30 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Why do we forget those QUESTING DAYS after ACHIEVING?

1365th BLOG POST -->>

        This week I shall complete 4 months of my working experience and owing to that, I thought of something which I felt like talking about with all of you. There are times in our life when we look forward to something with immense desperation and wish to take care of it once it becomes a part of our life. I remembered the period between my last presentation exam of MCA and the day when I got the call of selection from the company I am currently working in. It was one of the most dangerous period of my life. I have been a bigger loser than this when I wasn't studying and a future couldn't be seen but then I didn't have a will to do anything hence it's not been considered here. This time I was dying to get a job in the field I wanted to start my career in. And I was regularly promising myself that whenever I shall get job, I will deliver my best and won't cheat with my employer.  

             I always feel an urge to become an entrepreneur and therefore, when I see myself as someone being trusted by an entrepreneur, I can't imagine myself cheating him/her. If the person is willing to pay me for a certain work, I feel like giving fully paisa vasool to my employer and make him feel proud of his selection. I never think of how I shall be moving to an MNC once my tenure completes here. My mind processes only the same thought of how I can become the best in the room I work in. I see different personalities, each one of them doing extremely well in the projects allotted to them, and I learn lot of lessons from their way of working and the things they speak while conversing with other entities in their project. I try to impose those values and style in my way of working. No, I do not copy the person but I try to apply those positive utilities in my way for the projects that are under my supervision.

            In these 16 weeks, I never felt like I am in a wrong job or I am tired or I do not want to give more than whatever I am giving in my work. In case when I feel sleepy or bored after doing the same job for few hours, I remember those 3 weeks I was praying to get an interview call and get back to work with the same passion with which I was checking the multiple check-boxes on Naukri.com. That makes me realize that the passion has to be continued to sustain the great achievement that has come my way due to Law of Attraction, God's grace, Parent's blessings or whatever.

            Similarly, I think for even the smallest things in my life. It has been 6.5 years since I am using this laptop of mine. Technologies have changed and my friends have better laptops than mine but the way I treat my laptop is far superior than how my friends take care of their resp. laptops. And this is the reason that my laptop still works 90% of how it worked when it was new. Similarly is the case with my mobile phones. I know how I got tempted with those phones and even when I am using the 3rd phone in my life, the first two- 1st purchased in 2007 and 2nd purchased in 2010 are still in working condition. I didn't let my parents sell them because I know how I have kept them all these years when my friends kept changing their models one after another.

             We start mistreating the pleasure once it becomes an integral part of our life. We forget that there was a time when we fought with our parents and almost wasted our whole day in searching and reading about the same on Internet. Why do we forget our endless love that we had for the particular thing before it came into our hands? Generally such cases should occur when you want something just to show-off in front of your friends and social circle but in case you really wanted that thing for yourself and your happiness mattered with its presence, you shouldn't forget the passion and hunger you had for the same. It applies right from the materialistic products to a job opportunity to a start-up to a partner you get after love-marriage. It applies with all range of things for which you once spent your night planning for. Now that you have it, do respect it guys before it goes back in that black hole from where it came and you again become a person with the same desires. Won't you like to desire new things than desiring the same again and again? Think! 



LIT FEST X: India's 1st Online Lit Fest is now A Success Story!!!

1364th BLOG POST -->>

       The Lit Fest X which I had asked all of you to follow has created several records which no other literature fest had managed to do in India. It was the first online literature fest where readers and audience could watch their favorite authors on Youtube without visiting any venue. Readers were also given chance to ask questions and get the reply live by the great personalities who turned up for the amazing sessions. 

           The Lit Fest X was an initiative by LeapVault and got presented by none other than Kindle. This itself tells the kind of value the Fest has displayed in its 10 days of schedule. The total number of views that the video sessions got in this tenure is now 5,00,000 +. It's unbelievable but that's the success story behind a great initiative by one man army- Kumar Bagrodia who himself handled more than 100 sessions without any other person on the board. The energy that he displayed for almost 1.5 weeks has been incredible and motivates you as an audience to watch more sessions even by the personality you had never heard of just for this man. 

