28 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Take Advise and be Greater than One who Gives it!!!

716th BLOG POST -->>

            I still remember a personal interview that a Blogger friend took where he promised me that he just wants to know about my life, my views as he likes my writing but would never publish them as I was against it. He agreed and then a Question-Answer round began where he started throwing philosophical questions at me while I kept on answering them according to the brain and intellectualism I had about living life. The one question that I loved answering was when he asked me,"What gives you the best SATISFACTION in life?". I thought for a while. I started thinking about money, my fame, my success etc. But at last I found an answer that gave a little more meaning to my life. I said,"The few hours that I spend after helping a stranger". The Blogger friend was so impressed with the answer that he stopped the interrogation just after that saying that he needs no more ARB's quote because nothing can beat this one. :-) 

             But later in life, I thought about the amount of inspiration that I'm trying to bring. The amount of people I am inspiring through my blogs, tweets and other mediums. I recalled all the mails that I get of the people who know that I'm not judgmental and sharing every problem with me would always give them an advice is return that would change their life by appropriate degrees. Then I thought that I'm still not satisfied. I discussed it with the same virtual friend. He asked,"What more do you need, Mr. Abhilash? Are you dreaming of changing the world?". I said,"I have always found people getting changed through me in a world that I don't know about. I haven't met anyone who has got his/her life improved because of me. Now, I want to motivate people around me so that I can see the world around me changing with the pace I want it to". And being a great support, my friend started praising me for thinking something that he would have never ever thought of doing. I laughed. Still, I feel that people find me boring or irritating because of lengthy lectures I give them about life when they come up with a problem. But I have no other option. I can't see someone crying in depression or fear. I can't see someone thinking of ending life just because he is not finding a way out of the problem etc. 

             And some people often ask me about the same mistakes that I committed and still talking on the issue as an expert. I make them understand that I have been through the phase that made me realize after the conclusion that I did a mistake which is not to be done again. So, as I am a senior, you should now hear me and follow the way that I'm asking you to for your survival. :-) It's a very big accomplishment that people are always ready to take the advise and implement it. I read it in a holy book that the one who takes advice and implements it is always greater than the one who gives it. I am thankful to all such people who consider me as the genuine person to give advise to them. And every time I get a call back or a message that my help or words took them out of the problem and they have got their real smile and relief back, I find myself the most successful person on Earth. I don't need any gift from them in return for the goodwill that happened through me because I always believe that God has made me for the purpose. Otherwise why am I getting dragged towards Religion, God, Holy books with each passing day? It is just because God is making me read about the humanity that he wants people to know and thus spread it among the masses so that the change would come that is needed urgently. I am happy that I am loved by everyone, considered important that I'm allowed to speak, teach and bore. :-)

            When I see my friend confessing her so-called crimes to her parents, when I see my another conservative friend attending a party, when I see a friend saying Sorry to the person he hates the most, when I see a friend deleting all her images from Facebook, when I see a friend ordering books from Flipkart and when I see a friend doing what his heart wants, I feel proud of all the time that I spend in reading books that are related to humanity, religion, motivation, life etc. Learning and reading so much shouldn't go in waste. Implementing those things in my life and making myself apart from the people around me would surely give me a satisfaction but only up to a level. To be satisfied for a longer term, I should keep on spreading the knowledge with all around me. That gives me the pleasure. And my friends are too lovely that they never retaliate with sarcasm as to why am I insisting them to follow something that even I don't. They are always skeptic that I might be doing it without informing them as I don't talk about myself every now and then. I give the time to others to observe and acknowledge me to themselves. 

           Today, I am too happy as I have been little helpful to a person whom I love as much as I love my family. You can say that he/she is almost like a part of my family as the bonding that has been witnessed is too strong to not to consider him/her as a part of heart and soul. :-) Another friend said that he/she is confident about the change he/she shall experience in life because of my presence near him/her. This gives me so much contention that I don't even fear death at the moment as I feel that I have been of some use to the planet and humanity. I have been a reason of the seconds that God spent in creating not just another human being with a purpose. To all the friends who come to me to get themselves piled up with lectures, boring talks and head-shattering quotes/examples, thanks for considering me so important and useful in your life. My love and support will always remain with not only the strangers, readers of my blog but even with you. Though I would never be ready to accept that I am working for your benefit but somewhere, I would be devoting some time for your life. And its because God and his words are making me do that, there's no greatness in it. And in the end, I would again say what I read in the Holy Book,"The one who takes advise and implement it is greater than the one who gives advise". My Salute!!!



Killing Animal isn't Necessary, Killing Animal within you is!!!

715th BLOG POST -->>

            The day of yet another festival ends. The celebration, the enthusiasm, the cultural events, the rituals for God, the offerings, the sacrifices- all comes to a halt. Bakri-Eid is another event when our Islam brethren and sisters do almost every bit possible from their side to impress their God. And to do that, they have to join hands with other religion's devotees. They come to their Hindu and Christian brothers to invite them for a dinner at their home or they offer the meat to them at their place rather than calling them to their homes. Many people have problem with Muslims cutting goats, cows and other animals regularly and thus giving death to the lives that are also a major part of Allah's creation. I too had the same thought but the belief that I show in my religion, I am also responsible for showing the same belief for other pious beings too. I too feel bad while cutting a lively being just for my satisfaction's sake but the religion speaks about it being justified. Not only Islam but Hinduism also says the same. Read Geeta/Mahabharata and you will know. 

            If my religion allows me to go up to the 80th kilometer of a 100 kilometer long road, it is certainly possible that another religion may ask its follower to explore 5 more kilometers that my religion doesn't allow me to. Believing in the preaching and devotion of someone else is the biggest victory for me. I love my religion as much as I love other religions. Not a bit more nor less. But when it comes to reading, I'm currently reading 75% of Geeta and the rest 25% of time of this holy activity goes in knowing about some unknown facts and messages written in Quran and Bible. And I can tell you friends, it is an amazing experience. The study about religions have made me feel that the colorful life is just our materialistic imagination and happiness. The life that is at its simplest is the most deserving and peaceful life that one needs. I have started feeling that I should leave the worldly affairs and switch to Himalayas to live in spirits and in touch with God. That's the most silent place as my knowledge permits me to think. :-) 

            Sitting at a Muslim friend's house and eating Biryani, sitting with a Christian friend and eating the pastries made by his mother and shopping with a Punjabi and helping him buy a Kadaa gives me the pleasure and an imagination of sitting with God. I don't know the almighty's looks, name or existence but I love imagining myself in the vicinity of God. I want to devote my life into such affairs. I want to wear either whole saffron, white or green and get myself acquainted with God. I would love to be a priest, Maulana or a father than anything else in life, currently. This is what being close to holy books does with a human being. It makes the person know that every materialistic thing in life is for a short time-being, your own self is what will remain with you till the end. And until that is not clean and pure, you can never be happy with any worldly affairs. 

