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With you I dance by Aarti V Raman (Book Review-2.5*/5) !!!

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      There are few authors who become your favorite with their first book itself. The case of Aarti V Raman is the same. Her book "Kingdom Come" was so terrific and thrillin that I couldn't believe for days that a female author have written it. Since then I waited for her next book and finally I got my hands upon her latest book "With you I dance" published by FingerPrint Publishers- one of my favorites. The cover page of the book is so delightful and pleasing that you can't move ahead without glancing a look at the book. The book is basically about a girl who couldn't perform on one of her biggest days of life because of which she loses all the determination and will power in life due to which she leaves New York. She returns back to India only to find the boy whom she left behind in New York without giving any explanation through a common friend, Zoya.      

            Aarti has a brilliant command over the language because of which she makes every sentence of hers a story in itself. The most that I like about her writing is the conversations that take place between several characters. She just gives life to the characters through the dialogues she gives them. The first half of the book is exciting as you want to know in which direction will the protagonist move ahead in life. Her introduction with Zoya and Abeer makes the whole premise very interesting. The second half is more about the confusions that takes place between these three friends and how Meera, the protagonist, finds it hard to prove herself right to each one of them. 

            The chapters are nicely divided and I liked the fact that Aarti didn't expand the scenes unnecessarily. Writing a short book after writing something like Kingdom Come shows her maturity to treat different stories in their respective flavors. Talking about the drawbacks of this book, I would say that I didn't find anything new in this one. Because of her previous book, I had big expectations from this one but it wasn't any close to her own standards. It's just a light read and you won't find exciting twists and turns happening but everything keeps moving in the same flow. In the end, you would be disappointed to read such a plain stuff which could have been treated in a much better way. I give this one just 2.5 stars out of 5. I hope Aarti Raman will bounce back with her next work. 



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I Still Think about You by Arpit Vageria (Book Review- 2.75*/5) !!!

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        I know Arpit Vageria as a cool person who is ready to try his hands into anything that's possible for him to do. I have seen him write articles, books and even pose as a model and also act in small videos. He is an all-rounder. I missed reading his previous books but managed to put my hands upon his newly released book named "I Still Think about You". This 178-pages novel is published by one of my favorite, Srishti Publishers. The novel basically speaks about brotherhood, tragic events in family, a new-found love and a person's dedication towards relationships. Arpit Vageria's writing style is very simple which makes this book a light read just like other several books of Srishti.    

           Arpit's lifeline in this book has been the way he develops his character which gives them life and because of which you manage to understand the trauma and dilemma each one of them are going through. When you are using few characters as cameo, it becomes very hard to give them a good background in the few paragraphs in which you are describing their personality but Arpit have managed to do it very well. The love between the two brothers is beautifully portrayed in this book. Author have written those sections with purity which makes few moments of the story more emotional than they are. 

           The first half of the book is written in explaining how both the brothers are suffering in their respective lives either in job or girlfriend and how the younger brother doesn't care much about the love showered on him by his elder brother. And the second half is more on the philosophical side where the younger brother goes back to his home where he spent his childhood after realizing the contribution of his elder brother in his life. The book becomes quite slow in the between which makes it very boring indeed. But it picks up in the anti-climax and manages to make the readers read it again in the fast pace. The best part of the book is the chemistry between Dhruv and Sachi. The conversation between them makes this book interesting in 2nd half. Another scene that is unforgettable in the book is when Dhruv finds THAT special tree. I can't say more about this scene as the secret of it would be revealed. :-)

          Talking about the drawbacks of this book- I would say that the book is very much on the tragic side and author have just kept pulling it more into the depth of sadness which makes it very boring most of the times. I was expecting some great moments in the 2nd half when Dhruv returns back to Mumbai but author has kept the whole thing directed towards tragic story of another character. Also too much death one after another makes it quite repetitive and you stop feeling bad for the characters after a point when death of their closed ones is discussed. Overall, I would say that the book is a fine attempt but it could have been much better considering the plot author had chosen. I give this one 2.75* out of 5. 


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Ayushi Jain: "I generally used to write at night before going to sleep or early morning" (Interview)

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Ayushi Jain is a debutante authoress who have just published her novel named "Unofficially Yours". I read it this week and thought of taking her interview as she is an artist-turned-author. Do read about her to know about her life as an author and artist.

