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Agar ye bhi Zindagi Nahi Hai Toh Fir Zindagi Kahaan Hai !!!

            565th BLOG POST -->>

       Last blog has been on my college life and this one again relates to it. As each one of us know that PROJECT is the core part of any IT-related course, graduation or post-graduation, even I am involved in it with full dedication and hopes. I remember when I was being told that there's 2 project which would be assigned to us in the last year of our graduation, I was shocked and numb as I knew that I am going to learn nothing in the coming months and I'll screw myself in the last year. But some how, in the last semester, I submitted my project on time without any obstacle with the help of my group members, friends and project guide. There were numerous misunderstandings within our group because of the impatience everyone had in them. It was also because of lack of co-ordination. No one wanted to sacrifice their moments of pleasure for the god-damn project. But, some how, with the patience in the last month, we did it. Fights continued but we didn't stopped. At moments, I thought of quitting the project and carrying it to this Semester and do it without anyone's involvement. But I didn't wanted to lose the match so sooner. At last, we succeeded. 

           Then, we were assigned Winter projects in Vacation as our college staff saw the expertise we had in dealing with coding and developing the projects. :-) But, as you know, college students don't know anything but still their arrogance and ego are high. None of us concentrated on the project, rather we enjoyed the vacation in our own distinct way. When we returned, we were being tortured by our Project co-ordinator for not dealing with the winter project. And we didn't did it because we knew that we are not going to get any marks for it because they want us to learn through it rather than getting marks. And then, whose attitude is to learn things in college? :-) But after our co-ordinator understood that we are about to win the game, she declared and asked us to continue with the same winter project as this semester's project rather than going for a new one. :-) And then, rather than discussing about projects, my classmates discussed about movies, Matheran, farm-house visits and almost everything that wasn't related to project. 

             Then, finally, after 1.75 months of 6th semester, I and my group members- Yusuf and Saquib went to our Guide with the Synopsis. She accepted it. Actually, she had to accept it because the very next day, there was a mid-term presentation where we had to present our project in front of all the faculties of our college. Now, this is something which is 100 times more dangerous than Roadies audition. So, guide thought that rather than screwing them a day before, let them face it tomorrow. But she was supportive. At last, we did it nicely. And then, in every laboratory lecture which was again taken by our guide, she supported us in all the programs we did because she felt we are someone whom people call "Innocent". And uska faayda na uthaana chahtey hue bhi humse uth gaya. We never went to report our project to her for next one month. Finally, 26th March arrived. On the bloody Monday, I and my group members went to our guide to show her our project as we completed it by waking and working continuously for 18 hours without any break and 7 hours the next time we sat for it. But, she refused to accept it. She asked us to get it signed by our Project co-ordinator. She refused directly as we have screwed her and her bloody ego for several times. Our guide had just one say that I cannot see your project until and unless she don't sign it. Finally, on Wednesday, she asked us to go to HOD and talk. We still waited for her heart to melt. And this continued till Friday(yesterday). 

             In this last one week, I and my friends have been in such a pressure that we neither ate properly, neither slept, neither laughed, neither celebrated the last week of college but kept imagining ourselves ruining our lives' one year by getting a back in the last semester. This was one of the worst phase of my life. There has been bigger problems than this but this was equally powerful in screwing all my motivated strength and approach towards life. I just imagine only one thing coming towards me: Depression in few weeks. We would have accepted this torture of one week if we would not have worked on our project but we did it passionately. There has been none in class who sat together with their group members for their project, but with us, all 3 of us contributed in some or the other way and supported the one who sat on the computer and struggled for the whole night. My classmates saw Yusuf in tensed mood many a times but they never saw me and Saquib in such situation. Saquib's Twitter username is "Fearless_Dude" and hence you can understand what kind of a guy he is. I am also the one who never let pressure exert itself on me. But, this time, my classmates saw our eyes wet and confidence at its least. Every minute, we had hands on our head. 

            At last, our guide screwed the power of project co-ordinator by directly meeting HOD and allowing an access to our project. We heaved a sigh of relief as Sachin Tendulkar would have after scoring that 100th. And this tensed week would not have ended so smoothly if any one of us would have reacted negatively to it. We kept our calm whenever some dumbheads in our class made fun of our situation. We never blamed each other for the negligence of our guide. Neither did we abused our guide for doing this with us. We knew that it wasn't her who was taking this decision, but it was that project co-ordinator who hated us like hell because we love breaking her ego almost every time we get chance. Today, I am so proud of myself and my friends that we have the capability to understand each other. Some friends in class who are reporting their project regularly were also intrigued in our situation. No one wanted us to suffer. They were feeling as bad as we were because it was the first time when the aggressive persons like us were having dullness and fuckedness (I created this word right now :-)) face above our neck. These 5 days have taught me how to deal with such situations when we don't have any other option to succeed when the main one is permanently blocked. With patience, intelligence, calmness, understanding, controlling emotions, burning ego and arrogance, we can deal with any kind of pressure and obstacle.

           Today, we have reported for the first time to our Guide and she liked our project very much. This is again a slap to that egoistic faculty. And, my lovely followers and readers, please pray for 3 of us, that we get our project signed in next 7 days. After that, we will live our life to the fullest. And our Graduation will end on a good note (with some powerful learning from life). :-)



Aey Jaate Hue Lamho, Zaraa Tehro Zaraa Tehro !!!

            564th BLOG POST -->>

My College-canteen where I passed almost all my time with my FRIENDS !!!
       I still remember 3rd August, 2009 when I entered Bharati Vidyapeeth college in Belapur, Navi Mumbai for the first time. I was least expecting anything better to happen with me. That was the first day when I attended lecture for my Graduation- Bachelors of Computer Applications. I had a very new thought process. I wanted to explore my creativity and talent. It was high time since I wasn't performing. I felt as if generations passed and I didn't performed from a long time. As Computer was my first love then (:-)), I used to be the first one in class to complete any C language program and show it to our class teacher. He used to be very happy with my performance. Later on, I started accepting that I am a human being and I need to get involved in conversations with my classmates. It was hard for a depressed soul to get into people with confidence. There were faces which wanted to eat me. There were faces which wanted to test me. There were faces which asked if I was a retard or something. But there were also some faces which were busy in exploring themselves if they could prove themselves in this new environment. I caught my hold on them. And then the series began........

           Till the end of 3rd Semester, I tested almost all the classmates and selected the ones with whom I shared my interests. I took initiative in many things. I took in charge for many mishap which happened in class. I tried to break the differences between many classmates who wanted to talk to each other but could not because of those bloody misunderstandings. And till the end of 4th Semester, I had almost every one as my friend. And now, the scenario of the class changed drastically. The variances and differences that people had with each other started flowing away like waves. Now, the whole class united. Any lengthy assignments given by teachers were ignored in masses. Any one in the class would make a funny sound in the classroom to irritate those fucking boring lecturers whom we hated. Everyone clapped in unison whenever some one was insulted to embarrass him/her. Everyone started bunking and hanging-out together. The classmates those who enjoyed in groups of 2-3-4 started enjoying in the groups of 12-13-14. And you can imagine what would happen if 14 children would decide to do the particular thing against bloody system of college. Sometimes we WON and somethings those fucking lecturers. 

