31 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Anniversary Of My Blog - ARB !!!

            1st Anniversary of ARB -->>

         263rd BLOG -->>

         Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre !!! I have no words to speak my feelings today. I never thought of this and I am experiencing today. I have completed one year of my blogging world. Last year in 2009, I wrote my first blog on 31st July and today on 31st July again in 2010, I am writing my 263rd blog. I never thought while writing my first blog that the journey would be so bright and so popular. I never knew that I will be named BLOGGER or WRITER. I never knew that people would ask my opinion on the topics. The people will admire me for my passion. I never knew a single bit of what happened with me because of this blogs. I still remember the first day of blogging. While browsing internet, I suddenly went into the Google services and found that Google provides free blogging service. I always read Amitabh Bachchan's blog and I thought of doing something like him and when I saw the word BLOG here. I just went and wrote my first blog. It was a stupid blog, I know that. When I wrote my first blog, I never knew that I want to be a writer. I wanted to be a common software engineer.

               But as the days passed and my desire to write more and more started erupting out, I thought of making Writing as my profession. I started working on my vocabulary. I started reading newspaper as writers are expected to know each and every moves of the world. If they are unable to speak on any kind of topic, they are said as an illiterate and a stupid writer. I wanted my image to be of a fledged writer rather than an undeveloped one. I started writing about my routines, I changed them and started talking on social issues, I changed them more and started writing about my experiences of my past life. I grew little more and I started writing fictional blogs. I wrote a LIVE blog too which is not attempted generally by bloggers. They are afraid to try this one but I thought of putting my hands here too. I also wrote blogs on book reviews which were loved by many strangers. Many became my friends because of my blogs. Many complimented me through sms and said that we went through your blogs and found that you are a passionate writer. May god bless you and you publish your novel which you are dreaming for. I love every comments I get on my blog. I love every reader of my blog. My blog has life because of the great friends I have in my friend's list. 

               Today, when my friends introduce me to their friends as Abhilash  is a writer, I feel so proud of my friends. I feel as I am in heaven. My friends have motivated me a lot for my blogs. I would not have continued this if I would not have got a support as such. Friends are the colossal part of everyone's life. The success and growth of the person depends on the friends he or she has around them. I can thrilled to announce here that I have each and every friend around me who motivates me. Nobody is jealous of my blog or my strange activity. I want to thank all my friends today for making my blogs a special moment for you and me. My blogs have been a platform where I meet with my friends in a new and innovative way. My friends loves to read the different side of my life stories here on my blog. They love to see two parts of Abhilash. One in the real life and one in the blogging life. I am so happy to have such friends who keeps talking about my blogs in the college and in the personal life. I bow to you all my dear angels. 

               I can't understand what to write now. I am speechless and I am completely lost. I am little sad to write just 263rd blog today. According to the plans and strategies, I should write my 365th blog today but unfortunately I am lacking very badly here and I am just at my 263rd blog. I will try to maintain the average rate of my blog from now onwards. Thanks to everyone. I am inserting the pic below which will show the user stats of this month.

stats for July

               So, with this I am leaving all of you today and with this I have again completed my 31 blogs in this month maintaining the average for the second time in a row. I need your blessings for the next year of my blogging career. Keep reading and keep supporting. YOUR SUPPORT IS MY SUCCESS !!!


29 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

SACHIN TENDULKAR - 5th Double-Century & Raina's Century !!!

            262nd BLOG -->>

Sachin and Raina
        Its very sad to hear about plane crash in Pakistan where 152 people lost their life. May their soul rest in peace. From last few months, I have heard about so many plane crashes that I have postponed my plan to apply for passport this year. ;-). Malaria is at its high in Mumbai. People take care. Don't let mosquitoes kiss you. It is dangerous and not sensuous. Still the film - Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai is in trouble because of naming Ajay Devgn's character as Haji Mastan's character. Bored with this idiotic news. Mumbai received its most monsoonic (I created this word) monsoon in 2010 in the last 5 years. I am so happy to hear this. The whole Mumbai was facing the water cut from the last many months. Even in my society water was provided by tankers daily. I was afraid that if it will not rain as stipulated, it will be danger for Mumbaikars in the near future but now when the officers has said that Mumbai is not going to face any water shortage for the next year as it has rained nicely this time, I can take a deep breathe. 

             After all the news, the best news again is about the Master Blaster - Sachin Tendulkar. He scored his double century on the 4th day of 2nd test against Sri Lanka. He had proved himself again that he is not old as a cricketer. If you have seen the match, you would have doubt that who is playing the debut test match- Raina or Tendulkar? This is the X factor of Tendulkar that whenever he comes on field, he plays as the most youngest and active player of the team. Tendulkar has scored his 5th test double century. He is the only player to score double century in ODI. But, even when Tendulkar has done this incredibility, I am not so happy and can't term him as the greatest batsmen in test cricket. Its ok that he is 1 of the three players who have played more than 25,000 balls in test but there are many factors which raise my eye brows. Sehwag had scored 6 double centuries while Sachin had scored 5. Is Sehwag greater than Sachin? Sehwag had scored 2 triple centuries in test while Sachin haven't scored a single one. Is Sehwag greater than Sachin? Lara have scored the highest in tests - 400* while Sachin have scored just 248*. Is Lara greater than Sachin? Now, one more addition to this. Even if Sachin is the greatest batsmen in the history, it is not necessary that every record would be named after him. Even others are playing with passion so even they are equal to him. That's a different issue that Sachin is the most consistent of everyone. So, in the fields I have talked about above, Yes, Sehwag and Lara are greater than Sachin in many forms of test cricket.

            Raina is playing his debut test match. He is no more on the crease. But, the man is 9th Indian and 59th World's batsmen to score a century in the debut test match itself. I remember that Sehwag is also one of the 9 who had scored century in the first test from India. Raina is already said as LEFT-HANDED TENDULKAR. I think this is right. He had been the reason of the win of Chennai Super Kings in the finals of IPL. He is the player who had scored the most runs if calculated after adding all the runs scored in all the IPLs. Raina is the best player I would say. As Yuvraj is out of his form now a days, I think he will be hurled out after watching Raina's performance in his first test itself. Raina has showed that he has the most hunger to play cricket amongst all the new boys in our team. Raina was caught at 120 and thus he left the pavilion with a bright future in the test career ahead. He is just 23 now. Great Raina !!!

