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Review: MARGARITA WITH A STRAW: Ordinary yet Extra-ordinary! ***½

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      Finally, I got to watch Margarita with a Straw today. I always wanted to watch this movie since I got to learn its plot. But I never assumed that it would portray the theme of a disabled human being so well. It's really fresh, new and something that would not let you pity any such person in future. The movie turns out to be extra-ordinary just because it represents a very ordinary story of a very ordinary girl in a very ordinary way. Shonali Bose have made a movie after almost 10 years and what a comeback this is! Bollywood have forgotten to present any movie which is out of the box but Shonali has proved it so wonderfully by picking up a plot that has already been used in Bollywood since a long time. 
            MWAS is a movie about Laila who is suffering with cerebral palsy but does not sympathizes with her condition. She is like just another college going girl who has dreams, ambitions and quests. Kalki have put a wonderful show in the role of the protagonist- Laila. Not for once do you identify her as Kalki in the movie. The way she have emotionally and integrally accepted this role definitely shows on the screen. Each smile, frown and emotion is displayed so impressively that Kalki actually looks like the character she is playing. This is one of the best movies where you'll find a female lead empowering the movie single-handed. 

              Kalki's mother's role played by Revathi is another impressive character in the movie. She plays a very supportive mother who does not make her daughter feel that she is different at any point of time. Not even when she reveals that she is bisexual. Though she gets confused but she does not let her daughter feel guilty about herself. Revathi's performance is another class in this movie. Sayani Gupta playing Khannum, lover of Laila, is the surprise package in this movie. She is as wonderful and beyond excellent as Kalki. She is playing a blind character and how perfect she is! Every frame in which Kalki and Sayani are together makes it difficult for you to judge who's better. Both have performed better than each other. Along with these 3 actors, all the other supporting actors have also performed very well. Flawless!

            But there are only 2 drawbacks that I have been able to identify while watching MWAS:- 1. Background music. It's too low for a movie of this level. A good music and songs could have made this movie more powerful and cinematic. 2. Climax. The movie has ended like just another Bollywood movie with a dramatic one. That's not how I wished this movie to end. It needed a better and terrific ending than the one director have given us. But leaving these two points, this movie needs to be watched for its innocence and dynamics. And especially for Kalki and Sayani's performance. Beautiful! I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.



6 Years and I am PROUD to be a MUMBAIKAR!

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        This month I have completed 6 years in the city of dreams- Mumbai. It's such a pride and confidence in calling yourself a Mumbaikar. I never understood it before being one myself. "Me Mumbaikar Aahe" is not a chant but an emotion. Everyone in India may not wish to be a part of any other city but for once they do imagine themselves in Mumbai. On 15th April, 2009, I got down at Panvel station at 9 AM to live rest of my educational life in this city at least. And it has been 6 years now. The time has flown away quite soon. Though I haven't explored much of the city but whatever I have experienced has been enough for making me realize in what beautiful moment I am living in. There may be many flaws in the system of how this city runs but there is something which makes many non-Mumbaikars shift here on daily basis. 

          The amazing blow of breeze at Marine Drive chills you for next many weeks. The wonderful sight of Mumbai CST stations tells you that this is the picture which many people in Northern part of India dreams to be at. The vastness of sea at Gateway of India makes you realize how big is the world and how small are we in this small city in which every thing runs fast. The height of Trident Hotel makes you imagine yourself with your family outing there every weekend. The greenery of Navi Mumbai gives you an openness and a change that you need from the running and crowded life of SoBo. The Hanging Garden shows you the Queen Necklace and fast running cars making you realize that you have to get back to work soon to pace up with these passionate citizens. The skyscrapers at Malabar Hills tells you that home is the biggest achievement of one's life and getting one here would be an ultimate achievement. The Water Kingdom at Borivali takes you to an another level of curiosity and childishness that makes you feel young and energetic again. 

            That's the charm of this city. And this is fraction of what it actually is. 

  Not many people reveal that they are crazy about meeting and greeting celebrities. The ego and self-pride comes in between. But I must tell you that I have always dreamed of sitting and dining with celebrities some day. I always wanted to achieve something of that kind. In any other city that I lived before Mumbai, I never got a way how to get into some field so that my association with celebrities becomes daily routine. After landing in Mumbai, I realized what it will take for me to be in the vicinity of these special people who have taken place in people's heart with their hard work and passion. And luckily, I got many chances and I am very proud that I have met not one or two or three but more than 70-80 celebrities in this city. Not many even from this city finds such opportunities. 

