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Your chance to get PUBLISHED in an UPCOMING NOVEL!!!

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Your chance to get PUBLISH! This season of love… Poets, here is a golden opportunity for you to feature your poems in Piyush Naik's next novel "Bizarre Emotions". Published by Red Ink Publishers schedule to release in January,2015

The poems should be written on the following emotions. 
1) Attraction (dilkashi) 
2) Attachment ( uns) 
3) Love (mohobbat)
4) Trust (akidat) 
5) Worship (ibadat) 
6) Madness (junoo) 
7) Death (maut)

Mail us your poems to our mail id mailwordbite@gmail.com with subject ‘BEpoem’ Deadline- 15 November, 2014



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Interview with the Author, DEVANG KANAVIA!!!

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    Last week, I read a book named "Best Sellers" and I was so impressed with it that I suggested it to all my friends the next day. I got a wonderful opportunity to talk with one of its authors, Devang Kanavia, and I would like to share it with all of you. One of the best interviews I have ever been a part of. :-) 

1. Do tell us something about yourself, Devang, before we discuss about the book.

I am a Senior Consultant with Acumen, a business consulting firm. So by profession I am a consultant and a coach on leadership and sales. I am known for making complex topics easy to digest, bringing out of the box ideas and for creating lasting impact with people that I work with.

In my free time I love writing fiction concepts, being inquisitive about businesses and interacting with people.

I am passive on the social network and very active on the real network. My real network comprises of my clients, my training participants and all the people I meet through my work. Apart from them, my network also consists of my other set of gurus and teachers with whom you would find me chatting in my free time…. panwalas, shop owners, vegetable vendors, people selling in the malls, possibly everyone that I meet. 

2. What was the idea behind writing Best SELLERS? What made you think that the story has to be told to people?

It was just out of a crazy thought. You know how sometimes you get up in the morning and have this thought of going to the beach or go on a long drive someplace. It was something similar. It was one of the days while we were working on a client engagement, that Tanveer pulled me out and said, “Devang, let’s write a book on sales.” I was like, “OK.” Tanveer being a creative guy often has these creative pangs to do something new. So, my first response was it’s just a thought, he will forget it over the weekend. But then on Saturday, he called back and asked, “What do you think?” I was like, “Are you serious?” He said, “No two thoughts about it!” Now, that was something Tanveer would never say if he wasn’t sure. So I said, “let me think over it.” You know how it is, I am a Consultant first then an author. I have been conditioned into rechecking first, only then giving commitments. So I went out and made all the authors on sales happy that day. How? I bought their books. And then, there was no looking back. We just wanted to be a part of that league.

In our work domain, we constantly interact with clients and share different thoughts towards making their businesses more robust and sustainable. For this, we get trained on being observant about things happening around and of course being well read. Lately we had worked on some really great stuff in the sales and customer experience domain which had given our clients some fantastic results. If people and businesses have got success out of this, why not share this simple but powerful thoughts with everyone. Hence the idea of sharing our experiences with people across the nation emerged.

3. What made you give the title to the book - Best Sellers? Didn't you know that it takes lot of time for an author to achieve this tag? :)

Title!! That is one amazing incident. It was almost similar to what is mentioned in the book. I was in office sitting late evening while Tanveer was at Bangalore airport waiting for his flight. And we two were discussing about the name on phone. He was already working on something else on his laptop, when we were discussing this. And I was rattling off different names that I had enlisted. I asked him, “Tanveer, what do you think?” “Best Sellers”, he responded. I asked him, “What?” and he says, “You asked me what I am doing, isn’t it?” He was actually checking the list of Best Sellers to understand how others have put their names. That’s how the book got the title, Best Sellers.

Yes, we are aware of the fact that it takes a lot of focused effort in the right direction to achieve the tag of best sellers, but our aim for the book was a bigger game. It wasn’t about making the book a Best Seller, it was about making the readers across India as Best Sellers.

4. What made you and Mr. Tanveer come together for this book? Whose idea was it to write this story?

Tanveer and me both work at the same consulting firm, Acumen. We have been on the same team for a lot of client engagements related to strategy, change leadership, customer experience and sales. As mentioned in the previous response to one of questions, it was Tanveer's thought to write a book on sales. 

To portray it in a story format, was my idea. 
In my experience, I have found management books being read through their table of contents. Readers pick and chose the topics they wish to read and only read those topics. The other dilemma is that very few management books are read through till the last page. That is something that an author would never want. 

