28 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

There is a little bit of Stanley in all of us!!! Awesome story!!!

805th BLOG POST -->>

            Right now, while completing my assignments, I watched one of the most critically acclaimed movies- Stanley Ka Dabba. Though the movie released in May 2011, I got a chance to watch it today. Some movies are evergreen. They are not made to earn 100 crores. Nor are they made to get wiped out of people's mind in just a week. It stays in our hearts for a long time. This movie stays in people's heart and hence, I was forced to download it and watch. And now as I am done watching it, I feel bad that I didn't watch it till now considering it to be a boring movie. I accuse myself of pre-judging something which is so excellent and powerful. A movie needs a concept and what we audience wait for is- the freshness in the concept and the way it has been depicted in the movie. This movie is truly unique in that sense. 

              The movie shows a boy being scolded by his teacher and snubbed in the whole classroom for the only fault that he does not bring tiffin to the school yet gets to eat all the feasts bought by his classmates. This teacher is himself "haawra" or you can say one who dies to eat as much as possible from wherever he gets. Hence, he does not like the fact that one student of the class does not bring what he loves the most. He asks the child to not to attend school if he is not with the tiffin from the next day. And as expected, the boy stops coming to the school. His friends find him and tells him about a competition where he can easily participate on behalf of his school as he is the most witty and talented student. Even his favorite teacher, Ms. Rosy also wants the same but finds it depressing that he is been thrown out of the school by Khadoos teacher for a mistake which does not have to do anything with the victim of all. Then what is shown in the climax is something that you yourself watch and get shocked. :-)

                 Movie is exceptionally special. I won't say 5 on 5 but I would definitely give it 3.5+ on 5. It had a message which was secretly put across the movie. We keep cribbing about our life daily. We keep telling people as to how much problem we are with in our life and how we are managing college even when we are not in position to attend. In metro cities as of mine, children tend to show that they are quite busy in their own holdings. No one has time. Everyone feels that they are the most hard-working even when at a scale of hard work from 1 to 10, we work at 5. This movie tells us how some people do most of the work and yet never let anyone know about their plight or problems considering that they would get sympathy. The protagonist in the movie is shown throughout as if he does nothing in life except creating some imbalance around him but the way movie ends, it makes us think deeply about ourselves. 

              After watching the movie, I have decided that doing hard work is not the only aspect in being good human being in life but we shouldn't let anyone know about our efforts. We should always sound as if we are fine and even in our background, every thing is as smooth as their life. Amol Gupte, I bow in front of you because the scenario in which you made this movie with poverty and problems is something that everyone should get inspired with. This is not just a movie review but a chance to let all of you understand as to what the main character of this movie teaches us and goes. Definitely, watch it once.


27 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Losing a Race sometimes makes us the WINNER!!!

804th BLOG POST -->>

            Competition! End up going in any corner of this world, in any field to work, in any society to live, this word will keep haunting you until and unless you don't claim to quit. And then who quits? Losers. Hence quitting should never be an option. Now, when you have already registered yourself in the race by default, you think that you need to win all the races to prove yourself. Prove yourself- Right!!! But to whom? If you are trying to win all the races or any race just to show some sect of people that you can do what they feel that you are incapable of, I am telling you that you have lost the race already. Because they'll never say that you have done something which they never could or that they are proud of you. They'll always find some or the another reason to let you know that you didn't do your best. Or there were many who were better than you.
              If you will get a placement of 3.2 lakhs and you would think that you have almost cleared 905 of the laps of the race, you will still get to hear," Arey Shukla ji k ladki ko toh 6.5 lakh ka package mila hai". And all that you dreamed of will get shattered with this. Rather than getting accolades for achieving what according to you is what you want, you get another target to achieve without any mention of what you have already achieved. But sometimes, I feel that losing is the best part out of all the expectations that people have and target that they give to us. Losing is always not categorized as something that is shameful and obscene act. It is but when you quit. Until and unless you don't give up your attitude to win the competition even when you know that someone has already crossed the finishing line, you are the winner. No, not for anyone else but for your own self.

                When you will cross the Finishing Line even if all the other 9 participants would have crossed it, you will not feel bad but you will feel happy about yourself that it was the first time that you participated in a competition at this level and completed what was been assigned to you as a task. Let it be that others did before you. Or those whom you thought could never stand against you in life stood of Victory Stand while you stood in audience to clap for them just like other audiences. What you concentrate is on the amount of potential that you store in you. What you preserve is your balance in the end. No one can take away from you. And if you keep your spirits high, you may end up in being the best in the part of life that termed you as a Loser. All that I am talking is because I got an experience which taught me all these aspects. 

               I participated in an Inter-collegiate fest that was held in my previous college of Graduation. The group of 5 had to search for a treasure that was present anywhere in the whole huge campus. Out of 5 Finalists, my team reached the final spot where the treasure was hidden at Number 4. For me its Number 4, for you and others it might be second-last. But I didn't join the competition for winning or a cash prize. I joined it to see whether I would be able to cover the whole premises which was judging both the aspects of my personality- Physical and Mental. Mental because brain was also used to think the next destination through the clue that used to be given after hitting a spot. I got it tested. My friends who were in the team also got it tested for themselves. Even at No. 4, we were as content as the winners. Actually more. Because we got to know what potentials we had in ourselves. And that also made us know our weaknesses. After that, I and my friend have started exercising at home. No, not for preparing for the next year's tournament but to bring our real potentials out in daily life. 

              Hence, not every race is to be won nor every life is meant to be perfect. Whatever you do make it sure that you get to know a new side of your personality. You get to know the probability at which you would be getting yourself do that you never did before. And this gives you a chance to increase the probability of letting the same event occur as number of times as possible. Don't wait for an opportunity. Give yourself an opportune. These races are just meant to make people feel inferior or hurt their ego after their loss. Hence, never compete with anyone else otherwise you will keep on losing yourself again and again. And don't even compete with yourself each time. Sometimes do think just to do it when you see that its not that easy and get-able considering your potential, focus and determination. Get these things sharpen up. This time the tally didn't see any medal for yourself in the shelf. But you saw a new happenings in your life. Within you, actually. So, next time be ready to lose as every time losing does not guarantee happiness and contentment. The rare condition occurs sometimes and do avail most of it. That's all!!!