1. How does it feel after becoming an author now, Ayushi? Any changes that you can experience in your life and lifestyle?

         It feels great being an Author, especially when I get a random text/ mail/call/ message on FB, reader’s reviews on the book; their compliments make me feel special.  It feels like I have achieved something and motivates me to bring up something new and even better.
People often call me as their inspiration (though I have not yet done anything out of the box, need to put in lot of efforts in order to achieve what I desire) but I am often asked this question – “How do you manage writing, Art and job all together? You are an inspiration for many of us”. 
Their questions/statements give me a sense of responsibility, I realize people are looking forward at me, they are taking my writing seriously, and it makes me take my work more contemplative - making my life revolve around my writing and fans.

2. When did you first decide that you would write a book and why?

I used to write small articles and short stories during my college days  but I never thought that I will be writing a novel someday. One fine morning I completed reading a love story and I thought “may b I am capable of writing a novel too”, without giving a second thought I started writing and soon I wrote a 265 pages.
 Writing is like meditation, it cultivates a sense of peace within me when I pen down my thoughts, my imaginations (just like a painting). I had a story with me and I opted to share it with the world. 

3. How much time did it really take you to complete this book right from developing the plot to finally submitting it to the publisher?

It took around 7 to 8 months right from developing the plot to finally submitting it to the publisher, major challenge for me was to take out the peaceful time for myself so that I can pen down my thoughts without any interruption. I generally use to write at night before going to sleep or early morning.

4. Tell us something about your very first novel- “Unofficially Yours”.

“Unofficially yours” is a Love story based on a Punjabi boy- Rajveer (RV) and a bubbly girl Arohi.  They are college friends(basically senior & junior) who become best of besties, they make their own rule that they will not fall in love but their group activities and instances keep bringing them close. They try hard to be away from each other but love is something that is beyond control.   

It’s a tale of broken rules, broken friendships, pain of separation, fight for love, dreams coming true, and a wish list.  It’s a fairy tale that RV creates for Arohi. I am quite confident that everyone will enjoy this roller-coaster ride with RV, Arohi, and their group. It’s a journey from just friendship to a perfect love story.
Story has many twists and turns keeping a reader glued till the end.

5. What has been the response of your friends after reading this novel from whom you have inspired many of your characters?

This novel was a surprise for my friends, no one was aware that I am up to something like this, I disclosed my little secret when my book was under publishing procedure. 
They all were astonished, I got lots of beating because of the alterations I had done to their characters but at the end they all loved the novel and gave me best wishes. 

6. What is the next story that you are working upon? Can we get a little insight into it and by when can we expect it?

My next novel is the story of 3 friends (girls) and how their life changed after graduation. I am still working on its plot. It is based on the dynamics of personal relationships making it relevant in today’s society. 

7. Tell us something about your achievement in the creative world as mentioned in your bio.      
I am Engineer by profession, Author by Interest and an Artist by heart. I have conducted various National Art and painting exhibitions and have received tokens of appreciation by Indian media.

Few of my exhibitions are listed below:
Theme: Era of woman’s life; Place: Swaraj Bhavan Bhopal
          Depicted era of a woman’s life, from her birth till she meets her creator! I tried to bring a change in society by emphasizing importance of women in everyone’s life and all the compromises she makes to fulfil dreams of her loved ones.                                                                                                                                                                                           30 Paintings were arranged in form of a story narrating journey of a woman’s life.
Exuberance2; Feb 2014

Theme: Path to Bliss; Place: Bhopal
I created a story of a person’s life, giving a message to everyone that being happy is easy, all the colours of happiness that people try to find in others is actually within ourselves. Motivational paintings narrated that nothing is impossible and if you have determination, you can achieve anything you want in life. So be positive and keep going! 
Hues 2
May 2014; Place: Commaraswamy Hall, Prince of Whales Museum, Mumbai 
Women’s day Exhibition 2014; Bhopal

Bliss Art Gallery, Pune
Name: Path to Bliss 2; Place: Bliss art gallery, Pune
Group exhibition Pune, in collaboration with Graffiti arts 

Charisma 2016: Charisma was not just an painting exhibition, it was more likely mix media- it included murals, mix media products such as- mural clocks, nameplates, show pieces, accessories, paintings, stone carving etc.

8. Where do you see yourself after 5 years as an author?

I see myself as a successful Author who is known for her creative and sensible writing; also I would be happy if I could bring any positive changes in the society through my writing.