Stories are easy to remember and comprehend as well. And stories are a powerful medium to impart learnings. Our thought was to make learnings simple to understand for the reader and ensure that they go through each learning, till the last page.

That is how we thought of penning our thoughts through a story rather than plain fundamentals.

5. How easy or hard was it to get published?

To tell you frankly, this entire life cycle of book writing, publishing and marketing is a first time for us. Having a publisher by your side, who knows the entire life cycle at the back of his hand and also someone whom you can trust on, is critical for every author who wishes to take this leap. We found that partner in Sohin Lakhani, from Embassy. His passion has always been books which makes him an avid reader and an even bigger critic of the art. 

Coming out with the first draft took us only 45 days. The dry spell started after we got the first feedback from Sohin. The first thing he told us was, “Boss, this is good. But won’t work!” And he shared his experiences and gave feedback. He further told us that, “Why are you guys writing on sales? Sales people don’t buy or read books.” And I still remember we were sitting in a cafĂ© in Andheri, Lokhandwala, and couldn’t gulp the coffee further. 
Then it went on a pause for a month. And then the zidd came back. One weekend, we just sat and made the changes based on the feedback. 

Now this time, Sohin was the person who couldn’t gulp his coffee. “You guys made all the changes? That is not something authors do.” And we replied, “Our book talks about Listening. If we are too caught up with our own views, what are we expecting the readers to do?” And after that, Sohin has been our fuel in this entire journey. To tell you, the book went through 7 version changes before it got finalized. He has been a partner in true sense and gave a lot of insights to us through this journey. 

6. Is there an Entity in your real life too? What gave you an inspiration to build this character?

In fact we play the role of Entity for our clients providing direction to them in growing their businesses. 
While etching the character we had our CEO, Jayesh Talpade, in our mind. The personality of the Entity in the book has a strong resemblance to him.  And he has been like the Entity for us in our lives, guiding us and helping us search for answers within ourselves.

7. What expectations do you have with the book?

If you read the book you would realize that the Best Sellers depicted here are people from everyday life. These are people who do things differently and leave a mark for a lifetime. With this book out, I would want to see more and more Best Sellers around me. 

8. Are you applying the same strategies to sell and market your book as even it is considered to be product these days?
We did apply the differentiation element in the book launch by having all elements in it which were different from regular book launches.  Well, it was in a lounge to start with. The book was creatively launched witnessing a mix bag of interesting flavors like a chat between Dr. Kalim Khan and the Authors, followed by a brief talk on Leadership and Cricket by Ayaz Memon, a live soul funk music performance by Thomson Andrews and a short play performance by Rishi Khurana and team. 
Throughout the book we are talking a unique experience. So if we don’t give it our clients and audiences ourselves then who will? We made a laundry list of things that people do during book launches and ensured that we don’t do the same. Acumen team through its creative brainstorming brought to life the unique book launch. 

9. Suppose if you win a major award for this book, what speech would you give? 
If we win a prestigious award, we would first and foremost appreciate and thank all the Best Sellers in our lives. And too all those who read the book, had faith in what we wrote and reinvented themselves to become Best Sellers in whichever field they are in.

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Review: Happy New Year: PHUCKKK OFF, INDIAWAALE!!! *

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        Just back after watching one of the most over-hyped movies of recent times- Happy New Year starring some of the biggest actors- Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah. When you go to watch a movie made by Farah Khan or Sajid Khan, the only thing you should expect is lots of head-ache because of anger that keeps getting accumulated in you with each stupid scenes and every stretchy sub-plot. Same happens with Happy New Year. It's a movie that should have been easily one of the most spoken movies if released before 2005 when multi-starrer movies were itself a charm among audience. Now we crave for story which Farah Khan can never do even if she works on a movie for 100 decades. I wished to find Farah Khan of Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om but what I got in return is- A Farah Khan far below than those two attempts but little better than Tees Maar Khan. 

           Happy New Year is about Charlie whose father has been insulted by Jackie Shroff, currently a multi-millionaire in Dubai. Charlie decides to accuse Jackie Shroff in the same manner as he did with his father. He plans to steal diamonds that are under the surveillance of Jackie and his son. A World Dance Championship is announced and a team is needed. Charlie forms a team of 6 and reaches Dubai where the diamond is been located. And what happens after this can be easily predicted by even a 5 years old kid. And therefore, the tragedy is that a director with 4 films under her banner cannot understand that anyone above 5 years old will not enjoy such kind of a movie.

