29 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Bhai, tum sign kar rahe ho ya nahi?

            550th BLOG POST -->>

       Today, we had a mid-term presentation on the software projects we are creating in our final semester of Bachelors of Computer Applications. We were told on Monday that we have to face this storm after 2 days. All of us looked at each other's face as we are seeing it for the next two days and after that, the person will die. :-) The amount of pressure built in everyone's brain was not less than what Sachin Tendulkar is going through. Last week, we gave our Unit Test for this Semester. As obvious, we gave our Ass to it. :-) We are yet to get our result but we almost know that it is something which we can never share with our parents. :-) They would get a minor heart-attack after seeing how their 50,000 rs of each year is being wasted because their children has a brain which understands everything except studies. This week, we were told about this presentation when we had our full focus on the MCA CET exam which is going to be held this Sunday. No one expected that our college which calls itself a medium to get our Management and Entrepreneurship skills developed will plan a mid-term presentation in a week in which we are preparing for something which will decide our next THREE years and to be little too much correct, our whole professional life. 

             Finally, today, in the morning, when all of us saw each other, we were quite sure that everyone of us has seen the whole night in front of our eyes. Because, either some of us were working on our presentations while others may not have slept because of extreme tension in their head (if we have one which works :-)). Then, we entered with our project partners to the hall allotted to us. Out of 10 project groups, 5 were in my hall while other 5 were in the opposite hall. In our hall, project presentation started with my group. We gave something which we had the least idea about. At any point (during the presentation),whenever we were pinged for lack of quality, we just nodded our head and promised them that we will add the features in our project and make it as they wanted it to be. Then, we, the project members used to look at each other's face and pass a hidden smile that they are really thinking that we are going to add something to this PERFECT PLANNED PROJECT by us. :-) 

            After all the presentations in our hall was completed, we went to the opposite hall where our other saathis were getting their ass burnt. In the next 3 minutes, I almost got a depressing feel. Yes. The faculties who were sitting here as the judges were shouting and screaming on the presenters as they have prepared something which is too shameful and almost-a-crime. The only thing which our friends were doing was- getting themselves screwed sweetly without uttering a word in defense. They know that once a word in defense is spoken, the ass will be turned into ashes by keeping it on a hot stove. I was feeling quite bad for them but there was nothing which I could have done there to save them from getting attacked by these terrorists (in the form of teachers). :-) At last, everyone in this hall nodded to whatever they said, either in guidance or in insult. For some of them, I felt for laughing while for others, I literally felt bad. No, now don't call me an evil because I laughed on some of them, I even laugh when I get screwed in the class. I am little abnormal in these situations. :-)

            And now, sitting in my bedroom, I was thinking about the whole scenario and I thought, why can't we object to the statements uttered by these teachers which are pure contradiction according to us. Then, I remembered something. I was given an offer for a writing project where I was asked to do something which I never want to. They told me that I'll get sufficient money by doing that for them. But it was something I never wanted to. For a moment, my heart said "Go for it". As all of you know the life of student, we never have bucks in our pocket to spend it as Kings do. :-) But then, I remembered something I wrote in my personal diary in relation to the purpose and reason why I blog. I remembered all those points and limits I made for myself. Yes, one has been crossed this week by using "fuck" in my blog posts. :-) 

           So, I came to a conclusion that just for some 4-digit amount, I am not going to cheat my readers. I refused. Then, I had a chat with a writer who is a good friend of mine. I told him the whole scenario and he said to me that I should not have rejected it as many bloggers are dying to get these kinds of offers. He said to me that as I am trying to be a major part in this Writing industry, I will have to sign many Terms and Conditions in my life where I would be against each and every point mentioned in it. He even gave an example of Bollywood actresses. He said that who wants to show their skin to the world. But as they have to secure their position in the industry, they have to sign those terms and conditions given by the producers. And this is how, even writers and everyone in the world works. 

            I got my answer immediately that even if these teachers sometimes hurl abuses and humiliating statements on us, we will have to bear it just because we are in a need of Degree and Marks. Such situations will keep coming in our life when I will have to listen to all those things for which I would have hit anyone. But, at that moment, I will have to bear those harsh words because my future and my career would be the pendulum of it. If our teachers want us to get screwed by developing our project 40% more than what we planned and executed, we will have to fulfill their needs. Because, its all about our journey of life. These situations are meant to be handled. No one provides you an easy path. Everyone tries to twist your path as much as they can. It is up to you and your bearing powers. But here, the case is different, even if you don't have such kind of bearing powers, you will have to still bear it. :-) 

          So, buddies, get ready to sign such Terms and Conditions throughout your life where each and every mention would be something which you may never agree till your death BUT STILL YOU WILL SIGN IT WITH YOUR PARKER PEN. :-) My best wishes *wicked smile*


28 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Aa Dekhein Zara.. Kismein Kitna Hai Dum !!!

            549th BLOG POST -->>

       One day(5 years ago), I wanted to do something which was too important for my life (I can't disclose it here). I was almost prepared for it. I had a full confidence on myself that I will do it with an ease and smoothness. I was not very open with my parents then but I had a source of motivation. And you know who *she* may be. I thought, let's call her before approaching to accomplish this most wanted task of my life (according to the situations then). I called her but she wasn't picking it up. I kept recalling her and in response I only got an automated voice "The person you are trying to call is busy". I was too broken. Still I went to accomplish the work but I ended up screwing everything. I came back home and went to my bedroom with a very bad mood. I blamed myself for the failure. But, when I cooled down after some hours and I realized what influenced my positive approach towards my potential, I realized that just because she didn't picked up my call, I got screwed in this task. And I understood how someone can affect my life. 

          I am too emotional and thus it resulted in an outburst when she called me later on to confirm about my position- whether I lost or I won, by luck. I screamed at her and in the combat of words, I asked her to fuck off. And she was too egoistic to bear those two words from my sweet mouth and she broke the relationship. In short, she really fucked off. :-) Later, when I realized that I reacted too harsh and rude, I asked for an apology to her but her ego won again over our relationship. I lost my patience and I started dealing with my life too carelessly. I stopped eating, enjoying and moving ahead in life. Then one day, I went to Muktidham temple which was just 1 kilometer from my house. I went and sat there. I kept listening to bhajans and watching different people praying to God in some or the other way. After some time, a young pandit(he would be of some 25-27 years old then) came to me and sat besides me after giving me prasad. He started asking me about my studies, where I live, what does my parents do and almost everything. 

          After asking everything about me, he asked me to ask him any question which is making me isolate myself from my soul. I told him whatever happened to me without keeping any secret about the situation up to myself. He smiled and said,"See Abhilash, life is being given to you by the almighty-God. He never asked you to trust everyone. Neither did he said that everyone you meet is meant for you. It is you, your soul, your inner self who gets attracted towards people and you start believing some of them. Life is not about living alone either. Be with people but keep yourself intact about what you are. Never let anyone else dominate or influence you. Keep the confidence in yourself at its zenith. You should make your life and your body too stringent and stubborn that even if someone tries to break your confidence, you don't get moved by it. So, stop letting your life be affected by some people whom you found attractive. Show them that you are as good as you were even when they have left you to survive in a hell. The only people who can hurt you are the ones whom you allow to". After that, I thanked him and panditji went. 

