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Aamir Khan on Twitter / Turning into a Sensible Writer !!!

            234th BLOG -->>

         You can see the graph above. This is my blog stat for the month of June. Not nice but still I am happy. Kitna expect karu yaar zindagi se? Breaking News: Aamir Khan is on twitter now after the world of blogs. You can follow the Mr.Perfectionist at www.twitter.com/aamir_khan . Blogging is difficult if compared to twitter. I respected Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan just because they were in the world of blogging while other actors were on twitter and now when both of them are on twitter, I have nothing to say about them. I respect Big B even now because even after being on twitter, he writes a blog daily as he used to which is very hard to maintain this type of consistency. I started blogging after reading Big B incessantly for many months. I saw him divulging so many good thoughts and experiences so I thought even I can talk with people on WWW about myself. I didn't wanted everyone to show that I am doing something they aren't. No, never ever I thought this but now I am happy that I have got a real target of my life through this blog. I want to be a Writer now.

            Finally, today I have received the coupons from Hindustan Times for the subscription of the given paper annually. Tomorrow, I'll wake up early in the morning and hand-over the coupons to the newspaper vendor and my paper will start from 2nd July itself. Why am I telling this to all of you? I am telling this because many readers had complaint that I am not talking on the social awareness and current affairs as I used to do once. I am unable to talk on this topics because I am not receiving any newspaper from last 2 months and hence even I am not in touch with these affairs. I hate watching news channels as they keep on exaggerating a small news rather than describing a big news. So, people just wait for 1 to 2 weeks more and you will find some more sensible blogs from me. My cousin sister - Priyanka Dube, Uff!! Sorry!! She had changed her spelling of the name. Now its Priynka Dube. Strange naaa.. What all people do to be lucky and successful. Even I have number of gems in my fingers and in my locket. So she told me that Bhaiyya, when you have such a hit blog and number of readers, why don't you aware people of some facts which are really important for human beings to know. I felt that she had advised something valuable and hence, I am just waiting for the paper to begin and you will find a Different type of Writer in me. 

            This is the last blog of this month and with this I have 31 blogs this month. I am so happy to give my readers the best I can. I saw Chalte Chalte for some 8th or 9th time today in the afternoon. Very good movie with the best from SRK and Rani. I loved the movie. But after watching the movie, I felt that novels are better than the movies so I planned to read novels and novels and novels rather than watching movies. Novels are better option and hence I have started THE WHITE TIGER by ARAVIND ADIGA today itself and completed 100 pages out of 321 pages. A very witty book. I'll update you with its review after completing it. 




June - A Good Month For Me !!!

            233rd BLOG -->>

       Many happy while many surprised while many confident while many do not care. My last blog about my results made many of my friends happy to read this that I did my best. Actually, some cool friends know that I study well and I have brain. I know I don't but they feel that I have. So, they know that a good result isn't a big dream for me but I know that It's a big achievement for me. Many didn't had confidence on me because many of my friends and relatives feel that I give a good amount of time to my blog rather than to studies. I don't know how to let people understand that I manage both the times and my blogging timings doesn't eat my studying time. Even my father have a doubt on my career as his perception is that I am confused about what to be - Comp. Engineer or a Writer. I am saying him that I want to be both but he feels that the dream of the writer will be just a dream as it is a game of luck to publish a story. Let's see.

           But, I am happy for every friend who loved my result and performance. There are many who may be jealous but I don't care much. I love them those who loves me and have a trust and troth on me. Many friends said that you never notify your friends on blog about the upcoming events as you never told us that your result will be out in some days or something like it. Why do you give a sudden attack? Hahaha. Friends, actually I don't want to say anything before hand, I wait for the perfect moment and then I divulge the same in front of everyone. Today, I saw Raajneeti with my mom and a childhood's friend - Abhinav and his mother. It was a good film but not that good ki I'll recommend everyone to watch it in theaters. Enjoy it on the pirated VCD or DVD itself. The first half is good but the 2nd half is something I want to ask Prakash Jha why he made it so indigestible. Many of you who would have loved this movie may hate me for this review but this is ARB and so my thoughts. You can hate me for this. I'm not so crazy about movies now-a-days as I love reading novels and novels and novels so after watching this film, I have decided to continue with novels and not waste money on this stupid dramas. I planned to watch I HATE LUV STORYS in theater too but now after watching Raajneeti, I'll watch it after its 4 to 5 weeks of release. And conditions applied - Only if it will be a HIT otherwise I'll not watch any movie in theater till Diwali.

           This month of June has been very nice to me. Not only because of a good result but also because of many other activities. I read many novels this month. Never in my life have I read so many novels. And I am happy with my blogging too. In June, I have written many blogs which were very different from what I write. The one I am writing now is the blog of my type but all this June, I kept trying something new. I wrote a LIVE BLOG for the first time. I wrote the blogs in different parts for the first time like a story. Ex. SSC and HSC results time. I wrote many reviews about the books I read. I also wrote about my entrance exam last year. This month, I have completed my 30 blogs. Last time I completed my consistent 30 blogs in a month was in October 09. After Oct 09, I wasn't successful in writing 1 blog/daily but I did this in this month and hence June is a lucky month for me. I got the highest no of clicks- 107 in a day on 21st June itself. Wow!!! I also got a new indirank this month - 71 which is a big achievement too. So , in all this month has been special for my blogs.

          I met my childhood friends in this month. I am so happy to go through so many good results and good deeds this month that I can't express it in writing. As the June ends, I want to promise all of you that I'll write different types of blog in July too and entertain all of you. I will not take my sweet readers as granted and I'll try to think from your point of view. Hope this month would have been the best for everyone of you reading this 233rd blog. Its so unbelievable that few days ago, it was 200th blog and now it's 233. I am running so fast. Actually not fast, I am walking steadily which is making this possible. I visited Sai Baba Mandir yesterday to thank God for my good results and all the happiness and positive peoples around me. Sai Baba loves me a lot and hence, I respect all the promises I do to him. And I have promised him something this time and I hope I'll complete it and will be able to talk about it on my blog in future. 


29 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Six Point Someone - My Result Of Sem-2 !!!

            232nd BLOG -->>

        Its 28th June,2010. One more successful day of my life. I don't know how but yaa there's some fact which has to be accepted. I am surprised, I am happy, I am thrilled, I'm in the air. I just want to sing one and only one song - 

      Aaj main upar...Aasmaan neechey....
     Aaj main aagey....Zamana hai peechey....

            I know all of you would be excited to know about what am I talking about. So its the time to reveal and divulge the veracious. My result of Sem-2 is announced today. I never knew that I'll pass this time and luckily with the blessings of Sai Baba and the love and faith of friends with me made this possible. Never in your life you know what the future going to be but when you have such dear and lovable peoples around you, nothing bad can happen to you so easily. Determined was I and hard-work was associated with this determination. Before reading ahead, I would like all of you to read my 109th Blog where I had already submitted the details of my Sem-1.