            I have completed my Graduation and Post-graduation from this city. I have started earning part-time in this city. I have got my first .... well, in this city. :p We got our first permanent home in this city. There are many such moments that shall stay with me for life and therefore, even if I shift somewhere else, Mumbai shall always remain in my heart. You can take me out of Mumbai but you cannot take Mumbai out of me. That's how imbibed it is. I am in IT field and people often ask me if I would like to shift to Bangalore or Pune for job. I do say yes but somewhere I weep in my heart imagining myself away from my home, my city, my heaven. I just do not want to leave Mumbai until someone pays me for lakhs every month in overseas. And that too because I would be using those dollars to buy a sea-facing home somewhere in the suburbs. 
     Mumbai is just not called city of dreams like that. As soon as you start your natural routine here, it automatically starts insisting you to dream and strive to achieve it. That's the only reason we find everything crowded in this city. People are regularly travelling here and there for newer opportunities. People are regularly trying their hands in new activities. Everyone is busy in finding more than one source of income here. The smell of vada-pav, misal-pav, pav-bhaji, bhurji-pav, shawarma, tandoori and biryani never leaves this city. With just two vada-pavs, people struggle for whole day without stopping for while. Even I have started waking up for late hours and working on my Blog, Book reviews, Movie reviews etc just because this city curses you when it finds that you are wasting your time in stupid things. It even throws you out of gear if you do not respect the momentum it gives you. There are many reasons to love Mumbai. I can never truly state them in words but yes, I am proud in stating myself as MUMBAIKAR though I cannot speak Marathi. :-)



Equilibrium by Paras Joshi (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

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      Generally when 21 year old writes novel in India, you just don't even want to touch it because you know it would be nothing more than a love story or a college campus tale. But what Paras Joshi have done with Equilibrium is something that should set a big example for all the authors out there. At 21, he has attempted something that the authors between 40-55 age group have started attempting in India. After Amish's trilogy series, many authors have got inspired by it and anyone who had interest in history, mythology and philosophy started attempting the same in three parts. Though I am yet to hear any updates of the 2nd book of all such writers. I hope Paras announces the one soon before this story wipes out of our mind.    

          Paras have written this one by mixing history, mythology, fantasy and science fiction though history has been created by his fictional mind here. It is one of the most toughest plot I have read till date. It isn't easy to write. But I am happy that Paras have tried to explore the area which is difficult and challenged himself as a writer. The book starts with a very wonderful pace and it keeps going till the last page without stopping or slowing down even for 5 pages in between. One or the new thing keeps getting introduced regularly which hooks you to the story. The names that he have used like Avaasya, Tamisra, Gurujanas, Saatvika, Jalayu etc gives a feel of the genre in which he has scribbled this story in. The sentence-formation and wonderful narration makes you imagine everything and that's almost a success to the author's work.

            There are few drawbacks too. I didn't feel quite connected with any of the character because of the super speed in which this story moves ahead. Also, because the author keeps describing new plot every now and then, it becomes hard for you to remember each one of them as even the names used are difficult and new. The anti-climax isn't the one that makes you feel that a great tale is about to end and even the climax isn't fully captivating. It isn't bad but less than what I had imagined while reading the same initially. Also, all the trilogies are based on the same concept of good vs evil which have become quite predictable. But still, this book is a worth-go and at the age of 21, Paras have done wonders with his work. I would ask everyone to read this book if this is their favorite genre. I give this book 3.5* out of 5.


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World's Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Datta (Book Review-3.5*/5) !!!

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      Durjoy Datta is back with his 11th fiction book and he is still busy in launching it in all the cities of India. I am glad to have read it even before people must have actually received it. "World's Best Boyfriend" is the name of his newest flick and to my surprise, it's his thickest book with 288 pages. The title of the book is quite cheesy and I wasn't expecting much out of it and therefore, I am not quite disappointed with this tale. I am at least happy that Durjoy is trying such stories from which he kept himself away for first 6 books. I am also liking the fact that he is writing solo books rather than with a co-author as he used to do initially. 

          Durjoy Datta's new book tells us a story about a girl Aranya who has a disease named vitiligo since birth because of which her parents always hated her and never a moment came in life when they treated her nicely. Her brother was always considered more superior to her even when she was very studious and always scored in top ranks. She meets a boy named Dhruv who is disturbed because his parents have separated as his mother leaves home with his school principal. This leads Dhruv to be very rough and unemotional all his life. Somehow, both-Aranya and Dhruv falls in love in school. After getting caught, they are separated and they only meet after couple of years to hate each other as much as possible. They try almost everything to ruin each other's peace but is the hatred only thing that they share between each other? Hatred for someone comes only when you consider them someone important in your mind. That's the plot on which World's Best Boyfriend is based upon.

           The language of Durjoy Datta remains the same- quite urban and cool. He has stopped writing sex but begun writing "Fucks" in his book like its just another word in English without which the sentence couldn't be completed. The way he has characterized each of his protagonists is worth applauding like always. It isn't easy to base a book on a victim of a disease about whom we don't even give a second thought in our life. And then carrying it so appropriately whenever discussed about it is another greatness in his writing. But I felt that the story is quite stretched in few chapters where it could have been easily ended in a page or two keeping the impact intact. Description of each emotion for almost 20-25 sentences have only led in thickness of this book but doesn't make you feel anything stronger than you felt after reading the first sentence itself. Because of this, when you are done reading the climax, the predictability even after 288 pages of tale disappoints you.

      There are wonderful moments in the book. How both the characters lie in front of their school committee immediately after getting caught. How Aranya's father comes in college after getting complaint about her after many years. How Aranya becomes the star of the college. How Raghuvir and Aranya starts conversing and falling in love. Such few scenes have been wonderfully written. Also, the humour between the lines by Durjoy is unavoidable and that's something which holds you for 7-8 hours in which you can easily complete reading this one. I liked the anti-climax where both Dhruv and Aranya are wanting to tell how they love each other but couldn't express because of their egos and historical record of hating each other and competing in almost every thing. 