          I came out of the temple and went to the restaurant. I ordered lots of food. All of them were my favorite dishes. Incidentally, I had money that day. :-) I was eating all those dishes to prove myself that I am not being affected by the person whom I tried to make a part of my life. After that, I went to an accessories shop and bought lots of accessories for me and I did almost all the things I liked. The words of Panditji kept echoing in my ears. "Don't let your life be affected by the people you find attractive in your life". How effective is the sentence. And that was the last day when I let anyone affect my life. 

            Now, I am not concerned about anyone else's life. I am too busy in my life and my goals. Neither do I give a damn to other's work and neither do I allow them to roam near the place where I work. I have become quite materialistic in this part of my life. Today, if someone will call me a thief in front of all the respected people, it will not affect me. If someone will call me a Gay in front of all the cool college students, it will not affect me. If someone will call me Dumb and Dull in an interview, it will not affect me. I have stopped allowing people to play with my life. Now, I hear whatever they speak about me and if I find it useless for the progress of my life, I ignore it. And this has resulted in a drastic positive change in my personality. Now I feel so confident about myself. Now, when I go for presenting a topic in class, I don't hesitate after listening to some comments about me. Now I don't feel ashamed when someone says that I blog for fame. Now I don't cry when someone abuses me for something I never did. Now, I am quite like punching-bag, keep hitting me but I will be as I was before. Your fist will start paining but my will of getting punched will still remain as excited as it was before. :-)

          So, my dear friends, stop getting affected by the people around you who are trying to pull you back, directly or indirectly. People can change your life only when you'll allow them to. If you will keep a control over yourself, no one can bring a change in yourself. So, be confident about yourself and ask all such people who try to pull you back to FUCK OFF !!!


26 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Samay Atcha ho ya Bura, ek din badalta jaroor hai !!!

            548th BLOG POST -->>

       A friend called me some 3 weeks ago and told me that she has failed in her 1st Semester of engineering's exam and she wants to quit everything. I asked her what "everything" meant. She replied,"Everything means whatever I am interested in. I will stop watching movies, singing songs, texting my friends, passing time by reading novels and almost everything which keeps me happy". I was, for once, shocked to hear her views about herself just because of a result which failed her in 3 subjects. I tried to give her her confidence back but it was very difficult as she made her mindset that she is good for nothing in this world where everyone is running for SUCCESS. I kept talking to her for 3 days continuously and finally, she believed that she has the potential to overcome the Failure and be the Queen of consistency and performance again. Formerly, she scored distinction in her 10th and first class in her 12th. It is just that she didn't knew how to handle Engineering. So, calling herself a failure for lifetime just because she failed for the first time in her academic career at 18th year of her life makes NO sense. 

            I always believe in one thing. I saw Badmash Company and one dialogue which got its place in my brain forever is "Samay atcha ho ya bura, ek din badalta jaroor hai". And yes this is true. Let the time be BEST or WORST, it is going to CHANGE one day for sure. And I never believed in this till my 10th std i.e. when I was 16 years old. I got this feeling when I came in Graduation. I saw that every moment of my life is so distinct from the one which passed. If I am happy today, I find that I was sad just 15 days ago. And after a month when I see my recent 30 days, I find that so many problem arose but went like the breeze of a storm. Nothing is still. Nothing is static. Everything is meant to be changed. Even if you will take relations which never changes E.g. A relationship of  Father-Son, even that changes with time. This relationship never changes but the way of interaction between father and son changes time to time. In school days, a son does not want his father to be at home because of his strictness. In college days, the same son starts meeting his father periodically to ask for money. And once he is in Engineering college, he starts talking about Girls with his father. And later on when he starts working in a corporate, he discusses all the problems and adventures of a job with his father than anyone else. This is how every moment changes the situation you are in.

           I can see my life as one of the best examples. Till 2nd std, I was the Topper of my school. When I came in 5th, I dropped to 15th rank. When I came in 6th, I scored 90% in one of the exams and I thought, I am back. Then, in 7th std, I reached upto 24th rank in the class. In 8th std, I was at 30th rank. In 10th std, I scored 61%. In 11th std, I failed for twice and I thought my life is over. After attempting 11th twice and never passing it, I filled the form for doing my 12th externally without any association with college. I passed it in a go with 55%. Then I filled up the form for BCA course in Bharati Vidyapeeth University. When the entrance exam's result was displayed, I found that I was the Top scorer among all the children who selected Mumbai as their center. Then, in my first semester, I scored 66%. Then in 3rd Semester, I dropped till 52%. And now in 5th semester, I have managed to balance my aggregate and I am at 57.5% now. So, this is now the situations and moment changes. 

            Till my 10th std, I was known for doing all the shits possible in my life. I was the one who stole the colony's most beautiful girl's father's underwear from their balcony and showed it to everyone in the school bus. I was the one who beat School bus driver just because he held my collar in front of my crush. :-) I was the one who blasted a sutli bomb on the door of an uncle's house; door started burning and he had to stop the fire by throwing 10-15 buckets of water for next 45 minutes. I was the one who threw condom's packets on the road where girls used to have their evening walk( and hided behind a tree) just to know what they think about sex. I was that crazy guy whom everyone's mom asked their son to be away from. I always felt that Life is fun. I did everything which very few children attempt. Then, I was sent to hostel in 11th std to a college which believed in only one religion which wasn't mine. I went through extreme tortures and I got to learn that life is not about fun, it is all about struggling and recovering. In my 12th std, I got to learn that I did something which is a crime for the society. I was targeted by everyone but somehow, I overcame from all those accusations from everyone who knew what I did. 

            Then, I entered Graduation and I got a girlfriend. I was very happy for all those days when she was with me. One day she left me and I realized how uncertain life is. It is not even predictable for the next moment from now. In the morning, she held my hand in pleasure and in the evening, she asked for a break-up. On the first day of college, I was too happy that everything was fine in my family except me and as I am on the track now, I will never let any problem arise in my family. On the 2nd day of the college, my father was at home after being sent to India by the European country he was working in. All the family problems regarding the job of my father started revolving around my brain. I thought that this is what every person used to call Life whenever he used to win a honorary award on television. Then, my father got his job back and I scored a very good marks in my first semester. Gradually, everything turned out to be smooth again. Sometimes, in my graduation(I am still giving my last semester), I was blamed for some thing but the very next day, I was appreciated for something which I never ever tried while attempting that. This is how Life changes in every moment. We can't justify the Border's song "Aey jaatey hue lamho zara tehro zara tehro" because any moment is made to pass by rather than to stay for too long with you- even if it's Good or even if it's Bad. :-)

             So, I just want to convey that, even if you are at a very high position, never ever turn arrogant because of it because even this may go one day. You can see how Vijay Mallya' airline- Kingfisher is struggling now-a-days. How Sachin Tendulkar is suffering to score every single run. And even if the moment is bad, don't feel low about it. Salman Khan, who gave back-to-back flop for 3 years is now an actor whom producers sign blindly knowing that he will make their movie get vindicated in 100-crore club. The player- Yuvraj Singh was known for his consistency in bad performance was the only player who was being trusted in World Cup 2011. So, every moment of your life will leave you after some time. These moments come just to see how you deal with it and how many avatars do you show among people. So, in such moments, keep your profile low rather than turning aggressive. Just keep this one sentence in your mind- "Samay atcha ho ya bura, ek din badalta jaroor hai".