           Yesterday, I sat for the last lecture of my graduation. It has been a very beautiful journey from 3rd August, 2009 to 31st March, 2012. To make my self happy, I don't say that I had these friends from last 2.5 years but I say that I had them for last 4 years- 2009, 10, 11 and 12. :-) They make fun of my logic but that makes me smile. Now, the thought of leaving all these fun is provoking me to blast and cry. I just can't imagine some of my friends going away from me. I can't imagine that the time to bunk lectures and chit-chat in canteen with a cup of tea has gone. The time to irritate the lecturers whom we hated has gone. The time to wait for our favorite lecturer to enter the class has gone. The time to make fun of each other in group has gone. The time to abuse our friends and laugh on the creativity we used to create new abuse has left us behind. It has become a phase of life when everything seems to be as I am sitting in a train and I can see everything going behind but I can't do anything as a better destiny is calling. 

            24 Friends and 30 Lecturers !!! How can I forgot them in my life? From next year, whenever anyone will say that "I am in Graduation", all the faces which laughed with me, which sang with me, which danced with me, will start running in front of me. Those trips to Matheran, Essel World, Water Kingdom, those hang-outs for Singham, Agneepath, those chit-chatting in Inorbit, Center-One, Little World will once again flow in my mind. The numerous sittings for completing Assignments, Submissions and PROJECTS will be remembered for a long time. Standing in class as punishment, running in the corridor to reach canteen at the first after being hurled out of the class, the race of submitting answer-sheet at the very first in Unit Tests, the cutting of cakes on each others' birthday, teasing each other by their partner's or crush's name and I don't know WHAT WHAT will I remember. First, motivating a friend for making him to talk something good and once he began, demotivating and teasing him again was the best thing I will always remember. I will miss my favorite teachers a lot. And to the one I hate, I promise that if I'll see you any day in local train, I am going to slap you hard. And I would not even regret it. Because you tried your best to waste my future and I will try hard to humiliate you. I did humiliated the worst teacher of our university in the last week of the college and I will be always proud of it. :-) 

            So, from now, as everything which was present and in execution has turned into EVENTS OF PAST or GRADUATION TIME for me. But the faces of my beautiful friends, the affection that they had with me, the love and tears which they had shared with me, the secrets which they had shared with me, the support they has given me will remain with me in my HEART till DEATH. I pray GOD and ask him to BLESS all of them with GREAT FUTURE as all of them DESERVE to be at a GOOD PLACE in LIFE. And my dear FRIENDS, I just ask all of you to REMEMBER me whenever you THINK of the BEST BUDDIES you had in your LIFE. I don't ask you to MEET me often but I expect you to REMEMBER me by HEART and send your LOVE through PRAYING and WISHES. In the END, I will MISS ALL. That's all I can say for now. I am already in a very sad state to speak anything which can make all of you laugh. And THANKS for making me a BLOGGER what I am KNOWN for. Without the motivation which you all gave me, I would not have continued this. THANKS. A BOW. 

           TATA and BYE :-(

26 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Will You Ever Talk Anything Except Studies?

            563rd BLOG POST -->>

       An aunt and her 8 years old son came to my home today for few hours. I was sitting in my bedroom. I was busy watching the press conference of Mr. Sachin Tendulkar when that boy came in my room. I asked him to sit on the bed with me. I asked few questions to him. He was quite spontaneous in every answer he gave. I sensed that he had an intellectual mind which had no limits and confinement. His attitude remained tranquil throughout the time I was questioning him about his life and interests. The nervousness which used to crop on his face as soon as I used to ask a difficult question were transitory. Even when he was mendacious, he made it so positive that I was unable to understand when was he lying and when he was delivering a truth. Whenever I asked him about studies, he gave me a valiant look which said that "Don't talk about studies, I am good at it, you see yours." :-) Throughout the conversation, he proved himself to be confident and yes, he was quite audacious and smart. I was impressed. 

          After a while, he asked me to change the channel to Star Cricket and he started seeing India vs Sri Lanka match in which both- Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir scored ton. He took the remote and learnt which button was for which function by trying each one of them once. Then, he increased the volume. Suddenly, his mother came into the room, yelled at him and asked him not to see Cricket. And then she went. I asked him,"What's the problem in watching Cricket?" He replied,"She feels that I am addicted to it like anything and hence she asks me to stay away from watching Cricket but she don't know that I love listening to the commentary." I asked him can you speak like they do. And he did it, and what should I say, it was far better than what Ravi Shastri and Rameez Raja do. :-)  I was astonished. For something, in which the child is excellent, mother is trying to keep him away from it. Rather she should motivate the 8 years old child. He is just 8 years old. Imagine if he gets support, how far will he go in his life !!! 

           Parents dominate children in the spaces they are good at. My father did it with me in the initial stage of Blogging. He felt that I am trying to be a celebrity and hence wasting my time in writing about my daily routine. But, later when I proved him that I am doing something which is worthy for my personality and brain development, he started supporting me. And with the support of my parents, I am going to be an author in few years. What more does a child needs? My parents always kept me away from Sports in childhood. Whenever I asked them if I could go on the ground to play with my friends, they stood as a barrier between me and my desire for playing. Result has been that today I feel quite weak than others. I run for 50 meters and I start panting as if I have ran for 10 kilometers. The scene would have been totally opposite if my parents would have allowed me for the sports in childhood. They allowed me for indoor games. That resulted in 3 Trophies for Carrom out of 4 times I have participated in the competition. :-) 

           Now-a-days, parents are just concerned about the percentage their child is scoring. Every parents want their child to be an Engineer/Doctor/MBA just because the admission process has become easier and the courses are available almost at every corner of any city. Parents have put their children in coaching classes. A child returns at 3 PM from school. Then, he is sent to coaching classes for next 5 hours. He returns at 8 PM. Then, he is given dinner. And then, for next 2 hours, he is made to sit and do homework by his own as parents are busy watching daily soaps and news channels. Once he completes it, he is asked to close his eyes and sleep rather than playing here and there as he has to go to school next morning. Is this the correct way to overload a small child with responsibilities, abundant studies and exalting in academic scores? Will a child ever dare to tell his parents about what his heart wants to do? Will a 8 year old child ever speak to his parents that he is interested in Shamaik Davar's dancing classes/Karate classes/ gymnastics or music? Never. Because, he knows that he don't have time for doing that and neither will his parents show any concern for his desire and dream. And this is how, he remains to be an under-confident student through out his life. And later on, when he is sent to hostel in Engineering, rather than studying he starts doing what he always dreamt throughout his life. And then, he spoils his engineering's years. Then, parents blame children for this. They don't see how they have dominated and confined the child throughout his school, junior college and college. 

            Parents shouldn't just talk about studies with their children. They should also talk about other interests of the child and support them in that. They should teach them Time management of how to balance both the things at the same time- Studies and Interest. A teacher who is a great reader of my blog also said the same thing to me one day. But I refused to write on this because I didn't had any idea about what she was talking about. But, today when I saw this 8 years old boy full of talent, confidence, eagerness, curiosity, and I saw the way he was being dominated by his mother, I felt it too uncouth and awkward. Parents will have to transmogrify themselves otherwise children will keep falling for love, girls, drugs, cocaine, gambling and other activities once they grow up to be independent. Parents, please THINK upon this.


25 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Kahaani !!!

            562nd BLOG POST -->>

       So, finally, I am done with Sujoy G's Kahaani. I have already said it on Twitter and I am repeating it again- "There are some movies which gets mixed reviews while there are some which are not meant to be judged at all". Kahaani is one of those films whom you can't judge. Because they have something so appealing and interactive that you don't find any word to utter against them. Amitabh Bachchan was compelled to write to Sujoy G(director of Kahaani) after watching the movie "Just finished watching 'Kahani' on UFO at home .. Simply superb ! Sujoy, what the heck were you doing making films like 'Aladin' !!?" even when he was the main lead of Aladin. :-) So, this is how some movie works. They affect your brain positively and stays there for a long time. People always say that the film should have either comedy, fun, love story or high action scenes to work with the nerves of the people but Kahaani has proved worldwide that if a movie has a perfect story line, it works better even when it doesn't have any of those elements.  

