Who have been his favorite contestants from Roadies? Why does he prefer to stay bald than go for hair implantation? Why suddenly, in season 6, did he introduce Rajiv? What makes Rannvijay so special to him and Roadies? How did Roadies actually start? What was that political attack on him? There are many such questions which you had in your mind but now it's time to get the answers to all of them in a book written by RAGHU himself- REARVIEW MY ROADIES JOURNEY. 


What is going on in the contestants mind? Does he admire me, respect me and hate me? Fear me? May be all of the above. I don't understand it. I don't understand the Roadies form that has F-k you Raghu, written all over it, I don't understand the poster that was held up this year during the Chandigarh auditions that read, Baap toh baap hota hai. Raghu Rox, I see equal parts respect, equal parts loathing. Equal parts Raghu, equal parts the bully. There is a man tall, bald, muscular, intimidating who manages to induce terror and awe in all those who dare walk into his interrogation room. There was once a boy scrawny, weak, easily intimidated, voice unbroken at fifteen, who was bullied consistently through his childhood. This is the story of how that boy became the man he is today: part-time singer, song-writer and jammer, full-time producer, camera man and editor. Sherlock Holmes and Batman worshipper, staunch atheist with an innate fear of water and heights. This is the autobiography of the rudest man on Indian television. Raghu Ram, the original Roadie, split wide open.

            I have loved reading biographies and autobiographies. But did I ever think that I would get to read Raghu's life in such detailed manner? No. I didn't. Since I met him at Non Fiction Fest and had an amazing 10 minutes car ride with him, all my acquaintances keep asking me about how was his interaction with me. All want to know if he abused me or not. Haha! It was hard telling my friends that it was a Professional meet which was quite decent and straight. Well, that's how interesting his personality is. I loved the way he starts the book with Prologue- by telling his experience at Pune before audition on 31st October, 2012. After reading the whole book, I understood why he chose to start the book something that had to do with the city, Pune. Then he begins right from his and Rajiv's birth and tells how close the brothers were and still are. Later on, he shares how he is emotionally connected with Rannvijay and declares him his brother wholeheartedly. 

            He discusses his school life as well as college's when he was been physically abused and beaten by his seniors. He tells how his self-esteem got down to zero then. But what he learnt from those situations is what his life is all about. The amazing part about the book is when he starts describing his initial hard work and continuous efforts in the world of TV when he began just as a trainee. I loved reading how he was the one who used to do everything. It amused me how he used to stay awake and hungry for 7 days and 7 nights at stretch just to make sure that anything that he touched doesn't look any less than perfect. His growth right from the first season of Roadies till the end is also described wonderfully. I was surprised to read that he hates audition and also its telecast on television. That's what we love the most. I loved the part when he leaves Rohit on his face and frees himself from his clutches. Why he turned atheist and also his fury towards Indian education system is properly explained. His reaction towards the accident of Rannvijay, suicide attempt of Rajiv and then another accident of Rajiv tells how emotional he really is. 

            The moment when he left MTV and felt alone made me cry. Also his pain when he used to realize how the contestants hated him in spite of him being very protective of them is quite sympathizing. He doesn't hide in the book how he got opportunity because of being favorite of boss. He also discusses his differences with his boss, with the channel MTV, few arguments with Rajiv and others openly in the book. He tells how much he loves and likes Ayushmann, Bani, Mohit, Suchit, Rohit Batra and of course, Rannvijay. He also tells how much he hates Ashutosh and Avatar. He tells how it was a prank on the judges of Indian Idol that he did along with a friend of his but all it turned out was into him being over smart in front of the judges for the thing that he himself does. He discusses how he kind of forcibly made Sugandha marry him. Haha! 

