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Guruji, Kya Aap Chutiye Hain?

            532nd BLOG POST -->>

       I know that it's not only my problem but many of you may have faced it. Teachers often target our parents if we do some mischief in class. You do something nonsensical and teacher will directly throw their same pakaau dialogues, "This shows your family value" or "Is this the way how you talk to your parents at home?" or "Have your parents taught you to talk like this?" This humiliates and snubs us in front of the whole class and we sit quietly by hiding our face as tortoise does when it is touched. What if children start attacking their parents for the quality of teaching they deliver? What if we start poking them for every pakau example they use for making us understand some definitions and terms? What if we say that "Is this how your parents taught you at home?" or "Is this the quality of jokes your parents enjoy with you?" or "Is this the only way of teaching your parents taught you?" or "The way you teach unsuccessfully reflects your family values" :-) If students will start doing so, I am sure that all the teachers will stop showing their Authority in front of us. :-)

           Come on Teachers, you have been students too. There is no need of making us feel bad about what we are. You know that you are our King and Ruler today. But that doesn't means that you will kill us for being superior to us. Once we leave campus, you are just a common man to us. I can hit you in local train if I feel that you were the teacher because of whom I got less Internals and I got screwed in my Graduation's final mark-sheet. So, try to be in your limits. You are not those teachers of the traditional period when you charged only 10 paise for the whole day because the main target was to spread knowledge and not to earn money. Today, we know and even you know that you are here to teach us because you are being given a satisfactory salary. You are here to earn money. You have no concerns whether a student have understood the terms and logic or not. This is YOU. This is TODAY's TEACHERS. Now, should we say that it is your parents who taught you to prioritize money over the career of students? When you give 2% in Internals and leave the students in fire to score the rest passing marks in theory, should we say that "This reflects your Family values?" Fatt ke haath mein aa jayegi tumhari, samjhe?

            When you give us plethora of questions to be completed as assignments, should we target your family that they make you work so aggressively at home and hence you have this habit of making others work in the same manner? 

            When you make us leave class just because we are 5 mins late, should we target your parents and say that you are made to stay out of house on the day when you reach 5 minutes late at home? 

            When you make us feel guilty for a small mistake committed by us, should we target your parents and say that you are being tortured at home and this is the result that you are doing the same with us?

            So teachers, remember that if we, students, will come in our original form, you will have to run away from the institution without thinking of the amount of rupees you are being paid for doing nothing in the college. Even you know that a parent never want their child to smoke and drink. You know that a parent will never like their son/daughter roam on roads, gardens, theaters, malls and public places with their girlfriend/boyfriend. You know that a parent never wants to see their children bunking the lecture for which they paid a hefty amount and sit in mall for the whole day. So, if a children does this, he does this because he is being influenced by the people around him. When a student sit between 60 new students, it is obvious that he will adopt some good and bad qualities of those strangers who will start turning into familiar faces. So, stop showing your 2 Rupees aukaat in the class by making a student feel humiliated by targeting his parents. Because, if we are what our parents taught us, then the same applies on you. And if this really gets applied on you, then I am very happy to know that your parents have passed on the traits like Ego, Pakaupanti, Bad Communication Skills, Fake Anger, Greed for money, Carelessness for the future of students, Humiliating others for your good etc. 

            This is enough. I have already burst out too much. :-)





            531st BLOG POST -->>

       Being a son of the king is always royal. Sleeping on spongy bed-sheet is everyone's dream but it was my normalcy. Walking on Red Carpet is what everyone dreams of but it was the place where I didn't wanted to walk as I was dying for having something new. Eating on golden plates with silver spoon is what a man can't even think of but my brain remembers it as a routine which I went through 3 times a day. Having bath in water  mixed with gulaabjal and gulaab is what I experienced every day but I don't think it is being done by anyone else in this world. I was proud of being the son of King of Maandwa. Being the second child of my father always made me insecure of my position. I always had jealousy for my brother because I knew that kingdom will be given to him for authority rather than me. I always wanted to be the King. But I always saw my father's belief in my elder brother, Kaancha. My father had 6 trusties whom he called as his gems. Whenever he had his meetings with these 6 gems, they always asked him to make Kaancha the successor of the kingdom as soon as possible because he completed his learning under Guru Prabhodaya. This always killed me. 

            I and Kaancha never liked each other. He loved red bedsheets while I loved white. He loved black horses while I loved white. He loved Silver crown while I loved Golden. He loved hunting while I loved loving pets. He loved showing arrogance about being the Prince of the kingdom while I loved to live a life of common man once I stepped out to spend my time with the people of my kingdom. One day, he went for hunting. The devil mind of mine worked and I decided that I will kill him today. I went to the soldiers whom my father paid the least amount of all. I promised them that I will pay them the amount which their king will pay them in next 30 months. The soldiers agreed to do what I wanted them to. They followed Kaancha and killed him in the jungle and threw his body in the river. Everyone searched for Kaancha's body for few months but finally, it was announced that Kaancha is no more and he will not be considered in any talks in the kingdom in future. I felt bad for a moment but then I realized that my main goal was to conquer the Throne of the KING. :-)

            The age of my father was perfect for retirement. And my mind and heart was dancing every day that I can be king any time sooner. It was a Sunday morning. The day when my father had important meeting with the Adviser. So, it was another Sunday and I found that my father was sitting in the Paricharcha Kaksh (Conference room) where he was having talks about the throne and kingdom's responsibility. I went near the gate and tried to hear what my father was telling to our adviser- Rauf Lala. I was shocked after what I heard. My father said that he may continue as King because I don't have the maturity to manage the throne and run kingdom effectively. I was broken. I was shocked. I never expected my father to think about me in this sense. I always thought that he trusted me after Kaancha. But even after the death of that bastard, he wasn't ready to hand over the kingdom to me. I was literally shocked. Then and there, I decided that I will have to do something to get the throne. I had 8 months more to turn 16 and hence there was no chance of making me the king before turning 16. I took a resolution that I will work hard anyhow to win this throne. 

            I went to my father's secret chamber one night when he was enjoying Chameli's dance in the Nrutyalaya kaksh. I started searching for a thick book which my father wrote when he was 16 and he was announced as the successor to my grandfather for the position of KING of Maandwa. Finally I got it. I started reading it and I was shocked to read what was written on the last page of the book. I went dumb. I didn't understood what should I do next. Should I go and tell everyone about what he wrote or should I keep it up to myself and forget everything I read. But then, something clicked to me and I gave a wicked smile to myself. I took the book and left the room. 