          But still, the book carries many flaws and it's the biggest turn-off. Before Durjoy could have actually started to tell about a girl's whole life story on being a victim to a disease, he just stops discussing about it and the thing is forgotten somewhere. It comes only in few sentences where Dhruv calls her ugly repeatedly otherwise no discussion about the disease part and her current fight against it is spotted. Similarly, her father takes away her phone and how and when she gets it back is another sub-plot which Durjoy doesn't care to include in the book. Apart from all these drawbacks, the best and interesting part of this book is character of Sanchit. That keeps you alive and fresh. I give this 3.5 stars out of 5. Little better than Half Girlfriend. Haha! Yes! Now waiting for Durjoy Datta's 12th book. 



Review: NH-8: Not even poor man's NH-10!!! ½

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   NH-8: Road to Nidhivan is the latest movie I have seen which released 2-3 weeks ago. The greatness about this movie is that I didn't hear about it from any of my friends or closed ones. I didn't even see any update on my Facebook news feed on anyone watching it. This is what it deserves too. I do not know what made me watch this movie which does not have anything potential to show. I do not even know what I am going to write in the review of it as what's to review in a movie that has same thing repeated almost again and again?
             Nidhivan is a mysterious place. Four friends in their SUV marches out on the journey to find what's mysterious about it. What happens in this journey is what this film is all about. Well, this movie can't be said even NH-10 of the poor. No! It's director, Munindra Gupta, does not even the slightest idea of how a story is converted into a movie through the basic skills a maker should have. And you can blame no one but this man, Munindra Gupta, as he is the director, writer and even the screenplay creator of this movie. Even the actors haven't shown the basic skill set to hold the audience through a very badly made movie. None of the four actors have shown any convincing power. Just writing a tagline "Based on a true story" does not give you license to make anything as stupid as Rahul Gandhi. Yes!

            The actors keep repeating their dialogues. Each of them has been said for at least 7 times. "Yaar" is heard so many times that you want to kill all your real yaars. It's done just for the sake of making this movie and its base look urban. Instead they should have concentrated on other things to solidify the plot of the movie. The cameras are regularly shaken just to give us a feel of journey but that's the only idea on which, I think, director have planned this whole movie on. There are so many dark scenes that it's unable for you to guess anything what's happening on the screen. At last, when the climax comes and the mystery unfolds, you want even yourself to die in this land of Nidhivan. That's how bad everything goes for this movie. 1/2 stars is what I give to it. And that's because some rating has to be given as NULL doesn't have any value. 


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Why Chetan Bhagat's comments weren't totally wrong in Nach Baliye-7!!!

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     This Sunday, I reached home quite late because of which watching the IPL match wasn't a good option. That's the problem with T20 games. Either watch it from beginning or you cannot relate with it. I asked my mother to watch whatever she wants to. She continued watching Nach Baliye 7's first episode which she was already watching before I entered in her TV space. It suddenly stuck me that Chetan Bhagat is one of the 3 judges on this dance reality show. As I have been following him from a long time, I thought of watching it and see how is he doing on his 3rd show on television after the one which he hosted on ABP News and another where he was judge on the same channel.

          I was happy to see him being straight-forward and not telling everyone that their dance was superb like Preity Zinta. He wasn't trying to be sweet forcibly. But I was shocked when he commented on a couple after their performance for something which was a backdrop to their relationship. The guy told how they have run away from their home without telling their parents and it's all right according to them. Chetan Bhagat sued him badly and asked what would be his reaction when he comes to know one morning that his children have run away as well. Similarly, another couple when told that they are looking forward for their parents' approval on their relationship through this show, Chetan Bhagat asked them how will they feel if their child will be on television and telling them that they are in relationship in front of the world. The neighbours, relatives and society will watch the same with you and laugh at you for something you aren't responsible for.

           Well, it was really awkward to find Chetan Bhagat grilling them for this in a dance reality show but what he was saying wasn't wrong and I fully support it. In our Indian society, we try to forget its reality to play cool but some day, we know we are going to fall in its hands and die a bad death. We know that our relatives and neighbours have nothing to do with our marks but still we hide when we get a drop in Engineering or failure in boards. It is always great to say that I can chose my own partner with whom I would like to marry with. It is also cool in saying that how could I marry a stranger which is what my parents want in the form of arranged marriage; its better to marry with someone I know i.e. my best friend or my lover. This is something that we repeatedly say because we know somewhere we are crossing the boundary set by our parents and the guidance given to us since we were in school. 

             When one comes into TV and glamour industry, they tend to forget their village, home, family values and everything. They get so lost in these spotlights and fast life that they feel everything they are doing is right because they are in their way of conquering Mumbai- the city of dreams. They don't realize that their activities can cause very big problems for their fans which they have earned over time. They try to repeat what their idol is doing and therefore end up following the path which brings them in a trap that either leads to suicide or flying away from home never to return back causing humiliation to parents. These celebrities have different culture where they do not have any problem in seeing their partner dancing and smooching with someone else in movies because they call it work. They do not have any problem in having extra-marital affairs because they feel it's everywhere in the society because everyone around them in INDUSTRY is doing the same. 