            Hence, any festival that has a story which connects the human being with God, any of them- Allah, Shiva aur Jesus excites me. Because the day is being stigmatized as a day of God, for God and with God. On this Eid, I made it pellucid that sacrificing Goats is not a compulsion but just a kind of suggestion. If one can't afford buying a goat, one can sacrifice anything that he/she feels. He, in spite of sacrificing an animal, can sacrifice the animal within himself. That is the whole concept of Bakri-Eid. One can sacrifice the worst qualities and traits residing in someone's personality and fitrat. And when a religion gives such suggestion, I don't find any problem in sitting with its followers or promoters. I am in virtue to everything that's related to God, let it not be of my religion. But I'll pray. No one can forbid me to. And with this, the next festival that's coming up is Diwali. A time for which I'm always excited as I get to clean my house for impressing Goddess Lakshmi so that the wealth gets flooded in my wallet or anyone's related to me. :-) Of course, I am talking about my parents. :-) According to the thoughts displayed in this post, I would recommend all the people not from my religion to also clean their house before Diwali. That would not make you a Gair or Nastik but it will help your personal life as your home will get cleaned up. That's how following other religions also benefits us. :-)

  Bakri-Eid Mubarak to all!!!



When Media gets Stung while Stinging Someone :-)

714th BLOG POST -->>

            The day started with a bad news of expiry of Mr. Jaspal Bhatti. My condolences to him. May his soul rest in peace. 

             The evening has been the most wonderful for the Indians who stay aware with the current affairs and news channels. The way Naveen Jindal has uprooted the whole stand of media over the allegations that they were putting on him against coal block allocations was no less than an epic fictional stuff. Zee News who apparently went to do the String Operation on Naveen Jindal and his role in the whole coalgate issue got themselves stung. There can be nothing funnier than this. :-) I am still unable to believe that something so unexpected had happened today. Media has been the platform through which everyone in the country/world is being scrutinized, talked and judged. They are the medium who are actually enjoying the power of democracy in our country. For them, its a power that no one can ever have and will keep on fearing against them. Naveen Jindal has finally bought the camel under the mountain. 

            The credibility of media is always a big question mark for me. I have always been confused about the way media telecasts a news. How can they themselves support one of the two parties in any case that they show on TV. Let it be any case, media makes it sure that they are conducive to a party that they feel is right. I don't know if the concept of polling through SMS, telephone and Internet is still being considered by the media or not but they have made themselves the ONE MAN SHOW for all the TV viewers. Even in the Anna Hazare case, they kept on being bias towards the TEAM ANNA even when they have been equally stubborn if compared to Government. But according to media, it's only Congress that was on the bad side while Team Anna were as pure as 1-day old Earth. Amazing, isn't it? 

           Media asked for 100 crore to Naveen Jindal but when he rejected, they blackmailed that they'll keep on showing the negative coverage. Initially, the talks were on for 25 crore. But later, Zee News agreed for 5 days at Rs. 20 cr per day. Media has got the monopoly which they are using with wonderful management of fixing or you can say,"Spot Fixing". The person who gives money becomes the deary of media while the one who stays away from any touch with them will always have to face criticisms until and unless he/she does not pay them to manipulate the news. Media can make fool of those masses who are unaware of the real world except television. The ones like me, many in our youngistaan who know how manipulative any public podium might turn into knows how media plays their role in making or breaking any issue or individual. 

            Before any movie, when they show 30-minutes program about it, they think that we are fool enough to not to understand that they are being paid by the Producers. The biggest Flop Show of Media has been the 18 years that they stood against Amitabh Bachchan. In 1972, Amitabh Bachchan hit a media-person because of some idiotic questions that he was making. After that, all the media bodies collaborated together and made a firm decision that they'll not cover Amitabh Bachchan ever. They had a big ego that this would turn the Superstar into a forgotten celebrity very soon but fortunately, these 18 years when media boycotted him were the days when his super-stardom grew like anything. This is itself a proof that media can't play its role in someone's success or failure. :-) I hope some day, media will focus on the news that needs to be shown. The Guwahati molestation case wasn't shown until it became a Social Networking site's discussion. They have still not showed Malala Yousafzai's news. They never show news about some leaders who everyone knows are corrupt. 

             This sting operation and guts that Naveen Jindal(who himself is wrong and corrupt but we aren't talking about this in the post) has shown to us needs to be applauded as very few people have guts to stand against media when they know that media can be hazardous for them in future. And media, beware. :-)

P.S: This was to be published on 25th October, 2012 but sorry for the 48 hours delay. It landed up in Drafts rather than getting published. :-( 


22 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

YASH CHOPRA!!! Only Few People remain IMMORTAL!!!!

713th BLOG POST -->>

             Not everyone's death halts our life. At 5.30 PM today, Mr. Yash Chopra, a man who needs no introduction, lost his battle against a disease- Dengue and left the earth for heaven. Few personalities are always seen and projected as "immortals". A thought never ever touches our brain that these certain class of people will expire one day and leave us with a great void. These are the people who with their work bring magics in our life. Without them, we don't even find few of our behaviors and fun of life in existence. Yash Chopra is in this class of people who are everyone's favorite. Their work is so enormous and vast that it touches the heart of every person associated with them. The job of film making is the most entertaining job which places you in heart of everyone if work is done rightly. And taking the name of Yash Raj movies is like giving a substitute name to Bollywood. Every time, new trailer of a movie begins with "YASH CHOPRA PRESENTS", we get glued to it. We project it as a movie that will at least not deject us. It'll have some moments of class and highness. It will have many moments that will end up as beautiful memoirs. This troth, trust and belief among people was developed single-handedly by Yash Chopra. 