            One day, I found that my father was on the terrace because he wanted to spend some time alone and he asked all the soldiers and caretakers to give some time to him. I came to know about this and I climbed the staircase. No one came to know when I climbed the staircase. :-)

           My father saw me and got astonished to see that someone was on the terrace even when he ordered that no one will come on terrace as he wants some time. I went towards him and asked,"What is the problem, father?" He replied after few seconds,"Beta, I had something which was very precious to me but I lost it. I am trying to search it from many days but I don't think God has decided to grant any kind of happiness to me." I replied,"Are you trying to talk about Kaancha?" Father replied,"No beta. It's something else." I smiled. I knew what he was talking about. I pulled my sherwaani up and showed him the book I took from his bedroom. His eyes started sparkling but in the very next moment, he turned blank. I said,"What happened, father? Why are you scared?" He was dumb. "Speak up you murderer. Why are you scared?" I shouted little more louder. I went near him and held his neck. He tried to retaliate but I was in my madness for throne. I took out the knife which was clutched to his dress. I showed it to him and said,"Is this the same knife with which you stabbed Dadaji?" My father was unable to speak anything as I had his throat held tightly in my hand. I stabbed him hard with the knife on his neck. He wanted to scream but I had my hands on his mouth till then. I pulled out the knife and said,"You killed your father on your 16th birthday for throne. Like Father, Like Son. You forgot that its my 16th Birthday today as you forgot about your 2nd child once Kaancha returned after studies." I gave a wicked smile. "I am sorry that I had to take throne from you in the same manner as you took it from your father with the help of this same knife." And I laughed out loud as wickedly as possible. And my father breathed his last. I asked those soldiers of mine who killed Kaancha to take the body of their King Dinanath and throw it into the furnace. 

            Next day, our adviser- Rauf Lala announced in the baithak,"Prince Vijay is our New King of Maandwa" And all the soldiers shouted- 

And I wore the GOLDEN CROWN and sat on the GOLDEN THRONE. :-)

P.S.: This is a Fiction Story. If you do ill with your parents, your children will do the same with you. If you do good with your parents, your children will do best with you. :-) King killed his father on his 16th Birthday with a knife for the throne, his son killed him on his 16th birthday with the same knife for the same throne. :-) And Yes, this is the 2nd remake of AGNEEPATH. :-) 


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Humne Sanam Ko Khat Likha.. Khat mein Likha.. :-)

           530th BLOG POST -->>

      It was you who came to me when I was alone. It was you who came to me when I was sitting on the last bench of my class. It was you who came to me to ask my phone number. It was you who proposed me and asked whether I would love to be with you or not. It was you who made me say "I love you too" to you. It was you who made me get addicted to you. It was you who always asked for a date whenever I refused to meet you. It was you who asked me to listen Radio and then you used to say that you have dedicated that song to me. It was again you who kissed me for the first time. It was again you who locked lips with me and started smooching me in that restaurant where we had our dinners. It was you who lied on my lap and asked me to play with your hairs. Every time, it was you who tried to turn an innocent me into a romantic one. I always told you that I am uncomfortable with love but it was you who bought me into the situation where I started thinking that I am the best lover in the world and no one loves his girl as I do. You changed my life. You changed my routine. You changed my friends. You changed my behaviour. In fact, YOU changed ME. :-)

           I remember the Valentine's Day when you wanted me to gift something special to you as you were bringing something special for me. My father wasn't a rich person so I had to do something special to get something special for the most special person of my life. I went to a glass factory. I asked them if I can work as a labour to them for a day and get my wage in the end of the day. They agreed. They gave me the job of sweeping the floors and take care that not a single atom of glass remains on the floor of their workshop. I had no shoes then as someone stole it as soon as I entered the workshop to broom. I had to walk on the pieces of glass to get the workshop clean. My whole feet got cuts because of the glass pieces. I cried in pain but I had no option left as I wanted you to feel special on Valentine's Day as your friends may ask you about what I gifted you on the day of lovers. In the end of the day, I got 200 rs for all the cuts and wounds I suffered. I went and bought a beautiful necklace for you. I gifted it to you and you had a very big smile on your face. That was the only smile I needed in life. Seeing your smile, I forgot all the pain of those scratches on my feet. Then, I asked you to gift me the special gift you wanted to and you gave me a Greeting Card which had sketch of both of us in each other's arm made by you. I was surprised to see your effort. I still remember the amount of love we gave to each other on that Valentine's day.

           I remember the continuous flow of our SMSes to each other. I remember the way we used to talk on our phones in whispering voice so that our parents don't come to know. I remember how I wished your birthday by meeting you at your society's gate at 12 AM with a cake in my hand. How happy you were. You kept making me get addicted to you. Then suddenly, you started behaving weirdly. You started making excuses whenever I asked you the reason of not messaging me. Sometimes you said that your thumb is paining while sometimes you said that your keypad is troubling you. You didn't messaged me for 3 weeks continuously. I kept counting number of hours to find out how miserly I lived those hours because I missed you like hell. I was confused about our relationship that how is it possible for you to leave me like this. I came to your home too as a courier boy just to see whether you are fine or not but I didn't found you anywhere in your living room. I came back disappointed. You kept testing my patience. You knew that the most important Entrance exam of my life was about to come very soon and your sudden disappearance from my life will never allow my mind to concentrate on studies. But you didn't cared about my future. You ditched our relationship of 3 years in a go. You turned an innocent me into a Romantic one and then you left me in a journey of getting back to my life from the state of loneliness. This is what you did to me. 

           But thanks to that girl of my life who helped me get back. She was the same girl whom I ignored because you came in my life. I stopped asking her whereabouts because I always asked about your feelings for me. I was sent to rehabilitation center where my mother always hid herself behind the curtain of my ward room and saw whether I am coming out of the depression or not. This is the same lady on whom I shouted numerous times because she had problem with my carelessness towards returning home on time. And bloody you know that I used to be with you during all those after hours. My father and I didn't conversed for 2 whole years and you know why? Because you always asked me to call you as its hard for you to go for recharges in late hours after 9 PM so I had to argue with my father every next day for augmenting my pocket money. In the end, he thrashed me one day for all the sick words I hurled at him in anger because I felt that he was trying to apart me from you. Thanks to my parents that they loved me even after I hated them for a long time because I was long lost in your love. But today, I know what real love is and which love makes you win the world.

