25 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Parenting in the age of sex-posure by Dr. Vandita Dubey (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

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       Well, some books are meant for a specific age-group or people playing specific roles in life. But if someone not in that target audience reads it and understands it very well, it means the book is more than enough of doing the change which it is intended to. One such book was handed to me named "Parenting in the age of sex-posure" written by Dr. Vandita Dubey and published by Rupa Publication. The authoress have tried to tell us about how sex is everywhere aaround us these days that it is hard for anyone to ignore it. And the small children who do not know anything about it also comes to know because of several things going around them on regular basis that you can't censor any of them. In such a situation how parents have to deal is what the whole book is all about.   

            Author have given many examples and scenarios which are related to sex in a child's life which can be controlled and dealt with if parents are alert and aware. And she believes that it is very easy and nothing to shy from children while discussing. She has given many tips about how parents can initiate the talk or how they can make it just another topic to discuss among themselves. She has managed to convince us in some of them while some suggestions really seem to be just ambitious but not executable. The author have raised several serious yet normal issues in today's world like touching of genitals, homosexuality, the access of sexual content on Internet, child sexual abuse, bullying etc. 

            The book is written in simple language like newspaper articles broken down into several chapters. You can read this book directly from anywhere which makes it easy guide whenever you want to read about a specific point itself without going chapter by chapter. Overall, I would say that this book should be read once by every parent even if your child have reached 15+ age. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. 



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