9. Any words for your fans?

Life is too short, spend it the way you like, become the one you have always dreamt of. Nothing is impossible just the determination is required.
Go beyond the limits, try hard to achieve your passion, it could be anything – career/ hobby. Respect all the beautiful relations in your life; we don’t realize the importance of a person unless they move away from us.

Laugh loud, play, go for outings, work hard for things you want, push all the limits for your love.
As said, life is too short make the maximum out of it, in the way you like!

Happy Reading – Unofficially Yours 


Pursuit by Aniruddha Bose (Book Review- 4.5*/5) !!!

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         After reading two books by Aniruddha Bose which were originally written in Bengali and then translated into English by some translator, I have finally completed reading "Pursuit" written originally in English by the man himself. This book is very different than the ones I read before and it has also become my favorite novel by the author. It is a great thriller which also has philosophical and spiritual tone to it. It is great to read such varying scenarios in a single book of 300 pages. And as author claims this is actually a thriller which possess - multiple mysterious murders; beautiful sirens; handsome hunks; powerful men who can change the world; a staggering international conspiracy; highly complex international geo-economics and politics; the just dose of sex and so on. 

            Mr. Bose have written this novel in a very fluid language which makes it easy for reader to finish it in one sitting. The narration is perfect as author have kept the timeline of the events simple. The way multiple characters are developed also makes it easy for you to understand them and their mindset. The protagonist, Elena, is described so beautifully that you wish to read more about her every time author shifts his attention to other issues in the book. Panchet Dzongpa is another character about whom you want to keep reading as the kind of spiritualism, universal peace and harmony that he preaches to Elena surely gets imbibed in your mind too. The inspectors and officials are also given a smart personality which makes this thriller little more special. 

              The first half discusses about how several murders take place and how police keeps doubting different suspects. Reading about how personalities from different countries are thinking about becoming the superpower of the world and later knowing their involvement with the murders is really surprising. In between all of this, the philosophical quotient maintained by Elena and Dzongpa is also a boost to this story as the preaching is totally different from what is actually happening in other parts of the book. Haha! The good research of the author is evident from many geo-economical and political issues that he has discussed through his characters. 

            The second half becomes more interesting than the first as the whole attention of the officials gets focused towards a single girl and she is being accused of all the murders. It's delighting to read the anti-climax of how the whole thing got unfolded and knowing the tactics of the murderer and the people behind him/her. The way climax is ended again with the spiritual touch gives this book a pleasant and peaceful ending. While reading this thriller, I could feel that the author almost belongs in the same league of Ravi S and Ashwin S. This book discusses some complex topics but still attract the masses. I give it an extra-ordinary 4.5* out of 5.


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Unofficially Yours by Ayushi Jain (Book Review: 2.75*/5) !!!

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       I completed reading a romantic novel after a long time and I can say that Sunday evening has been well spent with this book by a debutante authoress, Ayushi Jain. The name of the book is "Unofficially Yours" which comes with a tagline "Saga of friends who fell in love". I have seen such a good cover page, binding and the over all quality of publishing for any book after a very long time. Partridge publishers should be applauded for the great work done with this novel. The only problem is the size of the book which looks like a textbook of some engineering subject. It should have been of the standard size so that reading it while traveling could have been little easy.      

           Well talking about the authoress, I would say that as a debutante, it is quite evident that she has been following several other Indian authors while writing this book as it's written almost in the similar fashion. And it is also evident that she is not a borne writer but because she had a story, she chose to share it with the world. I must say considering that, this book is surely a good attempt in terms of the narration. It's very easy and the way two protagonists are treated is really special. You can connect with them and their personalities very easily. I have little problem with the author for not involving other characters in the story which makes the purpose of introducing almost 15-16 characters in this book a wasted effort. The way parents of both the protagonist and also the sister is discussed is nice but what about friends and Priya's husband etc? Author should have given little more time in developing sub-plots for those characters too.

           The first half is more about how the whole group named "Gyaanis" enjoy their adventures and thrills. They have a rule that no one in their group should get committed among themselves. But the entrance of Arohi in the group changes it as Rajveer falls in love with her. She keeps reminding him of the rule but he keeps telling her that everything is justified in love. Finally both of them falls in love but parents come in between and spoils the whole affair particularly in the second half of the book. The Gyaanis also leave both of them alone which changes the whole scenario of the story. And then the book takes a Bollywood-ish turn which I found quite silly. 