              The result of Sem-1 was like 66% - 3rd Rank in the class - 2nd Rank among the boys of the class. And now coming to the result of 1st year as the second semester is not counted separately - 61.43% - Again 3rd Rank in the class - 1st Rank among the boys of the class. I am little dissapointed with the fall of percentage but happy to maintain the consistency and be at the same rank in the class. But something which has made me little happy and had motivated me is- Being the topper among the witty boys of my class. I am not proud of this but it has moved me and pushed me a little. I am happy that my life has been changed. I am not a failure anymore and nor I am struggling to pass. God is showering all his love and generosity on me and I am using it as much as I can. Again, I would say that Future isn't predictable and hence, I am not confident about the next semester but I do know that I'll put all my hard-work and will be the same as I was in the 1st year of my graduation. Dekhtey Dekhtey 1 saal khatam ho gaya aur ab sirf 2 saal aur bachey hain. I am so happy that time is moving so fast. Einstein has said rightly that when you are with someone you love, you feel the time is moving fast and vice-versa. Same here, I love success and as it is with me I am feeling as the 1st year was so short but I do remember each and every days of my 11th and 12th. They are like the whole lifetime to me.

              1st rank is scored by Prema in our class who was 4th last time, 2nd by Vandana who was 1st last time, 3rd is I who was 3rd last time too, 4th is Siddhesh who I don't know what was last time, 5th is Arya who was 2nd last time. Such a rise and fall among everyone and I am happy that I am at the secured place. Not only my hard-work and love for the computer had made this possible but there are many factors which has made this result possible - The help from the parents. Everytime I said them that I have to wake all night they provided me with all the facility so that I can easily wake up all night and perform well. The trust from my friends who always say that you will score well and you need not worry. I am proud to have such friends around me. But there are some people who haven't done anything still I want to thank them. These are my relatives. These stupids don't care about me and what I am doing in my life. That's what make me do something and show them that I have some priorities in my life. Thanks a lot to each and everyone who have supported me. And mainly, to my readers who are always with me in my loneliness to answer to my blogs and make me feel special. The tightest hug to each of you.

            Last semester, the marks I scored in three different subjects which were the highest from me were 77,73,71 but in this semester this is like 76,67,64 . This is very bad. I know. But lets improve this next time. The details of this semester are as follows - 

Digital Comp Org - 46
System Analysis and Design - 67
C- Programmming - 53
Org. Behaviour- 49
Business Environment - 64
Numerical Methods- 46
Computer Lab- 76

So the grand total is - 1st sem's 459/700 + this sem's 401/700 = 1st year- 860/1400 which makes me a First-class passed student with 61.43%. Thanks to everyone. And the Title Six Point Someone means that -------WHAT? For this read- FIVE POINT SOMEONE...(Chetan Bhagat , plz pay me for advertising your work)... Lets move now....And Congratulations to everyone in my class who are satisfied with their marks and who aren't- Put lots of effort. I am with you. I am happy with myself. I love you, Veeru.



27 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Visit to my Childhood's Place !!!

            231st BLOG -->>

        Sorry friends, I didn't updated my blog from last 4 days. It seems so loving when people love you for your blogs and keep mailing you and sending offline chats saying that they are waiting for my new blog to be up on my site. I love everyone who love me and my blogs. The sign of improvement and development is only and only because of all of you. I love to be Abhilash or Veeru and I love to be in contact with such people who appreciate me and expect something from me. Either love or either a contact or either a sign of good news from my side. Wonderful people- I have in my life. Idiot and stupid people- I don't have in my life and I'm happy that they aren't. Some faces rejoice you while some faces irritates you. I have all those faces near me which helps me do something better in my life.

            For the last 4 days, I was at Pipenager in Raigad. The place where my father migrated in 1992 when I was just 2.5 years old and I have completed my 10th std from this place only. This is the place where my soul is left behind. It always ask me to visit it. The childhood friends, the uncle and aunts, the security guards, small children who were born in front of me and now in primary sections are someones who attract me to visit this place. So, finally I visited this place. On Wednesday, I went there. All my childhood friends were present there as this is vacation time. One call and I packed my bag and reached there in 2 hours. It was a wonderful time with my childhood friends. The way all of them waited for me in the evening and the way everyone made my days and never let me be alone even for a single hour made me feel like a King.

            These 4 days are one of the best days of my life. The way my friends treated me was superb. Not even a single time I ate in the mess provided by the campus, I was invited for each and every lunch and dinner by my friends. The special foods and luxurious treatment made me feel little of Obama in me but I came to my aukaat when my friends abused me after the lunch and dinners that jaldi khaa naa saale ....  My best friends Rohit and Gaurav blessed me with lots of love and virtue. I have many friends- from Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik and Mumbai but the childhood friends are the first love and they are always special. If I will be asked to select all my friends from all this cities and second option would be to select Rohit and Gaurav and other childhood friends from Pipenagar. I will undoubtedly select Rohit and Gaurav. These two peoples are the gems of my life. Rohit was my first best friend whom I can never compare with anyone. And Gaurav was someone who came in my friend's list little years later but he was the one with whom I shared all my secrets as I used to do with Rohit.

             I can share anything with these two guys and I have always shared everything with them. All three of us trust a lot among ourselves. When I was in Pune and my college people and some religion's followers were trying to kill me these two boys were someone because of which I used to smile kabhi-kabhaar. They are the sign of my happiness. Whenever I feel somewhat down, I call anyone of these two and there I am - Happy and Relieved. I can't judge anyone of them. Everytime I leave them for many days, my heart cries. I don't want to leave them but three peoples-different targets-different studies-different lifes makes us to go our way. I meet Gaurav often as he lives just 10 kilometres away from my house. But I meet Rohit once in a year as he is studying BBA in Pune. This 4 days were meant to meet him specially and then Gaurav as I always meet him. I can't set my priorities for these two friends. Both of them are equal and same for me. 

            Talking about every childhood friends I met this time, I am lucky to have such big-heart peoples as my friends. The way everyone of them remember each and every activities of mine's is something I can never buy from the market after spending money. I have forgot hundred's of my mischief and masti but these friends remember each of them and they revised every activities of the school times when I visited them this time. Playing cricket with them after many years now was the best experience I had. There are some dialogues which are meant for you. When these dialogues are said to you by your childhood friends, it makes you laugh but if the same thing will be said to you by other friends of college you will break your friendship then and there. This is the difference between Childhood friends and other normal friends. Something which you can't share with your parents you can share with your childhood friends, which means a lot. I respect my childhood friends.

