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Not Totally Unbelievable by Vibhuti Bhandarkar !!!

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Book Name: Not Totally Unbelievable

Author: Vibhuti Bhandarkar- Vibhuti Bhandarkar was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. A graphic designer and copywriter by profession, Vibhuti is a passionate and prolific writer. She discovered blogging in 2006 and found it to be a fantastic tool for honing her creative writing skills. A doting mother to an extremely naughty two-year old son, Vibhuti has not let go off her pen and keeps her MoJo intact. Numerous accolades and awards from fellow bloggers and writers from around the world, has strengthened Vibhuti-s belief in her pen. -Not Totally Unbelievable- will be her first published collection of fiction short stories book for young adults. She is currently working on a novella.

           Book is a collection 10 stories. Every character is different and unique. All the stories have different outlook. The locations and backgrounds on which the stories are based are different from one another. I would compliment Vibhuti Bhandarkar for this. But, not even a single story touched my heart. She is a blogger and she started her journey through this but I have seen many bloggers posting much better stories than this one. And, I also feel that the cost of the book is extremely high in comparison to its quality and content. For 10 short stories, who pays 95 rs? Publishing house should see this. I don't have anything more to speak on this. Totally Disappointed. Sorry.




The Dev-D Syndrome... Bringing emotional attyachaar to a halt by Chandraprakash Mohata !!!

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             In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I didn't found anything special while watching the movie but as soon as the movie ended, it did something to me. I was lost in the movie for a month and some scenes and the message delivered by the movie still knocks me. There are some works which doesn't seem wonderful when you actually experience them, but when they are gone, you begin thinking about the effect that the work has left on you. Last night, I completed Chandraprakash Mohata's "The Dev-D Syndrome... Bringing emotional attyachaar to a halt". It is the second book of the author after his bestselling debut novel- Patyala Down De Throat. Chandraprakash Mohata is a young author and entrepreneur based at Ahmedabad, India. Having graduated from EDI (Entrepreneurship development institute of India) Chandraprakash Mohata works as an entrepreneur with Mohata Textile Mills. A diehard romantic poet and a prolific blogger his interests are as multifarious as the author himself. A successful business did not stop him from running an editorial group, MATESZ, to support his flair for writing. So, coming back to his book, while reading The Dev-D Syndrome, I felt it nice but I wasn't finding anything special in it until the climax came and as soon as I finished the book, my mind started brainstorming about the end of the story. It made me learn so much. Everything was said in climax. The whole book had a meaning which is defined very intellectually in the climax. I applaud Chandraprakash Mohata for this. 

           Let's talk about the story first, Dev has found a very good friend in Sid. He has finally realized that he can do anything for Sid and he can go till any level for the friendship he had with him. Sid opined his affection towards Tehzeeb to Dev. Now, Dev starts trying to make Tehzeeb attract towards Sid too. He wants Sid to be happy all his life and he knows that without Tehzeeb in his life, Sid can never be happy at all. But, the life plays according to it and not according to the protagonist Dev. Tehzeeb said to Dev that I know what are you trying to do and let me tell you I have no feeling for Sid. Dev and Tehzeeb starts bonding nicely. The developing stage of the feeling of love between both of them was visible to everyone around them. Seeing this, Sid gets addicted to smoking. And this is just the first half of the book, for the second-half which delivers an effective and inspiring message, go get the book and read it in a go. :-)

           Coming to the review, as I have said in starting, the book effects you once you finish it and not while you are reading it. TDDS is an easy book to read with nice narration and you'll experience an unique style of writing by Mr. Mohata. The craze of the story begins from the Prologue section itself. You want to know about how a cool boy like Sid gets laid into hospital. You want to know what went wrong between friends like Sid and Dev. You start loving Tehzeeb as she is defined so real in the book. The first half of the book is very entertaining while the second half has many twists in the tale so I may not call it entertaining but it is confusing on your part as you can't think about what will be the next. But in the end, when the book finishes, you will close the book, keep it aside and you will sit still for next 15 minutes thinking about what can happen if there's a feeling of possession for anything in life. Mr. Mohata has delivered a very strong message through this book that obsession and possessiveness for anything in this world may lead you to a place where you will cry your heart out for committing those crimes in your past. The obsession of a girl, a friend, drugs or SMSing or anything can be dangerous for you. It can change your life because you start behaving carelessly towards other aspects of life. 

            Book is wonderful as I have said above but there are some drawbacks too(not much). The characters haven't got a proper description in the book except Dev, Sid and Tehzeeb. The characters of Sheena and Riteish has nothing to do with the progress of the story. Then why did the author included them in the story? And, once the story used to take turn, author used to concentrate only on the one character of the book and others were ignored. For Tehzeeb, Sheena was ignored. For Sid, Tehzeeb was ignored. For Tehzeeb, again Sid was ignored till many pages. Author should have taken story forward with all the characters all-together. Else, I didn't find any such drawback in the book. Book is powerful and everyone should read it once. Its a One-time read. I would have rated this book 3 for its story and narration but for the strong message delivered through the book, I give it .5 more and hence, 3.5 out of 5. Go for it. And yes, the cover page of the book is 5 on 5. It's attractive and beautiful.


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As Long As I Love You .. I will let you hurt me by Nikhil Mahajan !!!

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                           3 hours of incessant reading and I finished this 176 pages book “As long as I love you.. I will let you hurt me” by Nikhil Mahajan. This is the second book by the author and the growth in Nikhil Mahajan can be seen. He used to write his personal diary. One day a friend of his read it and recommended him to convert it into a book. With no aim of being a writer, he became one and his own love story got the form in his first book. People complained about its spelling mistake and grammatical errors. Nikhil Mahajan gave a valid point saying that I am no writer and I don't know how to write. I just wanted to express a story and I did. But, I expected his second book to resolve those issues which were present in his first book. But unfortunately, the second book contains too many grammatical mistakes. You feel irritated while reading the story. It's not only the fault of Nikhil Mahajan but also of the publishers who aren't checking out the manuscript before going out for the printing session. Publishers should see that the book is error-free because it pisses off the reader as no one wants to suffer these errors in a book when he spends his 100 bucks on it.

