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You have a ROLE to PLAY in KALYUG!!!

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       I received a wonderful message on my Whatsapp yesterday. I generally don't read the forwarded messages that I receive but somehow this message attracted me towards it. Sometimes it happens that some things happen for you. According to the message, there are four yugas that are accepted in Hinduism. 
1. Satya Yug

     In Satya Yug, it is said that the fight was between two worlds- Devalok and Asuralok where Devalok played good and Asuralok played evil. Both Devalok and Asuralok were two different WORLD. Eventually, Devalok, the good, won.

2. Treta Yug

         Ramayana is a story that 's based in this yug. Here, the fight was between Lord Rama and Ravana where Rama was good and Ravana was evil. Both were rulers of two different COUNTRIES. At last, we know who conquered the victory.

3. Dwapara Yug

           In Dwapara Yug, the fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Here, Pandavas were the good and Kauravas were evils. Here, both good and evil were from the SAME FAMILY.

           As you must have observed, the distance between Good and Evil is only getting smaller with time- from two different world to two different countries to almost in the same family. The 4th Yug is Kalyug which is the current time in which we are living. Where's the evil now? In our friends? No. In our teachers? No. In our parents? No. In our siblings? No. The good and evil- both are within us now. The fight is between the good and evil in us. It's upon us to decide what we allow to win- The Good or The Evil. The competition and stress in all the Yugas have been the same so there is no assumption that today is the world of competition hence we do not have liberty to chose the good within us. 

          Who is a criminal? The criminal is the one who lets the evil inside him win over the good which is also present inside himself. He couldn't realize the good within him because of immaturity and traits that shouldn't be the part of one's identity. It takes a normal man to turn rapist in just 5-10 minutes. These 10 minutes where he could have let his goodness represent himself, he chose to let his evil in form of lust conquer himself. And that leads him to jail for life. Are other men not roaming with women alone? Does other men do not find themselves enclosed in a room sometimes where they have a lady with them? Why don't they rape? Are those men unable to see the legs below skirts and cleavage above the top? But they do not let their evil win against their good. 

          Similarly, the thief let their greed win against the contentedness. The murderer let his anger win against the silence. The abuser lets his foul language win over his good vocabulary. All the traits such as jealousy, anger, greed, lust, pride etc should not be given a chance to win against the traits of silence, satisfaction, contentedness, kindness, helpfulness, obedience, discipline, punctuality etc. Kalyug is seeing only crimes and growing number of criminals just because the fight is within us and people are surrendering their goodness in the hands of evilness. If this is how it continues, we are going to kill ourselves soon and face the consequences later on.

           Today, human is scared of human. We are unable to trust a stranger because we do not know if he is supporting the good or evil inside him. Let's focus only towards the good traits God have given us and stop claiming that it's our personality since childhood hence nothing can be done. Everything is possible. If Goodness have experienced victory in every Yugas, it is definitely possible even in Kalyuga as we have ourselves as opponent and we know how good we are. So let's start being kind and throw away all the traits which is making us evil even for a single person around us. Let's not cause pain in anyone's life because of our decision of walking a small path of evilness. Do meditation. Do Yoga. Go for running alone. Sit in garden. Enjoy rains. Engage yourself in your hobby. Do whatever that brings out the good within you and purify this world with your goodness. :-)


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Why Monsoon is considered romantic?

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        Monsoon in Mumbai have arrived as if it was given some deadline to pour a huge amount of water in as less time as possible. I remember last year, we were waiting for proper rains even when 15 days passed from the day it was projected to rain. And this year, it has not stopped since it started pouring. 4 days back, Mumbai came to a halt when people couldn't go to office and all the schools were announced to give holiday. The trains weren't running and people got scared as they saw a glimpse of that tragic 26th July when Mumbai surrendered in the hands of rains. But before rain took its wild form 4 days back, all of us were actually enjoying the monsoon because it came after 3 months of extreme summer and heat which almost burnt our bodies. It became hard to imagine ourselves without sweat. And suddenly this downpour have made the whole ambiance and environment cold, breezy and  ideal.

              Though winter is also another season which we love except the bathing part but still monsoon remains favorite of everyone even when potholes and mismanagement of municipal corporations make it hard for us to even walk. What makes monsoon everyone's favorite?

             Monsoon arrives mainly during the second half of the year. This is the same time when you join a new college. This is also the same time when you get placed somewhere and you begin your job. This is also the same time when India's biggest festivals are celebrated and you either visit some relative's place or a friend's place for the celebrations. I am a boy and therefore I will write from a boy's point of view. When you join a new college, you expect a girl to come in your life so that you live a committed life for next 3-4 years rather than being recluse and odd man out. Similarly if you have been single throughout your life and start a new job and find someone sitting at the adjacent cubicle, you start dreaming of getting the person as soon as possible. :-)

            It takes some 1-2-3 months and finally you find yourself committed if you play a proper game of Splitsvilla. By the time you get committed, its July-August-September. Therefore, wherever you go for your date, trips or walk, rain follows you. It makes the whole meaning of your life during that time romantic. You listen to romantic songs and try falling more in love. You appreciate the arrival of a new sweet person in your life. Also you appreciate the new life you are in. College or job makes you learn new things and give you new set of people who also share their first conversations with you during this season. 

