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2011- I Will Miss You Like Hell !!!

            Last Blog Of 2011 -->>

       512th BLOG POST -->>

       One more year comes to an end. The clock has ticked 12 AM and its 31st December, 2011. The last day to fulfill all our commitments we made to complete in 2011. The last day to see whether we have been successful in executing all our resolutions we made on the first day of the year. The last day to check out the number of people we added in our Friend List and the number of people we lost because of our mistakes. The last day to judge ourselves and analyze the growth in our professional and personal life. 31st December is not just partying for me but it's a day which lets me know what I am and what good have I done in my life. Being a 22 years old boy, I am someone who has the best strength and power to bring any task under execution, so its shameful to see sometimes that I missed a very easy thing which I could have done in a mini-second. Its 31st December and I have already scribbled all I wanted to write about myself and my journey in the year 2011 in my personal diary. I have been very active in 2010 and the amount of versatile things I did in that year still remains the best but 2011 has been an example of how I grew in terms of personal life and relations. I have earned a lot this year. Achievements have been equally good but they are not something new which happened to me. 2010 had many new adventures for me. :-) 

         Coming to 2011, let me epitomize the year and write some wonderful things I got to do this year and some beautiful and memorable things I got to witness. 

  • In the month of February, I got my 3rd Semester's result and I cleared all the subjects successfully. But the amount of drop in the Percentage was far below than the result of 1st year Graduation. 
  • The very next day, I won the Traditional Day Contest in my College where I portrayed a Bengali culture. :-)
  • After that, In Sports Day, I won the Carrom Doubles which is the 3rd Award I have achieved in this game of Carrom where I have participated for just 4 times in my life.
  • Then, I played Cricket almost after 7 years and we won the Runner-up position in my college where I was a part in my Class Cricket team. :-) 
  • Then, I was the Captain of Volleyball Team of my class and we won the Runner-up Position in this game too. :-)
  • On the day of College Fest, I had 3 Certificates and 2 Trophies in my hand which is the best performance from me in my life. I was so proud to see the twinkling eyes of my parents when I reached home with these awards. 
  • For the first time in my life, I sang a song on the stage in the Singing Competition where I tried to replicate Himesh Reshammiya. I have never tried singing in my life but just to try something new, I landed here. :-) Everyone enjoyed the funny performance by me. I also sang on the day of College Fest for my seniors as they had their Farewell on the same day. I sang a poem for them which I wrote myself. :-) Everyone liked it a lot.
  • I got my result of 2nd Year Graduation and I managed to jump few percentage more than what I did in my examination of 3rd Semester. :-)
  • I completed 2 years of Blogging in 2011 on the last day of July. :-)
  • In the month of Ramzan, I kept a Roza with my Muslim friends for the first time in my life and I felt quite pure after it. (I regularly fast 1 day/week for Sai Baba).
  • Then, I met Chetan Bhagat in September who has been my idol when I took Blogging seriously and I began creating plot for my debut novel. :-) This is going to remain the most memorable day of my life. It is not easy to meet an idol of yours. Very few lucky people get this opportunity. Thanks God for blessing me. :-)
  • Then, I got my article/opinion published in Hindustan Times for the 1st time. Before this, I had published many articles in The Times of India and once in DNA. It was again a memorable event for me. :-)
  • I submitted the so-called Project to the external guide in my college after struggling for it for months. It has been the most painful journey in college till now. Creating project is not an easy thing and I am still in those bad days when I used to sit with my project group members for 5 hours daily after college. Ufff.
  • I completed 155 Blog Posts this year. Quite less if compared to 2010's 261 blog post but I am happy with this number as this year has been quite busy if compared to 2010. 
  • I have written my 400th and 500th Blog Post this year. :-)
  • I got the number of readers of my blog tripled this year than it was on the last day of 2010. :-) Thanks for the love. :-)
  • The number of celebrities-Actors/Writers who read my blog and complimented it has also got incremented by many times. You can read their words for my blog on Celebrity Reviews page. Link is provided above.
  • In the month of August, I participated in the rally of Anna Hazare in Mumbai and I loved doing this for my country. Fine, I know what happened yesterday in Rajya Sabha and how Bill got postponed for more than 2 months. :-)
  • Recently, I met an author- Sudeep Nagarkar personally in Mumbai. This has been my 3rd Face-to-Face meet with an author after Rashmi Bansal and Chetan Bhagat. Rest, I talk on phone with many writers.
  • I also earned lots of money on Internet in a form of something else. :-) I will not disclose it here. 
  • I have read 30 books in 2011. My target was 50. Sad but still happy.
  • I became friends with my cousin with whom I didn't talked from last 4 years. Finally, everything is well. :-)
  • I have become friends with all my enemies as either I said Sorry or they said Sorry to me. Currently, I just have 2 foes in life, rest, all are friends. WOW !!!
  • In my last semester exam which I gave in November, I took 5 Supplements for a paper. This has happened with me for the first time. Hahaha. I still can't believe this. I hope I don't get a drop only in this subject. Hahaha.
  • Now, one weird achievement- I saw my Indian Cricket Team winning World Cup after 28 years. :-) Ok, yeh to subki common hai. Ignore this. :-)
  • For the first time in my life, I journeyed a distance of more than 1700 KMs in train without my parents or anyone familiar. Did it alone and I'm proud. :-) 
               Currently, I can remember only these many achivements and new things I experienced in the year 2011. There has been many small achievements and experiences but I don't want to share all of them as I am not Sachin Tendulkar about whom you are interested in knowing about. :-) I had few targets in 2011. I achieved many of them. I had a target to finish my 2nd year Graduation without any failure and I did it. I had target of 150 Blog Posts and this is my 155th. :-) I had a target of reading 50 books but ceased at 30 itself. This is shameful. :( I had a target of being friend with at least one enemy and I have been successful in being with more than ten such people. :-) I had a target of winning at least one trophy in college and I won many. Many of these targets have been accomplished in December and I am proud of making the last month of the year as productive as the other 11 months. :-) 

             In 2011, there has been a tragedy in my and my family's life. I lost my youngest Chachaji who was an Engineer in Air-Force Department of India. I can't get out of him and his memories but as it is said, THE SHOW MUST GO ON and hence, I am back on track. He is with me in my heart and I hope he is proud to see me from wherever he is. He wanted only 2 things from me- 1. To be positive in life. 2. To be friends with all. I think I have fulfilled both his wishes he had with me. :-) Love you, chachaji. You are missed by me almost every day. I hope I will make you proud so that you can give a party to all your mates in heaven. :-) 

            Ending with, A Very Very Happy Last Day of 2011 to all of you. This year has been the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. I hope it is the same with all of you. 2011 will always remain as a good memory to me. Love you 2011. I will miss you just as I missed 2010 throughout the year. :-) Last few hours to cherish 2011. Enjoy it. 


