12 July 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Permanent Roommates Season 2: Overconfidence ruins the series!!! **

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       While just browsing through Youtube, I had stumbled upon "Permanent Roommates Season 1" some 18-20 months ago. After watching it, I felt so happy and glad with the content and its realistic showcase that I was waiting for the Season 2 desperately. Every time, a new update by The Viral Fever would come on social media, I would expect that it would be about the launch of Season 2. Finally, the first episode of the Season 2 got broadcast on this Valentine's Day of 2016. Well, the first episode was amazing and it made me look forward to this whole new plot. But one thing that did disturb me was the length of the episode- 50 minutes. The Season 1 was average 15 minutes per episode which was its USP. In 15 minutes itself, it said so many things that it touched our heart. But here, even 50 minutes got over so directionless that I didn't have any option than waiting in hope from the next episode.   

           Another thing that have pissed the viewers has been gap between two episodes. By the time the next episode would get uploaded, viewers would forget what exactly happened in the previous episode. Then came an episode in which the whole 50 minutes were wasted upon a Wedding Planner arranging everything for Mikesh and Tanya and giving her attitude to the bride. That's where I pretty much lost my interest in this new season. It tells a lot about the over-confidence that our Indian movie-makers start carrying just after their initial success. The earlier season was much intimate and close as it discussed the lead characters which we liked a lot. It was more silent and sensible as it was regularly focusing on how two individuals are poles apart but still want to marry each other even when they know that they'll have to adjust like anything.

           In Season 2, it's more about the supporting cast/characters as Mikesh's parents are introduced, Tanya's father and maasi also joins the team along with a mama ji who is a doctor and his twin brother who is a pandit. And let me not forget to introduce you Mikesh's Grandfather played by none other than Asrani. The performances and character of Mikesh's father and grandfather are amazingly good as it tells about the nature of many middle-class adults who start behaving weird with age. In the first half of the season, the focus is mainly on how couples do not wish to have grand marriage but still they have to go with the flow because of everyone's choice. That did speak volume as youths are fed up of such grand celebration in their marriage.

           The second half is totally purposeless as the series start focusing on keeping the episodes independent of each other which just breaks the link of the plot. Even the Grand Finale is something with which I couldn't relate with. The performance of Mikesh is the only thing that is constant in both the season because of which you'll watch Season 2 till the end otherwise the average acting of Tanya played by Nidhi Singh becomes irritating after some time. I give this series just 2 stars out of 5 and I wish that the 3rd season is not something out of the world but a story with which we can relate just like Season 1 which still rules our heart.



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