              The best part of reading this book has been his initial struggles, his love for Rannvijay and the journey of Roadies 8. After reading this book, you will realize how every season is the last one for him. You never know which is the last season of Roadies on television hence I would insist, watch Roadies XI with all your heart. :-) 

               Coming to the drawbacks- I always believed that Producers are those rich guys who have enough money to invest in crores in a movie or a television show. Raghu becomes producer of the show yet he says that he didn't have enough money. Quite confusing! Later on, in the book, he completely stops discussing about Rajiv, which I felt was unfair. When his story started with him, he should have told us about Rajiv's progress simultaneously. He doesn't discuss quite much about his parents too. Also, what we see on television is a tough guy with open mentality and good command of language. In the book, he doesn't discuss much about his working out sessions, how he turned out into someone who had an open-minded attitude and also doesn't tell how even after not completing his college, he speaks wonderfully and is presentable. I feel that the book has come quite late and the "Multiple Audition Form" that is been given in the end has been wasted. It should be kept applicable for Roadies XII GDs. What say, Raghu? There's lot of "I" thing in the book but then, that's Raghu Ram and only if you love him or Roadies, go for the book otherwise you will end up hating the man more than before. Haha! Also the cover page isn't impressive. I would give book- 3.9/5. I hope I would be interviewing him very soon and sharing it with all of you here.

13 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

The Temple of Avinasi by Ayush Pathak (Book Review- 3.75*/5)!!!

1030th BLOG POST -->>

      Today, I am going to talk about two things in spite of one, unlike the way I start writing my review by talking only about one i.e. Publisher. :-) Let's talk about it first. Leadstart Publication or say, Frog Books are one of those publishers who deliver sleeping hits. Yes! I have read many novels by then and almost 90% of them satisfied me with their content. The other 10% that I didn't like is because of my taste. :-) Their publishing quality, promotional strategies and range of books that they publish shows that they are one publication house that we should keep an eye on. Well, the second thing that I was going to talk about is- The genre- Epic Fantasy. Since Amish Tripathi came up with his Trilogy and the kind of success it saw, I am seeing many young writers attempting the same trilogy-thing and telling a story based in the times of Ramayana or Mahabharata. All the writers claim that they were working on their stories before the trilogy but its hard to believe, at least for me. After Chetan Bhagat's success, we saw many chick-lit and rom-com novels in market. The same is happening now after Amish's success. The problem with this genre is that it interests you only in the first 100 pages after that, all the book turns out to be the same. A variety in these story is needed. Right now, I am just done reading a novel- The Temple of Avinasi which has the tagline of "The Legend of the Kalki". It's written by another debutante- Ayush Pathak.


From the ashes of Epic Wars shall the great Lord of Dark rise,
So terrible his wrath, every protestor shall demise…
Ripped apart would be the Shield and the protecting forces,
A whole world shall fall, mortal or otherwise…
A heroic tale timed in modern age -- a battle of existence between evil and the good, bred on the ashes of the four thousand year old legendary Epic Wars. The ‘Immortal Protectors’ of the Temple are finding it hard to maintain control over a new rising evil power, far greater in magnitude than the previous war.
The Shield that protects Earth from external attacks had stopped the invading Dark Seekers, also called Nishachars -- a fled group from some distant dying planet -- for long. Until four thousand years ago … when the shield was ruptured, and the entire mortal world turned on the edge of demolition. It was then the immortal protectors, the Light Seekers, more commonly known as Devs, along with the remaining army of mortals fought and drove back the combined army of Nishachars and Asurs, and restored the shield -- but at a great price. The Nishachars retreated, and since then they have grown and redoubled their army several times, waiting for their prophesied Dark Lord to rise. The Devs, on the other hand, knowing that they won’t be able to stop the Great Dark Lord, if risen -- formed a secret brotherhood named ‘The Temple of Avinasi’ and scattered themselves throughout the world. Their only feeble hope lies in an ancient legend named ‘Kalki’, the last prophesied Avatar of Vishnu… And unaware of all this, two fourteen year old boys are presently spending their time merrily together in the mortal world, innocently oblivious to the fact, that how much changed their destinies are from what it seems, and how much the world’s fate is dependent on them…

About The Author:-

Ayush Pathak is an engineer-cum-writer with the gift of writing genes handed down as a family tradition from his poet grandfather to his writer father and then to him. Penning down his first creative work in the form of a poem at an innocent age of five, he starts writing seriously at the age of fourteen. He is presently a final year Electrical Engineering student at B.I.E.T., Jhansi and is currently working on his dream project of the Indian mythology-based fantasy novel series titled, ‘The Temple of Avinasi’. His theory about life is: A life which begins with a dream ends with success...

