31 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

2010 - The BEST YEAR of my LIFE !!!

            361th BLOG -->>

T|he most wonderful year of my life !!!
        So here comes the last blog of this year - 2010. It feels so nice that I have completed the whole year without any hurdles and ruffles. Here comes the 253rd Blog of 2010 and 361th Blog of my Blogging career. As it is the last day of this year, I should summarize and epitomize all my achievements and failures. I did the same in my 110th BLOG where I collaborated all my success and failures of 2009. The 2nd half of 2009 was too good for me while its first half was quite stressful and painful but the 2nd half was wonderful. Now, talking about 2010 - This year is the best year of my 21 years life. I haven't failed in any activity I have put my hand in *touch wood* . 2010 made me a person who can dream big, struggle big and become big. I developed an attitude of Entrepreneurship in me. I started feeling that this is my life, these are my people and I am the one who can change my life to generate the positiveness in the people who I think are mine. For them, I started striving and I think that seeing me and my results of some awesome activities and curriculum, many would have thought of doing something different in their life than being busy and associated only with academic and professional life. 

              The year- 2010 started with my result of Semester 1 where I passed with first class marks and achieved the 3rd position in the class without even fighting for it. 

              Then, the festive season started in the college where I won 2nd position in the Traditional Day for my disguise of Sardar or Sikh. I enjoyed while enacting a Sikh as I always saw different actors on the Silver Screen with turban and big beard. So trying the same with myself was a Hat-off experience for me.

              As everyone of you know that I want to be a Writer in future, I submitted my article to DNA newspaper for the 3rd time and expected that this time I will be selected and fortunately, My Article got published in the DNA newspaper about the contradiction of the views of Shiv Sena towards Shah Rukh Khan's statement of including Pakistan's player in IPL. This was the first time when my article was published in the newspaper with my photograph.  

             Then came the First FEST of my college after my admission. All the performances were being rehearsed and I saw my seniors and classmates working hard to bring perfection to their performances. My classmates and seniors forced me to participate and I agreed to dance lightly on the remix track of Kahiin to Hogi Woh. I became the first person in my college to perform a Solo Dance Performance and personally this is the first stage performance of my life. The video of my performance is here :

            I always heard that college students are busy in preparing their presentations and keep on making and editing slides in their PPT projects. Being in the college, this year was the first time in my life when I prepared a PPT presentation and gave a presentation in a classroom and luckily scored 10 out of 10 for My Presentation .

            Then the Semester ended and 3rd Semester begun. The result of 2nd semester was released where I scored First Class marks again but there was little drop in my percentage. Fortunately, I was again at the 3rd position in my class and 1st in Boys. It made me more confident of myself as I was expecting drop in 1 subject but I think Paper Checker was a good man. ;-)

            In the 3rd Sem, we were introduced to our Juniors and for the first time in our college, Orientation Programme was conducted for the students of BBA and BCA where I was selected as the Host. This was the first time in my life where I hosted any occasion. My father always had a dream to see me as a Host and I fulfilled his dream.

            Coming to my Blog, this year I have published 253 Blogs which is no less but it is less for me as I try to publish 1 blog every day to interact with my friends and share my views with the world and keep on enhancing my writing skills. I completed 200th and 300th blog of my career in 2010 itself. I have gained more than 92,500 visitors in the year 2010.

             I have been successful in making my Blog familiar to many talented writers and I think I am the only one who have received the compliments of 11 published authors. I think no blogger has achieved this milestone. The authors who favored my Blog with their auspicious comments are Chetan Bhagat, Robin Sharma, Rashmi Bansal, Varsha Dixit, S.R. Saha, Nishant Kaushik, Abhishek Kothari, Azhan Ahsan, Tanveer Singh, Animesh Verma and Mandar Kokate. You can read their comments on Celebrities Review . This is something which I never imagined in my life would happen. 