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            511th BLOG POST -->>

       For the youth, its Emraan Hashmi for whom they wait for a good and heart-touching song which will cement its position in their Playlist, but for me, its Rajesh Khanna whose songs are a Power and Favorite time pass for me. Every song of Rajesh Khanna is my favorite. Whenever I catch a glimpse of his songs on Music Channels, I see it even when I know that I am missing the important part of my television program. I love the expressions of Rajesh Khanna in his songs. Either the songs are romantic or sad or joyous, Rajesh Khanna never fails to give perfect expressions and make you fall in love with him and his songs. I blame God for not letting me take birth in the era of Rajesh Khanna or postpone his birth so that he could have been today's hero. :-) Rajesh Khanna is THAT actor who introduced the term- SUPERSTAR in HINDI CINEMA. Even I like him. People talk about Dilip Kumar but for me, its Rajesh Khanna whom I see as a complete and charming actor. Today, Mr. Rajesh Khanna is celebrating his 69th birthday. A Very Very Happy Birthday to my favorite actor. May you live a long life as our nation can't lose a performer like you after Dev Anand. The people like you and Dev Anand are the university for today's actors. We just can't afford losing people like you. :-(

          I still remember when I saw Haathi Mere Saathi for the first time. The death of the elephant in the climax and the tears in the eyes of Rajesh Khanna made me sad for a month. I started loving animals after that. I was a kid and I used to love throwing stones at dogs before watching this, but after watching this movie, I started giving them biscuits and I started loving all the animals. I remember one more movie of Rajesh Khanna where he was about to die and he asks his son to sing a song which he loved to hear from him. The son starts singing and as soon as the song ends, Rajesh Khanna dies. I don't remember the movie but I wept for the whole night. That was the last day when I ignored my father. After that, I try to spend as much time as possible with my father. His song- Kuch toh log kahenge is one of the best motivating songs to me. It helps me whenever I get accusations and allegations from someone. I see the song and I just fuck all those views of public and start living carelessly in terms of those comments. :-) Rajesh Khanna is a power to me. Seeing him on television gives me a strength and happiness. His appearance and performance is so enthralling that you want to be like him and do everything as cheerfully as he does.

          My favorite song of Rajesh Khanna is O Mere Dil Ke Chain, Ye jo mohabbat hai, Karwatein badalte rahein, Kora Kaagaz ka tha, Zindagi ke safar mein, Atcha toh hum chalte hain, Pyaar Deewana hota hai, Ye Shaam Mastani and many many more. I have 5 MP3s of Rajesh Khanna songs with 3 Video CDs too. This is my love for this actor. I remember his role in Aa Ab Laut Chalein where he played the role of father. I was happy to see him back and I wanted him to play characters till his last breathe but everyone is not as lucky as Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. I had tears in my eyes when he was given Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award. And the Lifetime Achievement Award given to him by Amitabh Bachchan on the behalf of IIFA still remains an epic moment for me. For me, Rajesh Khanna is the original superstar and if any actor stood as a Superstar after him (for me) is Amitabh Bachchan. The only actor today who gives me a feel of SUPERSTAR is Aamir Khan after these two LEGENDS.

           Let me write some excellence and facts about our KAKA in points below:

  • He appeared in 163 films of which 105 had him as the solo lead hero and 21 were two hero projects.
  • Rajesh Khanna is referred to as the “First Superstar” of Hindi cinema.
  • When Jeetendra went for his first film audition, it was Khanna who tutored him.
  • Rajesh Khanna was one of eight finalists in the 1965 All India Talent Contest organised by United Producers and Filmfare from more than ten thousand contestants. Subsequently Khanna won the contest.
  • The Kishore Kumar-Rajesh Khanna combination worked miracles and it was almost impossible to see them as separate identities.
  • In year 1971, Haathi Mere Saathi became the biggest hit and also became the biggest grosser ever till then.
  • Khanna is also credited with giving Salim Akhtar and Javed Akhtar their first chance to become screenplay writers by offering them work in Haathi Mere Saathi.
  • Mumtaz was quoted saying "I would pull his leg and tease him about his fan following. Whenever Rajesh entered a hotel in Madras, there was a queue of 600 girls waiting to see him at midnight. As a result, even I would get some importance, as people would ask for my autograph as well. He was very generous with his associates, and would party a lot."
  • During the peak of his career he would be mobbed during public appearances. Fans kissed his car, which would be covered with lipstick marks, and lined the road, cheering and chanting his name. Female fans sent him letters written in their blood. There used to be a line of cars of his producers and hysterical fans outside his bungalow every day.
  • Girls married themselves to photographs of Rajesh Khanna, cutting their fingers and applying the blood as sindoor. Rajesh was God, there has never been such hysteria.
  • Sharmila Tagore said in interview to India Express, “Women came out in droves to see Kaka (Khanna). They would stand in queues outside the studios to catch a glimpse, they would marry his photographs, they would pull at his clothes. Delhi girls were crazier for him than Mumbai girls. He needed police protection when he was in public. I have never seen anything like this before and since.”
  • Rajesh Khanna had 15 consecutive solo superhits between 1969 to 1972, which is still an unbroken record in Indian film history.
  • Akshay Kumar was a fan of Khanna since his childhood and later when he became Khanna's son-in-law, he told "Look at what destiny had in store for me. I married my idol's daughter! I still can't believe it. Who wasn't his fan in the 1970s? I remember queuing up for hours to watch Aradhana, Amar Prem, Kati Patang. These are among my favourite films of all times."

             And Yes, its true that I started liking Akshay Kumar more after I came to know that he has become son-in-law of Rajesh Khanna. :-) Today, Salman Khan is known for having the biggest fan-following in film industry but when asked, Salman always says that its Rajesh Khanna who had the biggest and I have no such fan-following as he had. Rajesh Khanna introduced the term SUPERSTAR in Bollywood and he will remain to be the one for years as there is no actor who can overcome his greatness and legacy. I love you sir. I still believe that you will turn younger once again and a new movie of yours will release very soon. :-) 



"SEX" - A Word Which Changed My Life :-) But In a Wrong Way !!!

            510th BLOG POST -->>

       It was a same regular day. After sitting for the whole day in School and getting doses from my teachers, I was back in my school colony bus and ready to go and hug my mother. Yes, I loved hugging my mother whenever I met her after more than 2 hours. :-) Ok. I even like it to do now. I can never imagine any sweetest hug except the one I have with my mother. And its obvious, Mothers are the sweetest entity on this Earth. :-) So, a year elder friend of mine- Ankit came and sat besides me. He started talking about what masti should we do today in our 1 hour journey from school to colony. Very soon, the driver came and he started the bus and now, our bus was on National Highway 17. After five minutes, I heard Ankit and an another friend- Mamtesh who was also a year elder to me talking about something which I didn't understood. They were talking something in code language and I just got two words out of it- Train and Tunnel. 

          I asked them about what they are talking about but they kept smiling and didn't told me. In spite of being just 1 year elder to me, Ankit was 3 classes ahead of me and Mamtesh- 2 classes. I was in 6th Std, Ankit in 9th and Mamtesh in 8th. I gave them a last warning to tell me what do they mean by Train and Tunnel but they made fun of me and started teasing me. I got frustrated. A 11 years old boy who got his EGO hurt cannot sit quiet until and unless he takes a Revenge. :-) I got up from my seat and went to the seats where their female classmates were sitting. I pointed at them and through my eyes movement asked them,"Should I ask them what Train and Tunnel means?" They lost the smile which they proudly carried from last 5 minutes and asked me to come back. I came and asked them again. Now, they started taking the names of different terms in front of me. E.g. Sperms, Ovum, Zygote, Genes, Intercourse etc. They asked me if I have heard about these words before. I refused. Then they asked me to promise them that I'll never tell anyone that they told me about this and asked me to keep this a SECRET. And then it began.