Kai Po Che!!! A Movie for this Generation!!!

803rd BLOG POST -->>

              I went to watch Kai Po Che yesterday in Big Cinemas Kharghar. As all the malls of Navi Mumbai was being vacated due to some bomb threat, I had to leave the movie during interval. I called the theater back and they said that I'll get the money refunded. But who needed money when the movie has created a lot of buzz all around. I just wanted to watch it. The buzz is not the only reason, I also wanted to watch because I am a very great fan of Chetan Bhagat. I read The 3 Mistakes of My Life for the second time 3 days back so that I can enjoy the movie more. I even watched 3 Idiots after reading Five Point Someone on which it's based. And seriously speaking, I love analyzing the movie that are based on a novel than watching it. The whole time goes in analyzing whether the scene written in book is better or its visualization that's currently running in front of my eyes is. Hence, I watched the movie in the evening finally. :-)

               Kai Po Che is Abhishek Kapoor's 2nd movie. His first being Rock On. If you have loved Rock On which almost everyone did, you are surely going to like Kai Po Che as it is made on the same lines. The story line is subjected to the same moral. Following your dreams. And I am happy that today's generation's directors are making movies which are making the youth understand that life is about dreaming and chasing it whatsoever. Kai Po Che speaks the same. It shows how certain natural incidents and other havoc turns the faith of Gujarat State which effect each and everyone living there but yet these three boys have different plans to conquer their world and life. The movie-makers have tried their best to make the moral get imbibed in every youth's mind and soul. Let's see how many get into the colors of the movie. 

              Throughout the movie, I got the feel as if its 3 Idiots' Part 2. The movie has the same flavor. May be all the movie henceforth that would be based on Chetan Bhagat's novel would look the same. And I am happy about this fact. :-) All the three lead actors have played their part perfectly. Even the man who played the role of Bittu Mama, Ali and his father have contributed a lot in the movie. Each and every scene has a purpose. Perfect editing. Best part of the movie is that it's not stretched. Director have kept it short. But I seriously tell you that I enjoyed the movie more because I had the novel read. Many scenes which have just 1-2 sentences of the whole conversation of the novel made me imagine the rest of it as I have already read the book. People watching the movie directly will have to miss a lot of fun that's the part of the novel but not of the movie. Bad Luck, viewers. I loved that the adaptation does not have a bit of the 4 main characters visiting Australia for Cricket coaching. The best part in the movie is casting of Amrita Puri in the role of Vidya. She is exactly the way Vidya is described in the book. I was stunned to see the similarity. 

              The background score and all the three songs in the movie are perfect and melodious. The scene when the 3 friends go for partying in the open air after their first earning is beautiful. The excitement that they show while seeing the Navrangpura Mall's shop is another moment. The coaching to Ali by Ishaan and the commitment that he shows in the boy is the USP of the movie. When Ishaan comes in the middle of Govind's coaching class to teach Ali how to explore his batting skill for off-side of the ground is brilliantly shown. The reaction of all the three characters after the earthquake shows the potential they have in them. The love-making scene with the background score of a Dandiya song takes it to another level. I liked it. Omi's reaction after hearing the tragic news is another part where I loved watching the performance. Ishaan's reaction to what Bittu mama's party does with Muslim is also a genuine visualization. Govind's aggression at Ishaan when he takes the money without asking is again a high point of the movie. And talking about the climax, it is perfectly done. Almost every scene of the movie has a meaning hence describing all of them here is not possible. :-)

            In all, I would say a brilliant movie. Not too brilliant as book is far better and I was expecting little more than that. But still, I would say that the movie should be watched once by all. It has all the elements that, we, the youth want to watch these days. Go for it. 


26 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The 3 Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat!!!

802nd BLOG POST -->>

             It's a good way to start the new series of Blog with something that I love doing the most. Reviewing books. And more when I have read a Chetan Bhagat's novel. :-) I have already read all the novels of Chetan Bhagat's but the first 4 were read when I was not into this reviewing thing. I have read "The 3 Mistakes of My Life" yesterday as I had to watch Kai Po Che today. And because I don't have a great memory I thought of going through the story once again. And seriously speaking I loved reading the book for the second time too. This is the first time when a novel is been read by me twice. I will never rate Chetan Bhagat's first 4 novels because they bought me into this reading habit which made me read more books and now all of you know what relation I share with books. :-) I am also writing one. Well- 1000s of youth are in our country. Big Deal? Huh! This is what you all would be thinking. But then who cares? Haha! When you are showing attitude even I can. 

              3 Mistakes is a story of three boys where one wants to do big in business while other wants to do great in Cricket and the 3rd one wants to do anything else in life but not being a priest like his father. These 3 friends come together and starts a business by opening a Cricket shop. It does well and they start loving this journey of life. But then certain incidents take place and every thing starts getting difficult. Politics, religion, cricket, love etc enter their life and takes away all the fun and comfort. Book is full of emotional saga and you can not leave it once you start reading it. And when it's book by India's most favorite and entertaining author, you don't need any review to read it, right? So go get it and read. It would be more fun, I think, if you will watch movie- Kai Po Che after reading the book from which it is been adapted. Because I loved watching 3 Idiots as I was done reading Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat yet again a week before that movie released.

              Right from the first page to the last, various distinct ingredients are used to make this book an interesting read. Not a page can be termed as boring. As the book's tag says that it's about Business, Cricket and Religion, all three aspects come in the same order in the book. When it's business, you also love the way they start a business with all the difficulties and grow soon. Then an accident in Gujarat and all goes. The way they try to revamp is again a story. The several events of Gujarat are portrayed very beautifully. Chetan Bhagat have carved them in the book and not just written. Calling the book a Fiction work, he has written all that he had to say about Gujarat. He being a part of the state during his IIM days has shown his experience of it in the book.