             Analyze your life now after reading this.


23 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


            547th BLOG POST -->>

       From last few months, there have been many instances when my friends have asked me to get the photos clicked while those moments when we were enjoying something which we never enjoyed with each other. Every time I abused them and made them sit quietly rather than take the snaps of those moments. My only reply to them has been: This is the moment which is meant to enjoy with each other. Why to waste some time of it by getting it snapped in the pictures which is not going to make us happy henceforth? But their reply has been: Abhilash, once we will be a Graduate, we will have nothing else than a marksheet to remember these moments. So, by clicking these pictures, at least, we can get back to these days and smile. I don't understand the basic logic behind this reason which they give me. I have been in relation 2 times. I don't see the pictures of both the girls periodically, but I have their faces as clear as possible in front of my eyes. I even remember each and every moment I passed with them. I have no video recordings, I have no voices but still I remember how they used to walk, talk, how their soothing voice used to flatten me, how their moving eyes used to move the direction of breeze for me, how their beautiful hands touched me etc. I don't need any photographs to remember their faces or the moments I have been through. I have met Chetan Bhagat, Sudeep Nagarkar and other writers, I have never asked them for a snap. Because I wanted to rejoice that golden moment rather than wasting a bit of it by getting my pictures snapped with them. 

            I have one more problem with photographs. It don't let you move ahead in life. It keeps you in those moments itself from where you started your journey. If I'll go into the Post-graduation course and I'll keep seeing the pictures of my Graduation time and Junior college time, I can never move ahead with life. I will keep missing those friends, those campuses and those funny moments. But if I'll keep all those photographs away from my life, it will make me easy to go through new challenges. I remember a friend I had in Aurangabad. One day, I asked him about his mother. He said, she is no more. I said, sorry, as usual. Then, I asked him if he has some picture of her with him through which she lives with him every time and encourages him to move ahead. He replied emotionally,"Abhilash, I was 10 years old when she left me. I was in 5th std and I remember all the moments when she loved me, fed me, scolded me and punished me. I have her face and touch so close to me that I don't need her picture. And her pictures will only add pain in my life. So, I have burnt all the pictures I had of my mother with me. I have kept none." I had tears in my eyes when he ended, I hugged him and both of us cried. That was the day when I realized how painful the pictures can be. 

             A next instance, one of my friend called me to college in Nashik. He asked me to be there urgently. I went. He started,"Buddy, I have some very serious problem. If I would have shared with someone else, whole college would have known it within one hour. But with you, I am sure that it will be between us. I need to tell you something and lighten the weight I'm carrying in my heart." I nodded him to speak. He began,"Abhilash, you know that I and Rupali have been together for last 6 months. Everything has been fine between us. She cares for me as a girlfriend should. She is exactly how I expect my partner to be. But there's a problem. Yesterday, her parents were out of town. She asked me to be there. And you know why (now, even my readers know that :-)). After doing all those love making events, I started browsing her computer while she was getting dressed up again. I found some pictures of her schooling days and 11th std. Man, she was too close to some people. Different boys had their hand in her waist in different pictures. I am just too shattered after seeing all this. Some of them even carried her so comfortably that I think whether her character is appropriate or she had it with many of them. I am in big dilemma about this relationship and the kind of connection she had with those boys". 

            After hearing this, I felt the case so obvious. Any boy who'll see that his girl has been very close and comfortable with other boys in the pictures, will feel insecure. In other case, even girl will. Let the Trust be 200% but still a doubt of 1% can overcome it. Don't you think so? See, you can be comfortable with boys/girls. But don't make it immortal by getting the picture clicked and getting it rotated among all the friends' computers that it can never be wiped out from your life even when you want to get away from your past. Even I am too close with all the female friends I have in my life. But I make it sure that when a picture is being clicked by someone, I am in that posture which shows that we have maintained distance with each other. I may walk with them hand-in-hand, that is our comfort level. But the boyfriend they'll get, the brother who can see these pictures anytime, the husband they'll get married to and the son they'll give birth to can obviously take these pictures and friendship in a negative sense and they may go into depression. I remember when a cousin sister just told me that I visit malls with 3 guys sometimes, I was like- Maa ki *****. I knew that something may happen. But I never saw her pictures. And I am happy about this. At least I don't have any dirty proof of it. Right? So, make it sure that you don't get those pictures clicked.

             Today, I see on Facebook that almost 80% of collegians have an album named "Goa" or "Traditional Day" or "A trip to so and so place". Now, when I open these albums and stalk the photos, I find them in quite cozy-kind-of-moments with the person of opposite sex who is just a FRIEND. Now, I don't have a problem with their comfort level with each other but I have a problem that why to show this to 700-800 Friends on FB? Come on, you don't become a dude by placing your hand on girls' waist in every other photograph and neither do you become a babe by falling on a smart-and-rich-guy's shoulder. Maintain distance when a picture is being clicked. Tomorrow, everyone of us will have a family and it is going to be too hard to explain your relationship with every person you met in life if you'll have images with them in almost all the folders you have in the disk. You can not even delete them because you got it clicked to keep it as MEMORIES. And I have also told you how the things remain in our memory which are close to us by giving the example of my 2 ex-girlfriends and that friend's mothers scene. 

             On many porn sites(Yes, I do visit them sometimes), I have seen that the girlfriend and boyfriend has made a video of their love-making scene and it is on Internet now. I don't know how these girls live after this video is being circulated everywhere in the world. I have no idea. Seriously. Take an instance, if you know that your partner has been in relation for 3 times before ceasing on you. For once you can be fine, but what if he/she has love-making videos on Internet with all those ex-partners? Just imagine. How hard it will be to accept. So, its upon you to decide how you want to get your picture clicked. Don't do all these things purposely just for being ostentatious and showing-off to others on Social Networking sites. Please, grow up now. 

     Said all I wanted to. Now don't ask me to grow up and take these things positively. I can't. And in this case, no one can.


22 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I Live For Myself Rather Than Living to Prove Myself !!!