            Today, when I was leaving them after 4 days I felt very bad and I was feeling the same when I was leaving my mother while shifting to hostel in my 11th std. I would like to thank all of my dear friends who made this 4 days bright and enjoyable. I used to wake up at 8 AM. At 9 AM, all the friends would be present at the garden and we used to chat till 1 PM. Then lunch at our respective homes, then at 2 PM, Rohit and Gaurav used to be at my house as it was empty. Father came here at Panvel and so I was enjoying there alone. From 2 to 6 PM, all three of us used to sit in my balcony which gave the look of whole campus and enjoyed sharing secrets and laughing at each other. From 6 to 9 PM , again at garden with other friends. 9 to 10 PM - Dinner. 10 PM to 12 PM- again at garden. At 12 PM, Rohit and Gaurav used to come at my house to sleep. We never slept and we kept talking and talking and talking.. Wonderful period. At least, these friends are 1000 times better than my idiot relatives.

              Thank you friends..



The pic at the left is of Gaurav's and the 1 at the right is of Rohit's 
22 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Love, Life & A Beer Can ! ...should all be served chilled !! by Prashant Sharma

            230th BLOG -->>

        Again a review. Abuse me its OK but I can't stop telling about the books I like and I read. This time I am talking again about a debut book from the writer Prashant Sharma. Prashant Sharma had completed his engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering and completed his MBA from IIM-L. The man wrote his first novel with the support of Srishti Publishers- LOVE, LIFE & A BEER CAN ! ...should all be served chilled!! This book is again a Fictional work. Actually, if you all think that I do timepass reading only fictions and false stories, I want to clarify that I also read non-fictional books but I don't feel like talking about them as nobody cares about the review given by a common man on the non-fictional books so its better to talk about Fiction as the name of the books makes a reader read the whole blog to get something as a clue to purchase a new book. Lets come to the point- Book..

             Love, Life & A Beer Can! ...should all be served chilled!! is a book about a boy Raj Malhotra whose name is very familiar with the characters in Yashraj movies. As the name , he is also a film and movie freak which makes him mad to become an actor. He migrates to Mumbai to be an actor but fails. The book starts with the boy studying in junior college and ends with his marriage. Raj Malhotra is a guy who doesn't understands love at the first but as soon as he gets married, he gets the real definition of LOVE. He and his friends are the most craziest student of their college which creates many laughter moments while reading. I loved the part when the Chotu was been acused by a call girl. Haa... It was a wonderful part. Also loved all the marriage scenes this author had broadcasted in this book. The cover page says that the book is something where Raj killed someone and seems to be a murder mystery book but it is not. Not even the 3 pages of this book is dedicated to the person he killed. I don't know why the author planned such a gimmick to sell his book. I am not saying that I picked up this book for that killing part but still I kept waiting till the climax of the book that there will be something about the man he killed but there was nothing. Story was the best it could have been but it had nothing to do with that killing part which is used to introduce this book.

             Coming to my review, hmm ... Prashant Sharma is a man with a good humor and has an ability to make you laugh out loud with the sentences he implements while writing his story. A book when starts with a confusion has to modify itself as soon as possible to save itself from the abuses of reader. But this book starts with an easy storyline which makes you able to remember all the names of the character and their relation with Raj. This is what I loved in this book. There were more than 25 sentences in this book which made me laugh with a huge sound around. The book is written so well that after you finish it, it seems like you are a friend of Prashant Sharma and know him from many years. This is what author creates magic in this book. A great work by Prashant Sharma and I hope to get more good stories from him. My ratings for this book is 4 out of 5 stars. Now, you can understand how nice this book was. I just loved it. Thanks Prashant Sharma for giving me such a book to read. Keep Writing. And Yaa...At last you are not only an author , you are a good author..


21 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Entrance Exam of Bharati Vidyapeeth Last Year !!!

            229th BLOG -->>

         This is my 3rd Blog of the day. It may be Hell for some of you out there but I'm feeling like a heaven after writing 3 blogs incessantly without a break. You would remember that I wrote about HSC result and SSC result when the dates came when they happened in the previous years. Today's blog is just one of that types. Its 21st JUNE today. A day which had changed my life. On the same date last year, I did something which changed my life. This blog is all about that. 

             Last year after my HSC result was announced, the biggest tension which dwelled up in my mind was nothing but ADMISSION. Where to take admission in Mumbai? I searched a lot till then about the colleges offering BCA in Mumbai but got none. I was damn shocked to know this. But then one of my great friend- Ganesh bhai helped me and informed me about Bharati Vidyapeeth in Kharghar. I went and inquired and I got to know that as soon as my HSC results will be up, I'll have to come here, fill the prospectus and hand-over to them. The process for the admission here was none other than Entrance Test. This developed a feel of confidence in me. Actually the problem was that I scored 54% which was a lot for me but when it comes to competition and cut-off list, this percent is nothing but its similar to the status of Viveik Oberoi in front of Salman Khan. So, I knew that Mera kuch nahi ho sakta agar list lagegi % k according toh .. So I loved when I came to know that admission is on the basis of the marks on Entrance Test. Now you will say that," Bol to aise raha hai jaise entrance ka paper iska baap set karne waala hai jo isey sub aata hi hoga." Actually the entrance paper consisted of 200 marks out of which 60 was for IQ TEST, another 60 for Maths, another 60 for English and left 20 marks for prose. The entrance test was obviously a Multiple-choice one. I already had practice to attempt such paper and I was familiar with the questions asked in such papers as I attempted the Scholarship tests in 4th and 7th std.

              I ranked 11th in 4th std scholarship and in 7th std's scholarship I was just passed. I love these types of progress I do. But atleast I knew how to attempt these types of paper while other students who competed with me knew nothing about this papers. I even came to know that I'll not be studying in the Bharati Vidyapeeth of Kharghar but at Belapur. I loved this because I always loved the railway station of Belapur and I never halted on this station before this. On 5th June, I and my mother went to the branch of BVP, filled the prospectus of 600 rs and sent a demand draft to the Pune branch of BVP of 500 rs. Still, there was no confirmation of admission and already 1100 rs has been credited to the account of a single college. Strange but True. What more can I say? There was no BCA course available in the Mumbai University so I was helpless and also desperate to have an admission in this college as Bharati Vidyapeeth is a renowned college. Finally, I got my hall-ticket and exam was on 21st June.

             On 21st June, it was raining in the same way as it did on 26th July some years ago which dumped the whole Mumbai under it. Kaise kaise kar ke, I reached the center of my college at 9.30 as the time of paper to start was 10. But the invigilator told me that my exam has been postponed and it is at 3 PM. I went out and roamed here and there analyzing the surroundings of my college. I was into immense pressure and kept chanting," Hey Sai Baba, aaj bachaa lena baaki jab mann kare boore karmo ka paap de dena." At last, at 2.45 PM, I was standing out of my Exam-hall. To my surprise, I was sitting at the first bench in my hall as the series of roll-nos started from my roll no itself. I saw other girls and boys available for the test. Everyone had friends, everyone was chatting with each other while I was standing quietly at a corner observing everyone and trying to hide myself from others to approach me. I was into depression then. Kitne baar bataana padta hai aap logo ko..