            Today, I am sitting in London. I am earning the amount which your husband earns in 10 months. I have received many mails of yours. But unfortunately, I became so matured that I understood that you sent them only when you came to know that I am being selected for this larger-than-life job. I have also seen your husband's face. Congrats for getting that monkey. :-) Now, fool him as much as you can. You have the habit of turning an innocent one into a romantic one, right? So, now turn him into a romantic husband and have as much romance as you can. Let me see how much romantic he can be. :-) I have heard that you have named your first son on my name. It's good. You should. As you owe a lot to me. So, repay by making your son remain Innocent till the end of his life. :-) But let me tell you, even I have the best daughter of this world. But I haven't named her on your name because I don't want to give birth to a girl like you who can play with an innocent boy's heart. So, accept this letter of mine and see what life have you lived as a Flirt or as a Bitch. I will not say anything more as I have a beautiful wife who would be waiting for me. And Yes, she waits for me everyday just as I wanted for you in those 3 weeks when you ceased messaging me. :-) 

Hate you. 


P.S.: This is an Open Letter(Not my story) from one of the many boys who get fooled by such girls who use boys for their fun and leave them later by giving them a Silly reason for the break-up. They move ahead with their life but the boys keep struggling for a long long time. So, this Open Letter is meant for all these girls who treat boys as a Source of Entertainment and Filler of Empty Spaces in their life. And also for all the boys who gets mad on a girl by seeing that a very beautiful girl has approached them. Remember, fair skin doesn't means that the heart is as fair as skin. :-) I hope this post will not be taken in other way.


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Review: AGNEEPATH !!!

          529th BLOG POST -->>

       When a masterpiece is created, people keep giving its instance for years. People keep calling it a landmark, a legend, an epic etc. But no one dares to recreate the piece because people are used to the original one and they never appreciate the one which is being replicated. We still remember when Farhan Akhtar came up with an idea of remaking Amitabh bachchan's classic- DON, everyone was surprised that why is he trying to show that Shah Rukh Khan can surpass the iconic work of Bachchan. After few months, movie came in the theaters and the people who looked it as an individual's new work rather than a copy of Big B's Don liked the adaptation very much. People who read Five Point Someone liked 3 idiots because of the adaptation they did in the story. It came out as a fresh story rather than the same- 3 boys struggling in an IIT campus. :-) Finally, Karan Johar announced months ago that he has signed Hrithik Roshan for the remake of Amitabh Bachchan's another classic- AGNEEPATH !!! AGNEEPATH is that movie which immortalized Amitabh Bachchan's style and dialogue. It also made Mithun Chakraborty's charm famous. Till today, when Bachchan's name comes in our mind, first thing we remember is Vijay Dinanath Chavan Poora Naam, Gaaon ka naam Mandva. Whenever Mithun's name comes in our mind, we remember his "I am Krishnan Iyer LA Nariyal Paani Waala" and "Main lungi uthati". So, this is what 1990's AGNEEPATH did. :-) (I am about to start reviewing New Agneepath. I am not a movie expert neither I am a Critic. I am a layman who goes to watch something larger-than-life in theater. So my review is based on my views. So don't target me for my review.)

           Today, finally I saw Karan Johar's Agneepath where Hrithik Roshan played the character of iconic- Vijay Chavan and Sanjay Dutt played the character of the villain- Kaancha Cheena. Before going for this movie, I watched Amitabh Bachchan's Agneepath 2 days ago to see what kind of an adaptation this generation's writer and director have done. :-) Seriously, its not easy to adapt a classic and a legendary work. You ask me to write a brand new story, I will do it with a happy mood but you ask me to write a story on a theme of an already hit story, I will do it in an intense pressure. When the movie began, I had a feeling that I will hate Hrithik after the movie because he will degrade the quality of old Agneepath by either overacting or copying Bachchan but Hrithik occupied the screen with a full hold and good responsibility. He performed each and every scene as a new face of Vijay Chavan. He never made you feel that you are watching a remake. Even in the scenes where the Old Agneepath's scenes were repeated, Hrithik never made you feel that you are watching a scene which is already being enacted by the Star of the Millennium. :-) In all, Hrithik has added one more movie in the list of his masterpieces. :-) 

            Coming to Sanjay Dutt, he is the God of the movie. His role Kaancha Cheena and his character is far far better than the role of Danny in Old Agneepath. He has taken a long leap in the race of villainous characters in our Hindi cinema. We have seen Ghajini, Singham, OUATIM, Dabangg, Wanted and many more movies where the villain played a major part of the film but Agneepath's Kaancha Cheena is 1000 steps ahead of them. Once, Sanjay Dutt enters the screen, you start getting scared of him. And as he kills and hangs people in the movie, you will start fearing that he may do the same with you. He is shown perfectly on the screen and this is how one should use Sanjay Dutt in a movie. Not like he is shown in Lamha, Rascal, Double Dhamaal and No Problem. Sanjay Dutt is made for such roles. His Vaastav's role is still remembered. His Kaante's look is still an unbeaten look. His Munnabhai's work is the love of every age class. This is what Sanjay Dutt is made for and he is used perfectly in Agneepath.

            Coming to Rishi Kapoor, you will hate him for the character he plays in the movie. Rauf Lala is shown such a bastard and cruel in the movie that you want to enter the screen and hit him until he dies. Sanjay Dutt is still funny and your favorite sometimes but you will keep hating Rishi Kapoor for his evil activities throughout the movie. This is the best work of Rishi Kapoor in last 15 years for me. He is the SURPRISE PACKAGE of AGNEEPATH. Coming to Priyanka Chopra, as she said in an interview, she has a very short role in the movie but you will remember her for a long time for her mind-blowing expressions and moves in Gun Gun Guna and her last scene in the movie. She is a champion. None of the today's actress can stand in front of her. She is damn perfect. One more person whom I would like to mention is Chetan Pandit- the one who plays Hrithik's father in the movie. He has acted perfectly. You will go in grief and sorrow when you will see his expressions when he is being killed by Kaancha. I liked him a lot. The way he has read out Agneepath poem of H.R. Bachchan is perfect and ideal. Other roles by Hrithik's mother and sister is perfect. Other side actors are also good in their work. 