           Later, Cricket enters the book and brings more interest. Mention of some real matches generates curiosity. I am sure boys will surely like the parts. Then a character teaching Cricket to a very young boy of 12 years old is another beautiful part of the book. When one fails to achieve something and starts nourishing someone else whom he finds just like himself in the field, the emotion is clearly felt. Kudos, Mr. Author. The entry of one character's relative in the book ruins the perfect life of all. The romantic scene in a parallel world to the main plot is also an interesting read. When Chetan Bhagat writes romance as the secondary topic in his books, no one can even touch him in it. Even his love making scene makes us feel good about young romance while other authors write as if love is all about sex and being physical. 

            The climax yet again a perfect end. It's very hard for an author to scribble real politic that involves religion. The way Chetan Bhagat has shown guts in portraying what views Hindu and Muslims had against each other in Gujarat is scary to read but somewhere everyone of us know that it's truth and it still resides. This is the most gutsy attempt by Mr. CB. I will always admire him for this book if not for any else. This book is also filled with wonderful one-liners and humour elements. Typical Chetan Bhagat stuff, in short. I will be reading his 2 States too for the second time but when the movie based on it would be about to release just as I have done this time. :-) 2 States' adaptation has Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as lead pair. Let's see what that movie is all about. But for now, I would like all of you to read The 3 Mistakes of my Life if you don't want to miss one of the bests by Chetan Bhagat.



Beginning of a New Series- 801st......

801st BLOG POST -->>

            Now it's time to move ahead. A lot has been wasted in waiting for making all of you to read my 800th Blog Post. I think whoever had passion to read is done with it. My fingers die to update this site. When they don't get the chance, it starts irritating me. It starts scratching all my body parts. Yes. Right from arm pits to joints of my legs. :-) Fingers are the main corrupt body organs which end up doing everything that is termed "bad" according to this society. But then the same fingers has made me update more than 10,00,000 words on this space. Possibly, 15 novels or something could have been published if I would not have given all to this space and would have engaged myself in writing a book. But I have whole life to write books. Currently, I am enjoying meeting everyone daily over here. The day I'll feel that it's time to get a step ahead and deliver the best that I have in me, I will start scripting. Currently, I feel my best can only give what I give here- the BLOGS. 

           The love that all of you have bestowed on me will always motivate me anytime when I'll feel that my blog is not doing as well as I am wanting it to. And every time I post a centurion post, I get the same amount of love. I sometimes think that I should come up only with century posts here while other 99 should be termed as free with the centurion. Haha! No one turns out in the same way as the turn-out on my 100s can be seen. I think I will get into this "promotion" thing to get the kind of deliverance I want but I won't. Because it's still my "want" and not my "need". The day promotion would be needed, I will do it shamelessly but for now what I am searching for is the "Ideal Writer" within me. I know I can do much better than what I do. The day exploration would end, I will think about marketing and promotion. For now, writing is the concern and will remain to be so.

         Many of you would still be worried as to when the novel written by me shall hit the market. Let's wait a little more longer for it. Will it not be better to get a novel by a Blogger with "1000 BLOG POSTS" than by just-another-blogger writing it? :-) I am just trying to make this part of my career something that would be remembered for a long long time. I want to make my living successful. The day it will be, neither death nor any accident will be able to scare me. For now, I fear death. Because I don't want to die like everyone. With hundred of dreams still left to be achieved, I want to live a lot. Sometimes I think of asking a pharmacist if there is a syrup by drinking which I can attain a life of "immortality" but then, a realistic Abhilash within asks me to behave. :-) 

             Let's stop the talking now. I am here to start yet new blog series of new 99s. I hope they get the same attention as 800th. As I shared an offer with all of you that the best two comments which I would love will be gifted a copy of my first published work "Uff Ye Emotions", I am here with the results. My personal favorites are- "Vidit and Abhishek Akrant"'s comments. I would like both of you to contact me. Others those who commented by giving so much time of their life to my post, I am just in love with all of you. I want to do something for all but then you know, number is large. It's not only on the Blog Page where I have got the comments, I am available on so many mediums, I have to keep everyone in mind. So for now, let's treat these two winners. Some day, all of you would be treated with something. And I am happy that the Blog's Logo has been liked by all of you. A very big thanks to Sunill Kaushik sir for creating it. And also a very big thanks to Gyandeep Kaushal who helped by correcting some of the errors that 800th Blog Post had. 


21 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

800* BLOGS in 1300 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

800th BLOG POST -->>


Ek baar khol de khidki.. mujhko bhi hawa ka jhoka lene de..
Ek baar khol de mutthi.. mujhko bhi kismat ka paimana chakhne de..
Na jaane kitni zindagi aur bachi hai.. par hai jitni bhi..
Mujhko bhi udaan bhar lene de.. Aur aasmaan se bhi upar udd lene de..

              I don't realize but I hope all of you do. Time for me is slack but it runs. Achievement for me is upshot yet it excites you. Living life for me is normal but it inspires you. The tribulation is not to be a legend or a celebrity but prostration has been retained to keep the steadiness wielded. It has been seriously a long time since I have been active on this medium to keep delivering whatever I have in my potentials and confinements. There might be a day when I'll have to close this medium and go back to the life I started with. But the time that the presence has been kept for, this medium is the one that you and I shall remember ever and ever. Learned are you and so am I through this medium. I taught you some deliverance while you taught me some. The degree of "some" cannot be spoken of but can be felt. It's huge. It's vast. It's dynamically big. The Universe is conspired together to crusade this space to a zenith through which I may turn a wanted being in this world which care of none. But then, I have all of you who take my care. Thanks!!!

