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Review: Udta Punjab: A focused script and solid performances!!! ***½

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        When I was reading good reviews of Uta Punjab after it released amidst all the controversies and an unfortunate online leak, I thought people are doing it just out of sympathy or because they are die-hard BJP fans who are trying to prove their minister right. Finally, I got chance to watch the movie yesterday and I am still thinking about the sad affairs of a state in India where the addiction of drugs is so high that people are losing themselves for it. And it's a sad reality but I'm glad that makers of Udta Punjab showed guts to speak about it through the movie. The movie looks more like a documentary than a commercial attempt and that's what makes it special for a viewer to watch.     

             The movie is about 4 lead characters where each one of them are either victim of drug addiction or fighting against it. A popstar who's idol for youths in Punjab is addicted to drug like anything is jailed for misleading the youth. When he is released, he is asked to perform in a concert again to prove himself right in front of his fans. While doing so, he does something ridiculous that makes the crowd angry and he is on run since then. On the other hand, a Bihari girl has landed up in Punjab and incidentally, got her hands upon 3 kg drugs. He thinks of selling it and earn good bucks but has to throw it in a well as people start chasing her. After this, they become so angry that she is raped after which they keep her captive. On the other hand, a policeman finds his younger brother in addiction of drugs which makes him feel very angry and helpless. He teams up with the doctor and with her help, starts his mission of revealing the real culprit behind the supplier of drugs and the people behind it. What happens with all the 4 characters after this is the real story after all!

            The plot is extremely solid and focused which makes this movie a brilliant work. Abhishek Chaubey's direction is great even though it has several flaws in between. The biggest lack of the movie has been the editing. Some boring parts could have been easily cut off. Also the chemistry between the popstar and migrated Bihari girl doesn't look real. The background music is wonderful but except 2 songs, rest of the songs could also have been peppy or romantic rather than just being there for filling the gap. The dialogues are wonderful which keeps you interested throughout. The performances are "A" class. Alia Bhatt just didn't let us believe that she is the same glamorous girl off-screen. Shahid Kapoor looked extremely confident in this role and acted as any good actor would have. Daljit has made a great entry in Bollywood and he is someone to watch out for. Kareena Kapoor is as always delight to watch. I give this 3.5 stars out of 5. 



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