             Chetan Bhagat is a common man who have taken education in IIT and IIM and worked as a banker for 11 years. It's only because of his writing talents and great marketing skills that he has reached a level where he works with these Bollywood guys shoulder to shoulder. But still his values lies back from where he comes. Hence he cannot relate with the stories these celebrities share with him. He finds it awkward and annoying. Therefore, what he was preaching these couples was a reality of Indian society which has to be taken care of. You cannot say in which century is Bhagat born just because he is speaking against dating-shating-mating-marrying and then informing parents about your pregnancy. Remember, you are the first person who gives example of such boys and girls whose stories are out in society to tell your parents how good are you just because you haven't attempted that. But later on, when you go on the same path, you think your parents are wrong but you are right just because you are in this thing called LOVE!

            Well! Now coming on to why it was little weird to hear these things from Chetan Bhagat. First of all, he was being very rude to such couples. He could have explained it in sweetness the way he gives his seminars to youngsters in their colleges. May be director of the show must have asked him to be a rude one to bring versatility in the character of judges but still, it was really TOO MUCH. Secondly, Chetan is a romantic writer himself and what he writes in his book is what these couples have done. Yes, you do not end your books at marriage, it's just that these couples have gone a step ahead. Because what you say is not the last word. Every person has his/her choices too. Just because your books do not discuss marriages in the climax does not mean every affair should end as an affair itself because they didn't get to know what Chetan Bhagat believes in. 

             You have yourself written 2 States where you have shown how the parents are against that marriage. Why in the first moment itself you didn't plot boy breaking up with the girl knowing that the mother of Krish isn't interested in giving her son away in an inter-caste marriage to a South-Indian family? You yourself went on narrating how parents are getting madder and madder but still the protagonists go to the last level where the parents have to forcibly agree to bind the two lovers together. Are you trying to say that love-marriage is good but only if its done by making parents come on their knees and accept the decision of their children? That's wrong. Even in your latest book- Half Girlfriend, you have shown how a girl agrees to be with a boy who have used a sentence "Deti hai toh de, warna kat le" at one point of time. Either you write books where romance, love and love-marriages are shown in bad light or do not talk of something like this in a national reality show which is watched by almost everyone. 

               Coming to the end, I would like my readers to forget the preacher for once and concentrate on the subject only. For what he sued the couples is something a couple is sued for all their life by every elder whenever they tell how they have run away from their home or married against their parents' will. So do not judge Chetan Bhagat and do not get personal at him. Try understanding the reality and practicality behind his message that he is trying to give. But Chetan Bhagat, even you don't show double standards. Stand on one boat or remember, you will sink too badly and that won't be too much for us. Yes! That's all!


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Review: Ishq Ke Parindey: Save yourself from this sweetness! ½

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   Ishq ke Parindey: I am even surprised by myself that I have actually watched this movie. I don't even think that except people working in cinema halls, anyone would be knowing that a movie with this name is out. These days I try to watch every small and big movies because of which I ended up watching even this. How many times will our Bollywood make the same thing yet again and again? How many times will our Bollywood base stories on an Indian's and Muslim's love tale? The era of such movies have ended somewhere in early 1990s but our great Hindi film industry continued it till 2000s. But something releasing of the same old-age plot in 2015 is a wonder. 

        The director has been assistant to Subhash Ghai in 3 movies but he has forgotten that he is making one for the audience of 2015 and not the one for whom Ghai used to make. Even Ghai's Kaanchi was one of the silliest movies that released last year. Too much sweetness have killed this movie. We know that such love tales do not exist in today's world hence anything in this movie doesn't let you relate with it. The actors have acted as if it's a daily soap. There's nothing attractive in their acting. Even the actions used in the movie are so old and outdated. 

        A Pakistani Muslim girl comes to India and meets an Indian Muslim boy. Boy instantly falls in love but it takes time for the girl to fall in love with him. Once both are in love, she comes to know that the boy's family is kind of gangsters and they are ready to take violence very easily. She decides that she will have to distance herself from the boy before she gets into a family which believes in violence so much. And once they decide to come together, they have to start living and running like a refuge. Well, that's the primary plot of this movie on which such a stupid and silly thing has been made upon. I can only say for this movie: Either save yourself from a horrific plot or if you have survived it by any chance, die of conscious acting from both the lead protagonists. 1/2 star out of 5. 



Kunjan Singh: "The day my novel hit the market it was the same day she got married" (Interview) !!!

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Kunjan Singh is a 2nd time author with his new book "Weekend Monks". I got a chance to ask him about his writing journey. Let's see what he said.

1. Hello Kunjan, when did it first occur to you that you should scribble something and convert it into a novel?

Do you remember the dialogue of Rockstar “ wo sidaaton wala pyaar jab tak nah ho koi dil se kuch nai kar sakta” it was rightly said.
I used to love  a girl long back and one day she told me what unique I  had in me that she could  say her  mom about me other than painting, cartooning or sketching .  I was not a dude, neither was blessed with looks like Tom Cruise , nor was having a surname of Ambani or Mallya, I mean to say was having just a meager salary so I thought why not to use my skills of writing which I had sharpened by editing my college magazines . So In order to prove to her that after atleast the novel she could say to her mom about me I penned down my first novel but trust me , real life is much different than reel life. The day my novel hit the market it was the same day she got married. I was just a normal middle class guy nor Maddy of RHTDM that Rina would close her eyes and come back to me or  neither I was Manu of Tanu weds Manu that Tanu would change her decision last minute and come back to me.
But what so ever I turned to an author.

