1 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

And the Nation is celebrating Girlfriend's Day!!!

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Well, while reading online articles I landed upon one which made me know that today National Girlfriend's day is being celebrated. That means all the desi girls can actually loot their boyfriend on the name of this day meant only for them. And the great thing is that they are not sharing it with girls of any other country. So it's really special for them to make you spend ample on them and still hear in the end that she would have preferred your time more than this expensive gift. But in case you would have given her your whole day and not a gift; there would have been a complaint that her BFF's boyfriend have given her a good transparent top while you have given her nothing except a day in the city where she had to deal with potholes every time your bike struggled to pop out of it.

These days, if a boyfriend has cash in his pocket, he will find more girlfriends than Pokemon while walking on road. Recently, a mall got inaugurated in my neighborhood and I was very proud of it as my town will be known for something. I went to visit it and saw many excited girlfriends showing their dominated half the new multiplex, food joint, coffee shop etc. They were very specific about visiting this mall again and again so that their boyfriends get a chance to spend on them and they can be called a good girlfriend forever for being so lovely that a boy is ready to spend his hard-earned money on her without thinking twice.

The other day I was talking with one of my friend and asked him if he has some account or policy where he invests his money. The topic arose as the period for filing income tax returns is going on. He told me that he can't afford to deposit even 1000 bucks in a policy as he is unable to save anything because of low salary scale. I then asked him how was his date with his dominating half and he told me that his weekend was made. I asked him about the hotel they dined at. And then hisaab-se, I asked him how much was the bill as even I am wanting to visit that restaurant and he replied,"1500". That was it! I knew this guy does not need a life insurance as he will die from these expenditures even before having a family. So it's better not to have insurance than having it with no one's name in the nominee section.

Even I have had pleasure of having few girlfriends in life. Well, didn't the last sentence sound like a playboy trying to flaunt his skills? When I say few, I mean many girlfriends for like limited hours each because of my talent of saving money at every other stop. I am that guy from Ola advertisement who counts the per kilometer expenditure on his girlfriend and then compare it with other continuous budgeting events of day to day life. Even that ad got banned on Youtube before the broadcast on television! I know a girl who used to always show topless pictures of her boyfriend in gym with those 6 packs abs which looks like multiple car tyres kept over each other. And then one day he ditched her for some another girl who was less pretty than her. And she shouted from the rooftop to almost everyone in her social circle that he's a gay and therefore he goes to gym regularly as he gets to see many half-nude guys over there. Well, on this note, a very HAPPY GIRLFRIEND's DAY to all the committed girls out there. Without you, we would have been unable to learn what NOT TO DO in Life. We Love You!



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