            I call it a privilege that I got to see a movie like Kahaani. In December, I wanted to watch The Dirty Picture just after its first promo. The movie attracted me just by its first look. But later on, when the movie released, I thought that it has only exposure and it may not have a good story line. But what happened later is known to all. After the movie, even Vidya balan is given the tag of BIG B (Big Balan). It was not only about exposure of skin in the movie but about guts to take off such a role on big screen. None of the actresses are coming out of their comfort zone now-a-days. It's only Priyanka Chopra about whom I hear that she is performing action scenes by herself. Otherwise, every other actress is in the movie just because actor has to romance with someone and hence they want a girl for that in a movie. :-) But, The Dirty Picture had 3 actors but still Vidya stole the show. And while The Dirty Picture was running in theaters, first look of Kahaani was released. My first reaction was- Ab jyada ho raha hai, Vidya can't do it every time. But, after watching Kahaani, I think I will have to watch The Dirty Picture too, just to see the limitless attitude of Vidya Balan as an actress.

          Kahaani is a very intellectual film with lots of twists and turns. For once, you may start thinking that you may not understand the story but once the movie ends, you will accolade the director- Sujoy for making a complex story in a very easier version. Just as Kahaani will end, you will want to watch it again from the start just to cherish all those moments of a pregnant woman searching for her husband's existence in Kolkata. Kahaani is based in the city of Kolkata. And I am very happy to see that the way Kolkata is being shown throughout the movie is awesome. I have never ever seen any other movie where I got myself attached with a non-visited city by seeing it on screen. But because of Kahaani, I want to visit Kolkata now. The importance of Durga Ma and Durga Pooja is represented perfectly. You get attached with the festival. The little use of Bengali language in a movie adds more flavors. :-) The other characters of the movie plays a significant part in the success of the movie. If you are going for Kahaani, make sure that you are going to concentrate on each and every second of the movie because nothing is inserted into the movie senselessly. 

          I would appreciate Sujoy Ghosh for perfect direction and execution. Advaita Kala for the beautiful story she has created by getting inspired from her own life. And now, talking about the history Vidya Balan is being creating for herself, you are going to be the next big thing after Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherjee. Parineeta, Guru, Salaam-e-ishq, Bhool Bhulaiyyaa, Paa, Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica, The Dirty Picture and now Kahaani. I think there's a competition between you and Virat Kohli that who will touch that throne first in the respective field to be called "The Best of Today's Era". :-) 

          In the end, I am requesting all the readers to go and watch Kahaani with family as you missed The Dirty Picture last time. :-) 

P.S.: With this, 50 Blog Posts done in this Calendar Year- 2012. :-) Keep supporting and motivating. :-)


22 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Tum Ho Toh, Gaata Hai Dil.. Tum Nahii.. Toh Kya Hai Yahaan !!!

           561st BLOG POST -->>

       I hope all of you remember one of those epic scenes of 3 Idiots when all the 3 male leads are drunk and they make fun of each other. Sharman is being made fun of the number of rings he wears in almost all the fingers. And then, after all those college dramas, when he was about to enter the placement cell, he throws all those rings in dustbin and then goes for the interview and gets selected. After that, he and Madhavan sees Aamir Khan with tears in their eyes because the way Aamir Khan moves the fear away from Sharman's heart was amazing. I am also one of those Sharman-kind-of-guys who wear number of gems and stones in my rings. I have 7 rings in my hands. Everyone who meets me does this question either sooner or later that why am I so superstitious that rings can do miracle to me. Rings just give me a motivation that I have a luck factor with me. 

            There was a time in my life when everything I touched, turned into stones. Everything I attempted, failed. I was too depressed and too demotivated to try anything new. My parents were as worried as Vijay Mallya would be for his Airlines now-a-days. My mother used to cry in front of her friends to suggest something to her so that her much potential son can do something in life. Once, an aunty who knew a gemologist suggested my mother to take me to meet him. I went and met him. I wasn't too interested in meeting him. But, I thought, I am already torturing my parents to a very good extent, there is no complexity in showing my palms to this gemologist. He told almost everything as an adversity in my life. According to him, neither my studies were successful, neither my future job was to be, and neither my marriage. He suggested some gems to me. My mother agreed to him. As my father was much against to these gems and stones, he didn't gave my mother any money for it aur upar se chillaya alag. Then, my mother saved 5000 rupees in next 1 month and ordered a locket which had all the 4 gems embedded into it. Finally, I had it in my neck. 

             Before this, someone suggested that green colour is suitable for me and hence, asked my parents to make me wear only green-shaded cloths. They literally did it. After one month, when I saw that my friends started calling me "parrot", I shouted and stopped wearing them. Likely, I did many things so that my misfortune may turn into fortune, but succeeded in none. And, so, I asked my gemologist to tell me something which would prove within a month that this gems are working. He claimed that I would gain lots of weight (as I was too thin then). And yes, after a month, I gained 7 kgs. And this is how, I started believing on gems. After some days, I found that almost everything which were blocked in my life, started flowing. Everything that made me cry, went away. Everything that demotivated me, started showing productivity. And I didn't rely wholly on gems and stones. I just took them as a motivating factor. Whenever I go to do something, I see my gems and I feel confident about it. This doesn't mean that if you'll remove them from my fingers, I'll go into depression because of lack of confidence. But, for now, they give me confidence and I am not ashamed of wearing 7 of them in my fingers. 

             There are many factors in everyone's life that motivates them. I remember once Sourav Ganguly said "I have asked several times to Ishant Sharma to stop growing his hair but he says that if he will cut them, he'll stop getting wickets". That was funny. But, that gives Ishant Sharma a confidence to take wickets. Even if he won't get any, he'll not blame his hairs, he'll just take it as not-his-day. Amitabh Bachchan feels that his white-french-beard gives him good fate and fortune, hence, with that beard, he has confidence that whenever he'll stand on stage, he'll give his 100%. Sachin Tendulkar has some superstition that whenever he wears left pad before right pad, he scores better. So, this is not something weird or stupid. It is the way through which a performer finds a way of comfort for him. Having something close to them, motivates them. Some people even have this with some other person. There was a lady in Delhi who always came and met my cousin before going for any work as she thought that whenever she sees her face, her work goes finer and smoother. 

             So, my base for this post is just to make you acquainted with the facts that its confidence that matters and not the gems, stones, lucky shoes, God's idol in pocket, lucky oil they apply on their hair or any other crazy thing for which you tease them those who believe in it. Every person has some thing or factor through which they get confidence. Some even leave trusting a God and start following some other just because they have a confidence that this one is supporting me. There are many who even convert the religion in that belief. So, its not something which you should call weird or stupid, rather you should find what gives confidence to you.


21 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Main Karun Toh Saala Character Dheela Hai !!!

            560th BLOG POST -->>

       Yesterday Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka to oust India out from Asia Cup. People got their new slogan for the one whom we have started calling Next Sachin Tendulkar. People say that,"Whenever Sachin scores a century, India loses the match. And whenever Kohli makes a century, India win the match but lose the series". But, I think they have forgot that Kohli also scored a century in World Cup tournament. But, let it be, talking about this people would add just another group of dumb and idiots into highlight. When Kohli scored his maiden century against Pakistan on 18th March, he removed his helmet and hurled couple of abuses in aggression and desperation to score more. I liked it. :-) His attitude showed that he is not a cool or sit-back-in-the-corner kind of player. He is the one who will come forward to fight and retaliate if something wrong would happen on the field. People have started calling Kohli - An aggressive version of Rahul Dravid. 

