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My Classmates!

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           It has been more than 2 years since I am studying. When you stay for a long time, you usually build an unsaid relationship among the people spending time under the same roof for more than 8 hours a day. Even if you do not talk with them, you feel that you possess all of them as they belong to the same space that you proudly deserve. My classmates are quite wonderful in sense that there has been very less differences between me and them. I have always found myself in between different groups at different points of discussion. Few of them do consider me their friend even though we do not spend any time together. This is because an institution makes you love each other by bringing all under the same roof. 

           Going out of this college in few weeks and finding everyone in their unique journey of self-development, I will miss them for few weeks until I do not get new set of friends at my job. Criticizing the system has been done together. Practicals are been executed together. Submissions are done with the help of each other at the end of every semester. Before exams, those final revisions are done with the same friends. Currently, the fight to get employed for an Internship is again been done together. And the way everyone contributes in each others happiness and sorrow is what defines the relationship that you make in the course of time. It's not about getting selfies together, staying for night-outs together, going for hang-outs together. It is only and only about the struggle that you fight with the same people for a long period of time. They automatically become one of the favorite people of your life. 

           Unfortunately, a friend committed suicide this week and we lost one among ourselves. We found it hard to imagine him dead but then the truth prevails and all of us have moved on. Because there's no full stop to struggle. You realize that though we have lost one fighter but still the individual fights are on. There is still time to go before the whole process of holding degree ends. I never knew in the start that this journey of doing MCA will be full of struggles and pain. But the never-ending process of getting grilled in submissions, assignments, unit tests, semesters and revaluation results, you find yourself a stronger person than before. Last week, all of us came in our professional attire as a company was visiting for placement. We got our photo session done. After that, when I look at the picture, I feel that I am going to miss this class no matter how detached and self-oriented I am. Few more weeks and all shall be history. Less time to make this journey more memorable and yes, I have brought my work to a hold to give time to my friends. Amen!



Light Denied by Mangala (Book Review-3.25*/5)!!!

1152nd BLOG POST -->>

        Mangala Nagarajan is one authoress whom I adored since the release of her debut book "Amidst The Tides Lies a Beautiful Island". I was so impressed with the book that I had to rate it 4.25*. She has again got herself self-published but this time with Gargi Publishers. The curiosity to read her 2nd venture "Light Denied" has been on high since its announcement and finally, I can breath sigh of relief. Mangala has a very simple and sober way of conveying her story to readers which reflects innocence in each and every word scribbled. Right from the 1st page to last, you understand the intention of the author and the message she wants to deliver.   

            Light Denied is a trial of Mangala to make the common people understand the plight of people with disabilities. Here, she discusses about a girl "Mukhi" who's blind and can't see since her birth. Her parents offend her every now and then and treats her as a servant. It is her grandparents who understand that Mukhi needs love and she is capable of doing many things but depression has made her under-confident. Her friends help her to grow and show her real talent to the world. To know what Mukhi does in the end and in the process, get the book. :-)

            I liked one thing about the author that she didn't over-exaggerate anything to uselessly generate emotions. She didn't mention a single scene where someone had teased the girl for being blind or disabled(except parents). She has focused just on how a blind girl too has the same emotions as us and how love and support can give a better life to such people. The role of grandma is perfect and that's a memorable character that shall stay with me for a long time. 

            Summarizing, author's narration is very friendly. Book is just 186-pages and hence you can complete it in one sitting. The message that author wanted to deliver has been told well. There are few editing mistakes. But that's always an issue with new and small-scale publishers. Also, I still find author's first book far better than this. It had some really mind-boggling sub-plots whereas this book is very simple in comparison to that. Light Denied is also predictable at most of the times. Cover page of the book is very beautiful and it's something you would like to keep above all your books in the desk. I give this attempt 3.25*/5.


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Ganapati Bappa Morya! Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Ya!!!

1151st BLOG POST -->>

             The roars, sounds, celebrations, prayers, get-together, cultural functions, DJ, dancing, singing, bhajans, keertans, worship- all has come to an end today. Ganesh Chaturthi ends with a high and the festival is going to be missed for next 365 days. Living in Maharashtra since childhood, this festival has become a part of my soul. Though I try to remain away from the celebrations as I do not oblige with the way devotees celebrate a Godly event. The birth of Lord Ganesha is celebrated for 10 days. He is considered to be the most auspicious God in Hindu Literature and therefore worshiped before any God in any festival, function or event. That's his charisma which attracts devotee towards this particular festival. 