             As his elder brother, B. R. Chopra was already into movie-making, it didn't take time for Yash Chopra to start with his career. Initially, he was to pursue Engineering but because of partition and his passion for film-making, he came to Mumbai with 200 rs. In 1959, he released his first movie Dhool ka Phool. The very next film was Dharmputra in 1961, which marked the debut of another superstar- Shashi Kapoor. The film also won National Award for the best film. In 1965, Waqt was released with big names of stars in industry. That is known to be the first film that bought the concept of Multi-starrer, the genre that got famous during 1970s and we still experience such movies. He then made many classic cult movies. He directed Deewaar and Trishul which gave birth to a New Superstar- AMITABH BACHCHAN. Deewaar is the movie which tagged Bachchan as "Angry Young Man". Yash Chopra gave an identity to the new comer. Yash Chopra then made many movies on violence and revenge. 1980s was a bad decade for Yash Chopra as all his movies doomed. But in 1989, with the release of Chandni, the first movie that gave a definition to Yash Chopra's kind of film that is still identifiable because of it- Heroine-oriented, romantic, emotional, drama, characterization, melodic music, touching background scores, 3 hours+ duration of the movie, beautiful foreign locations etc. This movie was shot in Switzerland which gave an identity to the country in a very distinct manner. The movie also reaffirmed Sridevi's position as the Top Female Star of the 1980s. And the movie also ended the era of violence and introduced the genre of Extreme Romance in the cinema.

              In 1993, with Darr, Yash Chopra introduced yet another Superstar- SHAH RUKH KHAN. After this, Yash Chopra made it sure that every movie he'll direct would be with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. When Madhuri Dixit's career was on a downfall, Yash Chopra cast her in Dil Toh Paagal Hai in 1997 and gave a push to her career. Then, Yash Chopra went on producing several movies for 8 years without directing any. In 2004 came Veer-Zaara which went on becoming yet another successful hit movie worldwide. And he again started producing several movies for 8 years. And finally, he  directed his career's last movie- JAB TAK HAI JAAN which is ready to be released on 13th November 2012- Diwali. On 27th September 2012, in an interview with Shah Rukh Khan, Yash Chopra officially announced that he is not going to direct any movie and thus, taking retirement as a director. But who knew that he shall be so unlucky to not witness the success of his last movie. For the shoot of the last remaining song in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, director Yash Chopra had a grand vision: a sari-clad Katrina Kaif romancing Shah Rukh Khan in the lush meadows of the Swiss Alps. But unfortunately, his illness, caused by a bout of dengue, stymied the plan for the song, which would have reflected his trademark directorial style.

              The best thing that'll be remembered is Yash Chopra's last movie is named "Jab Tak Hai Jaan". How perfect and designed whole scenario has been. God decides everything for such Super Human Beings. And now while connecting the dots, I realize why it took so much time for Yash Chopra to finalize the name of his movie and come up with something that isn't new(as we have heard the sentence in a song of Sholay several decades ago). I already had plans to watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan in its first weekend and now after the demise of the legend, I am assured of the presence at the nearest cinema hall to watch the last masterpiece by the director. 

          I would like to name various movies by Yash Chopra that he produced/directed and are my favorites. Although they are not in order of how much I like them but it's in order how they released: Kabhi Kabhie(the title song is still one of the most heard song in my playlist), Noorie, Kaala Paththar, Silsila(Voice of Amitabh Bachchan in Ye Kahaan aa gaye hum still gives me goosebumps), Chandni, Lamhe, Darr, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge(the movie on 20th October 2012 completed its 17th year successfully in a theater), Dil To Pagal Hai, Mohabbatein(this movie has been seen by me for more than 50 times at least), Hum Tum, Dhoom(when the movie came, it bought a new revolution in the action genre), Veer-Zaara(epic), Fanaa, Dhoom 2, Kabul Express, Chak De India, New York and Band Baaja Baaraat. The last released movie that was produced by him- Ek Tha Tiger(not my favorite) ended up being the 2nd biggest movie in terms of Box Office collection in the history of Bollywood. 

             Now as the man is no more, his movies will still remain to entertain us whenever we would be wanting to see a classic cult movie. Till now, Jab Tak Hai Jaan was just a new movie by Yash Raj Productions but now, it would be celebrated like a Festival. When God plans thing, moments turn into memoirs. God planned the whole execution of departure of Yash Chopra from Earth to the Heaven hence I am assured that Jab Tak Hai Jaan will release with a new enthusiasm now. Great men are those who leave the Earth but leave their work with us to let us enjoy in the future course. Yash Raj Chopra is no more but Yash Raj Productions will always remain to be the favorite production house of everyone. Aditya Chopra is no less than his father and I am assured that he is going to take ahead the legacy excellently. My best wishes to him. And Yash sir, have glass of the best liquid in heaven with Rajesh Khanna and Dev Anand- the other two romantic souls like you. :-) And thanks for giving us- Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. 

 I am not sad anymore but happy after observing the whole scenario and balancing myself with the truth that the whole thing is perfectly executed by God. So, let's cheer as Yash Chopra is still alive through his work. And sir, you will be always an example of working till 80th age of life Jab Tak you had Jaan. :-)


P.S.: Amitabh Bachchan just tweeted: "I never ever thought there would come a day when I would have to say - " Yash Chopra no more " .. He went away too soon !!"


Ignition, Spark & Extroversion shouldn't be quieten!!!

712th BLOG POST -->>

         Last evening, I attended the Dandiya Night of my college. This was a first experience when I attended a Dandiya function that had nothing to do with the society where I live. I asked all my friends to not to insist me for dancing if they want me to attend the function. They agreed. But as soon as I entered the ground and I saw my classmates dancing, specially the ones who were not capable of performing Garba with the grace that it needs, it gave me a confidence to join the group. And surprisingly, I was part of the group throughout the event. I kept the awkwardness away that my friends suffer because of my unusual attitude on such events. I don't know why but I have become kind of introvert these days. It is lack of confidence, morale, self-belief and motivation. I remember the days of my school when we used to have Dandiya on alternate days of Navratri in our colony. I once bagged the prize of Best Male Dandiya Dancer. I was so confident then. That day, I danced with all the boys, girls, uncle, aunt, children, friends etc. I didn't shy away. Since 3 years that I have shifted to Mumbai, I have cut off myself from any event of this kind. Right below my nose, my society's residents keep on playing Garba/Dandiya but I end up watching them from window. I don't have guts to get down in the same dressing, confidence and dance freely like them. And this lack of socialism has made me such introvert that I have lost my real self somewhere. 