           Kohli was also in controversies when he showed middle-finger to the spectators in an oversea country. But that wasn't an end, he has continuously hurled abuses every time he has caught a batsman or he has fielded a terrific stroke of the batsman or he has hit a Six or a Four. Yesterday, while reading Hindustan Times, I saw an article on its editorial page which said that if Kohli wants to play for a longer time with the same form, he will have to stop cussing and abusing. Now, how does giving abuses has any relation to the form of a batsman? That was an extreme chutiyapa according to me. After showing that middle-finger in Australia, Kohli has scored runs with an average of 75. Do you get it, editor? He also said that will this attitude of abusing of Kohli remain even when his form will not be as bright as its today because every batsman has to see a period when he is out-of-form. I just don't understand what is so sick or serious about this that Hindustan Times thought to publish it in their editorial section. 

          Is abusing a crime? Or being addicted to abusing is a crime? I take those abuses of Kohli as an energy-generation for him. He may feel it energetic and encouraging to abuse. He may be feeling free and liberal once he abuses. Even I have habit of abusing almost 5 times in 2 minutes while talking. Now, does that make me an arrogance person or the one who is so bad that one will have to think 10 times before sitting and conversing with me in public? I have never seen such kind of a case happening with me. Any thing done before age does not look good. If a school boy will abuse so frequently, he would be beaten because that is not the age to do this so confidently. :-) But once a child grows up and enters into college, he gets that intellectual level that he can decide what is good and what is bad for him. So, what if he finds abusing a healer to him? In college, you may notice that the child who never abuses is bullied a lot. Hence, after a period of time, one has to start abusing to create his own image and character of an aggressive person. If one doesn't, he will have to bear the abuses for the rest of his life.

          When I abuse on Twitter and Facebook, my online friends keep pinging and saying that this is not right for a prolific and exoteric blogger like you to abuse in a Social networking medium. They say that there are even junior college and school students who read and follow me which may influence them to abuse and look cool. Some says that it creates a doubt in their mind about what my real character is. The one who writes beautiful blogs or the one who gives dirty abuses on Twitter. I say, I am both. My thoughts are clear and pellucid. But, I have an addiction of abusing too. If you can't see both of them in a package, its your problem, not mine. :-) There was a time in childhood when I was never taken in a Cricket team whenever the boys of my age group used to play together. I was physically weak. So, they used to bully me a lot. There was not even a single day when I used to return home without crying. Then, when one-year senior boys to me entered Secondary school in their 5th std and they heard new abuses which the boys of 10th std and 12th std used to hurl at each other, they got excited and they started telling all to us. I loved those words. :-) And I started using it frequently. After some days, I started doing that aggressively. The result of it was that everyone started scaring from me that I may abuse them upto any level. And, I was made a prominent member of their group. So, abuses helped me to prove my position in the group. How can I leave it? 

           I almost feel depressed and helpless once I stop abusing to a stretch of an hour or two. :-) And yes, this is true. See, whenever I hurl abuses and it is being targeted to someone's relative or mother-sister, I don't say it purposely by targeting them, it is just that I use all the variety of words I have in my vocabulary. :-) It is to be taken just as a word which means I am unhappy on a thing. That does not mean that you should start imagining your mother and sister in those positions. Come on, how can someone behave so sentimentally. And, I just don't care about Social Networking sites more. When my family members and my close friends, my classmates, the people living around me has accepted me with this, who are these people to ask me to shut the fuck up just because they can't see someone being so frank and open on Social Networking sites. At least, my close friends and my parents scold me for this rather than judging what I am. Here, people judge me. So, why should I care about their opinion? They ask me,"How can you write abuses so freely?" I reply,"In the same way as you read them". If you have so much problem with that, hide all my posts on your Facebook wall, unfollow or directly block me on Twitter, but don't fuck my brain. I am this way and I will remain this way. If Sunny Leone's famly members and close friends don't have any problem in her being a pornstar, why do you and me feel prickliness in our ass? So, I just don't care. The person who abuses is not a villain. He may be the one with the most pure thoughts and approach. 

   So, in the end, maa ki aankh subki. This is the most non-effective abuse I can give. :-)


20 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Tumhe Sub Kuch Pata Tha Na, Maa ???

            559th BLOG POST -->>

       I was in 6th std when my mother said it for the first time that she wants me to be a Music-director. I asked her what does this means. And she described me everything about music-direction including the names of all the instruments that are used to create music, the number of taals, sargams and surs required for creating a perfect song, different kind of songs with their typical names, the big names of legendary music-directors etc. I was excited to know about Music-direction. I liked her choice which she decided for her son to be. I was just 11 years old and hence, I didn't took it seriously. My father died when I was developing in the womb of my mother. I never ever saw my father neither did my father saw me. And hence, my mother loved me twice than your mother would be loving you as she found a little presence of my father in me. She believed in reincarnation. Right from my childhood, I only saw a security in my mother's arms. Hence, whatever my mother used to say, I never refused her. That is why, when she desired me to be the Music-director of this dreamy Bollywood world, I didn't say atleast once that what is this and why should I do this just because you want me to. My mother was and is my only life.

            Years passed, and now I was in 10th std. My mother already made me learn harmonium and piano. I also had a certificate of a diploma in basic music direction. My mother used to work on sewing machine day and night to earn money so that she can can fulfill all my dreams and her dreams attached to me. When I was learning Music direction, I enjoyed it a lot. It is an interesting talent to create musics which has never been played before, heard before or even thought of before. As the absence of my father always made my mother weak and sick, I used to create only happy music so that she can chill. I never made her hear any of my sad notes. She always asked me to be versatile rather than creating only happy environs. Even after her incessant accusation of me being a stereotype, I never made her hear all my notes to prove that I am the most versatile creator in the class. For the next two years, I attended this classes and in the end I had the certificate of being a Music-director with A+ grade. This qualified me to get a job of music-direction easily in any of the B-grade movies. 

            Then, my 12th std board exams came and I left the classes even when my mother said that I have potential of managing both the things simultaneously and scoring honors in both. But I never gave a thought to what she said. I wanted to complete my studies because I loved learning new concepts. Music also thrilled me but not to that extent for which I could have boycotted studying or my academic career. I always had a doubt on these kinds of talent-based jobs where audiences decide our fate. At least in my academic career, I can blame myself if I don't succeed in future. But in this talent-based jobs, once people get bored of you, your career ends and you get humiliated in front of all your friends, family and huge mass of fans. Finally, I cleared 12th std with 82% which was the highest ever scored by anyone in the colony where I lived. I wanted to go for Engineering but my mother compelled me to opt Bachelors in Music. I remained topper for all the 6 semesters. I also started creating my own compositions. In 900 days of college in 3 years, I created some 1400 compositions which was like a dream for other students to do. One can't create one composition and I had 1400 compositions under my name, each of 5 minutes. My mother used to listen all of them and review it. She was my personal guide. The one she used to say is worst, without giving a second thought to it, I used to delete it or recreate it. My mother was too happy to see that her son is turning out to be what she always dreamed for her son. 