            For the first 40-45 minutes, only the characters keep getting introduced one by one. This itself shows the vacuum in the script. Till interval, the plan by Charlie is been told repeatedly to each one of them with the same dialogues repeated again and again. After interval, you get to watch a reality show. Yes, just a reality show which we have been feeding ourselves on Indian television from last 10 years. With a grand stage and superb locations of Dubai, if Farah Khan thinks a movie would be entertaining, she needs a reality check very soon. Logic and humour are very far away from what you can ever identify Happy New Year with. Yes, I agree that there are very few scenes which really makes you laugh but if a movie of more than 3 hours length has only few such scenes, what about rest of the parts? They are the reasons why your body will show symptoms of headache and restlessness.

          Abhishek Bachchan(Nandu) is been hid from Jackie Shroff (as he is duplicate of his son(Vicky)) in a party that is hosted by Jackie himself. Later on, Nandu is on the first page of newspapers, dancing on stage in front of him, covered by media every now and then and still, Jackie Shroff couldn't identify that he looks like his son. WOW! There's a scene where there's only 1 minute for SRK and Boman to crack a secured system protected by password. That scene itself is of 5 minutes or more. Logic? Nowhere. SRK tells everyone that according to PLAN B, all of them will have to meet immediately at a spot from where they will take a ship and cross international borders within 15 minutes. They themselves take more than 15 minutes to reach there and then a wonderful emotional-cum-patriotic drama unfolds for next 5-10 minutes. Logic? Stab me!

          It's a movie based on Dance show and there's not a single step that you would copy after coming out of the hall. The only step that they repeatedly keep doing is naagin step that's already famous from decades and Babaji ka Thullu which is already famous because of whom everyone of us know. And over this, Farah Khan makes fun of Saroj Khan by making Kiku Sharda(Palak in Comedy Nights with Kapil) enact her. I do not know why Farah Khan insults one or the other legend every time she comes with a new movie. Shame!

          The only good thing about Happy New Year is Deepika Padukone. She is bliss. You don't even look at SRK when she is on screen. People never screamed for SRK but whenever Deepika Padukone did something crazy, theater would blast with whistles and claps. That's the power this actress has possessed in last 2 years. Amazing! SRK's fan would love this movie as he is shown extremely heroic and powerful. He does not overact but plays his part perfectly. Abhishek is playing Uday Chopra of Dhoom in this movie. Boman, Vivaan and Sonu Sood are just fine with their parts. 

           In all, I would recommend this movie only for those who want to checkout how Dubai looks like, Deepika Padukone and SRK's fans. I give it 1 star out of 5. 1/2 stars for some brilliant and grandly made scenes and another 1/2 for Deepika Padukone. Indiawaale, PHUCKK OFFFFFF!!! That's all!


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BOLLYWOODISM:- Acme Web Marketing is giving away Flipkart vouchers!

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      I had created the website- Bollywoodism with a dream that I would take it up to the level where everyone who is interested in Bollywood films would check it before any other sources/portals. I also wanted to share news without posting any gossips, rumours or unconfirmed news to maintain its credibility among viewers/readers. After 3 months of working on the website single-handedly, I realized a fact that it won't be easy for me to take it up to the level I want to take it all by myself. Co-incidentally, at the same time, Acme Web Marketing, an online Digital Agency that deals into Driving Traffic to the Website Via E-mail, PPC, SEM, SEO, SMO, Mobile etc, contacted me and asked if I would like to collaborate with them for Bollywoodism

            As I was already looking for a partner, I read about them and immediately signed the agreement. In last 3 days, they worked on the website and revamped it completely. I would, thereby, like to inform all of you that Bollywoodism is launched with its new look this Diwali. All of you are welcome on the website and we would love to hear your feedback. As its Diwali, Acme Web Marketing decided to gift each of its customer with something. Hence, all you have to do is: Open the website www.Bollywoodism.com. In the right column, you will find a box asking you to enter your email address to subscribe for updates. Once you do it, you will receive an email for confirming your subscription, click on the link provided and you are done. Within few hours, you will receive flipkart coupons and vouchers in your email ID which will help you in shopping endlessly this festival season. 

             I would like to thank Acme Web Marketing for their great support and passion for my invention- Bollywoodism. I am sure it will reach heights under their supervision. And people who might have got confused what's my role now; well, I am still the reviewer and writer on the website. It's just that all the other aspects are being handled by the Acme team. That's all.