            546th BLOG POST -->>

       Being a Blogger and a well-known Book Reviewer, I keep getting many invitations for book launch and other activities associated with it. Today, one of my female friend who is kind-of-organizer of all this asked me to participate in a contest. The contest is about writing a Romantic story in 5000 words. The stories selected will be printed in a book and published in association with a renowned Publishing house. I refused to write a story for this competition. She kept insisting me to write as she feels that I can do justice to a romantic fiction story and it is easy for me to get selected over others' stories which would be sent from wanna-be(s). At last when I told my final decision to her that I am not going to write any story for this competition, at least for this time, she was upset. She asked me the reason for this stubbornness and I told her,"This is not giving me even a bit of excitement or thrill in my heart. I am not feeling any kind of passion to do it. And I don't feel like writing a story of 5000 words when I can already convey a good story in just 2000 words. So I am not interested in doing this just because someone wants it in 5000 words. I can't. Forgive me for now. Maybe, next time, if I'll get that thrill within me, I'll participate". She retaliated,"But you are a good blogger. You can get printed. Why not try? Why not show everyone that "This is Blogger Abhilash"?? " I replied,"I write for myself. I don't write to prove myself." And after listening this, she was surprised about the fact I was living with. She said that this one sentence of mine will change her attitude towards life. I started smiling. I was happy that she understood why I wasn't interested in this competition. And she didn't forced me after that. She wrote numerous thanks after that. 

            And seriously, you see your past and analyse that what have you been doing till now. You will find that there has not been even 10% in your life when you would have lived for yourself. One day, when I was writing my personal diary, I thought about my life. And what I saw was something which shocked me. In all my school days, I studied madly to prove the people in my colony to know that I was better than their child. Then, in the 10th std, I studied with the aim to show others what my percentage is. In 12th std, after failing for 11th, I filled the form for Science even when the world was asking me to join Commerce as they knew I can't manage Science. I selected Science just to show everyone that I am capable of doing what you think I'm incapable of. I struggled badly to cope up with the portion of 11th and 12th both. I know what those 3 months were like when I was mugging up all those Physic's equations, Chemistry's reaction and Math's theorem. I was just experiencing hell. After seeing all this, I realized that I never did what I wanted to. I always did what was needed to prove others about me. 

             Then, my graduation started. I came in with a new thought of doing what I like rather than doing something to prove my classmates that I am capable of doing what they aren't. But then I got a person whom I challenged indirectly that I'll do better than you. She had put her efforts in studies while I kept slogging to score more than her ANYHOW. At last, the first semester's result was out and I was 5% ahead of her. I was again writing my diary and I realized that I broke the promise I gave to myself. I, once again did something to prove others that I am better than someone rather than doing something to make myself happy. And it was the last time when I got involved in any kind of race in regards of marks or performance. I always did everything to keep myself happy. I never tried to prove anyone. I participated in all the College's Competitions from last 2 years and won some and lost many. But I did it because I wanted to. I played Sports in the 2nd year while I excused myself from it in the 1st year. Because, in 1st year, I didn't wanted to play it, in the 2nd year I wanted to play for myself. 

             Even in the field of Blogging(for which I'm mainly known for), I have never tried to prove myself. I never wrote it to challenge my critics that "See, I can write about every damn thing. Either its politics or cricket or entertainment or book reviews or any damn thing." I always wrote anything when I wanted to write it and feel good about myself that I wrote about a topic which I always wanted to. I never wrote anything to prove to any other blogger that my potential is higher and interminable. I always kept myself away from any kind of race in blogging. People keep participating in blogging contests to prove other bloggers that they have more creativity than them but I haven't participated still. Why should I prove this to others that I write well? Why should I prove to others than I am better than majority of bloggers? Why should I prove to others that I am the one with lakhs of followers? I will participate in any such contest only when I will feel good about myself and I'll feel that I should participate in this and see whether I get selected or not.

             So, I just want to say -Start living for your moments, your happiness, your excitement rather than proving others that your life has more moments, more happiness and more excitement than theirs? Only you can review the best about yourself. No one else can know you better than you know yourself. So, why do many of us try to prove others that I am the better one or I am the best? Be yourself and do anything only when your heart persuades you to do it. Else, if you think that you have to prove others, don't do it. Because others can never feel good about what you do or what you are going to do. They'll keep judging you and they'll keep behaving judgmental by analyzing what you are by seeing what you were in your past. So, for me, I study for myself. Not to prove others that I am good in it. I write for myself. Not to prove myself to others that I am a writer with lots of potential. I live for myself. I don't live to prove anyone that my life has more prosperity than them.


21 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar !!!

            545th BLOG POST -->>

       It has been a long time since I completed a book in 3.5 hours. I did it today. :-) I am done with another bestseller- "Few Things Left Unsaid" by Sudeep Nagarkar. I kept on seeing this book in the Bestseller charts of Flipkart, Infibeam and many other online sites, finally I got a chance to pick the book today. Sudeep Nagarkar is a debut novelist. He never had ambition to be a writer but he ended up writing this story after one of his friend pushed him to. He started forming sentences and he ended up in writing this successful love story. It has not been 1 year still and the book has gone for reprint for many a times. Sudeep is one of those writers who haven't promoted his book in the way other writers do it (by launching it in several cities back to back). After writing, he got busy in his job again. But, destiny had good news for him and his book became Bestseller. He is an electronic engineer and he started writing during his college days. :-) 

             Coming to the STORY, FTLU is about the story of two collegians- Aditya and Riya. They meet through common friends and then, they see love in each other's eyes. They take time to express themselves but as soon as they get intrigued into the relationship, they don't wait much. They keep on stepping into the next level of relationship in every few days. They even take 7 promises as couples take during their wedding. They keep falling deep into the heavenly thing called- Love. Finally, a break-up takes place due to some twists and turns. They get back together again. But, something happens again which changes the life of Aditya. Riya's life changes too. But, they get together again. But do they remain together till the end? Their story is unpredictable. To know what it is, get the book. :-)

            Coming to the REVIEW, Sudeep has used a very safe game by using only short sentences in the first 40% of this book. The insecurity can be understood as he was writing for the first time. But later on, with time he improved and his best can be seen in the next 60% of the book. Some porn writers(I hope you understood about whom I am talking :-)) in our India should understand how to carry intimate stuffs from Sudeep. It never seemed to be vulgar, it only made the book more romantic. As everyone is writing love-breakup-love-breakup-and-finally-love, you don't abuse Sudeep when you see that the protagonist is breaking up with his girlfriend. He has broke them off at a very strange moment. I have liked Sudeep's writing in the second half of the book. He has showed his talent perfectly. 

            There are certain parts in the book which I would like to mention- When Adi starts talking to Riya, he picks up cheesy lines, but later on when he gets her, he directly starts showing fondness for her body. I liked this part as Sudeep hasn't dragged this thing a lot in the name of True Love. :-) The first kiss in the auto is sensuous and wonderful. The birthday celebration of Aditya is one epic part of this book. Adi's mother's shade in the story is shown in a perfect way. When Adi thinks of breaking up with this sweet girl-Riya, we, the readers support him rather than feeling bad for it. Amazing part of the story. :-) The confession part of the book where Riya speaks in her own voice is where you get to know the potential of Sudeep Nagarkar. :-)

            Coming to the Drawbacks, the friends of Aditya are just used for sake of showing that there are friends too. As Aditya's mom got a good focus, even his dad should have got. He is mentioned only for once in the book. Sudeep's insecurity with the language is clearly visible initially which doesn't give you a good feel about the book. That's different k later he has used a proper language. Love is described too much in the book. Rather, Sudeep should have tried to keep it little more shorter. The Epilogue plays a very bad part in the book. There are some movies in which you love every bit of it but you end up abusing it because of a useless and dragged climax. Few Things Left Unsaid ends up being a book with a bad epilogue which could have been easily avoided. I was sure to rate this book 3.5 but just because of these last 4 pages of the book(Epilogue part), I have to cut .5. So, my rating is 3 out of 5 for FLTU. My recommendation is- Go, buy this book but don't read the Epilogue (Without Epilogue, rating is 3.5). And Yes, wait for few months as the Sequel is coming soon. :-) 


20 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Kya aap Filmfare ke Red Carpet pe chalna pasand karenge?

