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1500* BLOGS in 2589 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1500th BLOG POST -->>

1500th BLOG POST 

In the world of noise, chaos and screaming, we close your eyes. We sit with a posture and chant one mantra for a long time without thinking about anything that troubles us. Mind fluctuates in the beginning but after some time, the stability becomes the regularity in the composure and we attain the energies that we never knew stayed with us since our existence on this planet. The habit of doing this is called Meditation and we never skip after getting to know its effect in our otherwise chaotic and disorganized life. The moment when we are meditating, we are in quest of nothingness in our mind so that we can hear the inner voices and nothing else. 

Similarly, 7 years ago, one day, out of my chaotic and disorganized schedule, I found little time to understand how can I share my thoughts with my friends and came to the conclusion that I will create a Blog to write my day to day events. With time and maturity, I started sharing substantial articles, reviews, self-help posts etc. The moment whenever I am writing a blog post, I am in the same state of meditation as I am away from the chaotic thoughts that generally keep interrupting my mind each second. I go into the mode of nothingness where a nice vacuum gets created in my mind out of which the stories start getting formed one after one which in turn gives birth to a new BLOG POST.

When I begun writing blogs, I didn't have any ambitions through it except a will that I would never stop what I have started and it would be remembered as the longest marathon ever run by one of the Indian Bloggers in terms of the duration and frequency of posts. It has taken me 7 years to reach to my 1500th Blog Post which is a dream for any blogger to continue writing these many articles. Being a student for 6 years and a corporate employee from last 1 year, there were challenges to take out time to update my Blog after the hectic daily routine but the quest to achieve something out of the residual life which does not even get counted in life of an average human being, I wrote this blog sometimes even at 3 AM. There have been times when I have woken up at 4 AM to write something which makes sense to the readers only when they read it first thing in the morning. I have never woke up this early for exercising, studying etc but I did it for this medium even when there are no monetary benefits out of this. It is just a passion that has never let me sleep if there have been something in my mind which was still not in a Blog Post. 

And as it is said almost everywhere right from our Holy books to motivational books to spiritual books, if you do something with all your heart, you will eventually get success or fruits from it. But the main motive should be to do something selflessly with pure honesty. I can say it for my Blog that I have never cheated or fooled my readers or any publishers/authors for whom I write. This Blog then gave me so many gifts in life that sometimes when I sit alone and think about this odyssey, I just can’t believe that a medium which got birth just for the sake of letting my friends know my update had such secrets hidden in it. There are several instances where Bloggers have mailed me to ask how to convert their Blog into something like mine so that it becomes popular and readers’ favorite. I have never been able to reply to these mails as I am still ignorant how did this Blog think of gifting me so very great moments in life that can never be forte of a common man just like I was/am. 

Today I meet celebrities not like their fan but as someone whose portal can fetch them more benefits and therefore they talk in order to request me something rather than me asking them for an autograph or selfie. I get mails from authors who are known for not replying to their fan mails and messages. I get so many great books to read from the publishers who generally don’t care about human feelings when it comes to selecting manuscript of an unknown personality. And recently, my designation at my organization got changed because of this Blog. Yes! You heard it right. Even this did happen and to my surprise, I am no more a Software Tester for which I planned for 2 years to be the one and 6 months in preparing for it. My employer incidentally went through my blog and asked me to do certain tasks that he felt someone with skill set of a Blogger can perform in the organization and changed my designation to a Business Analyst who prepares documentation after gathering client’s requirement and does all the interactions in a Software project life cycle. I still do not know the eligibility or basic requirements of this Designation but I am playing this role in an organization because of this medium. 

What more can I say about the wonders that this blog have done to my life. Even now when I look back and think if I deserve what I have gotten from this Blog, I only get a negative answer. I still do not have any target from this Blog which I can announce today and promise my readers that I shall achieve the same in next few months/years. But I am sure that my life would be changed many a times again because of this medium. If I take out the moments I have rejoiced because of this medium, my life is not even what a normal student/employee leads. It has been a big bore and worthless. Whatever little worth I have in the institutions and works that I have been associated with is because of the image and personality that this Blog makes people to create about me. Otherwise I have still seen only 1% of what learned men call “world”. 

I am in midst of several emotions that are going in my heart and mind while writing my 1500th Blog Post. The fraternity of Bloggers may not hold me as someone who has a great literary value but few people who believe in me will definitely stay with me for many years to come because they know how this medium have fledged from a teenager’s cry to self-help posts to opinions about books and movies. I will always respect my readers for giving me time to develop and they still keep reminding me about the genres that I have still not tried on my blog. I feel blessed that people who have never met me are concerned about my versatility and success. What more can a middle-class boy dream of? On this 1500th Blog Post, I would like to congratulate my readers because it is result of their patience that someday I would fulfill their requirement by writing a perfect Blog Post which they have been waiting for since joining the medium. Please stay by me as this 15th Century is not the end but just another landmark which have gotten achieved because of the chemistry that you and I share. And I will leave saying what I always say, “Your Support is My Success”.