2. How has been life after your first book released? 

Professional life had no change. But the feeling of a fan pinging at 1 am in the night to write something for good of society or the feeling of some one from remote corner of India requesting for the second novel is priceless . Every Dipiste  of Delhi Public School feels proud of me , Every Maniplaite  of Manipal university community could connect to my story .

3. Tell us something about your latest book- Weekend Monks?

Weekend Monks … 
Every weekend the monk inside  comes out &  speak their heart out. This is story of every common Indian. I am sure with one of the 3 Characters everyone can connect well. After all we all have lost something in life but the real spirit of life is not in giving up but just living it despite having the deep pain inside . 
Also this novel was written after a lot of interaction with the common Indian people.
120 pages does not scare an Indian who does not even dare to read looking at the thickness of the novel.  Now the reading habit of readers is , they prefer to read while travelling in a  flight , or train or bus and that time they prefer a light read so its exclusively  for them.
The simple English used is with a special intention that majority of India can read  after all no one likes to turn to pages of dictionary while reading but they are forced to do that while reading a novel.  Weekend monks is for Indians and it’s for masses.  I want to reach to maximum Indians because after all it’s their  story. I am sure be it Kunjan who lost his love, Andy who lost his mom & came back to India  or Phatak who could not become an IAS is story of all the Indians & they speak their Heart out on weekend after becoming a monk

4. How did such an unusual title come in your mind?

I work in a corporate house. Full week we work and it’s the week end when we get out and the monk inside us gets alive and speaks his heart out, so the Weeek end Monks

5. What makes you write your personal experiences every time you think of writing a book?

This is a fiction , written from core of my heart & I had written with a feeling that every Indian can correlate to one of the three characters in the novel as we all go through one of those experiences , which we hide deep in our heart. So if you feel it’s my autobiography I feel honoured that my imganation is so powerful that my readers can belive it to be truth.
In a nut shell would say thank s for the compliment.

6. As a reader, which writers do you prefer reading from India?

I read long back , if you want to be a writer you must leave reading fictions so that your writing does not get affected and I do follow that.
Chetan Bhagat 5 point some one , 2 states & Amish Tripathi  I have read .But trust me the best I was yet to read as I am yet to write it.

7. How hard/easy is publishing in India for first-time writers?

Not at all easy. It’s easy to write but hard to find a publisher. The way one has to loosen one’s pocket or just remain at mercy of publishers  and despite huge investments all at their plight is not a great feeling what an struggling author has to go through.

8. What is your 3rd book based upon?

         Let’s wait for it. But I can promise something with which entire India can connect.

9. Why don’t we see you actively promoting your book through social networking accounts?

     Ha ha ha… I am trying from my end. But after all this is what every author has to go through .

10. Any words for your fans who have picked your latest novel?

I am sure you will love it. I have written with heart story of all Indians and the slimness of the novel would lure you.
Don’t give up In life. Life is about living and succeeding . There is a pain in all of us. Speak your heart out every weekend by becoming the monk.
I work in a corporate house , I write for my passion for my readers, I write for India & am sure every Indian should not give up their passion and become a monk at least on every week end.

25 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Tu Jo Hai Toh Main Hoon- PART 2!!! (Short Story)

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       I joined my company from next week and started performing like I never did. I was given a project and I worked upon it till almost every person in the office left. The office had no more than 9 employees but I had nothing to do with it. I was delighted to have a company for my internship and that's all I wanted. That evening, I was not the only one who got selected as an Intern but even that girl who took away my heart in the first look itself. Lately, she joined the same project as mine and we started working for hours together and one day, I told her about my love for her. She readily agreed and we often kissed and pressed each other once everyone left office in the evening. She lived just 100 meters from office hence staying up till late hours was never an issue. I was happy that the company not only gave me a confidence that I can take a job on my skills and talent but also gave me a lovely girl with whom I felt I had world with me. 

             One day, Deepika and I went to Pizza Hut. Yes, her name was Deepika. She proposed me marriage while we waited for our pizzas to arrive. I was surprised and shocked. I regained my conscious and readily agreed to the offer. I asked my mother if she would like to meet her. She agreed. Both of them met each other and got so well mixed up that it didn't seem as if they met for the first time. Later on, I dropped her home. As I started coming even after my father came at home, I never got chance to talk to him. I wanted to show him that I worked more than him and with better dedication. My mother told me that my father was proud of me but still I didn't restrict my unwanted ego to come in between and patch up with my father and lead a complete family life thereafter. My mother asked me to tell about Deepika to my father as he should know about a big decision that I had taken. I finally told him one Sunday when both of us were at home. Happily, he gifted me two rings in the evening. He asked me to wear one while give another one to Deepika from my father's side. This incident did something to me and I decided that the day I would get my Final Experience Letter from the office after completing the project, I shall give it in my father's hand first and bridge all the distances with him.