            Coming to the movie, entry of Sanjay Dutt is picturized perfectly. Hrithik's entry is also shown in a physique way. :-) Priyanka is not spoiled in the movie even when her role is short. Some scenes are executed so well that you can claim them as the Epic Scenes of Bollywood. One of the scene when Hrithik brings the dead body of a character after the song Shah ka Rutba is speechless. The scene when child artist( the one who played Hrithik) cries when his father is killed in front of him makes you weep. The scene when Rishi Kapoor brings Hrithik's sister for selling her body in an auction erupts a fire in you. The way Hrithik has expressed his love for his sister once when he meets her is so touching and palpable. The scene when Hrithik returns to Mandwa after 15 years is the Epic. The scene when Hrithik kills one of the character after Ganesh Visarjana and says the Epic Dialogue of Big B- Naam Vijay Dinanath Chavan is the BEST SCENE I have seen recently. The last scene of the movie when Hrithik recites the whole Agneepath poem gives you goosebumps. The message passed by the movie- "Burey insaan ka anth bura hi hota hai" is perfectly narrated. Songs are class- Gun Gun Guna, Deva Sree Ganesha are pure Desi Songs. One Disappointment is that O Saiyyaan is shortened for just 1 min in the movie. For me, the movie is 80%. You should surely go to a nice theater and watch it to get the experience of watching an EXPLOSIVE MOVIE. You will not get to see such a movie in near future.

            Some drawbacks- Religion is targeted unintentionally. Muslims are shown in a bad light for most of the times. Sanjay Dutt keeps talking about Hinduism's message and keeps doing all the evil work throughout the movie. This could have been avoided. Movie could have been short by 15 minutes. Chikni Chameli is the biggest crime done in the movie. :-) It disappoints. Katrina can never suit such a character. She has a sophisticated personality. She is KATRINA KAIF. Give her the job of her aura and not of RAKHI SAWANT's aura. Please. Some fighting sequences in the beginning are foolish. Too much violence sometimes makes you feel some other good scenes as just another violent scene. Else, this movie is perfectly done. It will make the original makers of Old Agneepath feel proud to see that their work is made better rather than ruining it. :-) According to the first day collection, this is the HISTORIC OPENING and no film in past have collected this much in the First Day of the release. So already ONE RECORD is broken. :-) This is surely going into the club of 100 CRORE-MOVIES. :-) 

           Go Go Go- Go For AGNEEPATH.

25 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Jo Mera Ho Nahi Paaya Wo Tera Ho Nahi Sakta !!!

            528th BLOG POST -->>

       One of my friend in class has fallen in love with another friend of the class and he keeps asking her to accept his proposal. It has been 1.5 years since this process has been stuck at the same stage. He keeps begging and she keeps replying "Aage badho". :-) The result of this Love has been the inclination of the boy towards Cigarettes, alcohols and irresponsible life. He has almost got a year drop because of his foolish love for her. And the effect on the girl is 0. She is happy with her life, family and friends. She has no concern for that boy. She is scoring fine in academics and she is improving her personality every day. She was known to be short-tempered but today, I can see a very good controlling power in her. But the boy was perfect in the first year of graduation. He was the best logical person when it came to coding programs and softwares. He was the best person when it came to maintaining sincerity and socialism. But today, everyone talks about how he has turned his favorable life into an unfortunate one. People feel pity for him but no one gives him sympathy. Because, it is he himself who have wasted his life just because he loves a girl like a baby loves his mother. But, then, who can be loyal like mother? This is what young generation's boys don't understand.

           I have asked the boy to stop following her and start following his career and studies, she will automatically come to you once he gets a good job and living standard. But every sentence of mine is as useless to him as Lalu Prasad Yadav's speech in the Parliament. I know that I have the potential of influencing someone. :-) But here I have failed to change his ideology about the girl because that's not Love which he has for her, its just an extreme OBSESSION. He just wants to own the girl. He wants the girl to be his in any condition. He is ready to wait for 10 years or even 20. He is ready to quit his family, religion and friends for her. He is ready to go to any level for impressing and getting her. There's a difference between enforcing someone to be with you and winning someone to love you as you love them. And when you do the latter one, you become inspiration for everyone but if you do the former one, you become an evil for the person you enforced to be with you and for everyone who saw you doing that. But when there is an OBSESSION, your brain stops functioning in the right direction. :-) 

           I remember my period when I was intrigued into a girl for a long time. I had no other work in my life than checking my mobile after every 30 seconds if a message popped in or not. Even when my mobile used to be on the General mode and I knew that a Ringtone will ping me as soon as a message will fuck hard my mobile, I used to check considering that a fault would have arisen when her message would have came. This is how I kept augmenting my obsession and one day, when I came to knew that she left me and she is never going to talk to me again, I broke up. I cried like hell. I cried so much that after a moment, even tears refused to show up. I got addicted to Google chat too as we used to chat for 6-7 hours daily. I didn't had Internet at my home then. So, I used to go to Cyber Cafe to talk to her. But, after she left me, I didn't stopped visiting Cyber Cafe. I used to sit there for 7 hours daily and exactly at that time when we used to chat. She never came Online and the only thing which used to rule my Monitor screen was the Google chat Application. And the other one thing which used to be there was ORKUT where I used to update about how sad I am and how much I am interested in ending my life. I used to do nothing except sitting idle in the Cyber Cafe and waiting for her for 7 hours. Reason of wasting this precious time of mine was OBSESSION FOR THAT GIRL.

            Coming to the girl whom my friend is trying to enforce to be with him- She used to like one of our seniors who was of her caste. Initially, she thought that as caste is not a problem and as he is single too, she may achieve him very soon. But the fate has something else. The boy never gave a look to her even when he knew that the girl is mad for him. He never ever tried to tell her that she is no one for him. He kept doing this for 1.5 years with her. Finally, one day he said YES. Everyone of us knew that he replied positively because he wants to pass his time with her and leave when once done. But she never thought in the same manner because she was OBSESSED for him. She just wanted him. She was Okay even if he showered fake love for her but she wanted his love anyhow. At last, he left her and he insulted her every time when they were in relationship because he knew that she will bear all because she is obsessed. This resulted in her health, attitude and academics badly. I always felt bad whenever I used to see her crying like anything. But Solution? NULL. Because OBSESSION RULED HER. 