            Rohan's article got 100 clicks in the last 24 hours. In spite of week days when his article is published, it was successful to get 100 clicks. I am happy to say this. Now, the next article will be by Rishab bhai - my senior. It will be up on Saturday. Till then wait for his article. Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating ONE YEAR OF MY BLOGGING CAREER. Hope all of you are happy to hear this. Tomorrow's blog will be about You and Me. Hum or Tum. 


28 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

ROHAN ARORA SPEAKS (Reader's Post) !!!

            Reader's BLOG POST -->>

Rohan- Childhood Friend
        This is the 2nd post from one of my school friends - ROHAN. Click here - ROHAN ARORA to follow him on Twitter. Rohan had been my classmate since 1st standard till 10th std. He was the most consistent student of our class. As I can recall, he had always scored 1st rank except once or twice. He was so bright that when the school used to re-open , he used to have completed all his portions and syllabus in the vacations itself. He was the king of the class as he was the most knowledge-able person. He used to talk decently and kindly. I don't know how he had grown up to be like this as he is now but but he was very kind and humble. ;-). He was so bright that even today when I hear someone's name as Rohan, I assume him as a scholar. ;-). He is the boy who had kept our batch integrated because there is no one who calls each other, he is the only person who keep asking for each and every student's phone number and call and keep the touch with everyone. Rohan is perusing his Computer Engineering right now. Rohan, may god bless you. Come on, let's read what he had written.


           Hi...Everyone!! When one of my back-bencher classmates (Abhilash Ruhela) at J.M Rathi English School asked me to write an article for his blog I was in two minds (rather thoughts), whether to cherish the past memories or convey a message which I always wanted to. 


          First, as our friend Salman has pointed out that we are responsible for the current scenario, where we have high unemployment, poverty, illiteracy rates. So let's see how we can make a difference.
               In my terms what do you need to make a difference?

               Let’s take the example, I guess when we all are 16+, we apply for a Learners' Driving License.
              What will our parents suggest? In most cases, figure out a driving school (I'll refer to them as agents/middlemen) and apply for the same.
              But I feel we must think differently. We have access to INTERNET. Access to INFORMATION. Access to the LAWS of our own land.
             Rather than just making use of it for mere social networking, or our projects one can use it to access information, and a bit socially aware. Whats happening in my country? If I want to apply for a learner's driving license what’s the procedure, Google it, and you'll find the online procedure involved!!!
             If the amount to be paid (i.e. Fees by the RTO) is just Rs. 50 is it worth paying the middle-men Rs. 150 and thereby summing up to a value of Rs. 200. Who are these middle-men? Whom are they for? They are for the uneducated, the illiterate.
             Not for us. We the current generation need to prove that we are EDUCATED AND NOT MERE LITERATE. If you want to see a change, be a part of it. Just mere TALK won't do.

              Make your CONTRIBUTION in your own small way. I am not asking you to go out of the way. Whenever you deal with government officers, know the rules, know your rights, have patience, curb corruption. Prove that we are the EDUCATED generation who are here to bring about a change.


         Now that your college must have started certain recommendations I being from the IT stream would suggest:
1.    If you are learning C, C++ do make all your concepts clear.
2.    Practice makes a man perfect. Code a lot.....Drink, Sleep and Eat CODE for a couple of months
3.    You will have time in your initial years (first and second) after that you won't
4.    Coding is not everything at the end of the day. The thinking process is crucial Refer to Standford University website and their videos
5.    Enhance your logical skills, don't rely on rote learning, it isn’t going to help you in your professional career, nor will flattering in the long-term
6.    Secondly, don't get addicted to googling programs and submitting them.
7.    With respect to any issue I recommend, THINK BEFORE YOU GOOGLE
8.    In general, don't get addicted to the computer. It inhibits your thinking process.
9.    Read several books, enjoy life.

       Be a good son, an awesome friend, an excellent student (not by flattering the faculty but by hard work and understanding). REST SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW YOU

       Need any help pertaining to any issue; drop me a mail on rohandec90@gmail.com. ...will surely make an unconditional effort to help you out.

I wonder how many will appreciate this article....anyways regards to you Abhilash.

Hope you accomplish your dream of becoming a writer someday...you sure will.

Rohan Arora


SACHIN TENDULKAR - 48th Century - 1 More Record !!!

            261th BLOG -->>

       Ulcers in the mouth has ruined the activeness of the body. Not feeling well because of it but still I am OK. It is paining but I am able to laugh and smile. I am not able to eat properly which is leading to bad digestion problem but I have no clue about how to cure this. Today, our HOD mam came to our classroom and asked us about our problems. This is the first time she has asked us about our problem in 1 year. I was so happy to see a kind side of her. We all shared our problem with her and she promised us to manage it as soon as possible. She also gave us some guidance about how to study and how to manage our time and how to develop our logic which was so useful. I think if someone will implement it in their routine, they will surely get the best marks in the examinations. She also announced our Unit Test which was a sign of disaster ahead. I am sure I will be unprepared for it even when I am being alerted about it. Classmates planning for a trip to Water Kingdom or Essel World , whichever possible on the next Saturday i.e. 7th August. Lets see if the plan is executed or it is just a nice exciting topic to chat everyday. 

             After coming from college today, I switched on the television, saw some romantic songs, excited myself and then dropped down when I came in real life that there is no girl around me who is going to plant a Kiss or Smooch on my lips. I am unlucky to be single in this world when everyone is having a damsel with him. I am not so desperate to have a one as I have suffered a lot because of that 15 days love I had last year after my college re-opened. I can see my heart and soul smiling every time and this is just because I am single and tension free. I am loving myself so much and I hope that I'll keep loving myself always and always. Track change ho gaya. After watching some romantic songs, I turned on Star News and saw the breaking News as : Sachin is near to score his 48th Test century. I just switched the channels and started watching the match. As soon as the bowler ran for his delivery, audience made an exciting voice as Tendulkar was at 98 runs. The ball touched Sachin's bat and went across boundary and there he scored his 48th Test century and 94th career's century. He smiled a lot after scoring which showed the pleasure of creating a new record. There is no other player who had scored 48 test century and 94 centuries in both the forms. Also, Sachin is playing his 168th Test match. Except Steve Waugh, no player has played 168 test matches in his life and thus Sachin created one more record. He also completed his 31,000 runs in his career which is the highest runs scored by anyone.

