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Review: Bangistan: Script-less, Bad Performance, Wanna-be Humour!!! **

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      It took a long time for me but I finally ended up watching Bangistan. It is a movie directed by Karan Anshuman, a critic turned director. We always ask critics to make a movie themselves and know the complexity involved in carrying out a project. Finally, Karan Anshuman agreed to do the same and showed us that they are also as mediocre as the directors they criticize on every Friday. Bangistan is a story which is made with great intentions but without a script. Movie makes an impact nowhere even when it is made on a topic that could have given at least 4-5 good and great scenes. The direction and story is the biggest flaw here and therefore , there's not much on which one can really talk considering this movie.        

             Coming to the performances, Riteish Deshmukh have tried a lot to save this movie but even his performance couldn't devote an audience's attention as there is no story which the actor could have taken forward. With years of experience, Riteish knows how to carry forward a satire and his body language shows it. Pulkit Samrat is just trying to copy Salman Khan's style of 1990s. He is trying to speak in the same accent and voice that Salman did. He is also trying to walk like him. He is just being a wanna-be which is as irritating as anything can be in terms of acting. He is not impressive. Jacqueline has just 2-3 small scenes in the movie and actually does not have anything to do. She is just passing time on the sets of this movie which is quite visible in her performance and role. Kumud Mishra is also eaten up because of script. 

             There is no song which you will come out humming. Music direction has also been very mediocre. Action scenes aren't there in the movie and therefore even that's not expected. Overall, I am thankful that I avoided watching it in theater. Cheers to all who skipped this movie. I give it just 2 stars out of 5. 



Why my father is different from others :-)

1315th BLOG POST -->>

       My father celebrated his 55th birthday 2 days back. I missed him a lot throughout the day and held my tears many a time in office. Though we had party but my mind was engaged in little moments that I have shared with my father. He may not be one of the most successful men but he have definitely fulfilled all the basic needs I stipulated to achieve several dreams I lived with throughout my childhood and college life. Whenever I sit alone and think about several dots that I have managed to connect in my life and make myself stand on my legs, I conclude that whatever I have achieved or even managed to dream is because of the life my father provided me. I am going to be 26 years old within a month and I am finally quite settled in my life now. If I look behind and see, I find my father not being present in most of the achievements I earned.   

            Since 2008, my father has been living in different cities or countries while my mother and I are managing ourselves in Mumbai. It is the same year when I was going through depression and didn't want to study. I was creating enough nuisance for my family which made it difficult for my parents to sleep peacefully even for a single night. My father had lost all the hope he had from his son. Now he knew that all the financial support he would be getting in life will only be through what efforts he'll put in life because his son has lost the path and can commit suicide at any point of time. I didn't understand the trauma of the situation then but now I am quite evident of the fact my family was going through. But actually, my life became stable and started growing from 2009 on wards. 

           I got first rank among the pupils who gave entrance exam for Mumbai branch of Bharati Vidyapeeth's BCA. I scored 3rd rank thrice during Graduation along with many other achievements. I became a Blogger and got several opportunities in life because of the tag that came along with it. Then I joined MCA and did much better in life with stable performances and yes, also the best performance of my life since 10th std. By this time, I also started getting invited to the events which had various celebrities attending it. And now recently, I also got certified as Software Tester with A grade from the most reputed institute. I have just completed my first month at job. In all of these events which changed my life and turned me into a man from a boy, my father wasn't with him. He have only heard about these events on phone or read it on Whatsapp. He only saw my routine till the time I was wasting my life but never saw my lifestyle since I changed myself in a better version of myself. 

           Yes, may be he would be happy about the fact that his son didn't lose his path without an authoritative presence of father around him. May be, he would feel that he nourished his son in a way which made him feel enough responsible even when he didn't have anyone to control him because mothers can be easily fooled by sons. Haha! But still, I am sad about the fact that my father didn't see me getting developed. I only remember one instance when he went along with me for admission in MCA otherwise he has majorly been in the place where he worked. 

            He is doing the job still in a different country not because he is assuming his son won't support him financially as this generation is known to be selfish but he is doing it to make my life more easier. His plan is to make me feel independent about the money I'll earn and not worry that my parents have to be taken care by my money. He wants me to live my life as lavishly as I want and do not find the obstacle of parent's need in between. What would you say about such father? Is there any words that can make you feel he is not special? Which parent think so DEEPLY about their child's future life? Even now after I have got job, I asked him to fulfill one more dream of mine as I wish to be an MBA too. And he didn't question even once that I should do it with my money as I have started earning. He got ready to invest his money upon me once again. But when I asked for a new bike, he clearly refused. That's my father. :-) He does for what I need before than what I just want. 