            At 3 PM, when I entered the examination hall, I found that the class was air-conditioned and the conditioner was just besides my bench which gave me the most thunder. Already, I was shivering and this added the flavor to it. After sometimes, when test started and I checked the questions and I found that English on which I was confident was the section where I didn't knew any answer from all the 60 questions. Maths which I found hard had only the questions related to Profit and Loss and I knew them quiet easily. IQ section is where I am Indian Idol of it. uff!!! And the 20 marks prose was also my chutki ka khel. Now, I had 180 minutes to solve 200 question. That means each and every minute was important. But Air-conditioner fucked me hard. I went into sleep after half an hour. Teacher woke me up after 10 minutes and gave me a big lecture in Marathi. I was unable to inform her that I didn't understood Marathi. At last, I completed my paper very nicely and had a confidence that I'll score the best. But this was the game of competition so I can't claim anything about admission's confirmation just by what I attempted. If there are 60 students who scored 199/200 then even if I scored 198 , it would be a failure. So I kept quiet and left the college with all the hope that I'll return here as it's student.

            What my result was? You will know it on the blog I'll write on 6th July,2010 as my result was announced on the same date - 6th July, 2009..

Thanks Till Then... 


Pratibha - My Only Online Friend !!!

 228th BLOG -->>

        FRIENDS !!! Talking on this topic will be no new as you would have read more than 1000 SMSes about this and 100 articles about this on internet. But when it comes to your friends.. I mean your close friends, you can't resist yourself and you start speaking incessantly for that person. There are numerous days in a year when you are happy and most of the days when you are happy are because of your friend's birthday. The excitement within your heart for the birthday of your friend is powerful and firm. The same is the condition with me. Today, it's the birthday of Pratibha. One of my closest friend. I have shared many-a-things with her. Pratibha is very frank and bindaas. Even if I'll share a case of stealing or committing a crime to her, she will not make faces but will give some suggestions. There are many conditions in your life when you feel that if you will share the particular incident with your friend or a well-wisher, they will stop talking to you and will neglect you in the future but when it comes to Pratibha, I know that she is not going to break the FRAAAAAAAAANDSHIP as she understands that life shows many faces to a person. This is why I love her. Sorry Like her..Many can misapprehend this word- LOVE in other way..Hahaha..

               Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Pratibha .. You are too good.. Live a long and happy life. May God Bless You always..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. She has turned 19 years old today..2 years younger to me..Haa..Let make this clear first before there are many more galat-famys among my readers..I haven't met Pratibha anytime in my life.. WHAT?? Yes.. I have never met Pratibha as a body till today. She is my Online friend. I met her online some 3 years ago and I am happy that this online friendship which I started as a flirt with a girl changed it form and now we are very very good friends. She helped me quite a lot. There was a time when I was in a depression and I felt that no one loves me and I should die as no one cares for me but this girl Pratibha used to call me and we used to talk for hours. It was so funny to chat with her as her frankness used to blow my mind. We also used to type and talk online. We loved each other's company and this made our bond more firm. Her impact of support was so much that I didn't hided anything from her at that period comtemporarily. Soon, her 12th ended and she entered Engineering while I failed 11th and I was still in 12th. All the contacts got diminished as I got someone else in my life to share my talks and activities with. But as soon as that person ditched me, the next name I remembered was Pratibha.

              I don't know about what she felt about me all that times but she was one with whom I shared every secret. There was various types of non-veg jokes I used to throw on her and she would reply firmly but soon she used to melt down with a laughter after she used to decipher the meaning of this joke. I haven't met her still and I think something is called PEN-FRIEND and I want her to be the same for me all my life. We SMS, we talk, we chat but we don't meet which I think will keep each of us special for each other. Today, she would be projecting what type Abhilash is and I am projecting what kind Pratibha is but it's very charming and lovely to think this way for your friends. I have this type of feeling for this Pratibha only. There is no other person who can replace Pratibha. She is the bestest Online Friend I have ever met. She also helped me in engaging with someone. I loved the girl-friend she gave me but later things didn't worked out in the way I and Pratibha thought. I lost the funny relationship with that voice-chat-girlfriend. Pratibha is also friend of two of my good friends - Vasim and Yasir. Yasir toh even met her but I am happy this way only.

             The bonding both of us share is incredible. This type of special bonding can't be ignored and hence whenever I share my friendship with Pratibha to anyone, everyone is surprised with the result of this beautiful friendship which has lasted for 3 years and with such closeness. Wow.. I am happy that I have never met Pratibha. Don't take this other way..Hahaha.. I love her..Now don't take even this other way.. and hence I don't want this to be reduced as after meeting, we will expect more meetings in future resulting in solace and sorrow and unexpected. It's better to be far and close. Right? Pratibha when came to knew about my blogs, she shared it with her friends of hostel and all of them read my 50 blogs in a go. Now what can you expect more from this type of friendship? She also complimented me a lot for my writings and told she and her friends love my way of expressing my thoughts. Without knowing a person, she is reading my blogs with such dedication..What more should I demand from this relationship?

            Pratibha, I just want you to be happy always as you have always made me happy. I still remember the way you were abusing one of your friend when we were having conversation on our mobile. I remember every moment when you made me laugh and feel special. I am proud to have such an online friend. None of my friend has much an online friend. Girl-friends, many of them get , but a true friend like you..none of them were lucky to have and I am so lucky to have you. Keep smiling always. Celebrate your birthday as happily you can. This 228th blog is a small gift from my side. Do accept this and let me know did you loved this blog post or it has dissappointed you. And as you always speak true..I expect you to say BAD if this is..OK?




To Whom It May Concern: luv..luck..my bad! by Shariq Iqbal

           227th BLOG -->>

       Again a book. I hope all of you aren't getting bored by the reviews. It is just for the sake of readers who needs to know about the books before they spend their money on it. I am the reviewer who never criticizes. I love pointing the good characteristics of the book and author. I don't believe in criticizing the work which I'm unable to do. Hope you are getting what I'm trying to say. I prefer reading the books written by new authors. The debut book of any author is far interesting as he gives his or her best at their first. In this series, 1 more book is added. Its "To Whom It May Concern: luv..luck..my bad!" by Shariq Iqbal. As everytime I do , I talk about the author first but this time I'm helpless, I searched the whole internet but didn't got any new news about this author. So I can't state what does he do and all but I can do state about what I felt about him. He his the 2nd Muslim author I read. Mostly, whay happens that Islamic followers keep talking about their religion numerous times but when you find someone who isn't talking about his or her religion then it's the time that you start finding new things from this person. Same was the case with Shariq Iqbal. When I read his name I thought he would be talking about his religion again and again but to my surprise this man has impressed me a lot as he wrote the whole book as a common human being and not an Islamic follower. 