                This is my 1300th Day on this BLOG. Planning has not been done but yet the 800TH comes on the respective day. An event over an event. 20th FEBRUARY becomes the day when 8th Century has been achieved with 800% Success. This is the day when my Late Chachaji and Chachiji used to celebrate their marriage anniversary. I don't have much to say over his death and her survival but what I need to say is that life can be tough for some who are ambitious while it is easy for some who do not even care about their lives. I do. I love my life. I remember the seconds that used to seem as if a birth has been lived. Then, it used to be in pain but now it's by choice. I have turned workaholic. I need to be an example of someone who kept on carving the statue till his death only to give the founded Diamond in the middle of the statue to the people of the village. I want to leave my presence after I die on this Earth. For that, I will do no matter what. I want to change lives and go. I want all of us to meet in heaven. For the final event, I am preparing right from now. :-)

               Over all, the blog has been updated at a rate of 1 Post per 1.6 days while the last century has been posted at a rate of 1 post per 1.4 days. This has no vainglorious element in it. There's a bit of chagrin in me for failing to give this particular post some 2-3 weeks ago to all of you. But then life does not end on this medium itself. Life is fighting its own cataclysms which I have to support every time when its in ring. :-) I can sprawl over here and there and can be termed as a neophyte but I don't. I want to let the Book stores smile more with my presence in their shelves. I will surely work a lot on what I have been promising all of you. I will not let the disconcerting moment arise in your heart when its emotions are been talked of in respective to this portal. 

               I would like to thank all the people I have in life. They are crazy. Recently, when I let them know about one of my achievements, some of them didn't show the excitement because they believed that I am capable of. This belief which people have in me that I am made for something bigger makes me strive day and night to crave for perfection and be something of Amitabh Bachchan-kind that people would look at me as an example and inspiration. Even if my country is not changing because of any of my Blog Posts, I can see a part of it changing. Even if it may have not brought any effect in the life of any of the readers, at least my life is changed. I was someone who discouraged life. Today, I am been revitalized. This medium has grown to a large extent where one cannot ignore it. I am being published because this medium has been continued with proper deliverance. Tomorrow is yet another achievement, you never know what may come in the path. 

               I never promoted this medium because I always wanted to keep the purity intact. I don't care if the number of my readers is proliferating or not. What I demand from this medium is to remain the best. If today it's 800 Blog Posts and 125 Book Reviews, I want it to get bigger by one bit tomorrow. Hence, I try my best to post an update almost every day. Sometimes the dice stops rolling when I want it to but sometimes it rolls a little more and delays the process of up-gradation.  I have never done anything to let this space have an identity of its own except abbreviating it for "ARB". But this time I have gone a step further to display the heights of this medium. At least that's what I consider. Now, we have a logo for this BLOG. And it's the first time that something of this kind has been tried. This LOGO shall be the identity of this medium henceforth. It will be identified through it. I am sharing the Logo for the first time with all of you. Do tell me how it is -->>

               I never have much to say at every landmark or achievement of this medium except thanking everyone to be a part of this journey. A journey that has become my life. A journey that has taught me that life is more than just sleeping and resting. I totally trust this journey of mine and I hope it will help me attain what I need to in life. I started this medium with a badly designed page, the worst grammar usage and a very bad segmentation of almost every division of this medium. With time I learned. After almost 400 Blog Posts, I got the recognition I was craving for. And since I got the hold that I needed, I have never played with any of my posts. Every post has a sound amount of truthfulness, innocence and subject. I never post a blog just to increase the number of my posts. I don't need to do it anymore. 800 is not a small number. Hence, I love the way all of you respect the medium than raising questions over its integrity. That would be something which'll break me. Hope the time never comes. And I expect that I won't get distracted by other sorts of benefits that can be made out of this medium. 

              This time I am not offering only this Centurion Post to all of you but also another offering that might interest you. I have been published in a book named "Uff Ye Emotions" which is being liked by everyone who has reviewed it till now. I am happy that my story which is the collaboration of two stories already written on this medium is been liked by people. The posts have been removed from here as the Copyrights have been owned by the Publication House now. Wow!!! When had I ever thought that I would be talking such things in future. :-) A common boy from a small town. But God equalizes the position of all. :-) Let's come back to the end of this post and the topic. Every time a Centurion Post comes I get many comments. This time the best two comments would be getting a copy of "Uff Ye Emotions" each including a Music Album CD by Roouth- The Eternal band. I sincerely thank Mr. Sunill Kaushik for creating this Logo for my Blog which has added aesthetic values to it. And my hearty thanks to all of you for staying with me for the last 1300 Days. No girlfriend has ever stayed with me for more than 13 days. Now you can imagine what all of you have given me. Happiness * 100. Haha! With this let's expect this medium to be an inspiration to many. 


20 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

When Crying Becomes Necessary.....

799th BLOG POST -->>

             I have always been conducive about one thing. Whenever I get a phone call or a Facebook ping by any of my friend or a Blog reader and he/she tells me his/her problem, the only thing that I have to say them at the very first is to stop crying. And the good thing about them is that they listen what I say. If I say that you need to stop shedding tears, they just stop crying because they know that something good is about to enter in their ears which will change their perspective about the thing that they are worried about. I have not reserved the record of counts as to how many times I have stopped people from crying but now I think that I have done a mistake. I should not have asked these people to stop crying. I should have made them cry as much as they needed to. And then I should have told them that this is the last time that you cried on the same matter. From here you need to be strong. 

            Crying is termed as something which is sign of a weak person. Yes it surely is. When one does not find any way or does not get a solution to the problem, he/she tends to break down and release water through their eyes. But my question to every such person is that up till when they will keep punishing themselves about something that is not a good part of their life. Yes. If something has started making you cry and weep every now and then, the part needs to get out of life. We have to be strong in the cases that are not subjective to make us happy and gay. I have seen many people cry. I have seen my mother and even father cry. But then they came out of that problem. They fought against it. Won it. Conquered it. At some places when they felt that the thing is out of their reach, they stopped dreaming about it. They smiled and let it go. Today, I don't think that there's anything that my parents have dreamed of and they don't have it. The only thing left is to see me earning lakhs of money every year. :-) I hope I will make this dream a possibility too. Let's see!
           Crying is a very good aspect of life but only when you use it to make yourself more stronger than before. If you are crying that is leading to weakness, health problems, vomiting, head ache etc, it's better to keep yourself strong and be with people those make you laugh than thinking about those who have brought you in this situation. Even if there is some problem, everything heals with time. This is a fact and everyone of us have experienced this in life. The problem is that we don't remember such things. We tend to forget good things about our life. We only remember bad and cry. Wrong! I don't do this. I have best buddy with me. I have other good friends who take a very good care of me. I have such wonderful parents. I have readers like all of you. Why do I need to think about someone who is not ready to consider me in his/her life? Don't I have any thing better to shed my tears on?