1499th BLOG POST -->>

Life is a continuous process which never stops and you never get a break from it. Meditation allows you to take a little break from the chaos of life but still, there is no run away from life. Life is one of the serious issues of our existence yet many of us end up avoiding it until it becomes a mean of survival for us. Living should never get converted to surviving ever. Your living style should only get mooted to super-living and mega-living levels. There are many ways and lifestyle that leads you to that position where minute details aren't interrupting you from living a happy life but reaching to that stage is in itself a big parameter to activate for yourself. We know the methods and ways out there but we are not ready to take the path. The conscious does not allow us to leave our premises and go out the barriers which kept us safe all this while. And because of which we keep getting submerged in our past and not even the present. 

When I say past, it is not the good ones but the bad ones indeed. No one likes remembering good things that one achieved or lived in previous years of life but everyone remembers only the seconds that caused them pain. Many people end up living their whole life cursing that shit which took place with them. I hear so many friends asking about why that particular thing happened with them at that course of life when everything was great with them. They have this assumption that if that particular event would not have happened with them that successful streak of their life would have still continued even after so many years and that particular unfortunate event took away the positive flow in which they were moving ahead.

Many people are still living in quest to receive answers for those events that went wrong and are not out of it even when great opportunities are lying around them. A person who was expelled from the last job due to politics isn't concentrating in the new job at MNC which can lead him to the places because he is still stuck in the question about what his boss must be thinking about him then and right now. A student who failed in one difficult subject last semester isn't concentrating on 5 easy subjects of this semester because he is still in depression about why examiner passed another friend of his and not him even when he wrote better answers with explanations. A lover is still thinking about his previous partner about what led him/her to leave him/her rather than concentrating and giving the best to the current relationship where the partner is ready to die for him/her. 

Why are we always in the quest to get answers of the things that is already a part of our past? Why don't we believe that it was a mystery which will remain unsolved and we shouldn't waste our time in analyzing what happened because of which uneventful happenings took place? It's time to stop searching answers for the soul because even soul is wanting to get liberation from our stale and dead thoughts. It wants to get absorbed in these new struggles of life and wants to get passed or failed in it to grow our personality from what it is today. Let past remain in past and let's not dig it again and again to hurt ourselves more and limit the pleasures that life is awaiting to give us. Throw all those stuffs, photographs, things etc that haunts you again and again and takes you back to your life that is nowhere close to today and things that can affect your today. Some questions are not to be answered but to be forgotten to get answers of many unasked questions. :-)


30 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Y Films' Sex chat with Pappu & Papa: Sex education in style!!! ***½

1498th BLOG POST -->>

Y Films! have made a great entry in the world of web-series with their shows- Band Baaja Baaraat, Ladies Room, Man's World and now "Sex chat with Pappu & Papa". Though I won't say that it's a very out of the world stuff but it's something that's needed in today's India where ultimately, parents will have to come out of that shy world and explain their kids about sex rather than making them learn it through Internet and friends and knowing things wrong for a long time. In the first episode of this web-series, when the child asks his father about what masturbation means and father starts explaining him, as a viewer, I did feel awkward about it but with time, I understood what's actually it is conveying. 

This has been the missing element between the talks of parents and children in our country. Every time, child asks a question related to sex, parents only fool them by giving some weird answers rather than actually teaching them properly about what the "word" means. This series show it perfectly how with examples, the words can be explained to the children without actually generating awkward between both the generations. The writers- Gopal Datt and Devang Kakkad have done a wonderful job in scripting all the 5 episodes and keeping them of limited time as that's what web-series is all about. The director, Ashish Patil's work, is also good enough. 

All the casting is perfectly done and it's wonderful watching each of them in their role. Talking about the not-so-good points of the show, I would say that grandfather's interruption between the father and son's conversation only irritated the viewers rather than making them laugh and enjoy the same. Also many jokes seems to be forced which doesn't suit the flow of the good dialogues. Rest I would love to watch the 2nd season and expect writers and director to do it more perfectly next time. But still, this is one of the most refreshing and recommended web-series. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.


29 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

03:02 by Mainak Dhar (Book Review 4*/5) !!!

1497th BLOG POST -->>

When I received this book titled "03:02" written by Mainak Dhar and published by Westland Publishers, I was surprised what it would be actually about. And then I read the synopsis and couldn't understand what the book is seriously about except that at 03:02 AM, the city of Mumbai suddenly went black with no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars just as if civilization was taken away from the human beings. But what is the reason for the same and how the city will overcome against it was a big question mark for me. As I began reading, I was impressed with the way the story begins and author directly comes on the topic and the city gets dark in the first few pages itself. The book becomes very slow after that as without giving us the reason of this unexpected and unbelievable circumstance, author just keeps on talking about how everything have just stopped all of a sudden. 