 Thanks a lot.


Tamanna by Tejeshwar Singh (Book Review: 2.5*/5)!!!

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      I am done reading another book by Fingerprint Publication. "Tamanna" is the 2nd book written by Tejeshwar Singh, an author whom you would mistake for South Superstar, Nagarjuna. The cover page of the book specifies that it's a tale where the boy keeps loving a girl but could not achieve her. After reading the synopsis, you become more clear that the book you are about to start reading is a sad story with a very less probability of having a Happy Ending. 

            Tamanna is based on the extra-marital affair or love happening after the marriage. It's sort of one-sided love story but in a very pure manner. If I would tell you that a book is based on extra-marital affair, you will end up imagining love-making and wild scenes but this book has none. It is based on author's real story and only 10% fiction is added to it. Considering that the book is based on a true story and very less manipulation is made to it, I can only say that it's an honest attempt by Tejeshwar Singh which you would like only if you have gone through something similar. I liked that author didn't overdo anything as it would have seemed to be unacceptable. Imagining,  you will feel that the story must have happened somewhere with someone.

            First half is very slow but easy language makes you read fast and reach 2nd half of it. As soon as the 2nd half begins, you start searching for some twist to occur. Arjun is happily married with Sangini and also have a very beautiful daughter. He sees Tamanna at a common friend's party and falls in love with her. Tamanna is already married to Sanjay and has a child. Both the family becomes friend and they hang out at each other houses every now and then. With every meeting, Arjun's obsession for Tamanna keeps growing. The book, therefore, expresses different emotions that protagonist goes through in this journey of love where he can neither express nor keep it with himself. 

            I wished if this book was written better. It had a story line which is very different from other books that are publishing these days. If author could have fictionalized it a lot more and created a drama out of it, this book could have been something else. 2nd half puts some life in the book when Sanjay starts dealing with Arjun on a business deal otherwise the book was stagnant at one point itself. I give this book 2.5 out of 5 and I expect author to read more books before writing his next so that he gets an idea how to fictionalize a real story to make it interesting for the avid readers. 



God Is A Gamer by Ravi Subramanian (Book Review: 4.25*/5)!!!

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Reading Ravi Subramanian’s book are a wonderful experience as he takes you into the world of banking and thriller and does not let you breathe normal once you start. I have been his fan since The Bankster and didn’t miss both the books that released after that. I am just done reading God is a Gamer which comes with a tagline- “Is revenge a crime?” And I tell you, readers, out there:- This is not a typical revenge drama but much more than that. I am astonished with the fact that Ravi comes up with a new plot line every time he writes a book in the genre of thriller. Not even a single sentence can be skipped. That’s the power of his writing. This 310-pages thriller does not let you keep the book aside even for a while. A perfect page-turner it is!

Though like every book of Subramanian, you will find it little hard initially as the events unfold one after another, characters keep getting introduced back to back and terms that you have never read before are the main elements around which the book progresses. But gradually, you will find yourself intrigued in the book so deeply that you will never blink in fear of losing a nanosecond of experience. This is the first book that’s based on bitcoin thriller, as per the synopsis, and therefore, I should applaud author for choosing this topic for writing his new thriller. It has taken 3 years for Ravi to work on this story and write it. And it’s totally worth. 

The real fun of the book starts when Varun takes an entry and changes the whole scenario in which the Indiscape had been working since it got founded. The confidence that Aditya shows in him and the hatred of Sundeep towards Varun equalizes the pace of the story and gives a reader’s heart a chance to beat in its normal speed again. Haha! Malvika’s death and the involvement of Tanya in finding out the reason of her death, later on, the increasing closeness between Varun and Tanya makes the story more interesting and you want to know all of this is going to get spoiled ahead. Because the author does not let his book be a normal read till end. The shuffling of story between Washington, Mumbai, Goa and New York is exceptionally handled. 

The anti-climax is fun to read and I thought that the book is finished just there. But the next chapter made me realize that climax is yet to come and after finishing that particular chapter, I had nothing but lots of appreciation for the author. I just felt Adrian’s part little dis-engaging and uninteresting. Also I wished to see Sundeep in little more active scenario after Varun’s entry in the book. Too many characters with no brief introduction makes it hard to enjoy the story in its initial few pages. But in all, I would say that Ravi Subramanian is just creating competition for himself with each book. He is making his readers expect more from him with every announcement. I give this book 4.25*/5. It deserves to be in your bookshelf. 