              I also received the comment from the Superstar of the Millennium - Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. It was incredulous to receive the comment from him. Every Indian has a dream to meet or talk or see Mr. Amitabh Bachchan once in their life and I fulfilled my dream to do the same which is an unimaginative glory for me. You can read Amitabh Bachchan's comment on my blog at AB on my Blog. 

             This year itself, I started freelancing and I earned for the first time in my life. It is always a matter of pride when you earn after putting a lot of effort. And it is fun when you earn by sitting at your home and work from your bedroom. I am just loving this world of working and earning but I am not heuristic for this. I do this in my spare time.

             So, this is the year when I have experienced a lot of things which I never did in my life. I got my own PAN Card. I got my first bank A/c at Axis and my First ATM Card too. I also got the Wi-Fi connection of my house on my name. I met Mrs. Rashmi Bansal, the author of 2 bestseller books personally in Mumbai. I have completed 7 series of Sai Baba Fasting which means I have fasted for 63 times. It is an unimaginative spiritual peace which you can never gain until you start praying God, reading Chalisa for him and try to connect with him. I started doing it and I feel relaxed after keeping fast and praying God with all the power of Soul and Mind.

            I have always heard about different NGOs and Charity Group working for different causes. This year I tried to join my hands with them and support them by doing some charity from my side. I did this for Saving Tigers which is our National Animal. 

            These are the only things which I can remember at this moment. There may be many more things which I did for the first time in 2010 and many more achievements which I owned this year. This has been the most successful year of my life and I don't think that any of the year in future may break the record of 2010. I am in love with 2010 with so much of compassion and relativism that I don't want this year to leave me and make me welcome a new year - 2011. I don't know how the next year will take place and what all pages of my life will be revealed but this is sure that 2010 will always remain close to my heart and I will always remember 2010 as the year which enhanced me and my persona. With a sad heart, I am leaving 2010 back and welcoming 2011. I hope everyone of you would have achieved something or the other in 2010. Hope 2011 bring more shines and sharpness in your life. My Best wishes with everyone.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU sad to leave 2010 behind.





27 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

2010 - The Year Of Wonderful Scams !!!

            360th BLOG -->>

        This is the 260th BLOG of this year - 2010. I don't know whether more blogs will come this year from my side or is this the last blog of this year. The year - 2010 has been very special for Indians and the world. We got a lot of things to learn and many new things were introduced to the world. I, myself, tried a lot of things and came up with new information about them which I don't think I would have ever got to know. This year, for India, has been scam-ful. We already knew that Ministers are terrorists in the uniform of white kurta-pyjama but we didn't knew that they are so intelligent to fool the income tax department and crores of Indians and earn uncountable of black money from the taxes we pay by being innocent and germane towards the government. If someone from our friend takes some money from us and don't return we feel like killing that person or we break our relation with him/her but our government is doing the same with us. The purpose of giving them taxes is not fulfilled and the same money is filled in their pockets and they are spending it for their personal expenses and fantasies but we are helpless and clueless about how to bring them on the global platform and ask for all the hisaab-kitaab.

              The year started with IPL matches where Mumbai Indians lost badly and Chennai showed that they are the true Superkings but did anyone knew that there's a big bhool-bhulaiyyaa behind the whole process of IPL matches? All the secrets came out when Lalit Modi tweeted about Sunanda who was related to Shashi Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor had to resign and Lalit Modi had to reveal all the owners and co-owners of all the teams included in the IPL matches and the whole system of probation hurled out Lalit Modi from the position of Commissioner too. IPL Scam was wonderful and we got to know that the whole system is corrupt.

             Few months passed and our dear Media started showing us something about Common wealth Games and its relation with the delay and carelessness of Kalmadi. Media kept spoiling Kalmadi's name and he became a new face and brand ambassador of Indian politics. The total amount of Scam was calculated to approximately 40,000 crore to 50,000 crore but the wonderful thing was that the CWG thing happened nicely without any patches in it.