        And suppose if you have been unavailable to find a partner for yourself, the festivals that comes back to back during monsoon makes you visit new places for celebration where you might find someone and your story begins then. This is the main purpose why monsoon is always related with romance, love and trips. And because there is nothing more blind and surrendering than loving and romancing, people wait for monsoon to begin a new story. Or monsoon makes them remember all those beautiful days when they walked with someone hand in hand and those few kisses that changed the life's momentum. Sometimes its tragic but mostly the life story in monsoon is lovely, beautiful and worth remembering every now and then. And these are the stories that you can't share with anyone because they can never understand the amount of space those moments have filled in your life. :-) 

          God Bless Monsoon And Lets Hope That It Never Takes a Dangerous Face And Always Remains To Be The Beautiful Season That It Is!



Review: ABCD 2: Kudos to Remo's Direction !!! ***

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ABCD 2: 3/5

  I haven't watched the first part- ABCD even when I wanted to watch it. The only thing that kept me away from that movie was the acting skill of the dancers that Remo had cast as actors. In the promos itself, I found the acting quite funny and therefore I didn't find the movie enough deserving to spend my 200 bucks on. I had the plan to drop this movie from my watching list even this time but the kind of opening it got in spite of heavy rains made me watch it yesterday. I must say considering that the movie is based upon dance, it is very well made and for a person who loves dancing, this movie will always be in his smartphone so that he can refer to few steps that are really impressive.            

           But I have this basic problem with the concept of the movie. They say that Anybody can dance but in the film, they show nothing from this angle. They show that only great dancers form a team and get selected in different rounds of a world-level competition. It could have been great if they would have shown how people who aren't dancer meets some great dancers and match their steps with them. Well anyways, the film wanted to show how dance is the integral part of few people's life and it is clearly delivered to the audiences. I was comparing it with Happy New Year as it was also based upon the same concept except the stealing part. And while doing that, I found ABCD 2 a much better story and execution than HNY.

            In terms of direction, Remo have done it perfectly and it shows in every scene even if it does not dance in it. He have used every element to make this movie entertaining and lovable. The small twist that he adds with the character of Prabhu Deva is also a nice addition. I also liked how he didn't add too much of romance and related angle in the movie but still made the audience know that Varun and Shraddha are lovers in the movie. The way he have used locations and props makes it a spectacular visual for you and you wish to see some more of them. 

           Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor have done wonderful acting. Even though they aren't dancers, they didn't look like normal actors. It seemed as if they are professionals themselves. Dharmesh, Coakroach(don't know his real name) and Puneet are other performers who make their way for themselves in the movie. Tisca Chopra is amazing in that one cameo. Surprisingly, for me the weakest person in the movie has been Prabhu Deva. His acting is unimpressive and boring. Except in emotional scenes, every time he tries to do something, it looks fake. Not even once will you feel that he is in a character and trying to play someone. He looks quite bored and lazy through out the movie. Rest, the climax scene did it for me and the way it is executed, it makes me believe that Remo is going to come with greater movies in future. Looking forward to them. 3 stars from my side. 



Maulvis in Gaya protest against Satyapal Chandra's "When Heaven Falls Down"

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     Satyapal Chandra is an author who is well-known for his records in writing books with the speed at which many of us would fail. He had 9 books in his name until last year. He released his 10th book and his most ambitious project just recently under Mahaveer Publications. He has been working upon it after sacrificing a lot many personal feats which he could have achieved easily. He comes from a place where there's not even proper electricity. Managing to make his name nationally is a very proud moment for him and the place he comes from. I am currently reading his 10th book which he claims is better than many best selling novels in India. I am done with 100 pages out of 400. I was very excited to write its review as early as possible but I read a news regarding a controversy that have taken place because of the aggressive contents written in this book. 

          Well, its one of the parts in the first 100 pages itself and while reading it, I was very much sure that if this novel turns out to be a bestseller or even moves towards becoming one, author can not get away without any remarks over this. This content speaks the harsh reality of India today where Hindus and Muslims keep arguing and fighting against each other to prove whose religion is better. Similarly, in this book, there's a section where the people of two communities are abusing each others' religion and thus, few offensive words are used which have brought the author into trouble. A Maulvi and a Muslim group in Gaya have protested against the author and have asked the book to be banned. They say if they find the author, they will kill them on the spot. It has also been heard that they have issued a price money of Rs. 2,00,000 if someone gets him killed. 

     In the democracy, it's very sad to hear something of this kind happening to an author who was trying to show only the truth of our society. He may have written something which was never written by anyone in such a transparent manner but that does not mean he should be banned and scared in this way. Satyapal Chandra says that he didn't have any intention to hurt the Maulvis but it happened to be a Maulvi in his story who raped a girl and he didn't want to project any generalization towards the whole religion through it. The novel has just released and it seems to be the first controversy in the series to come. He is also been called next Salman Rushdie of India. I hope that Satyapal Chandra has pulled his socks to take all the criticisms that are about to come his way. 

             I am sharing the content on which the Maulvis in Gaya are disturbed and wants the author to be banned: 

A-“Just come out. I want to deep my sword into your blood. We need to get rid of this cancer. Just come out you blind follower of so called holy Quran.”

B-“You all are the cruel monsters. You only want your Allah to be followed by everyone and you don’t even hesitate to kill others who don’t comply you.”

C-“You Muslims pigs, you have been slaughtering us, the Hindus for centuries. You are the real cancer of this country and we need to eliminate you. So long as you will be on the earth, we can’t take a breath in relax.”

D- “Islam and peace-this is the best joke you cunt. You religion is only meant to murder, rape and loot. We have always respected you all like our own brothers but in return what all you have done to us. Look in Kashmir what you all have been doing with our Hindu brothers. Wherever you are in majority, you all people don’t even hesitate to crush us. That’s the true colour of yours and your religion.