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       I don't think that there is anyone who is reading this without watching Filmfare few hours ago (except some hosteler, hostelites and other unlucky people who don't have television around them). I am crazy about these award functions every time I hear on news channel that it is been shot and it can be on television in next 3 weeks. Earlier this year I have already enjoyed Screen Awards and Zine Cine Awards. Today, I am done with Filmfare and now my next stop is IIFA which will be shot and broadcast in May or June. I have been watching these Award Functions since I was in 5th standard. In my school days, I liked watching which stars are friends and which are not. I used to judge this by seeing who were sitting together and who were not. It was a nice observation from my side then. :-) Later, when I grew little more and I understood what Superstar is, I started dying to see the Dance Performances of the actors and actresses who used to fire the stage with their performance. Salman Khan was my favorite initially. Then, I moved on to Hrithik Roshan as his dance was something which was never seen before. And he is the only one who rocks even today. 

            Award Functions were an eye-opener to me sometimes when a movie which I used to think the most useless movie ever made used to win awards. Then, I used to watch them. And I learnt that there is something called Art Cinema which is too sensible to get the awards for Best Film in these award functions. Then I got an idea that may be these award shows are scripted. But I didn't gave this a second thought as I enjoyed watching it. I didn't wanted to doubt it. As, we all love watching Cricket but if we will see every match as its fixed, we can never enjoy the excitement of a nail-biting match. (Like the one we saw recently when India-SL tied :-)) I remember the day when I was going to watch 2012 movie in the theater. I promised myself that I'll not watch the movie as every scene is graphical and animated. So, I watched it quite emotionally and it screwed me. I was unable to leave my parents for many days as I thought Earth may blast anytime and I'll lose them. (It's not even good every time to see things as real :-)) So, till today, even when I have heard many news about the award shows being scripted, I don't watch it by being judgmental about its credibility. :-)

            But after watching these award shows from last 3-4 times, there is something which is eating my head. I am unable to digest something. I am unable to bear something. I feel that there is something wrong which should be corrected. I feel that expectations are being fulfilled but the essence of award shows is missing. We have seen the hosts and different actors coming on stage and making fun of several disaster movies and superstars who failed to impress the viewers in spite of the hype generated all around. Even if some stars feel bad when they or their movie is being targeted hears it with smile. We have witnessed an incident when Ashutosh Gowariker shouted at Sajid Khan for insulting a singer or a lyrics writer. I felt it too aggressive at the moment but later on, I realized that Ashutosh Gowariker was right. Sajid Khan should not have insulted that lady on the stage. There is a limit and extent to everything. 

            Award shows are meant to felicitate someone. It is not for calling all the good artists and performers at one place on the name of felicitation but ending up by giving awards to few and humiliation to many. If some day a Blogger awards would be organized and I would be called, I will never feel it nice if they would create my fun on the stage in front of crores viewers(if broadcast on television). So, in the same way, I don't like some actors being snubbed on the stage. And they can't retaliate back because its the Baadshah of Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan doing it. There are not many Ashutosh Gowariker in the industry and world. There are very few who can raise their voice in front of the mighty. In short, when an award show is being organized to honour the people who have performed extremely good in the field, there should not be a quota of even a single minute where someone's failure should be made fun of. The youth and children who sees SRK as their idol or in that respect to anyone who hosts the event, they'll think that its good and funny to make fun of the people who are failing in their lives. 

            It would look so good if you will arrange everything properly and give a tribute and honour to everyone who works in Film industry. One of the best moments of any award function is when the Lifetime Achievement Award is being given to a legendary. And it is because they deliver a speech through which we get either one or many things to learn and apply in our life. For a long run, people remember the best dance performance or the best speech in an award show, but they forget all the nuisance you created by making fun of failed film artist in that particular year. Rather, you can motivate some of them by pointing out the best part of their flop films. Organize and create something of this kind. Why to make an award show where humiliation is done in ample and felicitation is done in scarce. Many of you may say that I am a narrow minded person and hence I'm minding this too much. But seriously, when I see myself in the place of those stars on whom the most jokes are made, I feel it awkward and uncomfortable. 

            It's my take. What is yours? 

 Thanks. Waiting for your reply. 

19 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Love, life and all that jazz... by Ahmed Faiyaz !!!

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            So, I have completed "Love, Life and all that jazz.." by Ahmed Faiyaz. This is the second time when I took a week to complete a book. Damn to my college and this MCA CET which has come as an obstacle in between. But, I may say that it is wonderful to read good book by taking lot of days rather than completing it in 3-4 hours. At least you remain with those characters and a very good story for many days. :-) This is the debut novel of Ahmed Faiyaz. This is what Ahmed says about himself "I am a management consultant by profession and work for the Health Authority of the Government of Dubai in a Strategic Planning and Execution role. I have in my previous roles worked for Strategy Consulting firms in Dubai and India. I completed my graduation in 2006 from the SIBM. It is there that I first realised that my love for the written world was not limited to reading books. I began my stint with writing and became the editor of a fortnightly business journal for management students called ‘Forthright’. I am also a qualified CA(my biggest battle till date) and began my career with KPMG in Bangalore before I left my job to pursue an MBA degree."

              Coming to the STORY (I am not writing it in my words as the synopsis of the book is itself true, so I am just pasting it here), Tania, an interior decorator in Bombay, is in love with Sameer but finds it difficult to manage her long distance relationship with Sameer ever since he moved to the UK to pursue an MBA degree. After five years of togetherness will their love last or will Tania walk into the willing arms of her business partner, Ankur? Sameer is torn between his ambition to spread his wings and begin his career in the UK and his difficult long distance relationship with Tania whom he is committed to. Does he choose love and family or his career? Or does a life-altering event change his decision? Vikram is fun loving, charming and affluent. While he is looking for meaning in life and what he wants to do, he supports and encourages his girlfriend Naina to achieve her dreams of becoming a successful model. 

            Can they survive the pressure that comes with her growing popularity and the demands of her glamorous career? Or does destiny have something else in store for Vikram? While Tanveer is hardworking and ambitious, he is also terribly insecure of himself and of what life has to offer. He deals with a demanding job and a difficult boss and the pressure of financially supporting his family solely rests on his shoulders. Amidst all the gloom, Tanaz, the daughter of his Parsi landlady is the one ray of sunshine. The two are in love but will Tanveer's conservative family accept a girl who does not belong to the same religion? Will Tanveer make his own decisions in life or will his insecurity and subservience to a traditional outlook alter his life in ways he never imagined? This is the journey of life in a new India where these friends support each other and evolve through their experiences and missteps in Love, Life and all that Jazz...