            I remember the Fresher Party that I attended 2 months ago. Everyone was dancing with enthusiasm and zeal while I was out of the hall away from the dance floor. That will remain as the most important day for all my classmates as many of them got interacted for the first time. I missed out the fun. Even when the competition was on, I felt as if I'm the biggest loser in the audience. I don't know why. Even when my senior specially mentioned my name and called me up on the stage, I lacked confidence of introducing myself to the people. I don't like mentioning my Blog. Hence, I didn't find anything in myself after removing this word from my introduction. The host was shocked to see that a performing senior recommended my name to be called on the stage and I turned out to be the most boring and undramatic. Even I felt like slapping myself. The competition was too easy for me, if I would have participated, I know, I would have end up at least being one of the last two destined to win. I went into the flashback of the Fresher Party that I attended in Graduation. That day, I performed almost everything that I could have. I decided to keep all my pain, depression and lowness away. I made it sure that Win or Loss, but I will perform. And that made me the Winner on the day. I returned home with the prize and Mr. Fresher's Band. 

              Then, I had ignition. Ignition to prove. Ignition to perform. Ignition to get associated with what people are. Ignition to showcase the talent. Ignition of being a part. I wanted to tell my parents that their child is back from depression. I wanted to let the new people around me know that I am not just another guy. I am a performer. But now, the things have changed. I have lost that spark- The ignition. Now I don't feel like proving myself. Now I don't like to be identified. Now I don't have anything to prove myself with. I am content. I have learned that until and unless I am not satisfied with myself, I can't stay happy. Hence, I isolate myself from others and enjoy their performances rather than performing myself. Though the ABHILASH in me asks to dance as I used to in my school days and Graduation's fresher party but I have to ask him to shut up so that a new loser in me comes into a display. What I feel is that "This part of my personality is the lull before a storm". And hence I am allowing myself to get into the zone of losers. 

             As I said that I participated in the Dandiya night last evening. This, I think is bringing me back into the state that will again place me in the superior category of performers. The way I used to be. Excel in every field except sports. :-) I am waiting for the day when my name will get its definition back. I don't like this part of my personality but after every 3-4 years, I face it. I am facing it now. But I would return back by the provenance of 2013. And I am sure that next year is going to be a better year for me as every year since 2009 has been a better than the last one. This Blog thing will always be consistent, I know. But the extroversion that I am used to shall come back. I love to inspire and motivate people around me, either through my irritating motivational lectures or my mischief.  And I know, my nasty and naughty behaviour is something that makes people around me join the event of which I am a part. I am waiting for the same Ignition to lighten up again. It has been a long time since I am pouring water on the spark that is trying to prevail all and turn into a huge bonfire. God, let's work on dragging me back to the spot that defines me the way I am. Let's throw this introversion away. Deal Finalized! :-)



When Television Stars can change your stars!!!

711th BLOG POST -->>

            The fascination of a TV screen is always higher than the fascination and fondness we have for any other thing. Let the television show any thing- a movie, a television daily soap, a reality show, cricket, news etc, we love watching it. And the involvement of the TV stars, models, cricketers, politicians, actors, directors etc whom we see on the screen is in profuse in our life. We are inspired by them in some or the another way. If you are a TV buff, you are obviously a fan of someone whom you can't miss. For some, every time their favorite movie is telecast, they make it sure that they are watching it yet again, and in this way they create records of watching a movie for 100 times, 200 times and sometimes even 300 times. I have a friend who has seen Jab We Met for 122 times when I talked to her in 2011. Incredible Idiot she is! I hope she is not reading this post. :-)

               I always believe that not only Legends but every person who has achieved fame and respect all over should be followed. I scrutinize every such person. I don't know why but I love reading about the people more than watching them on television. I always try to look forward to read interviews rather than watching those famous people on television every time they emerge. Recently, one guy whom I liked a lot is Manish Paul, the host of Dance India Dance(kid's version), Jhalak Dikhhlaja and now, India's Got Talent. This guy has an ultimate sense of humour. He does not need any kind of preparation. Initially, he was a RJ, after getting good acclaims, camera pulled him towards television. And since then, he is creating a niche for himself. Everyone of us watch him for 2-3 hours every weekend but we never try to find out the reason behind his success. In last 31 days, he has traveled for 28 times in flight. And he says that he is used to such situations where he has to ask his body to push itself more than its capacity. 

               Katrina Kaif (I am considering her as model and not an actress because we know her as model. It is later on that she turned into an actress. Salman Power, you know :-)) is one of the greatest model we had and have on television. The kind of presence she has in every product she endorses is almost perfect. No one can beat her in personality and beauty that a model is expected to have. But know about her, and you will come to know that she has not taken a single holiday in last 3 years. Once when she was given 2 days leave, she sat for a day at home, got irritated and asked Karan Johar if she can start shooting for Chikni Chameli from the next day as she is on leave. This is the propensity towards life. But how many of us try to know this aspect of the beauty queen? We just appreciate her beauty but never try to know the amount of hard work that she puts in her work.

             Shweta Tiwari, the most successful actress on television is often criticized for arriving late on sets. Let's not see that part. Everyone knows how difficult and unpleasant her life has been. Her married life, her moments of depression, her struggle for her daughter by being a single parent is something that any of us would not even dream of. In the season of Comedy Circus when she was also a part, she used to work for the whole night at Comedy Circus's set and right after the show, she used to run towards Parvarish's set for her 12 hours shoot. In the evening, she used to suit for her Bhojpuri movies and other commercials. When asked about her sleeping time, she said,"I slept for 6 hours some 8 months ago". This quality makes such person favorite of every house which is interested in daily soaps. 

