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           143RD BLOG-->>

       Yesterday after watching the biggest flick from any human in this universe..THE GREAT SACHIN TENDULKAR scoring the highest run ever scored in One-Day International Cricket..i.e. 200*, I felt like theres no opportunity I'll be getting to be famous in this few hour of the day remaining..So I thought of closing my eyes and sleeping..Then the thoughts started perusing my deep and palpable history and my attitude towards life..I was in the state of tizziness..I wanted to elucidate more on myself..But unfortunately , I felt slumber and I slept...

          After sleeping , my N72 rang..First thought who can be remembering me at 3:30 AM in the night..But then thought , It would be somebody who really wants me at this moment urgently...and I'm so important that He/She found nobody but me at this time of the night...I then picked my phone and saw the text flashing - ABHILASH CALLING... I was astonished and surprised to see my name flashing..Woke up in a startled way...and panicking picked up the phone..My shivering voice said, "HELLO".. There was no response..I again said , "HELLO". This time little loudly..After 20 seconds , there was a reply, "Hello-Is it Abhilash speaking?". I said -Yes, Its me..But WHO ARE YOU? ..And he said- " I am Abhilash Ruhela" ..I just fingered my ears, put the phone on hold and washed my eyes and snoozed back the phone..I said " Why are you playing with me?" He said , "Can't you identify the VOICE? I'm sounding just like you sound, then too you have a silly doubt that I'm not Abhilash ..I mean Abhilash Ruhela." This time I was surprised to hear this and stipulating the description, I replied, " You are calling from where and what you want?". He replied , " I'm calling from your heart and I want your heart to be fearless and confident.I don't want you to struggle..I want you to be leading at every field in whatever you put your feet." This time I believed that he was none other than me because of his immaculate and speckless voice which was sounding just like me.

              I said, " Its great talking to myself. So if you are really talking from my heart.Just say what I really want at this moment? What is my real target in my life? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What is my thinking-Positive or Negative?" 

             He replied, "My dear boy, even I'm happy to talk to you..First let me clarify.Im inner Abhilash..Real, True, Free, Confident, Motivated , Knowledgeable etc and you are Outer Abhilash with a fake smile, fake words, fake confident, fake reality..Nothing is real in you..And after giving you so many adjectives I don't think I should explain who I am..But then too , I'll answer all your questions." I replied,"Yes, You should." Then he started again, " At this moment of your life, You are having everything you expected to have 2 years ago. But the only pain in your heart is of some broken relationships-With your cousin sister , with your girl-friend, with some of your friends.Again you have pain that you hurted some good people of your life and because of some vacuous relatives who ruined your life with some mopious sentences." I said in disgust,"How do you know all this?" He replied," Hahaha!!! You are really a child, some minute ago I have already announced that Im Abhilash-That is you but still you are asking how do I know all this..Are you so weak in memorizing names?" I replied in anger,"Shut Up !!" He giggled and replied,"Leave it..I don't want to enrage you at this time of late night.So I should talk directly what my point is. You want to be a Writer.Its good..You want to be a Dancer.Its good. You want to own a website.Its good.You want to be famous.Its good.But you aren't owing anything of this title right now.So at this moment everything is bad for you. You are just dreaming big and doing nothing.Just judge your level.Are you standing, sitting or lying? Or you are dying? You yourself exactly don't know about yourself." I said in curiosity, " Then Please tell me What I am..And What should I try to be? " 

                He Replied, "Abhilash, Just be your Real-Self.And then judge who are the people who supports you..Who dont misapprehend your traduction of words and sentences and voice. You never smile openly, You never shout with your real voice, You never tell you real thoughts to anyone, You always hide your dreams. Am I right? " I shouted," NO..NO !! You are wrong..Absolutely Wrong. I never hide my dream..Everyone knows that I want to be a writer.Everyone means everyone.. I never hide..Let people laugh or under-estimate me..But I still vociferate that I want to be a writer" He replied," But do every know that you also want to be a dancer? NO is you answer..Why aren't you confident on this dream of yours? Why dont you go for the auditions..Why don't you shout everywhere in college before going to the auditions that you are pakka going to be selected?" I replied confusedly,"How can I? I dont know the future that will I be selected or no..How can I shout? What if I lose? Everyone will laugh at me." He replied enthusiastically,"Thats what I'm saying..While publishing blogs, you are so confident..You publish it everywhere in orkut, facebook and twitter with your title name..Why dont you do the same here while you struggle for your passion for the dance? I know you dont have any reply.Do you?" I replied," I dont shout about this passion because there is not me..Only me who dance..There are many who do it..So I have a fear to lose there" Now he replied," This is my last sentence..I'm not going to hear anything from you after this..So just listen..Before I go because already the sun is rising..You are a fearfull guy..You dont have guts..You are a writer..a Good writer..No doubt...after your blogs are hit and famous all over..and accepted by everyone..But you dont have guts to shout about your passion for dancing..Just because You cant compete..You fear when somebody else is in the competition..That is what your problem is..The day somebody will be up with his or her blog..You will start fainting..But I know you will not in the case of blog..Because you are far ahead...But when It comes to start the race with someone right from the first step..You dither up...and anyone can decipher this..So please try to compete..Have guts in you...And now Im moving as its morning..And I'll call you after 1 week...To tell the changes in you..and more facts about you..Good Morning and BYE!!! "

            As soon as I moved my tongue to say BYE , He went offline..and Mummy came with the TEA..,"Beta take the TEA..It seems like you were studying for the whole night as you are still awake." I saw my mummy in a panicking expression..and she went back to the kitchen..I went to my balcony..Saw the ROAD, saw the TRAFFIC...and was still confused about the CALL...Was it a Real one..ABHILASH CALLING ABHILASH...or it was a DREAM...Picked my cell and checked the Receiving numbers..and found the call received at 3:30 AM in the night ..The number was +919999999999. which is my number..and I'm still confused how can I receive a call from my number itself..So I have nothing to say now..Just waiting for the next call from ABHILASH..I mean INNER ABHILASH as he introduced himself..


24 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Wife / A College's Scene (Adult Content)

           142ND BLOG -->>

       Friends, Sorry for the 141th blog I wrote yesterday..But it wasn't my fault , It happens sometimes that your brain doesn't work and still you want to do some routine tasks and you end up with a spoil result..This is the same which happened with me yesterday on the blog..My mind wasn't prepared for the blogs..But the attitude of taking risk was alive and it resulted in the worst blog ever..But you can't blame if you have read and you hated the blog because I have warned in the title itself Not to read..So please dont curse and abuse..Ok..Leave this now..It is so hard to judge which of your child is the best one..Now dont think that Writer of this blog is the father of 13 children..7 boys and 6 girls born alternatively..I'm just giving an example..Actually Im talking about my blogs..Today I read some of my blogs which I wrote with all my heart and passion in it..And it was really hard for me to select one from them which was the best...But I found 125th blog the best...Today I had a little argument with one of the boy of my class because of my 137th blog..and just after the argument everyone read the blog..I just love when somebody ask me to open a particular blog and make them read as they have heard about it from somebody...Its just like you are married in India..and a friend from abroad is saying to show him your wife through video conferencing bcoz he have heard somewhere that your wife is much beautiful than Kate Winslet..How happy will you be to hear this...But I'll really be tensed that my wife is talked about in groups..

            I have already decided that I'll not select very very beautiful girl to be married with..Because I know that there are many kaminey friends who will keep coming to my house after marriage saying that "I was just crossing this road , so felt like visiting you".And they will say this with such a decent face pretending that I don't know about what for they are here to?? To examine my wife's figure and beauty..I'll just take out the eyes of that friends who will even once say that Your wife is really very Hot..nobody can get better than this with the face you have..I'll just kill their eyes..and If I'll see that its my wife itself who is giving them a chance to meet her..and if I'll see that she is passing extra smiles to my friends and over-reacting to the word - BHABHIJI..I'll go to the bathroom...Will shit there after eating many leafy vegetables..and when I'll see that its smelling the worst it can..I'll shut her in it for 48 hours...Then I'll ask her ab toh tere DEVARR bachaane nahi aaye tujhko??.. So whoever will be my wife ..Just be Aware of my plannings...And now all of you will say that Are you Decent? No I'm not..But after marriage..Im promising that I'll just watch other girls but will not dream about having sex with them..Which I do sometimes...Actually Its not my fault, Its human behaviour to react when you see some beautiful thing or an ugly thing..

