28 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Learn to exaggerate life... !!!

821st BLOG POST -->>

            Holi is over? A Very Belated Happy Holi to all of you reading this. Hope you wasted lots of water and still tweeted and updated about how others should save it for you. :-) This is what generally happens. The one who talks about Global Warming the most is the one who sits at home surrounded by the accumulated air brought together by Air Conditioner. :-) The celebrities like movie stars, cricketers etc tweets about saving water as if they really care. They get all the luxurious treatment but still they show as if they have the most concern for us- the middle-class and poor. Sub dhongi hain. Sub. They bathe in tub in any condition but still show us as if they are sponging water over them rather than showering it. Whatever... Let's leave the issue and get ahead with whatever I have to speak. Why should I talk about something which I can't change, right? As always, you people will reply "yes" to whatever I'll say. Haha! Sorry Sorry. :-)

             One thing that I have learnt in life is- Learn. Learning is the best way of progressing. Until and unless you keep your arrogance and egoism in prioritization, you will never be able to learn new aspects. Life does not have limits. It is vast, dynamic and interminable. What has limits are just and just our thoughts. If we align them to infinity. If we customize them from 0 to a number that is imaginary only by God then we will get a chance to subscribe ourselves to many things. The basic example of understanding what I am trying to convey is our college lecture. The day we keep ourselves intrigued in mobile or sleep or chit-chatting with our friends on the last bench, we know nothing about what happened in class. But the day we sit on any of the front benches and listen to what teacher is trying to make us understand, we get the concept so easily that we feel as if the topic is made for children and why does it even have a place in our syllabus. Right? Now you understood. An example is must when I talk. Hai na? :-)

             Not everyone is excellent in every part of his/her life. Even if one seems to be almost perfect, there are some defects and things that are below par. Or if someone is not very good in things that you do or see him doing, he might be best in something that you are still unaware of. Hence always keep an approach of asking people as to what they love doing or they are good in. Everyone loves boasting about their good qualities. And then don't skip it by saying that you aren't interested in the particular thing. Learn some basic features through them and start trying things. Learn it. And you will find a profound reason to live. Just breathing, eating, talking, surfing internet and sleeping is not THE LIFE. It is just a survival- a method of it. And who survives? Poor who does not have chances or opportunities. Or the one who does not have brain to think about it. Are you any of them? No. You have all the powers- Mental, physical and financial. Go For Things.

           People always abuse me for my working culture. Even when I watch TV, people look at me as if I am doing crime. Because I always watch things that can teach me something. And even if I watch something entertaining, I observe Arts and then try to implement it when I am doing it sometimes later. I ask my mother to let me watch The Newshour because its something that teaches us- debating, use of English language, thoughts related to different topics etc. I watch Brahmakumaris on Aastha. It tells the power of meditation. I watch only those parts in a Cricket match that shows a Cricketer scoring a Hundred or when Sachin Tendulkar/Virat Kohli bats. It gives me energy. When I see a Dance reality show, I try to observe new steps so that I can implement it next time I dance. :-) When I watch an Award function, I keep on observing the hosts and learn the timing when a joke or filler is to be inserted. I want to be every thing. And thus I want to learn every thing. I feel that I should know little bit of every thing in life so that I always have some knowledge about any field people are talking/discussing about. 

            I don't feel weird when I see that my doings are related to learning new things. Recently, I participated in a competition named "Mi Mumbaikar" in which there were different levels of Quiz Competition based on questions about Mumbai. A girl who participated in the group in which I also was a part of cleared the next level which I didn't. When I asked friends I got to know that she used to analyze the places/areas of Mumbai when she used to roam/hang-out with her fiancee. Then she used to come home and search about the whole history of the areas she visited. Impressive! And what other girls/boys do? See into eyes of each other and come back. What the .... !!! Drown into each other's eyes but remember, life is beyond this sanctity. Hahaha! Sorry hansi aa gayi. Is shreni k logon ki lene mein mujhe ek vibhinn aanand milta hai jo sirf mera hruday samajhta hai. :-) 

             Basically, what I am saying is- LEARN THINGS. If you are a boy, learn every thing that's possible. We have more areas to visit in comparison to girls. We have many fields in which we can try our hands in. So why not be dynamic and Jack-of-all? If you are a girl, try everything that's related to indoor activities and then also that are meant for a gutsy to execute. Right from cooking, sweeping, washing to getting official works done to driving car to traveling alone.. Learn!!! And when you learn, don't feel ashamed about what others are thinking when you are falling again and again. To learn, if you have to approach someone who is a master of that Art, go with confidence, again, don't be ashamed of this. 

          Once you learn almost every thing that you hear about from people around you, you feel independent. Why to be dependent on someone who is born with the same number of bones and muscles as us? Why not challenge and get ahead? Why not? No reason, right? So start learning and exploring. I have used this word- "Explore" number of times in my posts. Because I myself want to explore many things but I am confined to very few. These days I am trying to do what I used to do when I was child. Because when we are child, we fear none and hence we try every damn thing. Let's do the same now. We are just 20s or at most 30s... Right? Even when you read this medium, you learn something, right? No? Ok Sorry. I should move now before something terrorizing happens. :-)

 Thanks. Bye.

23 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Even if you are a Participant, Pray for the Best One to Win!!!

820th BLOG POST -->>

            Hello! Once again! :-) Is pakne aur pakaane k safar mein ek baar fir aap subka swagat hai. Haha! Life is changing its phase. Its becoming happier. But by circumstances or situations? No. By thoughts and its process. It always changes magnitude of mood and the proficiency with which the mind works. I am always subjective to myself and then the people around me. A race is always there in life. Though I prefer the one with myself. Neither the achievement of someone makes me jealous nor the failure of someone makes me happy. Whatever happens to me is by what happens with me. I am so self-obsessed, right? Right! :-) But don't you think that there comes a time or there should come a time when one should start believing that someone else deserves better than what we achieve? No? How rude! :-) Yes, for me, it should. All of us know the amount of effort and struggle we put into things that are for our benefits. We know the consequences of efforts and also its side-effects. Yes, in the case if you don't sleep and only put efforts for your targets. :-) 

             There has been many a times when I used to hear people often saying in Reality shows and some other shows on television "May the best candidate win" even when they were themselves willing to win. I used to feel surprised. I always felt that these people just want to cast their good image in the minds of audience. And they genuinely don't wish any good for anyone. But one incident strikes me now while talking on this topic. No reality show has been as cool as Indian Idol Season 1. It has been the most passionate show for people till date. Everyone, almost everyone, was fan of Rahul Vaidya. Everyone made him an unofficial winner in their hearts. In the final 2 selection week when Rahul Vaidya was being eliminated from the show and then Abhijeet Sawant was being told that he has made it into Top 2 Finalist, he didn't rejoice a bit. He came and just sat on the seat. Even Amit Sana came to know that he is been finalized, he celebrated it over the top through his gestures. 