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!


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Best SELLERS by Devang/Tanveer (Book Review-4*/5)!!!

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     Enter into any bookstore and you will find many books asking you to pick them up because they are a great reference on how to sell your product. Selling and marketing has become a new phenomenon globally because of which competition is very intense among rival these days. Every company needs few new principles which can show them a direction they are missing out from their meetings and modus operandi. "Best Sellers" is a book that makes people into selling and marketing realize what mistake they do because of which they find it hard to make their mark in the current race where a pinch of mistake can take you far behind than others.

       Devang Kanavia and Tanveer Shaikh chose to share their message through a fiction story where Aditya and Ryan are the heads of selling and marketing department of Maxima. They find that their company is incurring only losses and every principle that they applied have failed severely. Finally, they hire a consultant named ENTITY who helps them for 6 weeks. He suggests new key principles which helps Aditya and Ryan notice their mistakes and adopt the new findings. The book also has a tagline "Because everything is about selling". Easiest language is used to make the message reach everyone who picks up the book. Story is not made confusing and wanna-be in quest of making it more interesting. Focus on the plot has been kept right from the first word to the last. 

           If someone would ask me what I would say about "Bestsellers" in a sentence, I would say "It's The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari for sales and marketing professionals". Yes, it is that good. The way both the protagonists find the answers themselves creates an excitement within you as a reader. The important sentences are underlined and even mentioned at the end of each chapter. The intention of authors are clear. They just want to make you aware and serious regarding your product. They are asking you to create a brand of your product, make  yourself unique so that anyone meeting you once remember you for life etc. With each sentence, the book goes in a mode where you want to start beginning on yourself and the organization desperately using the principles shared in the book. I would suggest every Sales and Marketing guy to have this book with them. I give the book 4* out of 5. 



Operation Mom by Reenita Malhotra Hora (Book Review-2.75*/5)!!!

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   "Operation Mom" is Reenita Malhotra Hora's 4th book. Published by HarperCollins, this 234-pages novel is a perfect and typical chick-lit that the Indian audience enjoys, specially girls. Operation Mom is an attempt to encourage youths to think about their mother's life which becomes nothing more than a prisoner's after we are born. Though the protagonist of this book, Ila Isham does it to keep her mom busy as she wants to stalk the pop star, Ali Zafar, but still the book says a lot about the relationship between a mother and daughter and especially about the kind of transformation our mothers have to see to bring up their children in the right way. 

         Reenita Hora has used good language which makes you even more interested in the story. I wasn't sure by the plot that the story would be able to impress me enough but the way first half has been written creates enough excitement in you to know what happened in the climax. Few scenes are wonderfully described by the authoress. My personal favorite is the one where she gets to know about her mother's history and get surprised as to why is she being restricted to get obsessed by Ali Zafar. The attitude of discussing the three generations is also well done by the authoress. I personally liked the character of Deepali which gives the book a momentum whenever it starts falling down. Aunty Maleeka is another interesting character that keeps the book alive. 

          The cover page of the book is uniquely crafted which secretly speaks a lot about the story. I loved the way chapters were kept limited as it allows a new reader to grasp the tale easily. I just wished second half to be more delighting and catchy. I hated the parts where SMS conversations were discussed briefly. It could have been cut short. The book got stuck in between and remained at the same spot until author realized that the climax has to be begun. It is then that the story is suddenly given pace. My summary of the review would be an amazing story skewed by its second half after a wonderful excitement generated by its first half. I give it 2.75* out of 5. But still, it's a light read and chick-lit lovers would appreciate it for its genuineness. 


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My 25th Birthday! The Most Difficult One Ever!

1158th BLOG POST -->>

   What do I say? 4th October has always been my favorite day since birth. :-) The excitement with which one waits for his/her birthday is always the bestial moment of the year. I do not celebrate my birthday with frenzy but I do love living a day when people come forward and wish me for a better future. Friends that are out of touch at least send a note on Whatsapp. My birthday usually falls around Navratri. Hence, the environment itself makes people believe that my birth has caused in conglomeration of positivism, energy and spirituality. No? Ok sorry. This year, I have turned 25 years old. Well, officially, I am still 24 but you would be knowing our parents do some jhol with our birth year during admission in pre-schooling stage. I am one of the victims of this corruption. :-)  Completing silver jubilee by crossing the passage of 25 years has been a delightful experience. If today is to be the last day of my life, I have no regrets. That's how I have lived past 5-6 years doing what I like. 