           Today's young boys and girls should understand that Love is not about showing obsession or getting obsessed with the person you love. Loving someone is far different than getting Obsessed for them. If you love someone, you can see her getting her hands pampered by her male friends because you know that your love is strong but if you are obsessed, you will get short-tempered and you will hurt yourself after seeing her hand getting rubbed with someone else's hand. You will not even hurt her for this because you are obsessed for her. You can harm the world but you will never harm her. If you love someone, keep in mind that your happiness should be in the person's happiness and not in your happiness. And your Love should be Unconditional. You can never enforce anything on the person you love. You should be happy in whatever they give you- Either Love or Hatred. I am happy with my Ex-gf with whatever she gave me because I never obsessed her, I always loved her. Once, I saw that she likes getting touchy with boys, I accepted her in that way. Once, I saw that she wants to break off with me, I let her go without even asking the reason. Once, I saw that she don't even want to meet me, I stopped all my interactions with her. Because, I killed my OBSESSION long before when that girl fooled me. This time I made it sure that I will not carry any obsession for this girl. And see, today she is carrying a baby with her husband and I don't have any problem. :-) 

          Enough said. I know I have used OBSESSION for numerous times above. Forgive me for that. :-) I just want people to be happy in love rather than getting hurt every another minute. 


22 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Sau Raastein.. Ek Teri Raah Nahiiiiin......

            527th BLOG POST -->>

       Smiling face does not denote that the person is a happy soul. A person smiles because of any of the 2 reasons: First, he is very happy or Second, he is trying to hide his sadness. Whenever I smile, I smile because I am happy from within but when I am not, I still manage to give a fake smile. I try to make it sure that when I am around, people should feel motivated and spirited. If I manage to do so, I feel very good about myself but if I see that people are sad because I am sad, I feel like blowing my head off. People love to be around the person who keeps laughing and making others laugh. People ignore the person who is a depressing soul and a person who keeps complaining about everything in life. Every other person does job. Every other person has an evil boss. Every other person is unsatisfied with his increments, bonuses and promotions. Every other person wants to change his job. So, if you are facing the same problem and you are showing off that you are the most tortured person on the Earth, its just over-acting and nothing else. Every other under-graduate student is struggling with assignments, presentations and projects. Every other student is being tortured by his teachers and is frustrated because of exams and dipping percentage. So, if you are facing the similar problem, you need not prove the world that you are a hard-working soul. Instead, we should try to show people that in spite of working in such an atmosphere, we live so cheerfully without any tension and pressure. That will make you an inspiration and instance for others. People will love to know from you that how you manage your personal and professional life paralleled. But if you are crying about the job you have to perform just like any other person, you will be ignored and kicked. 

             So a face should be smiling even if you are dealing with one of the major problem of your life. I, personally, try to spread as much love and happiness as possible. I want people to be happy. I want people to convert their unhappiness and sorrow into cheer and zeal. So, even when I see that a person is sad or low, I try to give him some beautiful examples of some great people who resolved their problem in a distinct way and started living a happier life than before. But, sometimes, I face some situations when I'm enforced to show that loser expression on my face. I am not a great actor like Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan who can conduct love through his face even when hatred against someone is creeping in my heart at the same time. So, it becomes tougher for me to react in such a situation. Currently, I am sort of depressed. I don't know how and when did this bloody creature touched me but it managed to touch. I don't love being Depressed and being Low but the situations in my life has propelled me to be one of the victims. I still create jokes in class and I smile just as usual, but it doesn't come from heart, it comes from my fake self who shows others that I am the most happiest of all. I try to control my emotions but in the end, I am a human being and expression is my tool. Result: I have finally started writing on this and reacting on the sad parts of my life. They don't matter me much but still they are killing me from past few days.

             While discussing with a family friend, I just said that mummy watches daily soaps passionately which is not right. She should also take interests in other things which will help her more. But my mother misinterpreted my Chanakya's Chant :-) and stopped watching Television at all. Whenever I come at home from college, I get to see that she is cleaning and decorating the home. After giving me dinner at 9, she goes to sleep at 9.30 PM. While before, when she used to watch daily soaps, she used to sleep at 12.00. She is making me feel guilty about what I did to her. I apologized for 1000 times in front of her but she is not ready to show any kind of kindness towards me. I even blackmailed her that I will come at 10 PM everyday from college if you'll not watch TV but still she is strict on her promise that she will not watch because I said that I don't like it. This has sucked half of my energy. A mother making her son feel guilty about what he did to her even when he didn't meant it is such a cruel punishment to a son. Because of this, I can't think about anything else and hence, you can see that I am not posting anything new on my blog page now-a-days. Seeing my mother sit idle for the whole day is depressing me. Even now, I am weeping because I am guilty about this but there is no solution to my problem. 

           Second, when you are in pain, you expect your friends to understand you. Your expressions says it all but in all these 2 weeks none of my friend understood that there is something wrong with me. This pained me more. A human being always need a person who can give his shoulder to him when he wants to cry but I have no one in life. I can't call anyone to tell my problem and get a beautiful solution. Instead, a scenario happened in college when unintentionally my Best Friends did something to me which made tears come in my eyes but still they were unaware of the pain I went through. This made me more depressed. I cried that night. But, whom can I share all this with? I don't have any sibling. Neither do I have any close cousin with whom I can share all this. I don't have a friend who can understand me even when I hide my pain or doubt. I don't have anyone. I am in depression and I am trying to come out of it. But how can I when my mother is doing this to me in house and friends are turning out to be useless in any matter concerned with my life? Finally, I thought to explode everything in front of my Blog Readers tonight and give a little relief to myself. I hope your comments will work. 

            Thanks. :-(

19 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Wikipedia Sleeps For A Day But Wakes Up Many !!!