            Later when Abhijeet Sawant was asked to speak something, he just cried and said "Rahul deserved to be here and not me". Everyone was shocked. It was a genuine comment. He judged the show and the scenario from a 3rd person's perspective and he found that Rahul Vaidya deserved more. And this good attitude made him people's favorite then which also is a big part in making him win the show. He didn't think selflessly. This is what happens when you start admiring someone. And with me it generally happens when I know the condition and situation one is in. If ever I know that someone needs the same spot as badly as me. And if I know that his conditions need the spot more than mine, I definitely feel that "Let the best candidate get it". There's no use of winning something if you know that you could have lived even by losing it while another is finding it hard to even survive as winning the particular trophy was a hope of life line to him. And this is not about feeling for humanity but this comes from within. It tells you how good a human being you are.

            In school, we never like any of our friends scoring more than us or we never wish anyone to do better than us because our parents fill our mind with lot of competitiveness then. This is the worst part about parents that I feel. I don't know about other countries but in our India, parents never teach their kids to pray for someone else to achieve what they are also racing for just because someone else needs it more than you. The day parents will start implementing this procedure of teaching their children about how to wish for others too, children will start performing much better as there would be no envy, jealousy, competitiveness among each other. Everyone would turn helpful and less competitive. A kind of brotherhood could have been there among each other even during school days. But even after coming to college or in job, if you don't feel the same, please go for a reality check. You need one. If you have never prayed, wished or wanted someone else to win the race in spite of you even when you are yourself a participant then you have not still understood the dynamism of life. Do learn it. Wish for others when they deserve something more than you; also when they need something desperately while you don't. Please. There's nothing much better than being a good human being.
           If you can't respect someone else's aim and dream and if you can't respect their success, you don't deserve to be successful. Even if time is favoring you today, tomorrow you will be surely shown the door towards failure. And you never know when the time might change for you. Time favors no one if one tends to be slightly out-of-the-mark. Remember this. You are never the best person to win a race until and unless you are the most passionate out of all the contestants running with you. if anyone else who have done better than you is also with you, remember, you should run to win the race but keep in mind, if the best person isn't winning it, you does not become the Champion. He even after losing remains to be Champion, it's just that it was your day today and not his. 

Izzatein shohratein chahatein ulfatein
koi bhi cheez duniya mein rehti nahiin
aaj main hoon jahaan kal koi aur thaa .. aaj main hoon jahaan kal koi aur thaa
Ye bhi ek daur hai woh bhi ek daur tha..... 
[I heard it in one of Rajesh Khanna's speech]


20 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A still water is stale, so is still life. It should neither be drunk nor touched"

819th BLOG POST -->>

            A was too excited to meet his very old friend B after 5 years. He did all the preparations to meet him. The more awkward thing was that they were not even in communication during these 5 years since they parted after Graduation. No one knew what the other one was doing in life. And they had decided during their phone conversation that they are not going to discuss anything over it as during their meet, they will have to just keep saying "Aur bolo.. Aur bolo" after every two minutes due to lack of topics. Both were excited to know each other's whereabouts. A had achieved too much in life and hence he was excited to know about B as he always believed that B has been little more passionate than him. Finally, they met. All the hugging, hand shaking and exclamation took place for first few minutes and finally when they settled down, they started talking about career.

             A discussed about every thing that he achieved after Graduation. An award, a MBA degree, a placement with highest salary, a successful engagement with childhood crush, a gift from parents in the form of a new car which has always been his interest etc. B kept listening everything. He was feeling awkward. He wanted A to keep talking about himself as he had nothing to tell. He didn't do quite well in life. Finally, A stopped and exclaimed,"Hey now it's your turn, buddy. Start with your achievements". B told him about his MCA that he begun with good marks but finally ended up screwing his 4th, 5th and 6th Semester and eventually decided to end his Academics. Then he started up a business which didn't do well and life around him shattered. Since then he is been sitting at home and thinking about what has to be done with life.

          A was shocked. It was hard for him to believe that B wasn't doing any adventure in his life currently. He asked B to do something that he feels he is good at. B said that he is tired with lots of failure and weaknesses in life. And now he has decided to eat with whatever his parents have saved since they married. A asked him to not to eat what his parents have saved by putting their efforts in. He pleaded him to work and eat because the food of our own money gives the ultimate satisfaction which nothing else in life can. B was not satisfied. He said that it is him because of whom his parents have been successful in saving these money otherwise without his support and help right from his childhood, his parents would not have been where they stand today. A felt very bad talking to him. The whole image that he made of B's in his mind broke into pieces once he talked to him. It was hard for him to see someone close to him talking like LOSERS. 

             A left the place and during the journey towards home in his car, he decided that he is not meeting B any time again in life. He didn't like the purpose of B's life. He always liked the people with purpose, aim, goal and vision. He, himself, never sat in life. For him the philosophy of life has always been one- "A still water is stale, so is still life. It should neither be drunk nor touched" which means that a person should never sit idle, he should keep walking and achieving heights. A person should crumble, do mistakes, perform sins, fall, fail, crawl and drag but not stop. He never feared from taking risks, analyzing the situations, failing or getting humiliated or insulted. He always loved doing something new. Someone came one day and gave him a proposal and said that his invention would be purchased by them for which he would be given enough money to sit and eat. He asked them once more why they are willing to pay him so much and they replied the same. They thought that A was an average greedy human craving for money and rest. He said NO to their deal just because their purpose was something which A considered worst than death. And he could have never sold his precious creative idea to people with such mind set. 