          Where I stand today, I should have been here 2 years back when I was 23. I am still in MCA 5th Semester. I am still a student. I am yet to find a job. Marriage and children are no where in the vicinity. At this age, Graduate students are done with 4 years of job experience while MCA pass-outs are done with 2 years of it. Here, I do not know if I would be taken by any company for Internship itself. Depression is coming back into life. Thanks to the positive books, articles, interviews and videos that I keep seeing regularly which has kept me still in the same flow otherwise it's one of the serious deciding moments of my life. Any wrong decision in the next 2-4 months can spoil my whole career, or, at least, upcoming 5 years. 

          People kept suggesting me all these years to be master of ONE rather than being JACK of ALL. I never considered this suggestion. I stayed with my logic of penetrating myself in almost any field that I find exciting and approachable. I have kept doing various things because of which I have not been able to qualify as master of anyone. This is costing me today a lot. I fear sitting in an interview because I do not know about coding as well as an IT student should. I fear taking literature or book marketing thing as my sole business for life because it's too risky and the customers are very countable. I wish to attend a B-school for 2 more years and be a full-time MBA to run away from all these incompatibilities at the moment but I fear if someone would be interested in hiring a confused child like me who studied Computers for 6 years to land up in MBA for wasting another 2 years of his life.

           I am into an Identity crisis at the moment. Should I write a book that I have been planning for a long time in next few months, try to get it published and find if I am lucky as an author? If I am then I would get a source of income. But is it that easy to do with exams coming on head and hardcore internship period awaiting to grill me in the hottest furnace in the life of an IT student? Or should I start filling forms of Government job, sit at home and prepare for them so that once I am in, employment for whole life is secured? I am the most confused person in the world at this point of time. Co-incidentally, its the time when my birthday is around. I shall always remember my 25th Birthday as the most difficult period of my life. I don't even know what I would be when I would be celebrating my 26th. Mostly, children know what they would be doing in their next birthday because there's only 1 path to follow. I have forcibly put myself in a dark tunnel which is asking me to chose only 1 out of 6 ways ahead without an option of returning back if I have chosen the wrong path which has no opening ahead. I have to be very lucky with my decision right now.

           Sometimes, I think of purchasing Lottery tickets and try my luck. If I win a crore or 10 lakh something, at least, I would get few more years to survive on the money earned by me. In the same context, since Kaun Banega Crorepati started this year, I haven't missed a single episode where I have not answered the Ghar Baithey Jeeto Jackpot question. I am waiting for that call when Amitabh Bachchan will tell me that I already have 1 Lakh with me and answering a jackpot question can give me 2-3 lakhs more. That would be like package that my classmates would be getting as a Fresher. I can tell them that a question gave me what you will get by coding and coding and coding for a year. I am also thinking of learning stock marketing from an expert and start investing in shares. May be some day, Modi and Rajan does a magic and I might be Crorepati on an early morning. Life will change! That's how lost I find myself in this race of acquiring even the basics of living right.

    This is what I think every day right from the moment I start brushing till I am on bed to sleep. There has been so much of expectations from me even of the people who know me only through my Blogs that I feel my failure would be a personal disappointment for all. And sorrowful thoughts of anyone regarding how and why I turned out to be a failure even after achieving something or the another for last 5-6 years would take me into a zone where I would have lost my self-respect, identity and confidence. And the people who love/consider you thinks about you no matter how busy they are with their lives. I wish I sleep tonight and tomorrow when I wake up, I would have got the perfect idea of what I have to do/be without distractions of several things (that I mentioned above which I feel like doing).

         I need to take a perfect decision that would help me forget all the other interests that I have. Then I would be holding a string and following a particular path without thinking of reading a recently released novel, watching a movie to take ahead Bollywoodism website that I created recently, writing couple of content articles and earning part-time, writing a Blog post on something that I wish to talk about etc. But will it be easy for me to leave these habits that have got inculcated in my regimen for that one specific job on whose shoulders next 2 silver jubilees of my life would be carried upon? I don't know what 2015 has in its horoscope for me but I wish that 25th Birthday changes my life. From tomorrow, I am able to smile without thinking about the contradicting thoughts and worries that regularly runs in my mind. God Bless Me! OM SAI RAM! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST CONFUSED PERSON IN THE WORLD! :-) 


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And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid (Book Review-3*/5)!!!