            These are just 3 examples that I have placed in this post. Otherwise, every person who is on television has his own struggle. Even Sameer Kocchar says that he practices in front of camera every day which makes him look perfect while anchoring Extra Innings during IPL. We should watch them on television but we should also try to search about our favorite actors and models whom we watch on television. There are many interesting facts about them that can make us implement those in our life and upgrade our life to a very different level that'll make us proud of it. It's not only Legends that have the quality to provoke us to do something excellent but even the TV stars, anchors, models possess some unique qualities that make them famous, rich, successful and favorite. Make it sure that every time you spend an hour in watching television, spend 15 minutes to search about your stars on Google and know about them. I can assure you that you will be surprised to know the facts and you will start loving those stars much more than yesterday. And with it, you will find a part of them in you by doing the same hard work that they do. Yes!!!

  Thanks. :-)

21 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Makkhi!!! Movie is as irritating as a real Makkhi!!!

710th BLOG POST -->>

             Sometimes, even God can't save you if you are destined to lose. I heard a lot about Telugu movie- EEGA by S Rajamouli when it released some months ago. Every South Indian was tweeting about how magnificent the trailer and movie is. Even I landed up watching the trailer of a Telugu movie. I was surprised to see a story line where the hero is been killed in the first half itself by the villain who also starts loving the same girl whom the hero loves. After few days, the hero takes rebirth as a Fly. When he remembers about how he was killed in the last birth, he decides to take the revenge from the villain. It was too horrible for me to even dream about watching a movie with such a funny plot. But in the trailer, the graphical and animated scenes of fly was something that made me believe that the movie would be different from what we usually see in our Indian cinema. Finally, this month, the Telugu movie got dubbed in Hindi and released worldwide as "Makkhi". Because of such name and no promotion, it took me 2 days to insist my friends to watch a movie that is named "Makkhi". Huh! Finally they agreed because I showed them some reviews where the movie hasn't got a single rating less than 4/5. 

            Movie starts with the entry of the villain. Villain of the movie is the USP of it, I would say. He has tried his best to perform a correct and accurate villain. Though I felt that he was trying to imitate Shah Rukh Khan but still, his beauty as a villain was easily identifiable on the screen. The actor of the movie was as charming as any of Bollywood's 90s actors. He played the role perfectly with a cute smile on his face all over. Every scene where he shared the screen with the actress are the lovely parts of the movie. Coming to the actress, I don't think that I have ever seen such beautiful South Indian actress. She should be introduced in Bollywood. I have continuously found that South Indian actresses end up over-acting in every movie. But this actress has an elegance of acting and she is too beautiful to be ignored and forgotten. I am in love with her. The costumes that she was given to wear throughout the movie possess designs that girls would surely look out for in market after watching the movie. 

            The initial love scenarios between the actor and actress is too beautiful to be described. The scene when villain kills the hero is one of the threatening and trembling scene that we may have witnessed. The first scene of Makkhi is the best part of the movie. I only remember his entry as the evergreen part of the movie. Later, when Makkhi tells the actress that he is the one who loved her is another beautiful moment of the movie. At the time of interval, when Makkhi writes "I will kill you" on the villain's car's glass, is another whistle-blower scene. All the scenes when makkhi was represented graphically are wonderful to watch. The songs of the movie are wonderful. The best song is Arey Arey Arey sung by K.K. The background score is another best part of the movie. Lastly, the climax of the movie is another part for which I didn't abuse the director. 

              Coming to the drawbacks- Actually this movie is meant for small children, not for matured idiots like me. There is nothing called spectacular in the movie as I was listening from everyone. The graphics are the same that are used in HIT and MORTEIN advertisements to show Flies and Mosquitoes. They have used the same for showing the Makkhi. Film keeps on stretching after intervals. This movie should have been of just 40 minutes. I still can't figure out why director stretched it so long without much plot in the story. It's just a revenge story that is made for children. Secondly, showing Makkhi in animation is fine but what's the point in showing the real life makkhi troubling the actor? What's interesting for audience in it? In Guzaarish trailer, they showed a fly troubling Hrithik Roshan for few seconds and that itself was so irritating, just imagine a movie showing real fly troubling actor for 20-30 minutes. Huh! My only recommendation to all of you is to stay at home rather than wasting money on such over-hyped movie. How many stars? Hmm. I would give it 1.5/5. 


17 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Dongri To Dubai by S. Hussain Zaidi!!!

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             A fun that lies in reading a book can not be even imagined by those who just think of reading a book. Let a book be a Fiction story or a Non-fictional narration, if the book is good, you are bout to land into a world that is as new to you as to anyone else. And exploring a new world with a road that no one knows will turn where is another fun. I have just finished reading one of my last books of 2012 as my exams are approaching and I'm planning to halt this addiction to novels. :-) Though it's going to be hard but a decision made is decision accomplished. "Dongri To Dubai- Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia" is my latest read. It took me 4 days to complete it because of regular college but now as I have finished the book, I'm regretting. I want to start it again and enjoy the journey of reading the book once again. Some book shouldn't end, they should be written in such a way that you keep on reading them in loop. :-) A terrific work by S. Hussain Zaidi- a Mumbai based journalist, a veteran of investigative, crime and terror reporting in Mumbai media. He has worked for the Asian Age, the Mumbai Mirror, Mid-day, and the Indian Express. His previous books include bestsellers like Black Friday and the Mafia Queens of Mumbai. Zaidi is also associate producer for the HBO movie, Terror in Mumbai, based on the 26/11 terror strikes. 

            Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia. It is the story of notorious gangsters like Haji Mastan, Karim Lala, Varadarajan Mudaliar, Chhota Rajan, Abu Salem, but above all, it is the story of a young man who went astray despite having a father in the police force. Dawood Ibrahim was initiated into crime as a pawn in the hands of the Mumbai police and went on to wipe out the competition and eventually became the Mumbai police’s own nemesis. The narrative encompasses several milestones in the history of crime in India, from the rise of the Pathans, formation of the Dawood gang, the first ever supari, mafia’s nefarious role in Bollywood, Dawood’s move to Karachi, and Pakistan’s subsequent alleged role in sheltering one of the most wanted persons in the world. This story is primarily about how a boy from Dongri became a don in Dubai, and captures his bravado, cunningness, focus, ambition, and lust for power in a gripping narrative. The meticulously researched book provides an in-depth and comprehensive account of the mafia’s games of supremacy and internecine warfare.