                    Coming to the story, the protagonist of the book- Manav is in love with Meha. He follows her and finally succeeds in winning her. As soon as he gets her, he realizes that he just like Meha but he loves Diva. He dumps Meha for Diva and finally manages to win over Diva. His friend Karan keeps helping him throughout his love stories. Diva's boyfriend KAbir comes into the scene and Diva dumps Manav. Now, Manav gets into a mysterious friendship with his teacher and have physical fun with her. His crush-Gauri knows everything whatever he had with Meha and Diva and also with the teacher. But he proposes her too. Just when he proposes her, Diva comes back into scene. Now, read the book for knowing where did Manav stopped and whom did he selected as his last girlfriend. :-)

                   Nikhil Mahajan has used an easy language to write this novel. He has tried to make this book more funnier than his last one and somewhat he has managed to do so. The poems written periodically in the book are very nice. You can use some of them to impress your partner. :-) The quotes written by Nikhil Mahajan are meant to make you laugh and he succeeds in making you smile in some of them. Story is not very unique and you don't expect the same love stories every time you pick up a book. This book, as promised by the author, is a confusing love story. Yes, it is but the problem is, the readers gets more confused than the story. Nikhil Mahajan is not a writer who is working on this from his childhood as a passion but he has grown last year itself and I personally think that we should give him time to improve. It's not right to expect very much from him. But still, he has improved 10 times better than the time when he came out with his first book. This book si fine for the people who are going to pick up a book for the first time as they will find it easy to read. 


27 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Love in the Reality Is not always that easy! by Hardik Dhamija !!!

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       In a sitting, "Love in the Reality Is not always that easy" by Hardik Dhamija has been finished by me. The author is a second year student at UIET in Punjab, Chandigarh. He is not a regular blogger but he writes whenever he feels to do it. He is also a RJ at P.U. Community Radio and runs the show named "The Road Less Taken". I have personally talked with him and let me tell you all, this boy is too innocent and too pure by heart. Now don't contradict my words by saying that he described Sex for lots of time in the book. :-) The cover page of the book is too attractive and it made me to pick it up as soon as I felt like reading something easy and beautiful. I didn't had much faith in the book when I picked it up but as soon as I started reading it, I got a very new feeling and the book quested me to read it more and finally I completed it in one go. 

          Coming to the story, read the synopsis of it as it is perfectly written (not fooled the reader like the synopsis of some books do): "The word drishya in the name Drishya Roy means 'the sight to see a relationship develop' and as per the meaning, he did try to strike a friendship with each and every girl he came in contact but could not build a lasting bond with any of them as he could not forget his past, when he had been sexually abused.
So what did he do to get rid of his past and free himself from the guilt of having harmed his loved ones? Did he have the right to fall in love and if yes, would the world allow him to continue? Did he deserve to lead a happy life? What provoked him to build a Business Empire?
This is a story which shows how Drishya Roy's story affects Aditya's life and makes him realize that love actually means rejection of the word 'practical' and adoption of the reality. Will Aditya be able to recover from his screwed life? Despite losing his best friend in an accident and his girlfriend subsequently, with whom he had been in a relationship for at least five years, was he able to find the way to happiness? read on to find more...... "

           Coming to the review of the book, let me tell you that this is the book which starts magnetizing you right from its first page. Author hasn't taken time to describe how he fell in love with his love Aprajita but directly started with a conversation with her. This interests the reader. The book is full of decent sense of humour and you smile reading the funny statements written by the author. The mischief of the Monster Group- the name given to his school friends by him are very naughty and exciting. The friendship part with those friends and Shahid is described very beautifully. You feel like having such friends after reading few chapters. The birthday part of his girlfriend is described so romantically that you start imagining the whole scenario in front of your eyes. The Chapter' An Unusual Call is very disturbing and depressing. When the author gets confused whether he should continue with his love Aprajita or leave the relationship, he goes to his favorite uncle- Uncle D i.e. Mr. Drishya Roy. And the whole story of Drishya Roy which works as a flashback in the midst of the book is the USP of "Love In The Reality". It teaches you so much. The part when a speech on Parent's importance in life comes, you feel like going to your parents and ask them to forgive you for all the sins you have committed in your life. 

            Now coming to some drawbacks of the book(there are not much but still the errors should be pointed out too): The incessant deaths of characters make you feel depressed throughout the book. The first half makes you laugh while the second half makes you cry. But still, author has chosen a topic like Child Abuse and he has narrated it very distinctly which helps you understand how this incidents takes place in life and depresses you and ruins your life. So, the depression part is justified but still the deaths of certain characters were not required. Mr. Hardik Dhamija could have made this book much better by eliminating those plots. Else, the book is different from other love stories. It is indeed a love story but it captures other surprises of life too. It makes you think about your life if those conditions would have happened with you. The book is something which you can keep with you for the whole lifetime and gift it to the special people in your life. I rate this book- 3.8 on 5. That means, you can purchase it without giving a thought. Well done Mr. Hardik Dhamija.



Na Tum Jaano Na Hum !!!

            483rd BLOG -->>

       So, my parents were finally serious about this. They were finally talking about my marriage. An uncle came to my home and he said that there's a girl who is quite eligible for me. He said that she earns very good and it's time that I and her should tie the knot with each other and give a name to the relation. I never saw this girl. I always heard about her because she was known for her beauty and sincerity. I always heard my mother talk about this girl with her friends that she is still following her family culture even when she has visited other countries for more than 5 times. I always thought about love but I never got a girl in my life whom I can give all the love I wanted to give to a so-called- Girlfriend thing or a wife. Now, actually, when everyone started talking about my marriage, I suddenly realized that I got no girl in 27 years of my life and I am already a marriage-material now. I spent all my school days in studies and buttering my teachers for being in their good list for getting superior treatment in class than other students. Yes, I was that idiot guy in school who sits on first bench and answer all the questions asked by the stupid teacher.

           So, I was excited about marriage now. Because, like my friends even I wanted to love someone with dedication and owe my life to. I wanted someone to dedicate my success and say that "There's a woman behind my success". I wanted to have someone's hand in my hand when I walk around in a mall. I wanted someone for whom I could buy chocolates and come home everyday from office. I wanted someone to kiss me while leaving house and hug me while returning. I wanted someone. I just wanted someone. No, the way I was curious is not because I was lusty but because I wanted to have someone "special" in life. Being shy in my childhood, I always hemmed while seeing in any girl's eyes while talking to them and hence I never got that guts to speak my heart out to anyone and say that "Will you like to be my Valentine?" on the Valentine's Day when the whole school proposed each other and got committed. Once, two of our teachers got committed on this day, but I never got. If it would have been today's condition, people would have called me Gay. But in my school days, Gay-ism wasn't promoted in the kind it is promoted today. My Good Luck. 