             The book -  "To Whom It May Concern: luv..luck..my bad!" is a fictional story which consists of many dramatic scenes. But its easy to digest them as the writing style of the author keeps you holding. I finished this book in 2 hours. I don't know how I went so fast but this story was so interesting that I think when I'll read this book for the 2nd time, I'll finish it in half an hour itself. This book of 186 pages is so pure and so unique that you can't think of skipping a word or two while reading the book. This is the story about a boy- ALI who is drawn into drugs, bunks and all the common factors which an engineering students has. All his life was fucked when suddenly he starts loving a girl named Divya. As soon as the lady enters the book, you start struggling with how will both of them meet. At last, without proposing they have a kiss while watching movie in a multiplex and as they come out of the theatre after the movie, they find themselves in love and speechless relationship. Finally, both of them are engaged and now boy keeps roaming near her hostel, meeting her, loving her and hanging-out with her. A very true love story typo story this is. Parallel to this, the story of the bond between the friends - Ali and Gopal also keeps flowing. Its also one of the best part of this book. I got little solaced in the climax of the book. It felt like there was much to say but because of some limitations, Shariq has left the book middle-way itself. Climax could have been more nerve-touching. But whatever a good book and Yaa..You can read this one more than one time easily..

              Now my review, I didn't liked the book at the start because it seems to be boring but it didn't took a lot of time for me to understand that patience is what I should deal with to get an excellent stroke at the next ball and yaa it happened in the same way. After initial pages as soon as the story takes it pace, it holds you. It held me for 2 hours continuously and I finished this book in this short period of time. I loved the book not because of the fictional story or a love story but the way every moment was described. The way of narrating a simple story can change the outlook of the story. I would not say that this book has some unique story but still this book has the flick to stick you. I would recommend everyone who is fond of Fictional books to read this one. I loved this book and would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.. Not bad.. 


20 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER... by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja

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         Again I am with a book review. I know many of you don't like this but still I have to do because I am least interested sometimes on what people like or not because what you like is never told by you to me so why should I care that do anyone have problem with my blogs or not. So today, I am going to talk about the National Bestseller - "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER..." by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja. This book had already crossed 25,000 mark and still moving on. Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja both are young and smart personalities. Durjoy Dutta seems to be a rockstar and a dancer while I was flat when I saw Maanvi Ahuja. After reading the names of the writers, I felt that how can a girl and a boy meet together to write a book? They didn't faced any difference of thoughts and views kya? But when I read that they sometimes argued so much that they didn't wanted to see each other face for weeks , then i came to knew that Yaa, they are as ordinary human being as I am.. Haha.. But still i want to know that are these both writers a couple themselves or just FRIENDS !!! ??? If they are just friends then I want to know how did they discussed the sexual parts and love-making parts with each other? This book came in the market in 2008. Both the writers had completed their graduations and are in job right now. Both of them were blogger and later they are a published writers now. 

              Coming to the book, "Of Course I Love You..! TILL I FIND SOMEONE BETTER..." is a fictional story which doesn't seems to be like a fiction. The writers had scripted it so well that every situation and every scenes seems to be so real that you start comparing the character's situation with your life. This book is about a guy DEB who is none other than a playboy. He keeps on changing girlfriend, having sex with them and going into a new term called Break-up. His last girlfriend Smriti was irritating to him and thus he wanted to leave her but he was feeling it weird to break her heart as this girl was mad in love with him. He kept his playboyrism on till he finds his true love in Avantika. Meeting Avantika change him. He starts behaving sincerely and he owes all his life in the love for this girl. At last, this girl leaves Deb saying that she still loves him but her guru- Sri Guru doesn't want her to give pains to anymore people. She had already broke the heart of two guys so this time she didn't wanted to spoil the life of any new boy as both of them went into drug's world. Deb tries to contact her many a time saying that he wanted to talk to her but she never agreed for the same. At last, Deb gets trapped under depression and now he wanted to kill himself. His life had nothing to appreciate now. He was jobless. He wasn't placed anywhere as he was banned to give any more interviews because he misbehaved in the first placement interview with the interviewers. All his friends move towards different cities as they were placed somewhere or the other. Now he is all alone and struggles with his life. I would not like to tell what happened after all this. For knowing this, go and buy this book.

               I loved the story. I liked the way it is projected. Yaa, sometimes it gets boring reading the same type of activities by the main character but it changes when the story come towards Avantika. The last part about how Avantika left him and the way his life was struggling with loneliness and depression reminded me of my condition 1.5 years ago when someone left me and I just kept reasoning what wrong had I done that she left me. Whatever.. I don't want to remember that animal again. The way sex and love-making scenes are described made me laugh. It is so interesting. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. You can read this book in a one go as it has everything from Drama to emotions. Good Luck Durjoy and Maanvi. I love you both. and Maanvi, I have a crush on you..Uff!!!!

 Thanks ...



Father's Day- A Blog about My Paa !!!

            225th BLOG -->>

        Its the 3rd Sunday of June and hence today Father's Day is celebrated worldwide. I know many of you would not be knowing about this k aaj Father's Day hai. Girlfriend ka birthday, apna pehle date ka day, apne affair k start hone ka day- Ye sub yaad hoga par ye nahi. I am not showing that I'm the most concerned person in this world for Father's Day but I am trying to make them realize that how important this day is who don't remember when the Father's Day is. I can't understand what to write today. Generally about Fathers or about My papa specifically. Let me decide. Give me a minute or two. That is enough for me to decide.

            Ok..I decided..I am writing about both.. Last year, on 4th December, a movie was released with a name - PAA.. I was at the Raghuleela Mall then. When I reached the top floor where the Fame Multiplex is situated, I saw a nice huge board where there were many notes attached to it. I went near to it to see what exactly was written on the small tiny notes. When I went near to it, I saw many emotional messages written on it by everyone who loved their PAA very much and had something to say to their dad which they haven't said in their life. Even they knew that their old-age and traditional father will never come here in mall and read what they had written but still the love can't be ceased to express. On the background of the board, a nice poster of Amitabh Bachchan's look in PAA was shining. He is the example of best son in this world. I have never seen such a son in my life. Amitabh Bachchan is great as a son. I was feeling little shy to pick up a note and write something on it but still I managed and took out a Note from the pad. I borrowed a pen from an uncle sitting at the McD there and eating with his beautiful wife and sweet children. It was said to write something which you had never said to your father. I thought a little and finally penned my words," Papa, I never thank you for anything as this has never been the culture of our family and our society but I always wanted to thank you for every penny you spend on me because it is the fruit of your efforts and hard-work you put daily for 8 to 12 hours. Thanks for giving me a better and wonderful living. Your useless son - Veeru(the name with which you call me)." 