          This Ganesh Chaturthi has been very special for me. I am kind of person who loves the four-walls of his bedroom. If anyone tries to excite me by exaggerating a plan of trip, camp, day-out, I am still the least interested person and never ever my nerves ask me to step out and reach destinations that might change my life or its approach. A family friend called us for 2-days celebration of Ganeshotsav at their home. I was skeptic but then I thought, let's do it for a change. And these 2 days have really changed my approach and now I feel I have come more closer to this Festival and whole feeling of getting closer to God and heaven. 

          After that when I returned back home, my mother forced me to visit more paandals in my town. The day was amazing seeing various beautiful and admiring idols of Lord Ganesha. I would like to share few pics of my moments this Ganesh Chaturthi. I am sure that if you aren't Maharashtrian, you will get your tickets booked for 10 days next year. :-)

        I am sure all the Maharashtrians must have got nostalgic and rest would have started thinking of experiencing the festival in the state once. :-) 

P.S.: This was written on the day of Visarjan but unfortunately couldn't publish it because of snags. 



Review: Khoobsurat: Unwanted discipline creates nuisance! **

1150th BLOG POST -->>


          Rekha's Khoobsurat is still remembered. It's fun to watch. Anil Kapoor Production thought of remaking it with Sonam Kapoor and rebuild the magic of the classic. In the process, Sonam Kapoor yet again made fool out of herself. Fawad Khan, being a wonderful actor, got hijacked in a silent role. And Producer is surely going to lose his money as the movie has opened with very less percentage in almost every region. It's a story about a royal family which believes in maintaining discipline and silence. Once they used to be very cheerful but an incident changed the whole modus operandi of their life style. In comes Sonam Kapoor as a physiotherapist for the head of the family and finds it hard to settle her imperfect personality in this disciplinary environment. And now starts the journey of the family finding their lost laughs back and Fawad Khan falling in love with her in spite of being a Prince. Well, a typical Bollywood story, isn't it? 




Review: Daawat-e-Ishq- 2nd Half Disappoints! **½

1149th BLOG POST -->>

Daawat-e-Ishq: 2.5/5

        Daawat-e-Ishq gave me the same feeling that generally, majority of the restaurants give. It started off so well that I thought I am about to watch an entertainer that shall remain with me forever like YJHD and HSKD. But it smelled very nice initially like a delicacy presented to you. But as you begin consuming it, you realize that it's not as good as it smelled in the beginning and you wait to leave the place and come out to try a dessert and leave for home. Any movie, if it gives a wonderful first half, it becomes very necessary to perform better post-interval. Daawat-e-Ishq failed in keeping the curiosity alive in the audience for the second half with its confused writing, bad editing and worst screenplay and comic actions. 


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Beyond Forever..in love by Kiran Joshi (Book Review-2.5*/5)!!!

1148th BLOG POST -->>

       Out of my busy schedule due to the last semester of college, I am getting quite less time to read this month and this shall continue for all the months to come in 2014. Somehow, I am done reading Kiran Joshi's debut 184-pages novel "Beyond Forever ...in love" published by Pustak Mahal/Cedar Books. It is another attempt by an Indian author to write a love story and touch hearts of the audience who believe in simple and heart-touching stories. As a debutant, Kiran Joshi has given a fine attempt which can be kept in consideration that the writing will improve with books to come. Anyone who attempts chick-lit or love stories in India aren't expected to be great writers with their first book and hence I won't be very harsh on Kiran Joshi. Considering her age and experience, it was wonderful to find that the plot of the book had something into it which can keep me excited to read the book till the end of it. 