            Now today there was a talk about a scene which took place some 8 or 9 days back..A boy asked a girl : "Why were you angry that day when I opened the bag you gave me of that girl in our class?"..The girl replied , "Because I told you in the beginning itself , not to open it." ..Now , I'll tell you what the scene was..This girl came with a bag of another girl and handed to this boy who is my friend..We were 4 boys sitting with him..She said him not to open the bag..But as we boys are avarice, covetous and theres an attitude of rapacity for WHAT STUFFS ARE THERE IN A GIRL'S BAG? , He opened it and without peeping inside, He took out something and it was a packet of WHISPER...as soon as he saw it..He kept it back..and all of us started laughing like a Boy came wearing Bra infront of us..The girl asked WHAT HAPPENED? and He replied, "Kuch galat cheez bahaar aa gayi thi" ANd just after this the girl took the bag and went from our place angry and enrage..Her expression was the same as a girl would react to her father's decision of marrying her with the peon of her college..Now coming back to Today's scenario...I then explained her ," But there was nothing for you to get angry..Just imagine that a boy comes and give you my bag..and he warns you not to open the bag..But you being curious open it..and randomly pick a thing out of my bag..and you found that its a tablet Im consuming for developing sexual strength in me , then Will that boy who handed the bag to you will be angry or will I be angry ?? " Now as the answer was obvious that I will be angry bcoz Poll to meri khuli naa..Uss ladke ka kya gaya jisne bag diya tha..So as soon as I ended up with my example..Everyone started laughing and the case ended successfully...Girl realized that she shouldn't be angry as it wasn't her bag..That means Finally she agreed to marry the peon..Uff...

            Hope you enjoyed this incident..Whenever I write about my personal activities , I always have a fear that people will revert back upbraiding my content..But as this is my blog..Im the author..and this is how I write..So this is what You will have to read even If you dont want to...Or you give an aegis and guidance about how to modify incidents that all the vulgarities and non-veg stuffs dissappears..But I can't remove vulgarities where its needed to explain and describe...If I'll tell you the brands I wear...I'll have to name the brands even of the underwear I wear..Now If you will say that its vulgar because I'm talking about my underwear..Then I think that you are wrong and not me...Chalo now Im moving from here..otherwise If my father comes to know about the content of this blog, he will burn all my underwears and will really give me tha table of motivating my sexual powers in my body and will make me to go to the college after the dose....Uff..Good Night...Its 1 o clock...Im going to read One Night @ The Call Center..


22 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Worst Blog- Don't Read This !!!

            141TH BLOG -->>

        So finally there's again a controversy on my 137th BLOG...I just love the controversies on the blog because as soon as the talks start about the specific blog..people come and click on my status updates in facebook and read my blogs...Without any promotions and publicity, my blogs gets a lots of readers till the period Blog is in controversy..I have found that If you retaliate to the friend's and classmate's nonsense and tosh comments on their face , it doesn't create any effect but when I reply to their comments through my blog, its such an effect on them that they start trembling, internally and externally ...I just dont care..You can LOVE my blogs..Or..You can HATE my blogs..But you can't IGNORE my Blogs..That's Sure...

         I just think that a man who has never been a victim of any controversy has no targets in his or her life..Because nobody is perfect in whatever they do..Even if you excel in any activity , you can't win always...You cannot avoid mistakes on it..Even Sachin scores DUCK many a time.Several films of Amitabh Bachchan has been the BIGGEST FLOP of the YEAR..like Ramgopal Verma Ki Aag..So you can't say that you have never made a mistake in doing anything...thus never ever has any controversy touched you..If really no polemy has touched you then I matriculate that you haven't done anything in your life..You are just passing your days and just thinking about earning for eating twice a day...If really you are into this..Then you aren't venial..because you are sabotaging your life..Try doing something...Try winning something..Try losing something..Because winning incessantly is like developing a feel of over-confidence in you..

              Sorry friends, Nothing coming in my mind today to write here..As Im feeling very sleepy because I'm sick today...So plz forgive me as this request of mine is venial...Sorry I'm moving early..But just forgive me...



Initial Stage Of LOVE !!!

           140TH BLOG -->>

       One Sunday has ended too..A bore Sunday..It was for me..Lying on bed and managing your body and keeping a hand on your heart and screaming - All Izz Well_All Izz Well  because you are sick doesn't make your day..From tomorrow my Unit Tests are beginning..Its feeling like My father is sending me to fight against a wild bull without any clothes..and only an underwear that too of RED color which encourages Bull to attack you..Haven't read even a Single word and dreaming of filling every answer with 3 pages of the answer-sheet..Its like loving Amrita Rao and dreaming of a figure and attitude like Mallika Sherawat..I do remember when once in exam , I asked my supervisor to help me and He retaliated " Besharam, padhai likhai kuch nahi , aa gaye hain exam hall mein ladkiyaan taakney". I felt so ashamed at that moment ki I felt like leaving studies at that moment but then I realized , This same dialogue would have been used on the same sir by his teacher in his school days..And he has used same on me...So I shouldn't listen to him and because of this funny thinking, I have reached till here -GRADUATION..Otherwise I was toh thinking of leaving studies..Hahaha...

            One week has passed after Valentine's Day...Many of the hungry people of having love with someone..Many people eager to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend..Would have opined their Heart's feeling on this very day and today they have completed One week of their relationship...In the initial moments of an affair, we avoid every quarrel, brawl and bicker with our partner..We love everything whatever they do, whatever they speak, whatever they wear , whatever they use...We start loving the brand they use..We start loving the actors they are crazy for..We start loving the area where they live..We start loving the color they love even if we hated that color right from our birth..Everything changes when you have a partner suddenly ...Even I remember , I used to spray a perfume..But could smell only when My Ex-Gf used to sit besides me..This is how I define LOVE after this that When you can experience the fragrance of your perfume only when your partner is sitting besides you, You can say that you are in LOVE...The perfume which my ex-gf used to spray on her body..I used to feel the same smell of it when I used to be at my home sitting besides my father..and because of that I started loving my father again albeit he continued to give me sarcasm replies because I felt that the same smell is coming from my father's body..But after the break-up , when she used to cross me , I used to feel the smell of the same perfume as the smell of the rotten dead rat..This is what happens when you are in Love and when you realize that it wasn't Love, It was just an Attraction and infatuation..As we say this in smug and self-satisfaction..and because of this I again started noticing my father's sarcastic words because I felt like he has that dead rotten rat in his body somewhere.. ;-)

            So , Valentine's day's victims, please be aware of these changing feelings otherwise you will end up with a wedding with the same girl you have proposed this year..and then you will have no choice...Now-a-days I'm reading One Night @ the call-center from Chetan Bhagat.. He has a good quality of expressing his thought on a situation in his writings..That is why I love reading his books..Today in DNA paper , I saw the column stating Best-sellers of this week..And his 2 STATES is again at No. 1 and his FIVE POINT SOMEONE at No. 4.. I can imagine his feelings of experiencing his two books in the Top 5 Bestsellers..His novel - FIVE POINT SOMEONE has given us a super-duper hit - 3 IDIOTS.. All the credits of the film first goes to Chetan Bhagat..Then to Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi and then to Amir Khan..Let the film's crew and cast vociferate anything..What is correct is CORRECT..You can't change it..So Chetan Bhagat , I'm always with you..I want to meet you..But have no idea How should I do this..But will surely meet you in coming 5 years.That's my PROMISE..(conditions applied)


21 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Nothing is PERMANENT / Maintain the SUCCESS !!!