           Coming to the writing style of Ayush Pathak, I can say that if you want to read Epic fantasy or mythology fiction, then start with Ayush Pathak's The Temple of Avinasi as its written in a very simple manner unlike other books of the same genre. After reading Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Aroon Raman etc, I found Ayush Pathak's narration and language the easiest and most comfortable. He hasn't confused the timeline of the story by speaking about some factors in the initial pages itself to make us remember it till the end of the book and if we don't, then the climax is out of the hands. He hasn't used great vocabulary to show that only with great vocabulary can the great story be told. Being young and writing such kind of a story is in itself a great challenge which he has surpassed easily. He says that this is his 1st book in the series of 6 i.e. It's Trilogy multiply by 2. I will only suggest the author to keep the story limited till the 3rd book as a series as long as Harry Potter won't excite the Indian readers. :|
    Coming to the story, I liked how it started with Shri and eventually, making us realize that it's about Angel's greatness than Shri's. I liked how Yeti is been introduced and the initial conversations between him and Angel was a great phase in the book. The initial frictions between Ana and Angel is also delighting to read. The way Shri takes Angel through a painting into a different world excited me to know what's ahead. When Angel is been told about him being an Avatar and his importance in the Dev world, the proceedings that takes place after that reminded me of The Immortals of Meluha when Shiva is been told about him being a God. :-) I also loved the moment where Angel comes on the special horse with Sudarshan Chakra and the fight between the two army stops. The training that he gets along with Sam and Alisha is a wonderful read. I loved the parts whenever he is been told about the history of Devs, Nasachars and Nishachars. After a while, when he starts behaving like a real Avatar, I loved his confidence and the dialogue that he used to make. Finally, the scenes at the Dark Fort are the most exciting one. I also loved the moment when he comes to know the reality about his mother's death and Brihaspati's hidden secret. The role of Agni, the way tubes take them to a place, how the truth is unfolded in front of Angel etc. gives the book a perfect climax. Even the last chapter where the author has just given a synopsis on the 2nd book is wonderfully done that it does not look like an incomplete story but a complete book. 

           Coming to some drawbacks now- I wanted more of Ana and Angel's love story. It was quite incomplete, I would say. Philosophy and messages in every incident is what makes an epic fantasy special. In this book, I found author only concentrating on the story without adding any philosophy or great messages through it. He did quote Lord Krishna's sayings for 2 to 3 times but that's not enough. It's good that author has kept the story sound realistic but still, I was expecting a great action scene where Angel would have been an ultimate hero. Also, the conflict between Shri and Indra haven't been given the kind of plot it needed. I would have been wonderful to read the clashes between their decisions regarding Angel but there's no such scene. In all, books is a wonderful attempt and I must say, I am waiting for its sequels. I give it 3.75/5. 

 Thanks a lot.

10 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Lead but make your friends Leaders too!!!

1029th BLOG POST -->>

  The best hang out with friends is to watch a latest release in the nearest theater around. And the most coolest thing about watching movies is the period that we spend after the presentation at the McDonald's discussing what we liked and disliked about the movie. It is then that we get to know about the view of our friends towards movies. There is someone who loves watching action while there would be someone who goes just for songs and item numbers while the 3rd person loves the comic timing in the movie. The best discussion happens when we watch movies like Rang De Basanti, Rock On, Yaariyaan, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara etc. where friends come together and does something revolutionary. We tend to see ourselves in the movie. We wish that if our friend circle could have done something like that how stylish it would be. But ALAS! All the feelings end once the another day begins. We are back to our normal life.

            It is said that a real leader is one who develops more like himself. No, I am not talking about Viveik Oberoi's character in Krrish 3. I am talking about performance. If I know how to dance, I would love to see 10 students developed by me dancing and winning contests. If I know writing, I would love to see 100 real Bloggers around writing wonderful experiences just for the sake of writing and not for fame. Its only when you clone your talent or skills that you get what you deserve. Its just like knowledge- if you don't share it with people, you do not get to learn new things in spite of being knowledgeable and meritorious. Even if you don't possess talent or haven't found one yet in you, still, if you make your friends i.e. team grow, you are doing your bit in empowering the society and its people. No, not that empowerment Rahul Gandhi was talking about with Arnab that day. :-)