             A book based on the history of Mumbai Mafia's 60 years of power and authority tends a reader to expect an out of world experience while reading it. And the expectation rises once you see the cover page twinkling with the face of Dawood Ibrahim. A man who is still in memories of all. A man who is kind of brand ambassador of Dubai for Indians. And the book has been written making him the hero of it. Right from the moment Dawood enters the story, book rises to a different level. You just can't miss a single word of this book by thinking of something else. Initially, when Haji Mastan, Varda bhai, Karim Lala's emergence is narrated, it makes you love these Dons. You start considering them as legends. But as soon as Dawood enters into the surreal narration, you wish to flow with the story till the latest page of the book. Not for a moment will you feel that the book should be finished. And that's a sign of a good book.

              The extreme research and proper usage of words make the book what it deserved to. The several years that Mr. Zaidi took in scripting this book shows the result quite clearly. Though the dates aren't mentioned repetitively, you tend to get lost in between of the story. Author should have mentioned the incidents with the dates or years regularly. That would have made this story more interesting with an imaginary timeline. :-) The rise of every gang, its leader and their enmity with other gangs and then their fall is narrated so wonderfully that for a moment you wish to have time machine to go back to that era of Mumbai, stand on the road and witness all the fights and feud that happened. You wish to be one of them and fight among the gangs. :-) The childhood of Dawood, his relation with his father, brothers, sisters, friends, gang members etc are mentioned with extreme care. One needs gut to write a book about the most wanted criminal with utter honesty. The pinch of fiction that author has added periodically interests you more. The last 50 pages, that is the climax of the book is handled very neatly by the author because till then all the fights and collisions ends which is the USP of the book. So it could have been the worst part of the book but Mr. Zaida has ensured that he ends the story with the same intensity with which he carried the whole book with. The conversations that are mentioned makes you laugh. The usage of Hindi makes it more effective. 

            Some drawbacks- Less mention of dates on regular basis confuses us. Some incidents of which author hasn't given details about. That makes it hard for us to progress with the story. The decline of some men and after-effects isn't stated as it should have been. Dawood's relation with some people is just described in a sentence or two while we wish to read more about his personal relations too. That should have been descriptive too. Once Dawood lands in Dubai, the initial days in Dubai is the worst description by Mr. Zaidi. But overall, I would say a book that everyone should read if you are interested in knowing about Dawood Ibrahim, his emergence and his life. Author has surely raised the level of Non-fiction with his latest work. I would rate the book 4.5 out of 5. 


16 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Nine Nights- Happy Navratri to all!!!

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             Once again, the favorite festival of all enters with its charm and beauty. Last night, the huge idol of Durga Maa entered the open space of my society. Everyone danced and fired crackers. The bhajans are on since then. And it will continue for next 9 days/nights. Navratri literally means "nine nights". Hence, Navratri is celebrated for 9 days/nights. The festival is celebrated twice in a year- once in the beginning of Summer and again at the onset of winter, the one that we are celebrating now. During Navratri, we invoke the energetic element of God in the form of universal Mother. In the festival of Navratri, we name this Universal mother "Durga" which means the remover of miseries and sadness of life. She is also called Shakti which means energy or power. It's a scientific theory that Energy can't be created or destroyed, it's imperishable, it's always there; and that is what we signify through the celebration of this festival. 

             And we believe that all the energy and power resides in our Mother. Hence, we devote these 9 nights in praying to our Divine Mother. We believe that all the qualities lies in a mother. And the one who is zenith for each and every thing can only be mother. The power of Mother is the most and immeasurable. Every religion signifies mother as the most important aspect of God, every religion pays respect to mothers. To Durga Ma, every year, I always ask for embedding all her qualities in my mother so that she turns more Godly for me each day. 

             The first three days are meant to pray powerful force called Durga for the cleansing of impurities, vices and defects. The next 3 days of these 9 days are dedicated to the giver of spiritual wealth  Goddess Lakshmi. She is known for bestowing on her devotees the endless wealth. And the final 3 days are spent in worshiping goddess of wisdom, Saraswati. It is said that for an all round successful life, one need the blessing of all the three aspects of the divine mother. Hence, the festival is celebrated for nine nights. And hence the name- Navratri!!!

              The festival is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. In Kolkata, it is celebrated as Durga Puja. We have seen the beautiful atmosphere that Kolkata possesses for these 9 nights in the movie- Kahaani. Extremely spectacular view. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, the festival is celebrated by playing Dandiya and Garba. The 9 nights that youth get to show the enthusiasm remains with them for the whole year until they get yet a chance next year to show their dancing skill in the form to all. The changing of dance partners, the clashes of dandiya sticks, the soulful songs in the name of God/ Goddess, the lightnings, the Arti, the bhajans, the late night fun etc remains as the most memorable part of the year for everyone. 

            I still remember my childhood when I played Dandiya with my best footwork. I used to be one of the front dancers in the circle of Garba. Later, I left dancing because of several problems I faced because of lack of stamina. Just a good excuse, isn't it? :-) Though I have decided to work upon my body and stamina, I am still confined to my bed in morning and in the evening too. Goddess Durga will surely bless me with power some day that will enforce me to sweat myself to bring that energy and enthusiasm back. Today, just finger works. All the credit goes to Goddess Saraswati. The blessings of Goddess Lakshmi is coming gradually as I have started earning through some means. I can't divulge now but I can assure you that I am not a part time smuggler. :-) 

          HAPPY NAVRATRI TO ALL FROM MY BEHALF. LIVE THE 9 NIGHTS WITH ENTHUSIASM. Dedicate the 9 Nights and 9 days to your Mother as this is the festival to mark the power of Mother in our life. 


15 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Malala Yousafzai- One GIRL against TALIBAN!!!

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           If we talk about creating awareness, the most that is being done is for women and girls. Everyone with an open mentality and challenging attitude would love to see girls and women refining themselves through education and other activities that they feel good about. Everyone wants to see girls roaming as free and safe as men and boys do. But every awareness, every organization that works for this, every institution that is running for women can only work up to a level. One can't secure them. One can't motivate them. Once can't look after each and every girl in each and every corner of the world. Several mediums talk about them. Several channels are meant to make them flourish all the opportunities that they possibly can. Though we wan't them to be "little" conscious of being a woman/girl because there's no end to the devilishness of some malicious beings. I am not talking about those girls motivating obscenity around them through some vulgar activities. But here, I am talking about the girls who are doing something in the welfare and goodwill of the masses, societies and fellow beings. 