            They told me about SEX. I didn't even knew this word before. They told me how an intercourse takes place and helped me know what kind of orgasm both the genders feel while getting attracted to each other. They told me about Sperms and Ovum. They told me about what happens in Suhagraat. They gave me an example of Kasauti Zindagi Ki where Prerna gets pregnant before marriage. They told me when she and Anurag Basu went into inserting and pushing. :-) They gave me many examples to prove me that something called SEX exists in this world. They told me that all the parents have SEX and therefore, a lady turns pregnant and give the birth to a child. I was not ready to believe that My parents did something like this. But they kept on insisting me to believe it because that's the truth/fact. They asked me to open my bag and take out the book of Science-2. They opened the Reproduction Chapter and asked me to read a paragraph in the book. It gave me a little extract of all this talks that something like this exist. And I believed them. And then the HELL began.

           I came home and didn't hugged my mother. I started seeing her with a suspicious eye every time. I started feeling bad about her that she went into something like this with my father. After half-an-hour, my father came from his factory, I started seeing him too with hatred. I wanted them to ask if all this was true. But I kept my mouth shut as Ankit and Mamtesh would have been caught as parents would have asked me the source from where I got to know about the World's Most Beautiful Thing. :-) And I came to knew about this Adventurous thing after I gave the examination of my 6th Std's half-yearly examination. I got 90% in 1st Unit Test and 85% in 1st Semester. I was in Top 10 Rankers of my Class. But after this, I scored 18th Rank in Finals. In 7th Std, I dropped down to 22, 24, 28 and 31 ranks respectively in all the 4 exams. In 8th std, I got failed in Drawing subject in the Finals as I got D Grade in it. In 9th, I dropped down to Five Point Someone. :-) And finally in 10th, when the whole colony expected me to score 85% ++, I scored a cheap 61% and got bashed by all Uncle-Aunts. This was the POWER of SEX. It ruled my mind. Being a Kid, I kept on noticing all the aunties and girls and actresses as Nude getting into Sexual activities with their husbands, future husbands and actors respectively. My life was lost into this Imagination which kept on making me Dirty than Intellectual. :-)

            Now, in 11th std, I went to Hostel and I got acquainted with ORKUT. :-) I got a chance to interact with girls as I didn't got the chance after my 6th Std as I kept on getting Dirty after that. :-) So, here on Orkut, I discussed Sex with many girls and asked their opinion about it. They deleted me, abused me and called me SICK. I enjoyed. :-) I failed 11th. :-) Now, kaise kaise kar ke, I am in Last Year Graduation. :-) Now, the interest for Sex and Lust has gone down. It is still High but not at the extreme level like it was during my school times. :-) I had 2 girlfriends before. But I never had any Sexual activities with them. Kuch bhi sochna shuru kar do aap log. :-) But, holding their hands, playing with their hairs, kissing them on their cheeks and other small lovely moments have cooled down the passion I had to get physical with a girl to see what SEX is. Now, I have accepted it as A Fact. I have accepted it as a Need of the Body. Now, I am happy to see the change in society that everyone talks about this freely and casually which leads in making SEX a Common talk rather than an activity of Excitement and Craze. :-) I talk about it with my classmates. Yes, I am talking about the girls. And they express their opinions freely. Now, I don't do this every next day. It has happened just twice or thrice in 3 years. Tum log yaar mujhe tharki hi samjho. :-)

           But, I have experienced the effect which I went into after knowing about SEX at an inappropriate age when mind is not yet matured and fledged to understand these things. I really want Parents to talk about these things with children when they start growing up and they observe that their child knows something about SEX. It will help child to understand that SEX is just a part of life and not something for which they should start considering all the Uncles Rapists and all the Aunties Sluts because they enjoyed it. This is how a child thinks. And this is true. So, I am also happy to see that Sex Education is included in the syllabus in the schools and children are also given presentations and special seminars on this topic to make them feel free and cool rather getting excited and mad. The advertisements of Condoms are shown to make people know about Safe Sex and protected Sex. AIDS is talked freely. Abortion is talked freely. It's better now.

           I remembered this today as it is exactly 10 years ago when I came to know about this. It was 28th December, 2001 when Ankit and Mamtesh told me about Sex. :-) And it was 28th December, 2011 yesterday. :-) Oh Okay, I remember the date because I remember that we celebrated New Year just 3 days after discussing Sex and we were talking only about this for the whole night after New year Party. :-) 

           Let's end now. Otherwise I'll end up completing a book "SEX- A Word Which Changed My Life" :-) 


28 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar Di.... SALMAN KHAN !!!

           509th BLOG POST -->>

         Yesterday, Salman Khan celebrated his birthday. Let me wish him a very Happy Birthday through my Blog. I hope some day he gets to know about this. No, I am not a big fan but still, there are very few people who try to write a blog on something like this. It was his birthday and few of my readers on Facebook told me to attempt it. I felt it awkward initially as people find it childish if a Blog Writer wishes an actor his birthday. :-) But still I am doing this. :-) I am doing this not for Salman Khan but for his fans. His fans have been very angry with me from last many months. Salman Khan is the current Host of Bigg Boss 5 and everyone knows that his relation with Mehak is good. He is a Godfather to her as no one finds her interesting enough that a role can be DONATED to her. But Salman Khan is trying his best to bring her back in industry. 

          First, he took her back in his movie Main aur Mrs. Khanna as a supporting actress. Even Salman Khan was in a need of a Godfather after that movie. :-) She went unnoticed. Then, he gave her a chance to do an item song in his Superhit film after a long time- WANTED. But, even after that, no one gave her an opportunity. . He brought her back in this season of Bigg Boss. In one of the episode, she lied that Akashdeep Sehgal has made a personal remark on her face which got damaged earlier because of an accident. I tweeted that if Salman Khan can scold other contestants, why can't he scold Mehak for this? If he is really unbiased, why doesn't he takes an action and come back in the show to scold his baby. For this, Salman Khan's fans those who followed me on Twitter, abused me and blamed me for being a MORON :-) for the whole night and I lost my 15+ Followers just because of this. I was surprised to see the fan following of Salman Khan on Twitter. I have made such remarks on many celebrities before but never did I faced anything like this but doing it against Salman, showed me what fan-following is. And now, a day before his birthday, he sent Mehak back into Bigg Boss house. Now, what wrong did I said then that his fans were showing me how unbiased their BHAI is? :-)

             I again said about this on Twitter and I got to read that I am biased and I am not supporting Salman and I am jealous of him. Hahaha. A common man like me would be jealous of Salman Khan. For what? Hahaha. See, I want to clear this. I am not a hater of Salman Khan. But neither a Fan. I see him as a successful personality and a good human being up till an extent. I like his goodwill. I like his kindness. I like his pity attitude on the people who are not as blessed as him. Whenever he sees that an artist is being ignored, he tries to bring him/her back into limelight. He gave chance to Himesh Reshammiya for recording a song in Pyaar Kiya toh Darna Kya. Himesh recorded Odhli Chunariya and see, where he is today. His album- Tere Naam is the most sold album in the history of Bollywood. It happened in 2003 and still, the record stands high. Ab ye tootega bhi nahi kyunki ab log album kharidte nahi hai. Piracy is at its best. :-) He gave chance to Sajid-Wajid and I got one of my favorite song- Tere Mast Mast Do Nain. He gave chance to Katrina Kaif and I don't think I should tell how successful she is. She is my Chikni Chameli today. :-) Ok. Sorry. Our Chikni Chameli. He helped Hrithik Roshan and many other actors for building their physique in a good shape. Whenever a director/producer friend has asked him to do a movie as they need him for their comeback, he has never said NO. He has even worked for free. This is Salman Khan.