            Life has to be moving. He always said to everyone in his group that life is a bike- even if its moving at the speed of 10 km/hour, its at least moving rather than standing at a place for years and only adding up the cost of its owner's possession for its depreciation. His friends used to respect him a lot. It was not that A never failed in life. Before Graduation he was a thorough failure. But once he came in Graduation, he gave so much to his life that it all turned perfect since then. Though only his Academics went perfect, other things that he engrossed himself in didn't do quite well. They all failed one after another. He always wanted to be a Business man but failed incessantly. He wanted to start earning during his study days itself but he never succeeded. But still he keeps trying. This is what A teaches everyone still.... It has been 20 years since this era when he met B but still... A is criticized by media for making his business lose amount of Crores which indirectly affects the Sensex chart of the nation but A knows what he wants. He wants a moving life. He wants water in the form of river, wave and ocean and not the one which is filled up in a bucket or swimming pool- just to remain stagnant until not changed or touched. :-)

P.S.: Friends, keep your life moving continuously... Fall... get hurt.... All is fine.. But stopping your life is like almost dying. And we are given a birth to live and build a legacy.. Not to waste it in resting and day-dreaming.. 


19 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Sometimes Failure is what Our Life Needs!!!

818th BLOG POST -->>

             Who does not want life to go smoother and crispier? I surely want my life to be one with all the luxuries, money and every thing that I would be needing to lead a life of fulfilling desires and conversion of dreams into reality. But does life remains to be the same for all the time till its with us? Certainly not. Even in the childhood when we used to do something that wasn't right for us, we tried to hide it from our parents. But not every time we turned successful in hiding it from them. There always came a day when they got familiar with what wrong-doings we have been into. They scolded us, beat us and didn't talk to us for a day or two. They made us study all time as punishment and didn't let us go out to play for a week or so. How bad those days used to be when parents used to give us punishment for doing something which we should not have done. That moment used to be the toughest for us. We hated our parents the most and craved for our best friend. But once that period used to go and the life that we lead used to come back, we celebrated it more than before.

            This is what punishments and failure teaches us. It teaches us the pleasure that we get when everything is fine with us. It teaches us that every thing that we want is what he already had but we didn't care about it then because of which we have to face this moment by losing it. But should we sit and watch the thing going away from us? No. Our life is the best. We shouldn't let it get wasted in passing time, Facebooking, flirting, hanging-out, craving for a love partner etc. Instead we should try to re-position ourselves at the same spot where we already were. And once we are there, we should crave for much higher targets. It might happen that you may reach a very good target and fall even below than the one which you were already sitting at. Then you might analyze the situation and say that its better to be at mediocrity than to crave for excellence. That's where we go wrong.

             Risk is what has to be taken in this game of Success and Failure. If it works, you get what you dream of. If it does not, you come to know where you lacked or how much more you need to give to achieve your target. And you know what.. Success is what makes you popular among your group or friends. Once you fail, you become a point of gossip. Everyone likes to talk about your life because they feel it very interesting to witness a screen play of a movie-kind in their real life with someone who is so close to them. They will judge you. They will tell you at what places you were wrong when you were in the journey of touching your target. Once they considered you the best and the one as a true guide but today, they tell you how to move further with the same thing. You get to know during failure the real faces of everyone who is around you. You are left alone. And when you are alone, you talk to yourself. And then the died part of yours which gets lost in the current thoughts and day-to-day masti, talks to you. I am talking these days with myself. :-)

               People will always take your Success with them but the Failure remains with us. Through your Success, people will take inspiration from you. At your success, people will discuss with many around them about how you achieved heights in spite of the situations that didn't guarantee luck. But when you fail, people don't want to introduce you. They want you to stay away from them until and unless you don't get to the same position where you were. Therefore, its Failure that teaches us. Because then we discuss with ourselves as to how to approach the hard-work again. While being successful, we just move with the flow of moment. We fail to talk to ourselves. Our feet starts leaving Earth in the amount of happiness that God keeps blessing us with. But once Failure dawns upon us, we realize what all are still incomplete in our lives. And then we decide that once we get to the position where we stood, we will also give these certain things a consideration too.

             During Failure, we start believing in certain superstitions. We start blaming almost every wrong- big or small that we did when all was fine. And we say that this is what God has punished us for. WRONG!!! Instead we should thank God. When we watch Cricket Match, do we like when it's all One-sided or we love the match when we find our team and the opposition both fighting back with the same momentum and spirit? Though that nail biting moment is something we don't love when its on but once the result of the game is announced, we appreciate the competitive match. Even when our team loses, we look at them with respect without abusing which we often do when they lose. :-) This is how we should look ourselves too. We only fail when the target is competitive. Because achieving easier targets is what anyone can achieve. And do you like such a simple life where you always achieve a target without failing some times? Come on. 

            Failing should give a satisfaction that at least we are on right path. At least we are into something that's challenging in life. And during the time of Failure, talk with yourself. You will get to know the treatment which you'll get from everyone around you. Then you get to know who really are feeling bad for you and who are faking around. Currently, I am almost in the same state where I have lost a game I was playing. I don't know what's the margin between my performance and the performance that is needed to win the game but whatever, I am taking this whole scenario which will be with me for next few months I guess. This will make me see every thing that has been invisible to me yet. And I am enjoying this new door that God has opened for me. I have understood a lesson already- Shortcut is not meant for me. I always get what I need through real hard-work. Though my wings have been cut but I am prepared to fly back. Currently, I am working on how to grow my wings so that the flying can be begun once again. And Yes, I have promised myself that I will still not settle for Mediocrity, my eyes will still stay on Excellence. :-) Because I know, Success always starts with a Failure. And I have myself experienced it. 