            139TH BLOG -->>

        Again this lovely disease -Cough and Cold has entered with its virus in my body..I dont understand how do I get influenced from this disease at the time when my exams are just a step away from me..From Monday, I'll be writing my Unit test..and Im suffering with this vertigo just now..I just hate to be the victim of viral diseases..I just hate myself when Im unwell..I just hate when my body says NO to any movement and activity..Dull Eyes - Shivering Lips - Uncombed Hairs - Inactive Face - Tired throat - Paining Body , I just hate all these factors of illness..Swallowing tablets is really a terrible task to perform while we are suffering with this jeopard situation...I dont love this apparition of diseases..But then I think that its not Permanent and will have to go after sometime and then start smiling and start moving my muscles around and dont sit Idle to showcase my vicissitude to everyone...

            People tremble up facing Failure....They lose hope..They turn despondent..they have no more ardency towards the new pages of life which is going to teach you more...and will make you a perfect human being..Emotions run high at this time...I , in my past , really was afraid of Failure..But as soon as I read some articles and novels , I got a will to perform better than what I did..I took my failure as a part of my Life's Progress Report..And accepted the fact that My graph has tilted downwards..But I didn't slept after this..I bought courage to stand up and run after the hard works and thrill everyone with the sudden rise of my Graph..I again failed..and graph tilted to its extreme downwards...And finally worked more harder and the last conclusion is that Graph is high again..I won Traditional Day on 6th Feb, The very next day I was selected in TIE DAY but loosed in the finals..I didn't took this as a serious issue and didn't enraged on anyone..Not even on Jury and not even on my parents who gave me some silly ideas on what to wear..And I participated in every days after it with all my hearts and hopes...Nothing is PERMANENT..remember this..Not Failure and not even Success is PERMANENT..Not misery and poorness and Not even richness and wealth is PERMANENT..Not even ugliness and not even beauty is PERMANENT...So you cannot relax at any moment in your life which you feel will continue forever in your life..Never ever you can rely on any fact till its reaches its END..

            Being Successful isn't a great achievement..It is ...I agree but MAINTAINING it forever is the biggest achievement..You cannot sit idle and dally as you are successful contemporarily , You will have to work..I'm not saying that show - off in front of everyone that you are developing but do tell everyone about your achievements and failure so that theres a little amount of pressure on you as you will have to disclose your next result ..And this little pressure act as a Motivator..Never hide any fact from the people around you who cares for you..Never ever take anything for granted even..Like the love from your parents..The support of your friends..The compliments and blessings of your elder..Rather love the ones who are doing these to you..Because today in this competing world, there's a lot of malapropism which means confusion between words..So don't get confused between any words..Try to be conscious and amicable..Complete your tasks at a time..Don't even slog to complete the task before time..Some people in their life run so fast behind success that they leave many relations and happy moments behind and end up being lonely and depressed and broken..Heart and Will is Brittle..This is a fact..You wouldn't have read this anywhere else bcoz this is my experience and I'm saying it with all the belief in me that Im committing a right message in front of you all...So don't spend you time is dizziness if you are successful...Get up and try to build up a legacy like Amitabh Bachchan and Nelson Mandela..

            And remember ...Try something that people want to be like you and not you willing to be like someone else..Think a lot on what I have said and without fear of the Failure get up and create a history...Thanks a lot for reading this blog...I'm really feeling snifter at this time as ill body is not allowing to sit straight and write more...So I'm moving...Have a Bright Sunday today...Go on an outing with your family or friends and laugh to your fullest without hiding your teeth...Love you all... 


20 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Review of My Name Is KHAN / Indians are Beautiful !!!

            138TH BLOG -->>

         Bhai gazab ki cheez hai ye racket. Maccharon ki maiyya ho gayi hai

           Just before some minutes I received this message from my friend Arya..after he bought Mosquito swatter on my request..This is the best SMS of 2010 I have received till now on my cell..Finally today I saw the controversial movie MY NAME IS KHAN..starring SRK and KAJOL..Nobody knows that this film has broked all the records of Indian movie because of its story or because of its controversy and polemy? Even I don't know because 3 IDIOTS was better than this movie and I don't think so that more people would attract to this movie after experiencing the dose of laughter in 3 IDIOTS...My Name Is Khan is an excellent movie with no boring scenes..with no senseless dialogues..with no dithering performances..Every character in the movie was given a space to perform...Shahrukh Khan was ineffable..A good performance..The way he kept a hold on his character in the movie is really appreciable..Kajol has done a good performance as a mother in the film..and Kran Johar has done well too with his presence..There are some movie directors who are always with us when we watch their movie and we dont feel their absence on the screen..Karan Johar has got a lots of love of the people right from his first film- KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI..Some directors don't need to promote their movie as their name is enough to drag all of us into the theatre ...Karan Johar is undoubtedly one of them..A man who always keeps smiling and makes us laugh..A man who never said negative about anyone and has a pure heart..This is the main reason of his success...At last I would recommend all of you to go for the movie once...as theres no bad points in the film...Only climax is dissapointing where you expect a good conversation between Rizwan Khan and President of America and you get a dissapointing dialogues and conversation..Karan Johar would have worked more better on this part...Else the film is no less than any Oscar winners..

             Yesterday , I read in the newspaper about the result of a survey where it was been asked from the tourists about where they found the most ATTRACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL people..America ranked 1st...and to our pride, we INDIANS are at 8th position..WOW...Among so many countries in the world , we Indians are at 8th position in the list of attractive and beautiful people..Its so good to hear this..Outsiders used to say that we Indians react to every segment of life emotionally and with schmaltz..and therefore we dont have good complexion and beauty...But now this has proved that we Indians are one of the best good-looking people in the world..Now I have adoubt which I want to be cleared..Was I included in the people of India in the survey?If YES then I'll proudly go and receive a plaudit for myself too...And if NO then I'll try to show my face the next time survey will be organized so that I can drag my country some positions high..Hahaha...Sorry friends for making you all angry with this sentence...Hope I dont do this the next time India gets vindicated for good-looking people..Hahaha...

             We Indians are really the best people in the world..If a survey would be conducted for the kind people in the world, Our India would rank #1 ...because we Indians react kindly to everyone..We are filled up with pitiness and sentiments..We dont hurt anyone coquetly..Its easy to manipulates Indians as we dont use our brain much..we use our Hearts...After us if any country is kind, then I would say that its South Africa...The people from there are too very generous and show their attitude for confraternity..Actually M.K.Gandhi ji a.k.a. Bapu lived in South Africa for many months because of which they too hate violence and wars..We all should be proud of our India...I love you , My Country !!!
              Hope all of you didn't got bored...THANKS...

19 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm Angry - My ANGER - Lengthy But Read This !!!

            137TH BLOG -->>

        Theres a lot to speak today.so if this blogs goes lengthy dont stop reading..Read the whole BLOG today..Im requesting for the first time...Sometimes..The day starts with a normal environment but as it passes...Story starts creating up and you lead towards that innocuous place that the whole day sabotages..Would not like to go into details...Today I was sitting with group of 6 boys of my class in the college's canteen...Everything was normal when one of them said to Vrushal that your ears are quite large...What was your father's mistake while having sex ? How this bloody cheap question just ruined the atmosphere..But then suddenly that boy came on me that Abhilash, your teeth is little out from its level which sometimes doesn't look good on you...We used to call you RABBIT and FAAWDA on your back...And they started suggesting me that Go meet the dentist and manage a braces for you it will take 6 months but will change the look of your face ever..I said NO audaciously ...They thought I'll entertain their view and will start searching for a good dentist and after my front teeths will be in the level I'll paudit them in a celebration of this happiness of the proliferation of my personality..Go to hell...Abhinav Have I ever said you to reduce your weights and improve your hair-style? Shahid, Have I ever said you to use Fair and Lovely or to undergo Plastic surgery for changing your complexion from Dark to Fair? ..Vrushal, Have I ever said you to improve your talking skills? ... Saumya, Have I ever said you that you dont have a good height ..Try to do some exercizes and Pull-Ups..When I have no problem with your personalities, Who gave you the right to judge my personality and suggest me what should I do or what I shouldn't???