            526th BLOG POST -->>

       Yesterday, if anyone of you would have tried to search about your assignment, project or anything on Google.com and cherished after finding your favorite online encyclopedia- Wikipedia's link in the Top 5 links provided on the First Result Page would be knowing what kind of a PUNCH you got on your face. :-) I was continuously reading in the newspaper that Wikipedia is going to be blackout on 18th January but I thought its just a hype and nothing of such sort can happen but when I started searching contents related to my presentation topic, I saw that Wikipedia is really shut down. I was confused at a moment that what is Wikipedia initiating that they ceased the purpose of their website with which they have built it. But then, I read something on the black page and I was surprised to read the initial sentences of the initiative Wikipedia was initiating. They were protesting something against Intellectual Property Act and my presentation topic is the same- Intellectual Property Right, I started reading the whole page with all my concentration. And I got a perfect example to give on Monday on my Presentation day to make my points on IP evident and clear. :-)

          Wikipedia is protesting against two bills-SOPA and PIPA which is being announced by US Government to be activated as soon as possible. SOPA (the "Stop Online Piracy Act") and PIPA (the "Protect Intellectual Property Act" ) are bills in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, respectively. These bills are presented as efforts to stop copyright infringement committed by foreign web sites, but in Wikipedia's opinion, they do so in a way that would disrupt free expression and harm the Internet. Wikipedians chose to black out the English Wikipedia out of concern that SOPA and PIPA would severely inhibit people's access to information. The bills would reach far beyond the United States, and affect everyone around the world. Why? SOPA and PIPA would put the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites. Small sites won't have sufficient resources to defend themselves. Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn't being infringed. Foreign sites will be blacklisted, which means they won't show up in major search engines. And, SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.

            The SOPA and PIPA bill says that if anything which is being lifted from a website which shares information will be shut down. And all the major websites which shares knowledge for free on the open internet should keep a track on all the sites who use their links or copy their words on their articles and post it on Internet. Wikipedians says that they have no problem in this as knowledge is meant to be shared and such kind of ban on people and them will lead to restrictions of open expressions on Internet. And if these bills will be passed, it will not only affect USA's websites but it will affect globally because everyone access those websites. Even the websites like Youtube will have to shut down. The sites like Google and Yahoo didn't went for Blackout because they are been sponsored and paid by some organizations but they shared the link on their websites which made people know about how can they support this protest against the passing of these two bills. So friends, lets hope that people from US will keep registering themselves on the link Wikipedia has shared with them and help getting these 2 bills fail. :-)

           Please read about both these bills on Wikipedia and I have used some sentences as they were written on Wikipedia because I found them perfect. :-)


18 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ghumenge, Firenge, Naachenge, Gaayenge, Aish Karenge Aur KYA??

            525th BLOG POST -->>

        Last weekend I went to Matheran with my classmates for a trip. They said that it’s  last semester so lets go somewhere so that some adventurous memory remains with us. Initially, I said no but later I nodded because I knew that these friends will become a dream once the college is changed in the post graduation so its better to spend good moments with them rather than regretting it later when I'll tempt to meet them and no one will have dates for a re-union. Kuch aa bhi jayenge. Har koi thode hi celebrity ban jayega. :-) So, I woke up at 6 AM in the morning, took a bathe and covered myself inside 2 sweaters, muffler, cap, scarf and almost every woolen material which could have helped me to avoid cold and cough as I'm quite allergic to it. Once we entered the Ghats of Matheran and I saw the world below me, I was astonished to see how huge this dynamic Earth is. Aisa nahi hai ki I was visiting a Hill station for the first time in my life and those views were my first time experience but the level of astonishment and surprise value was still of the same potential which I had when I saw it for the first time. :-) 

           The big trees, long branches, the villages situated on the hills, the Market Yard in the center of the hills, the lakes which served coolness to the Matheranites, the small schools meant for the children living on those hills of Matheran, the number of horses running on the climbing hills and plateaus with a traveler on their back, the pollution-free environment of Matheran took me to some other thought process level as I don't get to see that kind of pureness in the air of Mumbai where the vehicles have polluted each and every bit and pixel of the environment. The mega-features of Matheran taught me that there is no limit to a creativity and execution. The deep valleys and the interminable mountains and the evident air around me in the Matheran surprised me. There was a Suicide Point where no fencing is provided and a little mistake of yours can make you jump for death from 1000s of feet above. I stood there and I saw how deep the valley was. For all those 8 hours, the only Question which kept repeating itself in my mind was- How can God create something which is so vast and so perfect? 

             Traveling is one of the most important aspect of life. If you don't like traveling, you are losing a very big motivational campaign. When I travel to my native place in North India, I get to see various kinds of plantation spread from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh. It tells me how every state is different from every another state. The fun which you get in living in Mumbai will be absent in Delhi and vice-versa. The lakes found in Kashmir will be absent in Kanya-Kumari but the view of the Endless ocean available in Kanya-Kumari can not be experienced in Kashmir. So, every place is different and has its own characteristics. Sitting in a Mall gives you an ambient feeling while sitting in a garden gives you a fresh feeling. Sitting in a bedroom gives you a restful feeling while sitting in drawing room gives you a cheerful feeling. So, just the difference of 10 steps can make the difference in your approach towards yourself and towards your work. 

           When a friend asks you to come to his place for completing homework and assignments, you refuse. But when the same friend asks you to come to Inorbit mall for completing the same homework, you get ready. The conclusion is that every place has a feeling in it. And when you get involved with it, you start reacting to it in the same force. Your contribution to the place is directly proportional to the energy it provides you. When a train runs on the track and you see the long tracks spread across the horizon of the Earth and its endlessness, you pick up a book from the next station and you read it in the same speed in which the train travels on those tracks. Train gives you an energy through its characteristics of speed, running and endlessness and you react to it in the same manner by applying the same characteristics in the activity you are doing. You read a book with speed and the words keeps running in your mind until an unless you don't complete the book. So, this is how traveling improves you. It starts fascinating you towards improvement, creativity, divinity and Being Huge.

           After visiting Matheran, I got to know why Writers prefer to stay at Hill station when they write a very long book. The scenarios visible from the hill-station shows the creativity and unending thoughts of God, writers apply the same in their book and makes it a powerful example of Creativity and unending thoughts. Actors prefer to stay abroad because the foreign countries are made with perfect architectures with beautiful gardens and infrastructure all around. This gives them an idea to look as perfect as those architects in USA and look as beautiful as those gardens and towers on the Camera. Students like to hangout at Shopping malls because sitting in that four-wall classroom kills the excitement they have in their young blood. Going to a shopping mall makes them see the variety of brands available in the market for their favorite products like cloths, foods, books and mobiles. This gives them a target that they have to possess whatever they want to in the future and hence they need to work upon today for fulfilling this dream in the future and they start studying back once they return home.

           So, this is how Traveling at any place except sitting at home and going to office or college helps you rejuvenate yourself and you start working with the same zeal and vigour which that place passes into you. :-) I have decided that I'll try to travel at one of the good monuments or adventurous places every year to refresh myself from the boring work I do. :-) I want everyone of you to travel different places and explore yourself. See some artistic places and get motivated to do something artistic in your life. Best of Luck. And HAPPY JOURNEY!!! :-)


17 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

My Views about Indian Books And Writers As A PANELIST !!!