18 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Who moved my Cheese? Cheese itself? Then let it move on.. :-)

817th BLOG POST -->>

            Strange! Things that are good will turn worst was never into our expectations or doubts. We always feel that the certain things are meant to be on the specific locations but the moment we realize that the control over the things have been lost and the dis-allocation has begun, we get scared of what the future would be. The biggest problem that we face is the trauma we have within us. I remember a book that I read "Who Moved My Cheese?", it was a very short book which one can read and keep away in just 30 minutes. It had a very good narration and indirect message as to how we lose our control when our thing gets lost or someone takes it away from us. And it also tells how we can ignore the happenings and build a new cheese/thing for ourselves. For a small child the book is an adventurous story book while for someone as mature as you and me, it is a plethora of philosophy. I suggest all of you to read it if you are scared of losing someone or something that you think is only yours or you are very possessive about it.

            While working we get accustomed to certain appreciations and position that we hold. We love the attention that we get. We give our best to the particular thing/person. We like our cheese to be with us. But there comes a time when our cheese starts getting farther from us and we are left with nothing but loneliness. We have to stay strong during such incidents. If we will break ourselves, we can never show the world that we are capable of much more; its just that the time favored someone else because he put more in it than us. But this I am talking in regards when your cheese is your job position or your position in academics. But when it is related to a person or persons, the only thing is that we should accept rejection and reject acceptance. We will have to learn this or anyone can use us as a Punching Bag and move ahead. We should not let this happen with us. Life is been given to us by parents and the only person who should be eligible to hurt us is our parents. Anyone else doing it is the proof of the weaknesses that still persists within us. We have to overcome everything and think about ourselves. How can we love someone else more than ourselves? Even we are a human being like him/her or them, right? Why should we hurt ourselves? WHY? 

           Many of us don't leave someone because we feel that the person has been good to us in our bad times or the moments passed with him has been a golden period of our life. We are scared that we won't get anyone better than him/her ever and thus we continue to stay with them even when we see that our self-respect and ego is being killed every minute. How can you kill a part of yours for someone who doesn't even care about your feelings? Leave the caring part, if a person does not understand you, he only deserves to be in your Facebook contacts and not over it. And meri maane toh, they don't deserve a place even in our virtual friend list or circle. Every time, we start loving or liking someone, it is because of the good moments they have given to us in our life. But a relationship breaks only when it reaches a height at which we get to see the real face, behaviour and attitude of the person. So to know whether the person deserves to be in our life or not, a relationship has to go up to that height. So don't think that because the relationship has been so wonderful, it should be given a chance or multiples. Break it. Only when you will let this one go, you will get a new better one in your life. Past speaks the same. And so do the experiences of many.

            Let me give an example. When a father/brother rapes a girl, does she forgives them or she moves ahead and lodge a complain against him? She moves ahead, right? Then she does not care about the love that she has been getting from him since birth. She just breaks all the relationship that they share for that heinous moment that she had to go through because of them. Even if he pleads to forgive him, she does not listen. For her, it is over. And after that, she feels bad for sometime because her soul has been ruined with the power of lust but later on, life teaches her to survive, then live and then smile. She gets back to her work with the same spirit. And after it, she never lets anyone hurt her. Every time, a person comes in life and starts judging her or testing her, she directly asks the person to move away and never come closer. This is how the relationship with anyone has to be dealt with. Take only up to a level and after that, be gutsy and throw the relationship away.

             If you will keep dragging the relationship just for the sake of those moments that are been shared together, you are doing wrong with the concept. Even Sita had to leave Lord Rama and Earth after a level of judgment and injustice. She knew she was right and she preferred to leave rather than staying once again with Rama just like the last time when the same Agnee-pariksha was used to test her purity. Every day, we find the ambitious people breaking relationship with many of their friends, partners, brothers etc. Why? Because they love themselves more than the shit relationships they are in. They value their life and happiness than the unwanted tension that the certain relationship starts giving after a point of time. I know that it takes time for a human being to cope up with a loss of a relationship but on any day, its better to lose the relationship than losing our self, right? So take the step now without thinking twice. :-)



Out of Many Things, We always FAIL only in ONE!!! Yes!!!

816th BLOG POST -->>

            Go to a seashore. Try to experience a scenery when Sun is ready to set in the end of the day. You will love the whole euphoria that the God creates when he asks Moon to take over the responsibility for the second half of a day. When you will see the settling sun, before it you will find an endless whirlpool of water, still, wavy and yet flowing. You will see the water spread for miles and you can never cover the whole area by walking or running even if you think to try it. Then you feel that how small you are in comparison to this World. You start feeling how tiny you and your life is in comparison to this vast Endless Earth. I have a habit of watching sky whenever I am out of my home during the dark. I see lots of stars and some unblinking planets and other rocks in the sky which appears as a dot to me. This makes me think that how big an Universe is, how small a part of it is- is our Earth and how small am I, in comparison to this planet which is itself an Universe for me. On a serious note, this small we and our lives, individually, are.

             Then why do we make big issues out of it? Already we have seen that we are such a tiny element in this Universe, that we are not even visible to other planets or even considering only the Earth, how tiny we seemed to be when the sun was settling, right? Then, why don't we understand that we are no one to control this world? It's impossible for us to stop the periodicity of the nature. What we have in our control is we, ourselves. We are so tiny that no one will even try to look out for us. We, ourselves, know that we are also in existence in this big world. We have an identity. Others don't. Everyday I catch local train, how many people knows me in my coach itself? No one. Then why do I need to even care as to what will others think of me when I am in the times of judgement and recuperation? 

            When an autistic patient craves for someone's support, for him/her, the only world for him is the one who gives him support and care. Rest of the world is an immaterial to be ignored. We will have to think the same the moment we realize that the time has gone from our hands and we have failed miserably. If there's a chance to recheck our fault, we should and establish the faith in ourselves. But if have already lost the match and the time, as we know, can not be revived back, we will have to forget that thing rather than crying over it. People will judge us. They will say that we could have done better if we would not have indulged ourselves in other certain things. But how we lead ourselves is known only to us. Why to hear then of others? Why not give the speaker within us a chance to speak and heard? 

            We always feel that when we will fail we will handle it easily but we lose the grip of our feet from Earth once we find ourselves in the turbulence of wavy water that is in control of none but only nature and its creator. We will have to build our character strong so that even when the adversity touches the tangent of our life's circle, we can draw a perpendicular and change its direction. The arc will always be made to intersect the failure with our way but then, it is in our hands at what speed the rotation of the circle has to be accelerated at. Worst part about failing is that we start finding ourselves alone. Even when we would be standing among 1000 people, we will still not talk to anyone else but ourselves. Why? Why do we start isolating ourselves from the world? Who is the human being who has got this privilege of getting immortalized because of his perfection and always-positive result? Any? No!!!

