30 June 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

The Tantric Curse by Anupama Garg (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

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       When I first picked up this book named "The Tantric Curse" and saw its cover page with those big scary eyes and then the word "tantric" designed in red font, I was quite skeptical if I would prefer reading this book but something urged me to give it a try. It took me 3 long weeks to complete this novel because of busy schedule but the power of each sentence, page and chapter of this book is so immense that even after I resumed it after 3 weeks just from where I left it last time, I was able to remember everything I had read within few minutes. It rarely happens with fiction books written by Indian authors these days. Almost all of them have similar plot which becomes confusing in case you take a long break while reading. I am very delighted to say that Anupama Garg have created a benchmark with this unusual book.

           The basic intention behind writing this book has been author's desire to let the world know that Tantra world is not what it is being assumed by the people. And it is more about mental peace, meditation, spiritualism and self-actualization. Right from the first page to the last, author's focus has not shifted to any unwanted or unrelated sub-plot which makes this story enough strong for a reader to always remember this book even after reading 1000s of novels. The writing style is great which makes the narration very powerful. Author haven't complicated things but kept it very simple and just concentrated of telling a story rather than pretending to be a literati. Even when the book is 270 pages thick, not a single sentence seems to be inserted without purpose. The story is up to the mark and soft twists and turns makes it more crisp.

          The character of protagonist, Rhea, is very powerful and delighting which holds you right from the beginning. Her feminism is used so beautifully by the author that I would say I have never read a book with such a strong female protagonist ever. Her interaction with all the other characters is so well handled that you can actually imagine her world. Satya, Krishnam and Dr. Vishnukant- all the other characters are also evolved skillfully. The characterization speaks a lot about author's potential. I liked how the tantra knowledge is departed through conversation between two characters. Also, the philosophical content in the book is nicely embedded which definitely leaves an impact on the reader's mind. This book is like a self-help genre in form of a fiction- what can be better than this? I give this novel 4.5 stars and rate it as one of the best books of this year.


5 June 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

"I Complete Me" - Say It To Yourself!!!

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      We have reached the point where we often try to find our completeness in something which is not ours. We try to find ourselves in something and relive our happy moments considering that we got complete and content once again. But we forget that there will come a time when the thing in which we have found our completeness will leave us. And the day comes after sometime. That's when depression meets us and we fall prey to it. Many lose their identity, many lose their family while many lose their lives in something we call Depression and Loneliness. We just stop identifying ourselves with what we actually are. Because we considered something else as our identity as we felt it completed us as a person or it completed the lost happiness which we were searching from months, years, decades ....     

             I know an aunty who loved gardening a lot. But because she shifted in city after marriage, she was unable to carry on with her hobby because of lack of gardening space. Finally, she was shifted to a bungalow as her husband got promotion. She got a backyard where she planted a sapling after many decades. After that little plant turned into a tree after many years, a devastating monsoon uprooted the tree. When she woke up the next morning and saw that the tree is no more in its place but washed away, she met with heart attack. It has been 5-7 years since she has been discharged but she has still not learnt smiling and prefers living alone. This happened because she found her completeness in that tree she nourished for years and after she lost it, she couldn't feel herself alive anymore. 

           The same happens with people who love their job a lot and turn workaholic with time. They give all their sweat and blood to their office tasks and work for 18-19 hours incessantly without feeling tired. Suddenly, one day they are thrown out of the organization and they never get back to their normal self and end up becoming a drunkard or psychotic. Same is the case with the students who die to score perfect marks and always score 1st rank in class. The moment they see imperfectness in their result, they go recluse and after sometime, they become so dumb that they couldn't even pass in easy subjects like Environmental Science.

            Now just imagine if Sachin Tendulkar had also considered Cricket as something which makes him complete. What would have been his state after retirement? He would have lost his great personality which we often give as an example to any person who starts showing arrogance after little success. Rajesh Khanna is a great example who thought his stardom completes him on this planet. The moment it was taken away by Amitabh Bachchan, we know in what state Rajesh Khanna went in and how alone he was when he expired. 

           We, the human beings, also have the propensity of considering another human being a reason of our completeness. We see our life a possibility only if they are with us. We become possessive of such human being who we feel are completing our life. And one day the person leaves us either intentionally or unintentionally. We cry and cry and cry. We become weak. We become a personality whom this society hates like anything. We don't even like anyone's sympathy. We just pray and pray and pray that the person returns back to us. We stop living our passion, job, education, family etc. because of a particular person who is no more with us and is never going to be.

           This post is just a reminder that only you can complete yourself. If you do not know how to keep yourself interested, motivated, lively and the best of yourself, you have already lost the plot. Remember, nothing else can ever complete you. Sachin Tendulkar is a great example of the same. After leaving Cricket, he has started working as a philanthropist for most of his days. He doesn't crave to play Cricket again for his nation. Nor do he feels bad when his records get broken by new talented players. Because he didn't see his completeness in Cricket. He saw his completeness in himself who can do anything to keep himself motivated and the best version of himself. That is why detachment is a great word which you should always keep with yourself whenever you feel that you are being controlled by some external force. Be the controller of your mind rather than getting controlled by your mind. That's the only way of not attaching someone/something to yourself so tightly that you start feeling COMPLETE because of their presence. You are that DIVINE FORCE who can do the impossibles in a flick of seconds. Don't lose the POWER by giving it to someone/something else. ONLY YOU CAN COMPLETE YOURSELF!!! 