          I liked the simplicity of the book and the narration. I also liked few conversations between the character after they fall in love with each other. Author has also managed to describe different locations very wonderfully in the book. It seems as if she wanted the reader to imagine him/herself at the spot while reading those segments. The chapters are also divided well. Coming to the drawback of the book, I would say that few grammatical and basic mistakes are a real disappointment. A professional editor could have helped this book become more crisp and perfect. I found it very silly to find the female protagonist always reminding the boy about the rule. Like who does this in today's world? Rest, I would say as a debutante, this is a fine attempt and a light read which will be a great companion while traveling. I give this 2.75* out of 5. 


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Canvas by Aniruddha Bose/Purnasree Nag (Book Review) !!!

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       This is the second book written by Aniruddha Bose that I have finished reading. The book is "Canvas" which is translated in English by Purnasree Nag and published by Smriti Publishers. His first one was definitely mind-blowing and I liked how he managed to convey a concept through letters between two protagonists. This time he took another challenge of portraying life of a female in the seven facets of their roles in our society. He integrated seven different short stories in their diverse social roles into a single novella. The different women whom the author integrated together into one character named Nandini are a naive college lass, an artist, a danseuse victim, a slut, a pro, a vocalist, wife and a mother. Initially, it's difficult when the different characters of these women are introduced but when you start reading the story of their integrated character, Nandini, everything starts falling in the right place.
          Book is written in a sound literary language and author's good command on the language can be sensed right from the first sentence of this book until the last. I would like to talk about the translator, Purnasree Nag, who have translated this book in  English from Bengali. I understand that one has a set of good vocabulary but dumping it all in a book isn't a wise decision. Every sentences has 2-3 difficult words in English which not many readers might be familiar with which could make this novel quite a tough experience. There should be a fine balance on usage of difficult and easy words in any language. Rest, I would say that from literary point of view, this book is surely going to be in the favorite list of the readers following the genre.

          Initially when author discusses about how the female protagonist is getting victimized by different males is quite disheartening to read because that's a blunt reality of our life from past many years. But then how she manages to detach herself from the event though it keeps haunting her time and again is worth appreciating. The way canvas and paintings and cultures are discussed in 2nd half specifically are worth reading as the book becomes quite philosophical by then too. The climax is also beautifully narrated and in the end you feel to experience more about this multi-faceted character, Nandini. Talking about the drawbacks, I feel that the author should have taken some time whenever the character was going through a turmoil and changing herself from one state of mind to another. It all happens so suddenly sometimes that you miss the whole context and can't feel her pain or excitement. Rest, it's a fine attempt.



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Honesty works better than Skills And Talent!!!

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      You must have heard a lot from people that to achieve success in your life you need to have great talent or skills or the combination of both. Absolutely, Yes! One needs to have good skills in a field to project himself relevant for a specific type of work. Until and unless, you aren't master of something or even close to being the perfectionist of your work, your survival becomes very difficult and life becomes cruel-some after a point of time. But you would say that you have seen people in life who aren't that great in their work or work-style but still do better than the ones being very smart and skilled. Even I used to get confused seeing such people do well in life or at least survive in this competitive world somehow where coming even 2nd is not acceptable.  

            Gradually, I understood how it happened and the secret was hidden in a message that is been taught to us since the very first day in school. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY!!! Initially, I used to consider it a cliche and I used to think that honesty can only take you down in life and no one is ever going to claim you as their partner for doing something credible and noteworthy. To get yourself mooted up in hierarchy of importance, I thought one has to either perform brilliantly or make sure that your seniors love you. And when I say your seniors love you, you can understand what I'm trying to say. :-)

             When you are honest in whatever you are doing, at least with yourself, you tend to grow as faster as others who are performing well. I have seen that I have achieved many things in life not because I am very brilliant in my work but just because I have been honest with myself and my work. I have hosted almost all the events in my Post-graduation. Am I a very brilliant anchor? Definitely, not! Then what made my college committee come to me each time before a function? They knew that whatever I shall do on the stage, it would be my best that I would be trying for them and I won't try to pull them down by saying or doing something that might go against them. 