             After the completion of my Bachelors, my mother asked me to go and try for some jobs in Ekta Kapoor's serials. She had a belief that you can't reach at the top directly, for that you will have to climb the ladder from the first step itself. I told her that I am not ready to struggle now. Neither was I interested in migrating to Mumbai as I heard that there's a lot of Gundaraj there. I was happy to be in Gwalior. I kept creating music at home. For 3-4 hours, I used to sit at my mom's boutique and help her with sewing so that we can earn more. As I knew that I wasn't still ready to go and earn, I will have to do something to lighten the weight on my mother's shoulder. This kept on happening for the next 3 years. My mother started getting weaker and weaker. I never realized it because I tried to ignore the fact that this was happening because of me. I was thinking only one thing is those days- Why should I struggle to be the one when there are already so many music-director working in the industry? Who will give me a chance? And there's a long life ahead, I will become one after composing 10,000 compositions. Why should I hurry? And therefore, I ignored the fact that my mother was finding this undigested. 

            One day, my mother met with a heart-attack and she was admitted to the hospital. Doctor said that the situation is critical. The only thing which could help in recovery would be some very great good news or an achievement which has been her dream from a long time. I knew what she wanted to hear. I told doctor about it and he said that it would take a very long time for me to achieve a tag of Music-director in the country. He told me about an injection through which he can send my mother to coma for a long time. It was helpful as the operation needed lots of money and I didn't had any. I and mom only had what we earned from the boutique. That wasn't enough. Keeping a big rock on my heart, I told doctor to send her to coma until and unless I don't get to the position. That was the last minute when I sat quietly. I took all those 8900 compositions which I created in the last 6 years. I patented all of them. Now, these were my official tunes. I released them on Youtube.com and other musical websites. Initially it took time, but within a month every tune started getting millions of hits. Then, I met a rock band which used to create sad songs in a very delighted mood. I asked them if they would add lyrics to my compositions and sing it. They agreed. I started working with them day and night. I told them about my mother's case and they showed affection as she was just not mine, but even their mother. 

            Now, we started uploading our own composed romantic songs on Internet. We became stars of the nation. Youngsters started loving us. We became the heart-throb of the nation. Now, even I was added in their rock-band. We started earning a lot as the number of audiences was 20 times more than what their band used to have before. Finally, one day, I got a call from Mahesh Bhatt asking if I would like to compose music for his next movie starring Emraan Hashmi. I cried a lot that day in happiness. It was already 8 months since my mother was in coma. One night, I read her diary which she always kept hidden from me, she had written a detailed scenario of how my father wanted to be a music-director but he couldn't because of his early death. And this is why she wanted me to be the one as she believed my father reincarnated in me. And hence, the speed of my work towards being a music-director accelerated like hell. Finally, the name of Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt made our song album reach No.1 in all the charts. The radio channels started taking my interviews. The media used to roam everyday near my home. I started getting numerous offers. In next 3 months, I composed 35 songs for 8 movies. And I became the only composer to give 35 hits in just 3 months.

           Doctor already started retreating my mother the day I got that offer from Vishesh movies. I told them to start bringing my mother back to consciousness so that I can give this happy news to her. It took 2 more months for doctors to bring my mother back into consciousness. Till then, I won awards for the Best Music-director in almost all the award functions. One day, finally, doctor gave me a good news that my mother will open her eyes today. I sat with all my awards in her ward. As soon as my dear mother opened her eyes, she saw me. She was excited but she couldn't show it because of weakness in body. I showed her all the awards that I won. I also showed her videos on my Samsung notepad. Without any movement in her body, she had just 2 things which proved that she was alive in utter happiness- tears of happiness in her eyes and a wide smile on her face. I hugged her. And I cried a lot. Finally, her hands moved and she showed me a Thumbs up. I started weeping like hell. And then, her hands fell down. My mother died. The soul of my body went away with her. After this, I have only composed sad songs. My sad songs are the Top on Bestsellers' chart. I just can't think of any happiness without my mother. But, I am India's Best Music-Director today with almost all the records in my bag. 

P.S.: Don't take time for granted. There are some dreams of our parents for which they depend on us. You don't know what may happen the very next moment. If your parents will die before you fulfill their dream, you will never be able to forgive yourself and laugh from heart throughout your life. In this story, protagonist at least got a chance to tell his mother that he has accomplished her dreams but may be we won't get chance. Life is too short to ignore big things. Start doing big things in life. Value Time. And Value Parent's dream too. You just don't know when a bad news may drop in.


19 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

A New Target For Critics After Few Years- "VIRAT KOHLI" !!!

            558th BLOG POST -->>

        Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!! So, we won the World Cup Finale of 2012 tonight. Right? In 1947, if our leaders would not have caked India into parts, we would not have got a Cricket opponent like Pakistan against which every match seems as the World Cup Final. The pressure one has to see their country winning against the country with whom we had so many real wars, is undefinable and ineffable. There is something in the Cricket match which takes place whenever India and Pakistan has a face-off on a circular ground with 2 bats, 1 ball, 6 wickets and a boundary line which is insurmountable. In the World Cup last year, people were ready to lose the Finale but everyone wanted Indian team to win the semi-final clash with Pakistan. And once, when India's batting inning was over and Pakistan's opening batsmen started quite smoothly, all the Indians had a face through which you could have predicted that something was deteriorating in them. But, as soon as Pakistan's wicket started falling and Kohli took that last catch of the match, there was explosion of Crackers almost in every village, every society and every galli of India. This is what happens when INDIA and PAKISTAN plays a FRIENDLY MATCH. :-)

          Even today, when Pakistan won the toss and chose batting, many loved saying that this is the only thing Pakistan is winning today. But later on, when the Opening pair of Pakistan built the longest partnership they ever maintained against us, and both the players getting their HUNDREDS, Indians almost lost the interest in the game and they started claiming that "This match is not the typical India-Pakistan match. It is just another match where an opponent is fucking as it has been happening with us against England, Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in recent times". Pakistan's accelerating speed slowed down once they reached their 40th over and their wicket started falling. That catch which Raina took by jumping in air and using his right-hand to grab the ball brought Indians back in power and they felt that something has motivated our players and what will happen from here would be a perfect example of PERFECT INDIA vs PAKISTAN MATCH. Then, Kohli took a catch by jumping backward to take another wicket. And finally, Pakistan ended up at 329 giving us a target of 330. The scenario became the same. Even in CB Series, India needed that 320+ target to retain their durability in the series, and now, in the Asia Cup too, they needed 330 target to remain in the series. But everyone knew what Kohli did that day to create a magical environment all over the world, but they weren't sure that any Indian batsman would be able to do that-kind-of-a-thing again against a team which is our Epic Opponent. 

           Our innings started and Gambhir went on the 2nd ball by showing nervousness in his body-language. People didn't really see Sachin Tendulkar as a reliable man because of his recent plays in last few months. Then came Virat Kohli on the 3rd ball of the innings on the crease. And after few minutes, when people saw those continuous waves of FOURS from both- Sachin and Kohli, people started believing the team and everyone got glued to the television just as they were on 30th March, 2011. :-) And then both of them surpassed their Half-centuries and 100-runs partnership. Then, Sachin Tendulkar who seemed to be Aggressive once again after a year went back to the pavilion after giving a wonderful start to the team. Then, entered Rohit Sharma. But, Virat Kohli had something else in his mind. He started hitting and striking as if its his last match of life. And the man kept on hitting almost in every corner of the ground and scored his 100. Then, he started hitting abundantly with the help of Rohit Sharma's perfect knock of 68. 