             There were 3 unknown girls and 2 unknown boys who were standing with me and wanted to write something but they were trying to have a look on what I was writing. When I stuck it and saw how was it looking after getting stuck on the board, I saw that the message written by me was the most emotional one but I was helpless as this is the only thing I had never said to my father which I wanted to. When I moved back to leave, 1 of the boy from that group called me by the name- VEERU. I stopped and the boy himself showed me Thumbs Up and other two girls clapped for me lightly to show that they loved my message. I was very emotional that day. I never told about this incident to anyone and this is the first time I'm divulging this here.

             My father had always been great. My father had taught me many facts of life and keep suggesting me for future. I just love the time I share with him discussing on something or the other. He is the man who always want me to grow as a performer and as a student. He had always supported me whenever I thought of presenting me on the stage. He had always helped me with all the resources I needed to study and learn new things. Whenever I see a costly book at the crossword and I feel like buying it but my mind says NO to it as I know that we are a middle-class family who can't afford such a costly book, my father is the one who teaches me then that Beta, I am not a middle-class father when it comes to your interest which is productive. He had always purchased the best-material for me whenever I needed something. The best mobile, the best watch, the best computer, the best skates, the best carrom, the best Internet connection, the best DVD player. Whatever I demanded I have got it. Either late but I got it at last when the time came to handle that luxurious stuff. My father had never refused me whenever I have asked him for a dinner outside. He had always agreed to my request. My father never lets me down when my desire needs something valuable. This is for what I respect him a lot.

              My father is a hard-working man. There had been Ups and Downs with him but still he has a power to continue forward and take risks. He is far better than all his 3 brothers and he is the best among them. I love my father for whatever he is. Today, when I meet many new friends and ask them about what their father do and when I get the replies such as he is taxi-driver or hamaali or coolie or auto-driver or we live in slum as my father do nothing, I just think that my father is so rich, so hard-working and so high-class that today I proudly say that my father is a MANAGER in JINDAL STEELS. My father had always respected my mother and this is why I respect him much more than what a common son can do. My father isn't crorepati but he is abundant and he knows how to manage the house and budget.

             I have learnt many valuable and productive facts from my father. He taught me that if you are hungry and you want to diminish your hunger, why to eat 30 rs burger to fill your stomach, why can't you eat 3 vada-paos from a hotel and fill your stomach which costs less than that funny burger and fills your stomach much more than that Burger would have? If you want to drive and you need a bike, why to cry for Karizma when the Splendor Plus gives a better comfort and average than it? When you need a multimedia mobile why don't you give first priority to the one which is less-costly and has the same features as the high-costly one. Even if your mobile is lost somewhere, you don't lose much. These types of teaching which I had received from my father had made me mature and much knowledgeable than my friends. My friends call me Kanjus but when it comes about how much is the saving - I am far better than them. They don't realize this now but they will realize this when they will start earning. Everyone gets 1000 rs as their pocket-money while I get the half of it - 500 rs but it teaches me how to live and survive with the small payment when you have all the high-payment's people around you. This is what I am learning to save and adjust which my friends aren't learning. They are learning to spend which will change their attitude and they will face this problem when they will be the head of the family tomorrow.

             There is a lot to speak about my father but I have just written a fractional part of it here. I'll be talking more about him on his birthday - 28th August. Till then, Happy Father's Day to every father and future Fathers of this world. I am one of them. 


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My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 5 !!!

            224th BLOG -->>

        I hope everyone of you loved the new presentation of my blog. It has consumed more than 1 hour to edit this page and make it co- ordinate with the previous elements. I believe this new page has enhanced my blog. Lets move to 5th part of my SSC results. Many good and lovely comments has rained on me for my series of blogs in different parts. Thanks to everyone who spend their time reading what I have written with my heart for my readers and friends. Thanks a lot and now lets move towards job....

            But I kept crying as I wanted to act that I am the most effected person of this calamity. Soon, it was 1 PM and my father knocked the door as he came for the lunch time. As soon as I opened the door, my father smiled and forwarded his hand for a hand - shake with a lovely word - CONGRATS BETA. As soon as he said this, I started crying. Now I dont want to reveal this that these tears were the cousins of crocodile's tears or it were as original as the tears of the contestants who are rejected in a reality show. My father said that now its no use of crying now, you have already wasted a year in fun and masti, now it's time to think about future. But I kept crying like a girl leaving her parents in the ceremony called BIDAAI. But there's a sympathy with that girl but in the condition I was into, there was no sympathy for me. Everyone knew that whole year I have just made comedy shows in my friend's circle. At 2 PM, father went back to his factory to act as a manager while I sat in my bedroom thinking about my future and where to complete my 11th and 12th. 

           I started thinking that what was the reason of my failure? Where did I lacked and why did I lacked? The biggest reason I found was I never concentrated on the subjects which were difficult for me. I didn't understood Maths and Social Sciences and I never even tried to understand them. This was my biggest mistake. If I would have concentrated on my weaker parts, I would have crossed 70% easily but I kept studying the subjects which were already prepared. The second reason of my under-performance was Computer. In 2005, there was a trend of resignato search a new job, he bought a computer on 5th December, 2005. Before this I had never operated a computer and as soon as I saw a personal computer, I went mad as I already felt that I'm a Software Engineer. The biggest crime that my father committed was that it had internet too. When I got used to computer and understood how to connect internet and surf different websites, I planned a new strategy.

             I used to sleep all the day and I said my parents that don't wake me up when I sleep as I'll study in the nights as it's very quiet. So, I used to open my books at night 12 AM and used to close them at 7 AM when my father used to wake up for getting ready for his office. All night, I used to surf internet when my parents used to sleep. I used to watch movies all night on my PC with a headphone in my ears. I was caught once at 4 AM when my father slapped me but still I continued this erratic activity confidently. This spoiled my last 3 months of preparation which effects a lot. These were the biggest two factors because of which I broked everybody's expectations. 

             Thinking and analyzing my mistakes didn't stopped the clock and it was 8 PM and there were 3 to 4 families in my house which came to gift me for my effort in the boards but my mother acted as a Drama Queen that day and she gave hundreds of promises to everyone to not to gift me anything as this is not the moment of happiness. I lost Perfumes, Deos, Purse, Bag and many other good gifts because of my mother's over-acting. A family gave an idea to my father to admit me in a Muslim college at Pune for 11th and put me into the hostel. This college was very strict and thus my father agreed to push me into this jungle. I didn't wanted to take admission in this college and I wanted to take admission either in any of the colleges of Pune. But my father was another example of Amrish Puri in DDLJ and thus the very next day I and my father caught a bus and marched towards Pune and took the admission in this Muslim college known as Anglo-Urdu Junior College. 

             And with this, the series of SSC results end. I hope everyone of you loved this part as much as you loved HSC one. Thanks a lot for supporting and waiting for each and every parts.