             Similarly, I was made Class-Representative all of a sudden in the final year of PG. Was I the most studious person in class? Was I the person who always made sure that teachers loved me by telling them secrets of the class? Never! Just because my class-teacher used to see my conduct in classroom that whenever I studied I did it with full honesty and similarly even when I slept in classroom, I would be very frank to accept it. This made her believe that even if something big would go wrong in classroom tomorrow because of me or my decision, I would accept it as it is without worrying about its repercussions. 

              Even in job, I am assigned the tasks on and off which aren't something that's part of my profile. Someone else must have directly said no to it. But I make sure that if I am saying yes, I am going to give my best shot to it even if that's just 5% of what my senior must have expected out of me. But when I am doing that particular work, I do as if that's my primary work and even a small glitch is unacceptable.  And if something goes wrong in any small work, I openly accept that I missed out the point. Today itself, I disclosed it to my senior that I am not sure about the module I am testing as I feel I am able to create only 12 scenarios when I know not less than 20 can be tested. They didn't insult or ridicule me. They accepted that I am not the best person at work but they know that whatever is possible for me, I am giving to it. 

             Some people are not honest even with themselves. They just keep telling themselves that even if they aren't doing anything, they are the best out there. This makes them more isolated from their work and goal. If you are working for 12 hours, you should make sure that those 12 hours are efficiently used. Even if you have wasted 2 hours out of the 12 that you had pre-decided, you have to make sure that the rest 10 hours are purely invested in the target that you have to achieve. If it doesn't get break-through, you will still be appreciated for honestly accepting that you worked with heart only for 10 hours rather than 12 and if given those 2 hours accumulated together, you can achieve the same in less than the total time. But before accepting honesty as the tool towards achievement, make sure that you aren't misusing it. Be Honest with yourself before you are trying to be with someone else. People are smart enough to judge who is actually honest and who is pretending to be. :-) 

P.S.: I would like to share one more example in the end: A person who says that he knows everything in an interview gets rejected while a person who openly tells to the interviewer that he have never tried that part of work ever in his career gets selected. It's just because Interviewer knows that the latter is being honest and not lying just to get his dream package and dream job. Haven't you heard of such cases? You have, isn't it? So just start being honest to unlock many such achievements in your life.


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She Swiped Right into My Heart by Sudeep Nagarkar (Book Review- 3.25*/5) !!!

1428th BLOG POST-->>

       SUDEEP NAGARKAR has become THE NAME in the romantic genre which makes it easy for his book to sell in large numbers even before its release. With 6 books in his kitty and almost each of them doing well in market, his 7th book- "She Swiped Right Into My Heart" has just released today and as usual, I had high expectations from him like every time. I would say that by his own standards, this is not his best but certainly a fine attempt as he have tried to cover several issues in this fictional story. I like how Sudeep doesn't write books in a revolutionary way with each sentence presenting itself as it will change the whole nation in that second itself but he tries to influence your thought process with his stories gradually. Though I feel that at this stage, he should start attempting little more mature stories with a tone of thriller, spirituality or based on corporate theme which can attract even the age group above 25.

           Talking about "She Swiped Right Into My Heart", it is a story of two sisters- Shibani and Tushita, their friend- Geet and two boys who take entry in their life eventually- Rudra and Vivaan. All 5 of them share a single roof many a times in this story. Though it becomes quite unbelieving that warden of a girl's hostel is allowing boys just because they don't look any dangerous. Author has beautifully captured how a girl faces physical abuses in a relationship and still can't end it overnight because of fear of reaction of her boyfriend. He also discusses another issue where a girl is bullied almost everyday in college where anyone does something which makes her trip and fall on her face etc. The way author discusses this in few initial pages is really disturbing. Though the end of it isn't convincing as I wanted the victims to respond in the similar way to her bullies but she does it quite softly.

            Many other issues are prominently discussed in this book but the prime is about a girl who identifies her sexual orientation not being straight. And how she ends up fulfilling her sexual desire is another throwback into this book which is majorly covered in 2nd part of it. In short, author is trying to convey many messages to the youth through his stories and that's what makes him click with his fans and new young readers who are picking his books one after another and making him much bigger with each one of them. 