             Mumbai is made up of lot of tall buildings and skyscrapers but the most controversial building after Lokhandwala is Adarsh Society. Lokhandwala became famous because of terrorists but the Adarsh Society became famous because the building was made for the relatives of great heroes of our nation who lost their lives while fighting for the nation but all the flats were sold and allotted to the relatives of beautiful ministers. The CM of Maharashtra - Ashok Chavan had to resign this year. All the Chief Ministers of this country has been the king of corruptions and cheaters. I love to read about their scams. I hope I'll learn some tricks for fooling the people and government in some years.   

             Then came 2G Spectrum. A. Raja became a new hero in this scam. Neera Radia became the first queen of corruption this year. It is said that she has earned 2000 Crore just by politicians. I dream that she should have been my chachi or mami. I would have loved to pamper her to earn at least 1% of the amount she has. Still the issues of 2G Spectrum are handled by our Government. I don't know the whole case of 2G Spectrum but still I know that it is something big and wonderful to go into its detail.  

              Now, Wikileaks is in the form of leaking and it is opening many polls. I think 2011 will be much wonderful year and we will come to know many more scams and ghotaaleys. I never found newspaper so interesting but this year- 2010 has made my interest to read newspaper more enthusiastic. Lets hope that our money are invested in the right things for which we pay to the government but we can say that we learned a lot through these Scams and understood that the politicians are the biggest corrupt of this country and we are the biggest fools to select them as our leaders and authority.

             Bahut ho gaya aaj ke liye. As I wrote this post, 5 aunties were chatting with my mummy in the same room so there can be plethora of grammatical mistake so please avoid them.



24 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Merry Christmas To All - Welcome You, Santa !!!

            359th BLOG -->>

        Finally its the last week of this year and decade. A wonderful year of 2010 is coming to an end which showed us so many things (latest being WikiLeaks ;-) ). The last week of every year has one charismatic festival which I don't think you would have found difficult in figuring out. Merry Christmas to all of you. Christmas is a beautiful festival celebrated by Christians and all the followers of Jesus Christ. Christmas signifies the birth of Jesus Christ. Now a days Christmas is not only confined to Christians but by other religious and pious people too. I'm a Hindu and I am as enthusiastic as Christians for this festival. Jesus Christ is not only associated with Christians as the English Calendar which is followed globally is based on his birth. The Hindu Calendar and Islamic Calendar are followed by their followers itself but the Christian Calendar is followed by each and everyone so the importance of Jesus Christ and Christmas is very close to each and everyone in the world.

             I had two Christian friends in my childhood - Juby and Pranjali. They have been two important friends in my life with whom I have passed many years and there has been no personal issues. Both of them has given me a good face of Christians and showed me that Christians are wonderful and prosperous. There are lots of Christians in Southern part of India and we all know that the literacy rate is awesome and therefore I have a good image of Christians that they are quite intelligent and genius (but Juby you weren't. Don't be happy). The Fathers in the Church also looks smart and decent. In short, I never had a bad experience with Christians. They are awesome. 

             Christmas is also known as Christ's Mass, Nativity, Noel and Feast of the Nativity. It is celebrated by Christians and many Non-Christians (I am one of them). The significance of the festival is the traditional birth of Jesus. The date for Christmas is 25th December but it is celebrated on January 6th in Armenia and January 7th in a minority of Eastern Orthodox Churches. The observances on the day of Christmas are Gift-giving, Church services, Family and other social gatherings and symbolic decorating including Christmas trees, lights, garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes, and holly. It is related to Annunciation, Advent, Epiphany and Baptism of the Lord.