           The newly created official Twitter account of the fest also managed to have 4000 Followers in such a short period of time. Even it's Facebook Page have managed 1000 people on the board without any aggressive promotions. After knowing about such a theme on any literature fest where people can enjoy the sessions being at their home, office or vacations, many newspaper published its advertisement free of cost. Such has been the support to India's First Online Literature Fest. All the videos of the sessions are available on Youtube. You can still watch it if you couldn't make it for the live sessions. I am waiting for the Season 2 of LIT FEST X and I wish it returns soon.


29 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Tamasha: Boring and Predictable!!! *

1363rd BLOG POST -->>


        There's a belief with Imtiaz Ali that his movie will be different from others and tell something which no other contemporary director can manage to tell the way he does. With Tamasha, I had very big expectations because he promoted it with the tagline that it's going to a different love story than the rest. Also, Ranbir-Deepika were returning back after their famous and one of my favorite movies- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. I always believed that whenever Ranbir-Deepika would be cast again after YJHD, that director would have to face a very big challenge of making a movie at least as much entertaining as YJHD. And Imtiaz Ali have failed creating the magic of YJHD with the couple in Tamasha. After coming out of the theater, you only feel like remembering YJHD again and pledge to watch it again after reaching home for reducing the effect caused by Tamasha.    

          The direction and screenplay of the movie is quite ordinary because of which you start feeling diluted in the first 15 minutes itself. The film does become interesting when both the protagonists meet each other. It goes wonderfully well until few minutes after interval but it gets stuck to a theme after that and does not come out of it until climax. And what happens in climax makes it just another love story with a little bit changes from other similar tales. But it's not something very unique for which I would recommended it to someone as a love story which you would have never seen before. 

           The dialogues of the movie are great. I did enjoy them out of everything which didn't work out for me. The locations are wonderful in the movie and it serves you well. The best thing about the movie like every other movie is Deepika Padukone' acting and screen presence. She looks dynamic and her aura of a superstar reflects well in each scene wherever she is controlling the frame. Her smile itself does the magic for you. Ranbir Kapoor have also played his part well but no new dimension in the same. It looks as if he has come out of Wake Up Sid and YJHD and shot this film by just walking around. Songs are fine. I liked the one sung by Alka Yagnik- Pal bhar teher jaao and Safarnama by Lucky Ali. Overall, I won't recommend you this movie. I give it just 1 star out of 5. 


27 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

My Parent's togetherness: 27 YEARS and still counting.... Haha!!!

1362nd BLOG POST -->>

   This week my parents celebrated their 27th marriage anniversary and I just couldn’t lose the opportunity of talking about them. If my life is worthy of keeping anyone with it till its last breathe, it’s none other than these 2 people who have done almost everything possible for them to do for me. Now, as I have myself started earning, I can see how difficult it becomes to save for our old age plus spend in few unavoidable expenditures like bills, railway pass etc and over that, fulfil the basic requirement of myself. I still do not have a family and I can see moon in noon when it comes to saving money. I am saving but the whole budgeting things become too harsh for me to even think of marrying and settling down. And over this, my mother and father lived almost 80% of their married life in a very small salary but still managed to do almost everything that a lower middle class family always dreams about. They, with their struggles, have managed to bring our whole family at a level where I can undoubtedly say that we are leading a lifestyle of a higher middle class family but still with many restrictions. We are still not allowed to do many things because we know that the way we have built everything will crash in a blink. 

              Some 6 years ago when I had realized what really my parents had done for me all their lives, I had decided that whatever would be possible from my side, I would do it for them and give them that part of luxury which they had only experienced in homes of other richer friends. I have managed to do quite many of them but I have many more dreams for them. I am not trying to return them everything back what they did for me because that’s practically impossible to do. They had decided to keep their heart away from their body the day they had decided to have a baby. And because I am that isolated part of their body which is actually the reason of their life now, I feel that I should do everything first for them and then for myself. Yes, I know I become rebellious when it comes about few decisions but basically, for the reasons that really matters, I am always obedient to whatever they say. 

               My parents are over-protective of me which often makes me angry but when I think in silence, I feel that I must have done the same with them in some other particular situation. I know whenever in life I shall hurt them by taking any decision, I am going to face lot of calamities because of going with that particular decision. Therefore, often, I move back after walking a small distance on the path that they had asked me not to take because I know it would have something dangerous and risky ahead. My parents can never stop me for something which is really qualitative and life-appreciating but they will fight with me and even become my enemies to stop me taking the path which will cause even a small amount of pain to me sometimes in future. I do not know how they do this being so selfless but if they can do this, I can definitely ask for their advice before taking any decision.