            Coming to the drawbacks of this book, I would say that author takes lot of sentences to assure himself that the particular message is reaching his readers which makes it little boring and irritating when you get the message in the first sentence itself but still end up reading the same thing explained in different ways for next 2 pages. It would be great if author will try to be specific and be confident while describing even a disturbing scenario in a sentence or two. This will ripple more effect on readers. Rest, the twists and turns in this story weren't revealed in a proper manner which lessened its impact. The characters could have been woven with little more finesse the way Geet is treated in the book. You find it hard to connect with anyone else as you do with Geet. Overall, I would say that this is an average attempt by the author considering the standard he has set for himself. I give this 3.25* out of 5. Next time, I am expecting a thriller from Sudeep Nagarkar. Let's watch out!


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Review: Azhar: Not exactly a biopic!!! **½

1427th BLOG POST -->>

AZHAR: 2.5/5

       After Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, any film-maker thinking of making a biopic and specially on a sportsperson should make it clear that the execution should not fail even for a single scene as audiences have become quite high-demanding now. "Azhar" teaser did make us believe that something substantial is coming but after watching the movie, I must say that it's less like a biopic but more of an inspired movie from the life of the cricketer; as said in the disclaimer before the movie started. The movie is basically passionate in telling only about how Mohd. Azharuddin wasn't involved in match-fixing for which he was blamed since a long time. The whole movie is shot mostly in the courtroom where the dramatic trial of the case has been shown.   

            Emraan Hashmi has been the only saving grace of this movie as he has been able to play his part sincerely and perfectly. For most of the times when he is on ground, he definitely carries the same body language as Azhar's but in rest of the scenes, he is not trying to imitate him which saves him from embarrassment. The effort of Emraan is visible in every scene. After him, Prachi Desai and Gautam Gulati have also played their part beautifully. Rest, every actor seems to be making a joke of them. Majorly, the actor playing Azhar's lawyer. The courtroom scenes are so funny and idiotic that you would want to play Candy Crush rather than watching it. 

             The movie confuses a lot because of its screenplay which is very weak. The regular shift of timeline while telling us about Azhar's main life events kills the excitement of what's going to happen next. The dialogues in the movie are nice but not very great. Music of the movie is wonderful. Rest, I must say that Azhar can be missed as it does not have anything new to offer except Emraan Hashmi's acting. I give this try 2.5 stars out of 5. 


13 May 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Ponytail: The Love For Revenge by Pradip Chauhan (Book Review: 2.25*/5) !!!

1426th BLOG POST -->>

      And finally I ended my Reading Marathon of this first half of the year with the novel "Ponytail: The Love For Revenge" by Pradip Chauhan. The cover page of the book is quite appealing. This 172-pages novel got completed by me within a single sitting of 2.5 hours and it's a light read that can be definitely read while traveling. Pradip Chauhan has written this book in a very simple and easy language. The sentences formation has been short. The chapters are also divided in very small parts which helps you remember what happened in previous chapter even if you take breaks while reading. I liked how author have kept the story short without dragging it with unrelated events.     

            Talking about the good points: I liked how author revealed the secret behind protagonist's ponytail in the pre-climax which was being discussed so much that I was thinking why is whole focus being shifted towards a character's hairstyle every now and then. I liked some business insights given by the author through the conversation that the main protagonist has with his colleagues, competitors etc. mainly in the first half. How protagonist's life is connected with that one painting is something I really appreciated in the book in terms of story. 

             I feel that this book could have been far better if author would have inserted many more thrilling moments in the second half as the plot totally permitted the author to play with the characters and story. Every time, author has tried to take story to next level, he fails badly in the very next chapter as he brings everything to a normal story-telling level. Also, even after showing his first love so aggressive and emotional, it wasn't convincing that the character keeps falling in love eventually with two other girls after her. The suspense regarding Tapasya's death is nicely disclosed in the end but the word "revenge" which is so passionately used in describing this story isn't portrayed impressively. And too many deaths in the end is also a let down. Overall, I would say that author can improve with his next flick by reading bestselling thrillers as he surely has talent to tell a great story. I give this one 2.25* out of 5. 


12 May 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

The Moment by Aniruddha Bose/Partha Pratim Roy (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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      When you see a book of small size and less pages, you become quite skeptic if it would be able to deliver the package in its small story that will add enough value to impress you. I had the same doubt when I picked "The Moment" originally written by Aniruddha Bose in Bengali but translated in English by Partha Pratim Roy. It is often said that never read a book in a translated language as the literary value gets compromised as only the structure of the story remains but no soul. Both these myths had got busted with the completion of this novel. In its 160 pages only, the book has been able to deliver a great literary value in form of letters between two protagonists.       