            I remember when a competition called DEBATONATORS was announced in my college. It was an Inter-collegiate event. A friend of mine raised her hand for leading a team of 10 classmates in the event. She didn't know how the competition would proceed. As soon as she realized how tough the event is, she started feeling nervous and wanted to back off. At that point of time, I came in and told her that I am with her in the team for debating against any strong opposition. She got back the confidence. We participated with 10 team members, she led strongly, I performed as best as I could have and we reached the Semi-finals. She got a certificate which I insist her is as much as mine as hers. :-) Haha! Recently, I attended 3-days festival of Bharati Vidyapeeth's Tech Fest- MANTHAN' 14. A wonderful event. I love being there because its also my ex-college and actually, my development started there. :-)

           Everyone participates in sporty events but no one goes for IT-related and serious stuffs. I like being where no one dares to go. First- the probability of winning is high :-) and second- I love being smart than being sporty. :-) I made it sure that I will perform my best in the competitions- Presentation Paradise and Debate(War of Words). But I didn't go alone. I asked my friends to participate in Presentation along with me. If I would have been selfish, I had not even informed them about my registration in the event. But I want to see my team, my circle doing the best in the competition than anyone else. Though not everyone was supportive but a friend, Kewal, participated and bagged the 1st prize. He was himself surprised to know that he's a winner. The shine in his eyes gave me the most happiness last evening. 

            Similarly, I forced my friend, Vandana, to participate with me in Debate as only Doubles were allowed. We went and sat in front of two guys. We got the topic where we had to support Health and our opposition had to support Wealth. We pulled it off really well in the time limit of 7 minutes and won the 2nd prize. My dream of winning in any of the two- Presentation or Debate came true. I am considering myself winner even in Presentation because Kewal's registration was because of my insistence. :-) I love seeing my friends perform and win. Even in the Bollywood Tadka, a game related to Bollywood quiz, I and Vandana reached FINALS and secured 2nd position but they counted the overall marks where we fell short. But as we won everyone's heart, I believe that giving 200% is better than giving 50% and winning the competition. My whole college won everyone's heart at Manthan' 14 as we grabbed the ROLLING TROPHY for the second time in row. 

             All I want to say is that we are spending lots of time in just chit-chatting and creating jokes with our friends in college canteens, malls and other public places. It's better to create something sensible with them along with being funny and joyous at the same moment. The tuning between friends is far better than what employees share in an organization. If you can carry your friends with yourself towards any goal, I am dead assured that the task will get accomplished before deadline and in a far better way than you planned. You would have seen how many friends' group post their funny videos on Youtube and wins respect as well as money. Also many ventures are getting opened these days because friends have started taking their circle seriously and planning how to spend their time productively. If you wish to see your friends doing well, it's only you who can take the lead. Be a Leader and convert your friends into the same. :-)


6 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

A Friend Should Be An Achiever or Leader!!!

1028th BLOG POST -->>

    When you sit in your bedroom and think of everyone close to you, the first people that comes in your mind are the ones who aren't doing very well in life. Why? Because of the concern and love we have for them. These are the first people whom we call and inquire to know about what are they up to in life. If we find that they are still in a phase that's struggling and failing, we try to find some jugaad for them but if we realize that we are of no help to them, we are left with no option except feeling pity. Friends are the motivating catalyst only when you find them doing good in life and hence, we always pray that our acquaintances does well. I love when I see my friends doing better in life. I never compete against my friends because I believe in group development more than individual's. I would love to see me at the zenith but it would be more delighting to see my friends standing equally with me. That gives me a special effect that I have an elite group with me.

           Today, I went to a college to attend their Tech Fest. It was delighting to see my friend organizing everything and being so busy to not even give us time. Before that, when few students from his college came to my college for the promotion, I saw his name on the brochure along with another new friend of mine. I felt so proud of them that they are the Leaders in the zone that they are comfortable in. Actually, they weren't but they made themselves enough capable to lead an event where several colleges would be participating. Similarly, another friend of mine studying in again a different college came to the Tech Fest for few minutes because she was herself busy in organizing her own college's tech festival. Amazing to see all of them working hard towards something that won't give them financial gain but a satisfaction and happiness with which they can perform better in the field that they are really associated in. 