At this point, I had decided that the book is not getting anything above 2.5 stars from me but finally the reason is told to us. Though very less understandable to us and eventually we get to know that a big terrorist group has invaded the city with all its forces. And then there is our protagonist who is helping the people in his residential complex and around it just like Akshay Kumar does in the movie "Airlift". And when he comes to know about the terrorist group and how he will have to fight it with leadership, courage and conviction, he just stays positive throughout and starts managing things with the little resources and manpower that he has. 

The writing style of the author is very superb considering the command over the language and the narration style. Even the plot is so fresh and research-oriented, author haven't complicated the narration by streaming the timeline up and down like many other authors and confusing the reader. Even the vocabulary is simple which helps you to keep reading this book in a good speed with a flow. He has written things so brilliantly that you feel that everything is real and you even imagine it happening around you. It becomes scary after a while and I had to go for short walks outside to come out of that state of scary situation. The characterization is also nicely developed which makes you understand the background and mindset of each and every character involved.

Talking about the drawbacks of the book, the first 70-100 pages aren't much interesting as author gets stuck in that one situation itself to build the premises. It could have been easily cut short down. I also feel that the book needed a lot of editing as the whole story could have been summed with the same effect in 50-60 less pages. Well, the climax is nicely written and the way book ends leave you with a wide smile than teary eyes as I expected it to end. I give this book 4 stars out of 5. I would have given it 4.5 easily if it would have been slow in terms of taking the story further. I would like to read more from Mainak Dhar in future. 


26 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Second Lives by Anish Sarkar (Book Review- 3.5*/5) !!!

1496th BLOG POST -->>

The thriller genre is finding too many takers in the Indian publishing world currently as foreign authors are been challenged at the Bestseller's List. I am getting lots of good thriller to read these days even when the famous thriller writers, Ravi S and Ashwin S, are not releasing their books since last few months. I completed reading Anish Sarkar's Second Lives this week which is published by Westland Publication. This 350-pages book is definitely a page-turner and keeps you hooked throughout. The writing style of Sarkar is wonderful which keeps you intrigued and you want to finish the book in the single reading. Actually in this case, I would suggest the readers to not take too many breaks while reading this book as you might end up getting confused between the several murders that happens in the story.

The characterization of all the 5 friends is wonderfully done by the author and you can relate with each one of them. I also liked author's idea of writing chapters in first voice of each of the 3-4 main characters. Though it became confusing at times about whose version I am reading but still writing a thriller with this perspective is surely commendable. Author reveals half-story of any scene initially and later on discloses the whole thing which keeps the reader excited about anything might get disclosed now. Same feeling that we get while watching the Bollywood's Race series. 

The biggest problem with this book is its predictability in the 2nd half. You almost understand what will happen next if in case you have read many thrillers. I never like when a new character is introduced in the end and given the whole attention all of a sudden and a thriller where we have kept guessing the murderer among the central characters. Like it happened in Novoneel's latest The Stranger's Trilogy. In the pre-climax, a new character is introduced and defined as the Mr. X all of us have been guessing while reading the story. It takes away the interest of the reader that the book has been getting right from the first page. Also I didn't like how each of the character ends up having affair with some character who gets revealed to be the partner-in-crime later on or a part of the story. But still this book is worth reading. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.



Review Happy Bhag Jayegi: 2nd half ruins the movie!!! *½

1495th BLOG POST -->>


While watching Mohenjo Daro and Rustom in cinema hall, the trailer of Happy Bhag Jayegi was played several times that it made me watch the movie eventually. I had high expectations because of the trailer, the actors and the name of Aanand L Rai associated with the film. The films begins wonderfully showing Jimmy Shergill dancing on the stage as a tribute to his idol, Sunny Deol, while his soon-to-be-bride, Happy (played by Diana Penty), runs away for her boyfriend played by Ali Fazal. The situation becomes tricky when both the boys come to know that Happy is with none of them and they do not know where actually she has fled away. Happy, by the time, lands up in Pakistan at Abhay Deol's home who is son of an influential minister. 

And the film begins exactly from here. It is funny at many places but the problem lies in the screenplay. Because of too many sub-plots, film is unable to portray itself as wonderfully as it could have. The banters shown between both the countries is funny and does not insult our neighbors constantly like it's been done in many other patriotic movies. The whole premise is nicely set in first half but too much of running here and there in second half kills the soul of the movie. Just because the title of the movie has the word "Bhag", it does not mean that justifying it should become the sole purpose of the writers and the makers.

The dialogues are funny at times which keeps the interest in the movie alive. The songs are just okay but forgettable. Talking about the performances, Jimmy Shergill is playing what he plays in Tanu Weds Manu series and totally justifies his character. Abhay Deol has also returned back with a bang and gives a great performance just like the movie Ranjhanaa. Diana Penty is only beautiful in the movie and does not suit in this loud punjabi character that she plays. Her dialogue delivery is very bad; the same problem that Deepika Padukone had in her initial phase. Ali Fazal is just for filling the blank spaces in the movie and doesn't lighten up a single scene. Momal Sheikh looks beautiful and you might end up having a crush on her dynamic personality. I give this movie 1.5 star out of 5. 