            The project was almost done and I started preparing for the documentation. Unexpectedly, the date for the Final Presentation came and it was just after 7 days. I showed my whole project to the guide and he was very happy to see the kind of work I had done in just 4 months which other students couldn't do even in time frame of 6 months. I went back to my office with happy mind and asked if I could get an Experience Letter. They told me that I shall be getting it only on the day of my Final Presentation. I was shocked. But luckily, my batch had its presentation in 2nd half of the day. On the final day, I went to the company and took my Experience Letter. I was the proudest man at that moment. I wanted to show it to my father and tell him that I was no less than him and still a better person than him. But the Presentation was to be given before massaging my ego and making it more stronger.

             At the Presentation, 2 externals, 8 teaching staffs and 80 classmates were sitting in front of me. I started presenting my website to them. Not even one question was countered back instead I was given a round of applause when I clicked on the last slide which said THANK YOU. I became very emotional and thanked my guide in the end. The external announced in front of everyone that I am going to be the first student in University to score 100% in Final Project as they didn't think that I deserved anything less than perfection. They even took the back-up of my project to show it to the Chancellor of University. While I was unplugging my laptop from projector after all the wonderful comments that I received, I got a call. My father had met with a car accident and was admitted in ICU. I was shocked and broken. I packed my bag and ran towards Fortis.

              I saw my mother and Deepika sitting together and consoling each other. I saw my father from a glass window. He was breathing with support of nebulizer. The man whose personality impressed youngsters of India who wanted to become like him was lying down in such a helpless position. I hugged my mother and cried for half an hour. After I regained myself, I saw Mr. Mehra standing near us. I was shocked. He was the Director of our firm from where I did my Internship. I asked him what was he doing here. He looked towards my mother and after my mother's affirmative nod told me that he isn't founder or director of any firm but a casual employee at my father's organization. And he began telling me a truth that made me realize how small and selfish I am.

             When my father saw that I was almost in depression because of not finding any placement for internship, he thought of doing something for me. He knew that I won't take his help so he planned otherwise. He rented an office at Colaba, far away from our place so that I never doubt. He renovated the whole place within 10 days. Then, he asked Mr. Mehra to act as a Director and Founder of the firm whereas asked him to take few people from my father's firm to act as employees. Mr. Mehra choose 9 guys from IT department and asked them to continue their work from this new office and instructed them to never reveal their company's name in front of me. My father also asked Mr. Mehra to assign me the best project that the company has. And I was given a website to create for a Construction company. That was none other than my father's company only but the name was never disclosed to me. Having a little knowledge about my father's company, it became easier for me to build that project using my brains.  Mr. Mehra also told me that my father was paying Rs. 2 lakh per month as rent for that office. 

             I was sitting down on a bench in shock after listening to all of this. Then Deepika started speaking. She told me that as I know how my father had planned every thing since my birth itself, he had also fixed with his friend of Finance company where he worked before opening his own organization that he will marry me with his daughter. And therefore, Deepika was purposefully plotted at the new office as the only intern with me and given the same project to work upon. I fell for her and when I proposed her, my mother came to know even before me. And therefore, my parents didn't show the kind of astonishment I was expecting. They asked Deepika  to propose me for marriage as soon as possible before my mind changes for her. She did the same to which I readily agreed. And with her parents' permission, my father gave me the two rings which was a way of telling me that I'm engaged with her and I do not need to search for any other girl. 

               I was moved. All these weeks, I was thinking that I am about to challenge my father and tell him how big I have become and how soon am I going to overtake him in life whereas I was working in a company formed by him to employ me. I was loving a girl selected by him for me. I was working on a project that was to be implemented for his company. I was no one but a man who was nothing without my father. I started connecting the dots and the new-found respect for my father developed instantly. I wanted to hug him immediately. I saw doctor coming towards us and asked any one of us to meet him. My father was out of danger. I was taken inside. Both of us saw each other. The helplessness and pain in his eyes made me die at the moment. I was seeing my father in such condition but couldn't do anything except looking at him. I bent down, wiped his tears and hugged him. Both of us cried like never before. I felt his right hand on my head and I cried more and more and more. I whispered in his ears,"Papa, I can never become like you. You are my idol and will always remain to be". And then we cried more. From corner of my right eye, I saw my mother weeping more than us and Deepika holding her shoulders trying to console her. 

             That was the day when I not only got my father back but a new family where Deepika was a sweet addition to it. My father was advised for an year bed rest while I took his place in his firm and guess what the latest headline in the newspapers after 2 years said,"The turnover of RAJPUT BUILDERS have increased by 200% since the son have stepped into father's shoes".

                       !!!THE END!!!!

P.S.: I was searching for my Internship when I faced some impossible challenges and almost lost my confidence and belief. This story stuck me then. I was thinking what if something could have happened of this sort with me. But it took me time to finally write this story and share it with my readers. Hope you liked my attempt at fiction after almost 2 years. :-) 



Tu Jo Hai Toh Main Hoon- PART 1!!! (Short Story)

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      I remember the last time I talked with my father with love and affection was sometimes when I was in 5th std. He was my hero then. I loved having him around me because his personality made me feel superior among my friends. I often asked him what should I do to look, walk and talk like him once I grow up. He always smiled, kissed me on my cheeks and said that I am already perfect and I do not have to change anything to get any better. We used to play cricket, watch movies and even wake and sleep together. That was how he used to treat me. He always told his friends that he was blessed to have me. He used to say that I was the kind of child he always imagined to be a father of. He was proud of my beautiful face when I took birth. He was proud of my voice and fluency when I grew enough old to recite poems. He was proud of the way I ran and always secured first position. He was fond of me and I was fond of him even without knowing how big or small he was professionally as I was too small to understand who he was. 