            The similar case took place just an hour ago of this snifter took place....I told my friends How I managed to hide my torn trouser when I went home yesterday...And then I was talking about My clothes isn't placed in my room..Its in a big box which in Hindi we call BAKSHA..in my parent's room..Then one of my friend said Why is it there? I replied that because there are marble racks in my house but there's no door still as some works are still left...Then that bloody started muttering infront of Rexy that Arya give some rupees to him and Iske ghar mein kaam karwaa de...I just want to tell you stupid that You just spend your money on your house-hold works...Dont interfere How Im living...Its your way of living to throw money without thinking how it is been earned..I know how my father has struggled and reached upto here...I have seen his struggle and I believe in avoiding pretentious attitude and behaviour...I have been taught from childhood that if your stomach and hunger is filled up with a Vada-Pav of 6 rupees ,Then don't waste 160 rupees in mall to eat and try to show off the world that you are capable of having a lunch in a mall..When I can drink a glass of LASSI in 10 rs and can manage my hunger on the day of my Fast..Why should I drink JUICE of rs.20 in my college's canteen..Sorry..My friend..If you are feeling ashamed of my misery and way of living..But dont ever think that Im going to change it..If your Ok with this loopiness of mines...We are friends ...and If you are still ashamed..Then you can QUIT the friendship..But I'm not going to change..When I can walk 1 kilometre in 10 minutes without any pain in my body why should I spend 11 rupees on Auto?? This is how I have been given Taalim right from my childhood and Im proud of this teaching given to me from my parents...Please dont try to insolent me otherwise It will be hard for you to manage if I start speaking in the mob about you...Im very worst at this...Hope you understand..

             The same I read on Amitabh Bachchan's blog now..With an ardency I opened his blog and Saw a Mid-Day's cutting there saying Aishwarya isn't in the state of giving the birth to a child because she is facing stomach problems and infections..Amitabh And Abhishek ,both of them showed their anger on their respective blogs and twitter..Amitabh said Whatever you want to say just say to the males of our house..to me and Abhishek..but if you gonna say anything about my wife and daughter or daughter-in-law I cant keep quiet...The journalist not even gave his or her name in the article..This is the extreme limit to bear anything...Is Aishwarya able to conceive or not..Whats your problem Mid-Day? Why are you interfering in this? You just concentrate whether your Sister, wife and daughter are fine or not...

              I dont want to show this anguishment on my blog because then there are many to term me as ostentatious but sometimes I can't cease my feelings to be published on the blog...Now about whom I wrote let them feel bad..I dont care...When you cant like my teeth and my way of living..Then I cant like the company Im sharing with you..Im ready to break it...I have many friends and many care-takers who loves me a lot..So no extra love I need...Just keep it with yourself and give me just that much what I need from you...Its not even one year with all of you that you are suggesting me what should I do or not and you are thinking that Im going to bear your words against me...Forget it...Just see yourself in the mirror every morning and think that whether you are perfect or imperfect...Dont try to judge me..When my parents have no problem with my teeth coming out of its level..What the fuck you are worried about it? Will the interviewers reject me for my teeth and way of living? Will the girls reject me for my teeth? Will my books not be sold because my teeths are out? Will people avoid reading my blogs because my teeth is out? Will the teachers not give me marks because my teeths are out? I dont think so...and so I dont think this that this should be adjusted...Nobody is physically perfect..Even Salman Khan is short in height..And even Hrithik is facing knee problems...Ramdev Baba too dont have the control on the blink of his eyes...who is always into Yogas and exercizes to improvise his body...So please stop judging me..

              GOD- The CREATOR of every living and non-living beings on Earth didn't found any problem in sending me on earth with my teeths out...What the problem are you all facing? If Im so ugly..Dont look at me..If Im so ugly , Dont talk to me..If Im so ugly, ignore me..But dont teach me about Personalit Development..I have read more books than your whole relatives would have read about this topic...You all had your teeths in and in the level but then too I was selected for Mr.Fresher so just think about this..That your beautiful teeths worthed that day or my ill-mannered teeths? You will get the answer.....

                Sorry friends, ther can be the condition where all of you would be feeling me rude and aggressive today.. But Sorry..I have no problems regarding this blog...This is the first time I have written so long...just because I know Im politically and spiritually right..Now dont come with a Bhagwad Geeta to me to show that Im wrong...Because I have finalized my view in this blog...Again Apologizing to all the readers who unfortunately are dissapointed with this blog ...And no apologization to anyone whose names are taken today in a negative way...But you all deserved it...So accept it...And now please dont target my blog for this act of mines..Because I have seen..When all of you dont get any thing to target upon me..You all start publicizing my blog in a wrong manner...When you dont have that efficiency to write..Then atleast read quietly....Dont poke or nudge me..Otherwise , I'll put the rats in your underwear and you will suffer with no reproduction organ in your body..And then you will feel sorry to target my blog...


18 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Heavy Costs and Prices of Malls !!!

            136TH BLOG -->>

        After the peregrination , everytime me and my friends halt ourselves at the Vashi Mall-INORBIT..I just think that if the mall would start charging entry fees even at the cost of 1 rs..We would have sat somewhere in the garden with the groundnuts in our hand..and Khajur..But now as there is free entry we find ourselves in the mall , sitting on the top floor and enjoying the childness from A/C..We all just love sitting there and noticing girls ..I only think that from all these girls touching and seducing their boyfriends for marketing and eating, one of them will be my wife in the future...How will I control myself when I'll see her photographs with other boys as they are the fathers of her children..I'll really play Dus Ka Dum with her if this happens...After sitting in the mall, Now there's the biggest problem with us is to order something to eat..We are such poor peoples that we can come out without eating anything but we eat just to impress that group of girls which has no boys near them...We order Burgers and Coke from McDonalds which is the cheapest to eat in the mall which costs between 20 to 25.. But we never notice what the girls are eating and drinking from their money..They eat the dishes which costs more than 150...And when we notice it , we buy the most Flop dish of the mall so that nobody recognizes what we eat and they will feel that we are eating something costly...These are the games of the mall..Just to impress some girls with Fair skin, red lips, Cool hairstyles, American Accent, Short skirts, sleeveless top , long nails and sexy body , we throw our father's effort money in the mall and we dont get even a glance of that girls..

               I dont know why these malls cost so much...Why aren't they fair...I remember the last week when my friend Yusuf took me to the Kamat..The chain of food stores...I didn't had any idea of tghge prices here but Yusud did had..But he didn't told me anything about the cost bcoz he wanted to eat in the Kamat..After sitting there, We saw board in all the directions pointing towards Vada Pav and saying " Have you tasted the Batata Wada of our Kamat? " Now after reading this, I got an intimation that there is a danger and peril in ordering this..We asked for the MENU CARD...The Menucard was printed and decorated in such a way that no Marriage invitation card in my family would have been so beautiful...And the cost in the Menu Card were greater than all the money my father would have got in his marriage from relatives...Then I finally decided to order 2 Pavs which costed 5 rs each and a Tea..So that we can dip the pav in the tea and enjoy our breakfast..But Yusuf didn't agreed to this wonderful and cheap idea..Finally he ordered Batata Wada from Kamat's and then I exclaimed, " Do you know the prices ? " He said NO smilingly..Then came the bill which read 35 rs...Now I was really very surprised that Two small vada pavs for this much...And his vada pav were smaller than the smallest boobs in this world..Now you can imagine how much life that little pav would have got in it..Yusuf then asked me to pay the bills, Then I was really shocked and turned into the character in the situation of being stuck in the flood..He have no chance to come out of it..The only option is to Get trapped in it..In the same way I was trapped to pay the bill..Now when I came out of restaurant , I felt proudy after eating a VADA-PAV of rs . 17.5 ...