Review: A Flying Jatt: A Spoof of itself!!! ½

1494th BLOG POST -->>


There are sometimes when someone has a dream project in mind which he/she believes to execute once they will have enough resources to do that. Same seems to be the case with the film- A Flying Jatt directed by Remo D'Souza. It seems as if Remo always wanted to make a movie on Superhero and therefore without having any kind of script or something related to that, he just went on making this badly executed Superhero movie which shamelessly plays for next 2.5 hours like a spoof of itself. In the quest of trying something new in the genre by showing the protagonist scared of heights and dogs and still being a Superhero who flies only at the height of 10-15 feet from the ground, he ends up riding too much upon such kind of silly jokes. 

The formation of a normal clueless boy into a Superhero has been described so minutely in the first half of the movie that at one point I felt that at the end of 2.5 hours, the Superhero will finally emerge on the screen with the caption- "To Be Continued". The way power is been given to him, the way costume is designed for him, the way he starts flying outside and helping others etc is given too much screen time than the main plot of the movie. Also, this movie tries to be too preachy in the 2nd half which kills the interest to watch it anymore. It looks like an advertisement of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and many Modi-haters might end up saying that Mr. Narendra Modi have invested in this project to promote himself. 

Even the climax is so silly that I do not believe that even kids would love it. The VFX is so bad that you'll want to ask the makers what made them release this scene even after seeing how badly executed these scenes look on the screen. Talking about the performances, Tiger Shroff have tried very well to execute things but it seems director asked him to over-act in this movie as every actor needs a movie in his initial phase which can be referred as the one in which he over-acted. Jacqueline is totally wasted. She is only for the songs and that little love angle that is added in the movie. Gaurav Pandey is okay. Amrita Singh has again played a loud Punjabi mom character just like 2 States. So nothing new even here. Nathan Jones looks stupid in each and every scene. Kay Kay Menon has also walked sleepily in this movie that makes a total fun of itself in each and every scene. Just avoid this stupid Superhero movie like we avoided Drona. I give this movie 0.5 stars and I do not know for what. 


15 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

How we can contribute to the nation's glory!!!

1493rd BLOG POST -->>

We are celebrating our Independence Day today which is a great patriotic feeling for each one of us as we remember the great freedom fighters who fought for the independence selflessly. Because of their efforts and courage and our soldier's bravery at the border, we are enjoying our lives with great liberty. Our nation is one of the biggest democracy in the world and that's another reason to be very proud of who we are. Last midnight, I was awake to watch Dipa Karmakar's Olympic's event. She was in the final and we had great expectations from her to bring home a medal. Unfortunately, she was pushed below in the ranking table by the next two competitors who played after her. But while watching that game and thinking of what she might do for the nation, I came across a thought that made me think a lot.

Dipa Karmakar started showing her interest in gymnastics when she was just 6 years old. Did she take this decision at 6 years thinking about how she is going to represent the country at the world level tomorrow? No! It was just a pure interest in a game like any other child. It is only her commitment in the game that brought her so far in the right direction that she ended up in a final competition of Olympics tournament.

We always think what can we do for the nation so that we can feel proud of ourselves. But then we conclude it with the thought that neither we are in the army nor in the Indian cricket team to do something so let's skip the thought. Politics does not even come in mind because of the image that today's leaders have created otherwise we would have skipped even that idea considering our negligence of interest towards that direction. But every day, in our routine life itself, we have great opportunity to serve our nation by doing nothing extra not even for a second. 

We always remember APJ Abdul Kalam as one of the best presidents our nation ever had. He was never a political leader but a scientist. Because he excelled in his field that he was given this responsibility of serving the nation as president. Even if he would not have accepted President's position, his work would have always been mentioned in India's development in the field that he worked in. Our intention should always be the same. We should try to excel in our studies or job or passion. This directly or indirectly brings glory to our nation. Suppose if in an IT industry, you are a developer/tester and the client is from some other country. If we are working sincerely with a positive attitude, the project will get implemented in another country. The amount for which will get deposited in an Indian account. Indirectly, just by doing your job for earning your salary, you have resulted in some amount being getting deposited in Indian bank and the Indian IT industry got little better.

We never know how our work can benefit our nation but it does. My example was very plain and simple but whatever we do, it results in something better for our country. Hence, we should never consider our self unpatriotic or useless when it comes to country. All of us are a part of it and our contribution matters. No one might compliment us for our performance but we should know that we are doing it for ourselves and the country. So let's try being the best in the field that we are working in so that like Dipa Karmakar and Sachin Tendulkar, even we can bring glory to our nation globally, directly like them or indirectly. :-)

A very Happy Independence to all!!!