               Children and kids are the biggest fan of this festival. Nowadays Holi and Diwali are considered to be hazardous for environment so the craze for these festivals are reducing day by day. Eid is something which is not celebrated in an entertaining way from the point of view of children. But the festival of Christmas is the most awaited festival for children as they expect their Santa Claus to gift them their dream gift or toy. I remember my childhood when our class teacher used to ask us to write a gift which we want Santa Claus to present to us. I used to write and a man in the disguise of Santa Claus used to come and gift everyone of us the same gift which we demanded from him. I used to be very happy and astonished that how do Santa come to know about my gift. For the next 10 to 12 years I thought the same thing that Santa used to bring it for me by paying it from his pocket-money. The truth was revealed when I was in 10th std and my neighbor bought a Ludo set for her child to give to the teacher of the school. I asked what is this for and she told about the same chit which the child filled on the demand of teacher and the same gift which she bought will be given to teacher and teacher will hand to the man who comes in the disguise of Santa Claus. I was shocked but the concept is so sweet which makes this festival special for all the children in the world.

                  I wish everyone a very happy Christmas. Enjoy as much as you can. Eat as much cakes as you can. I am already presented cake by a Mr. Varghese here who is the only Christian here in contact. Thank you sir. And we are having a non-veg celebration tomorrow as the celebration of Christmas.

                 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!


23 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

End of Semester - 12th July, 2010 to 22nd December, 2010 !!!

            358th BLOG -->>

         I don't know how to start. I can't understand what to write right now. It has been last 15 to 20 days since I posted my last Blog Post. As all of you know that I took a break from blogging for few days because of my exams which ended yesterday itself, What do you all think about my performance in the exams? It is terrible. This is the worst semester I have given out all the three till now. Now you may ask what benefit you gained by quitting blog and why didn't this helped. Actually, I stopped blogging therefore I have a little chance to pass. Haha. Lets not talk about this deadly issue right now. I know the result is going to surprise me and my parents as it will be a sorrowful one. I will not talk about this exam more on my blog because it will bore you and tremble my inner peace. I would have scored nicely but some good friends who promised to help me in the exam refused to co-operate in the exam hall because of which I suffered badly.

                I missed blogging a lot. Blogging is an activity where I get to communicate with strangers and I come to know their thought about my writings and my thoughts. Till now, I have understood that people love my thoughts a lot but they have a lot of complaints and grievance related to my writing skills. Don't worry, it will improve with time. Salman Khan was a bad actor but recently he won the Best Actor Award after 22 years. So it takes time to sharpen the strength and potential you have in yourself. Few authors came in contact too. Last night, I woke up for so long just to read all the blogs which were pending to read because of exam. I read all of them and posted my comment on every post I read. It may be 55 or something. I think this is the worst period of my blogging career as I have written rare blogs in this month which will effect my blog's result of December. But I am not concentrating on that. The bigger issue is that the people who love reading my blogs don't run away to see my lack in interest of blogging. This month has been terrible as exams and blogs - both were down in performances. No problem. New Year is coming. New Potentials will rise soon.

                Now talking about the last 6 months of my Sem 3 of Graduation, it was too long and too complicated. This is the first time I felt that college is interminable. I wanted it to end soon as I had so many plans for my vacations but now they have compressed the period of vacation and college is reopening on 16th January,2011. It is so short and unenthusiastic. All the plans went into flush water. This semester has not been so zealous as there were no curriculum activities involved. Only lectures and practicals. Nothing else was conducted which would have given me an opportunity to perform and try something new. Fresher party was canceled and nothing else was planned. One thing excited us in the initial month of the semester. That was the welcoming of the new juniors. We were excited for having a glance of new girls and yaa I liked one of them. She is very fair and very beautiful with all the simplicities in her attitude and ascent. I just like her like anything but I don't have the feeling of love otherwise she would have been mine. Over-confidence ho gaya. Sorry. Haha.