            Once, I read in newspaper that Bachchan family- Amitabh sir, Abhishek and Aishwarya were present in a mall and co-incidentally Salman Khan was in a mall opposite to that mall. As soon as the fans came to know that Salman is in an opposite mall, they mobbed the mall and it was seen that the Bachchan's had only few fans left with. This is the aura of Salman Khan. Presently, a man who is hitting Box Office with his every release is One and Only Salman Khan. Aamir Khan is still at No.1 but he has not showed his perfectness after 25th December, 2009. So, in his absence, Salman has showed that its not only Aamir Khan who can turn a movie into a festival. Salman began the Hit List with Dabangg. It broke many records and people liked it. Even I went for the FDFS. I even dragged my parents for it. I was whistling like anything. After that, he came up with a movie with no substance- Ready. But it got a huge success because of the USP- Salman Khan. :-) Just after few months, he came back with Bodyguard. He went into a rift with Himesh Reshammiya but after he forgave him, he granted him an opportunity to create music for his movie Bodyguard. And Yes, Himesh did it again and we got an EPIC SONG- TERI MERI MERI TERI PREM KAHANI. I have written a blog post too with the same title and it is said to be the Second Best By Me. :-) Bodyguard earned more than 150 Crore surpassing the amount earned by his last hit- Ready. The day when Yash Chopra's Ek Tha Tiger starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif released its first poster, Salman Khan and the movie's name trended on Twitter for 2 whole days. This is Salman Khan.

              His past has been controversial. He has been a Bad Boy before. He has done many crimes-intentionally and unintentionally but today, people have accepted him back. People have understood that Salman Khan has changed and he is working more seriously than before. In my childhood, I was his biggest fan. Not only me, but everyone of us were. Children laughed when Salman laughed, children cried when Salman cried, children showed their aggression when Salman fought, children danced when Salman danced, children sang when Salman sang. And Children even went topless when Salman threw away his T-Shirt. Children started wearing torn jeans when they saw him in O O Jaane Jaana. I was a big fan. I have all his movie's cassettes from Pyaar Kiya toh Darna Kya to Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Tere Naam has been played by me for thousand times. I am still ready to hear it for next 1000 times. My favorite sad songs are Ya Rabba and Sau Dard Hai-Even these are from Salman's movie. All the boys wants to look like Salman Khan. All the girls want a Boyfriend who looks like Salman Khan. But, I want to be a Charity-giving person like him. I want to have a big heart like him so that I can bless others who are in need for an opportunity and money. I want to possess some few good attributes of Salman Khan.

              So, I want to tell this to all the Salman Khan fans who hate me a lot that I have been a fan of him. But now I have grown up. I have lost all that fascination I had for actors, actresses and celebrities. Now, I see them as another-common-human-being. I respect some of them for their greatness. So, its nothing like being jealous to Salman Khan. :-) I am Okay with his success and fan-following. I just have problem with his biased attitude towards the people he loves or likes and nothing else. So, stop judging me by my views on Salman. I have no problem with him neither with his fans. I respect all of you for loving him deeply. I just want all of you to forgive me on the occasion of your favorite actor's birthday. 


26 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Ka.. Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai....

          508th BLOG POST -->>

       I entered my new college on 3rd August 2006. Everything was new to me. Everything was a fresh experience to me. I started enjoying my life of Graduation from the moment I entered my college. Everything was so positive about my college that I even saw the spitted gutkha's marks on my college's walls as a spiritual Teeka on the forehead of my college. :-) The crowd of my college was too energetic. I found someone moving their fingers between the threads of guitar to make everyone wave on his tunes. I saw someone replicating the epic step of Michael Jackson which is worldwide known as Moonwalk. I found some girls trying to pose as models as they were getting their pictures clicked by their boyfriends or girl-friends. It was a very enthusiastic and positive environment. I didn't found anyone whom I can call as the source of negative vibes in my college. Everyone was trying to attempt something which can give them an unique identity in one of this elite college of India. I was proud to be here. I wanted to explore myself and do something which can make people scream my name which will motivate me to assess myself a bit more and surprise everyone.

            Lectures started. It almost became a regimen for me to prepare for next day's college so that I could prove myself intellectual whenever any teacher asks anything about the contents taught in the previous lectures. I checked out all the classmates and I found a very good friend in Salman. He had good physique. He was a poet. Everyday he used to utter some words decorated in a beautiful sentence which rhymed with almost every sentence he spoke after that. Girls would clap for him and boys would envy. :-) But Salman had a very down-to-earth approach even while talking to the dumbest person of the college. He never let anyone feel that they are untalented. He always motivated others. He always helped others. And this is why every person of the college used to browse for Salman every morning when they entered the college. Fortunately, Salman also liked me as a friend and he shifted his room and now, we were room-mates. It was an amazing experience of cooking food with him, eating with him, roaming with him, watching movies with him, arguing with him, smiling with him, sharing secrets with him and in the early mornings, sleeping with him. Ok. It's not that SLEEPING which you are thinking and smiling. :-) It's not necessary that if two boys sleep together, they are attracted towards each other. It is just that they don't have anyone else to sleep with. :-) Girls, be little kinder to us. :-) 

           I and Salman had one more friend. She was Ankita. She always preferred to stay with us rather than with girls. She believed that Boys never ditch girls but girls can ditch anyone. We agreed with her. :-) Ankita was more friendly and close to me than Salman. Whenever she had an option of chosing to be with me or Salman, she always preferred to walk with me rather than with Salman. Her inclination towards me began hitting my heart just as balls hit Sehwag's bat on the day when he doubled his century and became SUPERGOD. :-) She always complimented something or the else about me. I liked it. Whenever I used to ask her about her past, she always said that she believed in better future rather than repeating the cruel happenings of her past. The inclination towards her started augmenting more and now, she started hitting me like balls hit Shahid Afridi's bat on the day when he scored a century in 37 balls which is a World Record still. :-) 

            One day, I started asking about myself to Ankita. I asked her about her feelings for me. It was not about her infatuation or attraction towards me but I was casually asking her so that she can reveal herself if she really liked.. ok.. loved me. She said that I am a very sweet guy and every girl will love to spend time with me. She said I am very nice in talking as anyone can believe me because I have a very sweet face and warm nature. Just when I started to expect the conclusion of all what she was speaking, she said,"Chirag, I have always tried to tell you something but I stopped every time because I don't want to split with you and Salman. But, I have decided to speak it up now as I am waiting from last 2 semesters to speak out. I have always tried to be with you whenever Salman was away because I wanted to tell something which I didn't wanted Salman to hear before you. I like .. lets be frank.. Main usse pyaar karti hun." Suddenly, my eyes saw something which even Rajnikanth can't do. Sky was beneath my feet and Earth was miles up in the air. I slapped my heart with my brain and asked it to come back into Human's mode from Rajnikanth's mode. While she was speaking all this, I didn't utter a word in between or you can say I didn't even inhaled oxygen while she was speaking. But as soon as she finished, I spoke after 20 seconds,"Ok. Congratulations Ankita !!!" 

     She replied,"Idiot, this is not a congratulatory moment. It can be if you will help me." I knew where she was heading to.

     I said,"What can I do?" I tried my best to prove that I am dumb.

     She said,"I want you to create such scenes when Salman and you would be alone at home or in college to make him get attracted towards me. I just want him to start loving me. That's all." 

             I nodded and agreed to whatever she said. At last, I loved her. I loved her like Sachin loves batting, KRK loves tweeting and Sonam Kapoor loves over-acting. I loved her like fish loves water, bird loves sky and human loves to cry. My madness and passion for her vanished as Kajraare vanished from theaters. I wanted to cry like hell but I had something else in my plan. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to laugh. I wanted her to feel herself as a queen. I wanted her to widen her lips whenever she met me and make me feel that I am the one because of whom her lips gets designated into the best shape. I wanted her to walk and run like a fairy who cannot be caught. I wanted her to feel as she is the most special person on the Earth as she has everything she needs. And she needed Salman for the moment. Now, I had to do something to make Salman crazy for her. I came to my room that evening without thinking about anything else than starting my mission of feeding as much positives of Ankita into the mind of Salman. 