                   I do not know how few children love arguing, fighting and proving their parents wrong every day. Even for a small thing said by their parents make them enough rebellious to humiliate their parents in front of the outsiders sometimes. And they feel proud of this. They feel its appreciating to display in public how they dominate their parents and aren’t a doodh peeta hua bachcha or Mamma’s boy. They do not know that they only get abuses after they leave the room from the people who experience it happening. My parents have fulfilled all my major dreams and I have taken an oath that whatever my parents feel is beneficial for them to feel that they have lived life full of contentment and there’s nothing that’s still left in the To-Do List of their life, I am not going to give up until each one of them is fulfilled and tick marked.  

             I thank my parents on their 27th marriage anniversary for providing me an easy life as compared to few friends of mine who are living to fulfil their family’s basic necessities rather than executing luxuries of life. My parents had planned their life wonderfully and I am going to plan mine similarly so that I can give my family and my children the same pleasing life as I am enjoying currently. May god bless them and I hope they keep complimenting each other so beautifully and improvise the quality of their lives and living. My best wishes are with them and I wish I am always near them before taking any big decision of my life. I hope Sai Baba is considering this request. :-)



26 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

26/11: 7 Years and we are safer than before!

1361st BLOG POST -->>

       26/11 is the day that most Mumbaikars can never forget. It affected everyone in India but the citizens who have themselves experienced something so brutal still get goosebumps when they start talking about their experience of that day. I was in Nashik during the terrorist attack but by the time one year passed, I was already a 6-months old citizen of Mumbai and I could feel the emotions that each person particularly in that area could feel. In May, 2009, I went to Lamington Road and after doing my work asked a taxi driver to just show me few areas around and finally drop me at CST station. As soon as he started, he asked me if I was in Mumbai during the attacks and I told him that I had shifted just 4 weeks back. He then offered to show me the areas where the attacks had happened.   

             In the next 45 minutes, the way he was narrating the incident made me actually understand what the people who cross those locations every day feels about it. I understood the angst of the people whenever they heard the name "Kasab" and over that how luxuriously he was been treated by our Government. The taxi driver told me how he had crossed one of the locations where firing had happened just 15 minutes ago and felt horrifyingly bad about the people who lost their lives. 

             After couple of years, another blast took place at three different locations in Mumbai out of which one was Dadar station. The very next day my parents were getting back and their halting point was Dadar. The moment I realized this, I was unable to control myself and got so scared that I remember I shivered for 15 minutes just imagining what if such incident had happened when such closest people to me would have been at that particular place. It was the first time when I felt closest to an attack and actually feel the adverse effects of it.

                 It has been 7 years since 26/11 and I can convincingly say that I don't feel that insecure anymore. Now I find Mumbai's security far better than the time I had relocated to this great city of dreams. I can find policemen continuously strolling and even checking bags of people on railway stations whenever they find something suspicious. Many boys are been caught regularly smuggling turtles because of this security check. Many criminals are been caught regularly. Even the attacks haven't taken place as often as it used to take before 26/11. I am not saying that the city isn't prone to attacks. It is. But because the security is so tight and police is doing a fine job, we are actually assured that it's not that easy to look at Mumbai with a wicked smile now. 

              Also Kasab is hanged till death now and this is the most that the victims and their closer ones can get as justice because no one can bring back the same cheerful lives for them. It is been destroyed by those 3 days when few evils attacked our beautiful city and tried to tell us how weak we are. They challenged us and their masterminds celebrated their success sitting in a neighboring country. Almost all of them are caught except few. Though, we, Mumbaikars, have MOVE ON attitude but that's because there's no other options as we have to earn our bread and butter from the next day itself but it does cause fear in everyone's heart. These terrorists have become heartless hence it isn't explanatory to them in any language but we can only hope that our security forces become enough stronger to combat such challenges as quickly as possible. Paris Attack did bring back the fear of 26/11 but we hope that we do not get to hear about any such attack ever again. 

            My prayers for souls who lost their lives and I wish that their family members stay strong and inspired. May God Bless Everyone Who Is Innocent And Punish Everyone Who Is Trying To Trouble The Innocent. 