           A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and I wish when he'll be back at home after 3 years as he would be getting retired, he will get to see how his son is leading his life by being busy either in studying something else after MBA or writing blog or book or reading another novel. But I'll do almost everything to make him forget the son who made him cry in sorrow and pain. I'll make him cry.. Yes, I will, in happiness and pride time and again. That's my promise. I love you, papa. And thanks for everything if it's possible to let parents know that we know what they have done to make us a good human being by thanking them. :-)



Why are we trapped in so many IDENTIFICATIONS?

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         I have read many books on yoga and meditation recently because of the extreme stress I had started feeling in almost everything around me- right from my last semester to job search to my relationships. I was finding everything painful and I wanted to get into right things in right way. I just didn't want to start anlom-vilom just from the next day and end up ruining my body more. Hence, I thought of reading the books that really matters and teaches me the basic fundamentals of the things I'll achieve if I follow these things. Once you get to know what you will achieve, you already start becoming the same that you wish for even when you do not follow the same. If you know that you want to reduce your tummy, even if you won't start exercising, you will at least become conscious of eating foods full of fats as you know it will not let you achieve the ultimate body you dream for.

             While reading about these spiritual topics, I got to know about a basic fact that is ruining the whole culture around us. Once, there used to be extreme love and support among people but now we have started killing and destroying each other for small and basic reasons which actually does not matter much. We are all a part of humanity and we should respect what we are born as. But the leading problem lies in the way we start identifying ourselves. Like in Flipkart, we have also categorized ourselves among different products. We have stopped considering all of us as one. We are only seeing either ourselves as individuals or of one category. When we find someone from the same category, we are over-friendly with that stranger or else we sue the stranger as if he is someone untouchable or unworthy of even deserving our single minute.

             We have attached so many identifications with ourselves that we get annoyed as soon as that identification is hit. And therefore we have started getting hurt and affected whenever our nation, religion, region, caste, college, city, mobile company, network company, Internet plan, organization, building, gender, skin color, brands we use, malls we like, food we eat is pointed at. These are just few identifications that have come in my mind just now otherwise we have isolated ourselves in many different categories that I am sure if a Database Designer would be asked to make tables and fetch person according to their identifications, it will take him all his life to create unlimited tables and relationships with a single individual on whom it would be designed. 

             This is the reason why there are useless debates and abusive wars on social media like Apple vs Samsung, Maruti vs Honda, Flipkart vs Amazon, Salman vs SRK, Modi vs Gandhi,  and the epics like India vs Pakistan, Girls vs Boys, Rich vs Poor and Hindu vs Muslim. Now that yoga have become quite a cool and glamorous thing to do these days, people do not know that even it is a method to remove all the identifications from your mind and be alone and isolated from all such materialistic things of life. In fact, yoga asks you to even isolate your body and soul from your mind and make these 3 things three different parts of your existence. Now just imagine that even your body is asked to remove from the list with which you identify yourself and we associate ourselves with the factors I have mentioned above. Please open your eyes, my friends, and let isolate ourselves from all the identifications we have tied ourselves with. Let's not fight, argue and discuss if someone is speaking anything against anything that we are or we use. Let's just smile at that person's ignorance and immaturity, close our eyes and go in our own meditation which has only us complimenting the humanity and its presence. :-)



Is Raksha Bandhan all about only our families?

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       This weekend is all about Raksha Bandhan. People are meeting their respective brothers and sisters and enjoying the chemistry between them. I also saw many of them sitting in their big cars and going to travel somewhere. That's the specialty of festivals and the fun in celebrating them. Sisters get happy just with few chocolates in their kitty given by their brother as a token of love on this day when girls demand to be protected by their friend from birth- Brothers. As I do not have any sister and even my cousin sisters aren't in talking terms with me, the whole proceedings of Raksha Bandhan is watched by me as a 3rd person. I was thinking about these sweet brothers who look like cute little boys on this special day but for rest of their lives, many of them are so notorious that it makes other sisters difficult to walk safely on road.   

             We promise our sisters that they shall be protected ever and forever in any circumstance and unconditionally. But when it comes to other sisters, we see them as an item to be teased, if she is more regularly seen, then stalked, and if she does not revert back in fear, try holding their hand and sometimes, end in molesting or raping them or make them humiliated in public. This happens generally with the girls who do not respond the moment she gets to know that she is been watched by a boy or particularly, group of boys. I know taking any action only causes more repercussions but then we do not have other option too. Isn't it? 