             Well, he was Vice President of India's biggest banking industry. 

             I had sweet relation with my mother and I always loved sharing every small and big things with her. But I wasn't proud of her personality because her shoulders were always drooped low and she never looked confident. Yes, she was beautiful but she never lived like she could have. We had big home, big car and almost everything that people in India crave and dream but still something remained missing in her. I never understood the reason of her way of living until I saw my father hitting her one day for a small mistake she made. Well, the mistake being her forgetfulness to remind him that he wasn't carrying his purse while going to office. I was in 5th std itself but enough matured to understand that my father considered my mother nothing more than a servant who was there only to keep house clean and take his care. He wasn't even responsible for remembering to pick up his purse before leaving the home as he considered my mother to do almost everything for him. I shouted at him and said that I'll never talk to him. Since then our relationship was never same as before but he never talked badly with my mother again. I was enough happy for this than anything in this world.

             Years passed and I grew up. Many relatives and uncles-aunties used to ask what have I decided to do once I stand up on my feet. I told them that I wanted to do job. My father had turned into a businessman by then. Yes! It was always his dream that he would earn by 45 years of age and then create something of his own and run an industry. In few years itself, he was considered one of the bests in his new field. Being from a banking industry, he managed to learn everything about construction and real-estates and started taking assignments for creating big towers and skyscrapers. Later on, he even started trading and most of his business came from cities like Dubai, Paris etc. All our family friends used to call me an idiot for choosing to struggle than handling and learning business from my father and taking up the responsibility of pushing company up to touch more landmarks and successes. But I had decided that I have to carve out my own way rather than giving myself to a father with whom I only shared strained relationship for almost a decade.

              I had joined MCA after completing my B.Com. with average marks. I had understood that accounts and finance isn't my thing after doing B.Com. even though my father was a champion in it. I had often seen my father on news channels talking related to businesses, finance, stock market etc. It made me proud of him but I never expressed the way I used to. That urged me to try learning the same in graduation and be a BETTER HIM but seeing myself struggling with every small and big subjects, I understood that Finance wasn't for me. I had seen few of my friends developing applications and games all by themselves and I thought of getting into IT. Therefore, I joined MCA even though my father insisted me to do another graduation in Computer, take up a job for an year or so and then join the Masters but I was adamant. 

              5 semesters passed successfully. I was enough confident all the time that whenever companies would come in my college, I would definitely get placed because of my personality. I had inherited all the great traits from my father and looked as perfect as him. Many girls wanted to get hitched with me but I had my distance maintained. I never liked indulging in such activities because until and unless my heart do not commit for a long-lasting relationship, I do not want myself to get into any casual affair as such. My father had planned many things for me right from education to business to marriage but I broke all his dreams by choosing unpredictable
road. So by the time 5th semester ended and I found myself unplaced, I started feeling too inferior to even look into my eyes with same intensity and belief. I was broken. 

            My father knew everything about my regular failures at interviews. He even offered me to join his firm but I asked him for at least 2 years to let me try every way to create myself. He obliged. He never participated in any arguments with me because he knew that somewhere I hated him for giving my mother a painful life for almost first 12-13 years of marriage until I debarred him. Even my mother requested enough times to agree to my father's offer but I told her not to worry. The relation between my parents had improved since then and they often talked with each other and I also saw them sleeping in each other's arms several times. But I do not know why an angst in me didn't let me forgive my father even when I wanted to love him and make him feel world's best dad but I was punishing him for I do not know what. At the same time, I was also feeling guilty of not listening to him and directly doing Masters in Computer without a Bachelor degree in the same. 

              One morning, I woke up to stay at home all day as I didn't have any scheduled interview. It was already first week of March and I was having no company in my hands. Only 5 pupils in my class remained unplaced among 80 of us. It was very humiliating but then that was my fate. It was the last chance given to me by the teachers and I had decided that after 2 days, I shall get an offer letter signed by my father's company and show it in college. I had an amazing breakfast prepared by my mother. I went to my bedroom, turned on my laptop, logged into my Gmail and found an interview call-letter scheduled for the same afternoon. I got ready in my formals and ran towards Colaba for the scheduled interview. I saw 7 more people sitting in the line. I got nervous once again. I even found my legs shivering. It was the last chance and I didn't want to fail this time. 

              Out of all the candidates sitting, I liked a girl a lot. It was the first time when I wanted to approach a girl and strike a conversation. You can say it was kind of love-at-first-sight. But then I had to get back to revising the basic terms in IT that is asked in almost every interview. Finally I was called in after 4 boys. My interview went for 45 minutes where I was attacked with many logical and technical questions but being proficient in them, I managed to solve many puzzles put in front of me. I was asked to wait for an HR interview. I cleared even that with ease. The person got very impressed knowing that son of India's one of the top businessmen is trying to carve his own way in life. After making me wait for almost 2 hours, I was given an OFFER LETTER at 7 PM in evening. I couldn't believe that I was placed in this company which was interested in giving chance to Freshers though being a new and small-scale firm. Well, 90% of IT firms are small-scale only. 