                But one opportunity I did got and that was the one which I tried for the first time in my life and I always wanted to - Hosting. The Orientation Programme was conducted for the first time in our college for BBA and BCA Freshers and I was selected as the host. I enjoyed hosting. Ya I also had a bad experience with the partner but my performance was smug. I think this is the only new thing I performed in the semester 3. Now, talking about the presentations I gave in the second half of 3rd semester, this is the only thing where I can be appreciated. In Computer Architecture, I gave the solo presentation where 3/4th of the class was rejected and I was merited in the Best Presentation where only 2 students were named. In Database, we had to submit the files on the topic given to us in our style with a specified format where I was vindicated again in the best submission where 5 students were named. In Human Resource Management, we were assigned Group Presentation where I was the Group Leader and my group got the Highest marks in the class and I scored second highest individually. I put a lot of efforts with my group members to make this presentation successful and yes I achieved it. So in all you can say that my semester was good accept the exams. ;-)

               I am happy that I have friends in my class except few who are very irritating while some are too good that you don't want to leave them. Let me name some of them here.

Yusuf - I have no words to define you man. Your love for me is insurmountable. Thanks.
Vandana and Prema - for proving that I can maintain girls as my friends. ;-)
Prashant, Saquib and Arya - for being partners to hang out at Inorbit whenever I went there.
Sulkshana - No one can match you and your sense of humor. I am a big fan.
Gaurav Save - your creative messages rocked and again you rocked as a Defaulter.
Umera - for getting married and showing that you are different and can't be predicted.
Samadhan and Sohail Shaikh for adding some humor in class.
Tushar, Prasad and Vivek for being kind and neutral always.
Archana, Vrushali and Swati for being silent and being someone in class who is not into politics.
Siddhesh- for helping me in the final exam.

              These are the classmates I can talk about. The name which are not mentioned here has nothing to do with me and my life. They are no one for me. 

              So friends, now as I have returned to blogging, I will talk about all the issues and scams which I missed because of the exams. So, lets connect and bring the change.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU - Back to blogging.     
12 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

SAVE OUR TIGERS - I Donated My Contribution !!!

            357th BLOG -->>

        Hello friends !!! I am not back to blogging as you may have thought by seeing a new update on my blog. I am just here to tell everyone that NDTV has launched a campaign named TELETHON where we can contribute to Save Our Tigers. I have contributed my part and I am sure that my contribution will bring a lot of effect in the world to save Tigers. You can start your donation from just 1 rs and there is no limit to the Donation. You can donate as much as you want. The proof of my donation is here - 

Hurray !!! My Donation was Successful. And Yours???

         So, my request to everyone is - Log in to NDTV TIGER and donate whatever is possible from your side. I didn't knew about this campaign but I came to know in the morning when I saw Amitabh Bachchan's presence on NDTV news channel. I thought that I can break my oath of blogging during exam time and aware everyone of you to contribute so that you don't guilt later that you didn't got the opportunity to save our Tigers. 

             So, friends, please contribute for Tigers even if its 1 rupee. Now I am leaving. Best of luck to all of you. Hope you will share your contribution. Till now NDTV has already collected more than 3 Crore rupees. Help them to collect more.


7 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I may not be regular on My Blog - Please Co-operate !!!

            356th BLOG -->>

Pen closed for sometime
        Limitations are acceptable at the crucial moments. Limitations on writing, limitations on studying, limitations on flirting, limitations on enjoying etc etc etc. I limited the average of my blog posts because I wanted people to recognize some beautiful scripts written by me. In the crowd of many posts, sometimes it happens that people don't read a good work brought into existence by you. Now, the average blogs will be limited and rare in the month of December as my exams are starting from tomorrow i.e. 7th December. Its a big examination and a proof of my hard work in the last 4 months. I don't know which hard work will be tested by my beautiful college. Till today, I have enjoyed. Now, I have only 1 thing to do. Look at book, think about the day coming in few hours and its result after the question paper will be placed in front of me on the desk and think about the masti I did when I had to study in the last 4 months. Just because we are human beings and we don't realize the importance of time, limitations are respected and followed by the World. Today, even when I don't want to, I'll have to reduce the average of posts I publish. What can be worst than this for a writer?