            The epitome of Success such as Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan has also not given a single highlighted performance from last 2-3 years or so. They are been loved for the person they are. Yes. What did you read? They are been loved for the person they are. Be a good human being first. Once you are this, then your performance matters for others. Otherwise no one is interested in no one's success until and unless the successful person is a good human being. Just try to be correct in life in every step that you take. Never think about anyone else as if they are just for the sake of utility and not for an emotional connect. Build affection among yourself and others. This will help you generate relationships. And if some relationships aren't favoring goodwill in life, say them bye for ever. And get back to work.

           Out of many things that we are in life, we always fail only in one. And its rare occasion that we are failure in 2 or more things that we are. If you have failed in academics, remember, you are still a good child, good friend, good parents, good dancer or whatever you are, have good sense of humour etc. If you failed as a friend remember, you are still good at other things mentioned above in the list including academics and excluding good friend. :-) So, out of many things that you are, you will always fail in one. So when you are prescribed medicine for only one treatment, why call your whole body a waste and weak? Why can't we stay happy for other parts that we are good and average in? Let's focus on them for few days more than failure. Let's keep our life normal even when one out of 10 important things doesn't do well. We still have other things to keep them the way they are. Let's get involved in them for some days and return back on time to retain what we lost recently. :-) 



What when a family member fails?? ACCEPT or REJECT Him??

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             When one fails, what one expects is to get support from everyone who is around him/her. He does not know whether the coming environment would be suiting his demands, desires, vision or mission but he certainly knows that he can do well once again if he has the support of his family. If family supports, one tends to do well. He gets the courage to carve a way out of the mountains. Nothing is impossible in this world if one starts believing him/herself even in the times when people think that the certain target can not be achieved as one is being pulled back by an extensive margin. But any of the family members standing with the victim of failure can give him the strength to even move his Earth from its axis by centimeters. The universe starts calling him towards success. All the planets starts rotating and revolving according to his hard efforts rather than what his/her astrologer says. This is the incredibility that one experiences when a family stands aside during hard times.

             But in this world of expectations and desires, one only salutes the person whose graph goes up and up and up but does not even considers a person who fails tremendously, again and again. Even if one fails once, some people predict whole future of the being and boycotts the person without even thinking that he may stand again with the support. When a person in his/her business does not do well, the only thing that his mind doubts is if his family would accept him in the state of liabilities and loans. Because till the time the profit was being given at home, all the brothers and relatives saluted the person. But the day he tells at home that the business is not doing well anymore, his family members start disrespecting him. Even the food is not given to him properly considering that he is of no use anymore. This is what should not happen. Support has to be kept with.

             When a man is being expelled from his job, he does not feel bad about his failure but for his family. He knows that this will effect his wife, children and parents. He comes home and tells everyone that I am being thrown away from the company because I was not up to the mark or a recession has just crept in. In most cases, wife first starts talking about the good for 5-10 minutes but later on, she starts taunting and cursing him to take the job lightly when all was good. Suddenly the children who used to take their Father as their hero and inspiration starts ignoring him as they feel that he has lost whatever he had in life and now why should we waste our bit of time over him. They forget the way he brought them up and gave them the education that many are still craving for. But only if the treatment would have been normal, the man would have felt better and after few hours, he would have started applying for other jobs on line with the help of his children. 

              When a child fails in his academic exam, parents start blaming him for everything that he did in last 6 months during the semester. What he/she didn't do also gets added in the list. The face of the child becomes the sin for their parents. They start cursing him for even taking birth in their house. They are being compared to other siblings/cousins/friends which worsen the mental state of the child who is already facing a trauma. Brother/sister starts making fun on him/her. At last, the person switches his cell off and sits in his bedroom doing nothing but cursing himself for letting everyone down. He loses the confidence to do anything else in life. He wants to run away from his home now. Or to hang himself to death. He wants his family to stay happy henceforth. Because that is what is been shown to him when he displayed his failed result at home that he is the one who's doing no good in the family. Hence students take steps which kills them. ALARM!!! 

            If everyone would understand that the person is the same only his/her performance or deeds have changed, even that will get back to the subject soon. One should not lose the hope and blame the person. It is easy. Rather than that if the support would have been given, everything could be well and good. Failing is not a big issue until and unless one is not quitting. Because once the quitting statement is being used, the result of the whole life can be understood. If you are a part of your family, understand, you are not only to share a bit of cake when a celebration takes place at home, you are also responsible to make the person feel good who is not feeling good about him/herself. Rather than ignoring and taunting the person, tell him what importance he/she plays in your life. Directly or indirectly. Tomorrow when he'll succeed, you will become the lifeline of his life and being someone's lifeline is world's biggest achievement. Please don't disrespect failed person. Even he was successful a minute before the latest result got displayed. And you never know what your result would be like.... 



The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi!!!

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              I am done with two things- 1. Reading the 2nd book of Shiva Trilogy: The Secret of the Nagas and watching the video of Amish Tripathi's speech at Conclave 2013. What a speech. This man is so much clear with his thoughts that even after cross-questioning him for 100 times, you will fail but his determination towards God and magnificence will continue to shine as crisp and clear as before. From last one week, since Mahashivratri, I am completed reading the first two books written by him and also watching all the interviews and speeches by this man on Internet and I can say that I am falling into a zone where you can't call me a FAN of Amish Tripathi but a kind of devotee. I have got an author after Chetan Bhagat whose way of living is what I would like to inherit in me. Failure does not affect them because they are clear with the purpose they are here with. As the The Secret of the Nagas have been read, it's time to review it and not the author's life. :-)

Today, He is a God.
4000 years ago, He was just a man.
The hunt is on. The sinister Naga warrior has killed his friend Brahaspati and now stalks his wife Sati. Shiva, the Tibetan immigrant who is the prophesied destroyer of evil, will not rest till he finds his demonic adversary. His vengeance and the path to evil will lead him to the door of the Nagas, the serpent people. Of that he is certain.
The evidence of the malevolent rise of evil is everywhere. A kingdom is dying as it is held to ransom for a miracle drug. A crown prince is murdered. The Vasudevs – Shiva’s philosopher guides – betray his unquestioning faith as they take the aid of the dark side. Even the perfect empire, Meluha is riddled with a terrible secret in Maika, the city of births. Unknown to Shiva, a master puppeteer is playing a grand game.
In a journey that will take him across the length and breadth of ancient India, Shiva searches for the truth in a land of deadly mysteries – only to find that nothing is what it seems.
Fierce battles will be fought. Surprising alliances will be forged. Unbelievable secrets will be revealed in this second book of the Shiva Trilogy, the sequel to the #1 national bestseller, The Immortals of Meluha.