            Kiran Joshi's writing style is very Indian and simple. You will not run for dictionary even once. If you love teenage love stories then Kiran Joshi might be one of your favorite authors in future. But if you have already progressed and have started exploring other and bigger genres then Kiran Joshi will remain unattended. The story that she has narrated focuses on how Kamna, who is about to turn into a physiotherapist, has already faced harsh truth in love with her ex-boyfriend, Pratik. The experiences she had with him makes her believe that love would be the last thing she would be looking for. However, she meets Varun and finds herself attracted towards him. Later on she comes to know that he is son of one of the richest businessmen of India. What happens next is why this book has to be purchased by you. :-)

           With Kamna and Varun, even other friends are discussed and their character is treated extremely well. If this is how authoress has treated characters in her first book itself, with refinement and exploration, she can develop better characters in her future ventures. I found few drawbacks too: Starting with, I didn't like story to be as simplistic as this. Everything was very predictable from the word GO. Also, there are few grammatical and spelling mistake for which I would like to thrash the publication house. What were their editors doing? But overall, I appreciate that Kiran Joshi didn't drag and stretch the simple story and made it boring. I give this attempt of her- 2.5 out of 5 stars. Specially written for the audience between 15-23 age group.


13 September 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Finding Fanny: Dull, Boring and Unenthusiastic! ½

1147th BLOG POST -->>


          Another movie that is surely going to get critically acclaimed has released- FINDING FANNY. The more power to the film has also been achieved by having Deepika Padukone as its lead actress. Other stars are no less- Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia and the new-age actor, Arjun Kapoor. Film is based in a sleepy village of Goa about which very few know about. Shah is a postman and he shares best friendship with Deepika Padukone who is a young virgin widow whose husband died on the day of the marriage. Dimple Kapadia is playing Deepika's mother-in-law. She has also gone through the same thing which Deepika has but she isn't a virgin. Arjun Kapoor couldn't marry his interest 6 years back and hence, he is back in the village to mend things. Pankaj Kapoor, his father, is a renowned painter and finds Dimple as his new muse. This is the biographies of the 5 main characters in Finding Fanny.

            Right from the start, movie looks so dull, slow and boring that it couldn't excite you. Things take place so slowly that you wish you can fast-forward and watch the climax instead of watching few scenes which have no meaning. There are few scenes which do tell some tale behind it or a story. Dialogues spoken by actors are partially good and partially bad. Bad because they try to sound clever even when it's not required in those scenes. Screenplay is simple which makes it easy for you to understand where the movie is going but still you find it unconvincing because you do not know what the movie wants to speak. I feel that Finding Fanny couldn't deliver its message to me properly or that message wasn't that great/important which I could have appreciated. 

             Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapoor are as always, mind-blowing. Dimple Kapadia is good in few scenes otherwise she is average. Arjun Kapoor has done his job extremely well in this movie. I found him suiting in his character perfectly. Deepika Padukone looks charming and wish if you could have been closer to her. That's the feel given to her character but flat dialogue deliveries makes her acting look boring. Even songs couldn't instill interest in my attitude towards movie. May be I am not that intelligent to understand this film or the genre itself is not anywhere closer to my liking. I give it .5 stars out of 5. 



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Some moments from Fresher's Party!

1146th BLOG POST -->>

              I had got an opportunity to anchor and host the Fresher's Party at my Management college. This has been the 4th time when this opportunity has been given to me. And there's a different fun in hosting Fresher's Party as the new juniors want to get comfortable with their seniors and adapt with the whole culture of the institution. This day makes them feel that their seniors are their friends and not bullies. A host has to play a friendly role throughout so that they feel homely. I tried my best and I do not know if I was successful or not but what I know is, I was asked to host Teacher's Day yet again yesterday which I had to decline because of an event I had to attend. Alas! And thanking the batch of 2nd year who also gave me the privilege of judging the event and shortlisting and announcing the winners for Mr. Fresher and Miss. Fresher. I hope I judged it right. And to see if I made the right students win, I made them host Teacher's Day in my absence. :-) Management, you know. Haha! So here are some pics that shall speak how as an Anchor, I conveyed myself... 

Posing before the event and trying to flaunt my beard

With Sinku Gupta, a guy who performs in almost every College event

Standing with my anchoring partner and a great friend, Vandana Singh

Posing with her....