   There are many more contents which are mentioned by the accusers but our website does not allow us to post it. Let's see what more happens in the coming days with the book "When Heaven Falls Down" and its author, Satyapal Chandra. We will have his interview very soon. 



Review: Hamari Adhuri Kahani: Wish if it was "poori"! **½

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     Mohit Suri's last two films were super successes- Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain and therefore, expectations from him were very high when he was returning back with a star cast consisting of Vidya Balan, Emraan Hashmi and Rajkumar Rao. He believes in making character-based stories and therefore, his movies are generally away from entertainment quotient and have too many tragedies. Same is the case with Hamari Adhuri Kahani. It is a story of a married woman who is a victim of physical abuse by her husband. Her husband is lost from last 5 years and therefore she also registers a police complaint regarding this. Between this, she meets a very big entrepreneur who owns 108 hotels. He falls in love with her and with time, he manages to agree her to break the barrier of marriage and fall in love with him. Then a twist happens which takes them apart and that's the basic twist on which the director and writer are hoping to make this movie a success.

            Direction is not a great problem with this film but the major defect in script is what makes this movie to touch your heart. Even after wonderful performance, great music and fine direction, Mahesh Bhatt's script couldn't justify the same. He claims that the story is based upon his parents'. When the movie starts, it promises to deliver something great but as time passes, you only get to see Emraan Hashmi continuously reminding everyone about how he owns 108 hotels. You only find him running here and there with a bag on his shoulder. There are some beautiful silent moments in the movie where characters speak through their eyes but with a movie going nowhere, it becomes hard to survive it and you want to know what happens in the end. 

            I was expecting some real-life inspired climax but the dramatized end again does only bad for the film. The plot that the makers had chosen was a good plot if script could have been written little better. It was surprising to find Sara Khan in a small role playing a character which just needed to smile every time she saw Emraan doing something for Vidya. Similarly, the guy playing Emraan's friend also have nothing great to do unlike the supporting actors in Mohit Suri's other films. Music of the movie is great. Title song and Hansi are the songs that will remain with you for a long period of time. I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5. 


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The Seeker by Karan Bajaj (Book Review- 3.75*/5) !!!

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   I have been a great fan of Karan Bajaj's books. He writes story based upon some unusual protagonists who urges you to think about your boring life and makes you think something exciting for yourself. He has taken 5 years to release his 3rd book for which many were waiting just like me. "The Seeker" have released just last week and it's already at No. 8 in Bestselling list. That's what Karan Bajaj is even when he has not been in much limelight even after writing some seriously good books. "The Seeker" seems to be his ambitious project and after completing this book, I am happy that I have read something of this kind. Though the story is not as dramatic as his first two books but still, it's no less. It takes you on the path that you might never travel and therefore urges you to go that way and experience what every human being should.

        Karan Bajaj's writing style is wonderful which makes you turn pages every minute. He writes in a way that makes his book a definite page-turner. The narration is wonderful even when book is based upon spirituality and enlightenment. Generally, such books are boring and you leave it in between but that's where Karan Bajaj have weaved magic in his writing. He have assured that you will not be preached by anything that can bore you and make you feel that you are in a yoga class or something. He keeps everything simple and yet speaks a story that was very essential to be told in today's world where stress have overcome everything else. 

              Though the book is not very interesting initially when Max, the protagonist, is living in a very stressed situation in overseas. But as soon as he decides to go to Himalayas to find the peace that he have been eyeing for in the situation, the book takes a wonderful turnover and starts delivering a journey to you on which you find yourself walking along side Max. Every geographical location is so beautifully described that you feel you are actually finding a Yogi yourself through the way that Max is traveling. Even protagonist's adventure isn't taken in an over-the-top description where everything starts seeming to be some fantasy world. You can relate with him as you have heard such stories before. 

            The whole struggle of Max in an avalanche is wonderfully narrated. You can feel for the protagonist. The real fun of the book starts when Max reaches where he wanted to and his routine starts from as early as 3.30 AM. How he starts getting physically fit is an inspiration and you want to leave the book then and there and start performing those Asanas yourself. Another great scene is when Max starts performing Yoga and feels that he is flying in the air in between. It is beautifully written. And the summer scene when Max gets attracted to a woman and makes love with her even when their body didn't have any energy is memorable. In all, Karan Bajaj have written a good book which will compel you to follow the path of Yoga, meditation, spirituality and enlightenment. I give the book 3.75*/5. 



Never Kiss Your Best Friend by Sumrit Shahi (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

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         Sumrit Shahi made his fans wait for 4 long years to read his next novel after writing 2 books. He became more popular after writing two super hit shows for Channel V- Sadda Haq and Million Dollar Girl. Since then, he is living life of his dreams at a very young age. I had read one of his 2 books that he released in 2010 and 2011 respectively but I cannot recall anything about it. It's Sumrit himself who made me remember that I had reviewed his book "Just Friends". I have just completed reading its sequel named "Never Kiss Your Best Friend". These days books with the word "friend" are doing very good. E.g. Half Girlfriend, World's Best Boyfriend. :-) Considering the cover page of this book and the title, it became quite evident what the whole book would be about. Both these factors are enough interesting to make you pick up the book if you like reading chick-lit fictions written by Indian authors.