            Sorry friends...Feeling sleepy..Falling on the laptop...For the first time..Should not play with the sleep today..Bye..Will meet you soon..with some more funny blogs but let me go now..


17 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Sentence/ Killing Mosquitoes/ Understanding Girls

           135TH BLOG-->>

       Everytime I start writing , the first thing which attacks me is What will be the first sentence of my today's blog..Whatever I think to write , I never write as my first sentence...Everytime when we approach a stranger, the first thing which traps us is that How to begin our conversation? Everytime you are made to stand up and speak about yourself..You are said to introduce yourself, The first thing which flicks the mind is THE FIRST SENTENCE?...First sentence is the face of the whole body..Everytime you start reading a book or a newspaper article or anybody's social networking's profile..The first image of the person is stigmatized according to the quality of his or her's First Sentence..The start is always the USP of your approach towards your writings and speech..The person is judged by his Start of the conversation..If he lacks the quest of liking from the people , he is not going to be heard more...People concludes that the Persoan is a loser..So always whenever you are approaching a stranger, Try emphasising on your FIRST SENTENCE...If your First Sentence seems to be like squiffy, you will be removed from the list of People's Choice..I always concentrate on my First Sentence and Start of every speech and writings..Its hard to be consistent but its easy to be good...Atleast More than Average...Never try to plagiarize because what you do yourself is entertained more by the people, I have experienced it ..I have never copied anybody's blog anytime in my blogging life so everytime I receive compliment or criticism I take it as a pious view for my blog..

             Yesterday I purchased MOSQUITO KILLING SWATTER which is just like Lawn Tennis's racket...You just have to aim at the mosquito pressing a button and the mosquito gets trapped into the iron rods and dies at the spot..Its really a fun killing them and running behind them..It is said in Hindi that Ek Machchar Aadmi Ko Hizda Bana Deta Hai...This sentence is so true that when it was heard for the first time in an Indian movie there was lots of plaudit...We Humans think that we are the most clever and the most powerful living being on the earth..We always have a pride and ego upon other animals and living beings..But God has made everything to balance a Human behaviour and his feelings..We can kill a dog easily just by thrashing him with some beats of sticks but when it comes to killing mosquitoes, a human loses all his strength and patience...Today I was counting while killing mosquitoes through Swatter...I killed more than 250 mosquitoes and then too there were many flying in the room as I have invited them...So a human can kill another human..But he cant kill all the mosquitoes in his or her room...So this is a big lesson to a human being that dont under-estimate anyone...Because an insect not even 1/1000th of your body...Can win over you....

             Today in the laboratory I sat on the PC which was connected with the projector...So I started writing live blog there..and some of the friends were reading continuously while I was writing as it was visible in a large size on the wall of the classroom , I was writing on a general topic..But there were 2 friends..One boy and a girl who said Im writing boring stuffs..Then I said OK..I cancelled all and came with an interesting idea..I started writing Sex..and the girl after reading two sentences..Smiled and then turned off the PC directly from CPU..Now this is what I dont understand about girls..She had problem when I wrote boring stuffs..and she was again in a problem when I wrote interesting stuff...and this latter stuff was like the most interesting topic in this age..We all are excited to know about sex...Its practical and all...But theres no college all aroundwhich can provide us with a subject named SEX and its practical every week...So coming back to the topic, I was saying that its hard to understand a women..Like our mother..They first slap us..and then when at the Dinner time we dont come to the table..She is the one who comes..love us and take us to the table and feed us with her hands..So understanding mother is so hard with whom we have the relationship of more than 9 months than we have with anyone else..So Boys never try to derive a conclusion on any of the girl....


16 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Gifts From Teachers/ Poll Results !!!

           134TH BLOG -->>

       Its so charming when you are given respect for the work you have done with all the efforts and dedication..I wrote an article for DNA with no hope of it getting published on the 11th February..All of my friends in the college read it and today they welcomed me with so much of respect, love and pride ...I felt so good , I just got emotional but tried my best to Hide my feelings..Then in the first period, Five of the students had to give presentation ...After they ended with this MBA-class tasks..I gave the newspaper in madam's hand and asked her to read it and revert back whether she like it or not..And the way she responded was so touchy and palpable that I really felt extolled...Madam said that It was an excellent work from me and She didn't expected anyone in the college doing this great job..And for my inccredible creativity , She gave 1 marks to me in the Internal section out of 20...I was so happy..Where my classmates are struggling for each and every marks , I have got a little part of it as a gift...Then in the second period, Snehal madam entered and I showed her too..Everyone was confident that madam is literally going to annihilate me as she is the biggest criticizer in the world we all have ever seen..But the first word she uttered was WOW!!!.. She said that Abhilash Im very happy..and Im highly-impressed by you..You have really done something which I never thought anybody will do..I really want to tell you that the day I opened your blog , I didn't found anything interesting in it but today What you have done is ineffable..We should really erudite something from you..And I dont think that 1 marks is a justice to your talent and your incredible work..Im blessing you with 50% marks in Internals and she gave me 10 out of 20 without any assignments...And she said Now your Class conducts will be stigmatized within the left 10 marks...WOW !!! My seniors said that In our college, theres no place for talent and passion, But I would say For me..My college has been the biggest factor in my success...Madam has asked for a Xerox to put it on the Notice board..and Snehal madam has taken the link of my blog to read it..Hope I get positive response from her...

              Today My recent Poll ended where I asked all of you that the length of my blogs is Okay Okay..or you want some stretch or squeeze from them...32 of you voted your views ..Out of which 30 has said that IM PERFECT THE WAY I AM , 1 vote said me to Increae the size of my blog and 1 said to decrease the size...Now as the majority has said that Im perfect the way I am..Theres no need to change anything...I have to work the way I am doing from many months...I really feel proud when the approach of my friends towards my blog is positive and they behave as they have more right towards my blog than I have...That is the time when I opine crikeyness as there is plethora of encomiums..Like for my article I have written, My friends , my classmates showed so much of love for it that there was no jealousy I found in the horizon of this achievement....I hope I'll keep you all attached with this ARB forever and ever...But for this I need your comments on this ..That How am I doing...Good, Bad or Normal..Till the time I dont receive any retaliation from all of you How can I improve myself and write according to what all of you want..Like one of my friend said me to write on Valentine's Day and I wrote..So this is How I contribute to your desire and request..Even if you have some writings , give it to me, I'll publish on my blog..Recently , I updated the visitor's  number on my blog- ARB.. and it was 2176 in one month..WOW....Thanks to Google for giving me this blog and thanks to all of you readers to give me this high number of visiting slot here...Thanks.....

              Assignments have started entering my life again..But Im happy..Assignments makes you come out of your blanket..Get up from your bed and do little effort..THis makes you little of your course-savvy..Profuse learning is too bd for health..but you shouldn't exude studies from your routine..Learning Graduation is really making me amicable to germane knowledge...Everyone of us works on the software..But nobody of us know the process of Software Development- It has 6 stages - System Analysis..Design..Coding..Testing..Implementation and Maintenance...Now these knowledge we get only in studying Graduation..So I hope that My personality will transform in these three years of this wide education..and you will see more successful Abhilash Ruhela and more powerful Blogs from me..Thanks to all the Teachers who are helping us to cope up with these Graduation's subjects...and thanks to all my classmates who dont laugh on me when I give wrong and stupid answers in the class...My sincere thanks to all of you..and Once again I would like to thank Taruna Madam for 1 marks and Snehal Madam for 10 marks in my Internal assessments..


15 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Valentine's Day / Views about me after 40 Years !!!