Review: Man's World: Predictable, Repetitive, Boring!

1360th BLOG POST -->>

        I watched Y Films' Man's World series the other day. It comprises of only 4 episodes and tries to speak something that's related to the current scenario in India. Men have an ego problem of always considering themselves superior than women. Inspired by this theme, the makers based the series on the same. The protagonist, after getting frustrated by the partiality against him in corporate firm, prays that God turns the whole world other way around where he can be treated like women and given promotions and hikes before anyone else. God listens to him and next day when he wakes up, he sees men doing women's job and vice versa. And the real game starts from here.  

             Initially, the series looks interesting as you hope of something great to be showcased later on because of the kind of plot chosen but unfortunately, I would have to say that there's nothing new in the concept. It's exactly based on what we keep talking, reading and listening on daily basis. You can yourself predict about what's coming in the next scene itself. I believe that even if the makers lifted the ideas on what is being talked by general public every day, there was many more elements which could have been easily inserted in the series resulting it to be more dimensional than it is. 

               And the series does not give any serious thought. They are just proving that men shouldn't consider women weaker and inferior as their job is equally challenging but it's done so tastelessly that you just wish this is the last season of the series. It's nice to see many Bollywood and known personality contributing in the series with their small roles and encouraging a small gesture by the makers so aggressively. But unfortunately, the message doesn't come across as effectively as it should have. Few scenes are truly comedy but overall, it's a series that can be easily skipped. 


12 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: No Barjatya effect except huge sets and costumes!!! *½

1359th BLOG POST -->>


         Salman Khan-Sooraj Barjatya combo was returning back in Bollywood after almost 1.5 decades and everyone was excited for the movie- Prem Ratan Dhan Payo as the trailer and songs proved it's a family entertainer. It has been a long time since such family entertainers are made as almost every movie is about action, comedy or some specific issue. The excitement made me watch the first day first show of the most-awaited movie and I don't have words to describe how disappointed I am. Except the sets and songs, there was nothing which described it as The Sooraj Barjatya Movie. It seems as if it was my fault that I expected a lot from the brand- Rajshri Productions because of their previous successes.     

             Frankly speaking, it's very hard for a complete family film to be liked and appreciated by today's audience who have got the habit of watching fast and furious movie where all the actions and fighting sequences take place within 2 hours of time frame. Quite familiar with this, even Sooraj Barjatya added some fight sequences in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo but it still didn't work. As a director, Sooraj himself was coming back after 9 years since the release of Vivaah which was a great movie and also celebrated its Silver Jubilee in many centers owing to which, I was damn sure that a good story and screenplay would be the base of PRDP. But it's such a poor movie with almost hollow story line that by interval you realize that nothing worth watching is happening even in the 2nd half too.

            The dialogues are also so poor and silly that none of them makes you laugh or enjoy. Even the funny characters aren't cracking jokes here. Like Cricket was played in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun which was so genuine and fun then, the football played in PRDP is such a silly and bore that you want to hide your face from the others sitting in the theater that you are actually watching this; even though they are also watching the same. It is that poor! Similarly, the movies presenting double-role characters are always little over-the-top but here, even this formula is wasted. Yes, those scenes are surely magical when you see two Salman Khans on screen at a time but it happens only for 5-7 minutes in the movie which is not enough for the crazy audience who have seen Salman bhai in much great avatars. 

            Coming to the performances, only Salman Khan, Anupam Kher and Armaan Kohli have done the perfect job otherwise everyone is just trying to justify their presence in a Salman Khan movie yet failing badly right from Sonam Kapoor to Deepak Dobriyal to Swara Bhaskar to everyone who was a part of this movie. The climax is of little fun but that's because rest of the movie was so silly that you actually find it interesting. I'll give the movie 1.5 stars out of 5. Watch it in theaters only if you want to witness great sets and costumes otherwise if you are expecting a great story, innocence, the flavor of Barjatya and magical effect of Salman Khan, be at home and watch Bigg Boss. 