             As I said in my last review itself, Amish Tripathi has a very unique style to present his sentences and theories which has many dimensions. It has all collaborated into one- Love, devotion, philosophy, mythology, legacy, history etc. If you have been an ardent reader, you will easily get the messages, direct and indirect, that Amish tries to give out whenever he makes his characters talk and converse with each other. Every time he writes in italic, you realize the weight in the words that are been put together in that customized font. I could have said that the book must have been shorter by few pages but I can not because every sentence has some meaning. Though its not necessary that we can understand the purpose of all but we will with time. This is what this most talked author- Amish Tripathi has in himself. Blissful writer.

             Coming to this book, obviously I would say that The Immortals of Meluha is wonderful and better than this one but still, The Secret of the Nagas is no less. I just didn't find first half as happening as the last book because I am already introduced to Lord Shiva in the last book itself. The new book could have been started with lots of happening. Though it has been tried but it failed, at least, for me. But from the chapter- The Battle of Madhumati, from where you can say that the second half of the book begins, the real book/story starts. I loved the whole scenario of Shiva's fight with promising Parshurama. Then the way he gets to know about Neelkanth. Ok, I would like to point one more good thing- the way Shiva is also referred as Mahadev and Neelkanth at times keeps the reader intrigued as monotonous Shiva-Shiva-Shiva can also irritate.

               Then, Sati's own journey towards finding Kali and Ganesh is a surprising element. The way Nagas has been shown, purely villainous, it creates interest to wait to read what Shiva's reaction would be. Then Daksha's past and his doings, his wife's past etc related to Nagas is an interesting part. Shiva's hatred for Ganesh is also described balance-fully  In all, The Secret of the Nagas is a promising sequel of the epic book- The Immortals of Meluha. The third and the last book of this Trilogy- "The Oath of the Vayuputras" will be given to me by tomorrow, as it is of 600 pages, it will take some time but I am unable to resist myself to read it. This is the time when I am loving to be in the world that I can never see. While reading this book, you will imagine all the scenarios not only in a normal visualized version but in a 3D version. :-) This is the kind of description that Mr. Amish has given throughout the book. Kudos. 

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Who Sucks? STUDENTS or EDUCATION SYSTEM?? by Gaurav Dashputra!!!


Mr. Gaurav Dashputra is one of the rare writers who reside in Navi Mumbai. His debut novel "And Then It Rained" is running successfully in the market. I, being from the same area, get the privilege to meet him and talk about our literary ideas. This time when I met him we discussed and he felt that he should contribute on this space. As decided, he will be posting his views on every Sunday. This is his third contribution.


A big Hi to everyone who is reading this. It has been a long and boring week for me. A lot of work has kept me occupied and with each passing day I have been feeling more and more mentally drained. It is 3 AM here in Mumbai and as I sit in front of my laptop writing this post, I feel like I am completely out of ideas and concepts to write about. A lot of things have been playing peek a boo in my head right now and I somehow have an uncontrollable urge to just to up to my roof top and scream out at the top of my voice into the universe. 

While all these things medically might indicate that I am having a mental breakdown, something within me suggests otherwise. And right now I can just seem to blame all my symptoms which comprise of – lethargy, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration and complete emotional distress on just one thing. And that one thing is the educational system of India. Being from the medical line I have over the past four and a half years read a lot of books that has helped me clear exams, both theory and vivas. But today as I think about it I feel that all that mugging has played a catalyst to the downfall of my creative self. Which makes me question – Is the way in which students of this country are treated justified? 

Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are four subjects that have been given immense importance in our country today. Everyone wants to become a doctor or an engineer so that we get financial security once our education is over. Everyone is running the rat race to earn money. But is that all there is to life? Every human being has his own mental capacity. No two people are alike. So why is it that the pressure to perform in exams is the same for every body. And why have sports, arts and literature taken a backseat in our country?

We learn everything in school. From science to languages.  From sports to arts. Then why it is that majority of the population is pushed towards a selected few branches? In 2012 over 6 lakh people appeared for IIT-JEE and the numbers of seats allotted were around 9600. The intake ratio for the medical field is worse. Who is to be blamed? Is it the schools for not providing quality education in other fields. Is it the parents for forcing their opinions on their children? Is it the students for not broadening their own spectrum of talent and interest? Or is it the system which can not provide us with enough institutions? 

We can blame anyone we want to but that is not going to change anything. The fact of the matter is that with all this we are producing mechanical beings who know just how to run to the sound of the trigger. The bullet is fired and we run. Run to get admissions, run to finish our education, run to get jobs, run to please others, run to start a family, run for our kids. And by the time we stop running and look back we have either quit the race or have become too old. 

Day in and day out our ability to appreciate life is deteriorating. Nothing seems to be eternal anymore. The music can’t be appreciated over one year. The movies are senseless. No one really has time to read, forget write. Relationships break within months. Love has become futile. Add to that things like corruption, poverty, crimes of passion and you have nothing but the end of humanity written all over it. 

Can we change? Maybe – maybe not. But today as I end my post I would like a make a promise to myself that at least I will make a change in my life and live it away from futility and do things that make me happy. 

After all as the great poet W H Davies has said – “What is this life if full of care? We Have no time to stand and stare. A poor life this if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

Until Later…Keep contemplating. 

Gaurav Dashputra!!!
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The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi!!!