             I asked Salman that night,"What do you feel for Ankita?" He grinned and exclaimed,"What? She is just a friend and nothing else. Ok?" I replied,"Tell me the truth". He said,"You are saying this to me. Haven't you seen yourself anytime? Haven't you seen how you try to find out the time when you can be with her alone? Haven't you seen how you try to look at her with your tilted eyes when that bloody Mr. Shinde fucks us with his stupid chemical equations? Haven't you seen yourself when you compliment everything of hers and she keeps enjoying your reviews on her's spent 2.5 hours on make-up?" I was blown off. I had nothing to say. After 8.333 seconds(Yes, I am fan of Aamir Khan's perfection), I stammered,"But I do this so that you can notice her. I try to find time with her so that I can talk about you and develop feelings in her heart for you. I have always seen a love in your eyes for her. But you will never understand your friend." I stopped after over-acting as much as possible. 

           He came towards me with tears in his eyes. He said SORRY!!! and hugged me tightly and kept crying. He said that he is proud to have a friend like me who can understand him. He said that he is proud of himself to achieve a friend like me who understands all his secrets even when he doesn't shares them. Let me not miss this, I was crying more than him when he hugged me because I was feeling proud of myself that I am going to give happiness to both my friends by doing what no one can. It was almost the end of the year and end of Semester 3. It was December. I promised Salman that I will help you to get Ankita as soon as possible. He had tears in his eyes all the time because he never thought that a bloody friend like me can ever do something like this with him. Yes, I am bloody. I asked Salman to write a letter for Ankita and hand it to me. He ran towards the stationery shop, purchased a beautiful Archies card, wrote some beautiful words for Ankita and gave it to me. He asked me about what am I going to do. I didn't said anything to him as I wanted to give both of them a Surprise.

            I waited for the right day. Finally, my mobile calendar pinged me at 11 Pm on 24th December,2011. I got up from my bed, said Salman that I am going to hand over some notes to a classmate who lived nearby, picked up my bag and moved out. I ran towards the basement. I changed my dress and ran towards Ankita's home. Her house was at the 2nd floor of a 20 year old building as she lived on rent. I thought of surprising her. I started climbing the pipeline which ran from the side of her balcony. Like a monkey, I stretched my hands and legs whenever needed and then like tortoise, I also shrunk whenever needed. Their society had no watchman as most of the people lived on rent and they didn't agreed to pay extra for security as they were not the owners. So, I had no tension of being caught. It was already 11.45 PM by now. Finally, with all the capabilities of stunts I had, I reached her balcony. I opened the door slowly and found her sleeping. I saw her beauty in the darkness and let me tell you, she was shining equivalent to the shines of 1000 stars together in the midnight sky. I wanted to kiss her, caress her, run my hands over her hairs, rub my lips on hers, take her hands in my hands but...My FATE WAS FUCKED.. I touched her slowly and she woke up with a loud scream. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

            I pushed my palm on her lips and grabbed it tightly before she recognized me and heaved a sigh of relief. She asked in astonishment,"What are you doing here? And you came through my balcony. Oh Fuck. I hope you are not raping me?" I laughed at her innocence and fear. I said,"Please turn on the lights, dear" As soon as she turned to switch on the lights, I wore my cap immediately. She pushed the button downward, tube-light blinked and stared with brightness at me, she turned around and ..... I was standing in front of her in red pyjama which was too broad for my thin legs, red kurta which was too tight as I had inserted spongy pillows between the kurta and my body. I had a cone-shaped cap on my hat which had red ball at its tip which made it hang downwards. I was in a disguise of Santa Claus. I walked towards her, held her hands in mine, kissed them and said,"My dear friend Ankita, I wanted to give you something special. I wanted to change your life. I wanted to see you as the happiest girl of this world but.. but not as Chirag-your friend but as Santa.. Yes, the Santa whom you dreamed would come to your bedroom at 12 AM on the Christmas's prevalence and give you the gift which you always wanted. I remember your dream of meeting a Santa as you arere fascinated by him from your childhood. Today, I am your Santa and I have the world's best gift which you are about to hold in your hand." She was still standing numb. 

          I took out the card on which Salman scribbled some beautiful words for her and placed it in her hands which were in mine till now. She opened it and started reading it in her soft voice:

          I am not a rockstar.. Neither am I a Rich Brat..
          I just want to be a rat who can be caught by you, my Cat.. 
          I am a silly looking boy.. with no beauty and joy..
          You are a cute little baby... And I dream to be your toy..
          I see you as the sky, I see you as this Earth..
          You are world's purest form and I want to be your dirt..
          Oh my Crazy Ankita, my sweetheart, you showed me Bouv-u..
          I can't do it better, so being simplistic,I'll say- I louv-u... :-) :-) :-)
                              I hope you accept me, Crazy Salman."

          She had tears in her eyes and she hugged me tightly and wept for next 10 minutes. She said me Thank you for an equivalent number of times Comedy Circus had its Grand Finale. I kept pressing her hands and kept telling her, this is what a "Poor" Friend like me can do. On the very next day, I held her hand in the classroom and kept walking with her towards Salman's bench. Everyone was seeing the drama. Salman was shivering. After reaching Salman's place, I told him to stand. Then, I held his hands and gave Ankita's hand in his hand. Everyone in the classroom whistled while I cried in pain. But, this pain was a gift to me on the Christmas as I got a friend like Salman for my lifetime and a love like Ankita who still thank me. This is the 5th Christmas after that Christmas, but she still Thank me and I am the first person whom they wish Christmas. Salman is Muslim, Ankita is Hindu and their son is named CHIRAG after my name :-).. but still Christmas, the festival of Christian is celebrated in their house as Eid and Diwali. :-)

P.S.: FRIENDSHIP is not about showing it at every step. It's about sacrificing a piece of your heart for your FRIEND even without letting him know that you have donated a piece of your heart to him. SANTA CLAUS should not be waited for, in spite, be SANTA CLAUS for someone and gift someone the BEST you can GIFT to the person. This is a FICTIONAL Story which came in my mind to write on the auspicious moment of CHRISTMAS. I hope you got the motive of this post. LOVE should be SACRIFICED when it comes to GIFTING the BEST to your BEST FRIEND !!! Thanks!!!

P.P.S.: You have always showered love on my Fiction Stories and this is my 151st Blog Post of 2011 and the LAST Fiction Story of 2011. So, I thought of writing it on FRIENDSHIP and CHRISTMAS !!! Thanks!!!

ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU wishing you all a Merry Christmas !!!
25 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Christmas is Corrupted by Our Parents (For a Good Cause) :-)

           507th BLOG -->>

      So, its Christmas time for the year 2011. Merry Christmas to all the Christians all over the world and specially to them who read my blogs. :-) Merry Christmas to all the Non-Christians too. :-) Actually, I wished both the parties separately because its only Christian who can feel the festival within their soul. Non-Christians can just try to celebrate the festival as good as them. But a festival is always pure and true to the one who know the depth of it. A Hindu knows what Diwali means to him because he can relate to the concept of the festival. For others, it is just a festival which gives you a chance to target rockets in the dhoti of the mischievous pandit of your society who eyes your crush everyday when she comes out for the tuition. :-) Only Muslims know what Eid means to them, for others, it is just a festival which gives them a chance to eat as much Chicken Biryani as possible at a Muslim friend's home. :-) So, in the same way, only Christians know what Christmas means and they know the real struggle of Jesus Christ. We have just heard few magics of him. 