             If you are in a love affair, you have some limitations as prescribed by your lover or there are limitations which are meant in an affair even when they are not spoken of. You can have kisses, hugs and smooches with your partners but practicing Sex with your partner is not appreciated. This is the limitation of a love affair. While having conversation with your parents, you can have arguments, you can have negotiations, you can have brainstorming but you can't abuse them. This is unspoken words and rules which we know. There is a limitation while talking to parents and elders. Without limitations this world will turn into a Ring of Wrestling. The previous records of my blog has been the best. We just kept on growing and our blog got its recognition every time we wanted it to win. Even today people are visiting it and claiming their views in the comment section. Today itself I got to hear the words like Bigot and Evil for myself. I don't know why did those people thought of me as such a low-cast person but I have never been so rough and tough in my posts. May be they didn't understood what I said or they didn't found themselves to be right which frustrated them.

             So, I think I shouldn't care about my blog much in this month of December as I have my exams from tomorrow which will end in the last week of December. So, I would request all my readers and friends to keep some patience. I am not saying that you will not get a single post from me in this month but I may not be regular as this examination is as hard as giving the birth to a child from the point of view of mother ;-). So friends, I am trying to keep my life in the confinements of Limitations. Hope I will be successful in the test of Limitation.  But I will be present on Twitter as always - To follow me there, keep on tracking me at www.twitter.com/BiGG_BLoGGeR .

              Thanks for co-operating. And wish me luck for examination and pray for me as I haven't studied this time. Waise last time bhi kahaan padha tha. hahaha. Bye.

2 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

When I Wasn't Placed In My Final Year Engineering !!!

            355th BLOG -->>

        I completed my engineering with average marks. I knew that it is tough for me to be placed in any of the big organizations in my country- India. India is the country where talent is judged at the last and the source is prioritized initially. 90% of the positions in the organizations are placed through contacts and the recommendations of the employees and the friends in the industries and the neighbours. The left 10% is judged prominently and appropriately. When the season and generation came when I came to know that the companies will be visiting colleges and will pick up the deserving candidates, I was happy in excitement to be selected by some reputed organization. I was happy that all the needs of building a resume and sending it to mail IDs mentioned in the Ascent and Jobs Time section of newspaper will diminish. I told to all my relatives that I am in engineering college and by the last year I'll get a job and I'll start working and earning. Everyone was happy to hear this.

            When the day came in the final year when we were to be presented in front of the Interviewers of several good organizations as HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, Axis, Google, Godrej etc. , I was very nervous but I had the confidence that I'll beat all there conundrums and grab the position. The confidence came from the test our college took to filter the students and send only the top scorers in the placement cell. I scored the Top most marks in the Test and hence I had the confidence that I will be definitely selected. Finally, I entered the cell to interact with the interviewers from Godrej. They asked about me and my experience of Engineering. I answered smartly. Then they asked me about my dreams and ambitions. I replied them too. And then many technical and theoretical questions were thrown upon me and my brain quickly replied to all of them. The same happened with all the companies which came to judge us. At last the Placement Week ended. Now, it was the time for the results to be displayed on the College's notice board and their official website. I was quite happy as I knew that I'll surely read my name in the list.

            The next morning when I fought with the mob where each of them were struggling to see the names qualified in the Placement, I saw that the List didn't vindicated my name in it. I was puzzled. I ran to the office and asked our Director about what mistake did I committed in the interviews because of which I am thrown out. He replied that I tried to manipulate them while answering. I was shocked. My dreams were scattered. Tears started rolling on my cheeks. I started feeling inferior. All the classmates who got selected started taunting and teasing as they knew that I was confident to win the position in any of the organization. It took 2 year for me to come out of that depression and the world of darkness and failure. In this 2 year, all the students who were selected in the respective placement augmented their packages and were holding a Damn Huge Package of 20 Lakh per annum. I was no where.