            133TH BLOG -->>

        Hope you all enjoyed Valentine's Day..But if you will ask me about how was my day..I would say better than asking this question..Just teach me how to celebrate Valentine's Day..I just kept thinking for the whole day..What can I do today..and ended with the best boring idea of the world..Planned to watch 3 IDIOTS for the 2nd time..Now what is the connection of watching this movie on Valentine's Day..Don't ask me...That's what I'm telling you..Sometimes I think of the lovers who have their partners with them for years..How they have managed? How have they survived? How have they managed their girlfriends with that little pocket-money we get from our Hitler Daddies..There are huge dialogues from Romeos and Juliets of this world that We love each other unconditionally and our relationship is interminable..I just wonder HOW?? Because every time I'm committed with someone..Rather than having lovely thoughts in my mind and having birds flying in my soul..I keep thinking that if my partner flinch from the relationship what will happen..And finally the relationship ends through a contravene with gf..If you will ask me what good points and bad points I have as a boyfriend..I would say I have Sweet face..Sweet Smile..Many Talents..Vision in life..as the good points...and Less pocket-money..Less luxurious choices..No interest in marketing..and no support of parents for love..These are the bad points..

            The Three words I LOVE YOU creates so much of traducation of the personality and fakeness of the attitude that after sometimes even you forget what was the Aim and Goal of your life..You come up with a new answer to the question Whats Your Aim?? and your answer is "To give all the happiness to my partner and bring a huge smile on her face" Now if this is the main motive of your life..Then vindicate yourself in the list of vacuous people..I had a girlfriend..Now don't think that I had only one..Right now I'm talking about one of the many model..She used to call me and we had chats on phone for 8 hours a day...She called me for 2 months and then said..You are very boring..Lets Break - Off.. That was the first time in my life that I came to know I was Boring..The girl didn't accepted the fact that with the time her taste for the boys has changed..and not me..

             Sometimes I think after 40 years when I'll be retired and will be living in reclusion..After my child will pass from his college and will start doing job or If I'll have a girl child and she will be married and I'll be living with my old wife all alone..I'' be sitting on my Aaram-chair..Reading my novels ( If Published ) , newspaper and books..What will I think of myself and my life then..What will be the aim of the life at that very time..When all the time would have passed to achieve all the goals and achieve all the dreams..The loneliness and pains will snarl up together and will cause the mind to work and rewind to the days back which are the present today..With that maturity when I'll see myself as a flirty guy who just kept roaming around with girls in the college..Who always had the chat about sex with my friends..Who always kept around doing mischieves..How ashamed will I feel of myself..And at the second place..If I avoid all this today..and then after 40 years when I'll rewind back to this present..I will be up with that I struggled with the books of different authors to find out the formula for an arithmetical problem..I obeyed to every elder...I achieved all the Top Goals of my life..and didn't performed even a single mischieve..Never enjoyed...Never had friends...Will then I'll be proud of Myself??? NO....Never...I dont say that Im a big flirt..No Never..I only had One or two girl friends..And I didn't had any sexual intercourse with them and Im proud of this that Maine Josh Mein Hosh Nahi Khoya...And Now when I'll after 40 years will imagine this type of life which Im living..I'll really feel proud of myself that I kept all the love on my table for all the people who came to me..I always kept people around me laugh with the sense of humour God have blessed me..I'll feel proud that I had confidence in my college days to stand up in the class and opine my views without any hesitation..I am really proud of myself..and with this proud I can imagine that if every thing works as planned..I'll be experiencing FAME even after 40 years from now...

           I dont know exactly What I wanted to say with Today's blog..But this is all what I wanted to talk to myself...which is what I do daily..I talk to myself..and the day I experience Success or Failure I talk to all of my friends for their reviews...And then Now I should leave..Now 12 o clock have passed and the valentine day has taken its flight back and we will meet this day after 1 year..Till then Love everyone around you who are capable of it..and Hate everyone who deserves it..Like I hate Rehana...My Ex-Gf...Because she deserves this...Bye..Now Im coming to my AUKAAT so its better to boycott Keyboard now..

14 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Nuisance of Media / Pune Attacked / Valentine Day !!!

            132ND BLOG -->>

        Everytime I sit infront of the television watching news channels..I feel like killing the reporters who try to exaggerate the issue and vociferate..If a man has slapped once..Why to show it again and again..If theres a new news..Just show it once and keep showing every headlight at every hour..Why do they get stuck to one news for the whole day? When it was the Taj issue of Mumbai..It stipulated this kind of telecast..We wanted to know about us..How back we are...How lazy we are..How weak we are..We wanted to see how much are we going to suffer..So that was the day when we needed this telecast..and we wanted to moot our voices on this slewy case..But I remember once when I was watching , there was a Breaking News that "Amitabh ko thand lag gayi " which means " Amitabh is stuck with the coldness" Now everyone knew at that time ki Delhi is in its record low temperature and everyone is suffering..Now sticking to this news of Amitabh Bachchan was like snubbing every citizen of Delhi..Bcoz if Amitabh ko Thand Lagi..Toh baaki subko garmi thode hi lag rahi hai..So that is why I really hate these News channels..Because they mostly show these kind of news which makes me feel that even I can be the part of their Breaking News one day..Today I was watching Dance India Dance right now and suddenly I swapped the channel and saw that theres a Terrorist attack in Pune which has caused 10 deaths and 55 people injured..My sister is living in Pune..Some of my friends are living there..So this kind of news just elucidate that everything is not NORMAL and OK..The terrorist left the bag at the German Bakery of Pune which is one of the coolest hang outs in Pune..

            Terrorist attacks and Bombs's explosion doesn't happens playingly..Theres a source of destruction where the idea touches the concept of a destructor..He then plans..then creates a group and then there is practise, training, rehearsals..and finally they come on their Grand Finale and win their award for their hard work they have put into from many months and years..Every stage is a creativity for them..But its destructive for us...Like one of the day like today..13th February,2010..After 26/11 there has been no attack in India...and now this one has again poked us ....We should take this case as seriously as we can...Nothing can be consistent for a long time...Everything was quiet and silent..Suddenly Shivsena announced to protest Rahul Gandhi..There was a fear of destruction and sabotation again..But finally everything went normal..Again they announced the protest for the film MY NAME IS KHAN..They ruined the atmosphere all over in Mumbai and other regions..Why do they behave like dissentient and never match themselves with us and live together in PEACE..Why do they need Destruction..??? All the vertigos fly away when we hear about the loss of our people..loss of the humanity..loss of the heart in people..How can someone be so emotionless to kill humans...I dont know and not even interested to know..What Im interested in is how can we raise our voice on it...Will have to concentrate on our strategies and strength..Then only we can overcome these nescience and animals..

             So its VALENTINE DAY today as 12 o clock has striked..Its 14th February..So Happy Valentine Day to all of you..Try to spread love and affection all over ...Try to be loving, polite and soft to all the people around you..Pass hugs and rose and love to everyone who lacks of this beautiful feeling and experience..Kiss to your younger brother and sister..Let them know that you love them..GO and sit with your parents and let them know that you remember them at the first whenever Love is talked about...Share hugs with your friends who loves you..Motivates you..and care for you..and who literally has changed your life from Worst to Best...And then at the last remember your partner..Dont pass anything to them..Nor kisses nor hugs..because its my prediction that they are going to serve you with the biggest pain in the coming future..So ignore them today..and some idiot lovers think that on Valentine Day its stringent to have Sex with your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend.. Oh you bastard's soul, wait for sometime..get married and then do every intercourse with your partner which all is possible but right now plz..Dont touch..Be far..try to respect your partner rather than being physical with them...Dont try to fool your partner on the Valentine Day by pulling them to the bed..and doing all the unwanted activities with the protection..and if not allowed by the partner then rape him or her..and increase the number of crimes..Yaa Yes...even girls rapes boy...So girls dont behave like you all are only the victim of rapes and provokings..I believe that no boy has courage to touch a girl who dont want to be touched...So you all are the one who gears up boys to do some exercise with you..