17 June 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 4 !!!

            223rd BLOG -->>

        Moving on to my 4th part of SSC result. Salman one of my friends in school commented on my 2nd part of SSC result's blog that I look him and other friends as gundaas and dons. I haven't written anybody's name, Salman. Don't take it so deeply and firmly. These types of words can also be written to add an effect to my blog. Right? And I have mentioned only 1 name and i.e. Ketan. So if you and other friends would have been Gundaas, I would have written the names naa? So please don't take it personally, my friend. So, lets start with my 4th part..

            Ultimately, the day was announced...26th JUNE,2006. I wasn't much afraid as I knew that I'll pass.But the real danger was the competition between three boys of the colony. Now, you will say that I am so foolish that I am not satisfied with my efforts and dedication and I am thinking about competition. Actually, 4 years ago, main aisa hi tha kyuki mere colony ka mahaul hi aisa tha. Because if someone used to score the lowest marks in our colony, he or she was insulted a lot. It was hard to come out of our house after scoring less. Just because of this sheer pressure, I was praying god that plz subse kamm mere marks nahi aaye bhagwaan..Second last bhi houn to chalega.

            On 25th June at 8 PM, I was watching IIFA awards. I was enjoying every act and performances by actors and actresses. I forgot that tomorrow is my result. After the show ended, my mother said to me that why are you jumping so much, don't you have any fear or nervousness for tomorrow's result. Suddenly, I went into nervousness after my mother helped me come out of ghajini-type-situation. All the integers started bouncing everywhere infront of my eyes. I was trying to figure out which integer will be displayed on internet tomorrow when I'll be dying to know what the hell I did. I slept with a calm and sound sleep with all the dangerous dream playing on the 70 mm screen of my dream's theatre.

            I woke up at 9 Am in the morning. Had a bath as fast as I can and at 10.30 AM I went to my friend - Rahul's house as he had internet on his PC and he knew how to watch results. I wasn't so computer-savvy then. At 11 AM, our deadly results were to be announced and Rahul's fat skin was shivering more than mine. At last clock and his PC's digital watch striked 11 AM and as soon as he started typing the site's name, internet got disconnected and I felt like blowing of his PC or his reproductive organ. I asked him,"Ab kya kare, maadar....?" He replied,"Rukaa reh, thodi der me connect hona chahiye."

             We kept connecting internet and everytime the fucking BSNL raped our emotions and feelings. It was 11.20 AM and Rahul's father called him and revealed his result. He scored 63%. I was shocked to hear this. Rahul was known as the most studious boy and a Book-worm while I and Juby were known to be foolish boys who never wanted to study seriously. So now I just calculated that when this boy has scored just 63% , what will I score? And now, I had a pressure again that Juby will not score less than 60% , so I am the lowest in this competiting group and I shivered more than vibrating Nokia 1100. Rahul's landline box shouted again. Rahul's Mummy shouted,"Veeru, tere mummy ka phone." I came to know that papa ne dekh k inko result bataa diya factory se. I picked up the phone and my mother revealed my result too and asked me to come home as soon as possible. I understood that the fucking percentage I have gained after such a big expectation from my mother will thrash me after I'll reach home. The percentage I scored was 61. Atleast, I breathe a sigh of relief that I have scored in the First-class grade above 60% otherwise I would have been the most insulted human being on the earth as the creatures of my colony would not have left me so easily.

             I came home and saw that there were 6 to 7 aunties already to ruin the atmosphere. My mother was accusing me of not studying and fooling the parents and there were many cases which were lodged on me. I was feeling so ashamed that I didn't even greeted that politician aunties and went to my bedroom. After some minutes, I received the call from Juby's mother. She revealed his marks and it was 58%. Now I was happy. Hurray!!! Now, I am not the most insulted person as this is awarded to Juby Joy. I called Juby and he started giving badwords to god and board paper- checkers. After talking to him, the shivering and accelerated speed of my heart slowed down. But I kept crying as I wanted to act that I am the most effected person of this calamity.



My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 3 !!!

            222nd BLOG -->>

        Wow !! It looks no nice - 222 .. I'm happy to write my 222nd blog as 333rd blog will come after writing 111 blogs. So this types of uniqueness shouldn't be ignored. Already 2 parts approaching my SSC results has been written. Today, its the day to write my 3rd and 4th part. Today itself, 1 hour ago, the results of 10th std's students has been announced. I have checked 13 roll nos and I am happy that 13 students got their most awaited result from me. Chalo, now lets start with my 3rd part nahi to blog lengthy ho jaayega.

            Now, I am in 10th std. The most craziest class I have ever attended. We loved attending our classes. We never awaited for lunch break and short break as we enjoyed a lot during lectures. We used to eat our tiffin while the lectures were on. We used to play X O while the lecturer used to pass knowledge to us. We appreciated the beauty of our classmates. We had many beauties with us. So there was no chance of getting bored while lectures. Everyone used to keep an eye on the girl they were planning to have the kids with. And even if the girls were crazy on the same boy, then that group of boys used to enjoy the romance between the eyes of the future girlfriend-boyfriend. It was so enthralling to sit in the class at the corner far away from the view of the teacher and keep doing all this stuffs. We never entertained studies while we were at school. When the notice board used to display the upcomming exams, all of us used to start revising the lessons and coping up with our studies. We enjoyed a lot.

            Finally, our exams came and all of us started struggling with the questions in the paper as they were never heard before. What we heard were the first word of the questions - Why, Which, When. But I used to enjoy even in the exam hall as there were new girls in the hall from different schools. All of them used to see me with the lust and greed in their eyes. I think you have misunderstood - that lust and greed wasn't for me but for the answers they didn't knew. When a girl asks you a question to show to her, you can't say NO to her as it is very rare when a stranger girl approach you. I helped many girls in my hall. At last I gave all my papers and I expected to score some 75% and more. Both my competitors which were my friends also had the same target and the same expectations. Two girls in our batch were scholars and thus they expected to score more than 85%.

             Vacations started which we were awaiting madly from many days. I went to my native places. First I visited Gorakhpur where my mother resides. It was little fun and little boring there. But yaa I enjoyed. Sitting there at the Chauraaha and listening shayaaris and new bad words from the local people was very interesting. My nana is very rich and he is a politician because of which everyone respects me there and I love being respected without doing anything to gain it. Haha.. After this we moved towards Kanpur for 1 week which is my real native place. There I met my 4 cousins. 2 of them are the children of my tauji whom I hate a lot. I want to kill them. Other 2 are the children of my chachaji - These kids are very interesting if you are able to handle them. They are very naughty and I love them for this. Sometimes it gets over but still that is affordable to have such interesting cousins. These two are better than that elder two. They are toh Idiots. The worst two creation from God. Worst than BULL SHIT !!! (If my elder cousins are reading this then I expect both of you to agree that you are worst than the Bull Shit because you are)

             Chalo, track change ho gaya..In chutiyo k baaare me sochta hu to gussa aa jaata hai isliye baar baar blogs pe inka naam aa jaata hai..Finally, we moved back to Mumbai at our home and now the only thing left was to wait for the results and keep shivering for it as I knew that I haven't written an outstanding papers. Parents had a big hope but even they were fearful about what will this crap score who is so careless and irresponsible for his studies. Ultimately.............