           I remember the day my 12th std result was out. As I and mummy were ready to see a Failed result, a Passing result with satisfactory marks was something that we never even saw in our dreams. Just after the result was been witnessed, I got up from my chair, went close to my mother, hugged her and cried like anything. A grandma asked my mausaji to control me but he said let him cry. And it helped. Once I welled up all my emotions, I felt better. All the pain of last 2.5 years went away with the last tear. I got witnessed to a good and happy life. Then I remember the day when I got my admission in MCA. I learnt that I have gone in a totally new college where I would be having no friend of mine. My mother and father were too happy to control themselves while I sat in my bedroom and cried a lot after they slept. For the whole night I kept on thinking that I was punishing myself by going away from them but then that is what life demanded then. And that 2 hours of cry in the night helped me to attend the initial days of the college until I got my best friend there. If I would not have cried that night and pretended to be strong, I would have never attended the college and gone on the wrong path. But it helped.

           As we are young, we get more emotional than anyone else. As our generation is facing lot of things, we tend to get fixed up in a blunder every now and then and then it becomes hard to bring everything on the track yet again. Cry only when you know that it's a solution to the problem. But not when you know that it will only generate health issues and kill whatever strength and potential you already have. Now I have thought that I will not ask people to stop crying when they'll suddenly hear something that they never want to but I will ask them to cry as much as possible and only once when they will be done, I will start helping them. I will myself try to not be a crying baby when I would be knowing that it is doing no good to me. Let's try this folks. I just want all of you to leave crying when not necessary. Let's end this game of weeping with this 799th Blog Post itself and with next post, let's start a new tendency towards living. Ready? I am! 


19 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

When The Signal Turns Red by Jayanand Ukey!!!

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            I finished this quick book in the matter of 3 hours. It is always fun to read a book of less than 200 pages if it has almost every aspect of story included in it that my eyes and mind searches for. Fortunately, this 196-pages book- "When The Signal Turns Red" published by Alchemy Publishers is a good book. The debutante author of this book is Jayanand Ukey who works for an IT company and is also a freelance journalist and blogger. He has a computer engineering degree from VESIT, Mumbai University. In a career spanning a decade, he has kept his hobby alive by writing three books. This book is his first published work. Jayanand lives in Mumbai with his family. As this book is seriously something that stands with other fiction books, I don't understand as to why didn't the author go with a better publisher. This book deserves one. The cover page of the book is beautiful and attractive. And its by none other than my favorite cover designer- Pinaki De. 

              Coming to the story (it's better stated in the synopsis so why use my words? :-))- 
A global ordeal 
A couple in distress 
The struggle to keep afloat 
Prudent thinking in tumultuous times 

Girish and Prajakta are in love. Very soon Girish will be joining the numero uno IT company of the country. He prepares himself by buying expensive clothes and other accessories he had always dreamed of. He and Prajakta have together planned to build on a good bank balance and then meet each others families to talk about marriage, probably after a year or two. Unexpectedly, the families get involved before Girish can join the IT company. Against all odds, the couple manages to convince their family and an engagement date is fixed. But destiny has other things in mind. A global catastrophe mars their plan which leads to the engagement getting annulled. 

Will Girish find a way out of his predicament? Will he ultimately win Prajaktas hand or will he move on in life, learning to live without her? 

            Jayanand Ukey is himself married and hence the way he has described the whole situation on the same topic can be related. He has a good skill of projecting conversations in a story. I, generally, get bored by too much conversation in novels but the way author has written every conversation excited me rather than killing my interest from the novel. He has good narration skills. And the way every twist has been handled is why this book is in my Favorite List at last. Though the topic could have helped the author to dramatize many situations but he kept them realistic so that we can connect the story with ourselves. And he succeeds. 

              Love marriage is shown in a very good light. There is no segment when you would feel that author should have tried some other way to solve a particular mystery or twist. Everything is perfectly written. And the most beautiful thing is that the story is not been stretched or intentionally dragged. Other authors have also talked about the same plot in their books but they have written in 250-pages or more. Here, 196 is all that Jayanand Ukey has used. Yet he has talked about all that is needed to be talked in a book written on this topic. Kudos. Book starts at a high point. And the same zenith is retained till the last page of it. The initial pages itself creates the interest. Later on, when parents of Girish and Prajakta meets for the first time is also kept as a suspense and a heart-beating moment. The meeting itself is wonderful. Then the way Girish and Prajakta feels satisfied with their life is a beautiful segment.

           Later on, the entrance of recession as a twist in the story is something that could happen with anyone's life. Then the marriage being in a danger mode is powerfully described. The role of protagonists' parents is the major reason why one would love reading the book. Specially the role of Mr. Chitre, Prajakta's father. The entrance of Madan in the story creates a fury in us. It is then that I felt the book went little Bollywood-ish else everywhere it's a story of an average Indian family. :-) The climax yet is another beautiful way of how the book has been ended with. I would love to read more stories by Jayanand Ukey in future. And everyone who is excited about their marriage will find heaven in this book. :-)

            The drawback is that the book is been kept away from introducing any of the friends of both the protagonists. It could have added more flavours. The media articles on economy crisis is something I got bored while reading. It should have been avoided. And next problem that I have is with the Publisher. When other fiction books of more pages and popularity are available for just Rs. 100, is 175 a good number at which you are costing the book? Think and revise the cost.