Review: Mohenjo Daro: A fine attempt!!! ***

1492nd BLOG POST -->>


Mohenjo Daro is another movie that was awaited since its announcement. And when we talk about Ashutosh Gowariker, there is always high expectations from him. He has given Bollywood some of the best modern classic movies like Lagaan, Swades, Jodha Akbar etc. Hrithik's involvement in his film raises the expectation more than the double because he is one of the most hard-working and inspirational actor in today's time. For Mohenjo Daro, the makers had a lot of money out of which they had an opportunity to create something very epic like Baahubali etc. After watching the movie, I do feel that the effort has been put but somewhere, they couldn't hit the jackpot with the kind of resources they had.

The movie begins slowly and takes it time to develop the momentum. Only after Hrithik reaches Mohenjo Daro and meets the girl he likes does the story moves ahead. Till then, its very slow which has always been the drawback of Gowariker's movies. He does not keep the things paced and fast. He likes to move slowly with the main plot and takes a lot of time in building the premises. It worked with Jodha Akbar, Swades etc but it doesn't look great every time. The story really begins in 2nd half when all the fighting, actions and revelations take place. The concept that Ashutosh built himself of how people must have been living during 2016 BC and what actually must have happened that Mohenjo Daro got destroyed is brilliant. The only problem is that it has several references from previous Bollywood movies because of which it didn't seem to be new by any means. 

The set is grand and the VFX is fine. If VFX could have been handled little more passionately, the movie would have looked much grandeur than now. Hrithik Roshan has given his soul to each and every scene and it shows on the screen. There is no complaint from him except that he should ask for few changes like other superstars according to himself. Pooja Hegde is not up to the mark which is another reason why the movie looks dull whenever she is involved. Kabir Bedi, Arunodaya Singh and other supporting casts have also played their parts well. The music of the movie is very soulful and no complains from A R Rehman. I give this movie 3 stars. It is one-time watch.



Review: Rustom: One of the best movies this year!!! ****

1491st BLOG POST -->>


"Rustom" has been one of the most-awaited movies of this year and now that it has been watched, I would say that the wait was worthy enough. This movie is also based upon a true event hence the excitement was above par to know how it has been executed on screen. The director has ensured that the movie is well fictionalized to make it commercial but not letting the soul leave the story. Rustom is about a naval officer who finds that his wife has been cheating him with his best friend after returning from 3 months long duty. In the rage, he murders his friend. And then later on, a scam gets introduced which gets integrated with this whole event. Also, court proceedings take place as Rustom surrenders to the police right after killing his friend. 

The screenplay of the movie is very gripping and holds the audience together. The writer hasn’t wasted time in coming to the main point of the story. Right from the 1st scene, the movie stays focused on its topic and doesn’t lose its momentum by showing some not-so-important sub-plots which generally happens in Bollywood. The songs are also inserted carefully which doesn’t let the pace of the story-telling get effected. The dialogues in the movie are also powerful. The court scenes are nicely done with a pinch of humour. They have maintained a nice decorum during these scenes. All the characters are also nicely used in the movie without unwanted addition to confuse the audience.

Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar looks great in the navy uniform. His spine is straight throughout the movie which speaks about how the actor wanted to not commit mistake while playing such a strong character. This is the performer in Akshay Kumar that we always wait to watch and thankfully, he is giving a strong movie each year since last 4 years now. Ileana D’Cruz looks very charming, beautiful and elegant on screen. I have never found her this beautiful before. Rest, all the supporting casts have also done very well. The music of the music is also soulful. Specially, the song “Tere Sang Yaara”. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5. Definitely, watchable. 



Review: BUDHIA SINGH BORN TO RUN: An inspirational movie!!! ***½

1490th BLOG POST -->>


Budhia Singh- Born to Run's trailer was so brilliant that I do not think anyone would not have wanted to watch it. And as it is inspired from true events, it became a lot more excited for someone like me who loves watching such movies. It’s the story about 5 years old boy who completes running 65 kms in 7 hours approximately which results in vindication of his name in Limca’s book of record. Later on, government puts a ban on him for running in any kind of marathon and his coach is murdered. Now much of this is fiction and how much is fact is questionable but movie keeps giving you thrill and goosebumps. 

Director have kept the movie very paced, fast and to-the-point which does not let you get bored otherwise it could have become very plain as movie does not have much in its plot except the base story. Right from the 1st scene to the end, you are hooked to the screen which is enough to determine that the movie is well-made and entertains the audience. The dialogues are powerful. It was also necessary as for a strong story, one needs strong dialogue to project the conversations. 

Talking about the performances, Manoj Bajpayee has shown a strong commitment towards playing this character. He looks so believable that you can’t take eyes off him. The dreams and hope that he shows in his eyes for the boy to qualify in 2016 Olympics is beyond acting. He has just imbibed the whole story in himself. The boy who plays Budhia Singh i.e. Mayur Patole also justifies his role very well. He actually looks similar to the real Budhia. The way he shows commitment on his face to run until asked to stop is also clap-worthy. Overall, this is a movie to be watched without giving 2nd thought. I give it 3.5* out of 5.