10 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

You are the Best Wife by Ajay K Pandey (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

1358th BLOG POST -->>

     It seemed as if an era had passed since I read a book by Srishti which was based on a true love story until I picked up Ajay K Pandey’s debut book- “You are the best wife”. Author claims that it’s his and his wife, Bhavna’s true love story about their love and marriage. The back cover of the book also claims that all the proceeds from this book will be donated through Bhavna Charitable Trust (an initiative by author’s wife’s parents). Well, coming back to the book, it’s written with pure emotions and love. In every sentence whenever author described love for his wife shows his innocence and devotion. This book is from the genre which Srishti used to publish some 3-4 years ago consisting of a love story with little involvement of friends in it. Fortunately, this book doesn’t involve unwanted sex and intimate scenes. Author have kept the content as decent as possible from his end.

          Coming to Ajay’s writing style, it’s very impressive that his command on English language is fine even when he never aspired to be a writer. As this is his debut work, in few sentences, the struggle for sentence formation is visible but still his command is better than few bestseller writers. He has used simple words which makes this book a good companion while traveling. This book is more about how two lovers who have fallen in love are in struggle to get their parents’ approval for their marriage. Through the story, author have tried to show the problems couples deal during inter-caste marriages. This book can be called poor man’s “2 States”. 

          The first half of the book tells about how the protagonist’s college life begins with ragging and new friendships. Suddenly it switches to how the protagonist finds a girl attractive and woos her with his style. Afterwards, the book moves towards another dimension when parents get involved and from here, the struggle that both the lead characters go through is discussed. I wished if author could have entered some humour, the book would have become more interesting to read. It’s not that he haven’t tried but its ineffective most of the times. Author have concentrated more towards keeping this book as real as possible but he should have fictionalized little more to add masala and made it a dramatic story. 

        Anyways, the second half deals with what happens in their life after marriage. Author describes how the same girl starts stating her point of view which interjects with his lifestyle and the small clashes start taking place. Later on, book moves towards serious note and I recalled another book by Srishti and Ravinder Singh- “I too had a love story”. Author have described how the protagonist’s life suddenly changes and the difficulty he faces. Overall, the book is a light read which you can finish in a single sitting of 3-4 hours. It’s an average stuff- neither very good nor bad. You can surely gift this one to your partner this Valentine Day. I give this attempt 3 stars out of 5. It’s for romantic folks out there.



8 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Guddu Ki Gun: Watch it only if you are okay with sex-comedy!!! **½

1357th BLOG POST -->>


        When I first watched the trailer of Guddu Ki Gun, I was expecting a different kind of comedy which would take Bollywood to the next level. Obviously, I am disappointed that the film didn't do justice completely with the plot that they made this whole movie upon. But still, Guddu ki Gun is watchable and funny in many parts. Yes, it does become silly more than enough but you manage to sit and watch to know what happens next with this unusual character, Guddu. 
            The story is completely new and hence, the writers should be applauded for the same. The film belongs to the sex comedy genre and hence, you will find many such scenes and jokes. I am also happy that they didn't objectify women in every another scene but kept the plot simple on the same theme with which the real story begins. The 2nd half becomes little more interesting than first as the real action begins when few people start chasing Guddu and later on, Guddu chasing them. I just felt that climax was quite dragged with that whole stage-performance scene. 

            Talking about the performances, Kunal Khemu does it wonderfully once again with his character and comic timing. He doesn't make things look silly otherwise few actors make a sex comedy scene look vulgar and disgusting. He carried the character very well. Sumeet Vyas, whom I recently watched in Permanent Roommates series by TVF, also does well as the supporting actor and you cheer for him whenever he is on screen. All the other characters participated well in this script which gave chance to everyone to showcase their best. 

            According to me, Guddu ki Gun is an average movie which is neither recommendable nor totally avoidable. Yes, you might feel it crass and cheap but remember, in Bollywood, when it comes to sex comedy you should enter expecting this to happen. I also feel that dialogue could have been little more creative. In all, I give the movie 2.5 stars out of 5. Watch it only if you are okay with this genre.



1000 Kilograms of Goa by Rohan Govenkar (Book Review-4*/5) !!!

1356th BLOG POST -->>

       It was almost after 15 days that I picked a book to read as finally I realized that the countdown has begun for the year to finish and I am still left with 6 books of my target 60. And I picked up debutante, Rohan Govenkar's "1000 Kilograms of Goa". I found the title quite weird and unusual and therefore thought of giving it a read. Also the name of a debut author always catches my attention. I love reading work of a person with whom I have no attachment as a reader and thus getting surprised. Well, occasionally! Sometimes I end up getting shocked. And I can proudly claim that my last phase of reading journey of this year got a good start with this book which is such a great thrilling experience that it doesn't allow you blink even once for 230 pages of only fun, amazement, suspense, twist and turns, romance and everything done in a greatly balanced way.      