 In all, I give the book- 4/5. Go get it.

18 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Uff Ye Emotions!!! Book Review!!!

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            Finally, I am done reading "Uff Ye Emotions"- An Anthology published by Mahaveer Publishers. This is the first time when I have read an anthology in which various authors have contributed rather than just one. Before this, I have experienced the same while reading Chicken Soup series which has short stories on a basic theme from various different authors. But 206-pages anthology- Uff Ye Emotions has been a totally new concept in which every love story is of 5000 words each by 11 different authors. The good part about the book is that it has the names which are already famous among the category of people who are accustomed with Blogs on Internet portal. The free service by Bloggers are always appreciated as they come up with creative stuffs every week and entertain the masses. No one has to pay to read the stories and articles. They just need to click the blog link.

               Vinit Bansal is the editor of the book who is already a famous author known for his only book "I Am Heartless" which has also been translated into Hindi with the name "Woh Chali Gayi" and recently, work has been started to translate it into Punjabi language too. Talking about Uff Ye Emotions, one thing for which Vinit Bansal should be applauded is the way he has promoted other 10 authors over him. I, being a part of this anthology, can easily say that he worked in the same manner as Aamir Khan worked in Taare Zameen Par. He let the other newbies do the main job and he kept himself as a supporting part of the venture. For this, I would seriously like to salute him. I have never seen such initiative in Fiction Industry of our country by anyone. I would love to work again with you, Vinit sir.

             Coming to the book, I feel that the purity imbibed in each story can be associated with love. None of the story is out of the track or seem to be a wanna-be attempt. Every story has been tried with full passion and interest. Though, with some story it has worked while with some, it didn't. 

      Starting with the first story- Love @ Platform by Vinit Bansal, the main excitement in the story starts when girl contributes in the boy's dream but I didn't want story to end the way it did. 

     The Soulmate by Anjit Sharma again starts from a bus stop in the same way as Vinit sir's story began. The scenario when boy goes to girl's house to ask for her hand is a very terrifying scene. The news articles which state that criminals die one after another is the high point of the story but once again I didn't want climax to be such. 

      Then comes- A Date with Fate by Abhilash Ruhela about which I want to hear from all of you. I can't review myself, right? :-)

       Priyanka Dey's Reminiscences has amazing words at right places which makes every sentence beautiful. I loved reading all the sentences in the story but yet again, I banged my head after the climax. 

       Saurabh Arya's Love in the Times of Turbulence's present part is wonderful but the flashback didn't have the kind of masala that I expect. 

       C. Suresh's A Path of Thorns is the best story for me. It had the ignition that was missing in all the previous stories. :-) Kudos, sir.

       Love Undefined by Pankaj Mittal & Rachna Sheth is a very sweet and unique story. It's very fresh that I have never ever read before. It is another booster in the book. Kudos to both of them.

     Sanhita Baruah's Happily Ever After does well when the surprise scene is been described and how the girl gets snubbed and the after-reaction. 

       Stephen Anthony K's The Intercity Express is initially good but I lost the interest because of almost void interaction between the protagonists. 

       Himanshu Chhabra's I Love You, I love You too is exactly what I expected from him. As he is young in age, he has drafted a story of his age itself. And he has perfectly written what he wanted to. A genuine attempt.

       Drishti Dasgupta's story- And Then...I fell in Love! is a good end to the book. Her language and narration is very good. Book ends on a good note.

             Now, coming to the drawbacks- I have one problem with the selection of the stories. As the stories have been chosen through a contest, all the 10 stories should have been of different types. The first three story itself has the whole process at metro station, local train, bus stop etc. Later on, one story again shares it space at a Railway platform. This repetition of same kind of places and scenes did irritate me. Then, as I have regularly complained above- The climax of many stories has been kept kind of sad or incomplete which does not suit the theme- LOVE STORY. I believe that there are two types of Love Story- Happy and Sad but still....

           Then, I have a personal grudge against the editor of the book. The index itself has the name of Anjit Sharma's story's title incorrect. Soulmate is written "Solulmate". And then, after reading all the stories, I have found the most mistake being made in my story. I have almost found 4-6 mistakes that are done by editor's side. I don't know if the impartiality towards my story is intentional or it is some co-incidence but whatever it is, I am unhappy as my story is not been treated the way I wanted it to. I don't know why I wasn't sent the story for a proof-read after it was been edited for the last time. I recheck my Blog Post twice before posting it. It is obvious that I would react this way when my published work gets spoiled for the reason that I am most sensitive towards. 

          In the end, I would say that after completing the book you will surely feel that you were lost in a world full of love. I will give the attempt of this anthology 3.5/5 stars. You will remember some sentences in the book for all your life.

17 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

VALENTINE's DAY!!! What I Feel!!!

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            As last post is about my generation, this one is yet another attempt to talk about them. I don't think that there can be anyone who can talk about our generation more than we ourselves. And I being a part of it takes full authority to talk about this generation. :-) Sharmana kaisa? Hahaha! Though I have been away from Blog from a long time, I have been thinking about the topics I would be writing once I come back in my Blogger's mode. :-) And thus, even when I have missed writing anything on Valentine's Day, I am yet writing what I would have written on that day. Valentine's is an opportunity for us to show what we love the most. And for my generation, boyfriend/girlfriend is what they find most lovable and sweet. They don't find anything in life that is more substantial and profiteering than this particular person with whom they share the physical intimacy with. Many of you might start doubting whether this Blogger who always talk about negativism when it comes to relationship is impotent or something. :-) Let me clear the doubt. Haha!