   TO BE CONTINUED.........

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My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 2 !!!

            221st BLOG -->>

        Now after my 5th std, my school had its 6th to 12th std at another spot in the same town. It was some 1 kilometer away from this Primary Section. Finally, I was in Secondary section. This is the place where children starts loving their classmates and the whole school knows about their crush. This is the place where students shout and scream in the class even when teacher is present in the class. This is the place where students welcome their friends with abuses of mothers and sisters. This is the place where the real image of the child is revealed. What he really is. Now when I entered this secondary section in my 6th std, I saw every one giving bad words to each other. I was introduced to the Dons and Gundas of this school. Everyone warned me to be far away from them as they are very dangerous. I loved the atmosphere. I loved the new building and new playground. I loved the new teachers and new seniors. Few months ago, I was senior of my school and now I was the most junior of my school. I went crazy for coming every day in school now as I was the tallest kid of my class, so I was made to sit at the last bench and I enjoyed this place a lot as I kept playing something or the other with my last bencher's company and we enjoyed this a lot. We even used to talk about girls and their pulchritude. We used to rate the girls according to ourselves and used to fight that kisko kaun pataaega. Kabhi kisi ko pataa to koi nahi paaya but whatever, that was the most entertaining part of the school times.

             Coming to the studies, I scored 89% in my 6th std's 1st Unit test at the 11th position in the class. In the next exams, I proliferated and it went from 11th to 10th to 9th. Now, a confidence that I'll raise up more and as the numbers are playing, I am pakka 8th next time and when the final result was out. I didn't came at 8th from 9th, but from 9th I scored the double and now my rank was 18th. My parents were shocked and even I was disappointed. Now I came in 7th and I joined the group of Dons and Gundaas as I loved them being the cynosures of the school. Now I was one of them but still I managed to score 75% average in my 7th std. Now I came in 8th std and everyone in school knew me. Every boy, every girl, every teacher and even the peons knew me as I became one of the naughtiest students of the school.Every teacher used to come in the class and search me and my friend Ketan and used to drag us out of the class even when we used to do nothing. They did it because its better to avoid these students before they create some havoc in the class. Every 3rd day, I visited the Principal's office. He used to warn me and I used to say that Sir this was the final mistake, it will not happen again. This kept on all the year in 8th std. I was also involved in leaking question papers in my school as I was friends of the dons of school. I was caught in this too. Whatever, I passed my 8th std with 73% something. Now, I came in 9th std and with the efforts of my parents and an eye of the principal on me isolated me from the Gundaas's gang. I started following the group of my colony's friend and now as I was mastikhor, all my colony friends also got dissolved in my activities and the latest was that we three friends were the most naughtiest children in our class. But we studied. In the first exam, I scored 81% which made every child of my colony aware that Veeru is not only mastikhor. Now, they even respected me.

             At last, 9th std finished and now we were in 10th. The most craziest class I have ever attended. 


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU (from now-onwards I will not display the time of post here as the new page of my blog shows the time of publishing)
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My SSC Result in 2006 - Part 1 !!!

            220th BLOG -->>

        Few days ago, it was 200th blog and so fast its 220th blog. Wow!! I got a huge appreciation for the series of my HSC result. Thanks a lot to everyone. Because of this I am thinking to publish the condition about my SSC results too. So before that , lets prescribe the history how was I in my academic career.

            Abhilash Ruhela- this name was very big when I was very small. In my Sr. Kg and 1st std, I was named ALL-ROUNDER in my school - J.M. Rathi English School. When I was in 1st standard, on the day of Annual Gathering I received 5 awards serially which made people in the audience to stand-up and give a clap to me. The last one in the series of award was for All-Rounder fame. This compelled everyone to give a Standing Ovation to me. I was famous in my colony as a studious boy. As soon as I entered Primary school in my 2nd std where there were new teachers, new classmates and big building, I lost the power of studying because I was confused about how come all this things are happening to me? Why am I made to change my school and come to this place for studying? But as the time passed by, I understood that I'll have to study here and these are my new friends. I studied so much that Specs married my eyes in my 2nd std itself. Till my 3rd class, I always used to be in Top 5 ranker. But as soon as I came in 4th std and the level of studies went higher, I lost the concentration from the studies. This made me little down and now I was in Top 10 Rankers in my class. Now in 5th std, I dropped down little more and now I was in Top 15 rankers of my class.

              But still in the colony no one knew that Ruhela jii ka ladka ab tez nahi raha. Still, I was known as the most studious boy of our colony. I enjoyed the fame. Whenever any Uncle or Aunty used to ask me that Beta Kya raha results , I always lied and ranked myself either 5th or 6th. I was the only child of my parents because of which I got many chances to hide many things from my parents. And when the child comes to this, no power can save him from doing the worst anyone can do. I started cheating my parents now. I was in 5th and I started stealing money from my house for eating vada-pav. I started vomiting lies whenever my parents asked me anything. I never showed them results till they didn't came to knew about it from the parents of other students in the colony. Now, my father started bashing me. Every evening he came from his factory, used to enter my bedroom like Sanjay Dutt's entry in Musafir , used to ask questions to me from my portions like the way Big B asked in Crorepati, when I didn't used to answer them he used to beat me like Akshay Kumar in Khiladi series. He performed all the types of hitting on me. He beat me with Metal scissor, Hammer, Leather belts, Shoes, Wooden Scale, Steel Scale, Kapde Dhone waali Moongdi, his Hands etc. Starting me toh dard hota tha, but as the time passed , I felt like an ant came , pinched me and went back. I never felt any pain after my body got the habit of beats and pains. But still jhooth kyu bolu, thoda dard to hota hi tha. 

              The more he beat me, the more masti I started doing. After sometimes the image of book-ki-paidaaish waala Student changed. Now, I was known all over in the colony for my masti and mazaa I used to do in class and school bus. But still people had a faith on me as they percepted that Veeru does masti but he also studies. Everyone felt that Bahaar kuch aur but Apne kamre mein he is a good student. But they didn't knew that I was in love with many girls at this moment. One was from my colony, I loved her smile and sweet face. Another one was my Maths teacher whom I wanted to marry then (She is still unmarried. A hope lies still. ;-) ). I also liked a girl in my class, she was also very fair and soft-spoken. Whenever I used to open my book to read and mug up, the thoughts of these ladies started manipulating my mind and not letting me study but the danger sign used to enlighten me in the middle of the romance with these three ladies- The Stick of my Father. So, a boy who was an All-Rounder started struggling now to maintain his rank. The boy who started his journey of study with 96% now trembled and falled to 75% to 80%. This is the short story about my tilting performance in Primary section. Now in the next part I'll narrate about how was Abhilash Ruhela in his Secondary Section.