18 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Tere Bin Laden 2: Fails to entertain!!! *

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       It was an amazing morning as it was raining heavily as it mostly does in Mumbai. My friend and I caught our train of 9.16 AM to reach college. But we were not interested in attending lectures so we halted a station before and went to Big Cinemas to watch this movie with a very unusual title and a totally fresh plot- "Tere Bin Laden". I enjoyed the movie a lot. I even told my friends after joining the college post-lunch that Ali Zafar will become a Superstar. Though the prediction went totally wrong. :| When I saw the trailer of the second part of this movie featuring Manish Paul, I was sure that this movie will rock double time than the 1st one. Again the prediction went wrong and I didn't enjoy this movie as much as the first one.   

          The biggest issue with TBL 2 is that they are themselves in awe of the Part 1. They keep referring to it every now and then rather than taking the movie forth from where it ended. This time its about how Obama is regularly queried by his people to show them a picture of Osama's dead body to prove that he really killed him. So he orders his man to do anything but get him the picture of terrorist's dead body. Sikandar Kher, playing this character, finds this Osama's look-alike and plans to kill him off and get his picture for his boss, Obama. On the other hand, the guys in Pakistan, wants to prove the world that Osama is still alive for which again, they want the Osama's look-alike to send a message across through a video tape. This makes Pradhuman Singh, playing Paddi Singh, wanted either Dead or Alive by both the parties respectively.

            The film kicks off nicely in the first 15-20 minutes but after that it gets stuck there itself. The jokes that are already played in 1st part can not make the audiences laugh again. Munnabhai series is a perfect example of how to take a franchisee ahead. TBL needed a very entertaining and pitch-perfect script to take off this movie. This is where they failed. Also, coming to the screenplay, it seems all the scenes were written in parts after which they were joined together to make it a 2 hours long film. It just couldn't give you the feeling of watching a movie but small parts of a daily-soap. Sikandar Kher has performed brilliantly. Pradhuman Singh is again perfect in his character. Manish Paul fails to impress once again. The other supporting actors are also wasted in this movie. I give it just 1 star out of 5. 



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