           Coming to the REVIEW, Ahmed Faiyaz has used a very standard language to convey the story of these various couples. I liked his way of narration. I liked his way of revealing each character and their current problems and also going through their background. He has almost given justice to each and every character of the book. Book is lengthy but it is worth reading. You can't miss a single sentence. He has written the story of these friends from college who have passed out in 2003. And the story goes on till 2008. So, you can understand that the book consists of many aspects of one's journey from being a college pass-out to a matured person in the dominating society and expecting people all around you. 

            The story of the book revolves around all the characters and each of them has different story. You keep relating yourself to every character in some or the other way and you end up crying after every 20-30 pages periodically. Some moments in the book are really touchy and palpable and BEAUTIFUL. The moment when Sameer leaves for London is emotional. The scene where Tanveer tells his Islamic parents about his affair with a Parsi girl, Tanaz is so true and real. The depression of Tanveer after that is perfectly narrated. It touches you. Sameer's return to Mumbai because of a bad news shivers me. When Tanveer and Tanaz tells Tanaz's mother about a good news, her reaction to it again makes you cry. And then, the beautiful moments in this book never ends. They are uncountable. :-) 

            I will recommend all of you to get 2 copies of this book. Keep one with yourself and give the another copy to your loved one. This book is not about Love affairs. It is about many aspects one sees in life. I am in love with this book. Definitely, a 4.25 out of 5 to this book. Go and get it. 

This review is a part of the http://blog.blogadda.com/2011/05/04/indian-bloggers-book-reviews" target="_blank">Book Reviews Program at  http://www.blogadda.com">BlogAdda.com


18 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I can manage CORRUPTION !!! But, VIOLENCE???

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       So, BMC election in Mumbai got over yesterday. The results were out in the first half of Friday. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad- but I would like to tell what newspapers will scream tomorrow- The BJP-Shivsena alliance won the polls. Too many questions and accusations on Shiv-sena was happening in last few weeks and it is incredible to see their win over others. They were continuously compared with MNS and other parties but still they came out as Winner. I don't know what made people to vote in favour of this party, but its good to see something unexpected. I was assuming some other party as the winner. But it's fine. I am neither in profit nor in loss. Because I stay in Navi Mumbai :-) And here Congress is the winner. A party which is quite humble than all the parties in my area. Yes, their MLAs are corrupt. But for me, corruption is not the first thing I would like to throw away from my city. There are other things which bother me more than Corruption.

         I remember my days in Nashik where Raj Thackeray is in full power and substance. He rules Nashik. His ministers and activists are at least 3 out of every 5 Nashik-ians. :-) My VCD/CD shop where I got my favorites movies on rent was the shop of a MNS person. The shop from where I got my mobile recharged every time I was short of balance(I had girlfriend then), was the shop of a MNS activists. The cyber cafe where I sat for 6 hours daily was the shop of a MNS activist. Whenever I used to go and and sit in his Cyber cafe, he would purposely play the VCD of Raj Thackeray's most provocative rally against North Indians. I'm a North-Indian and he used to think that I would react to it. But, I would laugh at him. I would make fun of Raj Thackeray and he used to take it funnily. In few days, we grew a good bond. Once, the head of MNS party of that area was about to visit his cyber cafe to talk on some upcoming programmes related to election and progress of the party in the area. 

          The cyber cafe owner(and my friend)- Prashant asked me to sit with him for a while until that chief comes. We were laughing and giggling on all the vulgar jokes which were going on there. After few minutes, the chief arrived and all started talking to him quite seriously. I was sitting and observing everything. I was little scared of the chief as he looked huge and I was also from North-India. Then, juice was being ordered for him from the juice center adjacent to the shop. When we were having juice, the chief asked my name, I told. Then he asked me where my father works, I told. Then, he asked me where I hail from, he started sipping the juice again, and I said "U.P." and he made a weird face and spitted out the juice which he sipped just a second ago. And after that he said in Marathi which meant "Juice turned sour because of these two words" and started laughing like a devil and all joined him. I had no other option and even I laughed. He asked me why am I laughing when the fun is being made on my native place. I told him that I don't have any attachment towards my native place. I told him about my obsession towards Mumbai, Pune and Nashik and how I grew in these places. He was surprised to see my love for his state. In the end, he hugged me and left the place after sharing few words with Prashant. 

           Then I asked Prashant that why did he made me sit in front of him when he had an idea that he may make fun of me. Prashant said,"I wanted to show him that not every outsider is selfish. There are some because of whom our state is growing." I was surprised. But, in short, this is how North-Indians were made fun of in Nashik. (Some people are always exceptional) Everywhere I went, I had to listen one or two words about my native place. They never talked to me in Hindi because they wanted me to adopt Marathi. It became difficult for me. Some North Indians those were quite egoistic and arrogant, retaliated to them, and then they were thrashed for small things. This made Nashik very violent because of localites. Same happens everywhere where the local party is in power. I always fear of MNS and Shiv-sena whenever I think about elections in my area. I have a fear that if they'll win, these people will become abusive and violent. This will make my living more difficult. So for me, corruption comes after violence. I will always prefer to vote for the party which is engaged in corruption than the one which is engaged in violence. Being corrupt, these people ask for some extra money from me and pass my stuck work to the next level. This benefits me. But, violence is too dangerous. I can never think of prioritizing it before Corruption. So, I am happy that my area has Congress as its king. :-)

           So, this is my take that on what factor would I plan my vote. I will always prefer Corruption over violence. I don't know why people want Congress to go. If other violent parties would come in force, people will have to run for their life. At least, corruption doesn't take lives. :-) Enough Said. :-) 


17 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

"Dost Toh Aate Jaate Rehte Hain"

            541st BLOG POST -->>

       The last days of my college has begun. There are more 6 weeks to attend and then, all these friends will become a past to me. If I don't return back in this college for MCA, even the campus and all the moments passed out here will become past. The routine in which I am inhabited to, will be changed. As soon as I realize that there is not even 30 days to cherish the moments with my college friends, several memories starts haunting me. The moments of past when I left those people whom I liked and loved so much starts revolving around me. I start feeling nervous. Nervous not for the future but the way I have moved further with life. I am a human being. In the same way, all these people who are human being had emotions just as I had. But, the way I had to leave some of them behind to carry myself ahead was really painful. For them, I was materialistic. For me, I was an ambitious person with a stringent heart. I need to melt myself a little. But I don't because there are still years ahead to live. I'll meet many more people. I'll make some more close friends. Then, I'll have to leave them too for the next target. Again an emotional drama everywhere around and then, again an accusation of being materialistic will have to dealt with. 