           So, finally the day came when my parent asked me to come back in lunch from office because we have to visit Singh uncle to meet him and see his most-talked daughter in my house- Akankshi. Akankshi was so much talked in my house that I already started feeling that I know this girl. I knew that my mother talked so much about her so that I may ask her to organize a meet with her but I always controlled myself. I went to office and I told my colleagues about it and they started teasing me. We laughed all morning and at 12 PM, I moved towards home. I came home and I asked parents to sit in the car and let's start the journey because we had to visit them in Santacruz while we lived in Thane. Quite a long journey it was. For the whole journey, I kept checking myself in the mirror whether I looked perfect or not. I was that handsome guy whom girls check out for once but then don't give a damn because the guy doesn't have guts to look straight-forward in her eyes and show that flirty intention. Thank God to the mirror that it said it loved me today because I was looking the best I can. I was wearing a light blue colored formal shirt and black trousers. Yes, Peter England was the brand. :-)

              Finally, we reached their apartment. It was a very big society. I came out of my car and looked the society and asked my father about the name of building and floor. He told me and we moved towards the building. I entered the lift after my parents and clicked 9 to reach on the 9th floor. My mother knocked the door as she was the one who was most excited about what was going to happen. An aunty opened the door and said," Ohh Welcome Welcome!!!" with her joined hands. I joined my hands too and said Namastey. This is why I love my Indian culture and I never thought of leaving my country. We entered this luxurious flat which had every element with matching colors. The whole house was perfectly designed. After sitting on this spongy couch, sipping the pineapple juice provided by my may-be-future-mother-in-law, my eyes stroked the wall on the right side of the couch. It had a big frame which had a photograph of a very beautiful girl in red dress. I was shocked to see it. I immediately asked aunty,"Which actress is this?" And she started laughing. With her laugh, it was obvious that she wasn't an actress and everyone started laughing. I felt embarrassed and I hung my head down and smiled. She yelled,"Akankshi, please come fast. We are waiting for you." My heart started beating fast.

             In few minutes, I saw a very beautiful girl in front of me. She came with the fingers of both her hands locked into each other. The beautiful bangles in her hand made her hand grab-able. :-) She was wearing yellow salwar-suit which made my eyes pop out for a second and get back to its place. Her face was better than all these actresses who are portrayed for the role of a sober Indian girl. I kept looking at her lips; she was pressing her lower lips by her upper lips which made me more curious to talk to her. I wanted to speak at the moment to everyone that I want to marry right here right now but I controlled my curiosity. She sat on the couch which was exactly opposite to mine. Now, she was so near to me that her beauty became more clear and evident to me. She felt awkward and uncouth to look at the person who is looking her without a blink of eye. I didn't understood it then. But I got to know it when my small brother whispered in my ears,"Haraami, mall mein nahi baithey hain. idhar toh kamm se kamm mat ghoor." I came back into my senses and appreciated God for making something beautiful than dreams. 

            The talks between parents started. my mother started asking her questions and she kept answering in her sweet voice. This is the only voice I have heard which was more sweeter than Shreya Ghoshal's voice. After few minutes, our parents left the hall to visit the open garden which was attached to their flat. Both of us were sitting alone now. I only saw it in movies before this that the boy and girl gets a chance to sit alone while the talks of marriage and it was finally happening to me. I exonerated my fear and spoke,"What are your future plans?" As mine were very bright. Stupid me. She replied,"I am currently working with Capgemini and I keep on traveling different countries for installation of our new product. And I am happy with my job as it gives me 2 days off in a week." I said,"Interesting!!!" She nodded. I added,"I liked you and I am ready to look at you for all my life. Are you ready to bear my face for all your life?" I don't know how I said it so straight-forwardly to her but I applaud myself for it till now. She smiled and nodded once again. And I exclaimed like a winner of Indian Idol,"Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!". Everyone came back and asked,"What happened?" I looked at Akankshi so that she'll speak something but both of us looked at each other and started laughing. In few minutes, we inserted the rings in each other's hand and got engaged in this low-profile engagement. Our marriage was planned on 1st December after she will be back from America in 6 months. 

            We met each other until she was in India. We visited whole Mumbai together. Once, we even went to Pune without informing our parents about it and returned back in the evening. Then, she went to America and we got separated for next 6 months. But we kept talking for hours on phone. We kept seeing each other through Skype. I always told her that she is turning hotter day by day with those firangis. She used to laugh on every stupid thing I said to her. We remembered that exclamation of mine on the day of engagement and she used to tease me a lot for that. Everything was happening for the first time with me and I was living all the moments very heartily. The months passed and the love between us grew very stronger. I never urged to touch her because I was in love and I could feel her everywhere. I was so used to her voice, her face, her body that I always felt that she sat, walked, ate, drank, laughed and cried with me. With this augmenting love, 6 months passed and she was finally back. The airport was at 5 minutes from her home so her father picked her from the airport.

            We planned to meet each other the very next day. On the next day, she reached Colaba's Leopold Cafe two hours before the scheduled time. I didn't knew that Akankshi was so desperate and tempted to meet me. I told her that I am in car and I am stuck in traffic. She said me to park the car at the railway station near to me and come by Local train as it will take much time for me to reach at Colaba and she had no patience to wait for me anymore. Girls always give a proper advise to their boys. :-) But when it comes to them, they take the world's worst decision. I didn't go according to her. I kept driving car as I knew that I'll be just 30 minutes late and not much and my dear Akankshi will wait for me. The more I'll make her wait, the more excitement will muster in her heart to see me, hug me and hold me. :-) It took me more 45 minutes to reach Colaba. Now I headed towards Leopold Cafe after parking my car at a parking space at 500 meters from the Cafe. I didn't called her after reaching Colaba because I wanted to meet her directly without giving her an intimation. I messaged her that I'll be late for more 30 minutes to play the prank but she didn't replied to it. I smiled because I knew that she was angry by now and it will be more entertaining to tease her and ask her for forgiveness.