            I tried to analyze myself. I did good in Computers in all the 8 Semesters. I had the degree of Engineering but still I was Unemployed and Jobless which was quite strange and unacceptable. I asked for loan from personal friends and build a huge Cyber Cafe. It took 1 year to recover all the capital I invested and hence all the Loans were paid and I was at the Initial level of business. I had option to earn now. Parents were happy to see that I didn't lost hope and I struggled to earn and perform. Now, I got many customers who were Project Managers. I asked them for some projects which they can hand over to me. They started giving me projects and they were quite happy with my performance. Suddenly, one of them offered me an agreement where I was to be paid 20,000 per project. I agreed to it. Now I started working hard on projects. Every month, I completed 7 projects at an average. I started earning 1,40,000 from projects and 5,000 from Cyber Cafe. Now, my earning of an year became 17 Lakh 40 Thousand while my friends were handling 23 Lakh. All the inferiority complex ended.

            I started taking project from 4 Managers at the cost of 25,000 each. I took 30 Projects in all. Now, I started hiring all those candidates who didn't made up to the Placements in their respective colleges and gave them the opportunity to earn. I gave them a project at 10,000. Now at each project I started earning 15,000 and hence 4,50,000 rs for 30 Projects per month. None of my classmate who were placed in my batch earned this much. Now, when they came to know about my idea and money, they started contacting me and asked for some projects which they would like to do for me. This is how I changed my fate, my destiny and my world. The people were selected and taunted and teased me were the same people who asked me for the jobs and projects. I was their Boss now. I was the one who were paying them for their part time devotion. And currently I am earning 10 Lakh rs per month. Now I am somewhere and they are no where !!!

           This is an autobiography I wrote after seeing the people who feel inferior and go into depression just because they aren't placed while their graduation and engineering.

Thanks. Please reply.

1 December 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Report Card for NOVEMBER (Best Result Till Now)- 3100+ Visits !!!

            354th BLOG -->>

        A very stupid thing happened with me today. While I was cleaning the keyboard of my laptop, the key for the letter "P" came out. Now I'll have to suffer slow typing speed and you will have to face some spelling mistakes. Its so irritating and disgusting. I am back today to publish the report card of my blog for the month of November. I am happy to inform all of you that we got the highest numbers of visitors this month in the history of ARB. I don't know how to thank all of you. I am so happy and the spirit to write blogs has doubled. I am not feeling to write anything right now as I am tired and I need a sleep but I am publishing in a quest to get the response of the readers because it makes me energetic.

            We have crossed 3100 visitors this month. The average visitor of our blog has been more than 100 visitors daily. It feels so good when your blog is read by many and the voice which you clamored reached to many and thus your target to write or preach is accomplished. On the 23rd of this month, our blog got 294 readers in a single day which has been one of the highest readership of our blog. I am so proud of every transient who comes and visit my blog. I am specially attached with the people who read and regularly comment on my posts. These are the people who motivate me to write more. I am little unhappy with the number of posts I have written in November because I wanted to write more than 25 but I ended up at 21 only. Many more celebrities came to our block and it is the celebration moment for the members of ARB. 

            I wrote many different kinds of post this month. I raised the social issues and current affairs such as Hindu violating Diwali, beggars are better humans sometimes, Jawaharlal Nehru's speech on Independence, reporters protesting suhagrat in Bigg Boss, RSS comments on Sonia Gandhi, the slaughtering of goats on Bakri-Eid, Nitish's success in Bihar's poll, 1 crore winner in KBC- Rahat Taslim, my views on 26/11 and the smoking scenes of Aishwarya and Rani in their movies. It feels so good that now I have started to point something valuable rather than sharing my day to day experiences. I also wrote about my life's conditions like my pain towards the people who view Single Child as aliens, 22nd marriage anniversary of my parents, the fear of exams, my attraction towards a girl and much more in the posts. It was interesting to write about these topics. I gave a brief views and information about the festivals like Dhanteras, Diwali and Bakri-Eid.