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         I started reading "And We Remained" by Asad Ali Junaid on 1st October. After completing half of it, I began reading "Half Girlfriend" which got delivered on 1st itself. After completing/reviewing it, I completed 2nd half of it today. So many Halves in the above sentences, right? Haha! Before starting to talk about the book, I would like to inform you that this book is not just written by the author, but he has himself designed the cover page of the book being a designer himself and also went on publishing it on his own. For this tremendous efforts, author should be applauded irrespective what the book is all about. 

          Coming to the book, it is one among many that discusses college life of a group of friends and how they face that all of us do in our college lives- identity crisis, friends, girls, crushes, bunks, bad scores, semesters, parents, joblessness etc. Author has tried to write it in a most specific way without getting deep into something that is not part of the main theme of the story. It basically talks about the inclination of 3 friends towards a girl named Wardha who studies with them. Well, it sounds little illogical and unbelievable but that's what author has decided to write on. With that, this book also doesn't indulge into drama where 3 friends fight for this particular girl whom they wish to get committed with. They are fine with the competition. Distinct, isn't it? Haha!

            Each character of the book talks in first person and therefore, you get an insight from everyone's view. Also, every alternate chapter includes "mail conversation" where these friends keep informing each other about their developments in life after college. It's a good idea but I felt it an interruption many of the times. Book could have been shorter by 50 pages if little more editing could have been performed in this email section. Otherwise, the main story is indulging, charming and beautiful. It's one of those light reads that you love during train journeys. If you have passed out from college, this book will provide enough nostalgia that you will end up calling your friends on conference.

             Sahir Hussain's character is my favorite from the book. I felt his state of mind quite stable and clear in comparison to others. Therefore, I feel that it's a character based on author himself. Am I right, Mr. Asad? :-) Also, the joblessness even after 2 Master Degrees and settling to work in a restaurant as waiter is something that touched my heart. I just wished that Wardha's thing could have gotten a proper ending. It's fine to add little drama even if the story is based on your real experiences in college. I also wished character to be little more insightful so that it could have given a flavor to each of them. Like, I personally felt that David's character was given the least focus. That's all. I would ask author to edit bit of the portions from the email section and then go for the next print of the book. I give this book 3*/5. 



Review: HAIDER: Mind-blowing adaptation! ***½

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HAIDER: 3.5/5

        What happens generally when you come out of a movie that stars one of the main lead actors? Your usual comment is "Hrithik is back" "Shahid is back" "Shahrukh is back" and so on. After watching Haider, one among the rare movies of Bollywood that portrays a real issue fearlessly rather than providing entertainment even within a film that involves all the tragic issues of a region, you will scream about the return of Vishal Bhardwaj. Haider is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet and what a great example of brilliance by basing it in Kashmir. Both, Vishal and Basharat Peer should be repeatedly acknowledged for writing Hamlet in a version that is extremely effective for the people who know the story of Kashmir or those who wish to know about the state. 

           Though the film shows Indian army in a villainous role but the filmmakers aren't scared in showing what actually happens in Kashmir because of which the locals never experiences peace and joy. The only problem with the movie is it's length- 2 hours and 40 minutes is too much even for an entertainer, Haider should have been wrapped up in maximum 2.15 hours. 

           Coming to the performances, something for which you will always thank Vishal Bhardwaj is for portraying one of the best actresses of Bollywood, Tabu, in a magical role which helped us appreciate her acting once again. What a terrific and dynamic performance given by her! One of the most difficult roles and the way she carries the role of Haider's mother in the movie and every time, Tabu and Shahid are together on a screen, you just cannot blink your eyes. Any amount of words is less to describe her work in Haider. 

            Shahid Kapoor has just reinvented himself with this movie. You do not find him being an eye-candy, smiling, dancing, doing over-acting, speaking mindless dialogues etc. but an actor who makes it sure that the transformation that his character goes through looks genuine and real through his performance. Right from his first scene to his last, Shahid Kapoor has not missed the expression that was needed to thrill his audience and make them love him again. The anguish, fear, anxiety, madness, terrorism, confusion etc that his character displays makes you smile one you are out of theater and remember the experience you had watching him. 