              I don't know how god gifts excellence incessantly to Sachin. No cricket player is so perfect as Sachin Tendulkar. He is incredible and impregnable. Everyone was tensed as he played the last ball to score his 100 runs as Sehwag was stumped at 99 resulting a miss for his 21st test century. But Sachin is unpredictable. Many says that he plays for record. Now just tell me if he needed a record, he could have taken 1 or 2 runs easily to score his 100 but he hit a 4 without any fear of dropping down. Even if he is playing for his records, I don't care. I am happy to see someone creating records again and again. Critics are always there and I don't care about them if they aren't any benchmark in the same field. In his last 6 matches, Sachin has scored century for 5 times. Wow. What a statistic. He is so great. I don't know what he thinks of himself but if I would have had been at his place, I would have gone mad with pride and ego. He is not the one and therefore there are many who consider him as GOD. Suresh Raina also scored 66 today in his maiden test match. He gave a good start to his test career. Hoping to see him play consistently in future.

             You may be thinking how my blog came so early today. Actually, its the time to publish my friend - Rohan's post. So I wanted his post to be the latest one on my blog for the next 24 hours so I did my post before publishing his post. Now, I am going to edit and work on his article and it will come in next one hour. 



Sad Friend / Grandpa's Bro Expired / Saquib - The Programmer !!!

            260th BLOG -->>

        Had a chat with Mahesh today and he told me that he cried for the whole night yesterday. I feel so bad to see my friends in pain and that too for the reasons which aren't the harmful ones but the one which will make them a perfect and complete human being. Its easy for me to say because I have experienced it and I am out of the situation and the terrible life but for the one who is still struggling for it knows how much he or she has to suffer. Don't worry Mahesh or anyone whoever have not secured a place in the passing candidate's list. It will take time and you will surely wave your flag all over the world. Keep going and I have full belief on everyone who is a failure or haven't met success still. I saw Indian Idol today and Shivam got eliminated. I didn't felt bad about him because I knew that Indian Idol was the show which proved him as a singer, now there are 100 of chances everywhere to sing and show up the talent. Mahesh, you have a good talent of photography. You are different from others. Try to focus on your unique attributes rather than crying on the one you don't excel in. Engineering is difficult therefore people run away from it. You are lucky to do it atleast. Keep the faith in you and start studying right from today to be in the successful candidate's list in the next semester examination.

               Got a sad news again. My grandpa were 5 brothers. My grandpa was the first from them to leave us and rest in heaven. He was the second eldest brother among his brethren. Today, in the morning, the eldest brother of him left us. It was so shocking to hear this. I never expected this news so untimely to reach me. I never expected his expiry so soon. Actually, I never thought that someone would die from my family members. This is how every human being think that flood, volcano, accident etc can never happen to me until it happens to them. Some 2 weeks ago, my father's sister's father-in-law was expired. It was also a shocking news. Death is something no human being is prepared for. Death is something related to your achievements and dreams. The day you are dead, everyone counts your achievements and all the dreams you have fulfilled. This is the day when nobody talks about your failures in life. It is an event which is meant for you but you can't attend it. I would say its better than the day you got your birth. Death can come anytime, anywhere. As this grandpa has expired today, I want to pray to God to rest his soul in peace. He was so kind and so humble. I have met him once in my lifetime when I was in 7th std. I want to console my cousins too. Don't be disheartened and weak - Rohit Bhaiyya and Devika. Try to bear this unexpected happening.

               I had my practicals today of 3 hours. I sat with Saquib - The Programmer of our class. I am the former-programmer of my class. I don't know who murdered all the logic's I had in my mind and I used to work on it so quickly that everyone used to watch me with big and wide eyes. People used to start thinking about the program and I used to submit it till then. That was the speed of my creativity and applying the logics but now I am one of the common students of my dull class. Saquib, as soon as he entered the lab, said that Abhilash, let's design the software of KBC game. I said - You are joking? He said - I am serious. Aaj to banana hi hai. While Sir called our row to learn how a program is done, Saquib didn't came with us and he started programming it. I had trust on him that he will make it but not a neat one. After we returned, I came keenly to watch what is being made by him and when he executed the program, I was stunned to see the accuracy and ease of the program. I was speechless. I was just thinking about whether its a dream or really there is someone in my contacts who had done it so quickly and so accurately. I called Sir and showed him his program. Sir was also stunned to see a Bill Gates sitting with us in the lab. Saquib, I am so impressed by you. You are rocking and I am happy to see someone in our class who is studying BCA so enthusiastically and passionately. Hope your future gives you a smooth income and smooth life. I am so proud of you.

           May my grandfather's soul rest in peace. Pray for him.

27 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Good News from Teacher - Bad News from Friend !!!

            259th BLOG -->>

        People get so much used to your style of writing or style of presenting that even a slightest change can make them feel strange. Yesterday when I wrote the blog about Mumbai rains, I thought of writing them in a regular font rather than bolding the characters. I thought no one will mark it but to my surprise one of my dear friend - Vinayak caught it and posted a comment saying Aaj BOLD kyu nahi kiya? I was surprised. I loved this. Atleast people are so deeply connected with my blogs and me. I am so proud of my dear friends. Actually, it was a sad blog which made Mumbai ill for a day and therefore I thought to keep any fancy activities away from this blog post. 

             Two news has entered like Anaconda today in my personal world. It is so hard to manage both the news, mostly when one of them is a good and exciting while another one is a news to think upon and to be quiet and be sad about. I am very confused right from evening about which news to be given big priority. I am confused in the same way as a man would be if he would be asked to select from beauty of Katrina and figure of Mallika. I received two news. One from my teacher that she is engaged finally. I was so happy to hear this. It was a good news as everything went so fast that she informed it to me today. I congratulated her and I was so happy. Whenever I used to talk to her online, I only used to ask this - Mam, when are you getting married? She never used to give an appropriate answer but today when she gave the same, I was surprised to hear the final result. The match was to finsh at the last ball but she finished it in 45th over itself. Great play mam. Good performance. Hahaha !!! By the way, Congratulations mam and be happy. Best wishes for your future.

             The second exhausting news which switched off the brightness of the mind and the cerebration of the brain was the news about the year drop of my friend - Mahesh . He completed his 1 year in Engineering but when his result were announced today, he came to know that he had failed in the subjects and therefore his year has been wasted. Now he will be studying the 1st year again while his friends would be heading in the 2nd year. He would not be so sad as he was already prepared for the same but it effected me. I never wanted him to fail. I know the pain of failure. Even if you decide that you will be happy and you will struggle a lot right from tomorrow, parents, relatives and neighbours never allow you to forget the bad circumstances you have been into. You can never be happy. The people in India has the habit to poke. They can never solve a problem or move your life a bit forward but they can criticize you whenever you want them or you don't want them.