            Rohan has a very authentic skill of writing which makes him arrange words in his own way and serves a new reading experience for the readers interested in reading Indian authors. The characterization of each one in this book is perfectly done as it was very essential otherwise it would have become half-baked failed dish. I also loved how the author kept the romance as just another angle to the book rather than romanticizing the basic plot of this story. The magic starts right from the first conversation between the friends when a piece of history is shared in the best written form. After that, it becomes more exciting when you realize that the mission gets accomplished almost half way in the book. But what happens after that makes this book not an ordinary thriller but more than that and something which becomes recommendable. 

            The story is beautifully crafted and it allows you to think even when it becomes fast pacy sometimes. The locations are nicely described as it allows your imagination to build the same in your thoughts which makes it more easy for you to follow the story weaved into it. The breaking into the mansion scene and the way it is handled by the friends is nicely written. I wish to read that part once again. The second half is what does justice to the first half of the book as it takes the story to another level. And the anti-climax is beautifully done. As drawback, I only felt that the last part is little overdone by the author to prove the book morally and politically correct but it wasn't needed and he should have closed the story little early rather than giving a whole chapter to what the main protagonist did. Rest, it's all fine. Go and get this book. I give the effort 4 stars out of 5 and I strongly recommend the same. 


2 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Some THOUGHTS on our ATTITUDE during SALES!!!

1355th BLOG POST -->>

    "The Big Billion Day" sales by Flipkart was recently launched again along with Amazon's sale too. Both the sales continued for 3-5 long days. In my office, most of us were regularly refreshing our respective mobile applications to find out if there's a great deal. I had purposely recharged 3G internet on my Tablet for one week to go through all the deals that the e-commerce websites would be offering. Later on someone told me that even Snapdeal is giving offers in the same week itself and I installed respective app too. For the whole week, I kept shuffling between all the three applications and ended up buying 2-3 things which I would not have if it would have been some normal day with no sales and offers on the block. I also saw many of my friends purchasing things they never needed but because the offer was quite tempting, even they ended up ordering it on Cash on Delivery as none of them had that much amount in their bank balance.        

             After the offer ended, I was sad that I couldn't buy something amazing like an electronic gadget or premium product in lesser amount. At the same time, another voice of opinion in me asked to look at the mirror and realize what exactly I was looking in those 5 days which made me feel so sad. And I realized how helpless I was feeling unnecessarily. There was nothing that I wanted specifically and I was just surfing the app to find if I get something out of luck. And because I didn't get any unexpected product for lesser price than its MRP, I started feeling as if I lost some competition. I felt so sorry for my personality that I became greedy for things I actually didn't need in life.

            I then thought how I earn money by spending 9 hours in office daily under an environment where plethora of work comes suddenly and then there's no chance of even thinking of what I'm about to do in evening after I return home. And I was thinking of spending such hard-earned money on the products just because there's a so-called sale and because everyone would be surfing those websites and talking about their shopping, I would be left alone regretting my luck even I started dying to buy something from it to be with public. How silly! 

            With it I also started thinking about the salespersons in electronic showrooms such as Vijay Sales, Kings Electronic, Snehaanjali, Arcee Electronics etc who guide the buyers throughout the day about new TVs, speakers, air conditioners etc but couldn't buy a single item themselves as they work in as less as 6000 per month and do not get holiday even on Sundays. These people would be feeling so inferior of themselves when people come with family, order something expensive in few minutes and go away with smiling faces. They would be imagining their families and everyone's faces in happiness if they could give them the same product some day but the near future is obviously dark as any kind of hike in salary cannot make them eligible for buying any of these products. The EMI is itself more than their monthly salary. 