             Everyone of us know about the sad accident of which Miss Malala Yousafzai has been a victim of. On 9th October, 2012 when she was returning after giving an exam, she was shot two bullets- one in her neck and other in her head. Till yesterday, she remained unconscious and in critical condition. Today, doctors said that there's little movement in her four limbs but still, she would be traveled to Dubai for further treatment. The girl lives in Pakistan. The only fault of hers for getting such wild treatment is her motive of encouraging girls of her area- Swat valley to get education, attend school and learn. The area is always under scrutiny of Taliban's senseless soldiers. They don't want any girl to study of the region. For them, only boys have right to education. But since Malala wasn't one among the masses, she rose her voice through BBC Blog where she wrote about her personal experiences of being a dominated resident girl of Swat valley. 

             Just because a Girl who blogs about how the women/girls of the area are being dominated, kept at home, are asked not to study, the girls' schools are bombarded off, girls are threatened to sit at home she is been shot bullets. The other two girls who were with Malala at the moment also got hurt and even they are under treatment. How could someone shot a 14 years old girl for raising her voice against those who want girls to remain unaware of what education is? How senseless autocratic dominance this is! I can't imagine myself being a Pakistan girl residing in an area where Talibani soldiers keep on patrolling to find if any girl is going to school or not. And if they find one, they are ready to shot her at the spot without any fear. How Panicky!!!

             In the parallel country- India, it was being noted that almost more than 15 rape cases has been registered in last 30 days in Haryana itself. Recently, Sonia Gandhi went to meet a family whose girl committed suicide after being gang raped. After Haryana came up in the eyes of the nation for being one of the unsafe state of India where girls are being raped almost anytime, anywhere without fear, a Khap Panchayat came out with their own regulation asking every parents to marry their girls off by the age of 16 so that they can be kept safe from incidents like rape and molestation. Huh! When Sonia Gandhi addressed the Panchayat and criticized, they hurriedly changed their statement and said,"It was a personal view. We are just advising our government to rethink on the minimum age of marriage for a girl and reduce it to 16 from 18". How provoking these cheap regulations are! How could they imagine a girl just passing her 10th grade to marry and get pregnant within a year and raise her child by the age of 17? I am 23 years old and a boy and I still fear from living away from my parents and getting into the responsibility of marriage and turn into a father. I would never ever ask my daughter to even think about marriage by 20 years of age. Seriously, how can such people demand girls to sit at home, not go for shopping, not to learn reading, writing and speaking what they want etc? Unbelievable!

              Who says that a girl after getting married would not be raped? Haven't these khap panchayat heard of married women getting raped? Rather than addressing such stupid rules in front of the mob, they should concentrate on the bloody sex ratio of their state. Because girls are less than 877 for every 1000 boys, where would the rest 123 boys go? And because of this reason, the insecurity among women in the state is proliferating day by day. And to mark one more thing, sex ratio of Haryana is the lowest in India among all the states. Shouldn't these illegal khap panchayats get involved in raising awareness among villagers to raise a girl child? Shouldn't they work on these issues? Shouldn't they ask their men to control their lust and masculinity rather than asking girls to stay at home by refraining the worldly pleasures that are meant for all humans equally? 

             The trial of assassination on Malala, 17 rape cases in last one month in Haryana, khap panchayat asking girls to sit at home, asking them to get married by 16 to avoid rapes, Taliban asking girls to refrain themselves from studying and education is the most shameful scenarios that we get to read in our newspaper almost on daily basis. (While writign this, NDTV has tweeted about a 25-years old woman dying after being burnt by her in-laws for dowry. They demanded 10 lakhs, her father paid 6 and was arranging for another 4 but they turned out to be so restless than they burnt the woman with her 10 months old daughter :-(). We humans are not just discriminating people by their caste, religion, breed and race but also by their gender. Just two genders that God created which isn't in the hands of human to create more than that as we did in the case of religion and caste, we turned ourselves into such devils that we aren't leaving one out of the two genders as free as the another. 

            I, being a Blogger, know how difficult I find when I decide to write against the two local parties of the State I reside in who want people of my Birth's State to flee away from their region. I can easily understand how courageous and gutsy Malala is, who at the age of 14, decided to raise her voice against the violent and pitiless Talibanis for the rights of girls. My Salute to her. The only wish currently is from God to make her recuperate as soon as possible. I want her to get back to her work of showing some humans how teen girls are more audacious without any arms and ammunition than the bullets-clad guns that hangs on the shoulders of those Satans. Yes!


13 October 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Yes, I am a Geek!!! (A Write-up by Ishita Bhown)


Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. This time she has written about how one should be the way one is without caring about the views of judgmental people. 

Yes, I Am A GEEK!!!

          Given a chance to bare my soul on the playing arena of one of the most daring and bold Bloggers whom I know, I thought of making use of this opportunity to make a big confession- about the way I feel for myself, my biggest weakness, yet my mightiest strength. Something many of us feel about ourselves, yet we are too weak to accept it. Before you get confused and give up on the idea of reading this post further, ( I can’t afford to loose readers, if at all there are any!) I will narrate a real life incidence that happened years ago with me.

            In every school, college or even at workplaces, there is always a small bunch of “cool dude”, who are amazingly active in all the gossips, joking around the corridors, mocking at others and living their life as per their own definitions. These are some people, who are among the “desirables” of the batch , for no apparent reasons. They radiate confidence, they have a classy style, they know what are the latest trends and they follow them flawlessly, they walk with their heads held high, they talk as if they know everything around the world, they discuss the brands of everything ranging from drinks to bikes, stilettos to the dirtiest slangs, from latest hookups, to worst breakups, they seem to know inside outs of every person, and every thing! They have it, and they flaunt it! They shoot random pics and upload on Facebook to get 100’s of likes, they update the weirdest of status and yet get many comments on it, all sorts of “oohhs” “aww!!” “luv yaaa” “miss you shona!!” etc etc. They seem to have a large social circle, and they are popular for things they do not even do. They are in abundance, and let’s accept it- people love to stalk them! 