             I have just said Mahesh not to worry. I gave him my example. I failed in 11th std twice infront of him. He knew how my life was at that moment. Nobody hoped a positive result from me anytime in the long future. Everyone believed that I am a gone case and I was ill-treated. I never took anybodies word into my heart and never let anybody control my emotions and my life. I just kept working and I passed successfully and today I am in the 2nd year Graduation. Mahesh, need not worry. Life plays with you. Not to demotion your status but to teach you how to handle the failure and how to gain success when you are a failure. Your current status is YOU ARE FAILED. If you mark your presence at the chart of success after having this tag, you are the real player of life. No one can ever win against you in the lifetime. Right now I am losing again and again in one experiment of my life and my career. I would not like to share it right now. That incessant failure isn't causing any pain to me. But it is compelling me to try for it again and again till the time I don't get my name there in the list of successful people. I am facing this positively and firmly because I have already beat one failure before. So Mahesh, this failure is something which will change your life forever. Be ready to witness the second part of your life which you never know how it will be like. I trust you and your efforts. Keep going !!!


26 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

26th July - The same day of Mumbai's Disaster !!!

            258th BLOG -->>

        Its 26th July, 2010 today. I hope everyone of you would have guessed why am I focusing so much on the date. On the same day in 2005, 5 years ago, Mumbai was submerged into the rain water. Everyone was praying for their life. Everyone was helping others to survive. Everyone was snarled into the sudden squall like rains and was trying to rescue from the water and be safe. Mumbai still remembers the day and it still shivers when it remembers how it fought with the greatest disaster ever on it. The world knew about the incident. Everyone was despondent to hear this. Mumbai is the city of India where everything starts. People are not mope here. People are filled with enthusiasm and zeal. This is what for Mumbai is known. On 26th July, the local trains stopped and refused to move ahead. Local trains are the heart of Mumbai. It stopped and it made Mumbai the most sick city of the day. 

             I remember how people were drowning in the water. I remember how the poor people living in the slums were shouting for the help and support. I remember how people were mad with surfeit of disaster. I don't know how Mumbai came back to its real position but it was very hard to hear about all the disasters. More than 1000 lives were no more. Many were injured. The whole Mumbai suffered the pain of rains. More than 52 local trains were damaged. 37,000 rickshaws were spoiled. 4,000 taxis were damaged. 900 BEST buses were damaged. 10,000 trucks and tempos were grounded. 700 flights were canceled and delayed. Mumbai suffered the loss of 450 crore economically.Nobody wants to remember the day but every year whenever 26 July comes, everyone starts dithering in Mumbai. Mumbaikars lose the confidence and their interminable audacity whenever they remember the day. The day when people were crying for support even after knowing that there is no one to help them. The day when small kids died because of the sudden rush of water. Many people drowned in potholes and gutters. Terrible day.

             I saw every coverage on media channels as my father was sent to Mumbai for an official trip. He was caught in the bus. He and other passengers were said to climb to the roof of the bus as water reached the base of the bus. My father along with other passengers climbed on the roof. After some minutes, water reached even the roof. Then they were helped to climb to one of the buildings. He was safe. The media acted intelligently on the day. On these days, media plays the most important part. The radio channels played the beautiful songs with the information of every area. The RJ acted smartly on the day. All the Indians came together to support each other. Everyone held each others hand in water and marched forward. The people who were safe in their buildings were guiding others who were trapped in the water. They were showing light by torch and emergency bulbs. They were also providing them with foods and eatables. No thefts were recorded in the city on the day. Mumbaikars compared this disaster day with the Katrina which was shot somewhere (I don't remember) where the violence and disturbance was noticed. The whole Mumbai came together and it is a matter of pride for us.

            But, as its 26th July today. I am praying God to help us not to get trapped again in such a rain but I fear if by chance the disaster repeats. Will the Mumbai act as brethren? Will the Mumbaikars help each other? Or else people will see that the person who is drowning is a North-Indian - A Bhaiyya, let him drown. He is a Muslim, Ajmal Kasab is one of them , let him die. He is a Maratha , they are the enemies of other states , let him go to hell. He is an Australian, they thrash us in their country, lets push him. The way Mumbai has changed in this 5 years, I can expect the same from Mumbaikars. I am afraid of the exuberant hatred for each other in Mumbai people's heart and mind. I am just praying God to save Mumbai today and wipe the history. Its raining badly from last 4 days and there is a danger today but still I trust God and my Sai Baba that they will help us. 

            I hope everyone of you have prayed your God to bless us and aggravate our energies so that we can fight if any disaster touches our land. I remember one of the victims telling on the channel that everyone was shouting JAI BAJRANG BALI KI , GANPATI BAPPA MORYA , ALLAH - UH- AKBAR and other Godly sentences. I hope everyone is praying for safety of our land. 

             Thanks. I am in fear. Hope God doesn't exude water in Mumbai.

25 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks to my Teachers - Happy Guru Purnima !!!

            257th BLOG -->>

        It has been little more than 24 hours after I have published my friend - Salman's post. What a post. The first post from one of my friends. This is the first time when someone else has written on my blog. His post has been successful. I am so happy to announce that his post has received 14 comments till now. His post has received more than 100 clicks. The second highest number of clicks on my blog. My 200th blog post is the one which received more than the click Salman's post has received. I am so happy that the first post from my friends has been successful. Many friends are shivering to write an article after reading what Salman had penned. I am so happy to see someone writing for me with so much dedication. I hope my readers enjoyed to read a new style of writing otherwise they keep reading the posts from a single writer i.e. ME. Every reader of mine is going to get new style of writing from now as there are many more articles in the queue to be published here. Next is coming on Wednesday by Rohan - my school friend. Salman - Congrats for the huge success of your post. So proud of you.