          Recently, I saw a Roadies audition where a very pretty girl from Delhi says that Roadies is my childhood dream and I want to make it real for me. I know that I will be left by my friends as Roadies brings out all the bad a person has in himself but still I will continue because "Dost toh aate jaate rehte hain". This last 6 words uttered from her mouth is exactly what I feel about myself and my life. There are so many friends whom I can't even count and name. There are many of them whom I never call but they keep on calling me because they had someone called "Abhilash" who played a big part in their life. For me, even they played a very big part but the problem is that they "played" and they are not "playing". I always try to focus of things which are in the tense of "-ing". The things which are -ed and the things which are about to happen are the things I am least bothered about. Currently, I know that these friends are moving towards my past with each day. For this, I try to be around them as much as I can. I try to make them laugh as much as I can. I share some emotional and personal experiences with them to make them know something about "Bloody Me". I do it because once when they will be left, it will be hard to organize a Re-union and fuck each other's brain in the same manner as we do today. So, its better to spend as much glossy moments as possible today rather than going in the tomorrow and then crying for the incomplete past. 

             I am little selfish( or you can say that I am little more inclined towards) when it comes to selecting People and Life. I select Life. I know it is going to end in some years. But, even these people are going to end one by one. :-) Right? I know it is very hard to think this way. And I am facing a lot of difficulty in writing this on a social platform. But, when it is me, I have no doubts in revealing my original self. One day, either they will die or I'll. Who'll remember me once when I'll die? No One. What they'll remember is the way I lead my life. If it would be a failing end, they will give a bad example of mine for years. If it would be successful, they'll give my instances to many for years and the same will continue. I want to remain Immortal for them. I don't want to end in time-being. It would be good if I'll go where they are going, I'll join where they are joining, it would be good even if I'll stay where they are staying but, will it be nice if I fail after being with them for this short while? Obviously, No. So, its better to concentrate on my life first. And then on these persons who are very close to me. Closeness develops because we allow it to. If we allow ourselves to be stronger while parting the closeness and destroying the magnetic force between us, we can succeed easily. Yes, there will be a big emotional turmoil but anything which is harder is done by crossing the paths of hurdles and obstacles. Right? 

             I hope that I'll meet the best people of my life ahead in my journey towards being immortal for these people. But, I don't expect them to turn around when they see me ever again in my path. I would feel a little pain when I'll see them ignoring me but it will not change me much. It will make me work harder because I'll see my past in a glance and I'll remember all the powerful and firm decisions I took then to reach where I am today. Even when I see myself today and compare it to what I was in 2009, I find a big rise in the graph of my improvement. And this improvement came because I left some close people behind and moved forward. At every step of life, I had to dump the people and go ahead with LIFE. And its beautiful to see the number of steps I walked after calling that re-starting point the End point. From that point which I claimed to be the end, turned out to be the start for me. But for those people, it was the End point because they choose relationship before life. Today, they have friends whom they can call at 2 AM. I don't have any. I don't even need any. I have a life. I have that in which I find myself secure and honored. 

            In few weeks, I'll have to dump some close people again. But to remain immortal in their memory and to be the winner in the race of life and people. I want to run ahead than my life and reach the destination before it reaches there and announces my retirement(death). So, I am just praying God to give me strength to take decisions of leaving these gem-friends of my life and move ahead with life towards new people. Let's see what God has decided for me. Stay Updated with this through my blog. :-) 

          Thanks. And, I want to know your priority- Life or People. Am I the only person who runs for life and not for people or there are many who are "so-called selfish" but they aren't? :-)

14 February 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Tu Humsafar Tu Humkadam Tu Humnawah Mera !!!

540th BLOG POST -->>

             Friends, this post has been removed because it has been used on some other medium which is copyrighted. Very soon, I will let you all know where it has been used so that you can read the reloaded version of it. :-)



Happy Hawas Day !!!

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       So finally Valentine's day is here. None of us know the origin of this day but we have got a good excuse to get our girlfriend laid on the bed and make the pussy scream MEOW. Every Indian talks about the culture but the days like Valentine's Day are kept under a quota where no one will bring culture into the scene. The day is officially meant for fucking and kissing. Girlfriends know that the boyfriends have called them and what is going to happen next. But then, do they stop? No. Because its Valentine's day and the day is meant to fuck and get fucked. The people in my Social Networking environment named the day differently. Some called it a Hawas day while some called it Tharki Day while some called it I-Pill day. I would just call it the day when boys use their girlfriend as nicely as they can and they feel that they got all the money refunded which they spent on them for the whole year. Even if the girl leaves them the very next day, they can say, I fucked you on Valentine's and it was a Million Dollar Fuck baby. :-) At least, this is what boy has to say after the girl kicks on his butt and go.

          There used to be a time when boys were known to use a girl's body on the name of love and then leave them. Today, it is different. It is a Give-and-take deal. But this rule is unsaid. If you'll discuss this, you are hurting a girl's sentiments. This should go without any signed agreement or document or any thing promised between witnesses. A boy will keep spending everything on girl. He will pay for her movie tickets, burgers, Water Kingdom entry fees, Goa's traveling charge, sandals, birthday cakes, hotel bills, mobile recharges and almost every basic expenditure. In return, girl will let him kiss her self, play with her hairs, uncloth herself and in the end, fuck herself. This is an unsaid agreement between Boyfriends and Girlfriends today. I am just shocked to see that I have no female friends of mine who are less than 25 and are not yet committed to someone. Everyone of them have experienced what so-called relationship is. There are still some boys who are yet to hold a hand of their choice. :-) 

           If you still doubt that Valentine day is not meant for sex, go to a medical shop and ask him the amount of condoms supplied to him by the distributor and the amount of demand boys have for the condoms in the first 15 days of February. Your ears will leave your skull and fall down. :-) And if Valentine's Day has nothing related to Sex, why is Children's Day scheduled on 14th November, exactly 9 months after Valentine's Day? I will make it pretty sure that my wife don't get naughty on Valentine's Day or else my children will become a laughing material in their circle. :-) I and my wife would be teased by their friends for being horny on Valentine's Day. :-) When I saw a movie called VIVAAH, I was so much impressed with the work of Rajshri productions that I thought the environment of film-making would change after this movie. But alas, nothing changed. Emraan Hashmi kept rocking. This movie was released in 2006. Then, Jannat came in 2008. That movie was also focused towards love than sex/lust in spite of having Emraan guruji in it. But, nothing changed and movies are still made in the passion of showing the power of sex and smooch. Now, Ek Deewana Tha is about to release and I expect it to bring back the innocence. Let's see if Pratik has loved Amy Jackson in it or rocked the bed with her. 