             On this Raksha Bandhan, the boys who find it masculine to treat girls as an object for playing and venting out their frustration should take an oath of protecting sisters of others before their. If each one of us start doing this, every girl will find herself safe in our country. Our country is known for respecting women and seeing them as goddesses but the time has come when people show finger towards those statues in our olden temples and the women we kept under veil from centuries. We are shown that the women were always meant to be dominated in our society. As it's said that the Beauty Lies In The Eyes of The Beholder, it's upon you to see women how you would like to see- as an object to just have sex with or a person whose respect you would like to achieve. 

             Because boys know that the girls are the sweetest creature of this planet and also very conservative, they won't get their attention until and unless they really become deserving they start troubling them differently to get the same attention they craved for centuries. Come on dude, you do get the attention but it's nothing but a dirty glance of that girl at you. Be something which makes it a good feeling for a girl's heart to approach you and be with you. She should feel protective with you rather than feeling dirty and cheap. She should feel confident about her body rather than feeling sad about her body parts when she is with you. 

           The example of how we treat our women is unintentionally depicted accurately in that Tiger-Kriti video named "Chal Wahaan Jaate Hain". As soon as Kriti enter the college, Tiger warns his friends by saying "Iske saath nahi" when they start whistling and teasing her. It clearly meant that he is okay if it's done with other girls but not his one. That is the reality. We are only protective about our mother, sister, wife and daughter. But for others, we have the same intention that others have for our ladies. Be frank with the girls around you but do not be insulting. Yes, there are also cases where girls are misusing the current issue of girl protection and blaming boys even when they aren't wrong. The recent Delhi case of that Sardar boy and the AAPtard girl is an example. But today on this Raksha Bandhan, I wish boys to think about protecting sisters and daughters of others as much as they protect their own families. Let this BANDHAN get beyond our families. :-) 



Review: PHANTOM: Patriotic but silly and nothing new to deliver!!! ***

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        Phantom means illusory, not real or shadow. Here, in the movie, they portray Saif Ali Khan as one because he does not exist for the world. He is ousted from Indian Army because he was found far away from his battalion during a war between two nations. All the members of his team had died while he was charged for leaving his group in the time of hardship. Never did anyone believe that he crossed the lakshman rekha to fight against the rivals. This infuriated his father so much that his family had stopped talking with him since then. He wants to bring back his father's trust in him. He again wants a young soldier to salute him with the same energy and respect. And therefore, he agrees for a mission in which he is sent alone to kill all the master minds of 26/11 and give the terrorist a fitting reply that they cannot kill us and live safely. Yes, he is sent alone. Believe me. It happens in the movie. And you know what, he kills all of them by the end of the movie. I'm phantom-ed

             Generally speaking, movie isn't very bad that I should clearly write it off but the problem is that it has nothing special. Particularly because of movies like D-Day and recently released Baby which have done the same. Now this topic for a film is old and you have to deliver something new for creating the interest among the audience. There was nothing new in the movie nor exciting. In the name of thriller, I was expecting the movie to make me jump at least once from my place like Baby did in its second half. Here, every thing happens so easily that you finally feel bored. You wait for a scene to happen and you are shocked to find that it happens so easily that even you could have written that particular piece of screenplay. 

             Kabir Khan have just delivered a hit- Bajrangi Bhaijaan and gave Salman Khan the biggest hit of his career. The film was also excellent unlike Salman's most recent hits. Therefore, with huge expectations, audiences will go for Phantom. But the minuscule treatment given to this movie in terms of everything will drain all your energy. The casting itself isn't proper. The Saif Ali Khan who generally plays an USA-returned guy is given a role of something similar to James Bond. Katrina Kaif who is basically in movies for an item song and 10 minutes of bad acting is given a role of Security Analyst which she delivers like a teenager. Other actors are also wasted similarly. The movie is bad in terms of performance itself. 

           Coming to the story, it's so easy that you will want to ask director what was he thinking while reading the script. When a movie is made on such topic, people expect to watch some intelligent and witty stuff. The MASTERMINDS are killed so easily that you want to laugh like an idiot considering why police and other big security forces couldn't even touch them. The movie is fine if you do not give its simple plots a bad rating. It's a film that will want you to support because it is about patriotism and fighting against these terrorists who periodically keeps telling our nation how weak we are and we can do nothing against them. Just for that, this movie isn't a worst material totally. Hence, I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. Rest, Afghan Jalebi is a killer song and almost every song in the movie is soulful. 


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The Eight FBian hearts by Harsha Shastry (Book Review-2.5*/5) !!!

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       I rarely read e-books because I hate the concept of getting my electronic device battery drained down at the moment when the most exciting scene would be on. Let people say anything about the evolution of e-book and slow death of paperback versions but I'll still prefer the latter. But some time, I do read e-books because one has to flow with time otherwise you would never know when the world changed and you left enough behind to match the steps with the generation again. :-) This time I read the kindle version of " The Eight Fbian Hearts" written by the debutante- Harsha Shastry. It's paperback version is also going to be released soon but the author insisted me to go with the e-book so I obliged. You should never break heart of an author because you do not know in which book of his he might kill you in the climax. Haha!    