              It is Guru Pournima today. The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashad is observed as the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, a day sacred to the memory of the great sage Vyasa. All Hindus are indebted to this ancient saint who edited the four Vedas, wrote the 18 Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Srimad Bhagavata. Vyasa even taught Dattatreya, who is regarded as Guru of Gurus. In short, generally, this day is the day of teachers. Teachers are meant to be the second teacher after mother. There's a saying in Hindu mythology that if God and Teacher - both are standing in front of you, who will you bow to? The saint answered that I'll bow to my teacher as he is the only one who had taught me everything. Teachers are that important. Without teacher we would not have been able to read, write and study. Without teacher we would not have learned the first step - A B C D E.... We learned that therefore I am writing blogs and blogs and blogs. All the credit goes to teachers. Teachers give the life to the human body. Otherwise these bodies knows nothing except eating, crying and sleeping. Teacher teaches what are limits of the life and what are the extent of our life. 

              I want to thank all my teachers who had made my academic career a successful period of life. I want to thank my first teacher - Dalaya mam. I don't know where she is right now but I do know that she is still that strict and active. My favorite teacher after that - Rashmi madam. She taught me computers and today I'm in the computer field. She was the first teacher who taught me computer so I think whenever I'll earn my first payment or whatever I'll achieve in my academic and earning career will be because of her too. After her, Tehseen madam was my favorite in 5th std who taught me maths. She was so cool and humble. I was her favorite student. After she left, Hirana mam came who is my all-time favorite and I can't compare her with anyone. She was my crush too. Uff!!! Dil toh Bachcha hai Jii !!! She is still in contact with me and I love chatting with her. Rashmi mam is also in contact and I am happy that both these teachers are in contact. After this, I liked Fernandes sir who taught me English subject. Again, I am slogging to be an English writer and any small or big achievement from me in this field has a quality part of his effort too. He has guided me very nicely. I am thankful to you sir for making this subject as my favorite one. 

              Now, in the last paragraph of this post, I would like to thank all my teachers who are teaching me right now. Zaheer Sir, you are great. I love your teaching. Sonal mam, you are smartest teacher of this sem. Shinde Sir, you are the most educated of all the teachers - Proud of you. Gokhila mam, thanks for elaborating each and every topic and making it easy for me to understand the concepts. Sheetal mam, I am speechless when it comes to talk about you. I have no words to define you. Divya mam and Taruna mam rocked last year. Very sad to not have both of you with us right now. Snehal mam for making my blogs a center of attraction in the class. Gajanan sir, thanks for conducting lectures in such a way that everyone came to know about my naughty side. Sonal Inamdar mam, you are no more with us today. I can just pray for your soul to rest in peace. God bless you. You were so nice. Missing you today. 

             Happy Guru Pournima to all the teacher who have suffered me. Everyone knows what type of student I was and I am. ;-) 

24 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha


            Reader's BLOG POST ->>

Salman- Childhood friend
         This is the 1st post from one of my friends - SALMAN. Click here - SALMAN JANJIRKAR to follow him on twitter. Salman is my childhood friend. He came in our school in 7th std. I remember his specks. It was so stylish. I used to wear it. He was smart and friendly. We became good friends very soon. We also had a fight once. Salman, I hope you remember the fight. ;-) It was so historical fight. Everyone remembers it even today. But that fight was just a catalyst in our relationship. After that we became very nice friends. He is one of my regular comment giver on my blogs. He appreciate me when I over-perform and criticize me when I under-perform. He is a friend of call-me-any-time type. I know about him that he is always there with me whenever I'll need him. Thank you Salman for being so supportive. He is the one who have sent me the post as soon as I sent him the message to send. So, let's read what he have written.


           As all of u know what a great blogger Veeru is, I got a msg from him to speak out on a topic of my interest n he wud publish it in his blog... i am grateful to him for giving me this wonderful opportunity to express myself out loud.. So here i was thinking about what to write.. my childhood, school days, college days or days of pain and misery then I got a flash of inspiration as my father was ARGUING with my mom as to why not send my younger brother to study in India n d foremost reason he gave was the current social condition of India and all the BIAS going on over there..
 So here I am going to try and address some issues that really have been nagging me for the past 2-3 years---The current fabric of Indian Society.


         Our great country was found (established more likely) on a basement strengthened by the principles of Equality, Liberty, and Freedom! It was meant to serve as a beacon of hope for many of the impoverished, enslaved and disillusioned countries of the 20th century under the Britannic Empire...

             So let’s ask ourselves a question today. Have we fulfilled the Vision of our founding fathers?? Have we acted in a way so as to justify the sacrifices made by numerous of our countrymen?? Have we done enough so as to pay and negate the Blood price payed by many of the great Martyrs of the Great Freedom Struggle???

             The answer as per me (n really really disappointingly) is a big NO!!

             We have not even got close to fulfilling the Great Indian Dream…. The Dream where each n every citizen shall be equal—equal  irrespective of their religion, social status, financial capacity, their JAAT n all that shit going on currently has just been what it was meant to be --- A Dream!!

             Who are we to blame??  The politicians ? ? The elders who follow outdated traditions blindly n vigorously??? NO!! WE the Educated Class The Intelligentsia  are Responsible for the  sorry state of our Country… we who know what is necessary to sustain the Great Indian Dream, to make sure that d sacrifices of our forefathers are not wasted away are truly and sadly responsible for this sad plight of our great Motherland…

             It is not so in great past of history that today people have forgotten that different people from different strata of society fought TOGETHER, Shoulder to Shoulder to make it possible for us to live in this so called FREEDOM!! People have forgotten that a Hindu fought side by side with a Muslim or a Jain or a Sikh or the numerous n diversified religions scattered all over India… then why is it that 2day the same Hindu or Muslim Or Sikh or whatever find it difficult  to  breathe in d presences of a fellow Indian Brother of a different religion?? Why is it so that a man has to trim down his beard so as to avoid the suspicious glares of others?? Or apply his turban in such a manner so as not to look too DIFFERENT than d common attire?? And I do not speak this of a particular minority but for every 1 yes even the majority…Is this the INDIA of Our Dreams????? Is this what it all comes down to???

            Haven’t we been taught that ALL Indians r our brothers n sisters (refer to d Indian Pledge)? Why is it today that one needs to prove his loyalty at each and every step of his life?? Why can’t I be a devout Muslim as well as a loyal Indian at the same time? Are they such different identities that can’t coexist? Why has our mindset become so narrow that even a helping hand offered by some OTHER CASTE PERSON looks like an attempt at our life? Have we become so blind to see that none can exist without the other?