            It's Valentine's day. Good for the people who are committed and have a partner to celebrate it. But the one who have been single throughout the life will feel themselves more stupid today. And the one like me who are being fooled by a girl in past will keep haunting in the memories and may feel depressed at times. So, for committed people, its FUCKING DAY, for yet-to-be-committed-people, its EXPECTATION DAY, for the people who have broken off, for them it is MEMORY DAY. The same day plays different part for different people. I just don't understand why do people celebrate such days when they know that they are doing the same thing every day. Some may propose their favorite person and ask them to be their valentine, for these people, I have respect as they have guts. :-) But others those are committed from years, talk everyday on cellphones, meet every week and fuck every month, why do they celebrate this day and make others feel unwanted in this world? I seriously feel like supporting Shivsena on such days. :-) When these people do those private jobs in public places and make others feel ashamed of their Singleness, I like the dandas of Shivsena entering their ass in front of National television. :-) One was beaten even when he was sitting with his sister in a park. Hahaha. Bechara.

            Fine. A Very Happy Valentine's Day, Expectation Day and Memory Day to all the people falling in different categories. The one who falls in Valentine's Day group can also be wished Hawas Day as they are going to end all the Hawas they have in them and experience pre-marital sex. A very Happy Profit Day to all the pharmaceutics and hoteliers. A very Depressing Day to all the parents of this world whose children are going to do what they did for giving them birth. :-) But you could have avoided them by using condoms which they are going to use. They are much smarter than you, parents. :-) And, I don't know whether all of you have heard it or not but Asaram Bapu has asked to celebrate Parents Worshiping Day today by worshiping our parents. So, the followers of Asaram Bapu, Happy Mata-Pita Poojan day to you. And the people who acted over-smart and married either yesterday or today, Happy Suhagraat to you. :-) And, finally, the people who are reading this blog, a Happy Nonsense Day to you all. :-) This is what this post contained. :-) Jinke zindagi mein pyaar na ho wo kya jaaney ki Valentine's pe kya likhtey hain log. :-)


P.S.: When you were reading this blog, 20 girls lost their virginity somewhere in India. ARB's Stats. :-)


Doesn't Your Underwear Have Holes?

            538th BLOG POST -->>

       Today, I was tweeting on Valentine's day and Kiss Day. I was trying to speak something which is true but people don't speak it out because it sounds vulgar. I have no problem in speaking such things on public platform or giving a speech on such thing in front of everyone on the stage. What according to me is truth and correct is as ordinary to me as anything else. Let it be as vulgar as it may seem to be or let it make people judgmental about me. Many people enjoy my tweets because they feel I talk what they think about but can't express because of shyness. But some of them, even if they like it, says that I am irritating and annoying them by incessant and continuous vulgarity in my tweets. If I am vulgar, then what are you? Even your birth took place when your parents did something which is vulgar according to you. Ok? Your father didn't pushed it inside when the ejaculation was just about to take place. He did everything about what I talk in my tweets. If you feel it is right, follow me with pride, if you feel it is not, unfollow or block me without giving a second thought. I am not from those Twitter users who are going to abuse you for hurting my Ego. Ego is something which I threw away in fire long back. 

            Some people continuously provoke me by saying that there is something called Decency and you are exploiting it through your tweets. They say that if you would have been someone ordinary, it would have been fine, but you run a most-followed-and-read blog so some people see you as an inspiration, so you are disappointing them. If someone really sees someone as an Inspiration, he never judges him by his talks or accent or behaviour. An inspiration or a liking is made after analyzing the person for days and months. It's not that a person writes a blog or posts a tweet and people start seeing them as their inspiration. Amitabh Bachchan didn't achieved anything after his first hit. Neither did any other actor, performer or speaker. The respect is gained after continuous performance. And then someone is seen as a Role model or anything. I don't know why am I targeted for speaking raw. If you kiss and rub your girlfriend at public places, its cool. But if I write the same thing on Twitter, I am letting myself down in your eyes. Fuck your eyes then. Ok?

           If you say that I don't maintain standards and I am disappointing you. Let me tell you that, if 6 lakh words of my blog doesn't define my standard then those 45000 tweets on Twitter can never define me. When I see someone as a Respected person, I don't judge him by the number of abuses he throws on someone or the number of girlfriend he changes. Because I see him as a respectful person because of some factors which I saw in his personality and way of conduct. 

           We love Sachin Tendulkar for his consistent performance in batting(leave this gap between 99th century and the upcoming 100th :-)) but do you know that he described his profession of an actor to save his income tax. So, did you lost respect for him? He lied, right?

           Amitabh Bachchan is the most-followed Indian on Twitter with 2 million followers. But, when he started his career, he thrashed a media person because of which media boycotted him for next 18 years. So, did you lost your respect for him? He promoted violence, right?

           Hrithik Roshan is loved for his versatility as an actor but I saw a video of his where he uttered "Motherf*cker". So, should I boycott his movies? He abused, right?

           People just target you by seeing some uncertain activities of yours. Just because I posted some 50 tweets today which had some indecent substance in it, people started saying that I may lose readers and followers. But what happened about the 538 posts which I have posted with lots of compassion and effort and yes-Decency? You are the same people who made The Dirty Picture block buster by letting it earn 80 crores. Wasn't that movie indecent? You have made Emraan Hashmi a permanent actor in Bollywood, aren't the scenes in his movie indecent? Katrina Kaif is your dream, she lip locked with Hrithik in ZNMD, so is she indecent? Sanjay Dutt feeds many poor children in 30 days of Ramzaan in evening time which is called Iftari by Muslims but he abuses Media whenever they try to come little closer to him, is he indecent? So, first decide who is decent and who is indecent and how to measure this. Then, come and judge me. I am not going to change because of some people who have no work themselves but they are here to tell me how to display myself on Social networking sites. 

           What is Social Networking site? Is it a place to show your fake face? Is it a place to talk only the good thing and hide the bad thing about you? Is it a place which will help people decide what kind of person one is? Is it a place where a person will lose all the respect he gained in his life? Why should I limit my self when I log in to Internet and surf my Facebook and Twitter account? I will talk what I think and what people themselves think. If the world would not have wanted Sex and Vulgarity, all the movies would not have had those smooch scenes and bed scenes. This is what you demand and this is why they show. When Priyanka Chopra says it to SRK in an award function that "pichkari mein dum hona chahiye", you laugh as she has surpassed the level of Raju Srivastava. But, when the same thing is spoken by a common person like me, you point fingers on me that I am exploiting decency on Social sites. Bhakk. Some said that you have 800 Followers on Twitter, 400 on Facebook, Lakhs of readers on Blog, many may boycott your blog because of these substance you post on Social sites. Who cares? Tell me. Who cares? When I am sad, does these Twitter people come to wipe my tears? When I need someone, does this Twitter people come to accompany me? The day I'll delete Twitter a/c, 800 will forget me. The day I'll delete Facebook, 400 will forget me. The day I'll delete Blog, lakhs of people will forget me. But the one who will always remember me even after my death are those 8-10 people in my life who don't judge me by what I write on Social sites or what I speak when I'm in anger or what I watch on my laptop when I am alone in house. So, until and unless, I have those 8-10 people with me, who cares about what people think about me on Social sites? And if this is how your respect shuffles, I just don't need your respect, my friend. Keep it for your parents. I have respect of those readers/followers/friends who never judge me on the basis of my performance on Social Networking sites. 

    Enough Anger.


    Thanks to those who follow me on Internet without judging me.