             I was still 200 meter away from Leopold Cafe when I saw people running in opposite direction. I asked a man,"What happened? Why is everyone running?" He replied with heavy breathe,"Gun fires has been enfiladed at Leopold Cafe and terrorists have entered the Cafe." As soon as I heard this, my heart stopped for a second and without thinking anything, I started running madly towards Leopold Cafe. Some people shouted at me to stop and go back as its danger to move towards the Cafe but I didn't listen to anyone. As soon as I reached Cafe, I saw blood stains on the floor and few people dead. I saw a girl's body and removed the dupatta from her face and it was none other than my dear Akankshi. She was soaked in blood with pale white face. She was no more a girl who was my fiance but see was a dead body now. I started weeping madly and I patted her cheeks many times and asked her to speak something and say that she is safe. But she never spoke anything. I took her body to the hospital and for the whole time I kept talking to her dead body while she kept lying with no reaction and no sympathy towards me. 

            In few hours, doctor claimed that she is dead and she can be taken for funeral and last rituals. I burst out and I cried so loudly that everyone near me had tears in their eyes. With the hand of my immortal Akankshi, I kept on accusing God for doing this with my love. I cursed myself for not listening to her and catching train to meet her on time. At least I would have died with her. I always wanted to die in her arms but today, she was dead in my arms. I kissed her profusely and on the next day, her parents burnt her body into ashes. I didn't went to the funeral because I didn't wanted to see my lovely Akankshi turning into ashes. In few minutes, my life changed. If I would have been 10 minutes earlier, I would have met Akankshi. The day became 26/11 for the world but for me, it is the day which kills me 2611 times every second. Every time I see a newly married couple, I see the face of Akankshi in front of me. Every time I hear about Mumbai Airport, Akankshi's thoughts comes in front of my eyes. Every time this news channels show the documentary on 26/11, I die for 100 times watching it. This day is the blackest day of my life. All the Mumbaikars got back to work but I am sitting at my home with my right side of body being inactive. It stopped working after few days of 26/11 and I am suffering with paralysis till today. It has been 3 years and Akankshi is still in my heart, soul, mind and life. :( :( :( I wish my Akankshi a very Happy Wedding Anniversary on every 1st December. :-) She is somewhere. If not in this world, in another world, but I know that she is waiting for me. :( 

P.S.: It has been 3 years since 26/11 and the people who got affected by it only knows what 26/11 is. For you and me, its just an another day when a bomb-blast and terrorist attack took place. This is a fictional piece but there are many true stories which are more depressing than this. Let's hope that our nation becomes stronger and very soon, we will be able to restrict all these terrorists from hurting our nation and its people. 


25 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Dream's Sake by Jyoti Arora !!!

          482nd BLOG -->>

 So, I have finally finished reading Jyoti Arora's Dream Sake. First let me share the story of the book as per it's synopsis:

He can be as good as he wants to be and I'll be as bad as I need to be! We'll see where it all ends up,??? says Aashi.

She believes she has a right to fight for her dreams. She believes a little bit of selfishness is necessary to survive in this world. Abhi, however, has not learnt that lesson. And he can't accept the fulfilment of his hopes when they seem to rise from the ruins of Aashi's dreams.

His sister Priyam and friend Sid are made from much the same mould. And in the path of their love too lies a dream ?..... the dream of a dead and betrayed mother.

Feelings rise, and are suppressed. Past grips the present and threatens the future. Memories refuse to wane their shadows from the heart. Hope and despair fight a battle. Guilt rises up and resent the forgiveness. Revenge weaves a web. Friendship is tested. And love demands a sacrifice. A tumultuous battle wages on...

What lies at the end of this battle?

           Coming to the review, Jyoti Arora has defined each and every character so articulately that you don't feel it's a fiction at all. At one point of a time, you start feeling that the story is true and you want the book to end as soon as possible so that you can know what happened with all the characters in the end. Book is based in Delhi and hence you may feel that the book will have all those elements of a city but Jyoti Arora has defined the story as a world of only those 5 characters. It has no connection with any thing else. The whole book concentrates only on the story of the characters. She has perfectly shown a hatred of a son for his father who he thinks is the criminal of his mother's death. She has perfectly shown the trauma of the orphan brother and sister. She has shown the heart of a father who loves his child a lot but remains sad because he don't want to talk to him because of misunderstandings. She has perfectly shown the romantic triangle between the character. The one who is receiving the love is all fine while the one who is bearing his/her love go to somebody else is feeling depressed throughout.

            The story of Dream's Sake is too slow and Jyoti Arora could have made it little short. The story flows very slowly in the beginning while it gains speed in the midst of it but you start feeling annoyed till then. The climax part is too fast and you get a sense of fiction while reading it. Because, the whole book remains so real that you start pretending story as a real incident but in the climax, you get the feel of story-being-scripted. Jyoti Arora has used a very distinct and unique style of writing. She has used beautiful words throughout the book. If someone wants to improve his language and vocabulary, they should pick up this book and read it with full dedication. Else, I would like to give a salute and standing ovation to Jyoti Arora because this girl is suffering with Thalassemia which makes a patient visit hospital every week for dialysis. This made her leave schooling after her seventh class. But she kept reading and the dream of writing motivated her to keep going. Today, she has her book in her hand. What more will you expect from such a girl. Let's pray for her that she turns into National Bestseller very soon. 



Ab Har Koi Apne Twitter Handle Se Pehchana Jayega !!!

      481st BLOG -->>

      I remember the advertisement of Idea network where Abhishek Bachchan tells to everyone in the village that now everyone will be identified by his mobile number. And they start calling and denoting each other by their mobile numbers. "Sahaab, ye 9821227865 hai" "Sahaab, 9822678545 ne chori ki hai". And in the end, they show a man  appreciating Abhishek Bachchan by saying,"What an Idea, Sirjii!!!". This was the first ad in the series of all the advertisement of What an Idea Sirjii. I hope everyone of you remember this advertisement. The advertisement showed that the revolution is being made and now, mobile is coming in the scene even in the villages. In few years, everyone in India had a mobile phone and a technological revolution happened. People started flaunting their handsets. People started sharing their phone numbers; text messages and calling became economical. In few months, companies like Airtel and Reliance announced SMS Packs and people were no more interested in meeting each other. Instead, they loved taking whereabouts in SMS itself. And this is the scenario even today. Now, people have Blackberry Messenger, Whatsapp and GPRS with them which helps them to connect with everyone in their contact list. 