             Why is it that we r divided at each n every juncture on the basis of Caste, Religion, Region even?? Didn’t a BHAIYYA ever fight for Maharashtra or A Marathi in UP Or Bihar???? It is Because Of US EDUCATED PPL ignorant of these facts that the political parties are able to divide us…it is our duty to wake up from this deep slumber that v all r in, to fight again using all our means not necessarily violence but through education, through propagation of our thoughts through enlightenment of our minds first n then of others from these so called social bonds to realize the principle son which our country is supposed to be standing on…

             So let us make an oath to fight for the betterment of our country where we view each citizen as a fellow brother or sister {hey don’t include your bf’s n gf’s in the brother/sister segment } and not as of my religion or from my state… where everyone shall be able to follow his/her religion with peace of mind without any nagging fear of any backlash… let all of us be tolerant of each other but foremost let all of us be tolerant of Ourselves!! This is going to be a long healing process- no doubt about that... but 1 which shall truly release our potential in this world as a super power and truly as a shining beacon of hope n prosperity for the other downtrodden….. It surely is the time of India to rise… it’s the Era Of Indian Renaissance... so let us Make this Come true... Because it’s in Our hands that we can either fulfill this Great Indian Dream or be the Pallbearers of its tomb...  Be the teacher who enlightens n empowers rather than b the Undertakers due to our Ignorance…..

              So let us be BROTHERS IN ARMS together Not Against Each Other! Let us weave a new fabric—not of a society but a FAMILY... THE GREAT INDIAN FAMILY!!!
UNITY IN DIVERSITY--Let Us Justify This Motto Which Shall Finally Describe The True Awakened India!

             Signing off…

SALMAN-Proud to be a Muslim—Yet More Proud To be an Indian Muslim!!

And Thank You Abhilash For This Opportunity To Speak Out...   

Carrom - I Love It !!!

            256th BLOG -->>

        The unexpected arrival of a friend and the change in the schedule and the routine made the evening a perfect one. I came from the college and saw my papa and my friend chatting with each other about different issues and I joined them too. After some debate, there was no results of our doubt. The conclusion was null and thus we can be said as the useless speakers of the country. Talking about big issues like metros and railways and not getting a perfect answer is something like trying Chinese food when you don't even know whether the country- CHINA exists. After some chats, I and my friend - Sonu marched towards our another childhood friend - Danish and met him too. Had some useless chats with him too and very soon, all three of us were on the carrom board. An uncle joined us too. Now, I and Danish were partners in the game while Sonu and Uncle formed their team. I was happy as I knew that Sonu will keep joking and enjoying while I will keep playing seriously and win. I had a full confidence that uncle will not do anything remarkable which may move me or Danish or our winning attitude.

              Game started and the score after the first two sets were - 6 all. The most surprising thing in the game was - Nobody shot Queen as every time an aimless shot was played by the player which filed the cover of the opposite team resulting in their win. After the two sets, the game came in our favor. That uncle wasn't a small player as I thought initially. He was the one who used to dither me and Danish. Every game used to be in our favor but a chance to the uncle and he used to bring the game in the crucial and a single-chance game. You miss the 1 and you lose. This is where the game of carrom becomes successful. There is no fun in winning by huge differences in a single set score. Same as cricket, when the match is to be decided at the last ball and your team wins, you treat your team as Gods but when it wins by a huge difference in runs, you just say, Yaa- my country plays well. So finally in the first series we won by 32-6. A huge difference in the score but every match was so tough to decide whom it will gift the win to. The second series begun and again we won it by 31-0. It was a superb match yesterday and the cherry on the cake was the childhood friends. 

             Whenever I meet childhood friends, I know that in few moments something interesting and historical is going to happen. Now this game of carrom is a history now for us which we will talk even after 10 years. This is what we will remember always and always. Carrom - talking about the game. I love it. Once, it was my passion. It is still a passion but as I understood that I am not going to make my future in it, it has gone somewhere in background. But still, whenever I get a chance, I play my best. I know I play the carrom very well. Not saying this in pride but in extreme satisfaction that I excel in a single game at least. I have always been an underdog when it comes to games and sports. My father bought a carrom board for me when I was in 6th. I used to play with him and he used to guide me. He was the champion of his colony. People used to admire him for his playing attitude in carrom. He guided me and in 8th std, it was the first time that I registered my name for any sport in the tournament season. I participated in Carrom-Singles and Carrom-Doubles. 

               From last 10 years, Suresh was the champion of our campus. He was the only one who used to win the championship of carrom. No one had the ability to challenge him for this game. I participated and I knew that I'll lose to him. A boy who is champion from last 10 years can't lose from the one who has just entered the tournament. I played three games on alternative days. I won the first game against Rohit and qualified for the next round. I played the second game against Pradeep who was also said to be one of the best players. I won against him by 14 points in 1st board, 13 in 2nd and 14 again in 3rd. The best I played as there can be no points more than 14 which you can achieve. Now, came the semi-finals and I had Suresh with me. A tough match. A match where I was to be hurled out of the tournament. Everywhere, the news spread that Veeru is a rockstar in the carrom and the only 1 who can defeat Suresh. Today was the day of judgment. I played with him and and and I WON. Now, I was in the finals. I met this same SONU in the finals with whom I have played yesterday. As the God blessings were with me, I won against him too and finally there was someone who changed the name of the CHAMPION of CARROM. It was SURESH from last 10 years and this time a new superstar got its birth - ABHILASH.

                 I won the doubles too. I had Suresh as my partner. We didn't won the last match - the finals. Hence, I was 1st in Singles and Runner-Up in the Doubles. I received 2 awards for this victories and these are the only two awards I have managed to win in so many years. I participated again the next year and the very first match was with Suresh. I losed this time. It was BEST of 3. First set- He won. Second set - I won. Third was the deciding one which he managed to win by 6 points and there I was - OUT OF TOURNAMENT. Cried that night but Tendulkar is Tendulkar - Dhoni is Dhoni. Suresh was the Tendulkar of Carrom and no one can surpass him. I am Dhoni in this case. I play well, everyone knows but not better than Suresh- The Tendulkar. 

            Thanks. Signing off with pride to be a good carrom player.

23 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha


            255th BLOG -->>

        I felt like writing something which has touched me. Not in a pragmatic way but in a negative way. The words of someone which has pricked me and I can't bear that pain. I don't know why that is said to me again and again and why don't I retaliate to it on his or her face? Why do I keep bearing and why do I keep listening? I should have to build up the courage and say - Leave me if I am not the one. But I don't as I care for friendship and not arguments. I have lost many relationships in my life because of arguments and winning the debate. Its better to shut up my mouth with some cases here. But my ethics doesn't allow me to hear these kinds of words. I never let anybody say anything to me. But still I listen to you doesn't means that I am alone and I don't have the courage to speak out. But some words can change your life. Some words can change your relations. Some words can leave you into depression. Some words can make your eyes wet. So I keep quiet.