            And Kohli kept on breaking records. First, he made record of reaching career's first 11 Centuries in the least number of innings (82). Then, he became the only batsman to score 4 Centuries on Mirpur ground. He also became 2nd highest batsman to score most number of ODIs on the same Cricket ground. Then, he completed his 3500 runs in ODI which is 2nd fastest in the world. Then, he surpassed his own highest of 133* and scored 183 off 148 balls. Then, he became the highest run-scorer in history of Asia Cup by scoring 146*. Then, he became youngest Indian to reach 150+. Then, he became India's highest run-scorer in any of the chases against Pakistan and world's 3rd highest scorer while chasing after Watson's 185* and Dhoni's 183*. Then, Virat Kohli became the best ODI batsman "under lights". He now averages 61.48. Then, Virat Kohli's 646 runs became the most runs in ODIs at Mirpur by a visiting batsman. Kohli's century is his 11th in ODIs & his 7th in chases. Among India batsmen, only Tendulkar has more centuries (17) than Kohli in chases. With the help of Kohli's 183, this is India's best chase in ODIs, surpassing their Natwest final's chase of 326 in 2002 against England at Lord's. Kohli's average in chases (58.40) is second only to Watson's 59.10 among batsmen with 2000-plus runs in ODI chases. Kohli has now scored three centuries and a half-century in his last four ODIs. Virat Kohli's 183 is the highest individual score in ODIs against Pakistan, surpassing Brian Lara's 156 in 2005. 

             Now, these are the only records which I remember for now and I have read till now (if there are more, add in comment's section). Even when Kohli was playing with Tendulkar, everyone had their eyes focused on Kohli than Tendulkar. This shows that India got its new star. Everyone is worried about the vacuum which would take place in our Indian cricket team once Sachin will retire, but now, after what Kohli is doing from the time he has entered into the squad, we can easily say that our Indian Cricket future is in the hands of someone who has capability of breaking almost all the records made by batsmen of this world. Even today's knock was nonetheless than a Double Century. This is what he is doing at the age of 23, going by the means of Tendulkar's profile, he has 15 years to go to play and think, once when he will turn into an experienced batsman, what magic will he create. Just wait and watch. As I have read on Twitter, Sourav scored 183 in 1999, he became captain after a year, then Dhoni did it 2005, became captain in 2007 while Kohli has done it today in 2012, we will get to see him as our next Captain very soon. :-) Kohli has been my favorite since I saw him fielding with all the power, abusing in power (:-)), batting in power and then, going back to pavilion with abusing lips in power. :-) In last IPL, when people were going gaga over Chris Gayle's unbelievable strokes, Virat Kohli was the only person in RCB who supported him in every match. In Australia series, he was the only batsman from our side to score a century in a match. So, I am happy to see that first time have I liked someone too much in Cricket long back and people have started loving him now, quite lately. :-) And Kohli, right now everyone is praising you as you have erupted suddenly as a Rising Star but once you will reach where Tendulkar is, you will get many senseless critics till then, but I don't want you to be nervous as Tendulkar became for his 100th 100. Learn from his mistakes and stand tall till the end of your career. I would be some 40+ years when you would be retiring proudly from the game of Cricket. :-) 

     Love you.


18 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Tumhe Haq Hai !!! Par Itna Bhi Nahi !!!

            557th BLOG POST -->>

       My friends came to my home on 4th of this month for a night-out as we finished giving the most important Entrance test of our life. It will decide our next 3 years on which our next 35 years would be decided. There has been many instances before when my friends have spent night at my home. So, they are clear about the rules which I have already stated to them. They know that once they enter my home, they can't operate their mobile too much, they can't have conversation with someone on mobile for more than 5 minutes, they can't use their laptops and neither mine, there would be no television watching and there would be no alcohols and cigarettes consumption in my home. Everyone have their mind prepared whenever they know that they have to go for a night-out at Abhilash's house. 

         So, after the night-out of 4th, one of those friends said to me the next day that it was a total fun at my home and he never thought that he would enjoy so much playing Carrom all night. I replied him that I always plan such things to be done at my home which we don't do usually and regularly in life. He cheered. I told him that I hate the concept of friends sitting on computer at someone's home and getting all the wonderful files and data transferred into their portable hard disk or watching a Hollywood movie silently. He replied that if it would have been another friend's home, everyone would have switched on the television and PC and they would not have given even attention to him even if he would have shouted at them for turning off both the electronic medium. He said that it was me hence everyone followed the rules else no one in our class hears if they decides it once. I smiled sweetly trying to avoid arrogance or pride on my face and the conversation ended. :-)

          Now, the reason why I shared this conversation with you is to make you realize something. Did you get it? I think NO. The concern is to ask you to never over-accept anything of anyone. It is my home. I would never like my friends coming and browsing all my cupboards and drawers. No!!! How can they? It's my home. Right? And more than mine, it's my parent's residence. So, there might be some very personal things kept in them which if seen to others might disrupt the privacy of the family. So, a rule and mechanism is being needed to control the guests and friends at the home. You need to be little stringent in these kind of cases. Because, initially, you may like it, but later on, your over-acceptance will give a warm hug of approval to your friends and others and they might start browsing everything of yours without your permission. There's a boy in my class who never gives his mobile in anyone's hand. And I like it. It's very nice. Else, the boys of my class takes anyone's mobile from their hand and hide it. Later on, when they get time in between, they read all their personal messages and share it with others. But, with this boy, they have never done that. Because he never gave approval in the last 3 years to anyone to touch his mobile. Over-accepting others' intolerable activities is a matter of distance in his case. 

            Now, in my class, there are many situations when boys slap any of the girls' hair and they can't say anything. They touch their cheeks and they still tolerate it. Sometimes, while taking photographs, they hold them so tightly and so closely, that even when they feel it awkward and shameful, they can't say anything. But is this the situation for every girl in India? No. Because, its the difference in attitude of those girls and these girls. Those girls never gave anyone a warm hug of acceptance. While, these girls I'm talking about has given an over-acceptance to everyone. They did it initially. They would have liked it. But now, when they see that they don't have a close friendship with them that they can be so comfortable with them, they feel it awkward and uncertain when they see those sections of boys touching them inappropriately. But, solution? No. There is still a "may-be" solution which might work. They can shout at them the next time they do it again. If asked in retaliation that "I am being doing this from a long time and continuously, you never had problem. Why are you creating an issue of it today?", a girl can easily answer,"I have been accepting it thinking that you may stop this behen****panti but you don't seem to improve and hence, I had to say it today and I warn  if you touch me ever again." Isn't it easy? Yes, it is. Next time, the boy would fear and scare in even shaking hands with the girl. 

             You may say that this may give a wrong impression of the person in mob and public get-together that happens almost in every lunch break and every off-day. So, that is because you gave an over-acceptance earlier that you will have to show this kind of an attitude. And you should show it once it is high on your mind. We, boys, generally, give a full acceptance to the abuses our friends hurl on us which is being related to the characters of our parents, relatives and siblings. We like it initially. But, at a point of time, you start feeling it bad when you turn mature and understand the importance of these relationships(on which the abuses are being hurled). So, never over-accept these kind of things in the initial phase itself of your relationship with anyone. It seems to be fun earlier but later it becomes the consequences of your being in depression or sadness or frustration. I hope you got what I wanted to convey through these 2-3 instances of over-acceptance I have observed in my life. 


16 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

First Make 10 Runs for 100 Times in Your Galli Cricket & then Puke !!!