           Sumrit have used a very simple and good English language to narrate this story. The best part about the book is that author tried to speak everything in just 200 pages and didn't stretch the story. The ups and downs in the story are beautifully projected. His characters are surely realistic in terms of lifestyle that these cool class of people in metros live. I felt somewhere in between that Sumrit have written this book like a screenplay of the kind of series he writes. It's quite obvious as after writing a show for a long time, your writing style might change or you would like to experiment something new. I liked the humour and sarcasm that Sumrit have used as filler every now and then.

          A special kind of friendship is presented between Tanie and Sumer. It's unusual and you'll wish to have such friend in your life. Whenever they fight, you know that they will patch up soon as books are generally a fairy-tale world but still reading about how they deal with the issue and try to remain unaffected by it is nicely written. The initial pages of the book are very interesting as its written in a fast pace. Also the climax is fine. The little suspense kept by the author also plays a big role in the formation of the anti-climax. 

           Coming to the drawbacks, I didn't like the characters having alcohols, boozing and going out of control in almost every page. I wanted the story to move ahead through real emotions and not by what the characters displayed in the shadow of alcohol. Also "Fuck" and similar type of words are used repeatedly just to show how cool the language is for teenagers of metro-cities. It becomes irritating after a point of time. Similarly, I didn't like the usage of "He Smiled. She smiled. Problem solved." in the cases where it wasn't even relevant. 

          Rest, I liked how the father-son tensed relationship is presented. I liked how two friends these days share even kisses so casually that it becomes hard even for themselves to give a name to their relationship. I liked how diary discloses few facts in the climax. There are many things in this book to appreciate and many that you will want to ask author "Why?" because you know he could have done wonderful even without writing those scenes. In all, I would give the book 3 stars out of 5. You can surely gift this one to your best friend of opposite sex and get your life changed withing 3 hours. Haha! And Hey, Sumrit, please do not take 4 years again to release your next. :-)


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Hamari Adhuri Kahani- PART 2!!! (Short Story)

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  Next day, after class, I asked her to come with me to a shopping mall. She agreed. We sat in the Food Court and talked for half an hour. Finally I held her right hand which looked so beautiful that I had my eyes every time she made hand gestures while talking. I never tried touching her with any dirty intentions but it was all with pure love and compassion. She again tried to take her hand away but I made sure that my force was enough stronger to not let her go away from me. I saw change in her expressions and it wasn't very nice. 

         I composed myself and said,"Komal, I do not know what you think of me but every time I have your hand in mine, I don't feel like leaving them. I am not sure if you believe in love at first sight but I have experienced it. I fell for you the moment I saw you entering in the classroom for the first time 3 months ago. Since then, each meeting with you has been scribbled in my personal diary with a poem on each occasion. I want to tell you that I love you with all the purity and no power or greed can ever reduce even a bit of what I feel for you. I promise you that in every circumstances I shall be with you. I love you and I want to hear your final words for me."

          She was stunned. After I ended up speaking, she took some seconds to react. Suddenly, anger conquered her whole body language. She released her hand from mine and slapped me hard. Few people started looking towards us. I was embarrassed but not lost. She started walking away. I followed her. She was walking away in speed and didn't want to see me again. After we were out of mall, I again held her hand and stopped her. She shouted,"Do you have brains? Haven't you seen the bindi on my forehead, the mangal sutra in my neck and engagement ring in my finger? I am married. Just because I saw you as a friend and genuine person who is interested only in career, I spent time with you. I sometimes realized that you were trying to come close but I thought may be you see me as a friend so end up doing those silly things. Never knew that holding the hand and constantly looking at me was part of your dirty plan to come to this one day. And remember one thing, if next time I find you coming close to me, or even stalking me, I will take you to police station." 

          Saying this she took an auto and left. It started raining. I fell on my knees and started crying madly. The punishment I was given was for being innocent, for being truthful, for being respectful in love. I never noticed all those identities she carried of being married. I was naive. How will I ever be able to forget her? How will I ever be able to forget the touch of her hands. The beauty that she carried with her brought happiness in my life every day. How will I fill the void created by her sudden disappearance from my life? 

           Suddenly, I saw a boy trying to save his books from getting wet in rain. After managing to save his books, the smile that he carried with him was exactly the smile I had when I found that the tools taught to us in class were understandable to me. I got some strength. I felt confident all of a sudden. I took the decision of forgetting her. I stood up. I wiped my tears. I took off my shirt and celebrated the rain as if it was the first rain of my life. People started laughing thinking me a psycho who does not have any respect. And my life changed after that. Though we sat for one more week in the same class room I never looked at her. I was given a small token of appreciation with a golden-colored medal on the last day for being the best student in the classes since the course began. I saw even her clapping with all the 25 students. Though her eyes were low but I knew that she meant it.