             I have always noted that my life has never changed in a course of time but it has changed only in the game of some hours. Some hours of some decisions have changed my life. So, after making my life tremble and dither so much , I don't want to sabotage any kind of emotions or feelings within me. I want myself to be happy. My life is on its best track right now and everything is going so smoothly that I have nothing to ask God for. I ask him just to keep everything as it is. And when somebody pokes in between, I feel like leaving all the friends and being alone as I used to in Nashik and mainly in Aurangabad. Only few sentences of a friend ruins the whole day. Even at 1 AM in the night, I remember each and every word he or she spoke to me and it is pinching me. If I'll tell you what has hurt me, you will just say a SORRY or a BIG SORRY, but it will not remove that part of sadness and frustration which your words gave me. You hurled them out without thinking what you have said. You have done so many activities which were unexpected but still you blame me for so many things. I have gone through many friends but this is the first time I am facing such a problem.

            I don't want to leave this friend. He or She has always supported me but I want to tell him or her that these are your certain words which makes me mad, kindly stop saying all this to me and please let my life be smooth. Don't give me the tensions and stress. Already, I have suffered many of them in last 2 to 3 years. Now I want to live happily with good and positive people around but some craps like you makes this happiness sublime somewhere. Please don't do this. I don't want a dilute life because some minerals is always necessary. But I don't want the harmful minerals to enter my life. So kindly take this into notice and walk with me to make my life happier and not a plethora of sadness and sorrow. God, please give him or her some brain and please associate him or her with some socialistic brain so that he or she can think about what they say and what does others feel after they puke such words.

           I have said in the initial sentences that I don't want to divulge some issues as it can lead to enmity and isolation but still the mood didn't changed while I was penning down this and I wrote whatever was in heart. This is the purpose of this blog to speak out what is in my heart. I hope God gives me this single happiness for which I am experimenting so much from so many days. Some sentences have ruined my life and I don't want these sentences to be delivered by him or her again. God, only you can stop him or her so please bless me.


21 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Solaced By Sachin Tendulkar's Step !!!

             254th BLOG -->>

         The thought of imagination and the thought of creativity doesn't click your mind every time when you want it to. Mind is very captive of imaginations and observations but only when you allow it to. Sometimes, when I see someone performing, I think that what if I would have been at his place? The way he is being praised and extolled, I would have been praised in the same way. I keep thinking about it for the next three days. I saw a rock band show in my college in the start of this year and I kept dreaming as myself standing and singing as the main singer of the rock band was doing. But, when I am myself a performer and I want to see that how am I doing? What are people thinking about me? Are they cheering or they are abusing? , I am totally blind and can see nothing about what is the reaction of people on my performance. Whenever I dance on the stage, I can never see anyone in the audience. I can only see white fog in front of me and nothing else. I am so conscious about my performance then. After the performance, I come to know that people wanted to throw the eggs on me and they were searching for it curiously everywhere in vicinity. 

             Right now, I am a blogger. I am writing daily. People are loving me for this (this is what they say to me, actually they love me or hate me, I have no idea). Whenever, I close my eyes in peace and think about what would have been my reaction if anyone of my friend would have been a blogger and would have wrote a blog daily. What would I think of him? I have no idea. And thus, I can never predict about what people really think of me. But I know that people are happy ki I am associated with this kind of productive habit. Today, I had a chat with one of my classmates after 4 years. May be more than it. She was a good friend till primary section but as soon as we stepped into our 7th std, all the modes of communication were ceased between us as I was one of the most naughtiest students of my class. I met her online today and I told her in short about how were these 4 years to me and how I have started blogging and performing. She said," Proud to have u as my friend" These were so sweet and so beautiful words that I can never forget. In my 200th Blog, I said that I have got something in my life which I never got before blogging and it is the sentence - I am proud of you. I have been blessed with this words again and I want to thank her for this. I am not taking her name here as everyone don't want to divulge their name about what they speak to me and what they chat with me in personal. I think the same too. Why should I tell everyone on my blog that who complimented me or who chatted with me after a long time?

             Salman , my childhood friend had sent me the first post as requested. I have sent a message to everyone in my contacts to write a post for me. I am going to publish each and every post written by my friends on my blog. Let's see, how many posts come to me. Just waiting for them. I read in the newspaper about a book getting published in February-2011 on Sachin Tendulkar. The book is named,"The Tendulkar Opus" and it is his autobiography. It will have a limited BLOOD edition which will weigh 37 kgs, contains 852 pages edged in gold leaf and consist of his unpublished family pictures. These 10 editions is priced at 75,000 $ each which will have an autograph of Tendulkar himself that will mix his blood with paper pulp. The book will also feature the batsman's DNA profile, obtained from his saliva. One of the fans wrote on his twitter account - Thank God, the book doesn't have Sachin's semens on it. Many people are disappointed with this announcement of the book. It is true that many people term Sachin Tendulkar as their God because of his determination and greatness but this is not the right thing to cheat people. It has also been announced that the money will be sent to a charity for a good cause but still selling of Sachin's blood and saliva isn't a good and standard way to do this. 

            I have previously heard about the auction of his bats, gloves and other garments and accessories of cricket but reading about this has solaced me too. I don't know how Sachin agreed to do this. Tomorrow, if an autobiography of Amitabh Bachchan will be published, it will have some hairs of his White French Beard. Is this the right way to sell Big B's autobiography? I think this is the worst step taken by Sachin, even for a good cause, but standards of the greatest batsman on the globe should be maintained. People are assuming you as GOD but you aren't a real GOD. We have never got a sign from the real GOD still and you people are fooling us by saying that the followers of Sachin constitute as a new religion itself. Sorry, dear publishers, I am not interested in following this religion - Sachinism. Keep it to yourself only. I am happy with my Sai Baba. Atleast, I don't get his hairs or beards whenever I visit Shirdi. There is some standard when I go there. Even he was a human being but still nobody points out at him. But because of this activity from Sachin and the publishers, people will start pointing out at Sachin. Sachin, I love you and hope that you will think about this.

             Thanks. Signing off with great pleasure after hearing - Proud to be a friend of yours and with a great disappointment regarding Sachin's step.