Review: Housefull 3: Another Bollywood comedy movie making fun of itself!!! 0

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         The 3rd installment of Housefull 3 is directed by Sajid-Farhad who didn't direct the last two series but he was certainly the writer of them. Hence, when his name as director got announced with this movie, there was certainly big expectations as some change was expected. But unfortunately, this movie has turned out to be another disaster irrespective of whatever it would earn in coming days. The plot is about a father who is not interested in marrying his 3 daughters for some secret reasons though he lies about the unfortunate incidents in the family in the past. And then enters the three actors of the movies who have to play physically-challenged characters in order to woo the father of the 3 girls. Girls believe that the boys are in love with them but they are behind the money of their father. Then enters Jackie Shroff to reveal many suspense which changes the course of the movie for some time.

            The first half and the second half does not have much difference except Jackie Shroff who becomes one of the main character in the second half. The dialogues in the movie are so poor that right from the first scene to the end, your quest to laugh like a crazy audience remains unfulfilled. The projection of bad Hindi of the girls, the abbreviations used by Jackie Shroff and references given by Boman Irani in his dialogues- are are big failures as none were enough interesting to keep you glued to the movie. The plot and sub-plots are idiotic and few scenes are so stupid that you can't believe that even in 2016, Bollywood is still making such movies in name of comedy.

             Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar is always convincing in whatever he does in a movie and definitely when it's a multi-starrer movie. Riteish Deshmukh is also funnier in one or two scenes. Abhishek Bachchan isn't made for such roles so it wasn't quite delighting to see him force himself into doing what script demanded from him. Actresses are a part just for smiles, thighs and dance. Rest, Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff and Chunky pandey have also done justice with their roles. Overall, I would like to say that Housefull 3 is another Bollywood comedy movie which has made a joke of itself. I give it no stars as I, seriously, didn't like any part of it. 


3 June 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Some words for the 10th and 12th pass-outs!!!

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          So a struggling phase for few students around us have begun after the results of 10th and 12th std have been announced. Everyday while returning back from office, I hear someone or the other talking either about some college or what course is in demand these days. I feel pity for these students who have to take admission in a course which they know nothing about but just because every 1 out of 3 students are doing it. Well, it definitely sounds easy to do that particular course because of the numerous references that you might get in the next 3 years but remember, saturation in supply and demand ratio occurs first in these courses only. You consider Information Technology, Hotel Management or MBA in HR, you will find it hard to get a job even if you give an offer of working without any pay just for an experience letter. This is because once upon a time every 1 student out of 3 took admission in this seeing which herds followed and ended up being jobless by the time they passed out because of aggressive competition.

          By failing 11th twice and then somehow passing 12th - Doing Graduation from a well-known college and finding a seat in a college of my choice in Post Graduation - To passing successfully with an extra certification and fetching a job as soon as I was out of college- I have become that "bhaiyya" figure to whom kids from society reach out whenever something related to education has to be figured out. Haha! I know I am the least qualified person to advise them upon anything but for them, my path has been what they feel is a bed of roses. I just do not feel like leaving anybody clueless so I end up advising them the same. Parents are the most beautiful people you'll ever meet on this planet but unfortunately, their concern for our safety and future sometimes become a reason for our failure in future. 

          If you don't wish to study something and then do that particular job for rest of your life, just say a blunt NO to your parents and let them know what your interest is. Marks are already out so you do not have much choices now. According to what cut-offs and possibilities remain, select the most interested course that you find among them and go for it. Without thinking twice. The moment you start analyzing your choice and them reassuring it with people around you including elders and even your friends, you get thrown in the spot where there's only one way to go which you never want to. Remember all those moments when you didn't listen to anyone and did what you wanted to. Yes, it was messy in the beginning but didn't that become another name of habit in your life? Didn't it become that easy? This is the most important period of your life when you have to again listen to your self rather than asking 100s of bhaiyyas like me around you. :-)

         Even when you are going with your interest, ask experts about the future scope and what other possibilities you might explore as an alternative income with it. Inquire as much as possible about this particular course that you have finally decided to do by your choice rather than inquiring about what exactly has to be done and from which college. Let me tell you that people throw the scary disclaimers upon you that college matters, university matters, city matters etc. Nothing matters these days. Not all companies are choosing for that perfect candidate who have never failed in life and kept on scoring 60% each time he went to write an exam. There are 98% of companies in the market which is only looking out for person who shows confidence in the interview with his knowledge and determination to give best in his work. I have attempted 11th std twice and failed both the times after which I did 12th externally. I gave 3 interviews and in none of them I was asked about an year gap or my low performance in Junior college. Interviewers were only interested in exploring how much I know about my field and how determined I am to work in 9-to-6 schedule. 

         And college is the time when you can always try as much as you want. You can always explore different capabilities of yours. I started Blogging just 3 days before my graduation begun and see how many opportunities I have got in life which not many gets. You can also explore different activities, job etc and find another interest of yours by the time the boring graduation gets completed. Life is always unpredictable so do not think much about where you would be after 10 years. Just think about now at the moment and you always have chance to improve your future. Even at the age of 50. You are just 15 and 17, guys. Just chill! This is the perfect time to apply the most cheesy quote which has gone and sat in the most accessible part of your brain- BE YOURSELF! Haha!