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            There are some books that need no introduction. They are just already declared EPIC and no one needs a review to purchase and read them. These books are just meant for discussion as no one tries to pull it down as its almost everyone's favorite. And an amazing scenario happens when its by an author who's the First Timer. A debutante getting such success and acclaim assures that even if the book will not be an EPIC kind of a tale, it will at least end up being an averagely written book. After Chetan Bhagat, people kept on talking about who's the next. Many authors came, turned Bestsellers but no one bought the kind of revolution that Chetan Bhagat bought with his first book following other 5. And finally, 2 years back, we witnessed another Revolution through the first book of SHIVA TRILOGY written by AMISH TRIPATHI. Being a debut book of his, it got into Bestsellers in its first week itself. The mystery is yet to be solved that who told Indian audience that this first timer has written a tale that will touch hearts. :-) But whatever, Kudos to you Mr. Amish.

              Synopsis: Shiva, one of the chief Hindu deities, is portrayed in an entirely different light in Amish Tripathi's debut novel, The Immortals of Meluha. The first book of The Shiva Trilogy, The Immortals of Meluha charts Shiva's journey from the mountains with his Tibetan tribesmen to the kingdom of Meluha, which is occupied by the Suryavanshis, a race of people who are descendants of Lord Ram and live along the banks of the River Saraswati.
      When an episode involving the preserving drug somras leaves his throat blue, Shiva is hailed as the 'Mahadev' according to an ancient prophecy, the man who'll lead the Suryavanshis to victory against the Chandravanshis. Caught in the middle of a tense conflict, Shiva must now make some quick decisions to save Meluha from the wrath of the evil Chandravanshis and their twisted and disfigured assassins, The Nagas.
        Will Shiva be able to rise to the occasion and save the clan of the Suryavanshis?
        Why does the Princess Sati shy away from speaking to him every single time?
        Who are the Nagas, and why are they assisting the Chandravanshis?
        Set in 1990 B.C., the book takes readers on an imaginative and exciting journey through Amish's world. 

           Amish Tripathi does have the flick of writing. He knows how to build a story using the mythological characters and how to merge two stories together. It is not that he has just tried it for the sake of doing something that is uncommon in the writing industry. Few months ago, I read Ashwin Sanghi's The Krishna Key. This book has the same smell. The way Amish Tripathi has brought- Mythology, philosophy, history and Geography together is what most writers can only dream of. He made his protagonist so huge that its hard to believe that its a fiction story. You want to believe each and every sentence of the book.

           All the characters in the book are beautifully described. Not one of the major characters can be said to be left incomplete or un-happening. Everyone has their role pretty good in the story. Shiva is someone whom I have become so fond of that I am happy this book has come as a Trilogy that I will get to read more about him in The Secret of The Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras. Parvateshwar and Nandi are my favorite characters after the Shiva. Then imagining Sati is another good part about the book. It's always lovely to imagine love interest of the protagonist while reading a book. :-) Then, Daksha is wonderfully described. Anandmayi is one character I am still unsure about. I didn't enjoy her part in the pre-climax. It could have been skipped.

          The first action scenarios in the initial pages of the book is wonderful to start with. Then the way he migrates to Meluha. Later the Somras part and its explanation is interesting. Then the entrance of Sati and description of Shiva's dance and then their marriage, later on, is a treat. Once when people start calling Shiva their God and savoir, and the way Shiva react to them by smiling to himself, are laughable moments in the book. Even you get an urge to see the blue-colored neck of this Neelkanth. Then Parvateshwar's hatred for him is beautifully portrayed. I liked all the contradictions that were shown between the two. Later on, just before the war when Shiva tells everyone that there's a Mahadev in all and asks them to exclaim,"Har Har Mahadev", it is another good-to-imagine part. 

        These are very few parts about which I have talked otherwise I would say that the book is a good One time read. Actually, it can be read many a times but I ask all to read it at least one. Missing this one would be a mistake. And as Karan Johar has already purchased the rights of this book and Hrithik is been said to play Shiva, I must really say that do read it before the movie comes. Because this book is too grand to even imagine. I don't know how can someone build a set that can look as huge as what is being defined in the book. I don't want to speak any negative points about the book because I didn't feel irritated while reading any part. I just didn't want the Climax to be incomplete in such a way even though it is to be continued later in the 2nd book. I was enjoying the tale of warriors, their laws, values, morale, evilness etc. I want all of you to read the Trilogy in a sequence by giving yourself time of 7-10 days. :-) The SHIVA TRILOGY 1 is 400 pages of POWER.

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FOr One More Time by Ishita Bhown!!!


Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. 