            556th BLOG POST -->>

       A player who almost stood 80% of times when the Indian cricket team has been in trouble was being questioned on his credibility of being the best batsman ever. He never tried to prove himself. He always said that I play because I am enjoying Cricket. He never boasted about any record he made. But still people say that he plays for record. Do you feel that a player who plays for record would have been in team for 22 years without any objection of anyone and without any ego-clashes in the team? Sachin Tendulkar kept making Centuries at regular intervals throughout his life. Then, there has been such moments too when Sachin scored continuous centuries but people won't remember all that efforts. Now, after scoring his 99th International Century in World Cup tournament last year, he almost went into nervousness and mental pressure when he saw that media has played its part in making people get pious for his 100th International Century. And this pressure dominated him. It resulted in a tremendous lack of play in Tendulkar's body language and he took almost 35 innings to score that last 100th Century for which his critics were waiting to call him a Full-fleshed Best Cricketer. And they say that Sachin plays for record. Is he playing for record or you're forcing him to play for record? And then you say that Dravid doesn't play for records. How? Do you know what Sachin and Dravid think in their mind and feel in their heart when they are on crease? Every one is human and every one thinks about themselves before the team in which they are working with. Even you are in college, job or business, don't you think about yourself before the team? So, what if Tendulkar may think in the same way? Kyon jalti hai be?

            First, they were crying for 100th 100 just because the man was in pressure and he was unable to do so in last 370 days. Finally, when he did it, they say that its against a lame Bangladesh team. Why were you enjoying Sehwag's 219 then? Even that was against West Indies. And then, India lost the match and you started saying that "Whenever Sachin scores a Century, India loses". Aren't this same with your father? "Every time he fucks, he gives birth to a loser" Go, my dear boy, please go and check the stats, I hope your half-matured brain will understand the differences between the numbers of matches India won and lost in the matches when Sachin scored a ton. Then you have one more point that- Sachin played very slowly and he took lots of ball to score 114 runs. Didn't he scored 200* in the same number of balls in which he has scored these 114 runs? So what if in one match he took little more balls to score a ton for which you kept judging and humiliating him from last 370 days? And did it affect the team's total? They still managed to score 289. Is that a small total? Your bowlers fucked the whole match and you blame that "100th 100" and the man who scored it for the loss. Do you even know what Cricket is? 

            And if India loses the matches in which Sachin Tendulkar scores, then I think we have won England Series and Australia Series with a big margin, right? But is it so? Now, don't hide your fucked face. Ok? Sachin didn't score anything worthy in any of the matches but still we got fucked as best as we could have. So don't blame his centuries for the loss. Dravid scored 3 tons in England, and I think we have lost all the matches in England, so why don't you club Dravid in the same categorization? Because you won't coz that man has never got recognition as Sachin got. And why did Sachin got? There would be some reasons behind it. Right? So, first analyze everything nicely. And now, as Bangladesh has won the match against us, won't you say that Sachin has scored a ton against a challenging team? And yes, Bangladesh was the same team because of which we were hurled out of World Cup in 2007? Still, you call it a weakling? I am happy that we lost this one as you may hesitate in future while saying that Sachin scored his 100th 100 against a weak and poor team. 

             We all demanded that 100th 100. Right? Did we applied any Terms and Conditions to it? No. Then, once it is made, why do you point out at the number of balls he took, the team against which he accomplished it, your perception on his attitude of creating records rather than playing for team, the loss of the team even after scoring and other bullshits? Can't you make the person feel good and happy about what he has done? Haven't he done something which has not been done before? Haven't he done something which a batsman can't even think at the starting point of his career? So, let's celebrate the awesomeness one of our Indian has created. Sachin's attitude towards life is incredible. He has always tried to give his 100% whenever he was on the field. He has always maintained his cool even when he was asked the most controversial questions. He has walked out of the ground whenever he knew that he was Out. He has always done everything which made us, Indians feel proud. He is the only man in our country on whom the most number of debates are being done, arguments take places, reporters slog to make news on, bloggers tries to research and write on and media dies to make half an hour program on to show it for the whole day. So, let's respect this man for one more pride which he has bought in the name of our country. 

             Congratulations Sachin Tendulkar. And I apologize for all the bad words and insulting words I have used for you when you were being tested by God for last 370 days. I should have supported you rather than ignoring your masterpieces you have played in last 22 years. Love you Sir.


14 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

The "Father" Who Sold His Ferrari !!!

            555th BLOG POST -->>

As the copyright of this Blog Post has been taken by some one else, I had to remove it from here. :-)

8 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

GIRLS, We Are Nothing Without You (Happy Women's Day) !!!

            554th BLOG POST -->>

       Whenever we sit for 6-7 lectures in a day, and we are about to faint, I ask my classmates "Let's go to Inorbit". All the boys see their wrist, observe the time, calculate something and then one of them says "At this time, there would be lot of girls in the mall, let's go". And for the treatment of our eyes, we move to mall. Right now, fest days are being celebrated in my college. Not many of us are excited about any thing. But for one day, when everyone showed excitement from a day before was when Saree Day was to be celebrated next day. Every boy was waiting to see how their crush looks in saree. Even when a trip is being organized, boys see whether their favorite girl is coming or not, if not, the trip is almost cancelled just because of a girl. So, this is how these girls are important to us in our life. Their absence almost absorbs 50% of our energy. Any organization where girls aren't in much quantity, boys working there looks frustrated 24*7 :-). The importance of ladies in our life is as important as the need of oxygen to our body. 

           We, the boys, are dependent on women almost at every phase of our life. We can't see ourselves away from women, and even if we try to be away from them, we go deeeeeeeep into depression. The cause of depression for many boys is the absence of a woman or women in his life. I am not saying that boys don't have fun by being among boys but anyhow, we need a support of opposite gender with us. If a boy is running a race, and there are almost 100 boys screaming and shouting his name for cheering and bucking him up, it will surely motivate him, but if, with those 100 boys, there would be 1 girl too, that will automatically make him a Winner. Even if he will lose, the consideration of a fact that "a girl was screaming and cheering for me" will make him a Winner in life even if not in race. That's the amount of reaction these girls bring in our life as a catalyst, to be at the point- Positive Catalyst. 

            Even with me, when I get 50 comments on my blog, I do get motivated, but for some posts, when I don't get any comments, and only a girl has something to say about it, I feel that the post has turned successful just because she considered it to be "something". :-) From last 2 weeks, I am living without my mother. She is at her native place to meet her mother. :-) And I always teased my mother by saying that I am the real owner of my house, not you and dad. She used to fight about this with me. The day when she was departing, she said, "Ab dekhti hun kaise rehta hai maalik ban k is ghar mein". Even then, I thought that I will rock the house better than mom. But, after 2 days, the house started eating me. Without mother, there is no soul in house. A house is just a small space covered by 4 walls on all the 4 sides. But with mother, it is heaven, it is temple, it is ventilation and it is palace. Even my friends don't like to visit my home in the absence of my mother. Saale bhukkad. :-) 

           The stature of women is too high for us. We respect them for their simplicity. We respect them for their delicateness. We love the way they handle everything with their sweet voice, soft touch and good smell. But, we hate some women too. The one who talks rudely by keeping the sweetness away from their voice. The one who reacts harder by keeping that soft touch away from their reaction. In short, we hate those women who tries to be men. You are 10x times better than us because you are women, but when you start trying to be men, your stature comes to the place where we are. Some women try to look cool, they start smoking, drinking and dancing wildly. These things are meant for us, the cheapos, not for all of you. Some of you even start wearing exposing clothes just to make yourself our favorite, that does not make you a favorite, it just makes you a target for a wild animal every man has in himself. And then a crime is being committed on you and you blame us for being wild. We aren't wild, you evoked the wildness which was hidden somewhere in us. I am not trying to say that whatever crime women has to deal with is because of themselves, but there are many scenarios when men treats women as a sex material. I just don't want to talk about these men right now. Let's ignore that on this beautiful event. So, in the end, I would like to ask all the women to stay women because we love you for what you are. A Very Happy International Women's Day to all of you. Specially to my mother, Surbhi chachi, Tannu- my cousin, all my ex-gfs, my female friends and readers and Prema and Vandana- my best buddies(specifically taken name because these 2 are the only ones those are near to me today). 