Danish Birthday / Nights / Hope !!!

            253rd BLOG -->>

       Journey started with 1 and its 253 today. Can't define the pleasure. You can't write and impress others if you don't love reading. Right now, from last 3 hours I have just read the blogs of different writers on internet and following some of them. Everyone writes and make their own world on blog. Their blog page is filled up with the smell of their life. You can feel the fragrance of the situations of a person's life through his or her blog page. I am happy that I have one of them and thus I can make people know about what's going on in my life and what's the fragrance of my heart. Love to my blog. It has been so kind to me. Writing at this time in night is a feel of excitement and curiosity. You know that after some while, sun will rise and whole world will start working but you are up and on work while everyone is sleeping and lying. You feel yourself lonely at this moment and thus you can talk to yourself at this moment in night. I pass my nights with my blogs. Its so wonderful to write and share. Its so wonderful to tweet and update. Days are meant for work and Nights are meant for exploration. I explore in nights.

             Its birthday of my friend - Danish. A boy who had been a leader since his childhood. A Muslim guy but never tried to meddle his religion in friendship. He had been frank and social. Little shy when it comes to talk to elders but very smart when it comes to manage the boys and girls of his age-group. He is straight-forward to some while hide the feelings in front of some. I had many fights with him in our childhood but the friendship won every time and we were back with each other. I still remember him performing in school times in the competitions such as Extempore Speech or Story-telling competition. That's the only thing I remember when the name Danish comes to my mind. His mode of speech and the style of speaking is above every words. He excels here and I always admire him for this. He had never been proud even after achieving his dreams. That's where the human being wins his life. He is in merchant navy course now. He lives on ship for 6 months and on land for another 6 months. Now, he is in India and I'm loving him to be here as I get the chance mostly to sit with him in evening and share my useless college talks. I don't know how he listen everything I say and don't interrupt me by saying - SHUT UP !!! Whatever, its his birthday today and I wish him all the success in his life. Happy Birthday to you, Danish. May this birthday be the most special one in your whole life. MARRY SOON !!! Hahaha !!!

             Everyday, I plan to bunk. Everyday, I get a free lecture and thus I am saved by the college people from bunking and moving towards the defaulter list. Today, we got it again. I with my 3 friends roamed on the wide roads of Belapur. It was so delighting to roam with good friends in a rainy season. We had so many talks. I don't know what will I do after my graduation? Whenever, I'll feel like meeting these friends after it, will they accept my plan to meet again? I don't think so. Nobody will call each other as everyone will get their new friends in their colleges. Nobody will have the time for me. I don't know how will I manage to meet all these good friends then. I hope Santa Claus will fulfill my wish if I'll ask him. Hoping is the best part of our life. We never stop thinking and planning and dreaming. We are On and On and On. I still hope that I'll get the love of my life. Even after so many babes have rejected me or ditched me. I have no regrets. I respect all of them still. Sorry, I lied in the last sentence. How can I forgive all the women who have played with my heart, my emotions and my sentiments. Sorry, this was not acceptable and will never be. I am still waiting for a good girl to enter my life and be with me always and always and always. Koi sunn bhi rahi hai ya raat ke andhere me andhon ki tarah akele mein chilla raha hu?

            Lets move out now. Its 12.45 AM now. I know its not a big time but still I'll have to sleep. I have planned to sleep before the hectic schedules of my college and classes begins. Right now, I am enjoying the free air of time-table. Hope the moments in future will be as bright as this moment. Again I am hoping. Eating Haldiram's Bhujia Sev while writing this blog. So, I want to acknowledge it too before leaving. 

            Signing off with a hoping attitude to come back soon.

20 July 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Congrats Abhinav, 1 year affair and My Stomach !!!

            252nd BLOG -->>

        Its always good to give someone an opportunity when you have that authority to give. I have a blog page. I write here. I am not the best in writing. There may be many who are good in writing. There are many who may be expecting a chance from their life so that they can write once. Many would have thought of launching a blog but kept quiet as they would have realized that there is a lack of creativity in their mind. So, everyone of them who stopped themselves from doing what they wanted, I have given them a chance to put a step and move forward. I have sent a mail and message on facebook to everyone whom I felt loves my blog and can write something about what they feel. Lets see how many of them revert back as soon as possible. I would be waiting for everyone's mail. Terms and conditions are sent to them.Anybody reading this blog wants to write something on my blog about what they feel about themselves or their life or want to share anything of any kind can contact me and send me their posts. It will be surely published. And if you have a fear of grammatical mistakes, don't worry I'll correct it. Even I lack in grammar but if you are lacking much more than me, I will correct them. Ha !!! 

           A friend of mine - Abhinav gave his CPT exams few weeks ago. Those who don't know what these CPT exams are. Let me tell you. CPT exams are the entrance for enriching your career in CA. He got his result today and he have cleared it. Now he will start studying for CA. The course which many people leave because they can't handle the complications of the subject. But I have my full faith on this boy that he will clear the studies of CA in the normal tenure of the course. Wishing you a happy academic life ahead, Abhinav. 

            One of my friend in the class completed 1 year of her affair with her bf. Today she was absent as she was busy celebrating it with him. I wonder how were they celebrating this for the whole day. Very strange !!! I have never seen my mother and father celebrating their marriage anniversary and here the new boys and girls of this generation celebrate every minute happiness coming by chances in their relationship. I am happy to see this but I am also afraid that when two bodies starts loving and admiring each other so much, they are much prone to the pain and depression if they are parted. Why am I talking such things on their 1st anniversary of their affair? I am sick and idiot. Sorry !!! Wishing them a good romantic life ahead !!!

             Finally, my stomach ache is cured. I don't know how but God helps those who helps themselves. I tried to boycott as many luxurious food as possible while my stomach was going through severe problems and bomb blasts. Finally, today in evening it stopped paining and I'm happy. Just praying God that it doesn't begins again in the morning when I'll wake up for my college. Hoping for the best.

             I haven't completed my assignment which I have to submit tomorrow. Let's see if someone would have completed it. I'll copy it from him or her. Copying is also a talent which isn't present in everybody's blood. Definitely, its not in my blood but fir bhi kya jaata hai try karne mein? I have also received the payment of my new freelancing job today. Loved to see so much rupees in my bank account. Also got back the rupees I gave as Udhaari to many friends. I am a rich ass now. Enjoying the world. And will enjoy it more tomorrow as my stomach is all right too.

            Thanks. Signing off with smile.