           A little more revolution took place and the Social Networking Site- Orkut came into the scene. All the youngsters started joining the site, filling up their profile, uploading their favorite celebrity's pic, started adding random people in their contact list and joined all the communities which they had interest in. This social networking site gained popularity because boys and girls were never so frank in communicating with each other but here, they got a chance to talk to each other for hours and know what the opposite gender quests for. People loved seeing the increasing number of their Scraps and friends. They boasted about their number of friends. People started adding their classmates and proposed their crush on Orkut. In few years, Orkut became boring as people understood that there's a default confinement till where you can explore the website and socialism. Then came Facebook and it bought a revolution in the Social Networking environment. People started updating their status, commented on friend's status and played different games and quiz. But, the people who had something more to speak started migrating towards Twitter.

           Twitter didn't restricted you to add someone and read his/her tweet. You just click on a FOLLOW button and you have the access to his/her tweets. You can reply to them and you can state your point of view in regard to the point of view stated by the person whom you are following. The biggest flaunting element on Twitter became the Number of "Followers" one has. It is still the element of flaunting. Almost all the big celebrities are on Twitter and they thank their Followers for making them reach a certain number of followers. Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Amitabh Bachchan- all have thanked their followers for making them cross the mark of 10,00,000 Followers. This shows that number of followers is the only thing which keeps Twitter alive and active. Any news in the world, people on Twitter start talking about it. Yesterday, I stated my point against Salman Khan and I had all his fans in my Replies section, either abusing me or telling me the ingredients which Salman Khan is made up of. :-) So, this is why Twitter is the GenX website which is not going to cease very soon. We have several applications based on Twitter just that You and Me can be on the website 24*7 and read what our favorite people on the website are speaking. 

             Recently, my friend Rohit came to meet me in my college. My classmates followed him on Twitter and even he followed them. When he came, everyone asked me who is he. Rather than introducing him as my childhood's best friend, I introduced him as "The_WickedSoul" and the friends were like "Oh. So it is you" and they welcomed him with respect because they liked his witty tweets. I introduced my classmates too in the same manner to him and he identified everyone very easily. An another incident where one of my friend of Twitter called me on the day of Diwali to wish me. He said,"I am Adnan". I identified him but immediately, he said,"Oongalbaaz" and we started laughing. Then he handed the phone to his wife and while telling her who I am, he said," Blogger. Bol Blogger" and she identified immediately. This is how mobile phones, social networking sites and other technologies are influencing us. One day, we will not be interested in knowing anyone's name. Everyone will be called as "IPhone waala" "Blackberry waala" "Samsung Galaxy waala" etc. Just as Shahrukh Khan is Good One and Ajum Rampal is Ra.One. With 36500 Tweets on Twitter and 480 Blogs, you decide what should be my name- "Blog.One" or "Tweet.One" or "No.One"?? :-)


24 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Dharti pe roop Maa-Baap Ka, us Daata ki Pehchaan hai !!!

            480th BLOG -->>

           Today is 23rd November and my parents are celebrating their 23rd Marriage Anniversary. Being their only child, I always try to keep my parents happy. Their only aim in life is to make me a nice and successful human being. They always try to fulfill all my requirements. I don't think that there is anything which I need and my parents haven't provided me. My father never had a good salary(in my school times) but he always made sure that I don't get an inferior feeling that I am not as rich as my other friends. I always stood with my friends in confidence and an approach of equality. My father always provided me with Story Books when I was kid and made it sure that I have gone through all the stories. He used to ask stories to me and I used to narrate him. As soon as I used to finish a story book, I already had an another book to read. He never made me feel that his salary was not much and I'll have to control my feelings towards reading numerous story books and having all what my friends have. 

               My parents made it sure that their child should know English language as both of them are from Hindi medium as their parents didn't had much knowledge about what English medium can do to a student. We were not in a high-class area during my school times, there was only one school which was famous and I used to study in it. The teachers were Maharashtrians and hence no one concentrated in improving our language. I had fluency but I always remained backlogged in Grammar section. When I started Blogging, many people pointed my Grammar and I was fed up of listening to the same reviews of my blog. I was tired of making everyone understand that I am not a convent-studied child and hence I don't have good flow of grammar in English language. Even today, my grammar is pointed but I am happy that people say you need to work little more to make it perfect. This "little" will be eliminated very soon and I hope that people with good grammar will love to see the perfectness of my blog. The people who are studied from a normal English-medium schools like mine are Okay with my blog as they can't find the errors but the writers who have accomplished their target of publishing book feels that I need to work little more in this section and hence I am working day and night for it. But, still, my speaking skill in English is above average and the credit of this goes to my parents who used to make me stand and read my English textbook for 30 minutes daily in the childhood days. It is my parents' effort that I am into this writing world today. 

             I was very shy in my childhood and I was too scared of walking towards the stage and then performing on it in front of my elders and my schoolmates. But my parents kept entering my name in every Fancy Dress, cultural activities in school which resulted in the "BEST BOY" award I won in my last year of Pre-primary schooling. After that, I participated in all the Annual Gatherings of my school till 8th std. Today, when I give presentations in my class with full confidence and gain the highest marks in class, some students asks me that why don't you feel scared of giving presentations. The only reason of this is the confidence and belief my parents have embedded in my personality. Once, I used to be very conscious of my looks. I used to keep staring at the floor because I always felt that the mustache on my face makes me look weird. I used to smile less because I used to think that my teeth which are not in level makes me look ugly. But then, my mother with her personality made me feel that it's not about your look, it's your work which makes you everyone's sweetheart. My mother has short height, dusky complexion but still she is popular in our society. She is known as the most social, helpful, talented and leading lady of the society. We have changed our resident for 3 times and every society where we have lived miss my mother till now and they keep calling her to know how is she now-a-days and what is she doing for society and in what ways. This is the aura of my mother. And her personality and her confidence in public has motivated me and made me whatever "little-bit" I am today. 