          Initially, in the first 10 pages, it was difficult to get in flow with the superlative language but as you proceed, the narration makes it easy for you to read the book. The translation is wonderfully done which makes you realize how good this book would be in its original form. The philosophies and little bit of spirituality adds to the content of the story. There are many knowledgeable sections too which talks of pure science. When you are left with just 10-20 pages, you start feeling bad as you want the story to keep flowing. The treatment given to the story is surreal and like a poetry which just does not let you take a break while reading. And this is when there's not a single poetry, poem or prose in the book. Kudos!

           Through the two characters, author has beautifully portrays how a human being finally breaks all his confinement to go through something which he never believes he would be able to. The characters were feeling suffocated in their marital relationship which made them go beyond the rekha defined by society and commit everything they considered sin few hours ago. It also describes perfectly the internal guilt that the characters are going through while breaking the barriers of their custom. With just two characters, author has been able to portray the status quo of the society and its naked reality. 

          The climax is just great when you realize how author has been able to create 160 pages over a moment. That makes you realize the brilliance of the author and not even once while reading the chapters do you guess that the story is based on a moment which takes place between the protagonist. The only drawback of the over-all package of this book is its pricing i.e. Rs. 250/-. A reader would resist to pay more than a rupee/page if he is not too much fond of the literature. If you have loved reading classics and Kolkata's gem, then you won't think twice before having this book in your shelf. I give this book 4* out of 5.


10 May 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Life Mantras by Subrata Roy Sahara (Book Review-3.75*/5) !!!

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        Whenever it comes to self-help and motivational book, I am the first person to stand in queue to grab it. This time I got my hands upon 'Saharasri' Subrata Roy Sahara's "Life Mantra" which is published by Rupa Publications. Specialty about this book is that the author have scribbled all the chapters sitting in the Tihar jail where he has been kept since last 2 years under many charges of not refunding his dues in a proper way to the SEBI etc. Leaving the personal life of the author aside and only talking about the book, I would say this almost 300 pages thick book is something you should definitely have in your bookshelf. Though the book is slow and you will find author repeating himself quite a times but it's worth reading. The concepts about life that author have covered are great and would really be helpful to someone who wants to know basics behind being happy and gay.

            The chapters are nicely divided which makes it easy for the readers to read this book in breaks. I took 3 days to complete this book even though I could have done it in a sitting just for the reason that I wanted to memorize the words of wisdom. Such books are not meant only for reading but for remembering and implementing it in our lives. The book definitely explains the basics in a very simple and precise manner which can be understood even by a naive reader who have picked such kind of a book for the first time. There's a kind of spiritual touch in the way author have formed his sentences and developed the chapters. You will find his writing style more calmer than aggressive even when the book is all about providing you motivation to lead your life in a better way.

               Many feminists might not like few of the advises given by the author as he is asking them to consider men at a little higher level than them. Haha! Well, the generation from which the author belongs, his thoughts are purely valid. But I had doubts at many places where the author has contradicted his own words. It may be because he sees different situations under different parameters. The initial 100 pages are purely blissful while the second half isn't much original as everything seems to be derived from these first few pages itself. Hence, even when I wish to rate this book much higher, I am unable to do so. I give it a very good 3.75* out of 5. Surely recommended.


8 May 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Is your MOTHER the only SPECIAL one?

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      It's yet another Mother's Day and I am finding people giving away the same cliche on social media that every day is Mother's day and not just one single day blah blah. But seriously speaking there are many on this planet who because of somewhat reasons or brainwashing, do not consider the importance of a mother in their life. For them, such days might turn out to be an eye-opener and they may return back to their mother leaving away all the bad influences who widened the distance in this sweet relationship. When a person who has abandoned his family finds everyone posting a picture with his/her mother and telling how special she is, he tends to remember everything his mother did for him which he kept ignoring because of the way he started perceiving life recently. Hence I feel that such days are special, indeed. As it might reunite a family again. Isn't it?  