              Relationship is the best that someone can be in. But it is also the worst. It occupies all your time. And mostly the age- the core age bar which one needs to put in for surrounding himself with knowledge, development and procurement. This is the same age when some boys/girls stay out of this over-hyped relationship, prepare for their JEE exams and get selected in IITs, do their engineering, study for CAT and finally get admitted in IIM for MBA. While there is another category which keeps on thinking about their love life and wasting each and every minute. They end up with a break up, college drop out or a failed result, depressed parents, doubting society etc. Now, on such occasions as Valentine's, one needs to think what is to be celebrated- Love or Commitment to work? If one goes with the former he needs to understand that he has no authority to blame God later on for any unwanted consequences in his/her life in future. And if one selects Commitment to work, he needs to get the fact clear that he will not get frustrated later on that he/she didn't get to do what others did in the age when they were studying passionately. Actually, these people don't even think so as they reach to such heights that they get the partner they point their finger at. Yes!!!

              I have been in no such relationship ever and I am seriously proud of myself. I just can't imagine myself wasting my lovely time and mood in someone who is not even concerned about her life. A girl needs to be strong and tough because she has a very tough life ahead. She not only have to manage her husband and innumerable relationships but also her child and his/her future. If a girl wastes all her time in fooling her boyfriend for her advantages, she might not learn what she is expected of. Later on when the problem would arise during marriage days, she will have to suffer with domination and joblessness. She will not be ready to cook, clean the house and do all the chores that our mothers do. Instead if she concentrate on these factors today, her married partner would be 100 times better than the boyfriend she would have had if she would have given a tweak of grass to this thing called "Relationship".

             It's Valentine's Day. Everyone should pledge to devote all their life and love to their job. Now don't tell me that your job is to love your partner. Seriously! There can be nothing more annoying than such useless declarations. Better learn how to qualify lots of money and peace in your life for today's need and also for your post-retirement days'. Once when you will have lots of money, all the happiness and love of life comes from all the directions. But if you get short of money, even your childhood's mutual crush who turned into your girlfriend and then wife will think of leaving you. So better give priorities to other things that are useful to bring your final relationship that is with your wife to a zenith where you can live 40-50 years in pleasure, calmness and love. Understand the meaning of love. It comes once you are done with your basic needs. First, try to get all the basic needs. Then move ahead with other agreements of love.



Water Canons & Tear Gases Can't Suppress This Generation's Voice!!!

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            These days our country is not only struggling with common political governance but also about the fact that the democracy is getting killed daily by little amount. The one thing of which we have always been proud of our country is its freedom. Let the government ruin us as much as they can by hiking prices of almost every commodity and service, but we always stayed happy that we can at least speak about it. We never feared of talking about any politician anywhere in public. But now the case is not the same. When we used to hold the mike in public platform, we never gave second thought to what we speak. We used to evoke almost every thing that we had in our hearts. Let it be complain, criticism, provocation or whatever. But now, we fear. Today, we don't appreciate holding mike and speaking something in front of a big crowd. Even if we hold the mike, we fear that for which word or sentence, we might be jailed. You never know that a normal sentence against someone can jail you.

              India, being a country of diversity, needs to understand that 120 crore people will have 120 crore different views. 60 crore will talk positive while the same amount of people will talk negative in a balanced situation. How can you slaughter the voice of almost half of Indians when you are following authoritarianism which is the worst kind of leadership in any example or history? You will have to give us our own space to speak. The situation is the same as of what happens with us in market every other time. We go to purchase our T-shirt. We don't find it nice after trying it for 3 different occasions. We tell 5 other friends to not to purchase clothes from the same shop as they are not of good quality. What wrong have you done in this case? Nothing. You have just stated your point of view for a respective shop which you tried. What if you are been beaten up or jailed for this? What if a legal notice is been sent at your residence? What if you are been tagged as criminal for the same? INJUSTICE!!! Right? 

               When Girish Karnad spoke in Mumbai Lit Fest, he was been objected. When Ashish Nandy spoke against SC/ST and other communities, Jaipur Lit Fest's organizers were asked not to leave the territory until they get the final notice. Kamal Hassan's movie- Vishwaroopam was banned even before its release when no one watched it. Government didn't even give him chance to show his movie initially. He kept saying that there's no objectionable content but still... Certain songs and their lyrics are banned for umpteenth number of times. Internet censorship is been talked of every 2 months. TRAI has bought the rule of not more than 100 BULK SMS in a single day so that we can't share any urgent provocation against Government in a go. Shivsena's youth party banned Rohinton Mistry's book "Such a Long Journey" just because they felt that it had obnoxious content about Mumbai's Dabbawallahs. Ridiculous! How many times will we have to hear such occurrences of unwanted events regarding the "free speech"?

              I, as a Blogger, will have to talk every time I'll fear of writing anything against anything. This is not what I would appreciate to happen in my nation where I was once allowed to read and write whatever I want to. I remember when my first article was published in newspaper against a local political party, everyone who knew got scared that I might get beaten up for writing against them. They all started preaching me that I can write anything that I want but not against any political party or power. This is how the "free speech" is been killed these days. You are not even allowed to speak against those because of whom our nation is suffering. It is sacrificing its best attribute because of few such people who are trying to dominate certain communities by not letting them speak against them for whatever they are suffering.

               I hope the "free speeches" would be considered as a liability given to us, the people of India. Let the power prevail. We will have to talk. If not, we can not just sit quiet and see all the mishaps. This generation is here to speak and bring on the change. Let's bring it. Let's not fear against water canons and tear gases. 


13 February 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Don't Flush the SHIT But Generate BIOGAS out of it :-)

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             You have to realize the potential that you have in yourself. Either today or tomorrow but some day you will surely realize that you have not done what you could do. And that moment should be it. The last when you were the same. You have to be different then. You at least have to start thinking about how to be different. Being different here does not mean wearing yellow underwear over your red trouser with vest as the only garment hiding your black-dotted nipples. Being different here means being recognized as someone who is extra-ordinary every time you walk with your friends to someone who does not know any of you. Let yourself get introduced as someone who has certainly done something that none of them has. Scoring highest marks in class is not somewhere your potential can be judged. You have to get known about the market value of all the talent and skills that you possess. You will have to consider yourself as the best part in this exclusive life of Earth. And only then you will achieve what others don't even dream of. 