              A child can never be creative and he can never think of doing something big if the support of parent is not provided and the environment of home is not nice. My parents should be really applauded that they provided me a very cool and funny environment in house and I never experienced any cheap brawls and accusations. Many parents keep fighting and arguing for the whole day and the children fall into depression because of this. So, on this 23rd Anniversary of my parents, I would pray God to keep them happy and together for next 27 years more so that I can celebrate their 50th Anniversary grandly. Aisa nahi hai k uske baad naa rakkhein par 50th ka craze hai mujhe abhi se isliye bol raha hun. :-) Apna paisa rahega toh mast kharch karunga party pe, abhi mataji aur pitaji ko bachaane do mere liye. :-)

             Thanks. May God Bless my parents and make me strong and capable to make them happy and satisfied. :-)

23 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Graduation: 5th Semester: 12th July 2011 to 22nd Novemver 2011 !!!

            479th BLOG -->>

        So after writing all those stupid things in my answer papers, I am back to blog. It has been a long time since anything of ARB's kind has been written here. My 5th Semester's exam ended today and I am finding myself so relieved and relaxed that I want to go on the terrace of Mumbai's tallest building and have a sleep(No, not with Sunny Leone :-)). Yes, on the tallest building so that I can feel that the whole Mumbai is working below me while I'm sleeping above all. Sorry :-) Someone said that Light has the fastest speed but I believe that nothing can be faster than TIME. Time travels so fast that once you leave the track of it, you can never trace it again. It seems that 3rd August, 2009 was just yesterday when I sat in my Graduation classroom for the first time and I can't believe that I have completed my 5th Semester's examination today. The pupil in the class who were strangers are close friends now. The boys and girls whom I was judging on the first day of the college are so close that I don't understand how did I judged them on the first day. College life is amazing and I am happy that I am one of the blessed child who has this privilege of studying in college as we know that there are so many who wants to study but they can't. :(

              This Semester has been the toughest of all the 5 Semesters I have passed till now. Everything was normal until we were asked to make a project which will be served as 100 marks Subject. Everyone of us turned into stones for few minutes until we were asked to give the name of the projects. This bought us again in the real world and we started thinking about what project can we make with no practical knowledge and no seriousness for this damn stupid thing. Seniors say that they got job when they told their recruiters about the project they did in their college but who cares. In the last 2 months of this semester, I and my group members sat in college canteen from 5 PM to 9 PM (after the college hours) to work on the project and get it successfully executed on the day of submission. Our project guide was not so sweet and this frustrated my group members so much that almost both of them have cried while working on the project. I am not very strong but still I managed to keep my eyes dry because I know that this 100 marks project cannot decide my life and future. Everyone has over-rated studies but if you have guts to chose something different in life, you stop fearing from all this over-rated quotients. 

              However, we completed our project and the day our Project guide signed it, I promised God that I'll never doubt him again until and unless the final result will be out. God has supported me blindly from last 3 years but still I doubted him for the first time when my project was struggling between the phases of being rejected and being selected. But that Signature of my personal guide gave me a very big lesson that even if God is not giving you what you need, he will give you someday. You just have to hold the patience and wait for the best fruit to ripe. This semester also gave me chance of giving presentations. I have never given so many presentations in any of the previous semesters but this semester has been awesome. I have always loved to stand on the stage and speak even when my legs dither and ask me to get down and be at the audience side. But as I believe that it's better to make people clap for you rather than being in people and clapping for someone else. So, I always show guts and I say YES very pragmatically whenever a teacher asks me to deliver a speech or a presentation to be given in the class. 

              I am happy about myself too. I have controlled my anger and patience in this semester too. Rather than out-bursting like other classmates on each other, I have calmed myself. I kept quiet even when my respect was on bet. I kept quiet when something which I would have never done happened in front of my eyes. I kept quiet even when I was personally targeted. And this is making me a good human being and I'm loving to be a good human being. When I asked my mother that what you wanted me to be when I was born, I was expecting her to say Doctor, Engineer or something like this but she said- A Good Human-Being. This was a very big surprise to me. After that day, I decided that I'll try to be a very good human being first and then I'll chase my ambitions and dreams. But, with it, I thought of something else too. That, I will never be fake in regard of showing others that I am a very good person. Whenever I feel naughty and idiotic, I post my thoughts on Twitter even when I get so many complains. What is veracious is veracious, I am no one to hide it. So, I am happy with myself that I have finally achieved the phase of life where I can keep quiet even when something unacceptable is happening in front of my eyes. This will help me in keeping myself away from fights and arguments. The less argument you have in life, the more friends you retain in life. And today, I don't think anyone has such good friends as I have in life. Either Real friends in life or Virtual Friend on Internet. 

               Today, while giving my last exam, I had a gut feeling that I'll fail in this paper if I'll not write lengthy and sensible answers. So, rather than writing the same-kind-of-paper, I thought of trying something else. I thought of explaining everything in a casual way as I write my blogs. I don't have a fear here that someone is sitting to rate my work, so I thought that I'll write today's paper with the same approach. In this quest of writing, I took 5 supplements which has never been taken by anyone in my college. And personally, even I haven't seen anyone asking for 5 supplements in a Graduation exam. I don't know how did I write so much but now I can feel that there is a writer in me. Hahaha. Even madam asked me that are you so happy because it's your last exam that you are taking so many supplements. But fortunately, I don't think that this Semester's examination went very bad. I am still unconfirmed about my result but I hope that I'll pass with same kind of marks with which I pass every time. And Yes, I don't get very good marks "every time". :-) 

              This semester was a big struggle but with it, it was a glorious moment too. As the 3rd year began and my classmates noticed that our seniors are no more in the college and we are seniors ourselves, we started loving each other more than enough because we understood that we will have to apart from each other after a year, so everyone started bonding together. This made all of us to go to Water Kingdom together, SINGHAM together and a trip to Pandavkada together. Before this semester, my class had several groups without any universal leader. Every group had its own approach of living life in their own way but this time, all the groupism evaporated and only the bonding and sharing was visible in the class. With this, I can smilingly say that Sixth Semester will be very beautiful with these friends. I am happy that I'll leave college with no foes as everyone who were not in talking terms with me also bonded with me. With this, I'll end this post. And Yes, My vacations starts from tomorrow. College is re-opening on 9th January 2012. Wow. :-)


13 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Not Twenty Four... I've been nineteen for five years by Sachin Garg !!!