            524th BLOG POST -->>

       I got an invitation from the team of THE VIEWSPAPER (Launched in August 2007 -  The Viewspaper is fast emerged to become India‘s largest youth paper.  Based on the citizen journalist format it has had around 3000 young people who have contributed to it till now. The Viewspaper has presented at Proto.in  which is India’s showcase event for startups. It was also nominated to participate in the Tata NEN – India’s hottest start up competition and  was shortlisted for the Manthan Awards in 2008. It has been covered and appreciated by various media such as Hindustan Times, Indian Express and  NDTV and has been credited in creating a platform for the youth and a new niche in media.) for being one of the few panelists who will talk in the World's Largest Online Conference- #iFeelUp Tweet-a-thon which was about celebrating India's greatness. They asked me to talk about Books as I am one of the Book Reviewers who are being trusted. Ok Sorry. :-)

          So, I would like to share all the tweets I posted as the panelists related to the Indian books. I had to talk on the changes and revolution our Indian books has made in India. So, I tried my best to talk sensible nonsense. :-) And luckily, I didn't had many debaters. I was the only one who was talking about books in that period of time and there were few sweet people who were discussing with me about books. I liked acting as an intellectual with them. :-) Now, I have taken the Screenshots of all the tweets I posted. So, I am guiding you about how to read the tweets in the order as they were posted. First, see the Screenshot No.1 and read the tweets from bottom to top, then go to the Screenshot No. 2 and again read the tweets from bottom to top and so on.... So that you can get the order in which the tweets were posted and you can understand the nonsense I was trying to represent as intellectual statements. :-)









             So, I hope that you liked my views about Indian books and Indian writers. I hope that I made some sense. And I also hope that you read in the order I explained above because the tweets are posted in the same order. 


11 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


            523rd BLOG POST -->>

       India has only two religions which connect people of different castes and religions together as all other so-called-religions just divide the Indians. These two religions of India are- Bollywood and Cricket. Whenever a movie releases, everyone runs towards Multiplexes and Single-screen theaters and sit with 1000s of people under the same roof without caring if a Hindu is sitting besides him or a Muslim. The same applies with Cricket too. When a person is in the stadium, he doesn't care if he is sitting with a person from a religion which he hates the most. The only craze is that my team is playing and I want it to win. So, it is always expected from our Cricketers to hit the ball all around the field to energize the stadium or even if it is impossible for him, at least be on ground and keep running singles to cease the Fall-Of-Wickets. And, whenever a favorite cricketer struggles to score runs or if he gets out early, people abuse him without realizing that just a second before, he was seeing him as a God's messenger for his Country's Cricket team. :-) This is the Climax of almost every match. Some or the another cricketer is being abused. 

            One player on which the whole country relies is Sachin Tendulkar. But, one player who has always stood almost every time whenever India needed a Super-hero to lead the team is RAHUL DRAVID. I have seen people abusing Sachin Tendulkar because they expect a lot from him but I have never seen people abusing Rahul Dravid. Even when he scores a miser runs, people excuse him for that lackadaisical and wait for the next match to see him showing his class once again. People trust Rahul Dravid when the greatest cricketer of the world- Sachin Tendulkar fails. People know that Rahul Dravid is not greedy for runs. He knows how to take the match till the last ball when almost all the  batsmen have returned to the pavilion. He knows how to place the ball, how to block the ball and save it from entering into the wickets, or touching his pads or getting caught in the slips. He knows how to take Singles and score the required runs in the limited number of balls. He never shows aggression. Right from the first ball to the last ball, Rahul Dravid play as calmly as possible. For a moment, the spectators start feeling that this guy has been programmed to score Singles and play till the last ball without getting bowled out or getting caught. :-) 

            Everyone of us remember the England series. The whole media talked only about Cricket's God's expected 100th 100 at Lords stadium. No one even thought that there are other 10 players too who might score Century and get their name listed in the Honour's Board who scored a Ton at Lords stadium. On the day, Sachin Tendulkar failed to score the ton and Rahul Dravid came out as a surprise to everyone. He scored a TON quite easily in his own style of play. He rejoiced his TON by punching his fist in the air. Every Indian twinkled their eyes after seeing the majestic and kingly performance of Rahul Dravid. Now, people glued their eyes on Rahul Dravid throughout the series as they wanted more from him. And the man never stopped. He kept scoring runs in every innings of every match and got the attention of people. Every Indian batsman disappointed in the England series and we lost by 4-0 but people were happy to see this WALL getting more stronger than before. Later, Rahul Dravid crossed 13,000 runs in Test Cricket and he is also the 2nd highest Test run-scorer in the world next to Sachin Tendulkar. What more pride can we have than seeing our Indian batsmen at the Top Two spots in the Test Cricket? I just can't imagine anything better than this.

             Sachin Tendulkar debuted in Test Cricket in 1989 while Rahul Dravid entered in 1996 and the difference between both the Super-class players is not much. Rahul has played far less innings than Sachin in Tests but he is just 2,000 (approx) runs behind than him and just 15 Centuries back. What more do you expect from an Indian Cricketer if its not Tendulkar? :-) People talk about Sachin Tendulkar's records but I would like to mention some of the Rahul Dravid's record which will give you an electric shock :-) 

  1. Most number of catches in Test Cricket. :-)
  2. Involved in 80 century partnerships with 18 different partners. :-)
  3. Involved in 18 century partnerships with Sachin Tendulkar which is a World-record. :-)
  4. Second International-player to score more than 13,000 runs after Sachin Tendulkar. :-)
  5. First non-Australian cricketer to address at the Bradman Oration in Canberra. :-)
  6. Dravid was top scorer in the 7th World Cup (1999), scoring 461 runs.
  7. He is the only Indian to score two back to back centuries at the World Cup. He scored 110 vs Kenya and followed it with a masterly 145 against Sri Lanka in Taunton, in a match where he kept wickets.
  8. He is the first and only batsman to score a century in all ten Test playing nations.
  9. Dravid was involved in two of the largest partnerships in ODIs: a 318-run partnership with Sourav Ganguly, the first pair to combine for a 300-run partnership, and then a 331-run partnership with Sachin Tendulkar, which is the present world record.
  10. He also holds the record for the greatest number of innings since debut before being dismissed for a duck.
  11. Uniquely, each of his five double centuries in Tests was a higher score than his previous double century (200*, 217, 222, 233, 270).
  12. Dravid is also one of the two batsmen to score 10,000 runs at a single batting position.
  13. He has played 93 consecutive five day test matches for India.
  14. The first player to score 10000-run at No.3 position
  15. His highest knock of 270 runs is the longest innings played by an Indian batsmen in terms of minute.
  16. He holds a record for not being dismissed on a duck for 120 innings consecutive one-day matches.
        This is all I have to say about this less-talked Legend of the Cricket World. Today, he is celebrating his birthday. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to you, Mr. WALL. We hope that you will blow off Australia in upcoming 2 test matches against them. :-) 

         Love you like anything.