          I do not blame her. She is married. She was in a bigger commitment. If she would have agreed to my proposal and later on, I would have come to know that I was an extra man in her life, I would have got more annoyed. Also, if she could have broken that ultimate relationship, she could have broken even ours any time. Now I am happy that I loved someone who respects love as much as me. Tomorrow is my engagement with a girl who has none of the features I see in my dream girl which Komal had, but I wish only one feature in her- Commitment. The same commitment Komal had for her husband. I need just that. Now I understand that conquering that particular person isn't important in life but having any person in your life is important who sees his/her life in you. Who wants to stay with you even when you aren't deserving. That is Love. That is Love Beyond Boundaries. A class that I never wanted to join taught me the biggest lesson of my life. Learning those tools and having the certificate of excellence is what I believe are the secondary lessons I learnt. :-) 

P.S.: I have written this story for the people who fall in love with some married person and lose their heart after finding them committed in almost unbreakable relationship. There's more to LOVE than LOVING that ONE particular PERSON. Yes :-) But you have to accept this truth as a lesson in your life. :-)



Hamari Adhuri Kahani- PART 1!!! (Short Story)

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      It was the first day of my class. I was in engineering. I didn't want to join any class but my cousins insisted and even told my father about the career growth once people learnt those mechanical tools through which machinery drawings can be easily crafted, drawn and referred. I was not even interested in Mechanical branch which I had to opt as I couldn't get admission in Electronics and here, I was being put into something that was an add-on in a resume for people aspiring to be Mechanical Engineers. Huh! Well, that's the case with 80% Indian students that they are admitted into something which they don't have interest in. 

          I was sitting in the class and observing everyone who entered. It was the month of May. The scorching heat in Mumbai made everyone enter rubbing their forehead and neck with their handkerchief. The classroom was air-conditioned and I had reached 15 minutes ago and therefore, I was totally fine now. Finally, our teacher entered and everyone settled down quickly keeping their bottles in side their bag and hankies in their pockets. The teacher started with everyone's introduction. There were 24 of us already in class. While introduction was going on, I heard a sweet voice trying to be loud,"Excuse me, mam. May I come in?" Teacher allowed her. 

          While she was walking towards the empty seat which was just ahead of me, I got lost in her eyes. I had not seen such a beautiful girl with the kind of pink lips and big eyes with long dark lashes I had always desired in someone with whom I could fall in love with. Before I could have realized, I was fallen in love at first sight. She sat in front of me and I was glaring at her dancing ear-rings. Now it was her turn to introduce herself. She stood and told about herself. I was not able to see her face but the voice took me to a world full of peacocks, birds and nightingales. While I was still dreaming of her even when she stood just 2 feet away from me, I heard people laughing loudly. I came out of my reverie and realized that it was my turn to introduce myself while I was busy comparing my dream girl with birds. I introduced myself and saw at her after I was done with it. She had a smile on her face.

           2 weeks later, I got a chance to sit besides her in the lab. She got some problem and asked me to help her. While I was moving my hands towards her keyboard, her hands brushed against mine and it was enough to break my concentration. I was seeing her face's reflection on monitor's screen and more than the software, I was dragging the mouse on her eyes, lips and cheeks. She said,"Hey, do it fast before mam comes". I smiled and executed the steps perfectly and did the job of 10 minutes in just 2 minutes. She was impressed. It was all over her face. Putting up all my courage, I finally spoke my first sentence,"What's your name?". 

       She laughed and said,"Oh Yes, I remember. You were lost in your own world when the introduction was going on. My name is Komal." 

        "Nice name", I said. 

        She smiled. "By the way you are very intelligent it seems. You end up doing these complicated stuffs before anyone in the class." 

        I said,"Nothing like that. It's just that I have no other option than doing this". 

        Our teacher came and asked us to leave if we had finished our work. As I had done her task too, only both of us were eligible to leave. We walked together. On the roadside, I saw a momos stall and asked her if she would like to have some. I hesitatingly said it as I knew she would leave after 2 minutes and I wanted to rejoice this moment with her a little more. She smiled and nodded positively. My heart beat increased. This was the first time when I was going to spend time with her informally after classes. And fortunately on the first day of my conversation with her. 

          I ordered 2 plates of momos. While she was eating, I was just concentrating on her. I shared a lot of things about me and how I landed up in the classes and everything. She was quite reserved and didn't open much. Even I didn't dare to ask much as I was afraid she might hate my interference in her personal life. After this day, we often spent time together in lab and also began sitting together in theory sessions. After classes, we would walk together up to the bus stand and often have road side chaat and pani-puri. 

           It was 3 months now and my love for her had become desperate. I remember a moment when she held my hand while crossing the road. I had held it little more tighter to cherish the moment. There had been occasions when we shared the same umbrella as the monsoon had arrived in our city. On several occasions, I tried holding her hand as I felt that she is comfortable with me but she used to shrug it off. I was often confused what actually she thinks of me. She never replied to my messages after we reached our respective homes. When I used to ask her reasons, she would say she doesn't like to be with her mobile all the time. Finally, I thought I would say her what I always wanted to. The session was in its last week and I wanted to seal her in my life before the class ends.

to be continued.....

9 June 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Was Maggi the only harmful eatery left in India?

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     The Maggi controversy is blown out of proportion, isn't it? May be you won't feel exactly the way I am feeling about this as you care about your family members and can't imagine them in a harmful situation because they have been a Maggi lover until now. I remember similar emails in my profile some 3-4 years ago about how McDonald's isn't safe. The emails used to contain the way McDonald's treats chickens and goose before killing them so that they can stuff their meat in their burgers. Rewinding my life little more, I remember how my parents and all the elders in my colonies started asking all the children to stop drinking cold drinks. Whenever we asked for answers, they only told us that it's pesticide that can be used to clean our toilets. They also threw a light upon how cold-drinks are made in unhygienic conditions. 

          But has McDonald's or Cold drinks been banned or taken away from our markets? No. They are still there and doing very well. Every time I visit DMart or Big Bazaar, I find a cold drink in almost every cart. Every time, I visit a McDonald's, I always find it hard to get a table and wait for at least 5-10 minutes before I get one. Similar is the case with Maggi. Though it is been made a point of debate every night on every news channels, it will be ubiquitous once these high decibel voices lose their momentum. 