   I stepped out of the TOI building, holding my CV and the folder containing the certificates and other credits firmly in one hand and the brochure carrying details of the job profile in another. The interview had been satisfactory, I mentally calculated that there were fair chances of me landing up with this job as an editor in chief for the new magazine.I had managed to impress the panel, not just with my writings, but also by convincing them about my intellectual skills.
     As I stepped outside the office, the smile on my face was soon replaced by a frown. Yes, it was raining! Rains could be dreadful in this part of the city. I looked around to search for shelter, I could not afford to drench my only pair of formal attire, that I had exclusively bought for the interviews.
      God is gracious, and so was my luck today! The deserted reliance Timeout store, across the road held my attention. Without a second thought, I crossed the road and entered inside, planning to wait till the rain subsided. Such stores come to the rescue..I could spend hours at such stores, looking through the books and music albums, and yet not be stared questioningly by the store managers.
       I headed towards the books section- The last book of the Shiva trilogy had been released. I had been meaning to buy it. For me, books are fascinating, tempting and captivating. Without even waiting to acknowledge the smile and greeting offered by the store manager, I directly glanced towards the book rack and the new releases- mostly Indian authors and the chiclits .I was not interested in them - not anymore- my reading tastes had refined now- especially after college, after I met Sneha. Some people enter our lives and in a very short duration, they leave a remarkable impact. Sneha had been one such person for me. Like a refreshing breeze- that suddenly lifts up the mood and absorbs all the negativity.And like a breeze, she too had gone ..
I moved towards the 'classics' segment in the book corner. I had read almost all the authors in the past 4 years. Mitch Albom's 'For one more day' held my attention.
The title was interesting. I looked at the synopsis on the back cover and decided to buy it. It suddenly occurred to me, what if I had a chance to spend one more day with Sneha, would things be a bit different.I smiled at my own thought. Of course, in just one night she had changed me forever, one day could have made me an altogether different person..a lot better.She was an angel, out of sight, but never out of mind- unattainable, un reachable.
    As I scanned through the books, reading their titles one by one...I mentally smiled at the creativity of our young writers. "Mom says no girlfriend", " I loved an angel", " Someone worth dying for" and so on...the books that defined teenage romance.Each one thinking their story to be different, to be unique and worth sharing.
I recalled the debate competition where I had heard Sneha's sweet, yet confident voice for the first time, " Yes, the writing industry is witnessing a change, with so many younger talents getting published the level maybe degrading but readership is increasing."  She was cute. The moment she stepped down from the stage, I felt like inviting her for a cup of coffee. Beauty with brains was a term devised exclusively for her.
     My friends, who were noticing my expressions nudged me, "She is from LSR, no chance of hitting on her Dude! Raghav and Aakash too had tried on her yesterday, but she is arrogant.Won't even leave her group of girlfriends. Better try your luck with Keva,the hot Stephan's chic, I managed to get her phone number." Piyush winked and offered me the unasked information. He was an ass, but my closest friend in college. While I was busy in co-ordinating events for the 3 day inter college cultural Fest, Piyush was busy fishing for girls..despo!
I ignored him, and headed towards Sneha, who was now surrounded by her friends and their hugs and compliments.
"Excuse me Sneha, you did well!" i struggled to be audible among her girly gang. Her group of friends, suddenly got silent and glared at me, as if i had publicly kissed her! She just smiled.
"Thanks! you spoke against the topic, right?" she asked.
"Yes madame! So sorry to have negated your views! " i teased.
She laughed . "You too did well!" she said more out of courtesy.
"Oh, did I? You heard me?" I questioned...intending to start a conversation.
Her friends looked at me, and then at Sneha, they clearly wanted me to cut short the chitchat and take their friend away to canteen.
"Yes, i agreed to most of your points..in fact, till a few years ago, I too thought just like you..but now my reading tastes have changed." she started following her friends, who were already heading out of the hall.
" What are your tastes now?" i asked almost instantaneously.
She stopped, and signaled her friends to carry on, promising to join them in the canteen later.
From the corner of my eyes, i could see Piyush staring at me , with his mouth wide open.My jealous friends :-P
That was the moment that changed my eve, and the life thereafter..
Sneha told me about her favorite books, and how she did selective reading to refine her tastes.She pointed out that people call themselves voracious readers, only because they read a lot..but what actually matters is the kind of stuff that one reads.I was quite impressed by her observation. She made sense.
     I asked her the kind of books she read and noted down the names of her favourite books, i had not even heard about many of them.She told me the stories of some of the books that had influenced her..gradually we became comfortable with one another. I told her about the few books that i had enjoyed reading, she had already read most of them and thus we discussed their plots.
I was happy with the easy flow of our conversation.We spent nearly an hour in the hall, while other participants continued to put forth their views about the degrading standards of modern indian writing..( the topic of debate).
As the last participant concluded, and people started to dismiss from the hall, i invited her for a cup of coffee. Quite unexpectedly, she agreed.I was happy with my victory. I had succeeded in doing what Aakash and Rahul could not- to ask her out and talk to her.
I SMSed Piyush about my triumph, to which he replied back, "busy with Reva, ttyl" .
In the CCD outlet, I and Sneha discussed some more books that fascinated her and then our talks changed to the routine talk, about her college, her interests, the journey from Delhi till Kanpur, how she liked my college and its infrastructure.The more i talked to her,more i adored her.
She was simplicity personified- no words could completely define the charm she carried and the grace she radiated.
I offered to show her my college campus and took her for a walk. This clearly was the best evening in this dull and monotonus life. I was refreshed by the energy and positivity that spilled out of her.
It was almost 4 in the morning, nearly 5-6 hours we had spent together., yet the time appeared to be still.both of us were sleepy.
When i accompanied her till the gate of the dorm where she was staying, while shaking hands and bidding her a adieu, i asked for her mobile number.To my amazement , she declined.
I thought she was joking, we had been talking like friends for so long and she knew i was trustworthy and a decent chap, yet her reluctance to share her contact details shocked me.
I felt bad. Being a guy with self respect, i thought it was inappropriate to ask again, and so i scribbled my number on a piece of paper and offered her.
She looked into my eyes, and smiled." It was nice talking to you Zico, but from this point, you go on your path and i shall follow mine. We will not keep in touch. I had a memorable evening, freely talking about everything and anything, discussing my favorite books and all, you made me comfortable and are a nice person.But, i am not a kind of person to make friends easily, especially after a single meeting.So our ways part away.Goodnight. "
She left. I was blank, she was not my lover , not even a girlfriend or friend for that matter, yet it pained to let her go. I had greatly enjoyed her company.I felt obligated to respect her decision,I had no choice anyways.
For many days to follow, i tried searching her on social networking sites, but in vain. Piyush suggested me to contact other LSR girls and fetch her details, but i was not convinced. She didnot want to stay in touch, and i didnot want to force her for friendship.
Whenever i missed her, i read one of the books that she mentioned, and gradually i knew what "taste of reading" she referred to.
Thanks to her, in the past 4 years, i had read a lot and now i could call myself a voracious reader.
I checked out from the glass window, the rain had subsided.I had to leave the store now. i could still not find the Siva triology book and so picked up Mitch Albom and headed towards the billing counter.
Suddenly the glass door opened, and a girl entered the store.
"Is the Oath of the Vayuputra's available? " The girl asked at the billing desk,without even looking at the person, she was busy  fiddling along the contents of her handbag.
The cashier declined, She was apparently in a hurry as she dashed towards the exit  without even looking up.
I took no time in recognizing the face. She hadn't changed at all.
I almost followed her instinctively- but then suddenly i froze.
Her words .."you go on your path, and i will go on mine" echoed in my brain.
She was in a hurry too..I did not wish to engage her in another conversation..which could last for another 5-6 hours, like the previous time and change me forever.
I smiled at the coincidence and bought my copy of "For one more Day".