Listening to our Director, Dr. Henry Babu's speech

Smiling at something my partner has cracked in the name of joke :/

Analyzing someone's performance as I'm also the judge of the event

Questioning one of the Shortlisted Contestants in the Final Round

Now it's turn of my anchoring partner to smile at something I'm speaking

Calling out the names of Shortlisted winners

Standing with Previous Year's Mr. and Miss. Fresher!

With my whole class at the end of DJ Night celebration!

I hope that you would have liked the photographs.


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If FAILED, DO NOT Prove that you deserved PASSING! PLEASE!

1145th BLOG POST -->>

         The result of Semester 4 got displayed a week ago. I was specifically looking forward to it as passing this semester would mean 2 years of MCA completing successfully. I was enough tensed to think anything except I am passing. After entering my seat number in the textbox and clicking on Submit, I got to read that the Seat No. 8881 has passed successfully. What a surprising and cheerful moment it was! Later on the gazette came in college and I saw my marks. It has been the worst of all the 4 semesters I have given but I didn't question them. I know the reason behind the results. It is always a portrayal of what you are. Yes, sometimes results are surely surprising but that happens with scholars and not with mediocre students like us. For our league, it's always greatness to see that at least we have cleared the exam or at most, failed in not more than 1 subject which can be cleared by giving it for re-evaluation. 

           And this time the result has been very strict. Many students have failed as Semester 4 and 5 are as hard as breaking rock with your hands. Before my first paper of Java, I was literally shivering with a realization that I would fail as I knew nothing a night before. I didn't give the subject enough time considering it as the first examination and the last 3 days of Preparation Leave would be for it. But when I opened the notes and found the whole Himalayas been discussed in the syllabus, I considered myself as Fail and even posted it on Facebook. Few motivations and I ended up mugging up all the important points of each topic and somehow passed that subject with 64%. What more could have I demanded? In semester 3, I had said my mother to be ready for 3 KTs but I cleared it with the highest marks ever scored by me in MCA. So that's how results are. You never know what you are and hence you are never asked to evaluate your performance academically and professionally. 

           Every child has an ego which makes him feel that he is one of the intellectual souls in the classroom. But if that would have been true, the TOP 3 ranks would have seen many different names each semester. But you will find the Rankers being the same every time. That clarifies at what position you are. And that's what you deserve with the kind of effort you put in studies. I hardly question my University for the percentage they give me. Yes, I do challenge teachers for the Internal assessment marks because I feel it's always according to First impression created which is wrong. There are few students who take time to develop themselves and they should get their due later on. Also I don't find any difference between students like me and those securing 19 out of 20 marks in each subject's Internals. But you can't question your faculty because it might reflect in more worst Internals in next semester. And that's how you are been crushed by this whole thing called EDUCATION SYSTEM.

         Coming back to my topic of Results:- Whenever a result is announced, it's final. You agree or disagree but that becomes a truth which can not be changed. In front of several high-quality cameras and audience, an umpire gives a silly decision and a player about to score his century goes back to pavilion with a strange look but he does not challenge the decision. But there is always an opportunity to be your dream in the next chance that you would be getting. Start focusing over that than cribbing about what has already happened. I am finding not one but many of my friends massaging their ego by challenging the result of failure this semester. Even those who have passed successfully are saying that they deserved more. You are what your result says and therefore a graph is asked to maintain at home. That shows your rise and fall. 

          If you have score 75% once, that does not qualify you as someone who will always end up scoring 75 or above. You can come down at 55% too. And then the real life starts for you:- to score 75% back and prove yourself that you are still the same person and not someone who found it hard managing with academics. When you write the answer paper, you try attempting all the questions. You even do that. But later on, you forget that almost 30% of paper was attempted in quest of attempting ONLY. You didn't know the answers and you made it in your language. You thought you had fooled the examiner but no, you have not. If you think you deserved First class or Distinction, even after passing give the paper for re-evaluation. Do you have guts? Hahaha! Your silence and unsaid frustration says it all. Stop proving yourself between your friends that you are one of them and not a Failure. Better focus on the next Semester which is more harder and tougher than the previous one. The same ego-massaging story of yours won't be heard again and again. 