              I thought of the patience these guys carry with themselves on daily basis from 10 AM to 10 PM. If these guys can be so patient, why do we become so obsessed with these sales that make us buy things we don't want? Aren't we satisfied and content with the kind of life we have gotten? Why do we crave for luxury that is not even required in our life? When required, yes, we should definitely go and get that product without thinking twice. But when our sweet home has everything that our family is happy with, why do we still log in and check out products and buy something which we use for few weeks in excitement and later on, it keeps getting depreciated every second in one corner? 

            We should learn to avoid such unwanted temptation thrown upon us in life. We should remember that money is hard-earned and it shouldn't be spent unless and until our daily lives aren't getting affected. Think about your personality if you already have a mobile purchased some 6 months back and you start feeling inferior, backward and stupid as soon as a new mobile phone is announced. This reflects how weak we are! We should learn to be content and happy if we have all the things we had in our LIST of NEEDS. Remember how our parents made list before going to market in our childhood and only those things were purchased. These days, Big Bazaar, D Mart etc makes us pick up things we never need and therefore, we realize later on that we are unable to save our money like before. Let's grow up and not get intimidated by such sweet provocations. Let's promise ourselves that we aren't going to be affected when a similar sale is announced again. :-)

 Do think about this.


1 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: TVF Pitchers: Realistic, Honest & Fresh! ****

1354th BLOG POST -->>

       It has been two months since the release of the finale episode of TVF's Pitchers. I had witnessed the craziness on Twitter for the finale episode after which I downloaded the series and finally watched it this weekend in one go. I am happy that I didn't follow when it was live because it would have become difficult to wait for every episode of this incredibly well-written, well-shot and well-performed web-series. The team of The Viral Fever channel should be appreciated for bringing up something like this which every youth can connect with and find it his/her own story even if they haven't stepped into start-up as this story is more than that. It's about failure, rejection, persistence, hard-work, self-belief, team work, friendship, risks, dreams, emotions, marital life, relationships, opportunities, happiness etc. 

           I am surprised to find such stuff being made by Indians so creatively that I sent several tweets to Arunabh Kumar in appreciation of his initiative to develop this series. The making of this series is also put up on the channel which shows the effort this small team have gone through in telling the story to us. There are many start-ups currently establishing in India as entrepreneurship is finally accepted among youth as an option for career than doing job under some boss. And therefore, it is the right time when TVF released this series as it helped audience know different stages that a person goes through when he goes to pitch his idea to the investors. 

           In 5 episodes of almost 40 minutes each, the screenplay is so smooth that I do not have the great words to appreciate that. The flow in which the story moves doesn't allow you to blink even once. The projection that the plot demands is only one dimensional but TVF made it special by inserting several humorous fillers in it. The silly situations give the serious plot little lightness which makes it easy for audience to go through the whole series in one-go. 

           There are few scenes that hits so well that it almost becomes memorable and you want to discuss it with someone who have also watched the same. I liked how Jitu had to struggle to join his friends when his father came at his home. He just couldn't let his father know that he left a good job and joined a start-up with friends. Similarly, I liked the ambitious attitude shown in the main protagonist, Naveen, as he asked his girlfriend to chose career over their relationship. Also the scene when Jitu thrashes those young boys is something that gives goosebumps. 

            Again, TVF has kept everything realistic and haven't gone too much in drama except that stage scene. I am not revealing much about the show but there's a lot of things that will click with each one of us watching it and the multifaceted value that it has is mind-blowing. The humor is also original and valuable in this series which enlightens the episodes. In all, this series have come like a fresh air for us where we are smitten with idiotic series where each dialogue is repeated three times with loud background music to add the effect. I give TVF Pitchers much deserving 4 stars out of 5 and I have intentionally rated it little low so that TVF's next series can be given more than whatever I am giving now. :-) 



Review: TVF's Permanent Roommates: A realistic drama indeed!!! ***

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      It is going to be the first time that I am reviewing a series on my blog and I am about to start with an already popular Season 1 of "Permanent Roommates" whose final episode was released some 10 months ago. Yes, I know I am late but as it is said, better late than never. :-) The Viral Fever, a popular Youtube Indian channel, released the web-series with just 5 episodes with an average of 20 minutes each. The series is about Tanya and Mikesh who are in long-distance relationship from 3 years after which the latter comes back to India with a proposal of marriage. He finds Tanya not ready for marriage and starts insisting her to agree and tie knot with him. Rest of the series is about how they take their relationship and the decision of marriage forward.    