           478th BLOG -->>

             My exams are going on but still I managed to pick this book by Sachin Garg and completed it within 3.5 hours. It's the first book written by Sachin Garg and the name of it is "I'm Not Twenty Four... I've been nineteen for five years...". The cover page of the book shows a girl's leg with blue jeans and red sandal which makes it look like another Indian pulp-fiction-love-story. But when you finish half of it, you come to know that you have something different in your hand and you have really got the right book. Sachin Garg, the author has done engineering and also completed his management. He has quit his job in 2011 to start his own venture "Grapevine Productions". I am too happy that Sachin Garg is a publisher now because a writer can better understand other writers than a publisher. The first few books which are being released under his Grapevine Publishing house are from his friends but I hope he gives chance to passionate writers who haven't got chance still. 

            Coming to the story of INTF, it is about a girl "Saumya Kapoor" from Delhi who is selected in the placement offering in her college and sent to a village- Toranagallu which is based in the heart of Northern Karnataka. The journey starts from here. A girl who has addiction to malls, handsome boys, fashion and shopping is sent to a village where the population is just 5000 and there's no one who has ever seen a girl from city, has no malls, handsome boys, fashion and shopping material. She was ready to welcome hell in her life in few days. She went to a restaurant and ate lot and expected bill of thousand when the waiter came and told that her bill was just 40. She was surprised by seeing the cheapness in value of products in this village. She started enjoying her life. She gets her friend Amit and Malappa too. After the training period ends in the Lala steels where she is placed, she is appointed in a department where she has to tell the relatives of employees that dies in the accidents in the organization. All the enjoyment blows away. Her boss asks her to visit some live spots where the accident took place and she fainted every time she saw these workers struggling between the machines or already flooded with lots of blood around or the body being divided into several parts. She starts hating her job. In the training period, she meets a boy named- Shubrodeep Shyamchaudhary who tells his wonderful past to her. She starts liking him but the conditions of Shubrodeep's life doesn't permit her to stay with him for longer. She is confused about this part of her life too. But one day, she finally gets to know about many facts of this guy and her life changes after this. How Shubrodeep brings a change in Saumya's life is the USP of this book. I'll not reveal much. Go for the book. I would say, purchase it and keep it with you. You will love reading it every time you feel depressed and lonely. 

             Finally reviewing I'm Not Twenty Four, I would first applaud Sachin Garg for writing a book where girl is a protagonist and not a boy. Being a boy, it is hard to write a book in a girl's narration. Coming to the story, the way Saumya is introduced is mind-blasting. I have never read such an introduction of the protagonist in any book. Something very creative. Her expression in words after getting the job in a village is too funny and you start loving the character of Saumya. The way the village- Tornagallu is described is the best part of the book. I read it twice after completing the book. If I will be asked about one part why this book will always remain in my mind and heart, I would say the part when Shubrodeep tells about his past to Saumya, Amit and Malappa. The "move-on theory" described by Shubrodeep is something on which I can write 1000 pages book. A very nice insight of life by Sachin Garg. I read this part for 3 times after completing the book. This is the only book which I have read again in parts just after completing it. The part when one of the friend of Saumya dies and the way her emotions and trauma is described makes you shiver too. I was on bed when I was reading it and I almost jumped after reading that part. Just imagine if one of your friend is thrown by his boss in furnace where iron is melted just because of you. Fuck! I am still shocked. 

              Coming to some bad points (Ohh, there's nothing bad in this book but when you read such a book, you want nothing to go bad and when it goes, you don't like it even a bit), Amit and Malappa are sidelined when Saumya starts describing her job and her journey with those dead bodies and shattered bodies in blood. Sachin Garg should have tried to add some more adventures with the job profile of Amit too. Malappa's was described later. :-) And the blogs written by Shubrodeep in the end could have been more effective but it didn't bought that effect which you expect after what Sachin Garg has done right from the first page of the book. These are the only two points I want to point out. Ohh Yes, one more thing, I am also disappointed with the cover page and the title of the book. Actually, there's nothing wrong in them but it makes the book look like just-another-love-story but it is something far above than that. Sachin Garg should have chosen a Revolutionary kind of thing to show on the cover-page of the book and the book should have been named - MOVE-ON THEORY... 90 days of life.... Hahaha. Else, this book is an epic in Indian-pulp-fiction-writing. The easy language and beautiful narration makes it more beautiful. And yes, once again, an Indian writer showed that its not necessary to write an all-and-all Love Story and Sex to make a book bestseller, popular and sell-able. You can use a good story with life in it rather than writing those stupid romance between the protagonist and their love partner throughout the book. Kudos for this to Sachin Garg and lots of respect. 

             I rate this book 4 on 5. I didn't even wanted to cut that 1 but those blogs from Shubrodeep compelled me to. In the end, A Salute to Mr. Sachin Garg. 


7 November 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Mission Impossible !!!

           477th BLOG -->>

             So finally I can delete all those stupid files I have in my laptop. Finally, I can keep all those synopsis in my cupboard and not look back at it. Now, I can sleep nicely without wondering what my project guide will allot me and my group members the next day. Now, I can return home at 6.30 PM at normal timing without staying in college canteen with group members and adding new things in that sucking thing called Visual Basic project. Now, I can blog more, tweet more, read more and talk more because I don't have a silly thing to do for the most hours in a day than anything else. Now, I don't need to feel that I don't know anything in Computer as I am weak in programming and the project allotted to us consisted only about it. Finally, I have given my project presentation in college on Saturday. I got my project book signed by my Guide, Head of Department and External examiner. Now, I don't have to slog more to prove that we can do a project if allotted. Actually, I still can't. How this one got completed is still a mystery. :-) Sometimes, God chooses to play games with human beings and surprise them.

Yusuf-The Programmer
            When we were asked to name a Project which we will accomplish in the duration of 3 months and hand over to the college for securing some good marks out of 100, we got an intimation that a very bad and evil thing is following us and will land us into trouble for the next 3 months. It happened exactly how we thought about it. We were asked to name a topic in which we will create a project using Visual Basic 6.0 (which is outdated and no one uses it) and MS Access(it is been replaced by SQL and ORACLE). Now, my class was to be divided into groups of 3 children each who will together make a project. Everyone was feeling it awkward to ask one friend to adjust with others as he is taking other 2 and hence no place is left for him. I understood this and I took an initiative. I took a paper and divided everyone in groups. Everyone agreed to me and finally group were formed. One day, our class teacher came in class and told it is the last day to submit the topic name and hence we got confused and everyone named anything which came in their mind for projects. I and my group members- Yusuf and Prema selected Cyber Cafe Management System which was later changed and our new topic became- Human Resource Management System.