          I remember those days in school when my teacher used to come in the classroom in the month of December and ask us to write on a piece of paper about what we want from Santa Claus this Christmas. All of us used to think a lot and finally write something and hand it to our teacher. I remember- once I wrote Chess, once a Car Toy and once, a ball. I got all those gifts from an aunty who used to come in the uniform of Santa Claus and give us chocolates and then take the names and used to gift us something. When we used to unpack it, we got exactly what we needed from Santa on the Christmas. I always thought that Santa is really very kind to me and he gives me whatever I need because my parents always say NO to such useless toys. I always asked my teacher that why does Santa comes only in December when Christmas is celebrated and why not in every month? Madam used to say that he comes only on 25th December. I asked her that it is an aunt of my colony who disguises herself as Santa and gifts me the toy, so I can ask her to come every month if you want. And teacher used to ask me to shut my mouth and go to my bench. I realize it today that how irritating I was to my teacher. :-)

           I always had this conception in my mind that its Santa who gives me those toys which my parents keep avoiding for months. When I reached in 8th std, I came to know about the corruption which our teacher, Santa and parents did with us. :-) An aunt came to my home and started gossiping with my mom. She said that she is going for shopping in the evening. My mom asked the reason and she said that her son has written a full-sleeves shirt and black jeans in the school for the Christmas, so madam has asked her to pack the dress and send to her within 2 days. I interrupted in the between and said,"But aunty, why are you giving the dress to the madam, its the job of school to call a Santa and ask him to gift all the things asked by the students?" She started laughing. My mother joined her. I kept looking at both of them stupidly. I grinned. And then my mother told me that its the parent who buy the stuffs written by us in the school and give it to the teacher and teacher gives it to the person who is going to come in the dress of Santa on the day. I was shocked and surprised at the same moment. Shocked because of the foolishness and dumbness with which I lived till today. Surprised because I came to know that my parents refused for that toy because they wanted to give it to me through Santa so that I can feel something special about it. :-)

            I was quite matured in 8th std. Yes, at least you start noticing girls of your class and their curves too. :-) So, I understood at the moment itself that Parents are the only people in our life who can fulfill our desires and bless us with everything we need. From that day, whenever Christmas comes and I see Santa Claus's pictures inn Newspapers and shops, I see my parents face in them. The respect of my parents in my mind and heart grew uncountable times. I started seeing my parents as God. I started respecting them so much because they never made me decipher the fact that its them who have bought that toy for me. Even when I used to come home by running as fast as I can and show my parents the gift which Santa gave me, they used to act so perfectly that I thought they are as surprised as me. That day I understood the greatness and godliness of my parents. That day I understood that the real Santa or God is our parents who can give us whatever we demand. Even today, if my parents don't give me something, I don't stop talking to them because I remember that they did the same with those toys I cried for in the market but they gave it to me at the right time. So, I know, whatever my parents are avoiding today, they will surely give me on the time when it will be really necessary to me. 

           So, Christmas is always a festival where I get to remember the incident I described above and I end the last week of the year in thinking about how wonderful my parents are. What would have been life of us if we would not have had parents as our caretakers? So, even this time, I will ask nothing from Santa as my Santa are my parents. I will ask my parents just for blessing me so that I can become what I can be with the potential I have in me. I will ask them through my speaking eyes to be with me even when I may fight with them in future for a silly reason. :-) Parents Are God. Parents are Jesus. Parents are Allah. Parents are Ishwar. Parents are the only well-wisher and care-taker we have in our life. God in any form, either Santa or burning Diya, is our Parents only. So, lets take the blessing from our parents so that we outperform ourselves in the upcoming controversial year 2012. :-) 

           Merry Christmas to all the parents who make their children feel special on 25th December by fooling them and corrupting Christmas. :-)


24 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: DON 2 !!!

            506th BLOG POST -->>

       When you are in a great doubt about a movie, you usually skip watching it. I am different or you can say I am weird. I don't skip it. I have local theater in my area which is named "Rupali Magic". I watch a movie with some carpenters, painters, beggars, hawkers, sweepers and servants in Rs. 60 at Rupali Magic. :-) . I get to smell a weird fragrance of the Air-conditioner. I have seen Kites and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in this theater. Today, I went for DON 2 as I had a great doubt about this movie as SRK's last- Ra.One was almost killed by every audience's comment. The show was about to begin at 6.00 PM but it got postponed to 6.10 because some generator problem aroused. :-) I smiled at myself for choosing this epic theater to watch the last big release of 2011. Finally, the movie started with a voice of SRK in background and Yes, finally I caught DON who is being traced by all the police departments of this world. :-)

            Don's entry is shown in a very innovative style. Sitting on a ship, flaunting his "D" tattoo on his forearms, smoking cigarette, making audience crazy with his new grown beard, he booms the screen and then jumps off on an another ship to fight with some Englishmen. At last, he succeeds and then he returns back. For his next plan, he wants Vardhan(Boman Irani) to be released from the jail as he was sent behind bars in the end of DON 1. The witty mind behind the escapade of DON and Vardhan from the jail is very cool. :-) The whole jail scenario from the moment DON enters the jail and help Vardhan to come out is hooking. ROMA-Priyanka Chopra's first appearance on the screen shows that she is still busy in her dream of catching DON even after 5 years. Malik has lost his patience and he decides to retire. The confidence of Roma after catching DON is amazing but the news of his escapade with Vardhan makes you smile at her over-confidence. Then, DON finally reveals his next big project of stealing the plates which are used to print currency notes from the Currency-making center of Berlin. And from here, the real story of DON 2 begins. 

            DON 2 has succeeded in maintaining the quality of its first part: DON. DON released in 2006 and the arrival of DON 2 in 2011 is almost a gap of 5 years. You wait to watch something new after 5 years but DON 2 disappoints here as there is nothing new in the movie as compared to DON. It is just a sequel where DON moves further with his next big projects of stealing and running. Again, police fails to catch him. Again, he runs away every time you feel that he is caught finally. Every time, you expect that the next scene will take DON 2 at a better scale than DON, your expectation crushes as you find that it is exactly what you saw in DON too. But, if you have loved DON and you wanted to watch it again, you will surely love DON 2. The action-packed scenes are nicely executed. All the fighting scenes makes you fall in love with DON's style of thrashing his enemies. Priyanka Chopra has done a better job than what she did in DON. She looks extremely sexy and beautiful. Camera focuses on her breasts more which result in the screams of initial rows in the theater. :-) Kunal Kapoor is innocent in his innocent role. He has done it perfectly. Boman Irani is useless in the film. He plays no part. Lara Dutta is fine with her appearing-disappearing-appearing role. :-) Understand !!! Hrithik Roshan's cameo fails to excite you as it is nothing special. They should have shown Hrithik doing some fighting scene or a beautiful dialogue-killing scene. But, he is shown doing ball dance with Priyanka Chopra and finally unmasking him just to show his real face- DON's !!! So, people scream for Shah Rukh Khan while Hrithik Roshan's fans think that this noise in the theater is for their favorite actor. :-)

            For me, this movie is nice as it has many witty scenes. Its story is wonderful as you get to see something new. The location used in the movie makes you fall in love with all those countries. Shahrukh Khan has shown why he is still a KING. Where his rival- Salman is attempting same kind of movies, SRK is finally showing some versatility which makes him look better than his previous works. Farhan Akhtar has proved himself yet again. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is boring except the song- Hai ye Maya and some background scores. Farhan Akhtar has not included songs in this movie except Zara Dil Ko Thaam Lo which makes the movie look better than DON as it had silly Khaike Paan Banaras wala, Morya Morya etc. I would rate this movie 3 out of 5 and I would recommend you to try it once. But try only if you liked DON and you are OK with DON 2 being the same kind of it with no improvement. I expected it to be the same and hence my expectations are fulfilled. And its a Paisa Vasool movie for me. Oh Ok. I know in 60 rs, even a Bhojpuri film will make me vasool my paisa. :-) 

           Ending this, I haven't reviewed movie anytime and hence you may find this review boring or you may review this review of DON 2 and rate this 1 out of 5. I am OK. As I reviewed this movie only because I liked the movie and I wanted to try reviewing a movie too. :-) I know I have failed. Bye. :-)


22 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

truly, madly, deeply by Faraaz Kazi !!!