              I find many people posting about how their mother is the best and special than others. Well, I find this quite wrong because this is less about appreciating mothers but degrading all the mothers in a race to prove how best your own mother is. This shouldn't be done. We should be careful while talking about our mother as we might hurt someone's sentiments. For everyone, his/her mother is the best but saying this in front of the world might infuriate someone who is extremely fond of his mother. He might say something ill about you or your mother in proving his relationship with his mother better than yours. Never make the love you have for your mother a competition against what others have for their. Never! Mother's day is about spreading love and not hatred. Do or write something that others should also appreciate for the feelings that you have for your mother.

             I would like to hug everyone who have lost their mother because of some accident or unfortunate event. These people sulk in their loneliness when they log in to their Facebook and Twitter and find everyone sharing their pictures with their mothers. No one thinks about them on such days. For all such people, I would like to say that no matter if your mother is not with you today, she is somewhere surely watching you. You are already a part of her so she is all in your body, mind and soul. Do everything that will make your mother proud. Never think that she is not with you. Remember all the love and affection she gave you and mind you, she will not like seeing you cry on this day that is meant for her. Take a photograph of your mother and feed her with your hands the dish that she liked the most. Never leave her alone and make her feel bad by showing her that she could not be with you on this special day. 

            And to all the boys out here --> Every girl is either a mother or is going to be someday. When you have immense respect for your mother, understand that everyone around you also have the same feelings for their mother. Disrespecting any woman in this world is an insult and humiliation to your own mother. You are showing the world what your mother have taught you about what a mother is and how she should be treated. When you respect a girl and help her in a tough situation, your mother is the happiest person finding you doing that. But when you insult a girl or disrespect her, your mother cannot forgive herself for raising such a child. Having dirty talks with your friends sometimes is kind of okay but having this default feeling towards girls/women that they are meant for eve-teasing, harassment or sex is a crime. Just imagine if you come to know someone did or talked the same regarding your mother in her college times, how furious and wild will you turn into. Make sure no other daughter/son feels the same towards you after some years when their mother tells her sad/tragic story to her children.    

           With this, I would like to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to each and every girl and woman. Thanks for raising us into whatever we are. If you would not have been with us, life would have been a vacuum and full of nothingness. Respect for all of you for being such a selfless soul for us even when we have been so cruel and bad towards you many-a-times in a fit of anger and rage. I have always believed that I will consider myself a good human being only when my child will some day say that he/she loves me more than his/her mother. Haha! Period! 


7 May 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Forget Me Not, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

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        This whole first week of May would be remembered for "The Stranger trilogy" written by Novoneel Chakraborty for me. It has been one of the best series I have ever read and enjoyed thoroughly. Novoneel has taken a drastic jump in his writing career and impressed his fans a lot with this one. The idea of dividing this story into 3 books has been an interesting one as it helped him gain few more readers while readers enjoyed thinking about who the stranger might be and what would happen next with the protagonist- Rivanah. Specifically, talking about the 3rd and the last book in the series named "Forget Me Not, Stranger", it has been written in a surprising synchronization with the first two books which makes it easy for you to read it in fast pace since the first page itself. I would specially like to appreciate author for not getting into the complex way of presenting this story as a trilogy. In fact, he made the story simpler for his readers with the help of distribution of it into 3 books. Kudos!

           The first half of the book is interesting as you find Rivanah and Danny still in love and enjoying their relationship. Stranger is still troublesome for her and have now started to do more heinous activities with her. But he is now ready to reveal himself and meet her soon. This makes it a page-turner and you will find yourself finishing this book quite before than your average reading speed. The book explores the characters from old books quite nicely and the new characters also become familiar to you within few scenes itself. The involvement of Rivanah's parents in the mystery is also an added value as you know that something big is about to get disclosed in next few chapters. 

           This book is also narrated well keeping the same curiosity in the reader for knowing who the STRANGER is. But coming to the drawback of this book which is really a huge one:- The last chapter. Yes! The last chapter when the stranger is finally revealed just depresses like anything. You just can't introduce a new character in part 3 who has nothing to do with Rivanah in the first 2.5 books and announce him as Stranger for whom we waited since the first page of the first book. This whole concept of secret society in the end is not what we awaited for. Also how the character kept eye on Rivanah 24*7 and how he managed to run away each time after trapping her isn't explained which takes this book down quite a level indeed. I am very disappointed not with the author but with myself that I have not liked this book as much as the first 2 books because I seriously wanted to get crazy about this series. Anyways, Novoneel Chakraborty has emerged out to be a great writer with this one and there is no looking back after this. I give the last book in the series 3.5* out of 5.