Review: Mary Kom: Watch it for Priyanka Chopra's performance! ***½

1144th BLOG POST -->>

MARY KOM: 3.5/5

      From a year and so, the excitement towards the film Mary Kom has been immensely wonderful. The casting of Priyanka Chopra was been appreciated but people were skeptic if she would be able to do that. After Barfi, it was evident that the actress can carry any role but what she has done in this movie can be easily called as one of her best performances. A film that's based on sports need a wonderful actor who can carry out a tough role like this. Priyanka Chopra carries the whole spirit in her body language which makes you feel that you are watching the real MC Mary Kom, the 5 times World Champion in boxing. Film keeps falling flat lot of times but Priyanka with her performance lets you wait for the things to unfold. It wouldn't be something new telling the kind of effort she has put for building herself to suit in this role but her hard work, determination and emotional attachment with the movie can be noticed in almost every scene.      

             Director Omung Kumar has chosen a very difficult topic for his first film for which he should be applauded. Film, in nutshell, can be said to be a fine movie that can not let you say that you are dissatisfied but it also restrict you from calling it a movie that is par-excellent and extra-ordinary. Kumar ensures that the movie isn't 3.5 hours long like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag but in the process, he fails to develop audience's attachment with any particular scene. Movie runs so fast that you are unable to connect with a particular emotion, smile or tears. In the movie, MC Mary Kom goes bald, gets frustrated, falls in love, beats the opponent, plays for her country and does many extra-ordinary stuff but it is shown as something happening next door. That's the problem. And that makes Mary Kom, the movie, not that much of extra-ordinary. Sad!

             Saiwyn Quadras has written a wonderful script that lets you understand the movie without using much of your brain. His screenplay makes it easy for you to relax and watch the movie. Yes, initially few scenes are confusing when the years are rolled further and backward but later on, every thing is fine. I just wished if movie could have been either fully filmy or fully realistic. Director and writer have made few scenes too filmy while few of them, purely realistic. And that is why you get confused what sort of cinema is been shown to you. Songs are beautifully put which does not stop the movie. The emotion of mother is also shown nicely and lets you connect well with this part of Mary Kom more than her passion of boxing. But, the movie serves its purpose well of letting us know how complicated and difficult life of Mary Kom has been. 

             The other star casts of the movie also play their part perfectly. Sunil Thapa as coach sir and Darshan as MC Mary Kom's husband definitely leave their mark upon us. Other Manipuri actors are also sweet and elegant in their role. The head of Boxing Federation also plays a great villain. In all, I just wished if this movie would haveen half an hour longer so that director could have got enough time to develop each scene in audience' heart. It seemed as if he is writing an exam paper that has to be completed in 2 hours. Just that otherwise the movie is surely watchable and one of the best movies made on Sports after Chak De India and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. It can surely be counted in this league of the movies. I give it 3.5 out of 5. 2 stars is for Priyanka Chopra. Watch it for her performance. 


5 September 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Indian Culture too cool to follow blindly?

1143rd BLOG POST -->>

          An uncle whom I knew since childhood recently lost his job. He was about to complete 25 years in the organization but due to the cost-cutting methodology of the company, 15 people were shown the door, uncle being one of them. His daughter and I are childhood friends. I don't even remember since when I know her. That's how long the friendship is. My dad called me to inform regarding this tragic news of him sitting at home at the stage when two of his daughters are almost ready for marriage while a son is still in 7th std. The eldest daughter, my friend, has completed her LAW and is practicing these days. My parents were very sad about the happening and almost all the time went in discussing how will they survive. I just couldn't tolerate the whole thing so I questioned. 

          I asked my father that when my friend has started earning, will not the whole family survive and eat by that income? Talking about the two children who are still studying, they can continue their education from the money uncle would be getting from the company- which would be in lakhs. And suppose even that turns out to be less, education loan is always there. But my parents say that they can not take money of their daughter as our so-called sanskaar says that a girl's money shouldn't be considered as our own. I laughed. I said that if this is the condition, then ask why didn't he save appropriately or why did he produce his 3rd child at the time when he must have calculated that his son will earn only after his retirement. And any unfortunate event related to job happening before his retirement would lead to a great financial crisis.