             A friend of mine is discussing with me from two days whether he should join McDonald's on part time or should we take home tutoring after college for earning some money so that he can join a class through which he can go abroad for studies. I love discussing with him what he should do because tomorrow if he goes abroad, I would be the happiest person after his family to see his pics clicked in New York or London. :-) I had a very close friend in my school times who used to see me as his younger sibling while I always listened to him as an elder brother. He guided me a lot about how to study and behave. Today, he is in IIM and whenever I ping him, I never get a reply. It has been 6 years since I am in no contact with him because he is busy cracking the semesters of IIT and IIM. Do I feel bad about this? No. Never. Because I always want my friends to lead and excel. 

           Friendship is one thing that people see differently. Ask me and I would say that for me, its just about being comfortable among your friends. If you aren't, then you aren't in the best group possible. Change it as soon as possible. There are friends with whom you visit mall, have lunch in college, watch movies and play Cricket but you can not call them your friend until they do something in their own life to make you proud of having them. For entertainment, we have television, Internet access and radio. We do not need such friends for it who have nothing to do in life than entertaining you by passing comments on others or creating jokes every next seconds but as soon as you talk about life and future, they abuse you for boring them with the same parent's stuff. Understand that if you are proud to see your friend achieving, someone who sees you as a good friend also dreams to see you at places. Make your friend proud. 



7 Years Since Then!!!

1027th BLOG POST -->>

   It has been 7 years since that day when I was sleeping till 12 PM of the day, my father came up surprisingly, woke me up, slapped and asked me to leave studies and be back home. He passed several dialogues which meant that I am of no use in future. I knew that I have disappointed my father a lot. Every child has just one dream to make his parents proud. A boy, particularly, wants his dad to be proud of him because mothers are already proud of us even if we turn beggar. That's an unconditional love so let's not talk about God i.e. mothers. :-) My hostel life ended that day. I was back to nothing. My life came to a still and all I wanted was death. I had no motivation, enthusiasm and power to continue. I had no ideas how to get away from the present and make my future. I was left alone to think about what I was and what I am.

          Today, when I look back and think how these 7 years have changed my life, I feel greatness all around me. There is so much positivism now that even if you will ask me to not to get into a zone because it's too far from my present capabilities, I will definitely get into it hiding and achieve the goal and return back. But still I won't tell you that I have achieved it because it would like proving myself. I don't want to prove anything to anyone now. I don't even want people to know about my achievements and progress. I love seeing my self progressing daily whenever I check the diary that I maintain since 2009, I must say. A diary full of positivism, pragmatism and belief. I love scribbling my daily achievements, if any, because it motivates me tomorrow thinking what I was yesterday.

            If you will maintain your Timeline in real life, you will find that you grow mature every minute. And therefore, even when a day passes, if you have not made use of that bit of a maturity which you have achieved, you aren't living the fullest. Life is definitely struggling and competitive but that's not the excuse of not trying and sitting at home and wanting to achieve what only the Successful people do. You will have to get down into the ring and punch each and every competitor to bring yourself into the limelight that shall give you the opportunity in future to excel and grow. I am watching people updating their Facebook movies since 2 days. Even Facebook is concerned about your past, present and future but are you? If you aren't, then its fine to switch away from friends and entertainment and get back to serious work. Once you get into the track, believe me, you will get into situations when you will find that 24 hours aren't plenty for your targets but still you will take challenges and complete it within the limitation of 24 hours. That's how tough you shall become. 

            When I look back to what happened with me on 6th February, 2007- before than and after that when I went into depression for 3 years, I don't feel bad about it. I find it largely motivating and captivating because that has influenced me a lot to become what I am. If I would not have gone through those ill experiences, I would not have tried new things in life to judge myself and my interest. Out of all the judgments, few have worked and the results are in front of you. Today, I don't have anything to hide about my life. I find my friends spreading rumours about me and it amuses me. Because that makes me feel worthy enough to be discussed in the absence. :-) And now I feel that only when a person is been talked about in his absence is the moment when he is seriously doing hard work somewhere. Otherwise, there are already loads of people talking and boasting about themselves. 6th February does not make me worried anymore instead it makes me smile after coming out of the flashback that how far I have come from that hell that I created for myself. I wish luck to all of you and I hope none of you under estimate yourself because of few failures.