            505th BLOG POST -->>

            This time, it took a long time to complete a book. 1 hour ago, I completed Faraaz Kazi's "Truly, Madly, Deepy - Memoirs of a Heart's First Love!". Let me talk about the author first- Faraaz Kazi is currently pursuing his post-graduate studies in management in Mumbai. He is a certified soft-skills trainer and runs his own academy in the same field. He completed his creative writing from XIC and possesses a diploma in freelance journalism from the British Institutes. He is fondly referred to as ‘The Young Marketer’ and operates a revolutionary blog with the same name and writes for major media houses on the same subject. With thousands of books under his priceless collection, he is more than an avid reader. He has sung nine songs for a major studio and represents a local club in their cricket team. He is a fellow member of the esteemed ‘Film Writers Association of India’. This book is Faraaz Kazi's first book which released in 2010. As a first time writer, he is worth commending. 

            Coming to the story of the book, Rahul Kapoor shifts to USA because of a reason. After coming to USA, he is lost in his thoughts and his classmates find him weird and he gets Sahil as a very good companion. He talks less but still Sahil remains with him. This is what Rahul needed after leaving his beautiful and equally hurtful past behind. But, as he creeps into loneliness in this new place, he remembers all what happened between him and Seema(whom he loved with passion) right from the first meeting to the last. And this is how, a teenage love story is unfolded in front of us(the readers). It is an interesting tale of how people take wrong decisions when they fall in love for the first time. How the misunderstandings overcome the passionate love between the lovers. Everyone who has achieved their first love will connect nicely with the story. So, get the book, it is definitely a One-time read. 

             Coming to the review, Faraaz Kazi has used a very unique writing style to launch himself as a writer. His attempt of showing all his writing talents in his first book is easily visible. He has written with all his efforts. He has used a language which some may find difficult as there are too many vocabularies which may limit his readers but still, I don't think that those words are going to cease anyone from understanding the story. It is not a blockage to the story. 

            The story is a pure teenage love which begins from school. You will relate yourself with each and every sequence of love described by the writer. There are many sequences in the book which makes you eager to know what happened next. This book is a perfect page-turner as the story has many elements in it. In the first half, "A five star day on mars" is an awesome chapter. The first kiss is described sweetly and sensuously- both at the same time and it is one of the few attempts of showing a kissing scene in a book which I'll remember for a long time. :-) Yes, these things are meant to keep in mind for your next attempt with your partner. :-) When the House contest begin in the school, you get too many elements to enjoy in the book. First, the quiz contest, then the most exciting cricket match where everything is stated so clearly and excitingly and then comes the debate competition where you will love the way Rahul shouts and states his point and make the rivalry team shiver. :-) In all, the story of this book is amazing and you will love to keep this book in your shelf at the top.

           Now, coming to the drawbacks of the book, it has too many poetry and songs between the story which has just caused an addition to the pages of the book rather than emotion in the heart of a reader. It is a blockage in the story. When you are reading a story in a go, you want to move ahead sooner rather than reading the poetry and songs. Second, the book has no unwanted sequence but still the length of the story could have been shortened. This is one reason why a reader will ignore picking it up when other love stories are embedded in 230 pages or less. Faraaz should have tried to shorten some descriptions but its fine if a reader has the talent of completing a book in 3 to 5 hours. :-) Cover page is perfectly designed according to the state of the protagonist's mind. Book is again heavily priced when compared with others. Other Indian love stories are available in 100 rs while this one is available for 175. Publisher should be blamed for this. But I hope that you may get it for less on Infibeam and Flipkart website. Else, I am rating this book- 4 out of 5. All the marks is for the description and making everything look so real and still filmy. You can give this book to your partner as a gift on this Valentine's Day. :-) 



Keep Speaking, I have set the Volume at 0 :-)

           504th BLOG POST -->>

      Yesterday, one friend of mine didn't slept for the whole night because someone doubted him and his work. He has recently started interning with a Sports site- Sportskeeda.com and he writes articles for them. He gets a good satisfying amount in return for his work. He sits at home, with his spine straight for flat 5-6 hours and complete the assigned job given to him by his boss. Yes, he sits straight for 5-6 hours because he works on a PC and not on the laptop. First, he has to research everything related to the topic he has to write about, then he starts writing, then he edits it and finally sends it to his boss. If he likes it, it is well and good, but if he rejects it, he has to rework on it. This is his regular job. But, when he tells about his job to others, he just says "I earn by working at home". Now, people underestimate the effort made by the person and they give their opinion without thinking of the sentiments of the person. Someone poked him and he started feeling depressed by the insensible criticism. 

             He tweeted this last night- "Tbh I can't move on after receiving scathing criticism. I hate it when some people make their own assumptions about the amount of work you do without exactly knowing how hard it is actually. I won't be able to sleep until I get this right. :| These guys are like - you work at home, you don't need to go to an actual office & so your life is so fucking easy. Yeah, try doing it. :|I respect all of my friends who have supported me in whatever I've done, even though it's not exactly what everyone expected me to do. Now, what do I call those guys who doubt me every time I venture into something unorthodox but come asking for a treat if I do well in that?I read it and I had words with him this morning and he started feeling fine after that. I have been at his place for numerous times in last 2.5 years. When you do something on Social places, people obviously judge you.I have written 500+ posts till now, do you think I always get positive comments for each blog post? NO. I have heard such kind of downcast words that it almost made me take a firm decision of discontinuing Blog because people always misunderstand me. But, as we say, Parents are God, they came every time to me whenever I felt low and asked me to continue because I have potential and one day, I will surely do good. 

             Regular criticism on you and your work makes you weak. Initially, I used to get depressed because of the comments I used to receive. But, as I started getting it regularly, my heart and emotions petrified and now, I just take them positively or if they are personal, I ignore them. If I have posted a topic and people didn't liked it, I accept it with a smile without worrying about it a bit. But, if people start judging about me and my character just because they didn't like my work, I just filter it out from my mind. If Sachin Tendulkar gets out at 0, that means he didn't batted well. We should comment on his batting rather than making personal allegations on him that he has fixed the match or he has turned older. So, rather than getting personal, we should comment only on the work if we have problem with it. And when we get such comments, we have to be hard enough. I choose the best step against this. I just avoid reading such comment once I get to know that it is something about a personal allegation on me. Why to read it fully? Just to get depressed? Now, I take all these words as a routine. Today itself, I got so many weird comments on me where people doubted even if I'm a pure Hindu or not because they didn't liked the topic of my blog- Let Gita be Banned. I wanted to send a message that even if some people find it insensible, you don't feel bad about it, you keep respecting your holy book but people called me stupid, moron, knowing nothing, just writing for the sake of writing, immature etc. I just didn't published those comments because those were personal remarks. Rather than this, they should have talked about Gita with me. I would have appreciated that. If this would have happened with a first time writer or a performer, he would have quit then and there. But with an experience, I learnt how to overcome these allegations.