Review: Fever: Very poor script!!! ½

1489th BLOG POST -->>

FEVER: 0.5/5

When I saw the trailer of "Fever" starring Rajeev Khandelwal and not-much-seen-yet-everyone's-favorite Gauahar Khan, I was very excited about the movie as I felt it would have something new. But just 20-25 minutes in the movie and I realized what kind of mess I have landed myself into. The story begins by showing us how Rajeev Khandelwal meets with a car accident and loses his memory. He only remembers that someone named Rhea has some important part in his life. Later on we get to know that he was a contract killer and an assassin. The biggest problem with the movie is that the plot becomes so ambitious for the writer that he keeps screwing it with each scene by complicating it as much as possible in the name of thriller.

The three actresses in the movie keeps disappearing after every other scene which becomes so irritating that you wish to contact writer and ask him what made him sketch such characters who do not have prominent role in the story. Rajeev’s character is been tried to be shown like a Bond who is killing people and enjoying with multiple women on bed. The sex scenes are sensually directed and it seems director enjoyed only while directing this part of the movie.

Talking about the performances, Rajeev Khandelwal will always want to forget this movie. His acting is very plain throughout and you won’t relate to any of his emotions. Credit goes to weak script too. Gauahar Khan looks confused. Rest, the foreign actresses are very weak in their performances. The background music is fine. One song is soulful- “Mile Ho Tum”. Rest, this movie is surely not a thriller. Please do skip it. I give it 0.5 stars out of 5.



Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit (Book Review-2.5*/5) !!!

1488th BLOG POST -->>

I had read Varsha Dixit's Right Fit Wrong Shoe more than 5 years ago and since then I didn't get any chance to read other novels that she published in between. I finally laid my hands up on her latest release named "Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right". The cover page of the book is very appealing which might result in the sales of this book. When I read the 1st book by Varsha Dixit, I got very confused as I was new to fiction reading and remembering the multiple characters just tired me as a reader. Comparatively, I found this book very sort out and easy to read. The characters are nicely built though few of them aren't used the way they could have been like Aditya’s.

Varsha Dixit’s narration is very simple and she does not believe in complicating things for the reader. Right from the first chapter, you will find the series of the scenes and sub-plots well organized which makes pace of reading faster and gives the reader momentum. The characterizations are well done as I have mentioned in the first paragraph itself. The biggest hurdle for this book has been its predictability. A reader, at every step, will understand what is going to happen next. And too much time has been spent in things that should not have been described that minutely and descriptively. 

The love angle is beautifully managed except the predictable part. I also liked the initial few chapters where Gayatri is trying to be comfortable with a character with which she has bad equations because of something she tried to do to spoil her married life earlier. The recovering phase is also narrated nicely after Gayatri got attacked by few men on a dark road. Overall, this book is a light read which can be done in a sitting or best, carries with you while traveling. I give this predictable story an average 2.5 stars out of 5 as it has nothing new to deliver but is still a time-pass read. 



7 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

A Friend To All Is A Friend To None!!!

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It’s first Sunday of August and everyone is celebrating Friendship Day. I believe if it’s been celebrated then we should be hanging out with our friends somewhere but as I am sitting at home and writing this post on an active Sunday evening tells how great friend I am for people who know me. Haha! Friendship is the only power that keeps powering an individual to stay happy whenever he finds his life in trouble or depression starts creeping in. You need friends around you who understand you very well so that in situations when you are clueless which way to move, they hold your hand and show you the real path. In my life, it has happened several times when I was doubtful about my next step and didn’t want to discuss the same with my parents, a friend helped me to understand my priorities and get my decision right.

The problem with us that we aren’t making friends and cherishing friendship with them but just collecting friends these days by adding as much in our list as possible. I see some of my friends who keep stopping their bike after every 5 meters because they meet one of their so-called friends. And when I ask them not to stop for each one of them, a reply I get is “Abey tu nahi samjhega dosti kya hoti hai. Ye sub karna padta hai”. And whenever someone uses this word “Padta”, I understand how much genuine the act is. Anything that makes you do something and you do not want to do it isn’t something that’s coming right from the heart. Isn’t it? Our attitude should always be to have few friends but of such quality that they are right with you when you need an opinion as your brain isn’t functioning in its best manner.

These days’ people end up calling even their colleagues as friend. Just because you are having your tea breaks and abusing the organization with someone, the person does not get promoted as friend in your life. Will that colleague take leave when you would be requiring him for a day? I have recently seen how people didn’t take half-day leave for an ex-employee’s marriage that they called their friend. Such fast-paced announcement when it comes to friendship should be consciously done as once someone is called a Friend, that person may also begin misusing you. And remember, enemies are always attacking from front. It’s a friend who always backstabs you. A friend is one for whom you do things without thinking about your loss, money or time. And it should be mutual from both the sides, otherwise just like love stories, even such friendships should be ended with a final Full-Stop.

Friendship Day is a reminder for us to remember our friends with whom we are unable to share as much time as before. A call to them or just a message can refresh the communication gap. It can also be a surprise to someone who must be thinking that you have forgotten him/her. Let’s celebrate a Friend with a phone call or an audio message on Whatsapp who is unable to join you for hang-outs and trips because of married, professional or personal responsibilities. Let’s assure him/her that we are still with them and they can disturb us for help whenever they feel like.