              The book is about 8 different individuals- 4 boys and 4 girls of different age and background signing in Facebook for exploring an interesting part of their life. They aren't fully satisfied with their real life hence Facebook gives them the silence and hope they ask for in reality. They end up sending a friend request to someone or accepting an anonymous person which changes their life. Someone get an opportunity in film industry while someone gets an ideal person to marry. But the twist takes place when they decide to meet each other finally. They get to know the real person behind the computer screen and Facebook Profile. They get to know the truths they never expected and thus, decides to apart themselves from each other. What happens after this- If all of the 4 couples do get back together or some of them have to face the blunt truth of life- read the book to know the endings. :-) 

             Harsha's writing style is simple and it will basically attract the readers between the age group 15-22. This book will serve as an interest for the people who have just got down in the habit of reading as it's written in a language that will make people interested to read more books. Anyone who's an ardent reader won't like this book because of it's simplicity but it's a good pick-up for new readers. Yes, too many characters might lead to complexity in terms of remembering the names but with every page, the way author have dealt with characterization even the book is very short is commendable; and it will make you remember the character and their names easily. This book is kind of novella where the story is written with a message and not in terms of engaging readers for a long time.

                Harsha have tried speaking about many issues and reality that we, in India, face through the four different stories. The book is written with good intention. Coming to the drawbacks- I felt that the author made things look too easy and therefore, a reader might not absorb the stories as realities or something which can really bring change. Even few love stories starts so easily that you will laugh at the facts of the simplicity. Even the kind of conversations the characters have between them even in their first calls is unbelievable. Such things take place in a good story after 100 pages but here it starts as soon as the introduction of the characters get over. Author will have to learn to make things look real when he writes next time. This book is basically for the new readers and between the age group: 15 to 22. I rate this book as an average attempt with 2.5 stars out of 5. 


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Chief Minister's Mistress by Joygopal (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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    People might like Penguin or Random House as their favorite publishers but I am undoubtedly in love with FingerPrint. Almost 99% of their books that I have read are wonderful and thought-provoking. Even though they are majorly in fiction but still their editorial team is incredible who make sure that their books are not just story but something more than that. I am just done reading "Chief Minister's Mistress" written by Joygopal. Before starting to review, I would like to tell about this great man- this is his 16th book in last 5 years. Yes, you heard it right. He is vindicated in Limca Book of Records for this achievement of his. I have been following him from last few years and his speed of releasing novels is unstoppable. Though this is the first time I have read any of his books and I am far more than satisfied considering the high expectations I had from him.       

             Joygopal's writing style is very simple which made it easier for me to read the book as fast as possible because he has definitely written a great page-turner. This book deserves to be finished in one sitting itself. Right from the first page after prologue, the book goes on in the same fast pace and doesn't let you lose the interest from it. The characters are perfectly woven and you can imagine each one of them exactly how they were in the mind of the author. As it's a crime thriller, you wish to predict wrongly who must have killed the victim and that's the greatness of this book. You name almost every character in your mind and when the truth gets revealed in the end, you bang your head to wall for not guessing it. It's the moment where the author gets a little more rating than what he was about to get by the reader. 

            Joygopal calls this book his most ambitious project and it looks the way he have handled the story. The best part of this crime thriller is that it's around 225 pages when generally on the name of thriller, people do not close it down before 350 pages. The best editing has been performed on this manuscript. In the anti-climax, the way one of the most prominent character dies makes you more excited that the truth is about to be revealed. And the best part why I loved the book in the end is the way things are closed down after the killer is revealed. Not an easy task to keep the interest alive among readers even when the suspense is over but that shows the effort put in by the author in this story. I give this book 4 stars out of 5. GO FOR IT!


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Review: Manjhi: Motivating, Inspiring, Unmissable! ****

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      When I saw Manjhi's trailer, I was sure that I am watching the movie and it hurt me a lot when I came to know that it's leaked 10 days prior to its release. I knew about this personality- Manjhi from a long time and watching a movie inspired on his life was just a magical moment for me. The audiences should go knowing that film is said not to be "based" on his life but "inspired" so not everything is as correct as his life but it still shows a big picture on how Manjhi fought against several people and contemporary issues of Bihar. The director have continuously mentioned the year and the number of years passed since Manjhi started breaking the mountain which made it really helpful to understand the whole timeline. 
           Ketan Mehta ensured that the film does not get boring by showing a man breaking mountain continuously with little conversation with villagers. He has wittily designed the whole plot which consists of many sub-plots and flashback which makes it more cinematic experience than just a biopic of a villager who stood out because of his determination and innocence. The love angle between the protagonists is also wonderfully shown which makes it interesting to watch. Several other issues like eve-teasing, raping, dictatorship, politics, mafia, emergency by Congress, Maoists, child-marriage etc are showcased with right amount of screen time which does not look preachy but still makes you understand the struggle of this man personally. 