          The series is well written with only meaningful sequences which adds up to the effective story. The best part about the series is that you can relate with it as Indian emotions are discussed and displayed through each and every character. Another great thing is how the story writer have created and portrayed characters in this short series that you understand the emotions of each one of them and realize why they are taking a certain decision and feel happy/sad about them. The best episode is "The Bride Groom" when a new character as bride groom discusses things with Mikesh and makes us laugh out of silliness and desperation shown by the boy. 

          The climax is also beautifully shot and leaves you emotional in the end. Yes, the court scene did look little filmy and unrealistic but thoda bahut chalta hai yaar. Nidhi Singh and Sumeet Vyas should be complimented for their great and flawless acting. Nidhi does look tempting and ideal girlfriend in the series while Sumeet does irritate you with his silly character and body language. Haha! I give this series a Thumbs Up and 3 stars out of 5. Do watch it for its uniqueness and realistic portrayal. 




Review: Sankat City: Dark comedy with an amazing plot! ***½

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         There are some movies which are released without any promotions owing to their limited budget. Some of these movies are so amazing that you regret why didn't you know about them when they had released. I was astonished when I saw Mumbai Meri Jaan and Khosla Ka Ghosla later as a friend had left the DVD at my home. I had tweeted about them in reply to which a friend recommended me to watch Sankat City. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it anywhere in all these years and finally I have watched it this weekend after almost 6 years of its release. How poor of me!    

             Pankaj Advani has used this movie as a genre of dark comedy which very few audiences in India prefer to watch. Right from the first scene of the movie, director have assured that he isn't wasting time in showing useless scenes which aren't relevant with the plot. What matters is shown and therefore, the movie is nicely edited. Yes, it does become little repetitive and stagnant after interval but picks up the pace right after that and entertains again in the pre-climax and climax. The movie isn't about philosophy or social message but about several characters in Mumbai who want to make big money in lesser time because of which they keep getting trapped in something or the else. 

             The characterization is done so wonderfully that you can relate with the emotions of each character nicely which makes this movie watchable and interesting. The twists keep getting unfolded one after another which increases the curiosity in the audience about what would happen next. The climax is also very well put up which does not spoil the whole effort inputted in the movie. 

           Coming to the performances, KK and Anupam Kher are par excellence and you will love watching them. Rimi Sen comes as a surprise and acts very well. Rest, all the other actors have done perfectly in their parts. I wished if the cinematography could have been done in a little bigger scale but the budget justifies the act. In all, Sankat City proves to be an unmissable movie and I wish if its 2nd part is released which will definitely get mention in this period as many directors have started taking risks of showing different kind of cinema. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.



Review: Main Aur Charles: Unwanted complexities in the screenplay!!! *

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Main Aur Charles: 1/5

       I watched "Main Aur Charles" this weekend after knowing that it's inspired from the real life event when a prisoner escaped the jail premises and later gets caught in Goa. Whenever Randeep Hooda does such movies, you expect too much talent and perfection out of it but disappointingly, this one isn't special and even if you skip it, you won't be missing a movie that you'll ever find people discussing in group. The film basically revolves around the two characters- Charles and the policeman who takes the case but fails in catching him up. Throughout the movie, director and writer have tried to show how Sobhraj, the real character, wooed the women with his charms and later looted them.    

           Coming to the direction first, the biggest flaw has been in the screenplay of the movie. A plot which was so easy to explain and portrayed has been intentionally made complex so that it looks like an intellectual stuff. Because of which audience gets confused about what's exactly happening at the current point of time and where are we in the movie. Though the film is based in 1980's, the locations and sets does not make it look special and you start getting bored very soon in the movie. Also, the sequences start getting repetitive after the first few minutes itself. You wish to see some scenes where Charles' real master-mind would be reflected through how he loots the people but that is never shown which is the major reason why this movie fails. 

          Coming to the performances, Randeep Hooda is great and plays his part perfectly. Adil Hussain has also done good in his character but does not look very convincing. Richa Chadda is fine. Tisca Chopra looks great in the small sequences that she appears in. Rest, everyone is okay in the movie because of which even after the not-very-good script, film still stays in the same scale and becomes a forgettable stuff. I give this movie only 1 star out of 5 and it would be better to stay at home than watch this.