            I gave an example to the same friend who felt depressed after receiving personal allegations- Shahrukh and Salman Khan have been rival from last 2 years. Salman Khan, regularly, mocks Shahrukh whenever he gets a chance. Whenever he is on television to promote his new movie, he says something indirectly to Shahrukh with the support of his friends who are judges on those shows. If Shahrukh would have taken these jokes seriously, he would not have attempted a movie of 150+ crores- Ra.One. The movie became a disaster and everyone made fun of Shahrukh. Shahrukh would have gone into depression. First, because of the personal allegations Salman makes on him. Second, Salman is banging the Box Office since two years and all his movies are breaking records. Shahrukh can take this as a severe insult and sit quietly. Third, all his good friends are leaving him because they find Salman more genuine than him. But, see Shahrukh and his will to give his best. He is unstoppable and interminable. He is coming with the same confidence in every movie even when he knows that his movie will be unable to break his biggest foe's record and people will create jokes on him again. 

            This is how we will have to handle these allegations. Never let yourself feel down or low just because someone feels that you are incapable of doing anything in life and you are not worth performing.Many people said to my friend- Rohit that he will never study in his life when he got failed in 12th twice. Today, he his in BBA 3rd year with no back subjects in any semester and his overall percentage is above 60%. He didn't took those personal allegations seriously. He kept working in the same manner and today, he is successful. I gave these examples to my friend too and he started feeling good after it and he thanked me. We talked and he said that you can write a blog post on it as many may take these allegations in the same way as I took them. So, I have written this post. And anyone of you, who is suffering from this, can try to avoid inputting any of these allegations in your head and heart. Just work with the same passion. Let people speak. Until and unless, your parents are OK with your work, keep them up. Let me give a very best example to all of you- See our Indian media. We abuse them so much for the nonsense they show us but still, they are confident about the stupidity they show. :-) And more over this, we still watch them and they are successful in gaining stipulated TRPs. :-) Hahaha. I don't think you need any kind of example or advise after this. :-)


21 December 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Let Bhagavad Gita be BANNED in Russia !!!

           503rd BLOG POST -->>

This is the same Bhagavad Gita I'm reading
which is asked to ban in Russia. 
       This is what I wrote when America asked their mates to burn Quran last year- Quran Burnt - Humanity Burnt !!! Now, once again, my heart has forced me to write something about the similar issue. This time Russia wants to ban Bhagavad Gita. I don't know why I am not feeling any kind of angst this time. I am Ok with their decision. I know its my holy book but still, if they are finding it extremist, they can avoid it. A God named Krishna is asked a question by a man who is doubtful and confused about what should he do when he sees that he has to fight against his relatives and brothers. Lord Krishna narrates the whole Gita in the form of conversation to him for days when the sipahis and senas are ready to fight against each other and win the territory. Don't you feel this weird sometimes? See, I am not saying that this book is foolish but what I am trying to say that people may find it senseless and they are allowed to ignore and avoid it. Why should we force them to keep the book with them? Just because I and you are Hindu, doesn't mean that everyone who is a human on this planet should believe in us. How many of us have gone through Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and other pious books? I don't think even 1% of this world's population would have done this. Then why do you create so much ruckus about this?

             When Quran was said to be burnt in America last year, I don't remember a single Hindu friend of mine talking about it or showing a grief at an extreme level. But now, when the arrow is being targeted on Bhagavad Gita, everyone is conscious and no one wants their religious book to see any kind of degradation. Russian says that book is too extremist. And I don't think that they are 100% wrong when they say this. Isn't the book about guiding a man to kill his relatives and brothers without thinking about emotions as its a war and there is no place of emotions and relations? So what's wrong? And according to the information I have, Russian have said to ban the book which is being distributed by ISKCON members that is written by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. They find this particular Gita extremist. So, if there is any other Gita which is written by some other Swami or religious guru/expert, they have no problem if they find it genuine. And before this, some Islamic countries have already banned Gita from a long time. So, its not a very big deal if it is getting banned by Russia too. Our temperament should be normal. 

            Fortunately, I have started reading the same Bhagavad Gita in English which is asked to ban by Russian Government :-) And I have completed its 100 pages. I am loving to know about my religion. I am inspired by my Muslim friends who recite their whole Quran in a year for one or many times. So, I thought lets know about my religion too with this weird Computer knowledge I am getting to learn from my Graduation course. :-) I have read some important verses of Quran and Bible too. But I'll read the whole Quran and Bible once I will complete reading Bhagavad Gita for 2-3 times as its very difficult to remember everything in a read. Atleast 2-3 times read will make me eligible to talk about religion. :-) Now, when Gita is asked to be banned in Russia, Hindus are saying that its not only a Book on Hinduism but also on Humanity. Now what kind of joke is this? A book would be on Humanity if it consists the name of all the religions or of no religion. Does Gita has mention of Allah or Jesus in it? No. So, how can it become a book of Humanity? It is a book of Hinduism just as Quran and Bible are the books of Muslims and Christians respectively. A book on humanity can be those motivational books which helps you to gain energy when you are too demotivated. Not the one which preaches you about the God of a particular religion. 

            And Yes, I am also hearing that BJP wants Bhagavad Gita to be the National Book of India. On this, someone said,"No No. Please don't. I don't want it to be 1411 left." :-) First, you call India a secular nation which is for every religion. Then, you ask a holy book of a religion to be the national book of the country. While begging for votes, you go to Muslims and promise them privileges and equal rights as all the religions but then, you ask to make Hindus's holy book the national book of India. Are you seriously dumb? When our India consists of so many religions and sub-religions, how can you ask a book based on Hinduism to be the National book? Please, speak every word with intelligence. The political parties represents the country. Even when you are not in power, you are the 2nd most accepted party in India after Loser Congress. So, stop dividing India by making such statements. And, coming back to Bhagavad Gita, I must say to every person who is barking on Russia- Read Bhagavad Gita first and then speak. Till then, you are a Hindu just because your parents are Hindu. You accept the religion appropriately when you learn and follow it by your choice. Ok? 

           The day I'll complete Bhagavad Gita, I will inform all whether the book is really extreme or not. Till then, no comments on this but I know that my religion can be insensible for others. I am no one to ask them to keep it in their home just because its my pious book. They can ask all their family members to be away from the book because it contains matters which is harmful for them to read and preach. Why to over react on this? And, a few countrymen cannot degrade your God or his teachings. Let them hate your God and your Holy book, you keep your attitude as firm as possible towards your religion and holy book. It will definitely bring a good revolution. Enough said. And writing on a religious topic is always difficult. If someone is hurt, please ignore this post and if you find it worthy, share it with your friends.

P.S.: 99% youth of our country can easily spend 150 rs and more on a movie starring Salman Khan just to see some fake actions and love. They can easily spend 140 rs on a Chetan Bhagat's novel which is a love story with no message. But, you ask them to buy Bhagavad Gita for just Rs. 100 and they will say "Faaltu ke paise nahi hai mere paas". So, my dear youth friends, don't give your statement against Russia until and unless you are in the world of Bhagavad Gita and its teachings.