A very Happy Friendship Day to all of you. 



Review: The Legend of Michael Mishra: A wasted attempt!!! *

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When a low-budget movie has starcast of another great low-budget movie, you expect a lot from it. Boman irani and Arshad Warsi played main characters in the hit-movie Jolly LLB. The trailer of “The Legend of Michael Mishra” shows both of them again which makes you curious to watch this movie. Unfortunately, this is just opposite of any good film both these actors have done. The whole script is clueless and you do not know where it will lead in the next scene. You know that things are predictable but director trying to pretend that he is going to impress you with upcoming scene keeps failing as the movie progresses. I cannot say that the movie does not have anything new to show because this movie actually has nothing to show.

The director of the movie has given us excellent movie earlier but this one seems to be just a try as he must be sitting idle at home. A tailor who kills a don by mistake turns into a kidnapper. Just before he is about to be caught by police, he meets a girl who says him “Hello”. He falls in love with her and after coming out of prison, goes out to search her. He finally finds her and starts initiating his try on this beautiful girl. She asks him to improve his behavior as her family does not like his rowdiness. He leaves all the criminal activities and goes on the path of improving himself. After he returns back to meet her again, he gets a shock. How that is handled is all about the legendary that Michael Mishra is known for.

This movie does not have even one scene that can make you laugh even after every scene is trying for the same. What can be a bigger failure than this? All the actors do not seem to be interested in acting itself which is enough to tell that the director’s work has been disappointing. The whole Bihari backdrop is also not uses appropriately and you won’t feel as if Biharis are having conversation but someone trying to copy their accent. The only good thing about this movie has been beautiful eyes of Aditi Rao Hydari. Stay away from this legendary stuff. I give this movie 1 star out of 5. One star basically for its little twist in climax otherwise even that’s not worthy of any stars.



Amazing Secrets of the Bhagavad Gita (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

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There are so many books that are releasing these days based on Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata or Ramayana in the author’s own version. I am specifically attracted towards this genre because of my interest of knowing about my religion in the simplest language. I have tried reading the Bhagavad Gita written by some renowned sages but failed to understand the meaning and its implementation in my life which made me buy these books which were written for people of 21st century to understand what the holy book is actually trying to say and how can we implement it in our day to day life. The recent book that I read in the same genre in the quest of understanding my religion better is “Amazing Secrets Of The Bhagavad Gita” written by ED Viswanathan. 

The cover page itself consists of many questions that we have in our mind about our religion and what exactly is the right path to walk upon. And then the book is written answering all these questions. It is narrated as a conversation between Grandfather-grandson where grandson is asking questions about Gita and grandfather answers them all in the easiest possible manner so that the meaning can be understood by the child. The book starts with making us understand the several scriptures present in our religion and how Gita is one among them. The author also tells why Gita is the most referred book and when does it actually occurs during the war of Mahabharata. Who have written the book and how is also told to us. Only after clearing the basics did author move towards the prominent questions directly based on Gita. 

The book is written in a very easy language and author has been successful in making us learn many things about our religion. Many things are covered in this book which makes the reader more than happy as some books are very small talking about only one aspect of Gita. After every topic is covered, author has summarized the main quotes in the end for us to remember them and refer them if in case we do not have much time to read this book again. The author have not written this book in the most popular format of giving the Sanskrit sentence first and then translating it word to word. He has just kept narrating it as a speech which makes it easier to read and understand. I give this book 4.5 star out of 5.



Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod (Book Review-4.5*/5) !!!

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I spent my whole Saturday in reading the debut novel written by Nilesh Rathod named “Destiny of Shattered Dreams”. He is a businessperson, writer and poet. He is also the co-founder of Ensemble Infrastructure India Limited which currently employs over 2000 people. While reading the book, it made me feel that most of the parts are influenced from his real life experiences as the plot of the book is about a middle-class boy who turns into an entrepreneur after which several unfortunate events start taking place in his life because of the decisions he takes. The book is published by Rupa and I feel it is one of their best releases this year in the fiction category. 

Nilesh Rathod’s writing style is amazing and no way has it looked as if a debutante author has written this kind of thriller book. It cannot be called as thriller but it’s a perfect page-turner as events keep unfolding and the reader will remain excited to know what happens in the next page. I liked the pace of the book with which the author has written right from the start to the end. The opening scene shows the protagonist in the jail where he is sharing his life story with the inmates because of which he ended up being behind bars. The story consists of love, romance, ambition, blood, glory, success, failure, politics, entrepreneurship, friendship, philosophy, poetry, marriage, extra-marital affair, depression etc. The first half is more about how the protagonist is forcibly made to invest money in his business from illegal sources because of which he gets affiliated with the corrupted politician. The 2nd half is more about the protagonist’s struggle to clean the image of his company and the insight in his personal life.