            It is said that Maggi contains 7 times more lead than allowed in its packaging available for end consumers. It also contains high amount of MSG which is equally harmful. This news has created a big uproar in India and Nestle had to ask all the stores to return back the packets to them. If someone must have visited India for the first time this week, he must be thinking that everything else in India is hygienic and only Maggi violated the said line and it needs to be hanged till death. Don't we Indians know that everything we eat has high probability of being harmful as even eatables are a tool for corruption in our nation? Then why are we over-reacting only at Nestle's Maggi?

             If you will read more, you will come to know that almost 20% of ayurvedic medicines consists of heavy metals such as lead. The paints that our walls at home flaunt also consists of high amount of lead which will cause more harm to your child's health when he licks it than consuming Maggi? It is said that Maggi didn't include both these things in their ingredients' list on the packet which also violates the rule. But that almost 75% of the companies in FMCG fields are doing. Why take up only Maggi?

              I remember going to vegetable market where vegetables are available in affordable cost. Whenever we used to argue with the vendors about vegetables being of very bad quality or almost rotten, he would proudly say,"Do not take it, sahaab, if you don't want. Hotelwallahs are going to take all of this after you'll leave". And I used to get surprised that how can the hotels prepare food items with such rotten vegetables that we never get to know about it through taste or smell. I have also seen hotelwallahs taking away 20-25 kgs of rotten tomatoes in their tempos after 8 PM in half cost. We had also heard about that case of Pani-puri wallah who peed in the same bowl by which he filled pani in the puris of his customers. We also read about how small particles of human excrete was found in chaat or something in Delhi. Everyone is aware of such roadside eateries but do we resist eating a samosa, vada-pav, bhel or pani-puri? 

           We see reports every Diwali and Holi on our Hindi news channels about how sweets are made with powder and stuffs that we would not even touch, leave eating. We also have read about how harmful chemicals are injected into our vegetables and fruits so that they reap faster and become salable. Have we stopped buying them? We have also heard about how pav is made by men standing upon the dough. Similarly, about Haldiram's production style has been questioned. Every thing in India that's available for eating is harmful. Maggi is just been made a victim to hide all of these that we are consuming daily. It seems as if our egos will get a new heights after seeing Maggi get banned that now harmful eatery products are just a myth in India. Grow Up, India. Wake Up, India. Let's not target a MNC and look deeper into the whole system that's corrupt and even carelessness and avoidance of our attitude whenever we eat from roadsides or in hotels. Go, check the kitchen of your favorite restaurant or the place where the utensils are washed after you end up eating misal-pav. You will go and consume 5 packets of Maggi rather than visiting the same restaurant or pani-puri wallah again. I challenge!

          I am not supporting Maggi but I am saying similar outrage should be made against these products and eateries too. 



The Recent Debate on Yoga is Funny!!!

1274th BLOG POST -->>

   Our country is funny. I have not studied much about the current affairs that are happening in the world and other countries but whatever I read about India, I find it funny that we get offended at almost anything. I am not saying I am very patient and calm and I do not get affected by few statements said by someone or a foolish law passed in my nation but including me, I am saying everyone in our country is funny. When Narendra Modi had said it in one of his initial speeches after getting appointed as India's PM in a session that he wants International Yoga Day to be decided as it's something which is very useful for health and life style, everyone is India rejoiced the request he made at International level. We also complimented the way he passed out few indirect comments towards Pakistan's PM in the same speech. Who knew this would become a controversy later. :-)

         Somehow Modi's words affected the respected people in position and International Yoga Day has been decided to be celebrated every year starting from 2015 on 21st June according to my knowledge. In one of my recent posts, I talked about how certain Muslims are always in opportunity to prove how big victim they are in India. Though many of my acquaintances didn't like what I spoke in that post and I got bitter replies in my mailboxes but I chose to remain silent on it. Now, after Yoga has been decided to be given importance internationally, All India Muslim Personal Law Board campaigns against schools mandating yoga. They are also saying that they are not going to perform Surya Namaskar as their religion asks them to bow only in front of Allah and no one else. Cool!

          Now are we asking them to accept Sun mightier than Allah? No. Are we asking them to convert into Hinduism by performing Yoga? No. Are we happy for yoga getting an importance status because it's somewhere linked with Hinduism? No. We took it just as an exercise session that keeps as fitter and healthier and also helps us in overcoming few diseases too. Crazy Ramdev baba also says that he can make a gay straight through yoga. Haha! Well, I am not supporting this statement at all. I am okay with gays around me if there are any. :-) But few Muslims explains how yoga isn't going to change their life even minutely because they perform Namaz for 5 times in a day and that's a form of exercise. Are we denying? No. 

          Then what's the problem? The whole problem lies in the belief that Muslims have that Narendra Modi will make this India a country of extreme Hindutva if we keep supporting him. The recent ban of beef in Maharashtra have made them more insecure. Also, Sakshi Maharaj's regular claim of Ram Mandir's establishment in BJP's tenure is another reason which is not letting Muslims sleep. Sushma Swaraj also ended up saying once that Geeta should be made National Book as it carries lots of wisdom. Muslims aren't wrong in their place. It's natural to feel the way they are feeling. But they should understand that Narendra Modi isn't a terrorist. He may have killed many people of your religion in that Gujarat riots but did you hear any anti-Islamic statement from him since he is in power? Do accept him as your nation's PM and stop fighting on these small religious issues which doesn't actually exists. 