             Nawazuddin Siddiqui have played a character who's life of almost 30 years was shown in the movie. And he does so incredibly well that it will make you forget his performance of Gangs of Wasseypur 2. He is so good with expressing through his eyes that half of his work speaks through them. His body language keeps changing with the years and he manages it very well. In few scenes, he makes you laugh and weep with him. Radhika Apte is adorable and charming. Pankaj Tripathi have acted very well and you will love to hate him in this movie. All the other performances are equally good. The guy playing the journalist also leaves his mark in the movie.

             Overall, the effort of the whole unit can be seen through this movie and it deserves standing ovation. Yes, making it little "filmy" didn't make it as excellent as the movie could have been but still, it's no less. If there's something worth watching after Masaan, it's Manjhi. I wish producer recovers the cost in spite of the leak. Hats off to the whole team. I give the movie 4 stars out of 5. GO FOR IT!!!



Review: All Is Well: Boring, Pathetic, Fast Poison!!! 0

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       How to start? I do not know. I have watched something so boring and pathetic that my mind have stopped working. A film named "All Is Well" released this weekend and unfortunately, it made even it's audiences unwell. I had little expectations with the movie even though it had nothing that really excited me except the director's name. He is the one who also directed Ohh My God! I have seen downfalls in life, even in mine. But this one is the biggest it seems- from an epic movie to a boring movie that can make audiences scream "Ohh My God! Ohh My God!" in almost every scene. I could not believe that a movie with just 126 minutes can drain down all the energy of celebrating the weekend in me. 

            The whole feel of "All Is Well" is so oldish that you couldn't believe that it's made in today's time. If you will watch Abhishek's RUN and this movie back to back, you will find no difference in the way of story-telling, screenplay, cinematography and PERFORMANCES. Every scene is made with intentions of making audiences laugh like never before but they only make you look at the people around you who are actually laughing at such silly jokes and pitying with the IQ level they have.The direction is so poor that you don't find the movie moving in any direction in the first 90 minutes of the movie. The love angle between Abhishek and Asin is also so dull and unappealing that you are astonished that the writer couldn't even pull this emotion which our Bollywood have the most experience in. 

             Abhishek Bachchan did a solo actor role after almost 5 years and how badly he have failed that I wish he understands that even if he is given an opportunity to play something like Krrish or Singham's latest part, he should deny and ask for a side role. He is not growing as an actor and still wants people to clap watching him in beard, with same dance steps and with the same expressions in almost every kind of scene. Asin is also as wasteful as Abhishek in the movie and have nothing to do except making sad faces every time the character of Abhishek rejects her. Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak are just sleeping in the movie and speaking dialogues roughly as if they aren't paid well and they are wanting to finish the shoot as early as possible and leave. I am dead seeing such deadly performances. Someone please play the DVD of Ohh My God to bring back life in me. 

             The dialogues are so pathetic that you can start dreaming of becoming a dialogue writer in big films like this. I do not remember dialogues word by word otherwise if I would have shared it here, leave watching this film, you would have filed a case against me for mentally torturing you by making you read them. I have all my sympathy with the people who have watched this film by paying good amount in big multiplexes. Hope God takes away all the richness from your life if you want to waste the money like this. I give this movie.... is there anything I should give this movie? It's 0 out of 5 from me. 



Making India Awesome by Chetan Bhagat (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

1307th BLOG POST -->>

    Let 1000 better writers than Chetan Bhagat get released and published in India but whenever the book by the Superstar himself releases, the pre-booking breaks all the records. I can never resist buying his book as soon as the pre-order is opened for all the readers. Chetan Bhagat's 8th book overall and categorically, 2nd non-fictional book released 2 days back named "Making India Awesome". Chetan Bhagat never does a big launch and marketing tactics for his non-fictional books. He somewhere believes that people concerned with the growth of nation and having love for the country will definitely purchase a book based upon the idea of how to make it the Superpower. But without any fanfare too, the fans like me get to know about his book release.        

           "Making India Awesome" is Chetan Bhagat's attempt of sharing essays and columns he have written on nation time to time and explaining the complex issues in the easiest language possible. It is definitely in the lines of his first non-fictional book, "What Young India Wants?" but here, he is not that biased  towards parties the way he was in the former. Still, his love for Narendra Modi and BJP was evident in few sentences. The intention of the book can be clearly understood right from the first chapter itself. Chetan wants the nation to improve and therefore, he discusses ideas on many issues about how they can be resolved with whatever more or less knowledge he had regarding the same. 