             Last month, we scored the Indirank of 76 by going up by 2 points. Still, the Indirank for the month of November is pending so lets see whether we will do better than 76 or we will fall down. I don't think that we should fall down but as the number of posts has been less than last time, we can bear the circumstances but lets hope for the better. I would like to inform all of you that I may come rarely on blogs because of exams in the month of December. So please co-operate rather than boycotting my blogs. 





The Beginning Of The End - 1st December, 2010 !!!

            353rd BLOG -->>

        So 31 days left to reach the provenance. Its 1st December today - The Beginning of the End. The last month of the Western Calendar and the only month which will decide how your year ended like. If you were happy and satisfied with your year till now, this 31 days can ruin them or if you were sad and unhappy with the response you got in the last 11 months, this 31 days can wipe them off with good news and wonderful plaudits. It is already a statement : All is well that ends well. You just need snifters to bring out the vicissitudes. Rather than switching into frazzling state, you can do something pragmatical. Two months are very exciting for me. One is October while the second one is December. October is crucial because I have my birthday in the same month and thus I don't want to spoil the constancy of this month. December has been important because it gives me a sudden apparition to show my good parts. I just love exploring my life and open some chapters which are meant to be divulged a little later. But whats the problem in deciphering out the current and future situations. Its interesting to nexus both the tenses - Present and Future.

             Last year, in 2009, when I wrote the same kind of post on 1st December, it was my 106th Blog and now after 365 days, its 353rd Blog. This is how fast the life moves and you don't realize the speed and velocity of time. The absurd situations overcome the innocuous one. December will help you to grow up as a person and bring out the change in your life in just a single year. 2010- Let this year be whatever it was in the 11 former months, 12th month is sitting as an authority, try to be in its kingdom and win the tag of best citizen. The things you were ardent of in the start of the year but due to unplanned calendar and dally attitude, you didn't completed it yet, make this 31 days an opportunity to overcome all the failures of 11 months. Its the time to get up and make the year 2010 wonderful. 2 0 1 0 - this combination of number seems to be a confraternity and brethren, so your activities and targets should also collaborate with special kind of things which will make a pile of satisfaction and happiness in your heart and soul.

             There would be a person in your life sometime back to whom you would have promised to live years and years together but due to some misapprehensions, you are apart and little schmaltz because of that. Go to that person, say Sorry as it doesn't make you a small human being, get together and show the world that what you promise you perform and complete. Any raffish comment or statement made by you in public or for someone, go and apologize as it may clear some views which some people would have fixed for you. If you ever felt that you had some problem with your good friend, go to him and ask for the solution to your mysterious questions and thus end all your confusions in this month. This will help you to avoid all the angst and fury you had against that friend and you will live a wonderful, amicable and friendly life ahead. This will not only make your 2010 bizarre but it will also enhance the power of 2011. It will take a good start. Just try and see.

             The best thing you can do in December is - Start rehearsing for your New Year Resolution from now onwards. If you have some NYR, start following it from this month itself. This will help you to follow it regularly from 1st January, 2011. Robin Sharma, Leadership Guru has written in his books that it takes 21 days for a habit to take a permanent place in your routine and regimen. If you don't do a thing or activity for 21 days incessantly, it will never become the part of your regimen. I have tried it and I have found the change in me. Many things has been added in my regimen. This makes my days successful. So, your NYR will also take 21 days to be the part of your precedural programming of your body. So start executing it from now so that 2011 takes a salubrious and perfect start. My best wishes is with all of you. I will mention all my achievements and failures of 2010 in the last of this year. Its my exam in December and hence I hope that it will make my 2010 a wonderful year rather than spoiling all my mood to celebrate new year and head forward to 2011. Lets Hope the best. Hope Hope Hope !!!