          From years, politicians have conditioned our minds to hate another religions and only care for ours. These days they are also dividing us on the basis of our region. And the most recent development is that we are also being divided on the basis of the food we eat. So, let's not get into all this and support Yoga. If you do not want to perform, don't perform Surya Namaskar but you can do it facing opposite side of the sun, right? :-) That will not make you Hindu even by a percent. And you may also feel good that you kept the stature of your religion intact. It will make you feel that you contributed something to the development of yourself and your people. Isn't it? So please don't drag Yoga in debate. Let it get inculcated in the lives of those who really need it. Please!


5 June 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Learn FALLING if you are GOAL-ORIENTED!!!

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      As the first half of 2015 comprised of project work for me, I didn't have to attend college lectures. I had to be at my project company for 2 days in a week; that too on weekends. I wanted to utilize these 6 months hence I joined a computer course at one of the best computer institute in Maharashtra. I had thought that I would meet many genius minds from whom I would get to learn many things. I had also projected that I would feel inferior against the knowledge they would be displaying in the classroom. Surprisingly, I am seeing a very different side of aspirants here. I find only 1 or 2 students except me who really seems to be serious and developing themselves every day. Otherwise, every other person seems to be either sitting there because a friend/relative/parents asked to do the course or just because sitting at home lead to taunts from parents and they had to join something so they joined it and others are just attending it I do not know for who's sake. 

            What's surprising is that none of them wants to try anything themselves. They will ask 5 persons 5 times before clicking on any link. I do not know what do they do when the trainers explain us things elaborately. Even if you haven't concentrated, what's the problem in clicking that link? Will it blast the computer and shatter it into pieces? What's the fear? 

           We have several competency tests that we have to give after completion of every chapter. A software has to be accessed to give the exam through which we login with our details and 10-20 questions are displayed with 4 options out of which we have to select one and SUBMIT the test once completed. The marks of these tests are not considered in the Grade that we get on our certificates at the end of the course. It is scheduled just because the institute wants us to know how good we are in that particular chapter and if our marks are less, we can start concentrating more on those topics. Even for such tests, these students do not have guts to click on an option they feel is right. They don't even read the question and ask the person they feel knows most answers to help them. They don't think even once about that person who has to read and submit his own test within the given time frame. They want him to help them first and then continue with their own task if time permits. 

            I do not understand how can someone be so irresponsible and coward when you have joined a Professional Course after passing out or in your last year just because you couldn't do well when others surpassed you in your college. You know this is your last chance and if you do not develop the stipulated skills, you won't get a job any soon. But even after being in such a situation of extreme stress, these people prefer to travel sitting on someone's shoulders but not walking up themselves and falling and understanding what kind of hurdles comes in our way and how to overcome them.

           I feel very pity about these people. I am not saying that I would be the first among them to get a job but at least try to learn. Have the courage to fall. What is the same if you get 0% in the Competency test? It will only motivate you to read more, learn more, prepare more and excel next time whenever any question related to that chapter is asked again. But taking help from everyone and getting 60-70% is worthless. Though people in class might think that you are scholar but at least talk with yourself and ask if you really deserved those marks. 

            Similarly, you would also have experienced your group members' attitude whenever a Presentation got assigned in college. Everyone wants to have the smallest part and the easiest one. No one wants to take the lead, do mistakes, be blamed and get the tips to what to do next time in the presentation to avoid such silly mistakes. This keeps them at the same mediocre/poor level throughout their college and even after that. And then they say, the reasons for not clearing interviews and group discussions are the stage-fear, communication skills, fluency in speaking and under-confidence. Who would waste their time in listening to your problems that you created yourself later on? I will never do that. I will be rude to you and tell you about how your attitude during college times used to be. 

           Don't you think I must be getting rude messages of Grammar freaks on every blog post? I do. But I still write. I commit mistakes. I get their solutions by few kind ones. And I makes sure that I don't commit the same error next time in my writings. You will have to be ready to fall. Don't be ashamed that your peers would laugh. Understand that all are in the learning phase. If you did mistake today, they might do it tomorrow. Everyone does and everyone falls. Please start falling. At least it will help you know where are the potholes in the road of your life which you can fill soon so that you do not fall again at the same place. Stop depending on others and start performing your tasks yourself. At least those are related to your career. PLEASE! I AM REQUESTING YOU!



Review: P Se PM Tak: Punctured Tyre on the name of Satire! 0 stars

1272nd BLOG POST -->>

P Se PM Tak: 0/5

       Kundan Shah is famous for his movie- "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron" and therefore, I was interested in watching his latest release- P se PM tak. Though all his movies since 1983-release have tanked badly on box office, I still committed this mistake of going through a movie whose trailer itself looked like a movie shot sometime in early 1990s. I am stunned as to how can such an experienced and legendary director make such a movie. On the name of satire, what we get to see is a remake of recently released, Mallika Sherawat's Dirty Politics. 

         This is a movie about a prostitute, Kasturi, who gets away from brothel and finds herself in Satara where some political issues are taking place. The two political parties are fighting against each other and looking for every opportunity to ruin the rivals. Kasturi meets an influential cop and falls in love with him at the very first sight. But he does not fall for her as he is a man under a politician's reign and is committed to his work. After some minutes, you find Kasturi becoming Chief Minister in just 4 days. Now starts some silly moments on which director expected us to laugh but you can only look here and there to search for something more interesting than what is going on in front of your two little eyes. 