10 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

HRITHIK ROSHAN- The Only ONE whom People Trust like Three Khans !!!

            522nd BLOG -->>

         I still remember the year 2000. The year 2000 when suddenly a boy was shown in a movie trailer in a black transparent T-shirt and black jeans dancing in a new style with a black scarf tied on his head and asked his heart to keep singing- A Aaiya Oh Aaiyaa in a song. As soon as the terrific dance by this individual ended, the name of the film was shown in beautiful fonts- Kaho Na.. Pyaar Hai.. As media wasn't a news breaker that time, people got to know quite later that this boy is the only son of Rakesh Roshan who is debuting with this movie. :-) But, people started talking about this boy and few people who read newspaper told others that his name is HRITHIK ROSHAN. Soon, the name started echoing in the air of India. After few days, movie released. Very few people went to see it in the theater as people were happy with their Three Khans, Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan. But as people started talking about the dancing style, physique and acting skill of this actor, the film started working from its 2nd week and earned 61,50,00,000 rupees when the era of the movie ended after many months. Now, everyone started dancing and tried the same steps Hrithik danced on in Aey Mere Dil tu gayeja. Young boys started subscribing themselves as the member of Gyms. Girls started buying the New registers which had pictures of Hrithik Roshan on its cover page. Boys started visiting shopping malls for buying same Yellow T-shirt Hrithik wore in Na Tum Jaano Na Hum. And in few days, Hrithik Roshan became everyone's Favorite Actor. :-)

            Even I started dancing after I saw Hrithik Roshan dance in several movies which came after Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Hrithik Roshan didn't used his father's name for promoting himself. He did everything by himself. People loved him for what he did. No one had even the name of Rakesh Roshan in their mind. 2000 was the same year when Superstar of the Millennium- Amitabh Bachchan's only son debuted with REFUGEE opposite to another debutant- Randhir Kapoor's daughter- Kareena Kapoor. But unfortunately, Hrithik Roshan took a big lead and Abhishek Bachchan was no where. No one talked about this wanna-be-actor. Everyone was interested in knowing about this Master- Hrithik Roshan. But fate had something else decided for him. His next movie came. FIZA. I am researching till today that why didn't it did well when Hrithik was in everyone's head till then. :-) Then came Mission Kashmir where he was working with a Superstar- Sanjay Dutt. FLOP. Then, Yaadein. FLOP. Then came KABHIE KHUSHI KABHI GHAM where he got a chance to work with 2 of the 3 superstars our Industry had- Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. Hrithik got his special recognition in the film and he did pretty well to be noticed even when he shared screen with BIG B and KING KHAN. 

             But, fate had something else again. Aap Mujhe Achchey Lagne Lage, Na tum jaano na hum, Mujhse Dosti Karoge and Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. All these movies came in the time span of 2 years but all failed to attract Hrithik's fans. But then, finally the Legendary movie came in the mind of Rakesh Roshan and he thought of trying for the last time with Hrithik and see whether he succeeds now or not. Even Hrithik said that if this movie would have flopped, he would have left movies. But, finally, KOI MIL GAYA released in 2003 and Hrithik's new facet as an actor came out. It was the first time when Bollywood industry experienced a Sci-fi movie. The film broke all the records till then. It became the biggest. And after this movie, Hrithik never looked back. He is still standing tall. He has delivered Krrish, Dhoom 2, Jodha Akbar, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. AGNEEPATH is getting added in the list very soon. :-) He is the only actor from all the actors who debuted after 2000 who is being compared with Three Super-Khans. He is the only one whom people trust after them. Hrithik's dancing style haven't become boring still. People still wait for a new dance number of Hrithik Roshan. I, personally, wait for every award function and hope that Hrithik will be performing in the end. But, to my bad luck, he doesn't. He performs very less and this is my complain. Are you listening, Hrithik?

             At the age of 17, Hrithik was asked to stop dancing because of Knee problem but Hrithik didn't. Today, he is the only actor whose dance is being talked of. He used to stammer but he practiced so much that you can't make up that he is a stammering guy when you see him talking on stage. He still practices for it everyday. Even I used to stammer as I had a big fear in facing others but after knowing this about Hrithik Roshan, I started working on it and today, I score Highest marks in class whenever I give a presentation. I never danced till 1999, but 2000 had something else in it. It had Hrithik Roshan. :-) Seeing him, I thought lets try to shake legs and I have given 3-4 stage performances till now. :-) I have taken a lots of inspiration from this man. Hrithik is seriously different and super-class. He has never disappointed any of his fans through his activities in real life. He has stood high and this is what I respect most about him. In 2006, when ORKUT erupted as a revolution, Hrithik Roshan was announced as the actor who was used most as the Profile Picture of Orkut users. :-) Even, I used to put his pictures which he got clicked for the ambassadorship of Provogue and John Players. :-) I have been lucky in getting Hrithik Roshan's reply when I sent him a compliment for giving me a good film like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara-

            In last 3 years, no movie has been successful in driving me crazy about it except Dabangg. As soon as the first trailer of the movie released, I don't know why but I wanted to see it as soon as possible. I saw it with my parents and whistled throughout. The only movie which has been successful in delivering enough quality to impress me after Dabangg is Agneepath. The trailers of the movie is driving me crazy. I am counting days every day and checking newspapers daily to see if the Advance booking has started or not. I have already asked my parents to watch the movie with me. They have agreed. And after last two solo flops- Kites and Guzaarish, I want Hrithik Roshan to break all the records this time and come back with a Superb Entry in 2012. :-) 

           Today is his Birthday. Many Many Happy Returns of the day to you, Hrithik Roshan. You have been my Favorite and I hope, you will remain to be. :-)