                He have divided the book in four different parts- Awesome Governance, Awesome Equality, Awesome Society and Awesome Resources. Accordingly, he have discussed points like politics, economy, societal values, women's right, gay rights, minority rights and the transformation youth can bring to the nation. This 176-pages book is a light-read and you will find an urge of having an opinion on all the issues after you will end up reading the book. You will want to have an angle in your life for the nation too rather than only blaming the government, ministers and the whole system. 

            But there's a big problem with the ideas and solutions Chetan Bhagat have provided. The most of them are meant for the government and Prime Minister. The book is mainly like an open letter to Narendra Modi than to the youths of India. The book has been projected as if it's written for us on how to bring glory to the nation at personal level but it's more about how government can improve various things. He have discussed points on how even we can bring the change but even those points aren't much effective except few which are literally possible. I wish if Chetan Bhagat could have been little more sensible in putting up the solutions as some of them are really very silly to even think. I would give this pure effort 3.5* out of 5. Go For It!


18 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Masaan: Poetic, Original, True! ***½

1306th BLOG POST -->>

MASAAN: 3.5/5

        I took some time but finally watched a movie that won hearts in Cannes Film Festival- MASAAN. The word Masaan means the place where dead bodies are burnt or shamshaanghat. One would think why such a name for a movie is kept but after watching it, you will realize how apt the title is. It is set on the shores of River Ganga where thousands of bodies are burnt daily. Two stories run in parallel. The first one is based on Richa Chadda. She ends up having sex with her student of computer coaching class while police breaks into their hotel room. The policeman finds this a wonderful plot to extort some money from the girl's father to hide this scandal from the society. In the rest of the movie, it's shown how Richa fights this whole situation. In another story which keeps this movie cheerful and alive is the love angle between Vicky Kaushal, a boy belonging to the Dom family who burn people's dead bodies on the ghat and Shweta Tripathi, who belongs to a upper-caste family.

              Varun Grover's writing and Ghaywan's direction have made Masaan a movie which will always be remembered for its realistic take on every issue that they wanted to speak upon. How premarital sex is a big taboo in the society is depicted in the first 10 minutes itself. How a girl has this big responsibility of keeping the family's respect alive is another issue greatly discussed in this movie. Through the another story, how caste always comes in between people falling in love and wanting to convert it into a life-lasting relationship is shown. In a scene, how a boy vents out his frustration regarding the caste he belongs to is nicely pictured as that's what his family is always identified with. 

              With a poetic feel and beautiful dialogues this movie will make you smile in every 5 minutes. Even the kissing scene between the couple is so nicely pictured that you will remember your first kiss with your partner. That's how original even these scenes are made. They have tried telling us how death is just a part of life and not the end of everything. The anti-climax says it all. The songs of the films are also very beautiful. I am continuously humming "Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai main kisi pull sa thartharata hoon" since I have watched the movie. The only complain is with the ending which looks quite dramatic. It could have been handled with little more poise. Overall I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. 


17 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: BROTHERS: Better spend time with your brother! **½

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    I remember watching Agneepath's remake some 3 years ago. It was the first movie been directed by Karan Malhotra. I am a Hrithik and Priyanka's die-hard fan so I was unable to find any flaws while watching it in theater. But the moment I tried watching it on television on its premiere, I found it very hard to survive even its first half an hour. And by the time Agneepath ended, I felt as if the director only wanted me to sleep out of pain of nothing happening on the screen glued to my eyes. Same happened with me in the first half of BROTHERS which I watched just yesterday. Having Akshay Kumar, a 25-years old Superstar and Siddharth Malhotra, a new rising star- one could have made a solid movie out of it. But the director have failed badly.       

           When you watch a trailer which looks so expensive, you expect makers to have invested a good time in also scripting it. And unfortunately, our Indian movie makers and continuously making fun of themselves. Spending multi-crores can only fetch you an above average weekend collection but you will never be able to win audience's heart. The first half of the movie is so weak that you will find it hard to wait for the 2nd half. The plot is so slow in the beginning that your interest to find out why are 2 brothers separate and why is one of them not wanting to talk to his own father is killed. Just because you have paid the money, you keep watching the movie even after knowing what the climax would be like. 