            This is one part of the world, while there is another breed of losers, who simply look at the class defined above, and merely get awed by them. These losers are distinctly classified as geeks, with no great personality, with a poor dressing sense, with the confidence of a mouse and with the talents like a mule. These losers are born to work, work and just work. They seem to have distant connection with anything related to fun. They go to the shopping malls to buy groceries, they wait for the “clearance sales” to buy clothes, they prefer to drink coffee at home, rather than investing 100 bucks in a posh coffee house. They prefer to be all alone, as any kind of company makes them feel uncomfortable about their lack of awareness, they may know about the timetable of exams, but not about the ways to cheat and pass in the same exam..They know about the ways to make a report, but not the correct person to pamper and get the report made. They are losers in the eye of the world, and they are silently ignored. The slightly ambitious ones among the losers, get jealous, try to imitate the “class” but then they soon give up, get mocked at, and surrender with lame excuses about morality and values.
The classification I made above is weird, but it’s true.

              I realized it a few days back.

           Last year, I met an old friend after 10 long years. He was my close buddy in school, and we had some awesome moments together in the primary classes. He was among the most “popular” guys and I was the same among girls. We enjoyed all the attention we got from each other and from the world around. Life was going good, until I changed the school and shifted to a simpler place. Initially we tried to keep in touch, through phone or emails but gradually the growing distances and busy schedule made us forget about each other. It was after 7 long years of being totally out of contact, when he came to the city after many days, called me up and we decided to meet.

            I was obviously excited to see him after so long, looking at his FB profile, I knew he had changed a lot- he was smarter, taller, cooler and no doubt all the more handsome..But for me, he was still the same friend from school, who matched my intelligence, fought with me, teased me and was a wonderful company. I knew the meeting would be a bit awkward, as our paths had greatly divulged since school, I was an engineer and he was into his family business. Yet, I was positive and apprehensive about reviving an old friendship.

              Finally the moment came, when we were seated in front of each other in the coffee shop. I was not a regular there, while he seemed to know about all the best and the worst serves they had to offer. Anyhow, I managed to decide for myself, while he already knew his order. Our talks started, soon I realized how much things had changed between us. We seemed to be from totally different planets now. He had nothing to talk except for his family business and how it was growing, how drinking and smoking had taken over his lifestyle, how his latest girlfriend adored the bike he brought, how girls looked sexy in the one piece dresses. I had nothing except my own world of engineering, or reading. I felt stupid in front of him. To make myself comfortable, I started the discussion about our mutual friends of school-only to discover that he was no more in touch with any of them. Instead he laughed at the mention of their names, called someone as a “padhaku” , other as a “ dumbass”, even  his first crush of school as a “ jhalli” .He asked me if I was still “single” or had been taken up by someone. I was slightly disappointed by his selection of words “taken up by someone”, as if getting into relationships was a “choose and pick” affair. When I told him that I was happily single and was happy with it, he merely guffawed. I could not understand the motive behind this strange reaction.

I was sad and tried to end the meeting as fast as I could.

           On returning back home, I called him up to thank for the treat, and the meeting for which he could spare some time out of his busy schedule. He blankly replied- “ Thanks! But girl, you have changed so much over the years! “

I was curious to know his viewpoint. I knew I had matured in the past few years, I was no longer a kid who giggled over silly matters, I no longer fought for the last piece of chocolate, or tease people with anything and everything, just to get my own satisfaction of being “cool”. I had become more conscious of how others felt, and thus was careful while speaking about others. I realized that the way you carry yourself builds up your image, and thus I carried myself gracefully. I was happy with the changes that had dawned upon me, yet I wanted to hear his viewpoint, after all he was my closest friend in primary school. 
“How have I changed?” I asked.
“You have become a total geek!!!” he said at once.
I knew he would not approve of the changes, but I neither expected to be called a “geek” on face.
I too disapproved of him, he was too careless about his own self and was too judgmental about others. I disliked his opinions and lifestyle, but I was sensible enough to accept the differences in our natures gracefully.
I just laughed and said. “We are totally different from each other. I am not a geek mister. You don’t know me well.. And you wont know me well..Coz you are busy in other things.”
After a formal goodbye, we disconnected the call, and I decided never to contact him again.

          I felt bad on being called a “geek”. I was upset, and took it as an insult. I stalked the Facebook profiles of all his female friends and noticed how “different” we were. I even thought of the ways to patch up for the differences and get rid of the “geek” tag. It is a negative word, and I could never associate it with myself.

It took me around a week to overcome this shock, and get back to my normal self. It took a lot of efforts by my friends to make me realize that I was perfect in my own ways. I did not follow fashion, or did not do the things most of the people do, yet I was special. I was looked upon as an inspiration for my simplicity, which was not “geek-ness” in any manner. I rebuilt my confidence, and kept going my own ways.
Very soon I forgot about that friend, until yesterday, out of nowhere, I received a message from him, congratulating me for the success in my writing career, and saying that he felt proud of having a talented friend like me.

          I merely smiled…I was still the same- with no dressing sense, no class, no knowledge about the gossips, I still do not have a boyfriend, I still prefer to sleep in my cozy bed on weekend, rather than roaming around in malls. I still do not pose for weird photographs, or bitch around for petty issues. I am just me-I am not perfect, not a beauty queen..Yet I feel like “beautiful me” and was now defined as “talented” and not a “geek”!! 

             His viewpoint about me did not matter anymore, because I was happy in my own skin- a geek or a gem, whatever I am, I am happy to be myself…

So if someone calls you a geek, or insults you..Just smile and explore within….if someone calls you a “cool dude”…just smile and explore within..
The world treats you, like you treat yourself…



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706th BLOG POST -->>

            And with this, I manage to complete 200 Blog Posts in the calendar year of 2012. It took 286 days to accomplish this target of 2012 regarding Blogs with an average of 1 posts every 1.4 days. Though my heart says that the speed will slow down soon. This is my First Guest Post that I have written for a very dear Blogger Friend- Pulkit Gupta. I have always ignored writing a post for someone else but when he asked me to, I couldn't stop myself from writing for him. Pulkit, thanks for the Super Duper Introduction that you have given about me. :-) So, to read the post- Please CLICK below -->>