Festival of Colors !!!

           553rd BLOG -->>

      The colorfulness and brightness of Holi can be seen almost in every part of India right now. People are enjoying the festival by breaking all the social barriers they had throughout the year. The children who were being stopped by parents throughout the year for not playing for more than an hour would be playing for the whole day- and that too with colors and water. The girls those who stayed in house at the time of social gatherings will get an opportunity to play with their friends. The working class generation who works at this bloody time and get screwed by their bosses would be screwing their friends by throwing them into the tanks of water. Holi is a festival when discrimination is kept aside. Today, a General Manager would be playing with his managers, the owners would be playing with their servants, the teachers would be playing with their students and rich would be playing with poor. From my side, a very Happy Holi to all of you. Enjoy the festival as much as you can because there's a long time from here when we would be celebrating our Festive season, so cherish the moment as much as you can. 

             It is always fun to wake up early in the morning after sleeping late because of the plans and strategies we make throughout the night about how to entangle our friends and make them dip into water of colors. Then, after waking up, perform pooja and wish all the family members and servants of the house. Then, put a teeka of colors on all the elders' forehead whom we meet. And once we are out of the house, do almost everything which we don't get to do. Throw as much colors as possible on people whom you always wanted to play Holi with. Throw as much water on people as possible so that they remember the next day about you when they would be coughing badly. :-) And then, this goes throughout the day, and in the evening, you are back to house. Then, the cleaning and refreshing job begins. After that, visiting to each other's house and eating the delicious "gujiyas" made by all the aunties is carried out throughout the evening. And with this, the festival of Holi ends. 

             Life is serious without colors. Bring some fun by adding colors in your life. Carrying just a single shade of skin color makes you look boring. So, try to make people rub as many colors on your face as possible. Play with almost everyone. But try to maintain a respectable distance with opposite gender. Try to keep vulgarity away from this festival of fun and colors. Try not to humiliate someone by pushing him into the gutter or some other muddy land. Festival is meant to be celebrated in good sense rather than revenging from a person whom you always hated in your life. Festival is meant to bring enemies closer rather than revenging from them for whatever they have done to you in all these days or months or years. Try to say Sorry to the people whom you always loved but because of some misunderstandings, you are away. I would be trying to do so. I know it's hard to talk to someone after a long conversation gap but then, this is "Challenge", right? So, play Holi with pure mind and soul rather than some revenging or challenging attitude. My best wishes to all of you reading this.


7 March 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

He is GAY. What's Your Problem?

            552nd BLOG POST -->>

       Whenever I ask any of my friend who have just entered an organization about what were the questions that were being asked to them in an interview, the one question which I normally get to hear from them is "Tell us something about YOURSELF". Now, there are many of us who don't even know about ourselves. I remember I and my friends were playing a game once. We were to write 20 points about ourselves out of which 10 would be the best part we have in us and the other 10 would be the worst things we have in us. Then we also had to reveal something which is too shameful for the society but we committed it once in our life. And so many things came out through that Group Discussion. I have seen development in my personality and thought process after that interaction. That was a moment where I learnt so many things. I learnt that it's not necessary to be the best. Neither is it necessary to be like everyone in this world. We can be something which people don't get to see often. But we should not be ashamed to tell people about it. We should be open about ourselves. And if we don't, something like this happens to us-

             "Hey remember me? well, I wanted to tell that its been quite a while dat I was away..so cudnt read ur blogs n all.. kaise ho? and, another thing...check out my wall. u will know something. shayad uske baad ur attitude towards me might change. lekin i cudnt control any longer. bahut der tak chhupake rakkha tha,...koi chori toh nahi kia na...then y shud i give a wrong picture? im gay. and quite a decent and honest one. i know normally kya perception hai logo ka GAYS ke baare mein. but mujhse aur control nahi hota. thak gaya hu jhoot bolte bolte.sach toh yeh hai ke im attracted to men. but I never do things that portray gays in a cheaper light. main bahut senti hu, cheerful hu, thoda effeminate hu, par kabhi kisi ko hurt nahi kia, kisi se flirt nahi kia, etc etc./.
im sory I took so much time of you but mujhe aaj ye bolna hi tha. and that too to u bcoz i admire ur writing and u very much. jo bhi mann mein aye reply karna. i will accept." 

              The above paragraph is a message I got from a regular reader of my blogs. We had chats for some 3-4 times before in 2011 but I never knew this about him. Today, in the morning, when I saw this message I was shocked. I wasn't shocked about him being a gay but I was shocked to see his mental state because of the mental pressure society has built on him. He updated his Facebook status saying that "Judge as much as you can. But let me tell all- I am a GAY". Now, consider yourself at his place and imagine yourself doing this. How hard it is. Even if you aren't, try writing this just as a good sense of humour and you will find raunchy and sarcastic comments on your status. It is very hard to tell the world what you are, and especially when, you are something at which society laughs and consider it to be ungraceful. Now, I don't understand why do people have concerns about someone's sexual orientation. 

             I saw the same kind of thing in Roadies Audition too. A gay came and he asked them to hide his face, name, city name and almost everything which would make the viewers recognize him. At that time, I thought that this may be fake or pre-planned but today, after reading this message, I am sure that almost all the gays in this world are suffering from the same kind of depression. A depression where a person can't tell about HIMSELF openly in the society as he would be laughed on. He has a fear that his parents, his friends and almost everyone he knows may leave him apart and isolate him from their group. He even told me that the boys who used to make his fun in college later asked him to sleep with them. This guy, now, after revealing to the world that he is Gay, is laughing on them that at least he is true to himself and society that people know who he is but these boys are hiding themselves from the world and dying to experience what they always want to. 

             I don't understand why society pushes such people behind. There are only two options in this world in relation to Sexual approach- Either getting attracted towards Opposite Sex or Your Own Sex. Now, if someone does't qualifies to be in the former one, he automatically comes in to the latter one. Now, why to laugh on him? Why to make him feel that he is a disgrace to society? Can't people allow him to live life as everyone does? I think that this should be stopped. Whenever I meet a new person, I ask about his job, schooling, degrees, friends, location, native place and almost everything but I have never taken their Sexual Orientation in to the consideration to know what they actually are. Their Sexual Orientation is something which will bring no effect in my life. We should stop judging people on the criteria of their sexual approach. 

            Stupid Indians say that being a Gay or Lesbian is against our culture. Haven't you seen those carvings on the walls of caves or other walls where nude ladies are being carved on the walls having intimate moments with each other? Haven't you seen two ladies and a man having Sex in the same carving? So, this is something which is happening in our country from a long time. It is just that people are in minority who do this today, that doesn't make it illegal or a crime. You can not bully someone for being a Gay. I am too disturbed after reading the message of this guy and after talking to him for an hour. He is depressed because people are not allowing him to live peacefully. They are sending him Gay jokes and insulting SMSes from the time he has revealed himself. Stop this, friends. Give him a chance to live his life on his own terms. And Sexual Orientation is just a thing about a person out of lots of thing. It is not the basic thing you see in a person while talking to him/her for the first time. So, please ignore it rather than giving it an importance and making a fool out of them in front of everyone. Understand, they are not Gays or Lesbians by choice, it is something which their Body has asked them to be just like mine and your's body asked us to get appealed by the Opposite sex's body. UNDERSTAND !!!