         What can you expect from a movie which has its 20 minutes climax based upon a remote created by scientists through which a dead man can start walking and talking like everyone else? The whole movie is silly and many good actors are also wasted in making something unfunny as this. I have nothing to say about this movie than asking you to hit your head for even reading this review. Or hit me as to why I wasted my time in even writing this after watching this mega-flop movie of all time. 

        Sorry for wasting your time.


Review: Ishqedarriyaan: Dull, Better sleep for 2 more hours at home! ½

1271st BLOG POST -->>

Ishqedarriyaan: 1/2 /5

       Ishqedarriyaan:- The way you couldn't understand what this word means exactly, similarly you won't be able to understand the intention towards making this film. Mimoh Chakraborty have changed his name to Mahaakshay. Well, it is obvious this was done to hide all the bad pasts he have in the name of Bollywood career. But why would someone come back with such a film which seems to be written in the era of 1985-95? Even Sooraj Barjatya will laugh watching this movie. Since Aashiqui 2 became a blockbuster, many young directors are targeting the theme and making over-innocent romantic movies where even smooch is taken as if some ritual is being performed.

             It's a story of a rich businessman settle overseas. A journalist comes for an interview and gets irritated after finding how rude this young businessman is. She takes an oath that he will not leave him just like that. She knows that every rich person have some past which is not clean. WOW! She finally discloses the fact and we come to know that the businessman's father played fraud with a man long back. This brings the businessman to India along with his best friend. The victim of his father's fraud turns out to be grandfather of Evelyn Sharma, the actress of this movie. The businessman falls in love with her at first sight. Where as she is in love with an aspiring musician. Even that musician is in love with her. This businessman starts sacrificing for her love and does everything to bring her close with that musician. Well, this is the story. Now you can understand why I am banging my head on walls. 

            Mahaakshay is not expressive as an actor and everything spoken or performed by him looks very mechanical. In the other case, Evelyn Sharma is over-expressive. She over does every dialogue and every scene. Her irritating accent is unbearable. And you are worried seeing both of them and thinking if someone with such thoughts are called innocent or dumb in today's world. The only performer in this whole movie is the one who plays actor's friend, Kavin Dave. He is worth watching. Mohit Dutta is fine in his role. Another irritating character is performed by a sardar child. The way he cracks some stupid, vulgar, double meaning jokes only wants you to throw some stones on the screen. 

             Songs are dull. Well, let's close the movie saying the whole movie is dull. Better than watching this one, sleep at your home. And if you incidentally watch this movie in your dream, better don't wake up as this world isn't going to accept you anymore for committing such crime and corrupting the beautiful and most hopeful word- DREAM. I give the movie 1/2 stars only and that too because of Dave's performance and initial few minutes when a stupid brain cell of yours was expecting the movie to go well. 



Review: Dil Dhadakne Do: A close 2nd to ZNMD, DON'T MISS!!! ****

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     "Dil Dhadakne Do" was very much awaited after watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- the previous film of Zoya Akhtar. How can you think a movie could go bad if it has Zoya and Reema kagti as its writers, Zoya as the director, Farhan Akhtar as the dialogue writer, Javed Akhtar- another dialogue writer for one character i.e. a pet dog, and Aamir Khan giving voice to that dog and over that, Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Farhan Akhtar as its 5 star cast out of 6?

           DDD is an absolute winner. You may not find many people talking good about it as it isn't for mass audience. Definitely made for multiplex audience and that too of PVR evening shows. Haha! It is about the problems that even super rich people face in their life and how even they aren't satisfied and content with their life. And these aren't small minuscule problems but some big social issues that do not allow them living the way they want to. 

            DDD is a movie about Mehra family where Anil Kapoor is playing father who is tensed because of the heavy losses in business, Shefali Shah who is playing mother and wants to keep her marriage going as she knows about her husband's flamboyant image, Priyanka Chopra as the daughter not happy in her married life in which her parents threw her forcibly and Ranveer Singh as a son who is expected to be the future CEO of the company but he is keen about aviation. 

            DDD very intelligently talks about various issues about gender inequality, how son is considered as family and daughters aren't, how marriages are planned in our Indian society, how woman even after being an entrepreneur couldn't speak her choices and opinions at home because the man have the authority to allow her for anything etc. There's a scene when Rahul Bose aggressively asks Priyanka to leave with him. Another scene where Farhan and Rahul Bose gets into a conversation related to gender equality. I am not disclosing what happened next but these scenes will stay in your mind for a long time as you wish these things start happening in our daily lives too.

           Performances by everyone including these 6 main star casts and all the other characters are superb and excellent except the girl who played Noorie. Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh are the highlights of this movie. Whenever they are on the screen, you know something magical is about to happen. Similarly, Priyanka Chopra and Shefali Shah have also played their characters superbly. Farhan Akhtar, Rahul Bose and Anushka Sharma have also justified their roles wonderfully. 

           Unfortunately, the songs aren't very catchy and therefore, you won't hum any of them after leaving the theater. Similarly, climax is too simple considering how the whole movie is scripted and executed. Yes, the very last scene is great but I wished climax to be little more effective like ZNMD. Also, 1st half could have been edited properly and 20-25 minutes could have been easily adjusted. 170 minutes is a long time to sit in a movie these days. But at last, this movie deserves 4 stars out of 5 for the effect it creates in your heart. You want your heart to beat for the choices and desires of your own and not of your parent's or society's. Movie has been successfully in preaching what it wanted to. This is just little less better than ZNMD but it has the same magic, of course. GO FOR IT!