             Dying in Mumbai's crowd, I reached home by local train. I ran towards my mom and placed Offer Letter in her hands and touched her feet. She smiled seeing my happiness and brought sweets and fed me with her hands. She said she had already brought it once I left home as she was confident about my success. I hugged her and told her how much I love her. My father came by 10 PM which was his usual time because of his workaholic attitude. I didn't share the happiness with him. In fact, my mother told him about me while we were having dinner. He stood up and asked me to hug him. Some how, heartlessly and undesirably, I hugged him. The warmth that I felt after so many years made me emotional but I pulled myself back within 3 seconds and touched his feet and went back to complete my dinner. I do not know why but I wanted to show him that I was superior than him. Therefore I wanted to build a career on my own and earn more than him and tell him that he didn't need to humiliate his better half just because world outside called him a Star. 



24 April 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Manish Kumar: "I survived many near-fatal accidents" (Interview) !!!

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Manish Kumar has been a Combat Pilot with the Indian Air Force where he was awarded the Chief of Air Staff Commendation for devotion to duty. He has years of experience as a Leader and thousands of hours as a helicopter pilot, preferring to fly rescue missions where his intuition not only helped him locate and save pilots and survivors but also averted near fatal crashes, saving men and aircraft. These incidents made him look for the greater meaning of life. Let's see what he tells us more about himself in this interview.

1. Hello sir, how has been your experience as an author since you have released your first book?

       The experience has been very rewarding.  Writing a book is like delivering a baby.      The first time when you hold the book it feels you have held your newborn and then you see it crawling and walking on its legs. More than that the respect and authority you enjoy an author is enormous. 
2. Tell us something about your latest- “Be Your Own Pilot” to our readers.

The book is the story of a small-town boy who has not seen a plane on the ground or even the inside of an airport but he dreams of becoming a pilot. He surmounts various difficulties and obstacles to achieve his dream. He not only goes on to become a pilot but motivates others to follow their dreams.
The book shows that once we realize the unlimited power and potential dormant in our souls, we leave the mundane life. We take the reins of life from the autopilot called fate into our hands and guide it the way we wish. Also, it is possible for us to live a rich and deeply satisfying life when we align our goals with the universal good.

3. How did you plan to write a book of this kind by relating the events with a fresher learning to fly plane?

The time when I was learning to fly a plane was the most crucial period of my life. In Air Force if you do not learn to fly a plane in 13 hours of flying  you are grounded. It means, you can never fly a plane in Air Force again.  I was lucky to have instructors who not only taught me flying but embedded the lessons of life which has served me till date.
I intended to write the book for all freshers because that is the time when they face maximum apposition and tend to give up. The book shows how to keep your dreams alive even when all your hopes are crumbling down.
4. How has your tenure in Indian Air Force helped you in building the plot of this book?

During my tenure in the Indian Air Force I survived many near-fatal accidents. I and my crew were lucky to come alive out of these situations. These incidents made me delve deep into the meaning and purpose of life. I realized that my Life’s purpose was to show people way to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Hence, I wrote the book. 

5. Tell us about your venture- I Inspire. What is it about?

“i Inspire” is the motto of my company “Inspire Human Potential Development Pvt Ltd” which aims to “Exceed Your Potential.” We conduct motivational lectures, Life-style management workshops and Outdoor Trainings.  We have various camps where we conduct Rock Climbing, Trekking, White-water rafting, Para gliding along with Leadership capsules.  We also plan to open Centres of Inspired Living and create Life Coaches.

6. What are you thinking to write next?

I am in between two books.  “Souls: United at Last” is a true story about two people who remember their  previous births and meet in this birth after being separated for almost 40 years. The second book “ The Fall Guy”  has taken characters of Mahabharta and Ramayana and fitted them in modern context.

7. Don’t you believe that your book deserved better publisher and better coverage?

I have got a good publisher. At least, I have one after my manuscript got rejected from the so called better publisher. As far as the coverage is concerned I have always believed in word of mouth publicity. The good thing about the book is most of my readers after reading the book, buy 5-10 copies to gift it to their friends and loved ones. A Director of a school bought 300 copies for his school. Another Chief IT Officer of a US based company gifted 70 copies to his team.  I have taken a vow that I will not spend any money  on PR or Ads and let the  merit of the book speak for itself.

8. Are we going to see a sequel to BE YOUR OWN PILOT with Arnab as main protagonist? 

There will be sequel  for sure  with Arnab as protagonist. I am waiting for the book to gain a self-sustaining momentum when I can shift my focus from promoting the book to writing the new ones. If all goes well we may have a movie on BE YOUR OWN PILOT next year.

9. Any word for the readers who have picked up BE YOUR OWN PILOT?

First of all a big thank you.  Choosing my book shows that you want to achieve something in life.  Read the book carefully a few times. There are lot of secrets and hidden gems in there, as the book is the crux of 20 years of my research on how to be successful. Practice IVR regularly and you will find all your dreams coming true. And when you are successful, share your knowledge with others  and inspire them to be successful.