            Few fighting scenes are definitely good but overall, it's what WWE is for which we keep shouting at school kids watching them. No song creates magic. The whole story line and method used for the movie looks so 80s and 90s that you will want to come back home and watch an original movie of those times and see fight between brothers in Parvarish or between friends in Dostana. This movie no where looks like its made for the audiences of 2015. Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra have tried to give their best but because of the weak plot line, they couldn't deliver anything great. Jacqueline's role is to only emote to the few scenes which she have done finely. Jackie Shroff looks tired and never even once manages to make you cry along with him. Over all, its very irritating to find the sons talking with their father in a language you won't talk even with your friends. I give this movie 2.5 stars. 



How to enjoy your life and job by Dale Carnegie (Book review-3*/5) !!!

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       I had heard a lot about Dale Carnegie's book about winning friends and influencing people some 7-8 years ago when I was undergoing depression. I wanted to read him but never got a chance. Finally, I decided to read his book for getting some help in my new job-oriented life. So I picked up "How To Enjoy Your Life and Job". The new cover page of the book is really appealing and gives a sense of positivism even before you have paid for it and it's all yours. :- ) I had very high expectations from him as every time I have read a foreign author's book on self-help except Paulo Coelho, I have found my lifestyle changing dramatically towards excellence. It took me whole week to complete the book as with a job, the speed of reading books have become drastically slower. 

           As I am finally done reading it yesterday on a beautiful Sunday morning, I can say that I have read nothing but a mediocre book. Dale Carnegie's writing style is perfect. No problem with it. But I had a big issue of getting noodles in packaging of chocolate. I felt cheated. I had expected tips for a fresher who have just started a job or for a middle-aged man who is finding it hard to give time to his family because of job. I also expected tips on how to keep up with boss and colleagues. But what I ended up reading was the same tips that I had heard were discussed in his most famous book I discussed in the first sentence. It's all about how to impress people with your talks. The stuffs that are discussed in this book are also powerful and a guide to become a likable person in society but that's the issue.. I love eating both chocolate and noodles but when I want chocolate, noodle can't give me the happiness. 

           The book is perfectly divided into different chapters and author have discussed each point of his with several examples which helps you to understand his discussion better. Few examples are striking and makes you realize how wrong you have been while dealing with people till date. Some mails and letters that the author have shared are the best parts of this book. It clarifies the whole approach when we try to sell something to someone. An aspiring businessman or salesman will definitely benefit out of the ideas given by the author, Dale Carnegie. In all, I will give this book 3 out of 5 and nothing more than that. 


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The Sire of Humellis by Aditya Prakash (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

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     This book shall always remain imbibed in my memory as it's the first book I read after getting my first job. Haha! There was always a question if I'll ever be able to read novels and review them after becoming a professional engineer and I am proud to claim that I read a book in my first weekend itself. :-) "The Sire of Humellis" is a 219-pages novel based in fantasy world. The writer, Aditya Prakash, have written this book with enough conviction which can be seen in its every word. But I am surprised by his choice of publisher as I have never heard about Champanzi Publication and their distribution network. Anyways, the book's tag line is "Belief Courage Passion" which is the baseline on which author have scribbled the whole story.  

          Aditya Prakash's imagination skill is marvelous and it can be clearly seen in the second half of the book. He assures that he takes you on an adventure where you feel you are a protagonist and understand the hurdles that he has to cross to get past the line of survival. His narration is also easily interpretative because of which you grasp the story immediately without getting stuck in difficult names of people and locations that are mentioned in the book. The only issue is author's hold over the English language. There are many silly grammatical mistakes which can annoy a reader. A person trying to learn English might go on a wrong path by referring the sentences the author have formed in the book. Also, I wished his description to be little better in some parts where we really want to know how that fantasy world actually looked like. Considering debut, this last point can be avoided. 

            The first half of the book is what makes me rate this book above average because it's written very crisply. Every emotion and imagination of the protagonist that the writer wants to convey can be easily understood and that makes the foundation of this very strong. The best part of the book is every description about the struggle of the protagonist in the cave. Just for that part, I will ask everyone to give this book a try. Even when it continued for quite a long time, I didn't get bored of it even once. 

           Coming to the drawbacks, I didn't want the 2nd part to be a fight among aliens. I wanted it to be little more spiritual and personal. Though it had own dilemmas of the protagonist but it became more Hollywood-ish. Rest, I have spoken about the author's limitation on the language. The climax is nicely ended. I would give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. And I am expecting some great work from the author next time he comes up with a book. 


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Pragat Kasana: " I usually tweet anything funny that pops-up in my mind and people eventually like it" (Interview) !!!

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Pragat Kasana is one rare personality who had almost 15000 Followers on Twitter even before he started writing his first book. Just imagine what his popularity would be once he writes few more books and promotes himself through his popular accounts. His first book "The Unbreakable Law" has just released and we talked about it with him recently. 