            And now would like to tell all of you that try to be with the recluse people today..Recluse people means the people living in retiremoent or isolation..Try to be with the old ones tomorrow who has lost their partner..Who all are alone and will miss their partner on this LOVE DAY...So try to be with your Grandpa and Granny today..So in this way try to make this VALENTINE DAY as pure as you can...and precious as you can...

           Chalo now let me move from here otherwise My father will plant a bomb below my ass....

13 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Compliments on Newspaper's Article / Mahashivratri / Shivsena-Shahrukh's Controversy

            131ST BLOG -->>

        So, the alacrity and brisk of writing has finally given me a recognition..People who know me and who know that my article has been published yesterday are making me so blithe that I want to thank them for making this month of mines the best one..When I hear people saying "I am PROUD of you" I just feel like crying a lot..My heart gets emotional and I just feel like going to temple and cry a lot..Its really emotional and palpable moment when people who are elder to you and people who are more educated than you talks about your greatness and talent..And the biggest happiness is that you are recognized loved and appreciated for the activity you are passionate for..Im always dedicated towards writing..and today when It is being published in the leading newspaper of Mumbai, Im feeling like If the death reaches to me today itself I can say that I lived my dream..This wasn't the biggest and colossal goal of my life but it was one of the highest priorities..And it is achieved..One of the TO-DO task is cut..The love and appreciation has taken me at that place where many people can claim for you that you have turned into ostentatious..But I don'care for these cheap comments..Like it happened yesterday when one of the reader said that I have started showing off..and It was just an opinion and not an article(The word which Im using for my published material)..Friends, You yourself tell me what was it..

             Today it was Maha-Shivratri..One of the biggest festival of our Indian culture and Tradition..It is said to be the day Lord Shiva borned..The spirituals fast today on this day..This year It was my first fast for Shivratri..I just enjoyed keeping it..The sense of Politics, Socialism, Spirituality etc doesn't grow in you till your parents dont fill it in you..My mother has always worshipped God..Temples..I used to hate doing this as I believed that How can I trust on the presence of such a power which I have never experienced and seen..But then I felt that Every organization has a Leader..Every small group has a leader..And this big Earth..This big universe isn't a play..It is definitely created by someone..And that enormous power is from and of the Almighty GOD...Everyone consider their God whom they believe is true and more effective..Hindus follow different gods as Shiva, Vishnu, Ram , Hanuman, Ganesh etc.. Muslims too follow too different powers..One follow Allah ..and the other sub-group within them follow one of their prophets..Christian follows Jesus Christ..So different people worship different powers..Like I worship Sai Baba..Bcoz Its my experience that the day I offered flowers in Shirdi..I started approaching my dreams and goals with a tremendous speed..Every problem which knocked me..went in the same force..I dont worship Lord Shiva with so much of dedication but Its not like I dont believe him..So today on this festival..I fasted for the whole day and felt a cool and frsh breeze around me..Today me and my parents visited two families in Mumbai..One at KHARGHAR and other at NERUL...and thus we enjoyed this festival with our friends..who are not less than a part of the family..

             Ultimately, 12th February has come to an end with the result of the Shivsena-Shahrukh's controversy..And the Best man won..The way Shiv-sainiks came on the road and at the doorsteps of the theatres and multiplexes was not less than the infilades..They tried to be very stringent..And  their activists came in profuse numbers..They protested the film MY NAME IS KHAN which casts the actor Shahrukh Khan..But finally all the theatre owners gained the confidence and felt like raising their voice on this issue and with this they released the film..They took Shiv-sainiks as a small baby crying for chocolates..They gave them the wrapper..and they helplessly accepted it..2500 and plus Shivsainiks were arrested..And the film was housefull all over..Politicians went and buyed ticket for the movie..Just to spit on the raised finger on the Shiv-sena..Shahrukh got the enormous love and support of the people..He was so humbled that he kept tweeting all day..Hrithik Roshan too joined the Twitter to support him..and He also broke the record of Shahrukh's followers in 24 hours..Shahrukh had 18,000 followers in 24 hours..While he has 24,000 and more..Today, History has been created in Maharashtra with the success of MY NAME IS KHAN on its first day..We should have the power to retaliate to the injustice..I want to salute all the people who marched up towards Cinemas to watch the movie on such a controversial day..And then I feel happy for myself that I too raised and did something on this issue by raising my voice in my blog , twitter and Newspaper...This is how we have to reply to this Local parties who are trying to depromote our society's status...

          Thanks...And Wilshire Im missing you...Hope your PC recovers soon...

12 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

First Publication In DNA Newspaper !!!

           130TH BLOG -->>

       Sena shouldn't speak on behalf of the people

       DNA reader says party's acts of terror must cease

Abhilash Ruhela

           The protest by Shiv Sena activists against the screening of the movie 'My Name is Khan' for his statement he made in the favour of the Pakistan's cricket players is uncalled for. Shiv Sena activists say that until the actor apologises, they won't let the film be released in Mumbai and Maharashtra. They claim that the actor's assertion is anti-Indian. 
            If Shiv Sena activists are so concerned about the country, then why don't they guard the border or help fellow Indians in states hit by terrorism. The fact is that the Shiv Sena, as a party, is losing direction, because of the battering in the elections. Hence, they are blowing hot and cold against personalities who are not connected with politics and are soft targets for their goons. Activists must find out if their acts of terror or intimidation have public support, since they claim to have undertaken the protest for the sake of their countrymen. The party must take on its opponents on the basis of the ideology and not resort to frightening people. 
            They must let the movie be released, if people are angry with the actor, they will boycott the film. Let the people decide. The Sena must stop this shadow boxing and take on the MNS, if it wants to be taken seriously, they must leave innocents alone.

            Readers , Friends and Well-Wishers, I'm very happy to inform all of you that the piece I have written above is my First Publication In DNA Newspaper of Mumbai Edition. For the whole article please visit the following link - http://epaper.dnaindia.com/epapermain.aspx?edorsup=Main&queryed=9&querypage=4&boxid=30799278&parentid=110321&eddate=02/11/2010 

             In the morning, as soon as I woke up , I just ran towards the door to collect the newspaper..just to reveal the fact that Have I succeeded in publishing my view in the newspaper this time or I'm again failed for the 3rd time today..But as soon as I checked the paper I saw my photograph with my name and my article..And I was just blank for some seconds that Im still in sleep and dream or Am I experiencing this truely..Ran towards my mummy and exclaimed, " See your son's photograph and name in the newspaper with his article." And she literally losed her find for a second as I did for the first time when I saw the same..She too acted as nescient..As she has passed her B.A. Graduation in Hindi, Reading and understanding English is tough for her..She asked innocently as a child that Beta Kisliye aaya hai tera naam paper mein?.. I think she was in a fear that It is for a crime I committed..Then I passed the paper to my father and he took 10 minutes to read this small article..He was so happy witnessing this fact that his son did for what he was trying to do..Then after this I sent the SMS to all my friends so that they can too read my take on Shivsainiks..Soon after this SMS started flowing into my inbox..And everyone was proud of me..And I was very happy to make everyone proud of me..

               When I started writing blogs, there were many who said me to Shut my mouth and keep quiet..But there were supporters too..It didn't took a long time for me to prove that I can write better and soonly my blog got famous.After this My only target was to publish one of my writings in the newspaper..I tried once when the Indians were attacked by the Australians..I was rejected..Then I tried again on the first anniversary of the Attack in Taj..Again it got rejected..Then I tried analysing that whats the difference in my writings and other reporter's writing that Im ignored and rejected again and again..then I came to the conclusion that I use the word "I" in every article I have sent to them..Then I wrote this one as a reporter and this got published..It is said naa TRY UNTIL YOU SUCCEED...