           My father still kept saying that whatever you say is right but still girl's money couldn't be used at home considering she is going to be some other family's part. How sick is that! And then the argument began. What is the use of culture if its saddening almost everyone attached to it. A culture should be something that brings peace and system in society. But the day you realize the same culture has become a reason of destruction, worries and sorrow, you should remove it or change it. A culture should be made adaptive with times because the world has progressed enough. You cannot always follow something that was created 1000 years back. It's cool that our forefathers followed almost everything that was taught to them by their fathers but it's our time and if we find that we are getting into trouble because of those rules and cultures, it's time to change them.

          If girl's money is the only source of living that it has to be utilized otherwise the family is dying. Otherwise why did you invest so much in your daughter's education? Now when she is standing shoulder to shoulder with boys, you are not letting her help her parents till their last breathe like a son does. Isn't this violation of a person in name of culture? Our parents always keep reminding us of culture whenever we start doing something that is out of box or too liberalized. I don't understand how culture can take away someone's freedom to perform activity of his/her own interest. Indian culture is shameful these days. Dowry, killing girls before birth, giving whole property to boy, spending hefty amounts in wedding, blaming girls for rape, hiding girls in black burkha etc is what Indian Culture is. It has to be changed otherwise tears and painful death are the only gifts you will achieve in the end. That's all.



The worsening relationship of TEACHERS and STUDENTS!!!

1142nd BLOG POST -->>

   It's Teacher's Day. One of the days when we feel both- good and bad. It's always delighting to have a great teacher guiding and teaching us. Seeing our life getting transformed by another human being who looks, talks and walks like us is one of the amazing experiences of life. When a teacher becomes friend and teaches as if we are their own children, we find a God in them. We start respecting every word uttered by them. They become one of the few persons whom we always approach before taking any decision, any life-changing decision. I have seen few people who trusted their teachers more than their family members for the fact that they knew their teacher sees everyone as a developing element and tries to act as catalyst and fasten the process. That's what kind of a teacher everyone of us try finding in our life. 

             You must have heard it from many people that they had some natural raw talent but they couldn't take it as their career/profession because they never got an opportunity to have a wonderful teacher who could shape them into perfectness. A search for a good guide is always on. Before an interview, you wish to have someone whom you can call and get best advises from so that your path towards earning money and building a long-term profession becomes successful. Someone who has become a great entrepreneur always remember the person whom he met first and got all the great keys to reach the highest of the hierarchy. That's how a teacher can mold our life and make us something that even we don't know we have potential of.

                These days the relationship between a teacher and student have become just profit-and-loss statement. I see few of my classmates purposely reaching to teachers every now and then just to develop a rapport. A rapport that would help them fetch great Internal marks which in turn will increase their percentage. And if the same teacher is discussed in group, they never stay back in abusing them. I have found students taking name of teachers without suffixing it with Sir or Mam. Why has this disrespect arisen? It's because the relationship is damn professional and it has nothing to do with spirituality or philosophy of life. No teacher is interested in investing their life for students with no interest in any gains out of it. No student is interested in letting teacher know what problem do they face in their teaching. Hence, this has become a fashion to evaluate teachers. 

            Teaching is a flower and dedication is its fragrance. Until both teacher and students don't let understanding happen between them, they can not benefit out of this relationship which is discussed as the most important aspect in everyone's life in every religious holy book. Right from Mahabharata, Quran, Bible, Bhagawad Geeta, Ramayana etc. In our Hindu scripts, even God is trained by a teacher who becomes a "Guru" for all later on. That's how important Guru, a teacher is. But teachers have themselves stopped realizing it. They feel that their job is thankless but it isn't. They don't know that this generation still possesses a heart which lets a person dwell into it only when it is touched appropriately and kindly. If even a bit of corruption is found, this generation that is too forward and practical does not let the person stay in their heart and mind and treat them just like another entity.

           I wish that this relationship between a teacher and student turns out to be perfect very soon. A certain motivation has to be given to teachers. If they aren't expert in a subject, they should be trained by institution to make them effective for our generation. Until and unless few steps are not taken, the teachers and teaching quality will keep diminishing day by day. I have seen it happening in front of me in last 10 years since I have started understanding these things. With hope and wait, I wish all the teachers a very Happy Teacher's Day. I wish my child would get a great teacher who can develop him/her in a person I would have never imagined to develop them as. :-)