Prema- Concept Developer
             For the first time when we went to meet our project guide, she asked us to change the topic and gave us 45 mins to come back and report to her. We came and gave her the name of the topic. After that, I prepared Synopsis 1 within 1 day as per her deadline. We submitted her 2nd Synopsis in the next week itself and she accepted it. Now she wanted designing phase to be shown in the very next week. We failed in meeting the deadline. Next time we went to her she kicked us away from the frame and said she won't sign our project. I made up my mind to submit the project in next semester as I didn't wanted unwanted threats and deadlines. Yes, I have that stupid attitude. :-) Then, finally, I prepared DFD and ERD diagram and we went to mam and she accepted it. Next step was to create forms in VB and show it to her. Prema tried in the evening one day and sent it to Yusuf. Yusuf made some more forms and finally we went to our madam and she supported us and said I'm not torturing you but I am talking in this way because you all won't do the things if talked in sweet manner. She knew us properly. :-) 

Gaurav- External Help we took from.
              After this, I knew that I know nothing about VB and I surrendered in front of Yusuf and Prema and teased them almost 75% times when we sat together that we aren't submitting our project this semester and Yusuf used to give me that blasting look. At last Yusuf stood up and said one day that I am going to do this project. Even if it will not complete, I'll at least try. He asked for laptop and Prema agreed to bring her sister's fiance's laptop. Everyday she carried that heavy instrument with her and Yusuf started working on project. They asked me to come every weekend to give an accelerating speed to the project but I asked them to squeeze me as much as they can during weekdays but not to trouble me during weekends. See, I told you all, I have that stupid attitude with me. They agreed and we started sitting in our college canteen from 5 PM to 8 PM daily. Sometimes we went to Center One to accomplish our so-called-ambitious-project. Making a Human Resource Management was Prema's idea. The inclusion of Salary calculation, attendance and training module was a birth from Prema in the project. After she gave the concept, I collected all the analysis parts from here and there and submitted Synopsis 1 and 2 with ERD and DFD diagram. After this, Prema designed one form and with that motivation, Yusuf did lots of hard-work and completed this project. In the end, I started working on Project book and completed it in a day itself. Our guide liked it and said its better than other project books. We were happy about this. Finally, our project was signed and all three of us congratulated each other.

Saquib- external help we took from.
              This Saturday we had our Project VIVA. On Friday night, I worked on the presentation till 3 in the morning and the next day, external said that she don't want to have a look at our presentation and we should directly start our project software. It was me who started presentation and madam stopped after few seconds and I felt humiliated. Yes, I can be that sensitive sometimes. :-) Yusuf started explaining the software which was wholly and solely made by him. He tried to overact at a point where he felt that his feature will be appreciated by her. But there an error occurred and Yusuf almost came out from the condition of no-less-than-coma. After that, madam asked me to give next part's presentation. I stood there and started operating the most controversial part of our project- Attendance and Salary records which had lots of calculation involved in it. As soon as I realized that I can be fucked at any moment, I called Yusuf and asked him to operate the software again. He did it and then mam asked Prema to begin with. She did the same kind of activity as Yusuf did when he was given the chance. She tried to show something which wasn't there in our project and got stuck there. After madam made a face that said "You have made a fucking project", Prema uttered in Yusuf's ear that should I tell her about our Casual Leave feature. She did this because Yusuf and She used lots of brain in it to make it run successfully and our project guide scolded us a lot for it. She started telling madam about it and after she ended, madam gave her a solid review,"Have you ever seen such a rule in any HRM policy?". Prema and Yusuf both hanged their faces down while I kept seeing madam's face and both of them to enjoy the moment so that I can write it properly right now. Haha. A writer always enjoy the failure too to make it successful when he writes it. :-)

Its me- Good for nothing !!!
             At last our project VIVA ended and we laughed at our fate a lot. How Yusuf and Prema got themselves sued by external even when she didn't asked about those things which they tried to put emphasis at. Our project was the only one which gave Run-time error while VIVA. And that too for 3-4 times. We also laughed that we wasted 1.5 months in making our Salary and attendance form perfect but madam didn't asked much about it. And let me tell you all, it was only our project which was developed without any external support outside classroom. The two people who helped us a lot during project were Gaurav Save and Saquib Shaikh. Yes, both helped us and our blessings were so powerful that both of them are in Defaulter's List and can't sit for this semester' examination. Hahaha. I would like to thank Yusuf for his sheer dedication and patience throughout semester which made it possible for this project to finally run on the day of VIVA (please don't talk about those errors please). :-) I would like to thank Prema too because the height she has doesn't allow her to lift that laptop and bring it daily but still she did it. An applause to her too. To me, plaudit for discouraging my project members always that we are going to be failure in it. :-) Yes, kill me for this now. 

             But this project has taught us many perspective of life. The way three of us came together to work for this project was something unbelievable. We never thought that we, best friends, will ever sit together and study this way because we always do useless things when we are together. This is the only time when we sat and we only talked about project. Secondly, there were hundred epic moments when Prema and Yusuf had hot talks but the best part of them is they are still friends and they remember those moments very less. I am a petrifying personality and hence, I never speak what I feel so any hot conversation with me is an impossible thing to experience. Yusuf talks in a high pitch voice while Prema talks in a high attitude approach and this made them collide for numerous times during project. But I am happy that both of them are sharing a good space with each other even today. This project has made all my classmates come together. A group of 5 students who never talked with anyone started talking to everyone. I liked it and even I started talking because I always want my class to be united. I liked the way all my classmates worked on this project thing from the day bamboo was banged in our ass with the best force possible. 

              Finally, all of us are out of this Judgement Period of ours. I just want to pray GOD that all the students of my class pass in this unpredictable project which however got completed. I know all of us didn't made any powerful project but still, it can be called Project. :-) Ab itni bhi bejatti mat karo yaar k hamare haathon se banaye hue project ko project hi na bolo. :-). I would sincerely thank Gaurav and Saquib who helped us whenever we got stuck. The day we'll pass, both of you'll get a wonderful party. I also got to know real friends as many talks too much about helping and supporting me in difficult days but showed their asses when I asked them to support me in this project. They didn't even had 50 rupees to spend and come to meet me. Well done brothers. Now never expect me to show a die-heart friendship to you. 


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU, A Half-baked Computer Engineer !!!!