The book is exciting and makes you feel for the protagonist who gets trapped in the entire web just because he has an ambition to see his organization succeed and grow. The book tells about how a person gets trapped in the situations even after he knows that it will cause trouble later on but he has no option other than choosing that particular option itself. The last 20-30 pages where the author narrates protagonist’s destiny of shattered dreams brought tears to my eyes and I suddenly started feeling very lonely. The effect that the last pages have done to me is unforgettable and therefore, this is going to be one of the most special books I read. I believe that the author can write great thrillers like Ravi Subramanian. I am just expecting his next to be the same. I give 4.5* to this book. A great book indeed!



4 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Being Salman by Jasim Khan (Book Review- 2.5*/5) !!!

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Salman Khan is one celebrity who has always been in news since his arrival in the industry. Take it for misbehaving with media or his love affairs or the hit-and-run case or the violent behavior with many other colleagues etc. Everyone wants to know why Salman Khan is the way he is. The journalist and producer, Jasim Khan, takes the challenge to tell us why Salman Khan behaves and reacts in a particular manner in this book called "Being Salman". A perfectly-titled book with a good cover page is surely attractive which makes any reader to pick it up even if he/she is not crazy for the actor. Though the pricing is on the higher side but for Salman's fans, nothing matters when it's about their Bhaijaan.

The book begins with history of Salman Khan's family where the author discusses even the past 5 generations of the actor by naming and characterizing each of his great-grandfathers properly and making you understand the background from which Salman Khan comes. The only problem is that this become boring after a point of time as Salman Khan is no where in the picture and the main motive for reading this book is to read as much as possible about the Dabangg superstar. Salman Khan finally arrives at the page no. 70 by the time it's too late but author have managed to keep the readers interested after 4-5 pages and reading about his conducts in school and college is a great read. 

By the time the unofficial biography reaches the point where his filmy career and the events happened after joining the industry is discussed, it seems as if a recap is being given about Salman's life which we have already heard crores of time on news channels and read in newspapers. But the other good thing about this whole section is that author have not sensationalized anything for the sake of making this book interesting but spoken about everything the way it is. The few insights on his court cases were a good read as many untold facts have been told. Rest, I am disappointed because author have not been able to explain why Salman Khan is the way he is. In stead we are told what and who he is which we already know. That is the main reason why this book has not gained from the word of mouth otherwise this could have been a great bestseller as autobiography and biography are doing wonderful these days. I give the book 2.5 stars out of 5. 


3 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

My 1st Job Anniversary!!!

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Last year, on the same day- 3rd August, I joined my very first organization. Today, I have completed one year of job experience and it feels surprising to me that I have crossed all the hurdles that came my way and sustained this job. I always have this negative notion about working in an organization and basically clearing the probation period because I have seen many close people losing their job in this period itself. Hence, while I was on probation for 6 months as Fresher, I used to take every step consciously and any kind of noise would scare me because I would feel that someone is coming to ask me to leave right now as I have not cleared the basic parameters of being a satisfying employee. Psychological issues, you know!

I always wanted to be a part of IT industry. Hence when I was appointed as Quality Assurance Engineer i.e. Software Tester, I was more than happy because I always wanted to get into this profile. The company trusted in me like after 4-5 months and gave me a new Android project which helped me in taking ownership for it and performing like hell to make it a success. It was a challenging period but it helped me grow as an employee. Later on, I was also given tasks out of my profile which taught me more about being versatile rather than cribbing of being given things not specific to my skills. Such tasks are an opportunity for a Fresher to learn and at least analyze the terms that would have never been known to him. I got confirmed on the day my 6th month ended and the confirmation letter was like a letter that proved my worth to me because I never believed that I would be able to handle job pressure though I always fascinated those reel-life roles where the actor plays a hard working corporate honcho. 

I was just counting the total number of bugs that I have found in Software's which were given to me for Testing and it summed approximately around 400 in last one year. Today, I feel nice that I know how a software requirement is given by a client which then gets developed in the brain of a Business Analyst after which developers develop it to make it look in terms with client's requirement and then it comes to Software Testers for assurance that the developed software is of good quality and finally gets deployed on the client's server. Here begins the job of Application Support team who keeps the track of production issues and give regular maintenance and feedback to the client and in case the issue is major, the developers and testers are involved. 

Earlier, this whole process of Software Development Life Cycle used to be just a theoretical first chapter in Software Engineering subject while studying but actually being a contributor to the same in real-world scenario gave me the real pleasure. The first year of job has been a great experience with many challenges which developed my personality a lot. I am aware of the fact that the whole career of mine won't be as mind blowing as the 1st year and there might be breaks, arguments, suspensions, demotions, bad appraisals, extension of probation etc. but I will try to replicate the year for next 30 years that are there for me to bring change in the organizations that I would be working in/for. The targets and goals of organization should become mine if I wish to possess Leadership qualities because my selfishness still comes in between that makes me leave office on time. Haha! Well, on this note, I would ask all of you to wish me for a better career in future. 

Thanks in advance.