               Today I have started with a new book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I have waited a long time to reach this book..Finally got this book from my Mausaji in Nerul and I have read it First chapter today just before this blog..Its an interesting story..as I feel in the start..The author has Two dads..One is an educated one and another one is a Rich personality..The one who is educated shares all the tip which can make him an Educated person..and the Rich dad tells him that theres no neeed to be educated for being rich..Educated dad tell him to study good so that he can be a part of a reputed organization while Rich dad tells him to own a large organization..So with this two wisdoms at a time..Writer got a huge brain about how to handle money and he shares with us that theres no use of the education we peruse in our school time because not even 5 % of it is applied in our day to day life..and we should learn how to handle money...Because this is the only target for which we study..work and strive for..Hope the book will teach me how to earn moeny and handle it..After reading the book I'll share my view with all of you that which Dad was correct..Rich or Poor..So wait till I complete this novel...and dont expect the novel to be finished by me in day or two as Im not devoting all my time to read it..I'll be partly reading it daily..Now Im in frazzling state of mind so Im thinking to move out from here..and go to bed..Reading some short stories..Its 2.45 AM right now...World is sleeping and Im innovating my ideas here...

              My request to all of you that plz dont criticize this blog because I know theres nothing special in this..So please just go to the link read the article and comment on it..Bye...


11 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Future Unpredictable / Google Buzz / That Thing Called LOVE !!!

            129TH BLOG -->>

        When you expect the best..The worst happens..and vice-versa..Yesterday I was so eager to face today's morning as I was to collide with some one and I felt like winning it..But to my unexpectations..Nothing happened..Protestors weren't in the mood to say anything to me..Either they hated me so much that they didn't even thought to form a rampage situation with me..It happens sometimes that we start hating someone so much that we dont even want to fight with them and forget all our confraternity..The same would have happened with the one with whom I was to fight today...Everything is a play..Curtains Up..and God starts using us as Puppets...Who impressed the people around them..Wins the race of life and others who claims that void is in their control..God-the allmighty is moving them..Loses the match..I think This is my good time..Im doing the best in my puppet-show of life..And hope that all of you around me are enjoying me doing so..Only a fear is that I dont get trapped in the horizons I created to caught others...Lets See..What happens and What crosses..I have no idea of future..And Im happy that Im no sooth sayer to predict my future..Otherwise nothing would have left interesting in my life..I just love facing unexpected versions of life..and I love life being unpredictable..The way you develop your personality from Introvert to Extrovert..is the only result of the problems and woes you face without its intimation..I have grown so matured just by facing problems and being unaware of whats going to happen the very next second..and with this feel Im enjoying my life so much..That I have just started loving God for giving us such a good chance to perform here between people..Hope There would be claps for me in the heaven for my performance as a Puppet !!! Hope Hope Hope !!!

             Today to my astonishment, when I logged in to Gmail Inbox to check my new mails I saw a new service from Google..Its named as Google Buzz..Google comtemporarily is the biggest Site in  the world..The highest viewed Site in the world..The biggest Search Engine..The best of all sites in serving people with mails, blogs and other many web applications..Orkut is too an Avatar of Google..Both the sites are parallel(y) equal reputed..Now this Google Buzz isn't a new creation..Orkut always had a region to update our Status..Facebook too has this facility..Then the Site TWITTER came in 2006 which gave the users a grand privilege to rwrite Whats Happening at every second in their life..The site got a good response and people who believed in sharing their personal life and their views gave a huge applause to this site which provided us with updating our status..Google Buzz is just the same..Nothing New..and I hope so that this too gets a good response...But I feel like it will be ignored by the surfers as there are previous versions to use..Lets see..Google wins the race or loose it...

             Tonight I completed the novel - That thing Called Love by Tuhin A Sinha..I hope that no author again try writing a novel like such a ruined and boring story..I dont understand how does a person takes such a big step of publishing his story all over which has no perspective..The novel only had stories of 3 to 4 couples who were engaged in Extra-marital affair..andthe book had an average of 1 pages per 5 describing the Sex between the partners..And with the stale funny dialogues, he described each and every Sex activity..It only made me get seduced reading it but the writer didn't gained any respect and admiration from me..like Chetan Bhagat and Robin Sharma did..After reading the books of this two great writers, I felt like meeting them..But after reading this book..Im feeling like Flirting with the Author's wife..Because in the whole book He has just supported Extra-marital affair..My ratings to this novel - 0.5 / 5 ...The worst I have read uptill today..Tuhin Sinha..Please improve your writing skills and sense of humour and then try to be an author..and the publisher of this book I really want to know from you what made you distribute this book after reading its Rootless story..Just give me a reply..

              CHalo friends ..Now Im moving to sleep otherwise If my father will peep in my room and if he finds me writing blog...He will increase the size of the hole of my underwear..So I think I should move out from this blog and should wait for your comments to drop in..Got a good resonse on my yesterday's blog...Thanks....

10 February 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Looser Shivsainiks / My Tomorrow can be Harmful for me !!!

            128TH BLOG -->>

        Life is a limited para-phrase..If you would like to expant it ..It will expand but it may not be in the image you would have made it in your mind..It can differ or even oppose the way you think about the values of your life..I always thought of doing something or the other everyday..Daily, after writing the blog, I sit for 15 minutes after reading it once that How have I written it..Try to judge it as a reader...and when I find something incorrect and erroneous, I feel so baad about my presence that after passing so many hours after waking up in the morning..Im still not out of my dullness and still im dallying..And then I give 15 minutes to my life and decide all about what Am I going to do tomorrow? Think about the college-timing..Think about the time I gossip with my friends..Think about the time I travel alone in locals...and Then think about the evening time I spend up with my parents..and then owe and promise myself that I'll not be tempered in any situation..The mercury of my voice will not rise up...I'll try to be quiet..But sometimes your frame-work doesnt supports you and you turn out unexpectedly and everyone around you gets choked up on your propensity of turning into unpredictableness..Like you all would have watched Press conference of 3 IDIOTS where Vidhu Vinod Chopra shouts at media- SHUT UP..Now that wasn't planned by him..but at the spot..He didn't controlled his engine and thus it got nitroboosted and it stamped the stigma of the person in our mind that he is ill-mannered..The same situation as I predict is going to be screenplayed with me tomorrow and I'll try to be cool..But if the party who is standing in my opposition tries to be loud and vociferates..I'll turn up towardds them in the same posture and attitude...I'll not accept even a word extra..I hope tomorrow's situation will be innocuous to me..Hope Hope Hope !!!

            Today I saw news channels telecasting the Opposition Shivsainiks are mooting up for the film MY NAME IS KHAN..If I'll speak anything, again I'll be talking by taking the side of one party..But My View is my View..and on ARB..its all Abhilashism..Why to hide my feelings..So I would like to unbosom my views on this issue...Shahrukh Khan is right ....He says that its no wrong in letting Pakistan's players participate in IPL..Yaa He is right..and If Shivsainiks are so much allergic from Pakistanis , I would say them that go and catch all the terrorists across borders preparing for the next attack on India..That will save us from the coming disaster..Take this big step..Rather than showing your insecureness after losing the elections and being overtaken by MNS...Try to do something valuable and precious..Try charming up the smile on our faces rather than spoiling our moods..We all are Indians..We helplessly accept the attacks of Pakistanis as there is nothing we can do..But you all are Indians and you fearlessly claiming and then acting on your sentences, and then breaking up our theatres, cinema halls..and then commit that you all are doing this for Indians..Atleast ask us what do we want before sabotaging our city's properties..And if you think that Shahrukh is wrong and people are with you..Let the movie release..If people would be really angry on Shahrukh..They will not go for the movie..Do this..And I'll say then that you all are really Indians and Mumbaikars..and a helping source for Marathi Manoos...Shahrukh Khan is quiet..Karan Johar is quiet..and you all are barking..and just think that if the film goes superhit..What will be your image infront of all of us..How will you face us then? I know you all are shameless creatures..You will again come with a new topic and will again target a man who is not concerned with the politics..If you all are real politicians..Try fighting with your competitior- Raj Thackeray..Win against him..and I'll come to clap for you..But dont play with the person who is an entertainer and has no ideas about politics..He isnt in the field...Please..Listen to us- THE INDIANS....