               If I love dancing and I think that this is what I can do best, I am doing fine with my life. The next step from here should be to analyze as to what my life would be after 5 years if I'll continue with this work or do something bigger with it. If you realize that with this, you will be able to maintain your inner peace but you will have to struggle with all that you have in your life, minus it. No other option. It will be hard. But now you will have to evoke more that is in you. And everyone of us have almost every thing in us except one or two. It is just that we under-estimate ourselves to a level at which bouncing back becomes difficult. We just sink and sink and sink. This should not happen. As soon as you find a work by doing which you can build your inner soul peaceful and life eventful, go for it. Then wait for none. Criticism is all that you will have to bear if the thing goes wrong. What more? Nothing. At least you will be satisfied that you did what you thought of. 

               And if you are trying something for 10 times to make your life bigger, you will fail for 9 times but the probability is always of 1/10 when you try for 10 times with the extensive passion. And if you fight for 9 times and finally get that 10th chance as a strike, you have made something in your goal towards doing something big. Isn't it? Now again make another goal and start working towards it. Fail for 9 times and you will finally hit the dick at 10th attempt. Sorry, dick is the one that hits. Haha! The day people start criticizing your work, concentrate not you but your work, be assured that you are on the right path. And then hear none. Even parents will not know more than you when you want to achieve something that's your passion. Everyone has rough idea about everything in this world but there is no whole and sole information holder who knows almost every shit that's happening in the world. So the shit that you have selected to utilize as bio gas will surely give energy. Let others ask you to flush the same but you will have to believe in the shit. I am calling your passion "shit" because that's what these so called intellectuals will think it to be. Because they are not attached with it. It's you who is living for it, with it and from it. 

                It's the time to convert all the negativity into positivism. If something does not work, make it sure that there would be some valid reason behind it rather than qualifying your final statement that the thing needs to be shelved down as it does not deserve more precious time of your life. Let the precious time of your life get wasted over this. It is later you will realize that it wasn't the time wasted but time utilized. Nothing comes with the climax done. If at Interval, you'll know what's going to be the end of the movie, will you ever enjoy the movie? Then why do you need to know the climax of every thing that you decide to do? Let the time pass. Let the struggle begin. Everything has struggle. All of us have studied and thus everyone of us knows that every exam that we have cleared by scoring more than 70% marks made us struggle. But the result is always fruitful. The number of nuts that you will break with your teeth will surely ache your teeth but later on, your teeth will be able to break anyone's skull with it. Realize the power. Realize your skills. Realize the patience involved. Realize the struggle needed. And then you will get the fruitful results. Start trying. 



I Caught Her Young by Major Upendra Dwivedi!!!

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             Completed yet another book this month but I am still unhappy. This is not how I usually work when it comes to reading books. My speed has slowed down. I am sure that someone is working Black Magic over me. :-) Whatever, let's talk about the book now. The name of the 222-pages book is "I caught her young" which also has the tagline of "Tale of a Chocolate Cream Soldier". It is written by the debutante author- Major Upendra Dwivedi who is a serving Indian Army Officer. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Sainik School Rewa (Madhya Pradesh). He got trained at one of its kind military academies; the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He has been a bright student and qualified for National Talent Search Examination, Mathematics Olympiad and numerous other competitive Exams. He continues his track-record by achieving podium finishes in all the Army courses he has undergone till date. He is an extensively travelled, a keen observer of life around and believes in cherishing each and every moment of life. He is an avid reader and has penchant for writing as well. He has written many short stories which got published in various Newspapers and magazines.

               The SYNOPSIS of the book says: MANU, a teenager, grows to be a dashing Indian Army Officer, CAPTAIN ABHIMANYU. Each day at Sainik School Rewa (a renowned boarding school), National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun infuse in him a full of life attitude and amazing wit. But, was he equally confident and flamboyant as a child? To overcome his childhood fear of dealing with the fairer sex, he develops a science, CHICKOLOGY, with a set of well defined rules. "Chickology is a science that deals with all aspects of Chick behaviour, ways of attaining their propinquity leading to intimacy and also to drift apart, if need be." 
And ......... his heart skips a beat..many a times. 
LAILA, a popular party chick of Goa.
DIMPLE, a 17 years old Girl Next Door.
AARAGYA, a high headed alumni of Air Hostess Academy, Dehradun. 
Is he a confident flirt or a passionate lover? 
Are Army cadets any different from other youngsters? 
Are they stone hearted or humane? 
Can you hold yourself back from falling in love with defiantly close to real life story of the chocolate cream soldier called CAPTAIN ABHIMANYU? 

              "I caught her young" could have been many times better than the way it has been written. I just didn't get the exact concept of the book. The kind of biography and narration skills the author has, I was expecting a magic from him but unfortunately, I am been let down. I was expecting to know about the life of a soldier and how he struggles at the border yet has a heart of gold and love. I wanted to know how he meets his girl and treats her in a very different way as he has a big heart which is ready to give heart even to the nation. I wanted to know how he sacrifices one of his two lives for love. But what I got to read was the tale of a yet-another-college-boy kind of love story that I keep reading in every chick-lit that releases now and then. Even with chick-lit, magic can be written as I have reviewed in some of my previous book reviews but this one is just another romance fiction novel including Chickology. 

            Though there are some good parts that I would like to point out here- The initial pages is wonderful as author started on a good note by telling about a life of a soldier. Later, when Manu meets Dimple, that's another sweet part of the book. Then both of them getting caught by their parents later on is another part that made me worry yet laugh the way they get caught. The climax is another sweet part which thankfully has not been ended by giving a sad ending and thus ruining the book more. 

            To my dismay, even the cover page of the book is not perfectly made. The structure of the soldier and the shadow of the girl coming out of his body is stretched because of bad pixels. Something has not worked for this book correctly. As per my knowledge, Mahaveer Publisher never let any of their book look such under-ordinary but I don't know what happened with this one. Either it is been published in hurry or there has been some distortion in communication. I will give the book 2.5/5. It is for the target audience- 16-22 age group.