           Shraddha Kapoor is lost in the movie. KK Menon is another performer who should be appreciated for what he has done with his part in Haider. Amazing! Irrfan Khan in his cameo is also memorable. Songs aren't catchy. Also, do not expect to see great locations of Kashmir as Vishal Bhardwaj has decided to show us an other side of Kashmir. Overall, I would call Haider a successful film. The only painful thing is its length. It is sad that a movie of such excellence earns only 6 crore in its first day while a mindless game like Bang Bang earns 27.54 crore. Audiences, wake up!



2 October 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: BANG BANG! Watch it for Hrithik and Action Scenes! ***

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         If someone would have told me that a new movie by Siddharth Anand is releasing, I would have surely ignored it but knowing that the movie is Bang Bang, irrespective of who made it, when is it releasing, what it comprises of, I had to watch it anyhow. Credit of this curiosity and resolution goes to the wonderful teaser, trailer and dance sequences of the movie. The lead actors, Hrithik and Katrina look wonderful and epic with each other. Bang Bang had everything that could take you to the theaters but now, as I am done watching the movie, does this stay true that I would still want to reach theater to see it again? Let's see the review of the movie for getting the answer.



Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review-3.25*/5)!!!

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The most awaited book of India’s popular author Chetan Bhagat released yesterday. As per their promise, Flipkart delivered the book on the day of release itself. It took me flat 6 hours to finish “Half Girlfriend”- the tale of Madhav, a Bihari boy and Riya, a rich Delhi girl. The cover of the book itself tells how the boy must have been ignored by a girl just because he isn't considered cool for not speaking fluent English. When it’s Chetan Bhagat’s novel, you know it’s reflection of society in some way in the form of a humorous story that doesn't let seriousness of the issue overcome your fun of reading a pulp fiction novel. HALF GIRLFRIEND, in that sense, is an average attempt. 

        There are two issues that CB has tried to reflect through this book. 1. A Class system where people are divided into two sections: Superior being the ones who can speak fluent English while inferior being the ones who cannot speak English properly. 2. A modern relationship in today’s time where a boy and girl are more than just friends but they do not find it appropriate to call themselves a committed couple. The 2nd message has been beautifully portrayed in comparison to the 1st which also keeps the interest level high.

              As always, Chetan Bhagat uses simple English to narrate his story. He keeps the plot easy so that the readers do not find it heavy to remember the names, scenes and happenings. The 260-pages novel is divided into three parts: Delhi, Bihar and New York. The college days is described funnily by the author as he masters in telling college and campus stories. But as soon as the book reaches Bihar, you find a sudden transformation in the writing style and even the story. For the research and minute analysis that Chetan has done on Bihar and the whole culture, attitude and priorities of locals living there should be applauded. The mindset of people living in small towns or non-metro cities is very well portrayed in the 2nd part of the book. Coming to the last part of New York, I found it to be the weakest link in the book because of which I find the book falling down to the mediocre level even when it was moving excellently in its first 2/3rd part. Therefore, the novel neither let the message overcome your previous assumptions (related to class system based on English speaking skills) nor the story impresses you at the end of the tale.

              There are few scenes that definitely stay with you: When Madhav’s friend asks him to make Bihar proud by sexually involving with his high-notch metro-city girlfriend. How it keeps echoing in his mind that he has to make his state proud makes you laugh. Another moment when Madhav reciprocates to interviewers makes you jump off your seat. CB purposefully inserts scenarios that we wish to do in real life but couldn't and therefore, his story clicks with younger audience. Another thrilling experience is the moment when you realize Riya has disappeared suddenly leaving Madhav behind. Moments like this keeps Half Girlfriend in your hands until you don’t finish it off in one go. There are several drawbacks too; biggest being the anti-climax and climax. It is so stretched that you will find yourself skipping pages to find that one page which would give story a final turn. Also, the characters except Madhav and Riya aren’t being involved much otherwise it could have been more fun finding Madhav fighting against everyone’s demon of demeaning people with bad English. 

          Overall, Chetan Bhagat has somehow succeeded in what he wanted to deliver through this book. If you aren't speaking fluent English, you won’t be ashamed in future and will give reference of the book to the people/group of people judging you. If you hang around with a girl, kiss her and still, cannot call her your girlfriend, you have got a new term to refer what your relationship with her is. I give this book 3.25/5. I wish climax would have been a bit shorter and better. Half Girlfriend can also be called “Book version of Raanjhanaa(Sonam Kapoor statter)”.