1. How does it feel after writing and publishing your first book, Mr. Kasana?

Ans: It’s obviously feels great. This book is very close to my heart and it’s satisfying to finally see it getting published.

2. How difficult was it to get published?

Ans: I contacted many publishers and finally PepperScript accepted the manuscript and then I started to give finishing touch to the book with my editor, and after working for two long years, we finally get the book published.

3. Tell us what inspired you to write “The Unbreakable Law”. What is the book basically about?

Ans: There are a lot of things which inspired me to write TUL but the most significant of them was the concept of destiny. I decided to pen down my thoughts about destiny in the form of an adventurous and entertaining story. The book basically revolves around the concept of destiny and how it controls the lives of the protagonist and of the people he is trying to help.

4. How did you create the characters and thought about the names for them?

Ans.: The story required a unique world of unique people hence I named them differently unlike normal people. The characters were created according to the different characteristics and powers of each of them so I thought about the names accordingly.

5. How has been your association with PepperScript till now? Will you like to get your next book published by them again?

Ans.: Absolutely. They had been very co-operative and enthusiastic throughout the process and the best thing is that they don’t settle for average.

6. Are you planning to write a sequel to this book or writing something new this time?

Ans: Yes, I do have a sequel in mind but it is not a compulsion for me, however I would like to work on it. Moreover, what matters most is how my readers respond to TUL. I have other plans as well; let’s see what happens when.

7. Where do you find yourself as a writer after 5 years from now?

Ans.: As I said, everything depends on how people react to TUL but as a writer, I don’t want to stop writing. Hopefully, next five years are going to be very interesting, and at least I would like to see myself as an author of two to three published books. You know how dreams influence your words. But seriously, I am looking forward to bringing more of my writing to the readers. 

8. Because your book is a fantasy, don’t you feel that it would be hard making a film on it even if you get your book sent to some great Bollywood directors? 
Ans: I agree with that and I think it’s going to be challenging.

9. How did you manage to get 2000+ Followers on Twitter even without the Author’s tag?

Ans: I usually tweet anything funny that pops-up in my mind and people eventually like it. I hope more people appreciate me with the Author tag as well.

10. Any words for the readers picking up your book and liking/disliking your work?

Ans: I have done my very best and so has the publisher but readers are the best persons to give an opinion and I request them to give it a read.

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Review: Drishyam: Unmissable, Strong, Thrilling! ****½

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      I watched Drishyam last week. And since 4 days, every day I am finding at least 15 people watching it on their smartphones in Mumbai Local. This is the sheer word-of-mouth popularity of the movie that everyone is wanting to watch it. The film wasn't extensively promoted and therefore, by its trailer and song promos, even I had decided to skip it but I find myself lucky to experience a great and fine movie like it. After Baby and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Drishyam is the 3rd movie this year whom I have given my heart. I had never expected it to be this great but I am very happy to see Ajay Devgn doing serious cinemas for what he is known for. Though the collections aren't good but the movie isn't below 4 stars by any standards.       

           Nishikant Kamat have assured that even though the movie length is more than usual but you will not get bored watching the thriller. The start is slow but it was needed for creating the after-story which is the main plot. I would also appreciate the writer- Upendra Sidhaye for writing such a wonderful script which may have a flaw but as a normal audience, you will only find greatness in every scene of it. The tension between the protagonist and policeman is nicely depicted since beginning. The situation where a dad refuses to send his daughter to Goa but on insisting has to agree and then how the consequences of the trip destructs the family's peace is sent across a good message. The story also focuses on how children are given independence and boys aren't asked what are they doing and where are they which causes several crimes in society. There are many such unspoken discussions in the movie which does not make it preachy but surprisingly, a great thriller, just like BABY.

           Ajay Devgn plays his role of a family man perfectly and you will love him specially in the 2nd half when he starts planning, plotting and executing. His eyes speaks everything for you and that's the incredibility of this actor. Shriya Saran is also perfect in her role and plays a mother perfectly without any sort of over-acting and unwanted performance. Tabu- the moment she enters the movie, she takes it to some another level. A different dimension she gave to her character despite playing a mother of a boy who has been killed is great to see. Ishita Dutta who played Ajay Devgn's daughter is the younger sister of Tanushree Dutta in real but thankfully, what a nice actor she is unlike her sister. Kamlesh Sawant and Rajat Kapoor have also done great justice to their roles.

            The music of the movie isn't catchy and fails to deliver. Also, few scenes initially could have been easily edited. Except these 2 flaws, this movie has nothing on which you can point your finger. In the end when you'll think that everything is over, the last scene will make you jump off your seat. That's the best way this movie could have ended. I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 and ask everyone to watch it without delaying. It deserves to be a HIT if not Super Hit.